The Heroes, The Villains & The Damned

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Big Carl CoachKings CommunityIs this the end, Community?

Are we saying goodbye to one of the most magnificent specimens ever to play this game?

Gary Ablett looks gone. Yes, his latest shoulder injury might only be short-term, but it’s time to face the facts. As hard as it is to admit, his best is past him.

He can no longer rely on his body and there is a very real prospect when he does return he will be playing forward in a bid to prolong his career.

It is a very sad time.

But others are starting to emerge from the stratosphere in a bid to take the great man’s place. We have seen the emergence of Lachie Neale, now comes the likes of young bucks Marcus Bontempelli and Jack Steven.

For those who still have trades remaining, these young man are the perfect candidates to take the place of the fallen son of God.

The play at home product of CoachKings again proved a big hit with the punters on Thursday night, with DontThinkDO taking out the top prize.


The Heroes

Jack Steven (170 SC)

We have an absolute star in the making here, Community. Now he just needs to find some consistency. Has a massive ceiling, posting scores of 170, 164, 148 and 138 this season. But add in stinkers of 52, 60, 79 and 81 and there lies the problem. Still, at just $544,000, is well worth a look.

Max Gawn (141 SC)

Could we have a new number one ruckman this season? It certainly looks like it. Big Max has been everything we hoped for and more in 2016. He’s been an absolute colossus. Currently has the third best average in the comp.

Marcus Bontempelli (140 SC)

Hasn’t this boy emerged as an uber premo candidate in the past two months. Has posted scores of 149, 112, 112, 78, 147, 127, 86, 128 and 140 since Round 7. As Higgo would say, significant.

Honourable mentions:
Tom McDonald (144 SC), Touk Miller (139 SC), Dane Rampe (138 SC) Peter Wright (136 SC), Patrick Dangerfield (135 SC), Robbie Gray (132 SC), Luke Shuey (131 SC), Rory Laird (130 SC), Zach Merrett (129 SC), Steel Sidebottom (127 SC), Matt Priddis (126 SC), Dion Prestia (126 SC) Jack Macrae (126 SC), Jesse Hogan (126 SC), Lachie Neale (123 SC). 

The Villains

Gary Ablett (74 SC)

Could well be in the damned column following his latest injury. I have been as bigger advocate for Gaz as anyone this season, but even I’m starting to question if his best days are behind him. Just can’t seem to rely on his bloody body anymore. Wait to see the prognosis of his latest injury before making the decision to hold or trade.

James Bartel (65 SC)

Another gun player whose best days look to be behind him. Jimmy has been a great servant for many years in SuperCoach and still perhaps has some value as a defender this season. But he has been well down on his usual output in 2016.

Jason Johannisen (66 SC)

Many traded him in based on his stellar form before he was injured earlier this season. Looks to have rediscovered his trademark dash, but has yet to convert this into substantial SuperCoach numbers. Should come good in the coming weeks, however.

Honourable mentions:
Callan Ward (78 SC), Steve Coniglio (75 SC), Alex Rance (73 SC), Sam Collins (59 SC).

The Redeemers

Jack Grimes (121 SC)

The ultimate redeemer. Has emerged from the wilderness to smash out a lazy 121 in his first match of the season. Well and truly on the outer in 2016, can he back this excellent first effort up? Still way too expensive to be considered as a defender at this stage.

Jeremy Howe (120 SC)

Is in career best form, posting five tons in a row between rounds 7 and 11. Since then he has dropped off slightly, with scores of 71, 85 and 92. Returned to his best with a fabulous 120 this week. Is currently playing that rebounding role off half back magnificently.

Brad Crouch (109 SC)

Arguably one of the biggest let downs of the season. But could he be starting to turn the corner? Word is he was hitting the frothies hard around Adelaide earlier this season, but maybe he is starting to mature. Looks to be knuckling down and producing the footy we know he is capable of.

Honourable mentions: 
Shannon Hurn (119 SC), Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (100 SC).

The Prodigies

Oleg Markov (75 SC)

The son of a pole vaulting world champion looked the goods in his first match. One might even say he “leapt” over the competition. Bad puns aside, will be well worth a look if he can produce another good game this week.

Ryan Clarke (60 SC)

Finally rewarded for some brilliant VFL form with a surprise debut via a late withdrawal. His side was ordinary, but the young midfielder showed enough to hopefully hold his spot. A lot will depend on whether the likes of Wells return this week, though.

Jack Silvagni (49 SC)

Kicked his first goal in the AFL, but that was about all he did. Seemed to be overwhelmed by a silky Adelaide unit. Just didn’t get near it enough.

Honourable mentions: 
Alir Alir (69 SC), Reuben William (59 SC).

The Damned

Tom Liberatore (47 SC)

Has been cleared of internal injuries, making him a wait and see proposition. If you have trades to spare, don’t hesitate to move him on.

Toby Greene (60 SC)

Oh, Toby. Without a doubt one of the most frustrating players in SuperCoach this season. Is a pure midfielder made to play forward and if he isn’t getting time in the middle, we can continue to expect this sort of mediocre scoring. Very ordinary, Community.

Sam Kerridge (61 SC)

If you haven’t moved him on yet, you have probably missed the boat. But I would still be doing it anyway. Has been well down on his output the past three weeks.

Honourable mentions:
Christian Petracca (52 SC)

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Shiel or Ward for Ablett?
I need to cash cash for next weeks upgrade of Petracca
Way out of it at 4300 but am happy cause this is the first year I have taken SuperCoach seriously. Usually I finished at about 100 000. I am still aiming to finished top 1-2k
Thanks community for all your help this year






my midfield is : danger pendles ablett, gray, priddis, liberatore, shiel, parker I only have 4 trades left and no more upgrades to make, should I trade ablett and libba if so who for??


Depends on how much cash you have handy at the moment. I would definitely trade Ablett to someone like Hannebery who is at a reduced price, and then maybe Libba to Sam Mitchell or Jack Steven?

Rick Grimes

I think I'll lock the Bont in as my replacement for Gaz.


If Gaz is going to miss more than one game I'm going JPK. Love his consistency.


looks like the Bont has arrived, it's an easy sideways trade IF the little master is gone




I can't bring myself to admit that the little master is done. Probably a victim of his own success. We just expect him to belt out 140 every week. Still averaging 114 (4th best mid on average), and averaged 137 rounds 10-14

If he's out short term it would be silly to trade him out. Trades are gold as this week showed


Its a sad day trading out Gary but he looked in a LOT of pain coming off. Something tells me we may not even see him again this year.


Trading out Spudadue finally!
What are the chances of Tom Phillips getting another game this year? Would love to use him as my F8 loophole. If he's getting back in the side though I need to drop Menadue for a non-playing rookie.


I'm more hoping he does get another game , would love some bench cover


The spud is playing a spud team this week, maybe hold if you can


His BE is mid-70s. His average is about 30. I'm taking his cash and running. Thought about trading him down for Chol. My R3 is Grimley so if just one of those blokes can get a game before the end of the year it could save me a trade.


i have Grimley, thought for sure he was getting a run.. I'm hanging on to Menadue, he's likely to go big again, just hoping its sooner rather than later


If you have manapoo still you clearly have no idea about supercoach

Rick Grimes

Jarrad, Menadue is now worth $320k. If you sold him after he was dropped pre byes you'd have made $100k or less and burnt a trade. Those who held him during the byes benefitted from a 130 score and have made a further $100k on top. If you rage traded him back then you know nothing about this game.


Where are you ranked Jarrad?


Yep I definitely wish I sold him for bugger all rather than using him for the loophole until he came back and made money.


I have the poo, I'm ranked about 3850, am I no good at SC?

Rick Grimes

Hehe, the Poo. He's actually not that bad. But high BE this weekend so I'll likely flush him either this week or the next.


I'm locking in Lachie Neale.

Averaged 114 for the season, has only failed to hit 100 twice (Bris & GC), so scores well against good teams. Freo has a tough run in the SC finals, so hoping the trend continues.



Neale is an excellent choice if you have the other top mids, and after Stevens 170 he's in the mix


Wow officially 520 points off the lead probably a bit too late now but 270 points off 10th is still a chance! The Ablett call this week is going to prove an important one


Great stuff, fingers crossed that whatever selection you make pans out.


Go jack Steven if not already got , 5 of next 7 @etihad and him and the saints love Etihad

Brothers FC

Nah mate I hear the bloke in 10th is far too good


Mmm between Neale bonty and Steven for me. May even hold onto Ablett we'll wait for the diagnosis


Scored 2374 with a 0, absolutely stoked


I scored 2420 with a 0 🙁


good players like you shouldn't have a 0. what went wrong?


Brother reversed trades by accident, Wells 0


Copped a 0 as well with Wells out and Phillips not playing, still pulled out a 2400+ and sitting in 2350th or there abouts.


why did you have a 0?


Midfield: Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Parker, Priddis, Rocky, Gray, Libba
4 trades left and only 35k in the bank but no other upgrades to make

If both Gaz & Libba need to be traded:
Neale & someone like Ward, Treloar, Sidebum
Hanners & someone like Mitchell


What does your overall score need to be right now to have a chance at winning?

Rick Grimes

I wouldn't want to be more than 200-300 off the leader. Most of the top teams will be very similar and come down to having the right POD and captain choice. We've seen that if you can have the C on the guy who goes 170-200 you can leap frog very swiftly.


if you are are more than 500pts off the leader you need to be very clever and play high risk strategy willing to crash and burn. i was 46th last year with 2 rounds to go and crashed, i was loaded up on geelong players as they fought to make the finals. we all know what effort they put in against the pies in round 21!

to make up that much ground, it isn't about the players you do have, but more about the player(s) you don't have.

say you might have the Bont as a big POD instead of Selwood, and the Bont scores 140, but if selwood also scores 140 you havn't made any ground. the trick is to not have Selwood if he scores 51 (like he did round 21 last year) doesn't matter who you have, as long as it isn't Selwood. Of course there is a massive element of luck there, but sometimes it is easier to pick someone who might not score well, to someone who will score well. This is where the trade out of dangerfield might be made. don't trade dangerfield to the Bont, but to one of the other popular safe picks like parker/hanners

the same could occur if you have a reasonable bench player. stick selwood on the bench with the E, if he does ok, no drama, if he has a stinker, you put your bench player on and hopefully he does well. also with a DPP bench player (Hall/motlop/dahlaus) you can do this in the guts and in the forward line.


agree Rick, very tight at the top


Sloane or Pendles for Gaz?



Rick Grimes

I'd probably go Sloane to be fair. Easyish draw and still in contention. But Pendles is ultra premium. I made the wrong call of going Treloar and don't want to double up on Collingwood. Otherwise I'd love to bank those dePendlepoints.


Tough one, Pendles just for me


Welcome to my team, Rory Sloane!


Boyd or Laird for last defence spot?


Had Laird since R1 and he hasn't put a foot wrong apart from a broken toe!


You missed on villian Big Carl – Shane Savage !


He was the villain for me this week




Community, the business end of the season is upon us! Gaz going down is a spanner so before any decisions I'd love some feedback. My team is as follows pre trades:

B: Shaw, Simpson, Laird, Rampe, Rance, Collins (Ruggles, Hipwood)
M: Danger, Pendles, Gaz, Parker, R.Gray, Priddis, Wells, Shiel (Trengove, Phillips, Clarke)
R: Gawn, Goldy (Grimley)
F: Dusty, Zorko, Deledio, Montagna, Hall, Dahlhaus (Rose, Cox)

9 trades, $112k.

Unfortunately I traded Dahlhaus in the week he got injured so stubbornly I've kept him hoping he'd only miss 3-4. Wells same boat but I have a few DPPS so avoided a donut this week.

My options are – 1. Downgrade Rose > Silvagni up FWD and use the cash to go Ruggles > Docherty/Boyd to fill my last back spot leaving Gaz on the bench for the moment or…. 2. Straight swap Gaz to Sloane/Neale and bank the coin with the Silvagni downgrade or….. 3. Just straight swap Gaz to Neale/Sloane without getting Silvagni coz he hasn't shown much? Option 1, 2 or 3???

Also Neale or Sloane and Doc or Boyd? I am going for league wins rather than overall hence my surplus of trades, would love to hear your thoughts.

Lots of questions thanks in advance legends. Good luck to all!


Wouldnt bother going Rose to Silvagni. Rose is good bench cover, though was poor this week. Silvagni is OK, but no better than Rose.

Gaz to Neale


Finally get rid of Menadue for Silvagni and after that, I'll have 5 trades left with 240k in the bank.

Should I keep Libba and trade Ablett for Sloane or Neale and Petracca to Zorko next week?

Or trade Ablett and Libba for Sloane and Neale?


Ablett & Libba to Sloan & Neale.


Community luckily for me i haven't had gaz all year however have been tempted throughout as leaving God out of your team does hurt. Some feedback on Curent team would be awesome. Thanks

Def: Heath, Doc, Simpson, Boyd, Laird, Rance (Collins, Austin)
Mid: Danger pendles, Hanners, parker, Priddis, Gray, Ward Libba (Jansen, Trengrove, MacPherson)
Rucks: Gawn, Goldy (Wyatt)
Fwd: Martin, Zorko, Montagna Hall Dahl** Wells** ( Silvagni, Phillips)

**= injured

3trades , 270k

Ive got unfortunately 3 trades and libba as m8. Also forward line i have wells and dahl and then phillips and silvagni on bench who i had to bring in but had to cop a 0 this week, (managed 2,292 which was ok) should i trade libra to neale/sloane and left with 2 trades and hoping that dahl is back this week and that wells is back this or next. Or hold and have 3 trades maybe having to use them later in season?

Going for league wins mainly. Good luck to the community for the rest of the season. Thanks


Hold Deccas, Wells will play, Dahl not far maybe this week. Libba to Neale/Sloane is good but a bit late, leaves you vulnerable with 2 trades.


Dahlhaus won't be playing this week.


Hold trades and get yourself in the finals, Deccas. You'll need them. Every year before this I'd trade ass off and cross my fingers I'd be fine for the last month of the season, never, ever worked. Still 7 weeks left if you're able to make the big dance in your leagues


What are the thoughts on josh kennedy as a replacement for gaz. Or should i go after hanners or neale. Midfield is danger pendles sloane gaz parker priddis gray shiel


Doesn't matter.. Josh K & Hanners are in the best midfield going around + Neale is a freak.


Hanners or Neale, take your pick


Anyone thinking about hodge?


Got him last week for libba, feeling pretty chuffed


So yes, you should heavily consider. Won't get rested


thought about him for a few minutes, but then thought parker or hanners. sticking with the plan of having only the top 8-10 midfielders in the guts. hodge won't be.


If you have the trades, he could be a good POD. Probably get himself injured again somehow though


I love this time of year, decisions decisions..
" result for Ablett and Suns would be 1-2 weeks on the sidelines but he could miss up to four weeks depending on the severity of the injury."

The Beard

If Gaz is gone who do you guys recommend to replace with out of

Sloane, Neale, Ward, Priddis, JPK? Someone else?

Current mids are Danger, Pendles, Parker, Hanners, Rocky, Gray, Selwood.


If Gaz is gone, you have enough swans, forget JPK go Neale or Sloane


I'm going Neale Beard – he's a machine and the Dockers have a lot of Subiaco time in the back half of the year

Southern S

If you want JPK go for it, they rarely score badly.


Jack Steven mte great pod and consistency is better ,will surprise,plus Sloane has all going for him ..


If it needs to be done i'm going Gaz to Hanners and Libba to Priddis
But I still need Wells and Dahlhaus to come back.
I'm scared fellas


Bang bang.. nice trades, Wells will back this week surely, and I think Dahl will make it back too although not confirmed.


Upgrade of th year last week….Tracca to Steven ?


very nice!! I thought my Tom Lynch move was ok until now.


Would you even say it was a SHARK MOVE?


Anything to suggest hanners will turn his form around?


Two bad games (under 100) and he's lost form?


123 and 106 in his last two games??

Southern S

Even in his game of 86 SC he had 7 tackles and 28 touches.

Scores don't represent form that is for sure.


Hey Guys, looking for some help!!!

Which will be the best possible replacement for the King?? Who's going to score the most point at the back end of the season?

Current Midfield: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Hannebery, Parker, Sloane, (Ablett), Shiel and Priddis

Replacement Options: Neale, Selwood, Steven or Bontempelli ??

Help will be greatly appreciated.


(in order)


Selwood and Bont have the easiest draws left out of all of them but I cant go past Neale with the year he's had.


Pods are so important…..I'm the only one in my top eight that has Steven and Neale. Moving into top 4 this week after building up cash all season. GAJ to Shuey, Macrae, Hunter, or even Gaff, provides cash for the final forward of either zerrett or zorko for tippa or adams.
Thoughts ?


I agree wighty, I brought in Gaff at his price and he repaid with a ton, also went Kerridge to Tom Lynch (suns) and banked the change. I already had Zerret & Zorko so decided to POD up for a bit of fun!! I'm not going to win the prize so aiming for domination in leagues.


hanners or sloane??


If i only have 1 trade left but still with Gaz should i just bite the bullet and trade him, the only worry i have is i have no playing mid emergencies but it would leave me with one trade thoughts appreciated.


Out for season, must trade

Brothers FC

Don't understand why it is an issue to have JPK, Hanners and Parker all in my team when the bye rounds have already passed, can anyone explain?

The Ranger

I've read that written here a few times and I'm not convinced there's any science behind it but I think the theory is that they might take points off each other and therefore you should aim to get a selection of players from different teams.


That's me spouting that theory. There's a strong negative correlation between their scores (Parker and JPK). I will leave interpretation alone.


I don't see a problem either considering there averages are 115, 111 and 108, I wouldn't worry too much about it.


Not hard to work out that if Swans get a touch up or two you could be vulnerable, common sense fellas. Spread the load there's plenty of options.

Southern S

In my opinion it's rubbish, look at the stats.

Sydney losses this year and SC scores.

Hannebery 129, 138, 92, 123.

JPK 97,(injured) 99, 101.

Parker 92, 75, 59, 161.

Parker we know is up and down.

Hannebery scores slightly higher in losses.

JPK scores slightly lower.

Sydney have Richmond at the SCG in the SC grand final. If you want all three I don't see a problem.


In my opinion you're better off spreading the load over more than one team. Three players from one team is okay, but not in the same position. You're putting too many eggs in one basket I reckon – better off going a premo from a different team.


I usually keep these things to myself, however this season I have no chance as I am ranked 4100 so its been a crap season for me.

There is a AWESOME player to bring in as a M9 and his name is Clay Smith, he is $237k and has had TWO games and scored 82 & 95
He also has a negative breakeven of -34 which means nothing this time of the season but this guy is a tackling machine and if he keeps this up there is no reason why he wont average 90 to 100 for the rest of the season.

In round 15 he managed to get 16 Possessions – He had 6 kicks, 10 handballs, 9 of which were contested possessions, along with 6 tackles. SC score 82

In round 16 he managed to get 18 Possessions – He had 10 kicks, 8 handballs, once again 9 of which were contested possessions, along with 8 tackles. SC score 95

You need to watch him to appreciate his tackling skills.
Feel free to watch Clay Smith's highlights of Round 16 here:

Alternatively if that doesn't work click on the Bulldogs website and just watch the highlight reel of him titled (Clay Cracks in Round 16)

Those who have the likes of Menadue, Dunkley, Petracca & Trengove (If not named AGAIN) this guy would make a ideal M9 or F7 in my opinion.

Have a good look at Clay Smith and make up your own mind. Good luck all.


I did the same thing.. Clay smith is sitting as my m9 atm, perfect bench cover.. but I sorta wanted it to be my secret too!


Sorry Lachy yes I usually keep those things quiet however I have ranked top 1000 for the last 5 seasons and without the community over the years I would be ordinary at best.
My goal this season is to improve 3100 rankings and make top 1000 before the season ends.

Important to give & take hence why I shared this info with all.
In my opinion Clay is phenomenal, I will be trading out GAJ and bringing in Neale and also trading out Dunkley to bring in Clay Smith.

Having Clay as a Mid/Forward DPP is priceless at this time of the season and even with only 3 trades left after this week, having Clay as bench cover is ample and worth burning a trade for in my opinion.

Good Luck to all. Hope it pays off for you.


Lachy how many trades left mate?


6 after this round


Bear in mind he has had a horrible run with injury so may not make the most piece of mind for bench cover.

Southern S

Impressive highlights, someone who puts in those sort of efforts are always going to score reasonably well in SC.


deans really got me tossing up my trade plans^ should i go with:
option 1) libba to hanners and petracca to silvagni this week, and then ablett to sloane/pendles and kolo/collins to bartel next week
option 2) libba to hanners and petracca to clay smith this week, and then ablett to ward and kolo/collins to JJ next week


I prefer option 2 as its going to aid as cover for those who are injured in both Mid/Fwd – However does it have to be JJ mate, any other players? – I love JJ don't get me wrong but he isn't a top 10 defender as yet, I feel he will be to inconsistent.

Who's in your defence currently? Do you have Laird & Rance?


Current team is:
Def: Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Laird, Bartel, Boyd, Collins, Lee.
Mids: Dangerfield, Ablett, Hannebery, Pendlebury, Parker, Priddis, Gray, Shiel, Jansen, Trengove, Beech.
Rucks: Gawn, Goldstein, Wyatt.
Fwds: Barlow, Zorko, Deledio, Hall, N Riewoldt, Montagna, Phillips, Silvangi.
Currently ranked 354, 2 trades left and 73,200 remaining salary.

Options I'm considering are:

1. Ablett to Lycett which will involve Barlow moving to M8 and Lycett F6 and 1 trade left. The 250,000 remaining will be used to upgrade Jansen later in the season to a premium mid/fwd such as D Martin/Z Merrett moving Lycett to F7/R3 or mid premium such as Selwood/Steven/Bont which will involve moving Barlow back to the forward line and Lycett to F7/R3.

2.Hold Ablett and play Jansen until he returns.

3. Ablett to Bontempelli/Steven, 1 trade left but it means I will not be able to get Lycett as fwd/ruck cover with my last trade instead having to get S Motlop later on in the season.

I would really appreciate feedback/thoughts from the community.

The Ranger

With only 2 trades you've just gotta hold Adam. There'll be more injuries to come…


Don't bother with Motlop. HOLD


2 trades left lol.. should probably hold mate


Ablett to Neale and pray


Ablett is out for season. Figure out which of 1 vs 3 you expect will give you more total points.


Ablett must go as its no point having 580k on your side scoring ZERO – I agree with pod, GAJ to Neale although get who ever you like best for GAJ.

I brought Steven in during the BYE rounds, I wouldn't bother getting him now as there are better players to chose from such as Sloane & Neale although I like the Bont also.


Adam strongly consider the following mate:
GAJ to Neal and Trengove to Clay Smith he is a Mid/Fwd and $237k only played two games and scored 82 & 95 – There is no reason why Clay Smith shouldn't average between 90 to 100 for the rest of this season.

Doing this gives you ALLOT more cover as you currently have Collins as Defence cover, Jensen as MID cover & Silvangi as Forward cover. By including Clay Smith in your side this gives you allot more cover to use him in your Mid or FWD line via Phillips.

If you scroll up just a little you will see what I wrote just regarding Clay Smith along with interesting statistics. Nope this Helps.


Are you a salesman Dean? i made the move, brought in Clay for Gresham and Gaz to Pendles, cheers mate.


@pod – I have this 1995 BMW mate with only 100,000 kilometres on the clock and ONE owner. So because I like you, I'm willing to let you have it for just $5,200 lol

Good luck with Clay mate.


Any good midfielders for under 530k ?

My current mids are: Danger, Hanners, Ablett, Steven, Jelwood, Shiel, Ward, Libba


I'd have a look at Parker who provides good value or even Priddis who has scored 7 tons in his last 8 games.


Parker at 520 is a steal


priddis is consistent averaging 105 plus looking at your team he will be your M7 so 105 isnt too bad

at $518 400 he is a good price and with a BE of 65 he is go well over $540 000 for a good profit on the fella

here are his stats looking in great shape and he will smash out easy 100s for you Kevdog


Hodge for POD


RGray is probably the value pick of the round.


Ablett out for season damn

Big G

He will start next year around his starting price for 2016. There goes my summer thinking whether to start with him.


Although it's wise never to say never I reckon this will be my last season of Gaz ownership.

Of course if he tears up the NAB next year with a 150pt plus average I reserve the right to change my mind ha ha.

But I seriously doubt he will be the 'must have' of season pasts. Sadly his body just can't seem to handle the rigours of a full season of AFL footy anymore.

Southern S

He only missed one game this year before this shoulder injury.

But I do agree he won't be a must have.


For much of the early season he clearly looked hampered so I was often holding my breath he would get through games in those first 5 or 6 rounds.

Has played 15, 6 and now 14 games over the past 3 seasons (i.e. just over 50% of games) with a stuffed shoulder that sadly has been an all too recurring theme.

Rockliff who has also had injury interrupted seasons the past 3 years has actually played 44 games and counting (75%) during that time and many consider Rocky injury prone and won't touch him.

The games played stats are stark reading and let's face it he's no longer a spring chicken. The Gaz era is O V E R! It's been a great run whilst it lasted though.

Southern S

Yep. Seems the wise man Jock was right by not wanting to start with him. Nobody should be surprised he is the father of fantasy football!

That saying I think he caved and traded him in 😉


Gaz cooked for the season. FULL RECO 🙁


Terrible news, champion of the game. I fear he may never fully recover from when Viney drove him into the ground. Hope not only for Supercoach sake, but for football in general and for himself, that one day, he will return to what he once was.


: (


I love you Gaz

SW Rooster XXX

Please be factual and not post half truths and BS.
Yes Gaz is out for the rest of the year, but he does not require a full shoulder reconstruction. This is a new and totally unrelated injury and whilst he requires surgery it is not a shoulder reconstruction and it is expected he will be able to complete a full preseason.


I hear he's also having his glutes done too.. why not?


what is the best team to grab a non-playing 102k rookie from? Who plays the most sunday games in the run home?


Have a look at the fixture.


God knows. Haha


Who to get as a keeper out of sloane,neale, pendelbury,bonts, robbie gray?






D: Docherty, Simpson, Shaw, Laird, JJ, Savage *grrrrrrrr (Collins, Austin)
M: Danger, Pendles, Neale, Rocky, Hanners, Parker, Priddis, Ward (Trengove, MacPherson, Long)
R: Gawn, Goldy (Grimley)
F: Martin, Barlow, Wells, Riewoldt, Franklin, Hall (Petracca, Phillips)

Went Ablett and Libba to Ward and Neale
4 trades and $182k left
Petracca to a forward next week to loophole

Thanks for all your help this year community


solid team Tommo, if looking for fwd/DPP can't go past Joey he's a bargain


Will get him

He Man

Community what happened to Savage?! I brought him in as a bit of a POD and his been horrible ever since!


It was you…….


And me

Southern S

Not sure maybe a role change?


Best option out of sloane Bonts and neale?


Neale for me

Southern S

Sloane or Neale.


What afl round is scoach finals and then grand final ??


GF is round 23
Finals from round 20-23


Cheers boys

luke conder

Does Ablett and Liba to hanners and Gray sound like a good sideways trade?

Southern S

Yep pretty good.


Sure does


I have 3 trades left, gaz has gone down for the season.
Would you hold or trade with 20.5k left?

Def: Docherty, Simpson, Shaw, Boyd, Laird, Bartel (Collin, tucker)
Mid: Dangerfield, Selwood, Ablett, Hannebery, jpk, gray, Rockliff, Zorko (Trengove, Stewart, petracca)
Ruck: Gawn, Goldy (grimley)
Fwd: Martin, Barlow, Deledio, wells, Franklin, hall (lycett, Phillips)

I'm thinking Gary > pendles, however I'll have a bit of cover if Barlow or wells comes back. Thoughts community?


Need to do the trade, no point having Ablett on the bench……his not coming back


Interesting. Straight away I thought "duh, trade him" but maybe hold if you can cover him. 3 trades is not ideal and I'd be using them to cover a donut that will happen. If you can hold until finals trade him then


Does anybody know what happened to Trengrove. Was hearing he had great job security. Did he flirt with the bosses wife?


Or just not flirting with the boss


Just for the record … only one 'r' in Trengove.

No idea what the deal is there … the safest +$200,000 I thought we'd ever make.


Trrrentgrrrroverrrrr should be back real soon


And 1 T! 😉 I like what you did there.


I thought he was getting rested for a week like McCarthy. Not sure what is going on


Heard he turned up late for the last match – powers to be were not impressed.


Any advice please, I've only got 4 trades, 1 away from full premo, should I dump Shane Savage?


Hold your trades if you can


I think Vickery is done.

To my eye, it looks like he has made his choice to leave the club, and is playing accordingly. If he wanted to stay, he'd be doing the little, critical team things that help your teammates, but largely go unnoticed. Shepharding / blocking, competing for the long kick down the line when he know the best you can do is bring the ball to ground, tackling, chasing, or god forbid, leading at the football when you know you won't get it, just to open up space over the back.

The trouble is that those things often increase the risk of being injured, and they don’t increase your “currency”.

Vickery has figured out that slinking away from the football and towards the goal square means you stay fresh and bruise-free, while still ticking up goals.

Southern S

No other team would want him unless they are stupid. Better off upgrading a rookie and playing them in his position.


I think there is still a lot to like about Tyrone. People forget how promising he was in his first few years before going down with a shoulder injury. He is one of just 4 players to kick over 100 goals in their first 100 games and was a top pick
When he was drafted it was said that he was a "great ruckman with the potential to play as a part time power forward so the tigers might be playing the big man out of position
Their is a lot of upside but he needs to get his work rate/second efforts up before he has any hope of returning to the highest level

Southern S

It's not that he's a terrible player but as you say his second efforts don't seem there.

He's kind of like that old school forward but that's not modern AFL football anymore.

Also some consistency in his career would probably have helped a lot he's missed a lot of games over the years.

The game is so competitive and fast now I just don't see him being a trade target although you never know going into a new team seems to have a really good impact for some players he could surprise people like myself.

Rodney Dangerfield

What on earth does this have to do with supercoach?


Ablett gone, Libba doubtful. What a mess.
7 trades & $14k – not sure what to do. Help…

D: Shaw, Doc, Laird, Rance, Rich, S.Collins (Broad, B.Williams)
M: Danger, Pendles, Gaz, Selwood, Ward, Rocky, Parker, Libba (Petraca, Trengove, Phillips)
R: Gawn, Goldy (Cox)
F: Dusty, Merrett, Zorko, Lids, Montagna, Hall (Rose, Grimley).

Wanted McVeigh but not sure now. Ablett has to go too.
Any suggestions?

Southern S

I'd get Simpson in defense.

Gaz to Sloane, Neale, Hodge, Gray, Priddis, Hannebery, JPK or Jack Steven.

Southern S

Actually you'll have to downgrade somebody this week to generate cash probably trade Petracca.

Hold Libbe.


Thanks, what about Gaz to Simpson, Petraca to Clay Smith?

Grahame Lebroy

Just try and remember all the good times we all had with young Garry. Nobody can ever take that away from us……..


Alas my bald headed genius, it's time to go…'tis a sad day indeed…

Anyway, back to reality! Need a simple yay or nay:

GAJ to Bont.

Leaves me with 1 solitary miserable trade (yes I've done it again this year!), $132K in the bank and the following team:

DEF: Heater, Simmo, Pittard, Bartel, Williams, Laird (Collins, Brand)
MID: Danger, Hanners, Jelwood, Parker, Merrett, Ward, Bont, Priddis (Trac, Trengove, Phillips)
RUC: Gawn, Goldy (King)
FWD: Dusty, Buddy, Zorks, Hall, Lids, Wells (Silvagni, Rose)


Why not


nay for me, I'd prefer Neale ahead of Bont.


Me too but just can't trust Ross so no Freo players for me thanks!


4 trades left and have gaz, no idea who to bring in and I can afford anyone. Current midfield is danger Ablett selwood neale pendlebury hannebery ward sloane. Any tips on who to bring in. Going for ranking btw


Sounds like Barlow and Libba gonna be out? Never trust Ross.


Will be interesting to see whether Wells gets up for those coaches still carrying him.

Surely he will though with the Kangas in freefall at the moment and a key clash at against Port this weekend.


I think it is time, his Supercoach days are done. I can't trust him no more…
RIP Gary Ablett Jnr


Need to offload gaz and final upgrade in defence. My first choice was Neale but it would mean a cheap D6. If I go priddis I can bring in Boyd to complete my defence (already have laird, shaw, Simpson, doch, Gibbo).
My current mids are pendles, danger, jpk, gray, parker, ward, rocky.
Neale + cheaper D6?
Or priddis + Boyd?


The Pridda Boyd combo sounds pretty good to me.


i got 4 trades a gaj to trade and 1 upgrade to make
should i just leave the last upgrade and save the two trades for injuries
im not going for rank only league wins


Will you make your league finals?


Lobbe might return this week 😉


and Zac Dawson has been on fire


: 0 Zac is back !!


Ablett and Libba to hanners and Sidebottom.? Good sideways trades


Not sure if Sidebum is top 10


Hi Derek
If not Sidebottom, what about ward or titch?


thanks Derek


GAJ to Neale. 2 trades left $174K
DEF Shaw, Laird, Boyd, Johannisen, Byrne-Jones, AMT, Collins Hipwood
MID Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Neale, Parker, Steven, Ward, Sidebottom, Trengove, Stewart, Petracca
RUC Gawn, Goldstein, Grimley
FWD Martin, Zorko, Kennedy, Franklin, Montagna, Hall, Phillips, Rose


Yablettt – ouch gotta hurt, gotta go.
Replace with a gun ie (hannas/pendles) or load up on insurance?
Shaw, laird, doc, simmo, gibbo, mcveigh. (collins, brand)
Danger, injured god, rocky, parker, gray, pridda, sheil, duncan. (trengrove, stewart, tracca)
Goldy, gawn. wyatt
Dusty, lids, joey, wells, wingard, zorko. (phillips, sosos).

So get a gun like for like and have tracca as backup dpp.
Trade injured god for merrett and trade tracca for gaff.
If a fwd is out can dpp zerrett and put gaff on in the mids.
If mid out can bring on gaff.

hoping trengrove gets a game this week as would love to trade to clarke next week collins to bartel creating another dpp.


option 2 – trade Gaz to ZMerrett and then Tracca to Gaff.. makes sense

The Ranger

Depends how many trades you have doesn't it Trigger?
I'd like to have someone better than Tractor on the bench but with only six left I'm just doing the Ablett trade I think.
There'll be more injuries to deal with yet!

Boltons blues

2 of the greatest ever players to grace our game, could be gone in consecutive years both due to injury, JNR has been the greatest ever player I've seen (yes even better then my beloveded Chris Judd)

Both these 2 players will be never forgotten, both players you could always count on to do that one play to get your side into the game


Def POD Jack Grimes $414K with an average of 121. Any interest??

Also, how did Mitch Clarke get a run, what a spud.. Mitch Duncan should of fixed him up.


I like Zac Dawson as POD


sshhhh I'm trying to distract ppl


He will kick a bag this week against Dockers week back 6 ..beware ..!


I think Mitchell ward to inconsistent to replace Ablett. Leaning to Neal or hanners….what do ppl think. To me it's apple and oranges and prob just luck which ever best from here. Leaning towards Neale tho


Wat about Sloane or Steven ,even Kennedy is more consistent than all of them ..smokey for big points this month toby Greene to have a big fortnight ..has some poor backline opposition coming his way and no real matchups in the next 2 games


How far away is daulhaus?


The official injury list (updated yesterday) has him listed af 1-2 weeks away. Some in the community have suggested much longer, 3-4 weeks


depends where you are standing


I've heard he is pencilled in for the geelong game.


I've heard he's not. Go figure


I'm sure he lives local to western suburbs

The Beard

So Neale or Sloane for last mid?

The Beard

or Ward?


My trades are pretty simple this week:
Liberatore to Hodge
Ablett to Sloane.

Leaves me with two trades left for injuries, think im going to have to cross more than my fingers next round though 😉


not sure Hodge will do much better than Libba. low on trades, i would keep libba.


Hodge as a POD Derek. I need something to set me apart


Haven't seen Aaron Hall's name mentioned, community. Gaz went down at QT in round 17 last year, Hall scored 89 in that game. After that he posted 92 (D), 150 (W), 127 (L), 139 (W), 95 (L), 98 (L) for an average of 116.

Getting back into some form with 118 and 94 in his last two. A definite option at 418k if you need the funds elsewhere

The Ranger

Well spotted Kev, lets hope hall gets more time in the guts now.


Pendles, Bont or Steven?


Must get Pendles

Grahame Lebroy



community would love your input as I'm struggling. can afford any mid for Ablett current mids are Dangerfield. Pendlebury, Neale, Parker, Sloane, Shiel and Rocky. Considering Hannebery, The bont, S mitchell or Steven


Must get Hanners imo


Out of that lot, definitely Hanners




Hey crew, have 6 trades left. Would everyone do a straight swap from Libba to Gray or burn another trade for a rookie downgrade to free up some more cash to get in Hanners. Thoughts appreciated.


I love you Gaz
May you return and be at your best


i'm looking at going Gaz >> Parker

I do really like the look of Hall now that gaz won't be playing. Havn't had him at all this year, but it might be the time. I already have Motlop at F7/M9, i should have got hall instead. Menadue >> Hall at have both motlop & Hall on bench?