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It’s time to start cleaning up your team and get rid of all those middies you brought in for the early bye coverage.

Many of us should make a decision on players such as Ma’u, Carter, Packer, Saifiti, Pauli and others we brought in to either make some cash or provide addition numbers through the bye period. The perfect run home side should consist of keepers and nuffies ONLY. For those who don’t know, a gun is someone who is averaging 60 to 65 PPG minimum while a nuffie is someone who won’t see a single minute of game time between now and the end of the season. These nuffies will ensure that a high percentage of your cap is spent on scoring/productive players while also avoiding low scores when using the captain loophole.


Trent Merrin: 2RF/FRF 29% O/Ship $433k BE: 36 Next 5: CRO(H), PAR(H), BRO(A), NZ(A), SYD(H)

If you’re looking for keeper that’ll boost your round 18 and 19 numbers then look no further than Trent Merrin. A lot of us traded him in after the Panthers final bye round a few weeks back although he now finds himself having a low break even and will be increasing in price over the coming weeks. There’s no debate that Merrin is a run home forward and his DPP status should come in handy too.

Joseph Leilua: CTW 16% O/Ship $393k  BE: 120 Next 5 NTQ(H), BYE, NZ(H), SOU(A), CRO(A)

4.6% of coaches traded in Leilua last week expecting him to score an absolute monster. Well, it wasn’t to be. We can now pick him up for about $50k less with the Raiders playing at home against the Cowboys without their Origin stars. Once again he comes with a huge break even of 120 although he has the added bonus of being available for round 18. If he isn’t appealing to you this week then give him one last thought after the Raiders have their second bye week in round 19.

Matthew Moylan: FB/FE 4% O/Ship $352k BE: 79 Next 5: CRO(H), PAR(H), BRO(A), NZ(A), SYD(H)

Moylan’s stats aren’t overly impressive although he looks to be a great POD option for the run home. Tedesco has been given the NSW Origin fullback position over Moylan which makes the Panthers captain an appealing choice this week. The one concern is his high break even although it should be easy to ignore with his availability for rounds 18 and 19. Moylan’s scoring potential will be fairly high with the Panthers’ favourable run home draw so why not give him some thought as a POD for the closing rounds?

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Suliasi Vunivalu: CTW 21% O/Ship $315k BE: 56 Next 5 BYE, NEW(A), SYD(H), NTQ(A), SOU(H)

Coaches will be looking at trading out Vunivalu due to the Storm being on a bye this week although it probably isn’t the best choice. The Storm are playing the Roosters and Knights in rounds 19 and 20 which should result in the Storm winger producing more attacking stats. I’d recommend holding Vunivalu until after round 20 where you can either trade him out for a more consistent scorer, or hold him until the end of the season while playing him in your seventeen between rounds 22 and 24 when the Storm are up against defensively weak opponents.

Semi Radradra: CTW 28% O/Ship $396k BE: 97 Next 5 SYD(H), PEN(A), GCO(A), WES(H), MAN(H)

Don’t freak out just yet! Semi produced a horrible performance last weekend and is set to drop a little value. If you’re planning on keeping him for your run home then any price changes are irrelevant. I wouldn’t be giving any thought to trading him out this week though, especially while being available for rounds 18 and 19. Let’s just hope he doesn’t jump on another flight anytime soon.

Cameron Munster: FB/CTW 31% O/Ship $446k BE: 0 Next 5 BYE, NEW(A), SYD(H), NTQ(A), SOU(H)

OK we’re all a bit fed up with Munster not scoring us any points but we just need to be patient. The Storm has a bye week this weekend which gives Munster another week to recover from his ankle injury. Munster was traded out by a number of coaches last week which comes as a big shock to me. He’s 100% a keeper for your SC team and you’ll want him in your side if he’s named against the Knights and Roosters in the coming rounds. Don’t trade him out!!!

Congratulations to this weeks $1000 winner!



Pauli Pauli: 2RF/FRF 10% O/Ship $293k BE: 67 Next 5 BYE, MEL(H), CRO(A), MAN(A), CBY(H)

10% of coaches still own Pauli Pauli but he isn’t really serving a purpose anymore. He hasn’t played since round 14 and it’s not like he isn’t worth trading out. He’s priced just under $300k which could be used towards a bye friendly keeper like Merrin or Cartwright. Now is the time to get mid-ranged players like Pauli out of your team.

Paul Carter: 2RF/HOK 12% O/Ship $261k BE: 45 Next 5 BYE, BRO(H), MAN(A), CAN(H), MEL(A)

Carter is another mid-range performer that needs to be booted from your team before the run home. He hasn’t played since round 15 and isn’t expected back any time soon. Consider giving Carter the flick this week and use the $260k elsewhere to keep those slots productive.

Daniel Saifiti: FRF 5% O/Ship $272k BE: 38 Next 5 BYE, MEL(H), CRO(A), MAN(A), CBY(H)

Most of us took a punt on one or both of the Saifiti brothers this season but it’s well and truly time for the 5% of coaches who still own Daniel to trade him out.  There aren’t exactly too many trade-out options from those that don’t play round 18 but you can see where I’m going with my ‘Sells’ this week. Get that run home team sorted!

Round 18 CoachKings Fixture


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Anyone think Cordner will play this Friday night.?,I have heard its possible….!


Surely not?! Anyone confirm this?


I think he will be a Shock inclusion,ya heard it here first JR….!


Stuff me. Would not have picked that Killer


Yeah wouldn't surprise me at all mate. If so then Liu might drop back to the bench.


If he don't play Friday ,he wil definitely play against the sharks in rnd 19…


With Moylan a late inclusion into Origin he is more of a BUY option next week.


There should be some sort of Coachkings ladder to keeps tabs on how you are fairing to participate in the finals. Anyone agree? I know you can go back in your history but a ladder would be far better

The Beard

Lads anyone know Fisher Harris breakeven. I can't find nrl breakevens anywhere


Considering he has a 7 still sitting there from a fortnight ago it will be quite high! Big risk bringing in mid pricers this time of year, better going for a non playing rookie or upgrading to a premium keeper imo but I can see why you are thinking about it. He goes well when gets the minutes!

The Beard

Yeh fully aware. I'm purely looking for someone sub 252k that will play for decent coverage this round and make me some money for next round to go out to Gal.

Dont Blush Baby

Does anyone have any info on how bad Sam Burgess injury is ?

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I know you can go back in your history but a ladder would be far better

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