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Here comes the Sun.

The guts of Supercoach winter is behind us now. As a community – we need to put the downfall of the great Gary Ablett behind us and focus on delivering a stunning back half of the fantasy footy season. The worst of winter is behind us folks. Here comes the sun.

It’s an exciting week for our community in more ways that one my friends. CoachKings free play at home is GO for both Wednesday night’s NRL State of Origin clash, and for Thursday night’s massive Sydney v Hawthorn contest.

Play at home Sydney v Hawthorn


Discussed in this week’s podcast:

  • Gary Ablett.
  • Midfield post Ablett Supercoach trade decisions
  • Left field defensive upgrades
  • I chat to Richard “ShadowCat” Luiz. The boy’s made CoachKings history.
  • Details of this week’s NRL Origin & AFL play at home contest, $500 up for grabs in BOTH Origin and AFL play at home.

CoachKings “Refer a Friend” details:

As revealed in this week’s podcast we have launched a CoachKings refer a friend competition.. here’s how she works

  • When you login to CoachKings, click on “Invite Friends” next to your team name in the menu bar
  • Enter the email addresses of your mates to invite them to give it a crack
  • If you and your mate then play CoachKings in a venue – you go into the draw for;
    • A package for four to the CoachKings Cup of your choice. Package includes VIP entry, drinks and food for the winner and three friends up to $1,000.
    • Cold Hard CASH for the leading referrers. $500 for most referrals, $200 for 2nd, $100 for 3rd, then $50 each for 4th thru 7th.

Let’s kick around an exciting week in the comments below



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hanners or sloane community?


first comment too 🙂


Hanners. But I'll possibly go Sloane if i decide to replace Liber.


Hanners for guaranteed consistency. Sloane for a PODish riskier option.


hannas is cheaper to, by a lot.




Hanners without question




Sloan, ride that rollercoaster


community, who to get for ablett?
neale, bontempelli or hanners?


Hannebery, save cash




that's not the sun outside, it's snow!


Winter is coming


Winter is here


Not in QLD.


Who to get for Ablett? Already have Danger, Pendlebury, Hanners, Selwood, Gray and Parker and Libba
Sloane, bont or neale


Sloane looks to be a good option


Neale or Sloane and u can't go wrong. Bont is riskier.




Ablett out Selwood in
Wells out Hannaberry in


Bang bang!
Also consider Sloane and Neale if u don't already have them. I would put them ahead of Selwood.


Already have Sloane.I've vowed never to pick players under Ross the toss.Selwood will be angry and determined to get cats back on track from here on


nice trades

Jack Fraser

silly boy




I was going Gaz to JPK but now thinking about Robbie Gray for value. Looking to upgrade my m8 in a couple of weeks anyway so will pick up JPK then.


I've seriously considered both but will probably pay the extra for JPK. He's steadily built some nice form after bit of a slow start to the season.

The Swans have a fairly reasonable draw for what looks like a top 4 bound side including 4 games at the SCG. He also goes alright against his former side with a 117 average.

Gray can be a little up and down but you generally know what you will get from JPK each weekend and he's only had one score below 95 for the entire season so has been the epitome of consistency.

So my trades this week will likely be Gaz to JPK and Libba to Ward who also looks a nice buy (<$500K) with the Giants run home. Reckon they will crunch the lowly Lions this week after being humbled by the Pies last weekend.

I think Gray is a decent pickup for the money but Port's draw does have some challenges with only 3 home games and 2 of those against the Crows and Giants. Draws aren't everything admittedly so if your gut says Gray go for it!


Yeah I'm leaning towards just getting JPK now then either Gray, Priddis, etc as final upgrade for Wines. Just hope I have the cash. If I end up choosing Gray it'll be a couple weeks time and I'll pay 30K more…


GAJ-> Coniglio


There's better than Coniglio, he's up & down. Dylan Shiel much better choice.


Yeah but Coniglio averages more, scores better against bottom sides and is a bigger POD


Significant Jock! Need some of crouching's rum I think, SuperCoach Gods don't like me.


Is Clay Smith a wise trade for Petracca?


Have you got Trengove from Melbourne? I would keep Petracca as bench cover and upgrade Trengove


not unless he is bench cover

Cpt Pugwash

Do It!!

No guys no glory.

The guy smashes out talked and is getting fitter each week. Libya out so might play in middle a bit more this week.

Good for a swing man.

I Rate Smith Very Highly.


… Guts … stupid auto correct!


im seriously considering.
not that deperate for $ so we will see


Great work Jock and crew! Got a dilemma with God and not sure who to trade him to. Ranked around 1900 so I am kind of looking for a POD. Looking at JPK, Steven, Bont. Team is
DEF: Shaw, Boyd, Bartel, Simpson, Rance, Laird (S.Collins, Tucker)
MID: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, GOD, Hannebery, Shiel, Treloar, Rockliff, Libba (Trengrove, Dunkley, Joyce)
RUCK: Gawn, Goldstein (Chol)
FWD: Zorko, Dusty, Montagna, Deledio, Dahlhaus, Hall (Menadue, Phillips)
4 trades and $15,500 in bank

Thoughts would be appreciated

The Ranger

I reckon JPK is the safest option Danners and with only four trades that's probably the way you have to go.
I'm bloody tempted by the Bont but not sure a 20yr old can keep up that form for another seven rounds and Steven is still too up and down for me.


Sage like advice required.

Yablettt – ouch gotta hurt, gotta go.
Replace with a gun ie (hannas/pendles) or load up on insurance?
Shaw, laird, doc, simmo, gibbo, mcveigh. (collins, brand)
Danger, injured god, rocky, parker, gray, pridda, sheil, duncan. (trengrove, stewart, tracca)
Goldy, gawn. wyatt
Dusty, lids, joey, wells, wingard, zorko. (phillips, sosos).

So get a gun like for like and have tracca as backup dpp.
Trade injured god for merrett and trade tracca for gaff.
If a fwd is out can dpp zerrett and put gaff on in the mids.
If mid out can bring on gaff.

Looking forward to cracking a cold one and listening to the pod cast tonight, sure it will be top drawer as usual.


You know what I like Trigger, I have both Merrett & Gaff and I'm very happy.


Ward or Shiel or someone else under $500k?


Sam Mitchell hasn't been mentioned for awhile, he's under $500k and the Hawks, well, they are going ok aren't they??


sorry mate my mistake he's over $500K, a bit slow to catch on..


Either looks terrific value mate. I'll be going Libba to Ward this week who I believe has under performed this past month but SHOULD get his act together. Although when Shiel is in full flight he's a sight to behold so it's a tough choice.

Southern S





I have a full premium team apart from Liberatore, 7 trades and 40 K in the bank.

A Libba > Ward trade looks very enticing.

If he isn't named this week, I'll definitely do it. If he is named, it presents a problem…should I still go ahead with the trade or is it reckless in a time where trades are like gold?



Go for it. Six trades is not too bad and Libba has a limited ceiling plus will bleed cash.


I've finished top 1% last few years and I've always targeted 5 trades left entering round 17, so if you trade this week, you will have 6. good position to be in.


Libba out this week


So are trolls

The Package

Worth trading Daniel Rich? 7 trades – 100k in the Bank
If so, who out of Gibson, Pittard, Rance, Rampe, Mcveigh and Z. Williams?



If you're a full premium everywhere else it's a good move. I would pick one of Rance, McVeigh or Gibson


i reckon its definetly worth it and mcveigh

Southern S



i have rich and will be holding ( i have 6 trades left and 11k )
but in your position go for it


Community, needing to upgrade Libba and want hanna's. Problem is I already have Parker and Mitchell from Sydney.. Run with it or mix it up?? Cheers


Trouble looming if you go down that path IMO.


I've narrowed down my Ablett replacement to two players: Hannebery and Neale. Already have Danger, Pendles, Sloane, Parker, Gray, Priddis and Shiel. Can anyone make a compelling case for either player? Hannebery appeals due to the discounted price tag and consistency.


Depends on the number of trades you have, and structure.

If you will have 5 or less trades after this week, go with Neale. Your remaining trades should be used purely for replacing injured players.

If you have 6 or more trades, and foresee a need to upgrade a D7, M9 or F7, take Hanners with the view of using the extra coin to upgrade a back-up player.


I'll have 5 trades left after ditching GAJ with Petracca as my only on field rookie. Have Dahlhaus on the pine as I held him when he got injured.


Ross lyon


Surely Neale is untouchable in that side? Barlow still to return, but they showed they can share points while both playing midfield?

Southern S

There's nothing risky about picking Neale he's a gun and proven it over the last couple of years.


Libba and ablett for sloane and sidebottom??


Not sold on Sidey

Southern S

Yep better options than sidebottom, Gray, Priddis, JPK, Hanners, Parker, Hodge, Neale, Pendles, Selwood to name a few.


As Jock said in the podcast, you want genuine gun players at this time of year, don't be too clever with your trades. Sloane is a great choice, but Sidey has been way too inconsistent this year. See Southen S' list of players for good replacements for Ablett!


Had sidey from the start, been down for a few weeks but averageing more than mitchell, gray, priddis, roughly same average as bont, coniglio. I think hes a good POD personally.


He's certainly a POD no question, but given last week was his first ton in six weeks I would be hesitant in getting him over someone like Neale, Bontempelli, Sloane etc.


Do you have any cash? I am thinking Ablett and Libba up to Hannebery and need reliability in the finals run.


good POD in Sidey


Boys and girls
5 trades left
Boyd Simpson docherty
Gibson laird shaw
Danger Selwood pendles Shiel
Hannebery Parker priddis rocky
Gawn goldy
Zorko Merrett Martin
Hall Greene Montagna

Pretty content to sit on 5 trades, top 4 in my leagues 609 overall. Pretty sure I'm out of contention for overall so just worry about leagues?

Southern S

You have a good team just sit tight and hope you can gain some spots. Use your trades near/during finals if necessary.

The Run Home

Should I be looking to trade out Wells or hold.
I will have 4 trades left if I move him on


I have 11 left and I'm holding him. Although North has a tough run home.

Southern S

I'm holding, he's not ruled out for this week yet.


Give him the flick. Even if he plays this week, he won't play the last seven games.

Off The Bench

Boomer is confident he'll be back this week from his interview on SEN


Must hold now. You will regret using a trade unless absolutely necessary, like the Ablett problem.


Has anyone heard anything on Dahlhaus ?
Still holding him and wondering if I should move him on.


I'm holding. Hopefully he comes back next week.

tiger imposter

I just did a smelly fart but it stinks less than those geriatric pretenders at Arden street
Woeful bunch of front runners who beat up shit teams and ended up shitting their own paints when facing descent teams
North was crying for attention and respect but now are sitting in the corner weeping about their inadequacies and cleaning up the shit which is stuck in their underpants


What has this to do with super coach?

Southern S

They are just mad at the footy world…………


Which mid for Ablett. Currently have danger Ablett Neale sloane hannebery pebdlebury selwood ward

Southern S



Parker or Gray


Current team
Def: Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Boyd, Laird, Bartel, Collins, Lee.
Mids: Dangerfield, Hannebery, Pendlebury, Parker, Priddis, Gray, Shiel, Ablett, Jansen, Trengove, Beech.
Rucks: M Gawn, T Goldstein, D Wyatt.
Fwds: D Zorko, A Hall, B Deledio, N Riewoldt, L Montagna, M Barlow, J Silvangi, T Phillips.
Ranked 354 with 2 trades left and 73,200 remaining.

2 options I'm considering are:
Option 1. Trade Ablett to Lycett establishing a ruck/fwd swing which provides cover for both lines. Also if a mid is injured/rested a fwd/mid can be switched to the mids and Lycett will be able to provide cover for the fwds. Lycett will be fielded as F6 until Jansen makes it to 300,000 when my last trade will be used to bring in a mid or mid/fwd premium under 550,000.

Option 2. Bring in Sloane/Bontempelli for Ablett but have 1 trade left and insufficient funds to bring in good bench cover. Silvangi, Phillips, Trengove, Jansen would have to cover the mid and fwd lines for the remainder of the year. Also if one of Goldy/Gawn is injured/rested I would have to cop a donut. The benefit of this option is I could increase my rank quickly as Sloane/Bontempelli will score more points than Lycett but I will have to forego reliable bench cover (Lycett).

I am leaning towards Option 1 purely for the bench coverage on multiple lines that Lycett will provide but I would greatly appreciate feedback from the community.


Mm tough call. Personally I would be leaning to option 1 as well, purely in the interest of preserving your rank by protecting your team from a donught later on in the year. Also the fact option 1 enables you to use your final trade to get a premo, rather than being caught inbetween.


ablett to who

current mids: Dangerfield, hannebery, ward, shiel, zieball, priddis, lewis


Sloane or Pendles if you have enough coin in the bank!


Pendles, Sloane, Neale In that order.


Thoughts on Wells to Buddy? Have 7 trades in the bank


Depends on who your other fwd players are but its not a bad move!


Good trade if Wells doesn't get up this week


Top 5 Defenders this year?
Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Laird and Boyd? Pittard? Rance? McVeigh? Enright?


First five you named


Zac Williams current form good, last 5 round average 101.4


By Current price: Docherty, Simpson, Shaw, Boyd, Williams, Bartel, Enright, Pittard.

By year Average: Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Boyd, Laird, Gibson, JJ, Rance

Last 5 Average: Boyd, Simpson, Docherty, Williams, Laird, McDonald, Enright, Pittard

SC Gold Next 5 game projections: Williams, Dawson, Simpson, Harbrow, McDonald, Docherty, Pittard, JJ, Boyd


awesome info, cheers


dawson was the one that caught me by surprise in the SC projections list 😉


Smooookey pick: Jeremy Howe from R7 onwards after his role change.


Is Pittard a good D6 option as a potential POD? Have all the rest of the good def..


Yeah. More consistent than Gibbo or Rance. Not a high ceiling though


I think he has over-achieved this year and you will be paying full price for him. Only gone over 100 once in last 8 games.

i dont have any hawk players by choice. but i have my eye on Burgoyne as my D6. getting to the pointy end of the season, players like him step up. Already seen his numbers starting to rise


Will be having a strong look at him next year, he has really developed this year and will continue to do so. But not top 6 for this year.

Streep Train

I have Ablett, Wells and Lib. 2 Trades remaining…




Replace Ablett hold the other two… see what happening

Rick Grimes

Trade Gablett and hold for the other two. Wells probably back this week. Libba maybe a week away. But yea, hope you have some bench cover.


Feel our pain. Exactly the same here. Decided to go bang and bring in Bontempelli and Sloan. Keep wells. I have some DPP cover but that's it.


Get Dayne Beams and your set.


have to trade Gaz. Other two there is still hope


What bench cover do you have? What do you have planned when the inevitable happens. Do you have an 'ace up the sleeve' when a premium mid falls in the SC finals?..or don't you really care because your trade rich??


at the moment i have Motlop at F7/M9. Brought him in a couple of weeks ago when he was $370k. i should have gone Hall and couldn't wait for dahlhous

Will bring in Rance/JJ/Simpson to my defence (just waiting for Collins to fully appreciate) that will make BSmith as my D7/M10 (have joyce as DPP)

i did like the idea of One Touch Wonder of having Lycett at R3/F7 to cover three lines.


Nice work Derek, Motlop has a few huge games in him and at that price I reckon you've nailed it. I like JJ too, he's got so much upside.


i did the same thing last year and brought Motlop in, his run home was outstanding.

i hope he got a massive rev-up after last weeks effort

I really like cats last 4 games. Essendon, Tigers, Brisbane & melbourne. he should do well against those weaker teams.


I have Wingard at F7 and a M/F DPP rookie in mid.

If nobody goes down I can loophole Wingard.
If somebody in mid goes down I can put one of my DPP M/F premo's into the mid and field Wingard.
If a forward goes down I just field Wingard.

Covering multiple lines from one premo is really important for bench cover IMO. Now if only Wingard would play like a premo I would be happy :S


PS yes, I would definitely trade Rich :p


Will anyone look at Shane Savage for defence cover?
$380k with a highish BE
Averaging 83

I already have him as my D6 but thoughts on him as D7?


Already have Parker and JPK so should I avoid brining in Hanners for Abblett?


Currently have Pendles, Neale, Parker, Danger, JPK, Gray and Shiel


i have almost the same question. I have JPK, McVeigh & Buddy and was thinking of getting either Hanners or parker to replace Gaz. Is that too much swans?

worse is i'm a hawks fan and going to SCG tomorrow, can't be cheering for swan players!.


Could be worse me and missus have been going out for about 18 years and in that time blues have beaten the swans once! We go to every game they play as her family r also huge bloods supporters. I've come to accept the inevitable in the end though would b nice to notch up a W. Only game we beat them was when it was pouring rain at the scg. I still have scars when Barry hall went nuts at princess park and kicked it seemed like 10 in the second half.


one of my worst memories was the 2012 GF. Got tickets at the last minute so paid a fortune for the plane fares. trip done was peaceful enough, but the return flight that night was awful. even the pilot was singing the swans song over the loud speaker!!!

Jock Reynolds #2

Parker is back in town and robbie Gray also looking good,both nice options for Gary Ablett aswell .


Both are top 10 midfielders. both would be good selections.

i can't decide between Selwood, parker or hanners.

Already have: danger, pendles, priddis, JPK, Gray, Rocky, Sloane.


I have a funny feeling that with Ablett out, Hall will dominate – get him in people. BTW, finish top 2% regularly key is to have full premo (maybe 1 off) 5 trades entering round 17 (and barring injuries should be fine)


Hall is SO tempting, frees a little cash up for other upgrades. Will he stay sound enough to get through, that's my only concern.


Why can't under 18's play coach kings !!!!


Probably because it is a form of betting in which you can win money. Same with SuperCoach, if you are under 18 and won the comp you wouldn't get the money unfortunately


Yea you would get the money for SuperCoach u fuc*ing toolbox .


The two obvious downgrade targets are Smith and Silvagni.
I lean towards Smith for his dpp. Very useful this time of year. But Adams and Dahl should be back soon. I don't want another non-player clogging up my benches. Silvagni? As long as his body holds up I think they will keep playing him. But he is fwd only. They would be bench cover only of course. But bench cover is fairly useless when they don't play. The SC gods will always make sure we are carrying some injured players this time of year for looping. Anyone else have any thoughts about the JS of these two?


Going round in circles trying to decide on a replacement for Gazza, Community (going for league win btw).

Like every man and his dog, options are:

1. HANNEBRY ($539,700) – 24.8% of teams | AVE 115.3 | 3-RD AVE 105 | SC Finals against St. Kilda (74 ave last 3 games), North Melbourne (97 ave last 3), Richmond (136 ave last 3)

2. NEALE ($574,000) – 8.4% of teams | AVE 113.9 | 3-RD AVE 124 | SC Finals against Adelaide (81 ave last 3), GWS (107 ave last 3), Bulldogs (104 ave last 3)

3. SLOANE ($592,900) – 11.2% of teams | AVE 109.8 | 3-RD AVE 121.7 | SC Finals against Freo (112 ave last 3), Pt. Adelaide (90 ave last 3), West Coast (112 ave last 3)

4. JPK ($548,400) – 4.6% of teams | AVE 108.4 | 3-RD AVE 107.3 | SC Finals against St. Kilda (119 ave last 3* – ignoring injury-affected 39 in 2014), North Melbourne (126 ave last 3), Richmond (103 ave last 3)

I'm leaning towards either Hannebery, or JPK as a POD – both are pretty cheap so good value. Already have Parker in the mids, but not concerned too much about having two Swans players as they've proven all year they can score.

Potential for Hanners to perform big in SC Grand Final against Richmond…

Sydney play North Melbourne in week 2 of SC finals with Jacobs potentially back and tagging one of the mids (maybe Hanners?)…

Thoughts? JPK looking like a strong option?


Love the run down, I don't think you have a concern having two gun Swan mids, those who think three mids from one team do. JPK likely to go big this week, he fires against Hawks.


If you look at hanners scores this year, it is amazing that he is only $539k.

my mind is made up.

The Ranger

If you're going for league wins then I'd say that who you pick might be determined by who you're likely to be playing.
Take a good look at who they've got in their mids first and look at where you might gain an advantage.


Sunshine Coast still warm Jock!

I have traded out Ablett & Petraca to Hanneberry & R.Clarke, so I can get Simpson next week. Leaves me with 5 trades & $284k. But with Libba out, a little exposed in mids. Do I stick to the plan?

Team before trades…

D: Shaw, Doc, Laird, Rance, Rich, S.Collins (Broad, B.Williams)
M: Danger, Pendles, Gaz, Selwood, Ward, Rocky, Parker, Libba (Petraca, Trengove, Phillips)
R: Gawn, Goldy (Cox)
F: Dusty, Merrett, Zorko, Lids, Montagna, Hall (Rose, Grimley).

Do it? Appreciate any advice.


Keep Tracca trade Libba


Very easy in my opinion go Gaz to Hanners & Libba to Priddis keep Petracca like everyone is advising.


The Hanners vs JPK debate is an interesting one, I want 1, but not both.
I've got the feeling Hanners has slowed down a tad in the 2nd half of seasons the last couple of years. No data to back it up, just that he has averaged 120 early on, but not all year. JPK on the other hand came home like a freight train last year.


just throwing it out there for those looking for a cheap D7/M9 to loophole the season out, what about Jesse Lonergan at 335k? Starred in the 2's last week, and with Ablett & Rischetelli going down he should finally see those midfield minutes he received in the NAB. This is why we do a pre season right?


Straight swap for Collins in 1 week time, anyone?

The Ranger

Nice work Nigel. I'll be keeping an eye on him if he's named this week.


I had him from the start and traded him out a few weeks ago. Has played midfield all year, but has underwhelmed on points. I would have liked to have kept him at D7, but couldn't afford to. Not sure he is that much better than Collins as D7, so not sure if he is worth a trade


Community with only 5 trades left; do u think trading Petracca for Clay Smith worth it? Im leaning towards a no but i like the way Clay Smith has been playing


Surprised me to see that this is his sixth year at the dogs! Managed 6 games in 3 years, that turned me off him. If he can finish out the year with those strong numbers a good option next year if he keeps his dpp. If it's coin you want go right down to a rookie. Silvagni or Markov maybe?


I suppose not just coin but a good back up to have on the bench come finals. Reality is though an extra trade is better than any back up. So i am gonna hold my trade and play Petracca this week and move libba to the bench


Intro brought tears to my eyes


I need some advice. I have a good on field team, but my bench is severely lacking as I've grabbed as much cash as possible to upgrade starters.

This week, I've already done Ablett to Selwood, so leaves me one trade left this round. Do I upgrade a bench player to a mid priced flexi as cover? Or do I just hold my trades, knowing if there's 1 week injuries I may just have to pull the trigger on a trade? If I trade now, suggestions of to who would be greatly appreciated.

I have $196.7K and 6 trades left (after Ablett trade).

My team currently:

DEF: Shaw, Boyd, Simpson, Laird, Bartel, Rance (Broad, Tucker)
MID: Hannebery, Danger, Pendlebury, Ward, J.Selwood, Priddis, S.Mitchell, Parker (Trengove, Macpherson, Mathieson)
RUC: Goldy, Gawn (Loersche)
FWD: Martin, Buddy, Montagna, Greene, Wells, A.Hall (Rose, Phillips)

BTW – I'm going for a league win, not overall position.

Thanks for the help.