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It should have been a week like no other. The post-bye feeling should see the sun rising high and warm, with beautiful days to signal the end of winter, and the emergence of spring.

We should all have a spring in our step and a smile on our lips, and That Morning Song (you know the one) should be playing soothingly in the background as we prance through the meadows, hand in hand with our premiums.

Everything should be looking up Milhouse.

This Supercoach game is truly a cruel mistress.

Thank god we’ve been blessed with the CoachKings, am I right? If you haven’t had a shot during the last 3 Thursday night games, where the bloody hell are ya?

The thing is, you don’t even have to be good! I mean look at me – I’m loving the damn thing and haven’t come close to the top 300 on stay at home nights. I’ve picked my team of 9, watch three of them go ballistic and scream loudly at the other six potatoes I was stupid enough to pick.

Down the pub is even better. Sit round with mates, sinking Carltons and competing for Fantasy Footy supremacy without the season-long wait that is your regular season long gig.

Gary Ablett bless you, Messrs Jock and Higgo.



ARGH. MICHAEL. BLOODY. BARLOW. Popped up during the week to say he’d be making a shock comeback against the Dees, which got many very aroused at the thought of FINALLY having  complete teams.

However, it seemed actually pulling his finger out caused more strain than he thought, so he’s still out. ARGH. Hold. You’d think he’d be back next week, but I also thought Jock was a shoe-in for PM last weekend and we’re still stuck with this ‘Malcolm’ bloke.

Daniel Wells still isn’t back. We were warned about this, and I was one of thousands who laughed it off and said he was over his injury history. You can take the man out of the medical room, but you can’t take the medical room out of the man without serious surgical procedures. I don’t even know how you fit a medial room inside a human body. Science, probably.

Science of Supercoach

Yeah, that’s the stuff. *sniffs deeply* Love me the smell of science in the morning.

The Pies have dropped a bombshell this week; well, a bombshell better known as Tom Phillips. He soared in his first few weeks, like a majestic Gary Moorcroft, but came crashing to earth last week with a paltry 26 points. That crash had enough force to bury him in the turf around Olympic Park, and I believe they’ve had to send in excavation crews to dig him out.

On top of that, Texan Superstar Extraordinaire Mason Cox has been managed this week. The implication was he’ll be back, but Bucks is gaining Ross-like form of stuffing our sides around.

Speaking of rookies, for those with Ciaran Byrne will need to dish him off. The poor kid’s done an ACL and is done for the next 12 months. Additionally, Nathan Broad has been dropped by the Tigers.

For the Doggies, Marcus Adams has done his foot again and is out. Got to go.

Coming in, we have Ruben William playing his first game for the Lions and Oleg Markov and Liam McBean playing their first games for the year with Richmond. Ryan Clarke has also been named for the Roos.

Dayne Zorko returns for the Lions, and Jack Steele and Devon Smith do likewise for the Giants. Taylor Adams also comes back into the Pies’ lineup.

David Zaharakis has been suspended and will miss a week, leaving a seriously undermanned Essendon midfield behind him. For those of us with Zach Merrett, be grateful the Saints don’t like to tag.

Essendon have also named Sam Michael, who won’t be fantasy relevant, and Aaron Francis, who will be. I feel Francis will have another week in the VFL, but is absolutely not far off.

(From the 5:00 edit) – Matthew Leuenberger will miss for the Dons with injury this week. Not overly serious, but if you’re one of the 7% – I know, right? – of coaches still with him, it’s an irritant.



This is mostly me agreeing with the podcast this week, but for where our teams will be at – we should be looking at having about 6 trades and holding until finals, barring injury. That means if you have 6 trades left and have Libba, I would hold. Same for Rich, Brodie Smith, Matty Suckling and the like. Hold.

Love to know how many you’ve got left! I’m at 5 now I’ve traded Wells.

  • 8+ (25%, 182 Votes)
  • 5 (18%, 126 Votes)
  • 6 (17%, 124 Votes)
  • 7 (14%, 102 Votes)
  • 3 or less (14%, 98 Votes)
  • 4 (12%, 84 Votes)

Total Voters: 716

Loading ... Loading ...

If you have six trades and a premo goes down, use a trade to get a new one in. I’m with Jock – Daniel Wells has gone down. He needs to be traded. He’ll be back at some point, but I’m not letting Brads Scott muck me around on the eve of finals, when we’re competing for out leagues.


If you’re hanging around here looking for rookies, have a gander at Barron von Crow’s rookie write up. Absolutely solid rolled gold.

Eddie Murphy’s

-97 – Patrick McGinnity
-70 – Jack Silvangni
-29 – Sam Collins
-22 – Jack Trengove
16 – Tom Phillips
-6 – Connor Menadue
-1 – Stefan Martin
8 – James Rose

Dan Aykroyds

Far fewer Dans this week as most of us look to trade now, not waiting for prices to drop. Regardless, here are a few to look at.

187 – Heath Shaw
170 – Tom Mitchell
161 – Trent Cotchin
145 – Sam Docherty
134 – Max Gawn


Last week’s Danger/Ablett VC/C combo went well* so I’m going to do it again. I actually am. Gary loves a good Q-clash and Danger is bloody huge this year. Not expecting a 160 but will go with it.

*nope. No it did not.

However, Maxy Gawn is playing a ruck-less Freo outside of Victoria… could go “YUUGE,” to quote a toupee wearing orangutan from the States. I’m not game, but if you were it could pay off big time.


I’m done for the week, community. Bless your souls, and may you be showered with 2500 scores in Supercoach, and break the 1000 in CoachKings this weekend. Because getting out and having fun is what this life caper’s all about.

Speaking of getting out and about, Imma go catch me a Squirtle down the park (plot twist, I’m actually twelve), so I’ll be intermittent in the comments this arvo.

5.00 UPDATE: As expected, we’re waiting another week for Aaron Francis. Tom Lee is out for the Saints and Jason Ashby will miss for the Dons.

Jed Anderson is in for North, Majak is out, which covers most of the major news in the Sunday sides.

No Squirtles were caught.

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Yep. I'm another one with Wells, Barlow and Phillips. If I trade Wells or Barlow, I just know I'll pick the wrong one. So I'm going to grit my teeth and not trade this week. However, if none of them come back next week and I get hit with the injury stick this weekend I'm in big trouble.


It's a pickle, ain't it? I've flicked Wells – as I said, he'll struggle in the back half of the year


Might have talked me into it. Means I can go Wells to Boyd and Adams to Silvagni saving me a downgrade trade when I bring in both McVeigh and Hanners (for Tucker and Libba) But it's a bit risky as Wells's record is hard to hard to ignore.


I'm in the same boat as you mate! Tough one and trades are so very crucial this time of the season!


Got 6 Trades left with 180k

Would Kedge to Lids be a good trade ?
Then wait for Ruggles to peak then trade him to maybe JJ if he can score well this week?
Have Rich and Libba as well.



Don't see any problems with Kedge-Lids, but make sure you don't run out of trades! Re-asses on Ruggles in a week or so – is he onfield?

Brad Pitter

Thanks Patch!

Think I'm trading out Wells from fwd, putting DBJ on my forward bench from down back, and trading in Mcveigh in the backline.



Think DBJ is a back only Brad..


I'm thinking about a similar move with Wells out of the forwards, menadue out of mid to cover him, Williams out of backline to cover him opening up a spot for McVeigh. haven't had the guts to pull the trigger yet and could do petracca /kerridge out as well and maybe go Buddy or Martin and McVeigh? Or……..should I just hold trades?


Assume you mean Walla (McDonald-Tipungwuti)? Don't mind that at all, mate!

The Beard

FFS. Traded Broad in 😐


Stupid bastard why didn't you wait to make sure he was playing first FFS.


I also like the bulldog solution waiting for JJ and Dahlhouse to get back and jump on them for the easy run home


Tempted by The Dahl but need someone in now. Like your patience if you can wait on them!

I N Pieman

Vintage as always Patch. Must say earlier in the week I had no intention of trading wells but I'm changing my mind. If I keep Wells I will need to play Kerridge. I'd rather him on the pine. So I think I'll go sideways to The Magnificent! Will also remove last rook being Weitering for JJ! 6 trades & pray


when you're 1k off merret, should i go lids or montagna. Im leaning to montagna just because they don't play anymore games outside of victoria.




Ach, that hurts! Joey Montagna slots right in there Ethan!


I had the same issue, I was 2k off truck to Merett, already had lids and mont, went with franklin and just crossing my fingers now…


Hey guys,

6 trades remaining and only $42,600 left over playing a really important league match (playing the same bloke in both leagues that matter the most to me).

In a deep hole with having to play 3 rookies this week in one of Menadue/Jansen (rookie loophole to cover Barlow in Mids), Petracca (to cover Wells in Fwds) and Tippa. He is playing 2 rookies in Byrne-Jones and Rose…

This league match will have a big effect on the top 4 in both of those leagues for me.

Option 1:

Trade out Wells for McVeigh/JJ/Rance (via DPP) and AMT for the likes of NRiewoldt/Franklin/… (via DPP)

Option 2:

Hold fire with the trades, play the rookies and you should be fine.


Should add also that this is how my team is looking:

DEF: Shaw, Simpson, Docherty, Bartel, Laird, AMT (S.Collins, Tucker)

MID: Danger, GAJ, Pendles, Hannebery, Ward, Wines, Libba, Menadue (Barlow, Trengrove, Jansen)

RUCK: Gawn, Goldy (Wyatt)

FWD: Martin, Deledio, Zorko, Montagna, Hall, Petracca (Wells, TPhillips)


Pi$$ Wells off and bring in Merrett, you gotta hold Barlow now that you kept him and considering there was talk he was in this week. I Pi$$es Barlow off last week and brought in Merrett and glad I did, This week Wells out Zorko in. Only 5 trades left and I am seriously considering trading Libba to Parker as you wont get him this cheap again. I'm thinking go big or go home.


I need the entrails of a small turtle to read the future on this, Patch? Any spare squirtles?


Nah mate just caught a lot of $#&@ing Zubats. Bloody useless things


Captain picks- I have been riding VC on Dangerfield with the C on Pendlebury. Worked very well last week.


And….Is it true Tom Mitchell will be there for the hawks fifth premiership in a row come 2017?


Reality is Hawks have had their fun. Two teams they don't want to meet in finals are GWS and Cats. Tom Mitchell would be a huge win for the Hawks, not as big as the Danger move but a still a very good inclusion. The old firm at Waverley are done.

Not hawks supporter

Reckon the one team no one wants to play at the G in september are the hawks mate.


i'm sure the Cats will be ok mate
GWS another baby bombers?

Not hawks supporter

Time will tell, hawks played cats rd 1 so i dont take anything from that game. GWS would trouble them but the hawks at the G are a serious footy team. Reckon u have gone early pal.


maybe but you forgot one thing.. DANGER

Southern S

GWS doubt it, although they are a great team.

Adelaide found them out…..also a smoky for the GF, almost beat hawks too.

Hawks v Geelong GF.


Southern you are a smart man. I agree with you totally,Adelaide as smoky. A little of my hard earned has been waged on a Geelong v Adelaide GF quinella. Hawks are gone.


Hawks get it done when it counts. Have you watched the last 3 grand finals? Every one of them was over at half time! Like every other non-hawks supporter I want to see someone else win it, but the bloody Hawks dynasty just keeps rolling on.


I don't know what's worse; Daniel Well's old fragile bones mixed with Cox going limp and Trengrove running around in the magoo's while Tom Phillips is to never be seen again as Michael Barlow rest's his digits or the federal election. It's dark times indeed!


Trading out Wells as I will only have 5 in my fwd line otherwise and there is no guarantee as to when he will be back. I already have Martin, Montagna, Zorko, Hall and Wingard. Currently trying to decide between Merrett and Deledio, who do reckon will be better? Also, is there someone else I should probably look at? Cheers.




I'm not your buddy, pal… Anyway, I am not seeing it with him. Every year people talk him up, and every year his disappoints. He also hasn't shown much this year. Cheers.


Merrett or Buddy. Would go Merrett myself


Thanks. Out of the two I am thinking Merrett as well as Buddy is just too unpredictable and has burned me before.


Not sure how accurate your comments are here re Buddy.
In previous years yes, very inconsistent.
This year however has been his most consistent, I challenge you to find more than 5 FWDs this year that have been more consistent, Buddy is a must have in your FWD line if you're a serious SC'er.
Breakdown of scores:
50-60 = 1
60-70 = 1
70-80 = 0
80-90 = 1
90-100 = 2
100-110 = 7
110+ = 2

11 of his 14 scores have been 90+ – I'll take that every day of the week from a premo FWD.


What about Zach Williams as a pod?


Like it, Corey


Thanks think of picking him over Simpson so I can go kerridge to any coward next week with one trade




ha I liked the original better


Hahaha either way, like the plan mate


Trengove………Broad……..Phillips………. we've been wrong about JS a few times. Any thoughts on Silvagni?


OK….I need to start step away from the trade button. Starting to think about the nuclear option (Higgo's Dangerfield move)


he's only on my bench but what's up with Trengrove?


He got dropped last week – hopefully should come back, fingers crossed


Somehow I've ended up with no
Premo fwd/mid in my midfield so I can't swing!
Who should I trade in for Libba?
Montagna or Z Merrett!???? Thoughts?


Zerrett mate!


Shit just traded Libba to Merrett, Then went to hit the reverse trade and realised I couldn't! Happy now anyway with full premo side when Wells and Daulhus are back!

Rooster XXX

Sideways trade – Libba could realistically outscore Merrett for the remainder of the season.

Southern S

Agreed. Although Merret can be moved in the forwardline so there's that I guess.


with Zaharakis out, Merrett good option

Loyal roughnuts

Or could it go the other way that the saints send the normal tag to merret as zaka is out.


won't matter he's a smart kid worth the risk, Saints usually don't tag when playing average teams.


Saints didn't tag Danger, I'm hoping they won't tag Merrett either!


Better to just have a m/f on the bench, having a m/f premo mid is a waste of mid scoring potential


Need help! pushing for top 100 got 8 trades. thinking 2 options

Wells to Buddy
Kerridge to Zorko


Hold wells, play menadue
trengrove to silvagni
kerridge to zorko

Opinions welcome!


Franklin trade leaves me with mcveigh parker and hanners with the aim to have buddy bench cover, concerns me…


Franklin trade looks better on paper though


Definitely… May go that way. Even though his in 20 something % still a pod in the top 100


Like the first one, Johnny


7 trades left but no cash in bank (7k)

DEF: Boyd Bartel Laird McVeigh Rich Smith ( Adams Collins)
MID: Danger Pendles Ablett Rocky Hanners Gray Cripps Libba (Trengove Jansen Phillips)
R: Gawn, Martin (Goetz)
FWD: Martin, Deledio, Merrett, Montagna, Franklin, Hall (Wells, Kerridge)

Option 1 – Wells to a sub $550k mid such as Parker, Ward etc. This would make Kerridge my F7, Cripps/Libba M8/9 and wait to upgrade Adams to shaw once his price drops or JJ if he shows form

Option 2 – Hold this week, trade Kerridge to Silvagni, Adams to Shaw next week and upgrade Cripps or Libba to Treloar once he bottoms out in a few weeks. This means Smith is my D7, Hall my swinging M9/F7 with Wells hopefully on the park



Like option 2


Option 2 much better mate. Rate that side, too


What's a smarter trade community?
1 trade left this week (5 overall)
Libba to Neale to complete my team however it leaves me with a 0. Tucker to Silvagni via DPP to avoid the 0 or sideways Wells to Lids. I know a lot are getting rid of Wells but something stops me from hitting that T button
Would love to her thoughts.


Already did this is ranked 5..
But no trade is the best option


What do we think about Jason Johanison?
I need to offload Brodie Smith, and I'm wondering if he's worth the risk


Not a regular I take it? Heaps of chat about him in the week. There's risk involved as he isn't a proven scorer, and he's coming back from a pretty bad injury.

Grab a premo if you can. If you're low on trades stick with Smith


Give him another week, Pendles. You reckon you're gonna have a big game this week? Do we chuck the C on ya? 😛


How many trades left? who's on your Def pine?


Lids or Montagna gents???




I'm surprised Jack Riewoldt hasn't been suggested as a pod for those in contention. He's playing like a top Fwd, I put it down to his regular appearance on afl 360, it worked a treat for Lewis!!


Brought up in the podcast and you're certainly right, podder. I looked at him six weeks ago before laughing at myself for considering it – regret that now!

Nervous Coach

Great work again Patch. Looking to flick AMT and can go either Silvagni, Hipwood or C Smith (WB). Who has the best JS. Also, should I flick Wells or Kerridge. If I flick kerridge it will leave me one short in the FWD line.


Paint the fence. AMT to Silvagni, Kerridge to premo


Cheers Nervous! Avoid the donut and flick Wells this week – but only if you've got trades to get rid of Kedge next.

All of those rookies are line ball. I'd say Hipwood purely for the Brisbane factor, but all three of them could find themselves in the Reserves in three or four weeks.

Nervous Coach

Thanks Kev and Patch. Have enough trades to flick Kerridge next week so will flick Wells. Leaning towards Silvagni but worried he might get the flick after his second game.

Shake n bake

Wasn't goin to do any trades this week but if I do I'm only thinking kerridge to Lynch BE 69 great run home is that to risky? 5k cheaper.


Loving the look of Lynch, but don't have the kahoonas to go there. All power to you mate if you want to take it by the horns! Decent run home and the Suns – maybe – clicking into gear… big call but a huge payoff on the cards!

Shake n bake

Ranked 382 with 10 trades left Patch my fwd line is Dusty Montagna Buddy Hall Zorko Kerridge Patracca Grimley. I could loophole kerridge Patracca or just do the trade??


Awesome move


Should I be happy with Robbie Grey's 132 or chase Dangers, Abletts or Gawns score for captain? I think I'm going to take it. Can you talk me out of it?
Cheers community.


Always take the 132, much safer option


Absolutely take it, mate!


Personally reckon Gawn will be going big against Freo's ruck department so I've got him in C. Got the VC on Danger though in case he pulls out a 150+ tonight.

double G6

rance or zac williams for D6? looking to upgrade AMT




That is a tough call when judging by scores thus far:
Williams Average/94 B/E 54
Rance Average/97 B/E 100

They are very much alike so far when looking at there scores, however I much prefer Rance as he is a proven defender and one of the Tigers top 5 players and you will be getting him close to the cheapest price you can get him for the year.
Personally I started with Rance as a keeper and sticking with him obviously, I am not sold on Zac Williams albeit he has played well thus far but he is a mid priced player that has increased $90k as where Rance is a proven premo where you would be getting him close to his bottom price for the year.

All I can say is go with your heart mate.


Deledio or Zorko for Wells??


Both in crap teams, not sure how you can work out who has the harder run home!


I've got both but if Zorko comes back in a good state of mind take him


Zorko for me


Zaha to Ward/Hanners/Neale?

Southern S

Hodge POD 1% ownership.


Great article Patch.
With only 8 trades and tight cash, I was going to hold off. Incredibly, I traded Wells to Merrett late yesterday and then realized I could not reverse the trade. It may pay off after all.

Next week hoping to move on Petraca & Rose to get McVeigh/JJ & Silvagni.

Dylan Harper

Last premo for mids. What's the jury's thoughts, Sloane or Ward or Neale?


Neale is a budding freak, I'm so happy to have him


pod keep it quiet 🙂


Brought Neale in this week and am very much behind him. Sloane also a good option, but Neale for me


Last mid spot (libba as m8 currently)
Already have danger pendles parker ablett sloane ward




Looking ahead to next week, I'm planning on downgrading Papley > Silvagni and then making another upgrade, though I'm not too sure which order of priority these should be in:

– Kerridge > Premo (Thinking Buddy currently)
– Petracca > Zorko

Any thoughts of which of those two trades I should pull off next week will be appreciated.


Currently sitting with the following:

DEF: Shaw, Doherty, Simpson, Boyd, Johannisen, Laird (S. Collins, Tucker)

MID: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Hannebery, Neale, Parker, Gray, Rockliff, Liberatore (K. Stewart, J. Trengove, Mathieson)

RUCK: Gawn, Goldstein (Cox)

FWD: D. Martin, Z. Merrett, Hall, Kerridge, Petracca, Papley (Wells, T. Phillips)


Maybe wait and see breakevens and prices next week?


Patch great work as always mate.

5 Trades left, I am strongly considering trading Libba out to Parker as there wont be another chance to get him at this price and he scores allot better then Libba however that will only leave me with 4 trades left.

Does one go ALL IN and go BIG or go HOME or hold that extra trade.




Team is
DEF: Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Rance, Rich, Laird (Collins, Williams)
MID: Danger, Pendles, Hanners, Ward, GAJ, Steven, Libba, Wines (Dunkley, Trengove, Mathieson
RUCK: Gawn, Goldy (Cox)
FWD: Martin, Merrett, Montagna, Zorko, Motlop, Hall (Phillips, Wyatt)

Libba & Wines hardly elite Premo status, there just doing the job so to speak. This will be my only chance to upgrade say Libba to Parker, so I either stick fat with Libba all year or pull the trigger with Parker while he is cheap as I only have $4k so no cash.


I'd be okay with 4 trades, but discipline from here on in is crucial. Fire away, Deano


Danger or Selwood VC? Everyone I'm playing has Danger!


Selwood loves the cattery


Everyone I am playing also has Danger. There are a lot of Supercoach guns in one game tonight so I think I am going to look at another game for my VC and C. Do you think Selwood will get the Mitchell tag??

If I dont go Danger, almost a guarantee he goes large. VC on Shaw or Ablett then C Gawn. Im thinking of even VC Gawn and C Goldy


Danger or Selwood will get the Mitchell tag. I like the call of looking elsewhere.


tag away won't matter at SS


Shaw into Gawn for me


traded out barlow last week for Sloane in the guts, so it leaves a hole at F6.

also have Bsmith to deal with at D6 and then im at full premium.

was thinking Petracca >> Zorko, and BSmith >> Rance, but as usual the coin isn't there, $9k short.

My options are to go JJ instead of Rance.

or; Keep BSmith and upgrade Collins to rance in a week or two and hold BSmith at D7.

Shake n bake

Go Patracca to Lynch. I'm thinking very hard about it!


You can lead a horse too water..


Try and hold Smith at D7, did come back strong at the end of last season and could do the same this year


Who should be traded first out of Wells or Dahl?


Both should be back in the coming weeks so I would suppose Wells since he is more injury prone


Neale or Hanners as my last midfielder? Already have Franklin and Parker in my team


think you answered it, Neale


Yeh happy I went Neale so far as Hanners only got 105!


Who should i get out of sloan, hanners or neale? cant decide my last mid spot




Neale if you need a POD


I have Brand with the E on him and have Collins on field and Adams on the bench.. In order to get Brands score of 92 do i put Adams on field and NO Emerge on Collins is this correct …. Thanks in advance..


yeah mate you are correct. if u put the e on collins it will take the lower score of the 2

Dont Blush Baby

I see the Gameday icon has a red LIVE on it,maybe we will get live SC scores ? The SC NRL have had this all season, we will see


who for my last forward spot. delideo or merrett?




Danger dominating 49 at qtr time

The master

dangerfield going berserk, on 50 SC at 1/4 time.

crows #1

Glad we got rid of the spud


might make his b/e

The master

that would be nice


Should we be worried with Bartel right now?


He was going well until he went forward, hardly saw it then


Are rare night for [email protected] this season, it went well 6 players all but one ton up Franklin 94 is a good enough score


A* not are -.-


Taking Dangers 135 or backing in Pendles?


Crazy not to take 135 mate it's the bench mark imo


Might back in gawn

Southern S

Take no doubt.


135 is hard to beat.


Yeah…I'm taking the 135 and flicking Wells to Zorko to save a donut. Have 10 trades left so can always bring Wells back for Tracca next week…


If you have Pendlebury, his played twice at GWS' home ground and got both scores were over 130 with one being almost 150.
He also plays well against them with his lowest score being just under 100 against the Giants.
Plus, his coming off a 161 last week.
Dangers score of 270 is good and safe.
If you re feeling ballsy and want to go high risk high reward, go pendles. If he whacks out 150+, 300+ will help against 270.
I'm taking the chance. SuperCoach is a game about luck. You make your own luck.


Finally got Goldy in my team for NicNat. Was feeling nervous but the man himself said he is refreshed after the bye. VC Gawn, C Goldy for me now i think.