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One Bye Round to go folks – We’re up and about this week in The Bungalow.

In this casting of the pod we ….

  • have a chat to The Communities own Adam Schnieder who gives us a red hot TRADE IN tip.
  • deliver a musical tribute to the one and only GAZZA … it looks like he’s back folks!
  • listen in amazement as Higgo steps us through what will surely be his most controversial Quantum Team Mechanics EVER
  • chat to ROWAN GREEN – The Week 1 CoachKings FREE PLAY AT HOME CHAMPION!
  • discuss the key TRADE IN and TRADE OUT options …. its time to get to FULL PREMO FOLKS



Congratulations to this week’s CoachKings Venue $1000 Winner! 


If you know your fantasy footy then give our CoachKings FREE FROM HOME Thursdays a crack.

ROUND 15 CoachKings FIXTURE 


Enjoy the podcast – enjoy the week!

Jock Reynolds

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Jonathan Camac

Absolutely cracking singing Jock. Might have missed your calling.


D: Shaw, Simpson, Laird, Rance, Gibson, Adams (Collins, Lee)
M: Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Hanners, Priddis, Gray, Libba, Petracca (Mills, Trengove, Matheison)
R: Gawn, Goldy (Wyatt)
F: Martin, Barlow, Greene, Wells, Hall, Kerridge (Paine, Phillips)

12 trades and 470K in the bank.

I have two plans but not sure which to go with:

Plan A:

Mills > Sloane
Adams > Docherty
Kerridge > Montagna

Plan B:

Adams > Docherty
Kerridge > Montagna

Next week

Mills > Neale

Thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I really like Sloane as a POD…only in 8% of teams and has Collingwood, Carlton, Essendon and Brisbane in the next five weeks. However, the thought of Curnow, Greenwood and Robinson worries me.

Thanks in advance


Doesn't look like you need to trade so I'd go plan b, Neale looking in good nic!

Higgios Dog

Might have to trade barlow


Barlow out for a month


Go with plan A mate


Ha jock good podcast mate.
OK community I'm Looking at my last upgrade in the middle do. Who scores the most out of Martin hannebury and Parker? Leaning to Martin for flexibility he provides


Hanners. If u can….try to get Dusty in the FWD line.


D: Shaw, Simpson, Docherty, Laird, Rance, Bartel (Collins, Austin)
M: Ablett, Dangerfield, Selwood, Pendlebury, Gray, Parker, Libba, Davis (Trengove, Phillips, Jansen)
R: Goldstein, Gawn (Loersch)
F: Deledio, Martin, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kerridge (Petracca, Menadue)

9 trades and 240k in the bank

Trading Kerridge to Montagna then in 2 weeks time downgrading Menadue to a rookie even if he doesn't play to upgrade Davis to Hannebery leaves me with 6 trades and full premium.

Rick Grimes

Trelor as an alternative to Pendles?


I like the value Treloar presents


If you don't have the bills for Pendles, Treloar is a good option


Treloar gets it 30 odd times granted, but his 1 metre handballs and average kucking mean he's good for 95-110. Pendles hurts teams more.



I N Pieman

Seen some crazy suggestions for trades today. But Higgo has taken the chocolates. You'd want to have heap of trades in the bank to trade Danger! And some sort of a brilliant plan on getting him back pronto


I want one of these two players

Jason J


Jeremy Howe

Who should i get?


This week Howe but if you can wait 1-2 JJ, I've taken a punt that Howe can beat Rance from here till the end of the season.


thanks mate

The Ranger

Needs some help this week community.
The byes haven't gone to plan so I'm rethinking what to do next, team is –

Shaw, Simpson, Laird, Bartel, Rance, Yeo – Collins, Austin
Danger, Gaz, Pendles, Sloane, Rockliff, Priddis, Libba, Kerridge – Petracca, Keays, Stewart
Gawn, NicNat – King
Dusty, Dids, Zorko, Montagna, Wells, Hall – Phillips, Rose

10 trades and 120K in the kitty.
What would you do?
Thanks in advance.


Get rid of NicNat. Have a feeling he'll be out a bit longer and saved for finals. 120k can get you to Goldy easily, or you could probably even upgrade Hall to Merrett with that loose 120k.

The Ranger

Still weighing up whether to go straight to Goldie or risk it with Martin and pocket the extra cash.


Maybe Keays for Joyce, would give you DPP mid/def swing with Bartel.

The Ranger

That was the original plan but if I go with Martin instead of Goldie I can upgrade Libba to Selwood and Kerridge to Hanners.
Keays only needs one half decent score to start generating more cash.


Ahhhh Higgo what have you done to me.
I'm now considering trading Danger to Hanners so I can trade Petracca to Zorko next week, this would move Hall to M9/F7.
I would lose 10-15 pts per round with Hanners instead Danger but will gain 25pts per game with Zorko as well as having cover.
Please tell me i'm crazy.




I tried something similar with Goldstein last season… it backfired big time


So should I just trade Stewart to Phillips for cash and get keep Hall in the forward line ?


Liam, you've got it round the wrong way… Let me give you the 'mail' (get it?)

Danger to Hanners is insanity. Gaz and Danger will fight it out week to week from hereon for top honors – you don't want to miss half that action.

Keep Hall, has a good run home.
Philips on the bubble is good if you've got the trades (plus the DPP is helpful).


Cheers Shades needed some sense talked into me

The Ranger

Yeah I tried something like this with Gazza a couple of years back when he was up near $700K and I thought I could use the cash to even out my premos. The premos I traded in got injured, Gazza scored a shitload and I plummeted down the rankings.
If it comes off it would be gold but the chances are slim.

I N Pieman

Michael Barlow has busted a finger. Out for 3-4. Jesus!


I got rid of him when Lyon was holding him out of the side because I couldn't take a full season of that drama. Dodged a bullet.


I'm gonna hold.
POD for finals.


I heard Lyon broke the middle one so that when SC coaches ask which finger is broken he would be giving us the bird


Barlow out for 3-4


SC Gods are funny


Merrett or Deledio??


Deledio for a reliable scorer

Kenny Powers

Agreed Gherkin


I needed some sense talked into me. I need something different to rise up the ranks.


Libba to Montagna? Gives me a better premo and some extra cash to up Trengrove in a couple of weeks and keep Hall as m9/f7


"Sometimes stocks are low because they are shit!" That's gold Jock, absolute gold!


Hey boys.
Thinking of
Dunkley to Phillips
Petracca to Deledio

I dont have enough cash to go from Cox to Deledio (miss out by 10k)
Click link to see my team

D: Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Bartel, Laird, Rance (Austin, Collins)
M: Dangerfield, Selwood, Pendlebury, Ablett, Priddis, Mitchell, Parker, (Dunkley, Stewart, Trengove)
R: Goldstein, Martin (Michael)
F: Martin, Montagna, Wells, Hall, Waite, Kerridge (Cox, Petracca)


Upgrade Waite


Gold again Jock & team Your wisdoms are priceless.

I'm now trying to make full premo, with just 11 remaining trades & $32k. Not sure to trade this week as I have 18 on field at this stage.

Team for this week bye round:

D: Rance, Laird, AMT, Williams, Ruggles*, S.Collins*, (Shaw*, Rich*);
M: Pendles, Ablett, Libba, Parker, Petraca, Trengove, Phillips, Ward*, (Danger*, Selwood*, Rocky*);
R: Gawn, Cox, (Goldy*);
F: Dusty, Deledio, Kerridge, Hall, Rose, Grimley, (Wells*, Zorko*).

Option 1: Hold (no trades);

Option 2: AMT, Ruggles & Kerridge to Docherty, Broad & Montagna;

Option 3: AMT, Ruggles & Kerridge to Sloane, Broad & McVeigh.

Unfortunately have to use all 3 trades to get there. Any thought/suggestions appreciated.


Personally I like option 2.


How the hell have you got that team, with 11 trades left and you have that RUCK combination?!!!
You must of ducked and weaved every possible LTI

f'd up

sorry, somehow misread Naitanui and Cox


Personally I'm with Shades option 2 is the best possible for your team right not, but do you really need to let go of Juggles he looks like he has some cash to make…? Good luck with the choice you make.


6 TRADES help would be appreciated
MID-Ablett,R Gray,Pendlebury,Danger,Hannebery,Ward,Neale,Sloane,(Jansen,Trengove,Stewart)


Only weakness I see in your team is Blicavs and the 2 on field rookies. Best option is to probably save the trades since 6 is a bit low.

In the Nick of time.

As already mentioned, work on those on field rookies in your forward line. Perhaps keep one as bench cover for the season – I suggest Petracca unless he's earmarked to be traded.


I would be getting KK out ASAP.


barlow out for a month trade or keep


If you are low on trades, you could hold and you only have him on the pine for 2 weeks due to the bye. Probably the best option though is to trade


got 13 left 10 after this round i think he has to go


any fwds other then montagna 490


Jack Gunston – massive POD and super consistent


JJ might be back this week????


He is back tomorrow


who should I trade out of barlow and dahlhaus? dahlhaus should be back soon right?




Simpson or docherty?




Who is more a keeper Zaharakis or Libba?


Libba anyday


McVeigh or Z. Williams for B. Smith?


Or hold and wait for JJ?

In the Nick of time.



Davonaise is out for the rest of the year!
Need to trade him now for 2017


Hearing Lids only going to play forward he's good enough to score 105ave from here in the FWD line but could see it coming in big and little scores, Merrett should be more consistent.


Need some serious help with the team! Some thoughts will do, team has done to much side ways trading and anything helps. Cheers!

Def – SHAW, Pittard, Simpson, Suckling, Adams, Brown – (COLLINS BRAND)
Mid – DANGERFIELD, SELWOOD, Hanners, Pendles, Parker, Zaharakis, Dahlhaus, Gresham – (HOPPER STEWART Trengove)
Ruck – Gawn, GOLDSTEIN – (Currie)
FWD – Martin, Riewoldt, MOTLOP, Kerridge, Petracca, Goringe – (REID Kommer)
7 Trades and 303,900 in the Bank
Hoping Currie plays this week which gives me 18 pre-teams.
Still got my 3 trades thinking I need to use atleast 1 this week.
Also looking at moving Adams and Brown > Alirr Alirr and Docherty! Thoughts?


Although this game can be cruel and I feel for you, there is absolutely no way you can justify using any of your last three trades at this point. Pretend you have none left, savour how it feels, and use your last three wisely to get you through.

Ps: Alir isn't the best pick either, sorry


Isn't he saying he has 7 trades with all 3 still available this week and he plans to use 1 of those?


Yeh he has 7 trades and saying he can use 3 this week!


Oh shit apologies there anth. By all means trade away. Docherty is the best option (assuming you have Shaw), although I'm still not sold on alirr as a DG option. Yet, at this time of the year it comes down to how things work for your entire team, so if you feel its the best option go for it (im trading in a non-playing option this week to loophole collins in def for the year)


You'd be paying overs for Docherty right now. Not saying he's not worth it, but Adams is good cover so I wouldn't trade him.

How about Brand and Hopper to Docherty and Philips?.


This. Adams is averaging 85ish. I brought Rance in last week, and are seriously questioning his ability to average 85+ from this point, or at least enough over to justify a trade.


It's hard to find the diamond in the rough down back, although Collins is showing promise.

I've had Rance for a while, but pretty much feel the same as you Jess – not sure what to expect, but he just seemed like less of risk than some others (still hoping he'll prove me right in the back half of the season)…


Its all good jess, I appreciate all the help. 🙂 Ive gone for Brown > Rance and Hopper > Phillips.
I believe if I keep hopper he'll just be sitting on my bench and he just doesn't seem to make money and I need the big bucks right now, so thats what Phillips is hopefully gonna do. With the Rance trade his at an all time low and we have seen what he in the past…. No matter how bad richmond are play he just gives it his all for the club so we'll have to wait and see. Again appreciate the Help Jess and Shades 🙂


I can bring in hanners for petracca right now. Have plenty of money and trades, and am near full premo. Is it worth waiting for the price gap to lessen, or should I aim for full premo asap?

Boltons blues

Hanners will fall, tracca will rise, I'm personally waiting on that exact trade


With Barlow out I have to make a decision
I need to decide he there to hold or trade
I have 8 trades left and 3 trades until full premo
What do I do?




Hold. Get yourself to full premo first


Do I trade Parker or Libba out for Gazza or Sloane.


If you have the trades and a full premo team, Libba to God (surprised you don't have him already)


Libba for Gaz


libba to Gaz. no brained.


*no brainer. seems kind of ironical, typing that.


Looking at undervalued super premo keepers.
Which would you choose?
Lachie Neale (how does Barlow out affect him?)
Called Ward
Adam Treloar


Neale shouldn't be affected much by Barlow being out. If you have enough players this round, Neale should be a good option for the rest of the season


Will Zac be affected by Barlow being out ?


Need some advice on these trades!
Laird, Smith, RICH, SHAW, Docherty, Amt, COLLINS, BRAND
Ablett, Gray, Priddis, Libba, Parker, DANGER, SELWOOD, BARTEL, MACPHERSON, STEWART, Smith
Cox, Gawn, MARTIN
Martin, Deledio, Franklin, ZORKO, BARLOW, WELLS, Petracca, Phillips
Got 7 trades and 384.5k
Thinking of going:
Barlow to Montagna
Rich to JJ/Simpson
Next week:
AMT to Neale
And simetime in the future Brodie Smith to Simpson/JJ
Should have just enough money currently to do all these trades


Not sure if anyone one still has Adams, but I do and he seems to score better when JJ is in should I keep or trade?


was thinking the same. I will probably trade Adams to JJ in a couple of weeks.


lids, montagna, or wait for dahl


wait for dahl


Are you upgrading or does 'wait for dahl' mean wait for him as you have him as bench cover? Montagna is ave 100 and Dahl is averaging 98, so all things equal, not much difference there. So it all depends who you are upgrading from (if that is the case), and how much less they are likely to score for the 3-4 weeks Dalh remains out. Montagna seems the obvious choice if you are upgrading. If you do the rough maths and dahl only plays the last 6 weeks, he will need an average of 120 compared to montagna's 100 (for the last 6 weeks) for it to pay off equally. So if your question relates to a potential upgrade option, Montagna is clearly the best option, unless you believe dahl is worth around 20 points a game more when he returns. A similar format applies if considering holding Dahlhaus. Its a tough choice but mont seems best option in terms of total overall points. Its up to you as to whether the upgrade is worth the potential point advantage or if it would be better spent on upgrading elsewhere (eg. Libba – pendelbury, etc). But we have definitely recieved a large enough sample size for us to make accurate enough conclusions, so have a think and see what fits best. Good luck


Please take Montagna.

If only so Jess doesn't write another essay about it…. No it's good advice Jess seriously, but it's like those foxtel ads, I kept falling asleep trying to get through it 🙂


If people want advice then i dont (didnt) mind taking the time to provide it.. thats what this community is for – you are not obligated to read it. I tried to be consise as possible to get my point across. Again, perhaps i am mistaken, but I had hoped somebody out there could value my opinion, particularly since I have faired quite well in the supercoach rankings. Screw it. No more posts from me.


I think 50 was having a bit of #communitybanter there Jess.

Perhaps the bye rounds have got you a little stressed…


A little #communitybanter is good for the soul!

Southern S

Don't spit the dummy because of one person Jess 😉


too many trolls hanging around these days. No point posting any more.


The dummy spit! Cya Jess

Southern S

To be fair the reply wasn't meant for everyone it was for just that person called Dasha and I'm sure they appreciated the effort Jess went to.


Feeling pretty good about things right now – a few hiccups along the way but nothing major.

DEF: Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Boyd (trade in this week), Laird, Rich (Brown, Collins)
MID: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Ablett, Sloane, Gray, Parker, Shiel, Priddis (Trengrove, Mathieson, Willis)
RUCK: Gawn, Mumford (Goetz)
FWDS: Martin, Deledio, Gunston, Montagna (trade in this week), Dahlhaus, Petracca (Hunt, Phillips (trade in this week))

8 trades left, Hunt up to Zorko and Brown to Hipwood next week and will probably upgrade Rich at some point too.


Bloody Barlow. I blame Ross.
Maybe a reekerjiggerin of trades now.
I blame Ross.
Hmm. Maybe no trades.
I blame Ross.


I agree


Yep … The best laid plans out the window …. Again.


With Barlow's injury I am going to hold as I only have 6 trades left but would appreciate the community's thoughts on which option of trades to go with until he returns.

Option 1. Rich to Deledio via Brown, and use the remaining money to trade Kerridge to N Riewoldt this week which will fully upgrade the forward line when Barlow returns. Next week swap Lyons with Brown and trade Lyons to Docherty fully upgrading the backline and Brown to a cheap fwd/mid who then swaps with Phillips and Phillips will be F6 until Barlow returns and left with 2 trades after Rd16 and team fully upgraded when Barlow returns.

Option 2. Stick to original plan of Rich to Docherty, next week trade Brown to a cheap fwd/mid who swaps with Phillips and Phillips becomes F6 and Lyons traded to Deledio. Then in Rd17 use remaining funds to upgrade Kerridge to Dahlhaus/Riewoldt and 2 trades left after RD17 and team fully upgraded when Barlow returns.

Leaning towards option 1 as I will have 21 premiums playing in RD 16 instead of 20 but Option 2 allows me to pick Dahlhaus over Riewoldt if he is back in the Bulldogs line up by Round 17.


if you trade to Trengove Free's up a lot of cash, if you trade to Montagna Free's up more but not as much gives you better options with future trades and dont have worry about how long Barlow will be out? You know Ross will make him come through WALF so he's more than 3-4 weeks. Freo season is shot so no hurry to get him back in and with Ross he wont!


Thoughts on these trades please,

Barlow to dusty Martin
Libba to Docherty
Kerridge to McVeigh

I consider these trades to be 3 premo sin and only dropping one premo in Barlow. Kerridge and Libba have hit their ceiling. I will be just off fu.ll premo after these three trades and will have 9 trades left. What does one think of these trade Surplus?


Last comment should be options not surplus, sorry


Hard to fault. If you've decided it's time to move them on.


Currently ranked 674.
Under no illusions about making up 800 points on the leaders but …
Think I'm gonna go Barlow to Lycett. (despite his large BE).
Even though the reasonable part of my brain screaming out for Lids or Zorko I have a feeling Lycett will come back after his indiscretion with a point to prove.
Frees up 100+K and gives ruck cover.


Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear
Fuzzy wuzzy had no hair
So fuzzy wuzzy wasn't very fuzzy
Was he juzzy?


Sorry, I'm tired and your name reminded me of that.
Id listen to the reasonable part of your brain on this one.
If you don't, you might start reciting stupid poems.


Oh Geez … Are you an ex-girlfriend ?


A juzzy stalker on JR? Sorry, but no.

Now if the ex was into 50 shades (and teddy bears… Why not?), she sounds like my type 😉


I have an ex who used to recite that poem.
And I do have a shaved head, so you spooked me a little.
You can have her number. She will be fun for a while and then she will wear you down and ruin you.

Bugger that. Good luck with your SC team 50 Shades.


I'll heed your advice Juzzy. Cos thats what we do here in Jocks community, we look out for each other.

Thanks mate and good luck with your team for the rest of the year too.


Also … while on the topic of players that need to redeem themselves.
I am a little confused as to why so many are trading out Rich.
If you have held him this long and he is your M6 I would hold for a couple of post-bye weeks.
Still averaging about 85 and if anyone needs to step up after some harsh criticism it is him.


He hasn't show he's capable of much more than that.

So a $50k to $100k change over can get you an extra 20 points per week. It's tempting at this point of the year to get that full premo back line.


I agree.
My full premo options for Rich are cookie cutters Rance or Gibson who from time to time get lock down key forwards roles.
I think if you have held Rich for this long wait to see how he responds to the tag running through the midfield
If he plays like a girl after the bye I will trade him to Ronnie Andrews.


Yeah, He hasn't been that bad really. He's ultimately going to be my Mid/Def bench swing once JJ is back but 85 ave for a D6 isn't that bad.


There are alot of Rich haters out there just hoping for him to fail


Trade out Libba or Wingard?
If I'm trading out Libba who for? Have 110k in the kitty

In the Nick of time.

Hanners or Sloane. Crows have a good run and he's running red hot.


If you wait a week you may save some dollars though.

In the Nick of time.

Money is no issue – what premo do I go for to finalise my MIDs? I need to trade one of Hunter or Libba to afford it – leaning towards Libba.

Already have Gaz, Pendles, Parker, Hunter, Libba, Danger, Ward and Mitchell.

Neale seems the logical trade next week as his BE is easily achievable and his price is very reasonable. Hanners has been on my radar but I'm a little uncertain taking him over Neale. Perhaps Sloane or Steven due to their relatively smooth runs to September? Heeeellllpp!


Barlow out could be good long term for Moustachio. It'll be another trade used by the top three.


Not counting my chickens, but did do a little happy dance


Should I bring in N Riewoldt and Deledio as the last 2 fwd premiums or D Martin and J Kennedy (WCE). Current forward line is Barlow, Hall, Zorko, Montagna, Kerridge, Lyons.


N Riewoldt and Martin


Kerridge & AMT to Sloane & Montagna or Docherty & Montagna?


I have 12 trades left and I can do these 3 trades this week to put me just off full premo. Could you give your thoughts on these trades please,

Barlow to dusty Martin
Libba to Docherty vis dpp
Kerridge to McVeigh via dpp

I consider these three INS to be premo players and am only dropping one premo in Barlow. Kerridge and Libba have hit their ceiling and have to go unfortunately but they have been great.
My dilemma is that I am playing a weak player in my league and could win without trading at all and save 3 trades this week OR do I go for it and try and get to premo as ASAP.??


If those are the same players you would target in a weeks, or fortnight time. Then do it now. If you have other targets who have the bye this week then I guess it won't hurt to wait till next week.


thanks Pinidu
these 3 are my targets to get at some point, so I think your right to get them now


Higgos suggested trade of Dangerfield is certainly food for thought

Southern S

Are you joking?


why, he is right. It is just like the share market, buy low sell high, one of the basic fundamentals of share investing


Except the share markey has no trade limits. this idea may be good if you play AFL fantasy.


I admit that my initial reaction was a bit like Jock's …
… but it actually does make sense for those with trades to spare.
It's not inconceivable that Danger's price will drop by $100,000 and some fallen premo' like Sam Mitchell or Leigh Montagna will build their way back up by $100,000 in price. Two trades (Danger out, Danger in) for $200,000 profit – same as carrying a rookie to a mid-price status.
Unfortunately I've only got 8 trades left, and still not at full premo', so I'm uncomfortable entertaining such a scheme.