The Heroes, The Villains & The Damned

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Thank God that’s over.

The final round of the byes proved to be the killer for many coaches, myself included. We had to battle with a poor captain score from Gaz, Montagna stinking it up and Melbourne dropping bloody Jack Trengove for no reason. These were just a few of the disasters that occurred.

It was all very difficult to swallow. But the good news is it’s over and we can enjoy having our full squads back on the park.

The play-at-home variant of CoachKings again proved popular on Thursday night, with Andrew Costa finishing at the top of the ladder and pocketing $300 for his troubles.



A big shout out also to Jason Dal Corobbo who played CoachKings down at The Arkaba Hotel and top scored with 1122 during the SYD v WBD game.


The Heroes

Scott Pendlebury (160 SC)

Back with a bang. Those who had the C on him had a massive advantage over their opponents. Returned to his damaging best – this bloke is the master of finding space in congested situations.

Luke Parker (161 SC)

Another who has been reinvigorated. Seems to be over the dull patch he suffered mid-season. Can we expect a return to the big-scoring variant of Parker? Time will tell.

Kade Simpson (128 SC)

Just gets it done every week. Back to his consistent best this season. Isn’t it refreshing to have a player in your side you can rely on every week. They have been few and far between this season.

Honourable mentions:

Jack Watts (146 SC), Travis Boak (141 SC), Marcus Bontempelli (128 SC), Matty Boyd (127 SC), Andrew Gaff (124 SC), Dion Prestia (124 SC), Dan Hannebury (122 SC), Zach Merrett (121 SC).


The Villains

Gary Ablett (87 SC)

Picked a terrible week to have a quiet one. So many had the C on him and it hurt like hell watching him spud it up. Not the worse score, but very un-Gaz-like.

Tom Phillips (28 SC)

What a disaster. Lulled many into a false sense of security with an impressive first two outings, then goes and produces that filth. Disgusting.

Tom Mitchell (60 SC)

Seriously, Tom? What the hell were you doing out there? How can you have a range between 170 and 60? Bloody rubbish. Needs to lift.

Honourable mentions:

Leigh Montagna (70 SC), Jack Steven (52 SC), Mason Cox (47 SC).


The Redeemers

Jarrad McVeigh (114 SC)

Won’t stay underpriced for much longer if he keeps producing this sort of consistency. An astute trade-in option and possibly a top-six defender. Starting to build into some nice form.

Aaron Hall (118 SC)

Welcome back, Aaron. You left us for a little while there, but it’s good to have you back in our forward lines. Got plenty of it and started in the middle plenty of times. Looked bloody good. Well worth holding on to.

Nick Malceski (122 SC)

Another player to benefit from Gold Coast actually playing well. Looked like the Malceski of old, just racking them up off half back. Doubt it will last, though.

Honourable mentions:

Matt Priddis (122 SC).


The Prodigies

Jack Silvagni (70 SC)

Son of SOS looked very much at home in his first outing. Should guarantee himself a few more games in the side after that performance, but we thought about Jack Bloody Trengove as well. Have a look at him for another week and then bring him in.

James Rose (59 SC)

Solid but not spectacular. Still got some cash to be made, though.

Jesse Joyce (51 SC)

Job security is poor and hasn’t done enough in my book. Pass.

Honourable mentions:

Nathan Broad (50 SC).


The Damned

Christian Petracca (52 SC)

A lot are holding him as mid forward cover, but it might be time to say goodbye. Just couldn’t get in to it. Consider off-loading.

Sam Kerridge (55 SC)

Many went Kerridge to Montagna this week, myself included, and while Leeroy spudded it up, it still proved to be the right decision. Kerridge has tonned up four times this season but has also had five scores under 70. You have served us well, but it’s time to go, Sam.

Marcus Adams (50 SC)

Some have held him, myself included, for far too long. Must be discarded ASAP. Not even reliable bench cover anymore. Yuk.

Honourable mentions:

David Zaharakis (46 SC).

Over to you Community, who were your Heroes and Villains from this round?

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Dont Blush Baby

Is Malcheski as a tease or can he score like he did back at the Swans ? B6 value ?


Don't do it. Had him all year just traded him out. Absolute tease

Southern S

You can't trade in players on the back of one good score lol.

D7 at best.


Is coach kings at home again this week?

Peter J Higginbotham

Indeed it is Vinny! Two more Thursday play at home games remain.

Would love to hear your thoughts, or anyones thoughts, regarding the possibility of opening up a regular weekly play at home game – perhaps a play at home Sunday? The problem we have is of course, how do we provide prizes without requesting an entry fee?

Peter Higginbotham


A play at home game each week for a night game sounds like a good idea Higgo. Probably should be separate from the CoachKings at the pub though


The trouble with more than one game is the funds for the prize money. Unless people have to pay to enter, money isn't rolling through the doors and nor can it roll out as prize money.


I'd join the play at home games even if there were no prizes up for grabs, just bragging rights. Jock is a generous man to offer us prizes for the play at home games so far. Would be interested to see if there is a rise in numbers joining in at the pub now that we've all had a crack at marvel that is coachkings.

Rooster XXX

For punters that live in an area that don't have venues that offer the Coachkings I think a regular play at home version would prove to be very popular. The Friday night game slot would be perfect. $10 Entry fee winner takes all less you blokes taking a cut for providing the platform/game database etc….
Would be a winner…..




The Sunday arvo game would be perfect to do at home


Living over in the west had made it hard to hear all the positive reports without the ability to indulge ourselves. Have played the first Thursday night, loved it to the point that had a few mates around last week and will do again this week. If it was a regular fixture me and many others would play as often as it was offered. Would throw a fiver or a tenner in any day, with maybe a 1st 60% 2nd 30% and 3rd 10% prize pool as an option. This might be difficult to set up? Or even a membership at start of year for play at homers with a similar cup at the end of the year for top 3 finishers each week.


Zaha must go!
Scored 1995 1774 and 1577 over byes for 1782 ave (17 on field last 2 weeks)
Bring on the real stuff again.
Cheers big Carl throw Sucklingpig in there.

In the Nick of time.

I'd probably have Doch somewhere in here as well. Love him to bits but with so many failing premos this round I really needed him to put up a huge score.


that was his first sub-standard game… 84 isn't even that entirely bad either..

Southern S

Was an 87 lachy 😉

That as a low score for a defender is very acceptable.


Havent posted in a long time community, although I have been always snooping around the forums. Very impressed with how the community is travelling, I am seeing people that were in these forums during the pre season that are now in the top 1000. I feel like I owe a congratulations to everyone in this community, who have supported each other, given tips and comments on other peoples teams as well as trading advice, especially in these bye rounds which are thankfully over. I myself am currently sitting around the 1500 mark and have a commendable score this round of 1844. The Black Mamba always gets emotional when the bye rounds end, it is the time which sees coaches finally hit full premo and make a late season surge. Good luck and congratulations to you all and I will be posting again soon. Black Mamba out.


I'm sitting 550th. Was 207th before buys. Damn the Byes!!
got 4 trades left with 1 upgrade and 1 downgrade planned for next week.
Will be nervous sitting there with only 2 trades left. Plz no injuries!!
P.S Bigfooty is better for Advice

The Ranger

Good to hear from you Mamba, I'm around that 1500 mark too, hoping to make the top 1K for the first time.
Best of luck mate.


Really like the look of Silvagni. Hopefully with Byrne going down he retains his spot, even though they play different positions. Found space and seemed right at home out there. Hoping Brown from the Eagles keeps his body right as he will be the perfect downgrade option for those still with Adams, Tippa, Collins

SOSsauge roll

Not sold on Silvagni after just 1 game. Lot of unwarranted fanfare imo… took a great rising pack mark on his chest which had a few of the commentators bursting their zippers…. but once possesssion was lost he showed little defensive pressure and hardly any worthy second up or third up efforts either. Might be shown up against a classier outfit in the Crows next week. Definitely think his JS is not guaranteed if he is going to be so laconic.

Southern S

Not saying Silvagni won't be a good pick (On the bubble next week of course)

But players like Hopper looked great after his first game too. (I know it's a bit different with a 200k rookie but still)


My only worry is that he's 18 and they might be happy to just get a couple games for him and put him away for next season


Goodbye Petracca, hello Hannebry.


Great work Big Carl! Did alright this week 1764 with a donut gives me an average of nearly 1900 over the byes. What did everyone else average?


1800 for me even with the putrid score of 1607 last week


1976 average over the bye rounds. Moved up to 37 overall. Went Barlow to hanneberry a week earlier than I would have liked, but only cost me $16k and bagged the 123 points.


Well done Johno! Should be a good chance from there


1809 with a disaster of 1590 on the weekend.




1958 with an average of 1900 over the byes.

The Ranger

1830 for me. The injuries to NicNat and Dahlhaus plus Hall and Zorko missing games just came at exactly the wrong time for me and ruined all my bye plans. Still sitting in the 1500's so hopefully can crack the top 1000 this year.

Boltons blues

SOJ had plenty of chances to maximise his score, could've easily gone 100+, but like they are taught, he done the team thing even thought the experienced ones (that's you Gibbs you muppet, man bun idiot) let him down.
You can tell he's a son of a gun, just looks at home, bit more body mass in the off season, will be a serious talent.

Going tracca to Zorko this week and then will bring in Pendles or hanners for one of Cripps or libba.
Which one do I keep? And which one do I get? Can only afford to do 1


Is it a bit of a risk to bring JJ into the side for my final Backline spot or should i be looking at boyd. Already have shaw docherty simpson laird and rance


i'd go JJ at the cheaper price. Boyd also a great pick but I'd be a bit worried he may get rested later in the year (especially Rd 23 vs Freo in Perth)


My thoughts exactly. I have these options due to cash restrictions:

1. JJ and Hanners
2. Boyd and Ward/Gray


Definitely option 1 for me.


Option 1 for mine.


The sealer for me is that Bulldogs have from memory 5/7 at Etihad for the =rest of the SC season, he plays his best there and even without his match winning goal I think he played pretty well this week.


Manage to rocket up the rankings over the bye rounds from 21000 to 9000. Never been this high before. Usually finish 25- 35000. Stoked


Got lucky through the byes and improved my rank from 8000 to 2000 overall. I might be a little behind the pack on reaching full premo though. Have 9k in the kitty, 9 trades left but still fielding two rookies in Petracca and Adams. Thinking of taking a bit of a risk and doing a straight swap from Petracca to Gaff. Still need to make a downgrade at some-point (McGovern, Smith, Hewett) and then upgrade Adams. Still holding Barlow so he could also be given the flick, or swung in to the midfield line for Petracca. The rest of my forward line is less than inspiring (Wells, Hall, Montagna, Buddy, Greene, Wingard). So Gaff a good trade or am i burning myself?


As an eagles supporter I wouldn't recommend it. Gaff's disposal efficiency has been a fair bit down from last year, not good since this was what got him the points as a winger. Hoping this week was the start of a refreshed post-bye run of good form though.


The forward line has been tough this year. I think you need Zorko.


Who should be my final foward premo.
I currently have.

Was leaning towards montagna or buddy.
Thoughts please.


Would wait for dahlhaus but currently have kerridge on field.


Lids easy


Oops too many beers aswell . I'd go Buddy


Buddy Franklin any reason not too (traded Barlow so need a replacement)


Nope, only reason I haven't is too many swans players


Wow made up 437 spots over the bye rounds into 123rd. Its probably too little too late but persistence and patience sure pays off. Probably should've been more aggressive early but let's just hope the top players crumble and someone in the community wins!


Your 570 points off the leader definitely still a strong chance. Don't give up yet!!!


What's your team look like trades ect


If you can move up that many spots in 3 rounds, you'd definitely still be in the running for top spot. Are you at full premo?


Best team I've seen so far..
Boyd McVeigh ward gray Deledio should serve you as good enough pods
Good luck!!!


Thats similar to myself was 350ish pre bye, now 80th, 1st place is 200 points ahead of 2nd!, I'm under 300 points from 2nd and like 500 from 1st. Tried to trading to some high risk players i.e. when nic nat went down brought in jacobs at 450 odd and thought he might be good with an easy run home, couldn't bring myself to bring in goldy at 600k. Good luck johnny hope it goes well for you.


Yeah that's the hard part going pod when the high prices popular picks are that for a reason.. Your definitely still in the hunt!

How you looking with trades? I know talkin flags was down to 6 last week


6 trades left n team is done with 135 in the bank.

Looks like this:
Shaw, Bartel, laird, rance, Boyd, Simpson (Collins, Austin)

Gaj, pend, danger, Selwood, hanners,ward, Sloane, priddis(Trengove, Phillips, McPherson)

Gawn, jacobs(cox)

Dusty, Zorko, Montagna, lids, hall, Greene (petracca, menadue)

Jocks Son

Fellas, I hope everyone has a cracking weekend and is ready to head into the business end of the season. I would love some feedback on my team as I think I may be done trading for the season unless struck by injury

Shaw, Simpson, Docherty, Pittard, Rance, Laird (Collins, Lee)

Danger, Hanners, Pendulbry, Parker, Treloar, Priddis, Ward, Ablett (Trengrove, Stewart, Phillips)

Gawn, Goldstein (Grimley)

Martin, Deledio, Hall, Zorko, Wells, Dahlhaus (Menadue, Petracca)

7 trades and 100k in the kitty.
Appreciated as per usual.


Looks good, I'd hold this week then go petracca and menadue out for a non playing rookie and a premo f7/m9 such as Montagna.


ripper team there, what are you ranked?

The master

first time I have made it into the top 1000, currently 843. happy days, would not be anywhere near this position without Jock Reynolds and the Jock Reynolds community. Thanks all for the constant articles and chat going on, it gives footy a whole new perspective other than just barracking for your AFL team. Now I enjoy watching all games. Best of luck to you all for the run home.


How close is everyone to full premo? And how many trades?

Im sitting at 9 trades with 1 rookie still on field


Just hit full keeper but still looking to bring in two more premos for bench cover, and to upgrade two keepers to super premos.
Have 12 trades left and the finances are all planned.


8 trades left, with 1 mid and 1 fwd onfield still to upgrade … and my bench cover is weak in all positions 🙁 Could be struggling when my guys start falling to injuries late in the season.


Makes me full premo with 8 trades left and 753 off the pace. Solid trade? And am I still in it?




Upgrading Libba and Ollie Wines either this week or next.
Current mids: Danger, Pendles, Gaz, Selwood, Rocky, Hanners. Plus Wines and Libba.

Who should I bring in? Looking at Neale, Robbie Gray, Calllan Ward, Luke Parker, Priddis…

Would love your thoughts and am open to other suggestions. Thanks community!


why wines?? seems like a sidewards trade to me


He's averaging 93… I'm looking to move him for Ward, Priddis or Gray. All are averaging 10 better.


Neale only one bad score this year. Either him or Ward! Both fairly consistent and can go big.

As a fellow Wines owner I'm looking to move him on too, might have another price increase or two in him yet but only 5 tons for the year is bad stuff.

Reckon less stoppages in the game this year has really hurt Wine's game, his outside game is still really lacking.


Yep definitely agree. Was drizzly Friday night so his contested ball game shone out. Going Libba to Neale this week then once Ollie has added some fat it will be between Gray, Ward or Priddis. All offer fantastic value at the moment.


I broke my SC rules this week and traded Dangerfield out for Treloar, who I thought was value. Hoping Danger drops enough so I can swap him with Wines+190k….


Brodie has to go.

JJ or Rance?


Depends if you already have Deledio and Martin… JJ still not a proven SuperCoach performer in my eyes but a good pod


Got Delidio and Martin. Got point about to many tigers.

I didn't have JJ at start of year. Might give him a shot, can't be any worse than BSmith




Got rid of Barlow last week. I thought it an easy trade to Zorko this week.

thinking about Rioli.


After trades this week, JJ and Zorko in.

Shaw, laird, Bartel, McVeigh, JJ, Rich (Collins, Lee)

Danger, Gaz, Pendles, JPK, Sloane, Gray, Pridiss (Gresham, Joyce, Phillips)

Gawn, Blicavs (Whatt)

Dusty, Delidio, Franklin, Zorko, Montagna, Wingard ( Menadue, Greenwood)

6 trades, $15k

Will look at getting either Hall, Dahlaus or Motlop as my F7/m9 (downgrade Gresham) next week.

Is JJ & Zorko the best trades this week?


I left out Rocky

Southern S

Not sure if I'd be in a rush to trade JJ in.


I am in a rush to trade Smith out

Southern S

Yeah with Smith and Rich back there I can understand that.

Creamy zijmuc

Well well well nice to finally have the byes done and dusted .

Need some help community bring in Lachie Neale or Dan Hannebery………or a nice (very nice – 0.5% ownership) POD in Ed bloody Curnow ?


Southern S

Way more risk involved with Curnow.

Flaccid Jaff

Neale or hanners, I'm in the same boat this week, only trades/room for 1. I've been leaning towardd neale with that packed sydney midfield, but it reslly hasn't effected hanners, so I'm torn!


Depends on your midfield, if you already have JPK/Parker go Neale otherwise Hannebery


Even with a pretty meh score this week of 1828, i still managed to climb the rankings by 745 places, and it put me at an overall ranking of 2548. I'm "full premium" (still iffy on liberatore), and im ready to push for the top 1000.

This is what my team looks like:

Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Laird, Rance, Bartel

Dangerfield, Ablett, Pendelbury, Neale, Hannebery, Selwood, R.Gray, LIBERATORE (Trengove, Mathieson, Phillips)

Gawn, Goldstein (Chol)

Merrett, Montagna, Zorko, Wells, Hall, Deledio (Menadue, COX)

Only 4 trades left, going to be holding tight until then. The only trades that i can see making that arent injury related are possibly:
Cox to Silvagni,
Liberatore to Sloane. Any feedback welcome, thanks!

Southern S

Sit tight on the trades and you might need Cox for the Ruck/Fwd swing so keep him all year, it wouldn't be wise to trade him out.

Libbe is a decent M8 I'd probably trade Menadue to Silvagni next week but also remember don't get too excited by one good score and it was only a 70 and he has no mid/fwd swing.


only had 7 trades left at the beginning of this week, but I think I've pulled off a masterstroke imo. would love your thoughts
zaka out, swing rich, broad in
DBJ out, swing rich, peddles in
now 5 trades left and collins only non prem in best 22.
will probably trade out petracca for my fellow class of 15 Xav SOS/sossage (Silvagni) next week if he plays next week


and 400k in the bank if I trade in jacky boy.

Southern S

Don't get too excited by any player after one game.

Broad could be an option if you need the downgrade in defense and have a reliable D7.

Southern S

I'd probably get Pendles in you need premos, especially with Rich and Collins on field who are not in that category.


So Zaharakis to Pendlebury and Byrne-Jones to Broad..? Lol


Curnow has been on my radar too… in all the important stats this has been his best year by far. For a run-with player he really racks it up… and with some poise in his disposal too and is a tackling machine. Only fantasy downside is his kick to handball ratio is nearly the same. And doesn't get forward to hit the scoreboard enough. The other two have the higher ceiling, but if you are going only for league wins Curnow is a handy POD.

Southern S

Probably max price for him but very interesting POD, only in one of every 200 teams.


Hi community, can I please get any suggestions
On trades I should be making this week? I like to
Think my team is about full premo, but would appreciate thoughts from others.
I have 6 trades left and 5k in the bank:


I think you shouldn't trade this week. 6 trades is running low & team looks good at this stage. Injuries will need to be covered and it's a long season.


No trades left for me until Finals. Barring no injuries I'm set with my team. Only 2 trades though!!! and 2,000. Crossing my fingers and everything else:)

Def: Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Bartel, Gibson, Laird (Collins, Tucker)
Mid: Dangerfield, Parker, Sloane, Ablett, Titchell, Rockliff, Lewis, Sidebottom (Mathieson, Trengrove, Petracca)
Ruck: Gawn, Goldstein (Grimley)
Fwd: Martin, Merrett, Riewoldt, Montagna, Zorko, Gunston (Phillips, Hams)


Nice POD side. What rank?


slipped quite badly in the last bye round to 5026. Slipped 2765 spots:( Hopefully can come home strong barring no injuries and get close to top 1,000.


Agreed , nice pod side … Very nice pods .

Rank ?


slipped a bit in the last round. As above reply shows:(


I have a problem
I only have left 8 trades and $129k left
Was trying to get Tippa and Libba out for JJ and Neale but I am 27k short
I could trade out Hopper to get some cash
Any ideas?
Here is my team:
Def: Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Laird, Savage, Tippa (Collins, Austin)
Mid: Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Rockliff, Hanners, Priddis, Libba, Parker (Hopper, Trengove, MacPherson)
Ruc: Gawn, Goldy (Grimley)
Fwd: Martin, Wells, Riewoldt, Franklin, Hall, Petracca (Barlow, Phillips)


How about Ward and JJ mate?


I like Neale for a pod and I need some pods
I could go down from Hopper


I am also trying to get Gaff as M9
To do all three trades in the next two weeks I may have to trade Petracca to a rookie and play Phillips until Barlow gets back


Andrew Gaff for anyone as bench cover at $377k?


Like it


A good option for bench cover, not sure whether he will score well in the run home though


Current team is:
Def: Shaw, Simpson, Boyd, Bartel, Laird, Collins, Brown, Lee.
Mids: Pendlebury, Dangerfield, Hannebery, Ablett, Parker, Gray, Priddis, Shiel, Trengove, Jansen, Phillips
Rucks: Goldstein, Gawn, Wyatt
Fwds: Montagna, Zorko, Deledio, N Riewoldt, Hall, Barlow, Lyons, Silvangi
4 trades left, 38,500 remaining in salary and ranked 428.

Who should be brought in for the last defensive spot: S Docherty, Z Williams or J Johannisen.
Williams has an easy draw home and Johannisen plays the last 5 out of 8 at Eithiad.

Docherty or Williams will cost 2 trades, leaves me with 2 remaining and means Phillips/Silvangi will be F6 until Barlow returns whereas Johannisen costs 1 trade, leaves me with 3 remaining and means Brown/Silvangi will be F6 until Barlow returns.

Greatly appreciate any feedback/opinions.


You've got to conserve trades at this point, take a punt on JJ for yours imo


Great work Big Carl. So glad the byes are done too.

I'm now stuck. 8 trades but no cash.

D: Shaw, Docherty, Larid, Rance, Rich, S.Collins (B.Williams, Broad)
M: Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Selwood, Rockliff, Ward, Parker, Libba (Petraca, Trengove, Phillips)
R: Goldstein, Gawn (Cox)
F: Martin, Wells, Zorko, Deledio, Montagna, Hall (Rose, Grimley).

Not full premo yet. Hold seems obvious. What moves could I make here?


Decided to keep Rich for now, then maybe trade to Dahlhaus when he comes back and loop collins ruggles and joyce at D6. 2 trades this week, no more until finals now. Pushed hard through the byes utilizing 9 trades. Down to 6 trades left after NicNat to Goldy and Petracca to Motlop (Risky trade… but f7/m9 with high ceiling.
Current team:
DEF: Shaw, Simpson, Docherty, Laird, McVeigh, Rich (Collins, Ruggles)
MID: Danger, Pendles, Hanners, Ablett, Sloane, Priddis, Rockliff, Parker (Trengove, Joyce, Phillips)
RUCK: Goldy, Gawn (Wyatt)
FWD: Dusty, Zorko, Deledio, Montagna, Hall, Greene (Motlop, Grimley)


6k short of trading Goldstein and Zorko in this week for Kerridge and Petracca (both lost too much value).

Option 1 – do Zorko and SMartin instead
Option 2 – just do one of Zorko and Goldstein this week and pick up the other the next round, which one to buy this round?

7 trades left, $285k cash.


If you dont get Goldy will you have a donut in ruck? Or a cox type? I would say petracca would outscore cox, so kerridge to goldy I think


Yeah I've got Cox as Ruck cover.
Goldy's got Lycett whereas Zorko's got the Suns. Both have s similar BE to get this week (129 odd)


Zorko is a bit down lately, maybe due to Rockie coming back, maybe due to his heavily preggo wife and now he will be tired with a new baby! Consider another good value forward which would let you grab Goldie this round too imo.


Keep petracca or McGovern as f7? Leaning McGovern hasn't missed a game


What do we do with matt suckling?


I bought him into my team as fwd coverage but I'm doubting that choice now. I'll be keeping him, hopefully as D7.


Hold to use as an D7/F7, his link could be handy for later on


Should i get Nick Riewoldt or dayne zorko?


Thank gawd that is over that was brutal Rd 15. Always knew it was gonna be tough but due to injuries during the byes and players getting dropped had 15 this week – brutal.
Anyway forget that one brought in McVeigh for Ruggles rd 15 and have full premo 22 with 6 in the chamber.
Over to you boys due me proud…

I N Pieman

Quite set on Weit to JJ this week. Have the cash to go Libba to Neale or Rich to Zac W. Thoughts peoples? Thinking Libba to Neale. But I hate Rich


For someone in your position, they would be good trades to move up the rankings


Zaha to Ward feels so good!!!


If you can, Zaha could be a handy M9


Huge upgrade hedski. Giants have a soft draw now and I'm sure Ward and his mates will take full advantage. Planning to go Libba to Ward myself this week.

EDIT: Zaka has just been suspended for the cherry on top not that you needed an extra reason to lop his head off.


Didnt need that reason sc but does make it feel even better cheers


Alright guys, need one more upgrade for my backline, do I upgrade KK or Adams? Which one of those two will be better bench cover for the rest of the year?


Close call but I'd probably say Adams unless you think KK could find some consistency for the rest of the year


Trade Adams and keep KK


Community, Petracca to Z Merret in forward line how does this sound. i also have Dusty, Buddy, Zorko, Wells and Deledio there.


hi community, i am currently ranked 18th 303 points behind the leader with 6 trades to go. im full premo but that's including wingard whos been rubbish. should i look to upgrade him to a dayne zorko or something or keep the trades?

Rick Grimes

I'd look to get a F7 fallen to loop hole. I'm now "full premo" but that includes Hall who I don't really have faith in. So my aim is to grab a discounted premo and loophole Hall. Same in my midfield. Will look for someone who has dropped to the $450k mark and loophole them each week.


yeah in the midfield i have libba to loophole, smart move but i really want zorko and i need to trade wingard to get him

Rick Grimes

Go with the gut. Wingard can go big but he's not nearly as consistent as Zorko has been this year. You have to pay for peace of mind in this game.


Libba to zorko


and place wingard on mid bench?


thats actually smart because he has the swing


Wingard doesn't have DPP, but I assume you had Phillips or similar to swing Zorko forward


What is the community doing with Petracca holding or trading? Can he bounce back against Freo?


Am trying to get JJ, Neale and Gaff (as M9) in the next 2 weeks
The problem is I only have $129k left and 8 trades
The only way I can do it is if I trade Tippa and Petracca to JJ and a rookie this week and play Phillips on ground until Barlow gets back and then Libba and Hopper and pray that Gaff and Neale don't go up much
My team is above


If you want gaff you gotta do it this week.
I would put Neale priority over JJ this week too.


Decided not to get gaff as it leaves me with too few trades and not enough bench cover

The Beard

Can someone please tell me the breakeven for Kerrige, AMT, Adams.

Need to cut one for Broad this week not sure who is most urgent.


JJ or McVeigh community current backline is shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Bartel, Boyd and Collins (Austin and lee) currently ranked 311 so looking for a POD


If your doing the trade this week, I'd probably go McVeigh because he seems to be playing his best footy lately and has a BE of 34 so his price will keep going up. But if your waiting a week or two I'd go JJ depending on his form in the next few games.


Aiming to go this week so I don't have Collins on field I can go any defender


Hello community, not sure if I should keep my team the wa it is? Would love if someone could tell me if there is anyone I should be getting rid of like Birchall or Greene ? I have 6 trades with 5k in the kitty:


Thoughts on team including this weeks trades of Out: Brown, Lyons, In: Docherty, Beech. I am currently ranked 428 with 2 trades left after this weeks trades and 73,200 remaining in salary.
Def: Docherty, Shaw, Bartel, Boyd, Laird, Simpson, Collins, Lee.
Mids: Dangerfield, Hannebery, Ablett, Pendlebury, Parker, Priddis, Gray, Shiel, Trengove, Jansen, Beech.
Rucks: Gawn, Goldstein, Wyatt.
Fwds: Zorko, Montagna, Barlow, Deledio, N Riewoldt, Hall, Phillips, Silvangi.


If I for some unknown reason haven't got Zorko yet, is it worth bringing him in now? I've got the cash, but are there any better forward premos out there who will score better for the rest of the season? I've already got Martin, Montagna, Wells, Hall, Barlow, Kerridge (who i'm gonna use to upgrade).


D: Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Laird, Rance, Gibson (Collins, Lee)
M: Danger, Pendles, Hannerbery, Gaz, Priddis, Gray, Libba, Mills (Trengove, Matheison, Phillips)
R: Gawn, Goldstein (Wyatt)
F: Martin, Barlow, Montagna, Wells, Greene, Hall (Petracca, Paine)

10 Trades and 240K in the bank.

Should I….

Mills > Neale
Barlow > Zorko


Mills > Neale
Petracca > Motlop (play Motlop instead of Barlow until he returns and then put Motlop on the bench)

And if you have any other suggestions community, I'd love to hear them.



B Gives you a good emergency at F7 or M9 when Barlow returns, by using Phillips as the swingman with many of those forwards.

Big G

Seriously sad news about Trengrove – really wanted him to get to 350,000 quickly.


what happend to him

Big G



lol i knew that thought a new injury was reported pheww


The word "sad" made it sound a more more traumatic.

Southern S

'Seriously sad' sounded like a life threatening incident


Is it worth getting Gaff as cover in mids at the expense of having Phillip on field instead of Petracca until Barlow gets back?
Or do I just hold?


I have 7 trades left with Libba on field


Rock is my M8, I like Neale because of his price, looks like he's bottomed out, scored 100 plus 12 out of 14 games the other 2 games scored 92 and51 with a BE of 86. Rocky BE of 102 priced @ 566,500 Neale priced @ 558,700 is this worth a trade? Then Priddis would be move into my M8.

Thoughts please?


Stupid trade

??? What are you on about?

Trading Rockliff to Neale?


Libba to Neale or Ward?
Both have bottomed out in price, can't pick between the two


traded out stefan to nicnat a month ago,
now at the cross roads of deciding whether to go goldy vs stefan +100k
currently at full premium (libba m8) with 6 trades and 115k
would like some thoughts on this situation


Hi azza. I've had Nic Nat all year but am now faced with the same problem. Goldy will probably average more but I might need the extra 100k to get best available should any injuries hit. Martin is more of a POD with around 9% (Goldy currently 42%).

I'm down to 4 trades after I trade out Nic Nat but have keepers across all lines and bench cover so shouldn't need to trade again other than to replace injured players. Am leaning towards Martin for POD and extra cash as I feel it could come in handy.


In my opinion, Martin will go pretty close to Goldy (as long as West stays out of the team). Pocket the cash. I've been very happy with him since trading out NicNat.


Not sure whether to bring in Zorko, Lids or Zach Merrett as my last forward premo. I'm thinking Lids, but not sure. What does everyone else think?


Silvagni was an absolute joke in his first game, its beyond me hes even getting a game, its clear he cant even play the game, what a joke, do not bring him in community!


On your bike Edward. No one wants to hear your negativity.


He played alright when he got the ball anyway, would've had a few score assists throughout the game


Not sure if this person is trolling or not…. but as a blues fan i am hoping the Silvagni kid can sit down and watch a dvd of Kade Simpson highlights. You can see he has good offensive footy smarts … but lacked a bit of intensity with the defensive pressure. All in all, a decent debut…very harsh to be called a "joke".


My mate who works at the doggies has informed me that Dahlhaus will miss another 4-5 games potentially more as the injury was worse than first thought. Trading out this week for montagna.


Great insight, was hoping to maybe pick him up soon for bench cover as the F7/M10 player


I wanted to bring him in as my m9/f7 but it might be too late. He will have to come back and play two games before his price bottoms out. That's SC grand final right?


Your mate seems like a good loyal clubman!


bs mate


Trades this week are Petracca to Payne (loophole) and Jansen to Pendlebury
This leaves my final team as
Simpson Boyd Gibbo Savage Williams Laird, Collins Brand
Danger Pendles Hannerbury Neale Ablett Shiel Priddis Rockliff, Stewart Trengrove Phillips
Gawn Martin, Grimley
Dusty Merrett Montagna Buddy Zorko Wells, Hall Payne
Is this a good enough team to last the rest of the season?


Upgrade Wingard or libba?


Would really appreciate if someone could tell
me what I should do next in my team.
I'm quite happy as it is, any trades that need to be made ?


Good looking team mate. Maybe offload Libba if you have trades availabe, maybe upgrade to Parker?


Looks very good. Hold this week


Is it time to offload Wingard brought him in when he was 380k and hasn't done a heap

Southern S

Use as F7?


Since then he's put up a few tonnes. Luxury trade at best.


Is it worth going Wingard to Lycett and have Lycett as F6 for rest of year


Tough call as The Chad is a proven gun although has been a roller coaster this season with more downs than ups.

If you have surplus trades then I'd probably pull the trigger as the NicNat void and potential ruck cover possibilities make Lycett quite an attractive option for the money.

But if low on trades I'd just sit tight on The Chad a little longer as he could always turn things around and go on a fantasy scoring streak.


Hey community!

My team no longer has any rookies but I am still carrying underperforming "premos" in Hall, Blicavs and Libba. With 5 trades remaining, I am hesitant to make any trades but I really want to get rid of both Blicavs and Libba. I'm thinking of bringing in Stef Martin this week, and Daulhaus when he returns. Should I make these trades and risk being exposed if injuries occur?


If you can comfortably make the finals in your leagues then hold off. Injuries/players dropped will happen. If not, trade away


Love you Shukla! <333


Go away he's my dingo

Southern S



Who is the better option out of S Docherty and Z Williams.
Current backline is Shaw, Boyd, Bartel, Laird, Simpson, Collins, Brown, Lee.

I N Pieman

Zaharakis like a satisfied Wang has been rubbed out. Perfect time to get rid of him


Is this the right week to bring in Hanners?


Price, check. Breakeven, check. Fixture, playing the cats this week at SS. I'd hold off a week or 2 personally. I think I like Neale more


I'm bringing both in this week, bang bang


Neale, Ward or Parker?






For value surely? Overall I'd say Neale.


Who can I downgrade Adams to?


If defence Broad. If forward probably Silvagni, but ideally wait a week. If you want to keep the b/f link there's a fella for Brisbane that is 160k with a 55 average who's name I can't remember

The Beard

Hipwood. Though that extra 50k ruins it for me so I went with Broad.


Ok great community. 8 trades left & 100k. Petracca only rookie on the field. Libba still at M8. How important is full premo ASAP?
1. I could downgrade Tucker to Broad and upgrade Petracca to Zorko, leaving him with about 40k (which is not enough to do something decent with Libba)
2.Wait 2 weeks, downgrade Collins to B or F rookie and upgrade Petracca to Zorko and have enough in the kitty to upgrade Libba with 1 trade.
3.Upgrade Petracca to Buddy and then look to get Zorko in for Libba @M8

I'm leaning towards option 2, there's just no guarantee what sort of rookie I'll end up with plus it delays full premo


For anyone that cares the team is
B: Shaw, Docherty, Bartel, Laird, Rance, McVeigh. (Collins & Tucker)
M: Ablett, Dangerfield, Selwood, Pendlebury, Gray, Priddis, Parker, Liberatore. (Trengove, McPher, Phillips)
R: Goldstein, Gawn. (Goersch)
F: Merrett, Montagna, Martin, Deledio, Hall, Petracca. (Reid, Ubergang)


Have a look at Ward, Nigel. 506k. 9 tons for the year and two in the 90's. B.e is 113 this week so you could do option one and go Libba > Ward next week as long as nothing crazy happens


Thats just funny !


Here's my team

DEF: Shaw, Simpson, Docherty, Gibson, Laird, KKol (Collins, Broad)
MID: Danger, Hanners, Ablett, Steven, Ward, Shiel, Jelwood, Libba (Trengove, Stewart, Macpherson)
RUC: Gawn, Martin (Currie)
FWD: Dusty, Zorko, Montagna, Hall, Wells, Kerridge (Petracca, Phillips)

180k and 9 trades left. Thoughts ?


KKol to Bartel if you can. Otherwise Kerridge to Lids or Merrett. However if it were me I would want to be trading Kkol out ASAP

Good luck mate.


Pendlebury or Parker? Pendles was a certainty until Parker hit form again, having jpk and Hannebery already in the midfield makes Parker an unattractive choice. I probably can't have both as this is my last midfield upgrade, making Robbie Gray my m8. Thoughts?


Pendelbury for the reason you have stated of who you have in your mids


Pendlebury for sure. Parker plays forward a lot which is not conducive to consistently high scores. Hanners and JPK get consistent mid minutes, mitchell and parker tend to rotate.


Cheers fellas


have one trade figured out this week, going petracca to merrett. Any other future trade suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers.

Def: Shaw, Laird, Simpson, Rich, Rance, Collins (Hipwood, Ruggles)

Mid: Danger, Parker, Selwood, Libba, Neale, Sam Mitchell, Pendlebury, Ablett (Snadden, Phillips, Mathiseon)

Ruck: Gawn, Goldy (Grimley)

Fwd: zorko, Deledio, wells, Martin , Matthew wright, petracca (rose, cox)

The Beard

Boyd or Laird?

Grahame Lebroy

I like Boys, but don't think u can go wrong either.


whatever floats your boat grahame

The Run Home

Not that there's anything wrong with that


Good, cheap bench cover in defence?


Kade Kolo. Cheap as you can find and averaged 90 last year. Could finally be turning a corner I think.
And if not at least you'll be sharing my pain.

The Run Home

Thoughts needed on last Def spot
My back line looks like this, Shaw, Doc, Simpson, Pittard, Laird, Adams, Weits Collins
Do I trade out Adams or Weits
and trade in I'm looking at Gibson Rance McVeigh or JJ
thanks in advance for anyone's wisdom


Adams to miss the next two with a foot injury

The Run Home

Thanks that makes that part of the trade easy.


Adams to Boyd if you can afford it otherwise get Rance.


Marcus Adams out for a couple of weeks.

The Run Home

Makes the trade out part easy

The Beard

Where is this confirmed?


6 trades, really tempted to go Wines and Libba to Pendles and Neale but worried about leaving just 4. I have Hall as F7/M9 cover but just S. Collins and L. Austin as defensive cover.

Worth the risk to go superpremo?


James if you don't have pendles get him in.
Not to mention Pendles is a MUST have as he makes a awesome VC option so when he scores huge you can take them points. Also if you can afford going Wines to Neale bloody jump on it mate.

This will average you 43 points better each week and thats just going by their averages.
So it will more often then not generate you 80 to 100+ points per week which is massive considering the difference how much ONE solitary point can make.
I also have Wines & Libba however I only have $4,000 and 5 trades left so I cannot upgrade.

This is my Midfield if it helps mate: Dangerfield, Pendles, Hannebery, Ward, GAJ, Steven, Libba, Wines (Dunkley, Trengove, Mathieson)


Cheers Dean, you've eased my concerns about the move. You're right, trades in the bank aren't points. Feeling good about the move although with Wines and Libba being right on the cusp of premo increased concern.

Mids are now Dangerfield, Pendles, Hannebery, Neale, GAJ, Parker, Priddis, Rockliff.

Wish I had taken Ward (or Jelwood) over Priddis way back when but hopefully he kicks off after this week.

Dont Blush Baby