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NRL Supercoach Fantasy CowboyThere’s nothing better than getting that warm feeling when you realise your whole team is available for selection this week.

There are no teams on a bye week in round 17 and coaches should be doing a final check on their round 18 and 19 numbers. Unfortunately there aren’t too many gun players available that don’t have a bye coming up although that shouldn’t discourage us from taking advantage of the keepers that have become available for an appealing price. We also need to accept that anyone traded into our sides this should remain in our teams until the end of the season.  Make a list of who the trade-out options are in your side and determine the best time they need to go. It may be worth holding on to certain players until the bye period is over.


Jesse Bromwich FRF $364 BE: 76 (39% O/Ship) Next 5: BRO(A), BYE, NEW(A), SYD(H), NTQ(A)

Bromwich isn’t available for round 18 but can you really resist the opportunity to get him into your side for just over $360k? He has a break even of 76 so his price won’t change too much in the coming weeks. Nelson Asofa-Solomona will miss a number of weeks through injury so there’s every chance that Bromwich could start increasing his involvement/output.

Tohu Harris 2RF/CTW $385k BE: 52 (26% O/Ship) Next 5: BRO(A), BYE, NEW(A), SYD(H), NTQ(A)

Tohu Harris has been one of the better CTWs in SuperCoach this season and you’ll benefit from having him in your run home side. He’s producing a 67 PPG average and has the added bonus of being a DPP. He hasn’t been this cheap since round 7 so it’s a good time to bring him into your side either now or after his last bye in round 18.

Joseph Leilua CTW $440k BE: 131 (12% O/Ship) Next 5: NEW(H), NTQ(H), BYE,  NZ(H), SOU(A)

It’s not often that someone would recommend buying a player who has a break even of 131, but there’s good reason to give Leilua some serious thought this week. The Raiders are playing at home against the Knights this week so we’d have to expect Leilua to produce a couple of attacking stats on top of his already impressive base stats. There’s no doubt you’ll want him in your run home side too so his high price tag and break even can be ignored.

Have you qualified for your CoachKings Venue Final yet?



Ben Barba FB/FE $361k BE: 138 (32% O/Ship) Next 5 PAR(H), PEN(A), SYD(A), NEW(H), GCO(A)

Barba had a horrible game on the weekend which has resulted in his break even jumping to 138. Those who own Barba are now faced with three decisions: Trade him out now to avoid any further price drops, hold him for bye round coverage and trade him out after round 19, or ignore his break even and potential price changes and keep him for the run home. I’d want to hold Barba for the run home due to the Sharks’ favourable draw.

Jake Trbojevic FRF $408k BE: 93 (16% O/Ship) Next 5: STG(H), BYE, NZ)H), SOU(A), NEW(H)

Trbojevic played limited minutes on the weekend and there are a number of theories flying around as to why this happened. It’s definitely worth holding on to him due to the impressive scores he’s producing so don’t panic just yet. The worst case scenario would be if the reduced minutes become a trend due to the increased involvement of Taupau, but it’s not worth getting him out of your side until we know more.

Ethan Lowe 2RF $317k BE: 76 (16% O/Ship) Next 5: SOU(A), CAN(A), BYE, CBY(H), MEL(H)

Ethan Lowe seemed to have gone missing against the Sea Eagles on Monday night. His base stats and involvement were poor but it doesn’t warrant a trade out just yet. It could pay off to hold Lowe for his round 18 availability and trade him out before his round 19 bye. A lot of us will struggle to get a full team together for the final big bye round so every number will help.

Congratulations to this weeks $1000 winner!



Matt Parcell HOK $330k BE: 64 (11% O/Ship) Next 5: STG(H), BYE, NZ)H), SOU(A), NEW(H)

Parcell has suffered a hamstring injury and probably won’t return until after the bye period is over. He isn’t scoring well enough to have in your run home side so it could be a great time to think about a run home keeper such as Jake Friend, Cameron Smith or Issac Luke.

Tuimoala Lolohea FE/CTW $322k BE: 102 (10% O/Ship) Next 5: GCO(H), BYE, MAN(A), CAN(A), PEN(H)

Lolohea has been named on the wing this weekend and seems to have lost his Fullback spot. He scored just 17 points coming from the bench against the Sharks which has caused his value to drop and break evens to rise in the coming weeks. He won’t be available for round 18 either so it seems like a good time to trade him out for a keeper.

Nathan Davis CTW $145k BE: 53 (13% O/Ship) Next 5: NZ(A), BYE, STG(A), PAR(H), CRO(H)

It looks likely that Nathan Davis will miss the rest of the season so we can look at this in two ways. We can either sell him now and finalize another slot in our 25 man team, or hold on to him for the remainder of the season as a nuffie. After all, he isn’t exactly going to provide a lot of cash for you to spend.

How are your numbers looking for the final bye rounds?

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is Cody walker a possible POD – a sneaky great white shark for ya run home, undecover slide of hand 2 shadow JT -SJ .or just shark bait dressed in a 5 gilled gettup..


Yep if I had him I would keep him, and would consider trading him in as well. Milf and Cody would be a gun combo for the run home.


I have him with JT -SJ also Maloney ,who should I cull to prop up my Forwards .or would keep them..have got 4/5 premium forwards, not essential to cull my halves.


Definitely keep all of those guys. Can't go wrong with those halves. Milf may come good but who knows. BBQ will fire home afte origin so il look elsewhere for upgrades


At 10% ownership already not really a pod. If you have him stick with him but you'd be crazy to bring him in now near his peak as he can only go one way!!


Liking the Cody Walker pick for the run home killereel. He's a HOLD but not a buy in my books.


I don't like that tofu scored as well as he did, he was on my round 19 radar. Despite the low be I don't think I can grab him this week and have another empty seat for round 18. I also recently traded in lolohea so probably just going to hope McFadden grows a brain.

Also you forgot semi, he's in the buy, hold and sell category depending if or when he shows up. His availability is a game changer for our final teams


Hes on the wing ,outrageous decision.Tui is a better player than Fusi ,so he caught a few gimme try's off SJ & BodeneTs play ,hes done nothing in my eyes ,thats a panic move by McFadden ,and Harris is Gun .must have , & Semi will reach 600k by years end ,I agree totally

Dont Blush Baby

Barba – disallowed try and dropped the ball with line wide open – Agree Hold – I don't have Teddy yet but I reckon he will get picked for Origin,in fact he should played in the last game.

Still have 14 trades ,scored 1344 LW, ranked 8418 overall, round 18 bye is huge to go up the rankings, might trade my arse off the next 2 weeks


Nice score last week. Yeah with this trades left you should trade your ass off. A lot of people will be short then so plenty of ground to make up if you have a full compliment.


Nice mate, hope you get a successful run home. Looks like rd 18 will be a big game changer, ranks will jump and drop by thousands.
Loving the idea for Barba in the run home.