The Scout Report – Round 15

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Barron Von CrowWOOHOO! One more week of byes to go.

Just one more week and we’ll be back to having every single one of our players back available to us and no more of this Best 18 nonsense going on. Howdy folks, I’m Barron Von Crow and this is the Round 15 Rookie Scout Report.


Its Thursday people and it’s a bye week, so that means we’ve got another Thursday night game in the works to make our planning all the more annoying and it also means two things. Firstly, it means that the lockout occurs after team announcements on Thursday, so you won’t be able to reverse any trades, so you’ll need to get them locked in early. Secondly and even more excitingly, since it is Thursday night football it also means CoachKings is open to play right at home from the comfort of your living room…or bedroom…or toilet. Basically, wherever you enjoy watching your footy from in your house, you can play CoachKings from there on Thursday! So make sure you enter your team and are in the running for some great cash prizes.


Check out this Vid – It’s FREE, FUN and $500 is up for grabs TONIGHT

Now, let’s get into it.


Tom Phillips

SC Price: $117,300 | AF Price: $179,000 | CoachKings Price: $4,200

FEATURED COACHKINGS CONTEST: Saturday, Carlton VS Collingwood.

Round 14 Stats: 19 disposals, 6 marks, 6 inside 50’s, 3 tackles, 1 goal 3 behinds, 87 SCPoints, 92 AFPoints, 109 CKPoints

Phillips is a MID/FWD and on the bubble this week, so I imagine every fantasy football player in the country will be looking at bringing him in. He was fantastic getting the ball forwards for the Pies and if it wasn’t for some inaccuracy in front of goals he probably would have had a triple digit score. Perfect downgrade option this week (for Barlow?) and an easy pick for CoachKings this Saturday.


Jade Gresham

SC Price: $273,700 | AF Price: $296,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,000

Round 14 Stats: 16 disposals, 3 marks, 8 Inside 50’s, 1 goal, 82 SCPoints, 67 AFPoints, 102 CKPoints

The Round 14 Rising Star nominee, Gresham also kicked one of the goals of the year to help the Sainters get over the line against the Cats. He was very quiet early in the year, but has improved his scoring just a tad over the last month or so, going from scores in the 40-50 range to scores in the 60-70 range.



Mitch McGovern

SC Price: $305,100 | AF Price: $300,000 | CoachKings Price: $6,600


Round 14 Stats: 13 disposals, 7 marks, 5 tackles, 1 goal, 85 SCPoints, 81 AFPoints, 90 CKPoints

A career best game for McGovern, fantasy footy wise, as he eclipsed his previous best in Supercoach of 73, which he had against both Gold Coast and Hawthorn. His forward line marking, particularly his ability to take a contest mark is what is making him stand out a bit in a very talented frontline for the Crows. He’s down to being in 4.7% of sides, but has a BE of 49, which he should break, but it’s at the pointy end of the season now where you’ll need to seriously think about upgrades if you still have blokes like this playing post the bye rounds.


Connor Menadue

SC Price: $257,700 | AF Price: $259,000 | CoachKings Price: $4,000

FEATURED COACHKINGS CONTEST: Friday, Port Adelaide VS Richmond

Round 14 Stats: 19 disposals, 7 marks, 6 tackles, 2 goals, 130 SCPoints, 103 AFPoints, 122 CKPoints

Connor ManWasHeDue….for a good game finally produced for us! Ha! Did you see that? I made a joke out of his name and tied it into his performance on the weekend… OK, now that you’re all recovered from the bouts of laughter you know doubt went through, Menadue was absolutely fantastic against the Lions, producing a round saving score for a lot of teams with a big 130 SCPoints and statistical highs in most categories.  Still lots of handballs and uncontested stuff in there, but he made every one of them stick, which is a bit of a problem he has had previously. BE is -19 for the moment, so ride him for the next few weeks and hope he can pop above 300K.


Sam Kerridge

SC Price: $440,200 | AF Price: $449,000 | CoachKings Price: $7,000

FEATURED COACHKINGS CONTEST: Saturday, Carlton VS Collingwood

Round 14 Stats: 22 disposals, 3 tackles, 81 SCPoints, 69 AFPoints, 74 CKPoints

Hello Sam, my old friend. Your time in my Supercoach side may be at an end. He again scored 81 SCPoints from 22 possessions (17 handballs though) and as good as he has been for us this year, he’s just short of being a premo player and with Leigh Montagna just sitting a short hop away, it just makes too much sense. I love ya Sammy, you’ve served me well, but it may be time to send you on your way.



Jacob Weitering

SC Price: $347,500 | AF Price: $316,000 | CoachKings Price: $6,500

FEATURED COACHKINGS CONTEST: Saturday, Carlton VS Collingwood

Round 14 Stats: 11 disposals, 4 marks, 3 tackles, 70 SCPoints, 51 AFPoints, 69 CKPoints

An OK game from Weitering, with the 70 SCPoints, which apart from his big 121 score in Round 11 is actually his highest score since Round 5. His BE is now up to 83, which he can beat, we’ve seen him do it, but it might be the end of the road for Weitering in 2016 with the need to upgrading him becoming apparent.


Tom Ruggles

SC Price: $305,200 | AF Price: $299,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,100

Round 14 Stats: 21 disposals, 9 marks, 3 tackles, 91 SCPoints, 96 AFPoints, 75 CKPoints

Has been on a good run over his last 3 games, averaging 81 SCPoints. His BE is just 23, but the Cats are on the bye this week, so his price won’t move up until Round 16 is done and dusted.


Sam Collins

SC Price: $254,900 | AF Price: $258,000 | CoachKings Price: $6,700

Round 14 Stats: 18 disposals, 6 marks, 4 tackles, 8 1%ers, 126 SCPoints, 81 AFPoints, 145 CKPoints

The Bye Round Saviour! An absolutely fantastic game for Collins, one that the 30.3% of teams that own him would love to have seen, especially at this time of the year. He went at 94% efficiency with his 18 touches and he has now produced 2 scores of 100+ in his first five games. His BE is pushed way down to -30 now, so after Fremantle have their bye he is going to make some serious cash.



Mason Cox

SC Price: $278,700 | AF Price: $260,000 | CoachKings Price: $6,500

FEATURED COACHKINGS CONTEST: Saturday, Carlton VS Collingwood

Round 14 Stats: 10 disposals, 3 marks, 4 tackles, 7 hitouts, 2 goals, 72 SCPoints, 60 AFPoints, 89 CKPoints

Just the third time in his career he’s been in double digit disposals, with all 3 times being 10 disposals. Those 72 SCPoints would have been a very welcome addition to a lot of SCers forward/ruck lines however. His BE is 48 this week, so I would probably hold on to him for another week and get the byes out of the way first before moving him, unless you have a nice upgrade trade in mind.



Jacob Hopper – Hurt his back and will be out for 6 weeks. Likely means the end of AFL footy for him for 2016 as I expect he’d play out the rest of the year in the NEAFL.

Corey Wagner – Just his second game and it was slightly better than the first, but still nothing outstanding from him, apart from his tackling, which was a highlight against the Crows. He had just 9 disposals with the 9 tackles, for 49 SCPoints and 60 AFPoints. On the bubble, which is a rare thing these days, but North have the bye this week, so he’ll keep another week.

Darcy Tucker – The second quiet game in a row for Tucker, having less than 10 disposals in his last two games for 45 and 46 SCPoints. Just simple really, needs to find more of the pill if he’s to score better.

Josh Smith – Probably one of the best games he’s played for the Pies, he had 25 disposals and 4 tackles for 93 SCPoints and 96 AFPoints. He had had a quiet few weeks prior to that, so it’s good to see him get some nice scores back on. His disposal numbers were never the problem, his career low is 17, just had lots of uncontested handballs in there. He evened up the kick/handball ratio a bit better on the weekend too.

Ben Keays – It was probably a good result for Keays to get 42 SCPoints from just 6 disposals considering he scored 39 from 13 disposals in Round 13. BE is 51, which he’ll probably struggle to make, but Brisbane have the bye this week. Could maybe downgrade him for Phillips, but you won’t make a ton of cash doing that.

Eric Hipwood – The Lions were probably very happy with young Hipwoods game on the weekend. He had just the 7 disposals, but kicked 3.2 in there too, so for a team with goal kicking problems, that’s a good result. Just the 57 SCPoints from that, which is probably his ceiling as a fantasy footballer at the moment.

Josh Schache – Only 8 disposals, 4 marks and a goal, but had 75 SCPoints from it, which is a very good result for him.

Matthew Hammelmann – Only 10 disposals and 5 marks, though he did take a couple of contested ones in there. Had 3 clangers too, so his score was pretty bad at just 29 SCPoints. Remember though, at this point of the year, if you’re downgrading you’re probably just looking for bench cover and not cash generation, so he might have his uses if he sticks around.

Jarrad Jansen –His second solid game in a row, with 16 disposals and a goal for 64 SCPoints. He can do better, as evidenced by his 98 upon debut, but it’s certainly better than the 35 he scored in his second game.

Rhys Mathieson – Big game for him, having 24 disposals, 3 marks and 7 tackles for 89 SCPoints. Had scored in the 50’s his previous two games, so is it just a big game for the youngster, or a new trend for him? He had his first price rise, so he’s only up to 174K, which is still enough to maybe consider trading him in, but Phillips is there at a cheaper price and has also had his bye.

Jayden Short – Has been better since his recall, again topping the 10+ disposal mark with 12. Had 58 SCPoints, which isn’t great, but better than what he was producing before.

Liam Sumner – Not a total surprise of a score from Sumner with just 39 SCPoints from 11 disposals. He’s scored in that range plenty of times before and will probably keep doing it for the rest of the season.

Ciaran Byrne – A better result for Byrne, who had scores of 48 and 49 in his Round 11 and 12 games prior to the bye. He had 15 disposals, 8 tackles and 64 SCPoints, but fared better in AFL Fantasy where he had 82 AFPoints. Like his teammate Weitering, it’s time to move him out if you have him.

Matthew Kennedy – What I said I feared would happen last week did end up happening. Kennedy scored 67 on debut, but had 3 goals in there and just 11 disposals. Last week, Kennedy had just 6 disposals, no goals and scored 35 SCPoints. It’s only his first year, so that’ll happen with youngsters and the Giants are probably just giving him a small taste as a reward for some hard work in the seconds.

Lincoln McCarthy – Did a fairly good job to get involved, helping the Cats get back into the game with 3 3rd quarter goals. He also had 18 disposals and 5 marks for 69 SCPoints and 85 AFPoints, but a massive 7 clangers killed his chances a bit.

Peter Wright – Had one of his higher scores of the year with 70 SCPoints from 9 disposals, 4 marks and a goal. Should continue to hold his place in the side, even with the Suns having some blokes returning from injury.

Ryan Davis – His streak of good games came to an end, producing his lowest score of the year last week with just 32 SCPoints. Definitely the time to get rid of him if you still have him in your side.

Kaiden Brand – Back into the side after a 5 week layoff and he was OK, with 13 disposals and 7 marks for 60 SCPoints. JS will still be questionable though.


Tom Phillips – $117k – MID/FWD

Eric Hipwood – $162K – FWD (BYE THIS WEEK)

Corey Wagner – $117K – MID (BYE THIS WEEK)

Matthew Kennedy – $166K – MID (BYE THIS WEEK)

Sam J. Reid – $118K – FWD

Aliir Aliir – $123K – DEF

Toby Nankervis – $226K – FWD

Tom Barrass – $238K – DEF



George Hewett – $260K – 96 BE

Michael Hartley – $274K – 93 BE

Clayton Oliver – $308K – 91 BE

Darcy Byrne-Jones – $328K – 88 BE

Ryan Davis – $304K – 88 BE

Matt Dea – $370K – 83 BE

Jacob Weitering – $347K – 83 BE

Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti – $384K – 79 BE

Marcus Adams – $371K – 79 BE

Josh Wagner – $341K – 78 BE

Ciaran Byrne – $309K – 76 BE

Ben Kennedy – $321K – 61 BE




Tea Miles – Led the Box Hill Hawks with 25 disposals and 5 marks as the went down to Port Melbourne 71-55

Kurth Heatherley – He had 16 disposals, 5 marks and 7 tackles for the Hawks in the VFL.

Ryan Clarke – The Roos 2nd round draft pick in the 2015 draft, he led the Werribee Tigers with 33 disposals, as well as 6 marks and 10 tackles as they lost to Coburg 73-59. Has been averaging 26 disposals over his 9 VFL games.

Ben McKay – Couldn’t get on the goal kicking list last week with just 9 disposals, 3 marks, 3 tackles and 6 hitouts.

Sam Durdin – Last years 1st round pick for North, he has missed the last few games for Weribee after being dropped down to the development league.

Jack Silvagni – Kicked 2.2 with 11 disposals and 4 marks as the Northern Blues lost to Sandringham 102-62

Dillon Viojo-Rainbow – Has been OK in the VFL this year, but had a good game last week, kicking 3 goals along with 21 disposals and 5 marks. Has averaged 16 disposals and 4 marks in his 10 VFL matches this year. The kids call him Skittles cause of the rainbow in his name you see.

Billy Gowers – He had 15 disposals, 3 marks, 4 tackles and 3 inside 50’s against Sandringham. Also 4 frees against.

Ciaran Sheehan – Just the 9 disposals and 4 marks for the Irishman.

Harry McKay – Played in the Blues development league side and just played the first half as he recovers from a back injury.

Eli Templeton – Continues to do a lot of work at VFL level, finishing with 36 disposals, 8 marks and 6 tackles against the Northern Blues.

Brodie Murdoch – Kicked 2 goals and also had 29 disposals and 9 marks.

Joshua Saunders – 27 disposals, 3 marks and 6 inside 50’s for Saunders in the Zerbas win.

Sam Mengola – Continues to lead the VFL Geelong side in disposals, this time with 27, along with 7 marks and 9 tackles as they beat Williamstown 63-47. You’d think he’d have to get a game at some point this year.

Matthew Goodyear – Led the Collingwood VFL side in disposals last week, with 34, along with 4 tackles and 3 inside 50’s.

Rupert Willis – Good game for him with 33 disposals, 8 marks, 6 tackles and kicked 1.1. Has been averaging 24 disposals, 4 marks and 6 tackles in 8 VFL games this year.

Adam Marcon – Kicked 2.2 as well as having 27 disposals, 2 marks and 5 tackles as the Richmond VFL side lost to Collingwood 96-70.

Jason Castagna – He had 22 disposals, 2 marks and 8 tackles last week.

Liam McBean – Kicked 1.1 as well as having 16 disposals, 3 marks and 12 hitouts in the ruck.

BYE – Essendon, Casey (Melbourne), Footscray (Western Bulldogs)



Luke Lowden – Again led the Crows goalkickers with 3 goals as the Crows reserves went down to Central Districts 110-55

Harrison Wigg – 25 disposals for Wigg, along with 5 marks and 2 tackles

Tom Doedee – Continues to improve as the year progresses, gaining a season high 23 disposals and 8 marks across half back.

Keenan Ramsey – Started the season up forward, but has been moved down back again and looks the better for it. He had 23 disposals and 8 marks.

Wayne Milera – A bit quiet against his old side, but he had 14 disposals, 5 marks and 4 tackles.

Dean Gore – Quiet again for Gore with just 13 disposals, 4 marks and 2 tackles.

Hugh Greenwood – Kicked a pair of goals, along with 13 disposals, 3 marks and 2 tackles

Harry Dear – The usual game for Dear, kicking 1.2 along with 9 disposals and 6 marks.

BYE – Port Adelaide



With the Dockers down to just 28 players now, only 3 AFL listed players suited up for the Peel Thunder this week.

Joshua Deluca – He had 21 disposals, 5 marks and 4 tackles as the Peel Thunder lost to the Swan Districts 118-79.

Shane Yarran – Yarran had 15 disposals, 2 tackles and 7 inside 50’s last week. Has question marks on him due to his “disorderly behaviour” charge from the weekend.

BYE – West Coast


Joshua Schoenfeld – Has been missing from the reserves side for the past month or so, but returned last week with 15 disposals, 3 marks and 5 tackles,

Mackenzie Willis – Big game for him with 29 disposals, 6 tackles and 4 inside 50’s as the Gold Coast reserves defeated Eastlake 109-97.

Sam Reid – Back to the NEAFL for Reid, who had 29 disposals, 7 marks and kicked 2 goals.

Jake Barrett – A bit down the pecking order with some more AFL players in the side, having just 22 disposals, but did amass 15 tackles on the day as the UWS Giants defeated Sydney Uni 93-76

Harrison Himmelberg – 20 disposals, 4 marks and 2 tackles for Himmelberg.

Billy Evans – 24 disposals, 5 marks and 7 tackles for Evans as the Brisbane reserves side lost to the NT Thunder 135-47

Josh Clayton – He had 19 disposals, 10 marks and 7 tackles for the Brisbane reserves side.

Bye – Sydney

Click HERE to check out Jock’s CoachKings PLAY AT HOME Line-Up for tonight’s contest – Some great game stats also

And that is it from me this week. Remember to go and lock in your CoachKings side for the fantastic play at home match tonight. As far as trading goes, which rookies will you be sending out to the woodshed this week? And which premos are you looking to bring in? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter @BarronVonCrow

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BVC Reid has a bye as well.

Rick Grimes

I'm still shaking my head with disbelief at Connor Menaduds score. He's been sitting on my bench since week 1. I imagine a lot of people quite rightly traded him out weeks ago. Another ton this week could make him the ultimate pod!


I'm with you Rick, obviously Hardwick likes the boy, until last week no one new why. Menadue can play just needs to believe in himself. He didn't get much of the pill last week but was so effective / good sign he can play. Go the POO..


Kerridge out for me this week. Can get Merrett or go for value in Buddy or pod in NRoo?


Thoughts on taking Nick Riewoldt instead of Deledio? I have been slammed these bye rounds due to injuries, need to do something different now.


YES why is it such a dilemma? Big Nick is a legend of the game, the Saints are firing, heaps of games at ES, and the bloke can play with a bullet in his guts..

Rick Grimes

Do it. He gets enough touches to rack up the big scores, even when not kicking goals . Such a big motor on the bloke. What's the ownership like? I have Lids but would equally pump for Saint Nick.


Love the Sound of Silence reference you snuck in there!


Thats good


Get in as my last fwd Montanga or Buddy?


I reckon Buds about to go off, Joey safe (soft) choice


Montagna any day. More reliable and owned by less (this week anyway).


Hi community

Who do we think will be best out of ZMerrett and Montagna for the rest of the season? I have Wells and Barlow but I think I will just swap Barlow out and hope for the best with Wells.



I'm trading out both Wells and Barlow this week. We always planned to trade Wells out, and i can't afford to have Barlow sitting on my bench for a month. Personally, i'd go for Montagna. I don't trust any Essendon players and Joey is a reliable scorer who should average 105+ here on out.

Rick Grimes

I'm not sure why you would trade Wells. If he's fit again, he's a top 5 forward. I also planned on shipping him out at some stage. But I hadn't factored on him being so good. If injured, by all means. But a fit Wells is going about as good as anyone.


Cheers guys. I agree, Wells has had great output this season. What is everyone's thoughts on Boyd now?


no.. we didnt always have a plan to trade wells out..


Do I get in Sloane or Ablett?
Sloane has a smooth run home against teams outside the top 8.


ha ha


shut it pod


no you shut it Mick, this is a forum, you put it out there, I laughed at the suggestion, get over it.

Rick Grimes

One is the Son of the God. The other is a very good footballer.


Thoughts on Treloar community? Undervalued and back with a 119 last week however Collingwood's draw worries me. Need to fill my last midfield spot.

Rick Grimes

I almost took him last week, then backed out. He looked like he'd spud early on – then went bang. I reckon he's a great option and I'll pull the trigger this time. A 115+ average from here on out I reckon


Getting him in for Libba this week


Yep i'm with you guys. Full premo now bar Hall (who i think will find his form back in the mid). Decided on Wells > Sloane. I got trades so might as well use em!

Big G

Jesse Joyce or Mitch Brown from WCE as a downgrade option? Buddy or Zac Merett?


I would go Menadue. He can only get better !

One Touch Wonder

Just giving everyone the heads up. I'm looking into the possibility of trading Barlow to JKennedy (WCE) this week and sticking the VC on him tonight. Everyone knows that he is a Flat-track Bully and scores big at home and against weaker teams. I read that WCE have won 26 of their last 27 against teams outside the top 8. In most of those games kennedy will kick a fair few.

His next 6 games. 4 are at home! Home games are against Essendon, Kangas, Melbourne & Fremantle.

His two away games in that time are against Carlton & Collingwood.

You know what i'm seeing here community! Is it SHARK MOVE number 3!


like it, like it alot, and your description of JK is accurate to the tee


Not really a shark move as a shark move is to trade out someone who is blitzing and is still playing.
Barlow is injured so it is a good trade.

The Master

Solid choice and POD. I have other trades this week but I have put JK on my watchlist for next week if Wells is still out.


Brought in Kennedy a few weeks ago for this very reason. Had him as captain when he scored about 160 and was happy. Not so much with his 49. Vice captain tonight, I think we might get over 200 from him.


Did you ever see Shark-nado?

they were good, 1, 2 & 3!


Top notch as usual BVC.
Manwashedue – straight out of the top draw – cue brucey "clever" and "oh that's special".


Great column as always!
Just for your lists, Sam J. Reid has dpp status (Fwd/Mid) and has the bye this week.


Who to VC this week?

Im thinking Josh Kennedy (WCE) or Priddis.

Thoughts please.


Josh K if weather good

The Master

I'm going VC Ablett into C Hannebery


Is Kerridge and Keays to Montagna and Joyce good trades?


Yes, sound trades


Thoughts community
Libba out for Hannebery
Grimley (bench) out for Montagna
Keays out for Phillips


Good trades


Dahl still 2-3 weeks away which means round 18. That's is well into the ass end of the season for SC. I'm struggling to get 18 on the park this week, should I sell?


Hold i reckon. He's a gun. I'm trading him sideways for Green/ Hall depending who's worse in a couple weeks. As long as you have cover this week you should be fine. Heard he's making a speedy recovery.


Unbelievable that nobody is mentioning Nankervis. Number 1 ruck at Sydney for at least the next 6 or 7 games. Averaging 78 and looking at home playing AFL level. Cox –> Nankervis gives you 100k and a better scoring player.


$278,700 – $226,600 = $52,100


What does everyone think about Boyd? Indefinite suspension and 5K is big for a drunken biff. He must have been bad.

Bolton's Blues

Hes getting paid millions, lets face it, 5k isnt exactly going to burn a hole in his pocket.


When i read Boyd i sh*t my pants but luckily you're talking about Tom! Phew!


Can Coachkings be played on an IPad from home?

My phone is too dumb to play (not a smart phone)


Worth shifting Wells to finish off MID with Ablett? I believe Wells is a top 5 FWD, but have no other way of generating sufficient cash to nab Ablett this week.
The fear is that with quite a low b/e for Rd15 – Ablett will only get more expensive…


Who will you be upgrading/Downgrading to do the trade?


Hey Beagz,
It'll be: Wells & Keays > T. Phillips & Ablett


I like the trades.

Well's body is a concern for the remainder of the season, but his form is very good. Ablett has just got his body right, and he is killing it again (the Gary of old).

Keays to Phillips is a great trade, more points, and more cash to spend.


Do it


Thanks guys. Much appreciated!

smart as s

Ablett will explode this week imo, we can all see this coming!

smart as s

watch out for sc record pts 🙂


Would downgrading hall to Phillips be a smart move or dumb move? I'm thinking if hall is going to go big much from here on outl that making 380k from it could be good for upgrading to a premium off another rookie.
Yeah or nah?


i've got him on my watchlist as a possible F7 pickup next week if i see him getting any decent midfield time.

FWD carnage

Hey team,

I have Barlow, Dalhaus & Wells all in my lineup. Which one goes out & who for? I'm thinking Montagna with the run home (already have Dusty).


Relevant fwd line premo options. I have hall, lids, deledio, montagna, barlow, wells (trading barlow)


Dusty, Buddy or Josh Kennedy.

I have all 3, but Dusty would be the best.


Davis is the first to go.

Im thinking Wells becuase of the ??'s over his body, and Kerridge (has done his job, never a keeper).

GWS have a very good run till the end of the season, and Greene tends to cash in when GWS get wins.


Bring in McVeigh for B. Smith or wait for JJ?


If JJ named, he go BANG BANG.

First bang is his boot connecting with the ball, second is the hammy.

Grahame Lebroy

Anyone think Yeo can come good second half of this year? Or is he average at best??


Is Boyd worth the pod move over Simpson?
Notice that most top 100 teams have Simpson over Boyd…


Hi. Team is:

Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Rance, Bartel, Laird, (collins, brand)

Dangerfield, Ablett, Hannebery, Selwood, Rockliff, T. Mitchell, Priddis, R. Gray (Jansen, Trengrove, Gresham)

Gawn, Goldstein (Whyatt)

Martin, Zorko, Lids, Wells, Merrett, Montagna (Phillips, Cox)

7 trades left. At that stage where I could do one more luxury upgrade or just hold. If anyone could share their thoughts of what they'd do, I'd be very greatful. Thanks


U can't afford luxury trades with 7 left. Hold.


Robbie Gray to Pendlebury would be a valid trade. Your team looks great!

The Master

Definately hold, team looks great and you have some backup. now wait for trouble.


Trade in treloar or Sloane this week or Neale next week after his bye?? (Will have petracca play this week if I get Neale next week)


i read the comments.. "Kerridge to X & Libba to Y..

Wouldn't it be a better option to keep as many players on the field this week (22 ideally) so your best 18 scores as high as possible?*

* assuming an overall contender

What about blowing everyone away with the Wells and Barlow trade this week to secure 2 extra 100's for rd 15?


Struggling to decide who to get rid of between Kerridge and Tippa

Kerridge probably will score more
but tippa allows me to have freedom by swinging suckling between my defence and forward

which one should i get rid of?


Get rid of both


6 TRADES help would be appreciated
MID-Ablett,R Gray,Pendlebury,Danger,Hannebery,Ward,Neale,Sloane,(Jansen,Trengove,Stewart)


Broad likely to play this week?


Guys need some help with my team. I've already done two trades, going Davis to Phillips and Kerridge to Lids. Need help with the third trade. Don't want to get rid of wright at the moment because he will still rise in price. Some help would be great cheers.

Def: Shaw, Laird, Simpson, Rich, Rance, Collins (Hipwood, Ruggles)

Mid: Danger, Parker, Selwood, Libba, Neale, Sam Mitchell, Pendlebury, Ablett (Snadden, Phillips, Mathiseon)

Ruck: Gawn, Goldy (Grimley)

Fwd: zorko, Deledio, wells, Martin , Matthew wright, petracca (rose, cox)


Hi have 10 trades left thinking of getting rid of Kerridge, Barlow & Davis for Phillips, Sloane & Delidio do they sound like good options or is their something better out there that I maybe missing.


I've done Kerridge to Deledio and Davis to Phillips too. They seem to be really good options. The Barlow to Sloane trade also sounds good as Sloane is a POD.


arousing stuff. nice trades


Another cat amongst the pigeons.. Maric returns (514K) B/E is 208, projected to lose -$50k this round. Could be an awesome inclusion in 2-3 weeks. Any ideas or thoughts?


any one i can get for 491 in fwd other then Montangna


Eddie Betts
Jack Riewoldt
Tex Walker
Shane Edwards (Maric back)
Tim Membrey


Tom Lynch – Suns




JJK, Put the VC on him, instant gratification for tonight. Bang bang welcome.


Great write up Barron!

Community thought on these trades…

Barlow to Pend (via Dusty Dpp)
Davis to Treloar
Kerridge to Merret
Leaving me with a nice 20 on field
Leaving me with full premo… including the stinkers rich and smith in D


I'm holding Barlow for now.
Trades are B.Smith to Doch
Libba to Treloar and Kedge to Skinner (def/fwd).
Will flip Sucklingpig down fwd next week and use Barlow to loop Suckers and Petracca and Skinner in def to loop Rug and Collins until Barlows back or I move him on.


Ueber is cheaper than Skinner. Would not drop Kedge during bye round, wait til you don't need his score. At 127 BE Treloar is not going to run away from you.


Na tash can't loop with Collins.
Bris got heapsa late games.
Kedge gone.


Jump on Silvagni?




Decided to escape to Phuket to see out the bye rounds with total focus. Working a treat, although just tried a shark move (more a bomb really) on a Japanese tourist…. Works better in SC!! Good luck to all, another great read BVC.


Still thinking about trading Wingard out for Montagna. I have 13 trades left and plan to go into finals with seven (this trade would leave me with six).

Shake n bake

So how many players do we have playing this week?
I should have 20 with tucker to be traded.




Bloody 17.

Unless I pull Higgos danger maneuver


loaded up with 20 this week before trades. hoping for a big week.

Only trade will be to bring in Phillips, not sure which of the rookies to get culled though. petracca, Trengove, Menadue, McGovern, Lee or Gresham?

Shake n bake

Went a week early on Phillips Derek thought he's js was pretty good so tucker to Doch this week. Lee was named for saints.




Having a tough one this week. Struggling to field more than 16 blokes.

MID:Pendles, Gaz, DANGER, SELWOOD, Gray, Steven, Libba, Trengove, (WARD, STEWART, MATHIESON)
RUCK: Gawn, GOLDY, (Loersch)
FWD: Joey, Kerridge, Hall, Wingard, Petracca, ZORKO, (BARLOW, WYATT)

Wanting to prioritise Phillips this week so Barlow will probably get the chop for him. That gives me 16 players. This is where I hit the roadblock. I cant justify trading players like Libba, Kerridge or Adams, because they are all playing this week. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated community.


Sitting on 12 trades with 129k as well.


Start with Barlow to Phillips, then Brand to McVeigh and maybe one more depends on how much cash your holding & how many trades left


Mathieson to ??


Im probably going to jump on Docherty instead of McVeigh. Would still have 190k after these two trades and I could potentially trade Libba to Hanners or Kerridge to Dusty.


Stewart to Philips and then Barlow to Merret me thinks


Gonna go with Brand over Stewart purely based off my assumption that Brand will be out next week


vc on jjk into ablett
vc ablett into pendles


if you have JJK you have to VC on him, this is why you have him in your team isn't it?




VC Ablett into C Sloane


Dusty into Gaz


Montagna or Merret for Barlow?


Anyone have news on Mitch Robinson?

Bobby Singh

Nathan Broad or Jack Silvagni? Taking into consideration job security and possible scoring output.


Broad. No idea what Silvagni's scoring output will be


Who to trade out this week out of Wells and Greene. Wells is the better player but there are concerns over job security, and Greene has a very good run home, which he usually scores very well in. Thoughts?


Guys need some help with my team have one trade left to use this week who should I use it on? please really need help.

Def: Shaw, Laird, Simpson, Rich, Rance, Collins (Hipwood, Ruggles)
Mid: Danger, Parker, Selwood, Libba, Neale, Sam Mitchell, Pendlebury, Ablett (Snadden, Phillips, Mathiseon)
Ruck: Gawn, Goldy (Grimley)
Fwd: zorko, Deledio, wells, Martin , Matthew wright, petracca (rose, cox)


Snadden, with a name like that he's got a go


Lol well I've got 7 trades left


With around 240k cash


Thoughts please community. Have 12 trades up my sleeve
Trade options are

Sit and hold as I have 20 players available this week, do have an easy game in my cash league. OR

Trade Libba for dusty Martin, Barlow for Docherty and kerridge for McVeigh, 3 trades. This would just put me off full premo.

OR Trade Barlow for dusty Martin and Adams for McVeigh, 2 trades

Which option? 1, 2 or 3?


Up to you but with 12 trades in hand i wouldnt be getting mcveigh, i would trade barlow to dusty, and adams to docherty. with 12 trades you can afford to downgrade a rookie this week if you cant afford him. Then upgrade kerridge and libba for ward and pendles next week


Hi James thanks, why wouldn't you consider mcveigh




Go hard option 2


Thanks nuts


thankd nuts


Is JJ back likely to affect boyd's output?

Bobby Singh

Hopefully not.

scotty w

Hartley out Tippa McD moved down back, Davis out for Sloane Barlow out for Phillips what does the community think. Decided to keep Kerridge and see how he goes how much will he lose if he doesn't make his BE of 92.



Bobby Singh



Wells to Montagna? Because I already have Lids, Martin and Zorko


Hold wells


To JJ or not to JJ… Doggies seem to be in much worse form than R1-4, but, maybe that changes with this gun back in the team. Hmmmmmm.

scotty w

J Kennedy a possible out tonight

Rick Grimes

Source please.

Dont Blush Baby

I have the VC on Priddis , why am I nervous ?


Because I put $20 on Essondon to win?


VC Priddis to Abs or VC Abs to Pendles? Help?


Guys should I upgrade wells or not


Extra player on field this week if you do


Depends how many trades you have and how many others still need to be upgraded.
I will be keeping at this stage


Still talking ROOKIES……

Nathan Broad? no mention, even though posted a reasonable 66 for a rookie and has got the nod again? whats his JS like? is he a worthy pick up, and I know you will say….. give him another week……….. but what if i cant??? Would ya?


also speaking of Nods…….. old silva got the Nod? whats his JS going to be like going forward. is he going to play FWD like in the #2's? god almighty the blues need a decent FWD.

The Beard

It's thrown a spanner in the works hasn't it. I was just thinking then I could pull the trigger on AMT to Broad or now maybe Silva and upgrade Hall & Kerrige to Lids & Merrett…

Spose I can always wait a couple weeks.


Rookie rule still applies for me, wait till they're on the bubble. Having cover at full premo is still important


Who dropped DANGERFIELD?


Traded him for Menadue…….


Same hehe


who did you bring in?


Father Chistmas


I did, pretty sure someone around here said it was a SHARK MOVE


The only one trade I am certain about is Adams to Docherty this week.

Im not sure whether to go:- Barlow to Merrett or Barlow to Montagna & Hall to Franklin


great write up barron, lids or montagna?


Rich to docherty?


Cmon really?


Could someone please tell me if you can add and delete players from your watch list whilst using the SC app.

Thanks Nick


In the players section, swipe right on the player and tap the gold star.

To remove a player go to the watchlist and do the same thing. Exit the screen and come back to it, the player will be gone


Wow. Without NicNat, Priddis doesn't look like getting near the ball. He looks uninterested.


Ok so I've got $120k in the bank and Zaha is LOPPED AT THE NECK nek week.
He's gonna lose cash tonight! !


Yeahhh I made that call the first time he scored 50-ish. So disappointing.


Started well.


Have I stuffed up this week.
Brought in Kennedy to take on the Bombers but didn't bring him onto the field. He's sitting on the pine with an E on him. (Kind of like Ben Cousins only different.).
Am I going to be able to get his score? (I have Zorko on the field.)




What a relief, he stunk it up more than AMT! Not. 🙁


Interesting seeing the SuperCoach leaders article in the herald sun, "talking flags". His got 7 trades before making any this round and will be trading out Barlow. So he'll be left with 6 for the rest of the year.

Starting to think my rank of 223 (620 points off) with 8 trades after this round still gives me a good chance.. Think people in the top 1000 or so losing hope, better keep pushing. Looks as though the guys up the top have burnt most their trades.

Good luck!


He started without Libba 😮 I am prettier than this man.


Is Hall a keeper? Ride him out like I would my old lady or find something new that's more enjoyable and toss him to the curb?


Misread your question, yes you should leave your wife.


Bring in Martin or Hannebery now or wait a week and get Neale?


Should I trade Daniel rich?


In or out?

Who to?


Wacked the VC on Priddis last night. A score of 122 is a frustrating one. An extra 10-15 points would have made this decision easy. Do I bank the 244 points on offer here and run, or go with Ablett as captain?
If I go with Priddis and Gaz gets 150 I will end up with 394 points combined. If I went with Gazza (C) it would be 422. For the sake of a modest 30-50 additional points IF Gazza fires, it makes me lean towards grabbing Pridda's score. The downside risk is greater than the upside reward IMO.
Talk me out of it!


I have taken Priddis' score.
One influencer may be number of players vs your league opponent…if you have less, possibly need to take the higher risk strategy and roll the dice


Go gaz toppa.
I'm vcing dusty into gaz.


I have traded out Daniel Rich many times, only to reverse trade every week. Is it really that bad to have him? He is the 16th highest scoring defender for the year and 21st highest average for the year. If you already have Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, I do not think there is a consistent enough defender to replace him with? I also have McVeigh and Laird as my other Defenders with Ruggles and Collins on the bench. I would go to Boyd, but JJ back worries me. I am tempted to take the risk and go JJ this week as I have a couple of rookies he should outscore, and I would rather have JJ than a Rance type.


An 84 average isn't the worst, especially in defence where Shaw, Doch, and Simmo aside, there is a lot of variation week to week.

I'd keep him for now.


the big thing going for Rich is that he is a genuine midfielder who has Defense status. Playing in the midfield there are days when the ball will follow him and he will go 100+.

Chubby McChubby

Sloane this week or Hanners next. Not concerned by overall just league


i'm same. should have got Sloane last week but stuffed around and missed the thursday night cut-off. Of course he has a blinder!

Sloane's price going up, hanners price coming down. I don't know now.

The Master

I try to put the VC on the player I think will go the highest, this week Ablett, with the back up plan on the C, this week Hannaberry.
That way I dont have the delema of getting a pretty good score like Priddis last night and still thinking what if Ablett goes huge.
However if Priddis went huge, I would be still confident in my first choice. Doent always work out, but has this year for me.


i like that strategy as well.

Always an odd feeling though when you have your VC on a player and your opponents have their C on same (they already done their VC), you sort of want that player to have a poor score.

The Master

I know what you mean Derek, That is the case this week for me and if Ablett has a poor game at least I will have a second chance. I still want Ablett to go well though for overall score.


looking at only making one trade this week. Have 21 playing this week.

want to get Phillips, but not sure who to trade out.

Lee (BE 9), Petracca (BE 51), Gresham (BE 35), McGovern (BE 49), Menadue (BE -19).

all of them are playing.

my preference is probably Gresham, as he is in the midfield and will give me another DPP swingset, he does have a bit of cash still to make, especially as saints play Suns & Essendon the next two games.

an alternative is to trade out Barlow to Phillips and build a big warchest (still have 11 trades). was going to wait this week and get more news on his injury and see how long he will be out for.

Either way, Phillips will be on the bench this week.


I like the swing set as well. I'm using Phillips as my swing set with Kerridge as bench cover, so can swing him between both lines depending on need. Have Trengove and Rose and cover on those two lines as well. Gresham all the way.


SoSoS finally gets his chance.
Big stage against the pies.


Stuck on who to bring in as my last defender. Tossing up between Rance and Williams. Will be trading out Adams, so have $547,800 to play with and already have Docherty, Simpson, Bartel, Laird and Shaw in the backs. Is it worth bringing one of these guys in (and if so, who would be best??) or waiting a week to see how Johannisen goes?

This will complete my team, although with only 6 trades left.

Team is
Def: Docherty, Simpson, Bartel, Shaw, Laird (trade in option) – Tucker and Collins on bench
Mid: Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Selwood, Stevens, Parker, TMitch, Rockliff – Phillips, Trengove and Stewart on bench
Ruck: Gawn, Martin – King on bench
Fwd: Dusty, Zorko, Deledio, Montagne, Wells, Hall – Kerridge and Rose on bench

Any help greatly appreciated!!

The Master

I think I would wait a week on JJ due to his high ceiling. Otherwise I would take Rance as I think he will see the ball coming into the backline quite a bit on the run home.


Is Lids a worthy pick? something is telling me not to pick him up as hes playing predominately forward this year

Dickin Cider

Team is

shaw bartel laird simpson docherty adams collins joyce
danger pendles ablett parker ward sloane libba kerridge trengove stewart d.cuningham
goldy gawn cox
martin barlow hall zorko montagna petracca menadue phillips

1 trades and 342k in bank

Should i go bang bang this week or just upgrade Petracca/Kerridge. Was gonna wait for Hanners price drop but also like Kennedy as i think he could come home with a bang and is a POD option.
Adams can wait as I want to see how JJ goes for his first game back.

Thanks community