The Rookie Scout: Round 14

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Barron Von CrowOne down, two to go! We’re now into the second week of the dreaded bye rounds, we’ve managed to survive week 1, but week 2 is looking slightly trickier.

Howdy folks, I’m Barron Von Crow and welcome to the Round 14 Rookie Scouting Report.

I’m here to bring you all the cheaper Supercoach action there is for Round 14, but we’ve got something even more exciting in store for you this week community. CoachKings, the game by game fantasy football revolution will be free to play at home tonight in the big Adelaide (Carn you Crows!) VS North Melbourne matchup!

For CoachKings veterans, you’ll know what the fuss is all about and will get to play from the comfort of your own home during some crappy weather and for those of you who haven’t played it, this is your opportunity to give this fantastic game a shot for the first time and get to see firsthand just how fantastic CoachKings can be. There are big prizes on offer this week, so make sure you hop on the laptop or iPad or whatever, enter your team and get in the running for a $300 first prize.



Also a quick public service announcement, remember that due to the Thursday Adelaide VS North Melbourne game this week lockout starts tonight, so you won’t be able to reverse any trades should you make them after the Thursday night game starts. So make sure you are 100% sure in the trades you have planned for this week!

Now, let’s get into it.


Clayton Oliver

SC Price: $308,600 | AF Price: $316,000 | CoachKings Price: $4,700
Round 13 Stats: 15 disposals, 1 mark, 2 tackles, 41 SCPoints, 39 AFPoints, 32 CKPoints

Oliver is still owned by 10.8% of Supercoachers, a number I imagine will go down significantly due to Oliver’s poor score last week, his bye this week and the fact his BE is now 94. He’s in the perfect spot for either a quick upgrade to a premo player, or a downgrade to free up some cash.

Callum Mills

SC Price: $342,500 | AF Price: $324,000 | CoachKings Price: $6,500
Round 13 Stats: 23 disposals, 2 marks, 5 tackles, 89 SCPoints, 90 AFPoints, 96 CKPoints

Another great game for Mills, producing his 2nd highest SC score this year, and it came at the perfect time with the bye rounds starting last week. His BE is 48 this week, but Sydney are off, so it might be a good time to think about moving him on. He won’t have a lot more money to make at this stage.

Christian Petracca

SC Price: $351,100 | AF Price: $353,000 | CoachKings Price: $7,500
Round 13 Stats: 14 disposals, 2 marks, 4 tackles, 2 goals, 73 SCPoints, 72 AFPoints, 83 CKPoints

It’s an awkward spot to have Petracca in with the bye this week. His BE is just 55, and he has shown he can score in the 70’s and the 80’s on a good day, but he’s also sitting at a good price and with byes and upgrades on the card, many might find themselves in a spot where they need to move him on. There’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you need to do. He’s owned by 59.6% of teams, so it’s a situation a lot of us will be in!

Jack Trengove

SC Price: $205,300 | AF Price: $337,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,400
Round 13 Stats: 19 disposals, 5 tackles, 3 rebound 50’s, 67 SCPoints, 62 AFPoints, 49 CKPoints

13 handballs and 4 clangers clipped Trengove’s scores a tad, but he still found the pill 19 times, which is an encouraging sign as he continues his return from his re-occurring foot injury. Melbourne have the bye this week, so he won’t rise in price this week, but his BE is -21, so he’ll likely have another healthy price rise after Round 15 when Melbourne take on Adelaide.

Darcy Parish
SC Price: $318,800 | AF Price: $354,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,400
Round 13 Stats: 13 disposals, 3 marks, 2 behinds, 53 SCPoints, 43 AFPoints, 50 CKPoints

It looks like the bye might be coming at a good time for Parish, who struggled to get as involved as he normally does against GWS, just his second game where he’s had below 20 disposals (which probably highlights just how well he’s played this year). He lost $5.2K for the week and his BE is 68, which is achievable, but he’s at that level where he’s more likely to drop $20K than he is to rise by that amount. Upgrade material this week.

Jacob Hopper

SC Price: $278,800 | AF Price: $330,000 | CoachKings Price: $4,900
Round 13 Stats: 18 disposals, 2 marks, 3 tackles, 3 inside 50’s, 1 goal, 77 SCPoints, 60 AFPoints, 91 CKPoints

This was Hopper’s best score in SC since his debut game in Round 8 and certainly a good sign considering the Giants have a nice run of weaker opponents in Collingwood, Brisbane, Port, Richmond and the Gold Coast on the cards in the next 6 weeks. His BE this week is 51, so he should be a decent starter for the 25.8% of teams that own him.


James Rose

SC Price: $206,600 | AF Price: $283,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,500
Round 13 Stats: 16 disposals, 6 marks, 8 tackles, 6 inside 50’s, 77 SCPoints, 87 AFPoints, 46 CKPoints

He’s been slightly better in AFL Fantasy where his average is 89, compared to Supercoach where his average is 71, but he’s still been putting up a good result in either format. He had 5 clangers on the weekend which would have hurt his SC scores a bit, but he did a great job around half forward and worked well on getting the ball inside the Swans 50. His BE is -13 this week, but the Swans have the bye, so you’ll need to wait another week for him. Swans have a tough 3 game stretch with the Bulldogs, Geelong and Hawthorn on the cards as well.


Matthew Dea

SC Price: $370,900 | AF Price: $377,000 | CoachKings Price: $7,500
Round 13 Stats: N/A

Dea had last week off as he was omitted from the side that took on the GWS Giants, but that was probably for the best, as his BE was sitting at 87. The Bombers have the bye this week, so it’s probably the perfect opportunity to trade him out. You can upgrade him for 100K for someone like Rory Laird or Alex Rance, or spend 200K and get Sam Docherty for him. All 3 are fantastic upgrade options.

Marcus Adams

SC Price: $371,500 | AF Price: $317,000 | CoachKings Price: $7,800
Round 13 Stats: 11 disposals, 3 marks, 1 tackle, 62 SCPoints, 38 AFPoints, 48 CKPoints

Marcus Adams may be in the exact same position as Matty D above. Worth almost the same price and has the bye and a BE in the 80’s. The advantage Adams has is he is a DEF/FWD swing, so as well as defensive options in Laird, Rance and Docherty you could also trade him up for forward options such as Deledio and Martin.

Darcy Byrne-Jones

SC Price: $328,400 | AF Price: $326,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,900
Round 13 Stats: 14 disposals, 2 marks, 3 tackles, 49 SCPoints, 41 AFPoints, 62 CKPoints

I think we can pretty much throw most defenders in the same category this week! DBJ is another defender on the Round 14 bye who looks like they’ve maxed out. His BE is 92 this week, so he’s another guy you’d probably look to move on.

Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti

SC Price: $384,200 | AF Price: $346,000 | CoachKings Price: $6,900
Round 13 Stats: 17 disposals, 5 marks, 3 tackles, 5 inside 50’s, 74 SCPoints, 71 AFPoints, 81 CKPoints

Here’s defender upgrade #4! McDonald-Tipungwuti’s BE is 83 heading into his bye week, so again, he’s one to move on if you can. For only 300K you can potentially go from two of Dea/Adams/DBJ/Walla to Laird and Rance. Seems pretty good to me!

Oscar McDonald

SC Price: $309,300 | AF Price: $252,000 | CoachKings Price: $6,600
Round 13 Stats: 15 disposals, 4 marks, 6 tackles, 9 1%ers, 79 SCPoints, 81 AFPoints, 105 CKPoints

McDonald finished off a nice 3 game run with an average of 82.7 SCPoints and now has a BE of just 36. He has the bye this week, so a few may be tempted to move him on, but he’ll have at least two more weeks of cash generation in him, so you may just need to play it by ear and see if the numbers add up for you.

Sam Collins

SC Price: $213,400 | AF Price: $236,000 | CoachKings Price: $6,600
FEATURED COACHKINGS CONTEST: Friday night, Collingwood VS Fremantle
Round 13 Stats: 10 games, 2 marks, 4 tackles, 59 SCPoints, 46 AFPoints, 61 CKPoints

A slightly better score for Collins, who rose by $39.9K this week, which will probably be his last big price rise for him. His BE is 34 this week and should stay around that level for the next month should he continue a decent clip of storing, with the Dockers playing Collingwood, Melbourne, Geelong and Gold Coast in that time. He’ll likely have to be started this week, so let’s hope he has a similar score to Round 11.


Corey Wagner – Played his debut game after being a 3rd round draft pick for the Roo’s this year. He only had the 7 touches for 34 SCPoints however. Could be a cheap CoachKings option for Thursday night though.

Kade Stewart – Stewart saw his ownership percentage jump from 4.9% to 14.4% between rounds 12 and 13, but unfortunately he couldn’t keep that good streak of scores going, producing just 56 SCPoints from 7 disposals and 3 tackles. BE is still -22, so plenty of cash to earn. Hawks VS Gold Coast is our Sunday CoachKings contest, consider him a viable option there.

Eric Hipwood – Played his very first game after being pick #14 in this year’s draft and was OK. He had 9 disposals, 2 marks, 3 tackles, 4 inside 50’s and a goal for 54 SCPoints. Starts at 162K, but Brisbane have the bye next week, so it’ll be Round 17 when he’s on the bubble.

Ben Keays – Hasn’t been that good over his last two games, he had 13 disposals last week, but 11 handballs and 10 uncontested possessions, so they weren’t worth a heap. He finished with 39 SCPoints, and has produced his two lowest scores of the year over the past two weeks. Will need to do better since a lot of us will be starting him over the byes.

Josh Schache – Inaccurate in front of goals, which he has been all year, kicking 2.3, but statistically it was probably his best game as an AFL player. He had 15 disposals and 9 marks along with his 2 goals and scored 90 in AFL Fantasy, but just 59 in Supercoach.

Jarrad Jansen – Bounced back from his poor score against Freo somewhat, producing a 60 SCPoint game. He had 19 disposals, but 14 were handballs. He also had 3 clearances, but unless you’re Matt Priddis and score a ton of tackles and clearance work, guys who handball a ton usually find themselves maxed out in the 80’s range.

Logan Austin – Only had 5 touches, but had 7 1%ers to get his SC score up to 41, compared to the 19 he scored in AFL Fantasy.

Dougal Howard – Unfortunately for Dougal, he has suffered an ACL injury, which has put an end to his 2016 season. Was owned by 4% of teams, so those owners (including me) will need to look elsewhere for the rest of the year.

Darcy Tucker – Just the 8 disposals for Tucker and only 2 kicks (after 16 in Round 12) for 46 SCPoints. Freo take on Collingwood in CoachKings on Friday night, Tucker is a guy you could definitely consider.

Lincoln McCarthy – Hasn’t been scoring that well since his return from injury, mostly because he hasn’t been able to hit the scoreboard, kicking 1 goal in his last 3 games, compared to kicking 7 in his first 5 and discounting his game where he was injured in the first quarter, he only had 1 game where he was goalless. He had just the 37 SCPoints from 10 disposals and 5 marks last weekend. The Saturday night CoachKings matchup is St Kilda VS Geelong, McCarthy will be cheap, but will need to kick some goals to win you the beers.

Tom Ruggles – Hit his straps at the right time! He has had two good games in a row now, scoring 81 VS North in Round 12 and scored 71 SCPoints against the Bullies from 18 disposals and 10 marks. I’d definitely consider him in defense for CoachKings on Saturday night.

Josh Dunkley – A quiet game for Dunkley with just the 9 possessions for 35 SCPoints.

Ben Kennedy – Well, his return to SC glory only lasted a week, producing a score of just 40 SCPoints after scoring 94 the week before. Competition was a step up though and the conditions weren’t great either, but still, many owners would have hoped for better. His BE is just 64 thanks to his big score last week, but he’s one to definitely consider moving on with if you still have him.

Jayden Hunt – Up and down Supercoach wise, but does produce a decent score every now and then, scoring 71 SCPoints against Sydney from 18 disposals and 3 marks. His BE is sitting on 40 this week, but Dee’s have the bye.

Josh Wagner – Another defender who looks to have peaked, Wagner scored 69 SCPoints from 19 disposals against Sydney. BE is 81 and Melbourne have the bye, so it’s a perfect time to upgrade him if you have him.

Toby Nankervis – Played just his 2nd game this year due to Tippett being out and did some good work in the wet weather. He only had 7 disposals, but also had 8 tackles and 9 hitouts for 86 SCPoints. Recorded 9 tackles in his only other game this year against Adelaide, which are good numbers for a bigman.

George Hewett – Made his return from injury after missing Round 12 and was OK. Didn’t find much of the ball with just 9 disposals, but did have 9 tackles to boost his SC score to 51 and his AFL Fantasy score to 71.

Aliir Aliir – Just his second game and he was OK with 10 disposals, 7 1%ers and 5 tackles for 55 SCPoints. Still don’t know what his JS is like, so I’m iffy on considering him a trade down target.

Matthew Kennedy – Kicked 3 goals in his debut game, which is a pretty good achievement! Didn’t have a ton of possessions with just 11, but thanks to his goals he scored 67 SCPoints. One may worry about what he might produce if he doesn’t have a scoreboard impact and those possession numbers stay the same though. Will be cheap for CoachKings on Saturday, so maybe hope for a repeat effort?

Sam J. Reid – Was OK with 13 disposals and 1.2 for 57 SCPoints, but I question his job security at the moment.

Michael Hartley – Made his return after missing a few games and had 8 disposals, 3 marks, 3 tackles and 12 1%ers for 55 SCPoints. Has a sky high BE this week thanks to his score of 19 in Round 10, so may have to consider moving him on.

Mitch Brown – Inaccurate in front of goals, kicking 2.4 and also had 12 disposals and 3 marks for 59 SCPoints. His BE is only 41, but Bombers are off this week.

Jason Ashby – He’s been on the Bombers list since 2013, but had only played 10 games prior to last week. Had just the 13 disposals and 5 tackles for 53 SCPoints.

Will Hams – Has scored fairly consistently over his 3 games, though scores in the high 50’s are probably not that exciting to us. He had 15 disposals, 6 marks and 3 tackles for 57 SCPoints. Has had his 3 games and now sits at 190K, I’d probably forget about him.


Sam J. Reid – $118K – FWD

Aliir Aliir – $123K – DEF (Sydney on the bye this week though)

Toby Nankervis – $226K – FWD (Sydney again)

Tom Barrass – $238K – DEF (West Coast bye this week)


Ciaran Byrne – $325K – 104 BE

George Hewett – $260K – 99 BE

Michael Hartley – $274K – 96 BE

Clayton Oliver – $308K – 94 BE

Darcy Byrne-Jones – $328K – 92 BE

Matt Dea – $370K – 87 BE

Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti – $384K – 82 BE

Marcus Adams – $371K – 82 BE

Ben Keays – $234K – 82 BE

Josh Wagner – $341K – 81 BE

Mitch McGovern – $299K – 76 BE

Darcy Parish – $318K – 68 BE

Daniel Rioli – $202K – 67 BE

Ben Kennedy – $321K – 64 BE



Josh Cowan – Led the Geelong VFL side in disposals with 32, along with 2 marks and 7 tackles as the Cats beat the Box Hill Hawks 118-69

Sam Menegola – Continues his good VFL form with 28 disposals and 13 tackles, as well as 6 inside 50 entries. Hasn’t put a foot wrong in his 3 VFL matches, averaging 25 disposals, 5 marks and 6 tackles so far.

Kieran Lovell – Led the Hawks in disposals with 25, along with 2 marks, 3 tackles and 6 inside 50’s.

Kurt Heatherly – Heatherly had 18 disposals and 11 marks down in defense for the Box Hill Hawks.

Teia Miles – Kicked a goal and had 17 disposals, 5 marks and 2 tackles.

Marc Pittonet – Back to the VFL for Pittonet, he finished with 9 disposals, 5 tackles and 34 hitouts

Kaiden Brand – Quiet day for Brand with just 8 disposals, 2 marks and 6 hitouts.

Ben McKay – Had spent the last few weeks in the Weribee development league side, but was back in the main VFL side this week and had his best game of the year, kicking 3.1, as well as having 8 disposals and 7 marks. Had only kicked 1 goal in his previous 5 VFL games.

James Polkinghorne – Led the Bombers with 24 disposals and also had 3 marks and 5 tackles in the Bombers 13 point win over Weribee.

Aaron Francis – Kicked a hell of a goal from the boundary line for one of the 3 he kicked on the day. Also had 15 disposals, 7 marks, 3 tackles and 4 inside 50’s.

Connor McKenna – McKenna had 23 disposals, 3 marks, 5 inside 50’s, 6 rebound 50’s and kicked a goal.

BYE – Sandringham (St Kilda), Northern Blues (Carlton), Collingwood and Richmond.


Riley Boner – Found the ball a bit more than usual, finishing with 19 disposals (15 kicks), 7 marks, 4 inside 50’s and 5 rebound 50’s.

Jesse Palmer – Only had the 12 disposals, with 10 handballs, and 4 tackles.

Billy Frampton – He had 9 disposals, 3 marks, 2 tackles and 25 hitouts as the Port Magpies lost to South Adelaide 97-54. Dougal Howard went down with a ACL injury in the Powers game, but with Jay Schulz making his return in this game, he’d be the likely call up rather than another youngster.

BYE – Adelaide


Jackson Nelson – Nelson had 20 disposals, 7 marks, 7 tackles, 6 inside 50’s and kicked 1.1 in East Perth’s 102 to 66 win over Perth.

Corey Adamson – Adamson had 18 disposals, 5 marks, 4 tackles, 4 inside 50’s and a pair of behinds. Has been averaging 20 disposals, 4 marks and 3 tackles in his 10 WAFL games so far this year.

Paddy Brophy – Brophy also had 18 disposals, as well as 7 marks and 3 tackles.

Brant Colledge – 3 in a row! Colledge also had 18 disposals, 4 marks, 2 tackles and 3 inside 50’s.

Josh Deluca – Just the 15 disposals for Deluca, along with 3 marks and 9 tackles. Also gave away 5 frees in the Peel Thunders 69-101 loss to South Fremantle.


Jake Barrett – Was second on the UWS Giants disposal tally (behind Rhys Palmer who had a lazy 52 disposals, 9 tackles, 11 inside 50’s and kicked 4.2), finishing with 35 disposals, 7 marks, 9 tackles and 6 inside 50’s as the Giants defeated Canberra 132-79.

Harrison Himmelberg – Continues his recent run of good form, finishing with 28 disposals, 11 marks and 5 inside and 5 rebound 50’s.

Jeremy Finlayson – Finlayson had 21 disposals, 5 marks, 3 tackles and kicked a goal.

Rhys Mathieson – Led the Lions in disposals with 29 as they defeated Redland 54-53 to record their very first win of the 2016 NEAFL season. Mathieson also had 6 marks, 3 tackles and 5 inside 50’s.

Josh McGuiness – McGuiness had 27 disposals, 9 marks and 3 rebound 50’s.

Matthew Hammelmann – Another big game from Hammelmann, finishing with 26 disposals, 16 marks and 2 tackles. With the injury to Tom Bell, the Lions have elevated Hammelmann and he will make his AFL debut this week.

Trent West – Combined with Archie Smith to dominate win the ruck battle, Archie Smith had 23 hitouts and West had 33, along with 10 disposals and 3 marks.

Jordan Foote – Led the way for the Swans reserves with 34 disposals, 3 marks and 10 tackles. Has had a very good last 4 weeks of footy, averaging 27 disposals during that time.

Nic Newman – 29 disposals, 10 marks, 5 tackles and 5 rebound 50’s for Newman in the Swans 110-47 win over Aspley.

Abe Davis – Davis had 18 disposals, 8 marks and 3 rebound 50’s.

Sam Naismith – Led the way in the ruck with 35 hitouts, as well as 10 disposals, 2 marks, 4 tackles and 1.1

Tom Papley – Made his return via the NEAFL and had 8 disposals, 4 marks, 3 tackles and kicked 1.1

Bye – Gold Coast

And that is it from me this week. Remember to go and lock in your CoachKings side for the fantastic play at home match tonight. As far as trading goes, which rookies will you be sending out to the woodshed this week? And which premos are you looking to bring in? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter @BarronVonCrow

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Can I survive with a Heath Shaw-less backline?? Not doing amazing but still in top 1%
Backline would be Docherty, Simpson, Boyd, Bartel, Pittard and Laird


I don't mind that actually. Guaranteed a POD which could really pay off.
However if you could get one more premo back there (Shaw ideally, but anyone with a high ceiling would do) and loophole your way through from here that would be ideal.


Nice work BVC, great report.
I'm one that must look at moving Petracca on this round. My potential targets don't involve Crows or North, so I can wait to see what my opponents team looks like, before making a move. I can wait until Saturday actually, clearly a benefit when only going for league wins.


Great stuff as always Barron!
Community… would you consider this trade: Ollie Wines to Luke Parker???


Tipungwuti, Byrne-Jones and Keays to Docherty, Rance and S Reid leaves me with $248k in the bank. Good Trades?




Thanks champ


Which one to trade out from Tippa and Marcus Adams?


I've traded both

Big G

Any Tom Philips update?


Community, plzz help me with trades this week, i have 10 trades left with 20k in the bank
def- shaw, simpson, laird, pittard, gibson, DBJ( collins, lee)
mid- danger, pendles, priddis, parker, shiel, s.mitchell, liberatore, dunkley( keays, trengove, macpherson)
ruck- gawn, goldstein
fwd- martin, montagna, zorko, barlow, merret, j kennedy( hall, petracca)
Any ideas on what to do with hall at f7?


Suggested trades?

Shaw, Rance, Laird, Simpson, Rich, Adams, Tippa, Collins
Dangerfield, Pendles, Ablett, Parker, Gray, Libba, Hopper, Keays, Petracca,Trengove, Macpherson
Goldstein, Martin, Wyatt
Zorko, Barlow, Hall, Dahlhaus, Wells, Kerridge, Kennedy, Rose

15 trades before trades and $460k in the bank

BenKen -> Martin
Tippa -> Docherty

Good trades?

Southern S

Not bad Tom but your mid looks a bit weak?


How do you suggest I fix that?


Cull Kennedy for Tom Phillips.
Adams/Tippa should also go soon. Build the war chest and soon you should be able to upgrade Hopper and Petracca for premos. I'd look at Hannebry, Treloar or if you're into risk Luke Parker. All should be very cheap soon.


remember everyone that LOCKOUT is tonight at 7.50pm. No reversing trades after that time.

there is always someone!




Playing the bunnies in agraders league derek good luck.
Only fielding 18 (if phillips named damn rumours) and 1 emergency in def how you holdin up?


Anyone upgrading to Sloane I think he will come home well! Thoughts as a pod.


Does anyone know the news on Wells and how long he will be out for?


Just the one week, he has the bye next week so that helps.


Cheers fellas


Would be Suprising if he comes straight back after the Bye. Has already had Ankle and achilles injuries this year and was rushed back. Now he's having same issues, don't think they will rush him back again.


With KK out injured, do I hold or trade this useless stain?

Was going AMT & Keays to Simpson & Philips,

Or do I now go KK & Keays to Laird & Philips.


trade KK. Do It Now!


I'm holding. Too stubborn to take that loss. Will loophole him at D7 rest of the year. Fortunately this week I have all my defenders playing.


Didn't mention i already have laird


Going to try get rid of DBJ and Tippa but just not sure to who. Was thinking of downgrading DBJ to hipwood and then upgrading AMT to Any defender I want. Eg. rance. Thoughts?


Only have 6 trades left with 1 away from full premo but have 2 other trades locked in, do I trade Daulahus To delidio or hold?


I would hold daulhaus, he's only going to miss another 2-3 weeks with one of them being the bye, I would however suggest bringing in Deledio just not this week as he is set to drop in price.


delidio is playing Lions. get him in now.


I was planning to wait until next week then go Kerridge to Lids. Kedge be 55, Lids 129. Feel like I'll save a few bucks waiting.


Lids will hit his break even


Anyone please suggest me some trades

Def: Shaw, Laird, Simpson, Rich, AMT, DBJ (Collins, Ruggles)

Mid: Danger, Parker, Selwood, Libba, Neale, Sam Mitchell, Pendlebury, Ablett (Snadden,Davis, Mathiseon)

Ruck: Gawn, Goldy (Grimley)

Fwd: zorko, hall, wells, kerridge,wright, petracca (rose, cox)

I have 10 trades left, was wanting downgrade someone then upgrade just not sure who.


AMT and DBJ need to be upgraded along with Wright, Kerridge and Petracca, I suggest bring in Deledio, Dusty and Barlow into your forward line and bringing in Docherty and Rance into your backline. With five people needing upgrading you should downgrade 5 and upgrade 5, Cox should ready to downgrade/upgrade soon and so should Ruggles.


Sorry I actually forgot to mention dusty I already have him. I don't have hall anymore.


In that case I would bring in Montagna

Big G

If anyone hears anything further about Tom Philips, please let me know.


He was at my footy training last night and he was asked whether he would be playing this week
He said he was named in the 25 and will probably play this week. He seems like a great bloke

Big G

Can you send him a text and confirm it within one hour then?

Southern S

Teams will be released before the lockout.

Usually out at about 6:20 AEST

Big G



Current premo mids are Pendles, Ablett, Danger, Priddis, Ward, Parker, & Hanners (in 2 weeks). Who should be my last mid option out of Sloane, Rockliff, Neale Selwood? I've still got two other upgrades to do as well as 500k.


Out of those four I would choose Sloane or Neale, both pretty decent POD's, super consistent and good ceiling.


Thanks I was thinking similar, but not sure who; Do I go with Sloanetonight with an 80 odd break even, or wait on Neale to come down after his bye (169 be)


hey fellas, ranked 278th amd i have 997k in the bank after 3 downgrades last week and this is my team,

DEF: shaw, simpson, rance, laird, collins, ruggles (dbj, amt)
MID: danger, selwood, pendles, Ward, hopper, gresham, stewart, trengove (hannebery, libba, b. williams)
RUC: gawn, goldstein (grimley)
FWD: martin, barlow, zorko, wells, kerridge, hall (rose, petracca)

i obviously want to make 3 upgrades but i have a dilemma, im glad it is a good one to have.

the 3 players i want to get rid of are byrne-jones, tipungwuti and gresham/libba, i am unsure about trading libba or greham because gresham has a bit more cash to make potentially and he is playing this week but he isnt doing anything special, and libba is a better player but has a bye this week and would make me save more cash.

the players i want to bring are:

DBJ > Docherty (second best defender and not much to be said)
AMT (through williams dpp) > ablett neale or sloane, leaning towards neale as i think he wll be top 6 mid rest of year but sloane is tempting me and gaz is just gaz but i have doubts about him.
Gresham (Martin dpp) > deledio, he is very cheap this week and looks like best forward option.

i would apreciate help and advice on what trades i should make. Thank you




i would only be trading out players this week who are having their bye. therefore maximising the number of players you have on field this week and potentially being able to drop a few of the poor scores. i have a feeling with the poor weather this weekend, a premium or two might have a spud round.


So does that mean not making any trades


best person to downgrade to from DBJ?


Anyone else have Talia? I did from the start and proving to be an extremely good POD, started the season a bit slow but now has a three round average of 100.Has also made $160k for me.

Southern S

You picked a great one there, not sure how you predicted someone who usually averages about 50 to have a good year.


Stuck on what to do this week community would appreciate some help!

Team is
shaw simpson docherty laird bartel adams byrne-jones collins
danger pendles ward parker ablett libba kerridge dunkley stewart trengove d.cuningham
goldy gawn cox
zorko barlow martin hall amtippa petracca menadue philips

have 550k and 14 trades
Looking to bring in sloane then undecided where to move next. was planning to go amt/adams to dahlhause but he got injured and i cant decide other then him

thanks everyone


how long is wells out for?

Southern S

He is listed as test on the AFL injury list so it was a minor injury. Instead of risking one of their best players who is a bit injury prone they took the safe option.

He'll have two weeks to recover now so I'm 100% he'll return after their bye, unless of course he injures himself training.


cash is becoming a real problem. and to reach a full premium team there is still some cash to be made.

i posted this earlier, but thought it might be good to have a look at it again:

To calculate how much more cash you need:

First Step: add up the current value of ALL your non-premium players. This will include your non-playing ruckman, all of them. i have 8 on bench plus Trengove & BSmith still onfield = $2,257k

Second Step: identify the players who you want to bring in as a premium and calculate their value. I have Rance & Sloane = $1,022k.

Third step: how much cash/value will you need on your 8 man bench? I'm looking at having 3 non-playing rookies, 2 decent bench players (BSmith & Motlop) and 3 rookies = $102k x3, $400k x2, $180k x3 = $1,616k

How much additional cash you need is calclated as 1 – 2 – 3 = Cash Needed

For me it is $2,257 – $1,022 – $1,616 = -$381k (less $80k in have in bank) = $301k

obviously there are other factors at play and you need to adjust for price increases etc. but it gives a pretty good idea where you are at in a perfect world if trades weren't an issue.

I'm not sure that my cash-cows can generate another $301k (maybe more if Sloane and Rance increase in price next week), at least it gives you an idea.

Most people are already pretty close to full premium so might not be that meaningful to do the calculation.

Good luck, and remember the early lockout tonight!


Sloane or Dusty VC? Have danger as C

Southern S

Dusty vs Brisbane?

Sloane could score well tonight too though, tough call.


Hey guys,

Will the rest of the teams be out quickly enough before the Kangas v Crows game starts?

Southern S



Teams drop normal time (6.25) and lockout is 7.50


What rookie to target now that there is rumour that Phillips is out?


Also, I am very set on getting in Laird for DBJ, but should I let the wild and wet weather change my mind and opt for Rance instead since kicking skills will be significantly affected tonight?

Southern S

The weather of one game should not be a deciding factor on who you want in your team for the year.

One Touch Wonder

Last Chance to make the SHARK MOVE.


A shark might have more of a chance tonight, a touch wet in Adeeelaide at moment


I would say Tippa. Adams seems to have a higher ceiling. And in a better team

Shake n bake

Zorko out hurts!


Only fielding 17 now 🙁
Got him in last week :'(

The Ranger

Having a horrible few weeks……Hall, NicNat, Dahlhaus, Wells, and now Zorko.
So much for coming out of the byes strong.


hahahaha this is why you dont bother wasting yer facken time trading for byes.

other than my premos out from byes -JPK, Titch, Parker, Boyd, Zerret, say goodbye to

Wells, Zorko, Hopper and Buckley said Cox is unlikely to play… youch


Anyone VCing ya Goldsteins? or bit wet…


LOL… goldy has gone to the schiezen… guy has forgotten how to ruck this year… even daw is showing him up!!!! LOL

the only reason goldy has decent SC scores is coz of all the goals his kicked…

so to answer your question NO!!!

Southern S

Daw won't be showing him up as he's been dropped.

Wet, lots of stoppages……………could go big.

Personally though I'm putting the vice on Danger and if he stinks it up captain on Ablett.

Although Rockliff>Danger is a possibility.


Hmmm…. there should be lots of stoppages here in Adelaide tonight but I reckon Pendles VC into Danger C is a safer bet.


Worth the risk, Jacobs has looked crap this year




Well I am copping a donut this week thanks Zorko and Wells! Hall to Zorko 2 weeks back will haunt me for the rest of the year. Watch him get a 120+


Sam J Reid out, Mathieson in…there go my plans

Should bring in Stefan Martin for Nic Nat or go with Mathieson for greater cash generation.

What is everyone's thoughts on Mathieson's JS?

Southern S

Well he's been out for a bunch of games where they could of played him as he wasn't injured. JS not great.

Does it really matter too much does it though? At this time of the year as long as you have one or two on your mid bench with solid JS it should be enough.

There's not really many good options for downgrade targets I'm getting Phillips but he can be used int he forward line, with Petracca as my F7 I'm not too worried if he gets dropped.

Southern S

It doesn't really matter too much does it though?*


And going Menadue to Phillips last week instead of Macpherson is also going to haunt me. Even if menadue getsa 50 it is better than a bloody donut for the next two weeks…


hey guys,

deciding between picking up treloar this week or cotchin???

any advice would be helpful – both averaging about the same but looks like catch is on the rise and treloar is slipping?

cheers community


Treloar is more of a chance to average well for the rest of the season


Is Wines to Sloane good to avoid a donut or would something like Wines to Pendles be better, this option leaves me with little to no cash for upgrades.


anyone else gonna pull the trigger on hopper now that he is out and has the bye next week?


Probably should if you need the cash

Southern S

My shark move for the season was not to get Hopper in mid season for 200K!

He's a burn man just like I said he would be!

Sorry just wanted to make a high impact shark move statement like One Touch Wonder 🙂

(By the way not bagging you One Touch your posts are entertaining)


yeah I find I am kind of hoping One Touch Wonders shark move comes off even though I'm not doing it! I like that One Touch is putting it on the line

Southern S

Yep good to see something different.


I'm with you Southern….. Just wondering if he scored a 50 or 60 in his first game would so many coaches would've jumped on him..

Southern S

No they probably wouldn't have, I reckon there will be a few trading him out this week, he used up 2 trades and only made 70k. Ouch.


… luckily this is the bye round with the most players this week. Some shitness at the selection table this week. Might have to go a week early on a couple of players. Disappointing that Deledio is not DPP


I think this is the only time this year that I am happy to have Menapoo in my team


same here Danners


I was ready to go Menadue to Delidio. Now change plan, TLee to Delidio, even better.


Yep, those 13 points could be valuable.

The Master

The poo was not worth trading out and was a useful loop hole player when he was not playing and now in my hour of need to fill 18 spots he pops back up and pulls me out of the poo. thankyou Connor Menadue you have now earned your real name. After this week it would be nice if you could go back to being a loophole option.

Big G

cheer him on to get 3 kicks this week.


you never know, look at how Davis rose from the dead, even McGovern this week had his best score of the year.


R Davis looks like he's an emergency on AFL app


Team is
shaw simpson docherty laird bartel adams byrne-jones collins
danger pendles ward parker ablett libba kerridge dunkley stewart trengove d.cuningham
goldy gawn cox
zorko barlow martin hall amtippa petracca menadue philips

have 550k and 14 trades
Bringing in sloane for dunkley?? then not sure what else to make a move on
thanks everyone


Hmmm 53 pages of notes..Bye strag sorted. 1.1m in bank ready to go 3 upgrades and 19-20 playing. Bang Zorko,wells,hooper probably Cox and Stewart . Excellent.Bye Bye top 400. Focus on leagues now.

The Ranger

Hahaha! I know the feeling mate, the last few rounds have been horrible!


Derek what is yout thoughts on Wines to Sloane to avoid a donut?


I was told to stop recommending Sloane to other people 😉


I ended up not making the trade and will have to suck up the donut as I cry to sleep…


You can still go Pendles


Yeh I could just thinking maybe waiting for Hanners to drop in price would be better. Only have 10 trades and have Smith, Rich, Libba on top of Wines and still need to upgrade 2 players


Only 16 playing this week after Wells and Hopper out so I need to pick the right VC and C
Thinking About Rocky in Danger


ohhhh majak no one respects you do they? i like, come to the bombers


Not playing footy, but if he was a male stripper…


Hopper to Phillips to avoid having 17 players?


Fantasy football is starting to change me. Upon reading that Zorko was omitted due to personal reasons, my first reaction wasn't "Oh i hope everything is ok with him", it was "could this prick have picked a worse time?". Do i need help?

Pauly Walnuts

I'm thinking Mathieson is a better option than Phililps ,better JS & Cow now that Bell is out ,thoughts ?


Phillips has DPP

The Master

Anyone that has the nickname "the Beast" is worth a try, I am getting The Beast this week and Phillips next week as my final downgrade.


My trades over the next couple of week
This week
Dbj davis and Dahlhous
For rance neale lids or rance pendles and montagna
And next week hurn for pittard

Or should i make an extra trade and bring in lids and pendles?
Ill either have 8 or 7 trades left depending on which set of trades i do
Im just not sold on montagna
But dont want to burn the extra trade but will if lids and pendles are a better options


Have traded Tippa to Rance and Dahlhaus to Deledio and wondering whether it's worth getting rid of McPherson to Phillips to get me 20 players this week and open the mid/fwd swing.

Shake n bake

Got in Sloane this week & made him vc 141 before scaling I have no choice but to take his score??

Southern S

Nice job yeah I'd take it for sure.

One Touch Wonder

Tex managed 101 in crappy conditions against a pretty good team. Just checking how Daniel Wells did….. Can't seem to find him….. Oh well, maybe Wells will do better than Tex next week?


Man what if North don't make the 8?
The percentage is leaking bad

Southern S

If they lose two of the next four they are in trouble, with the tough last rounds of the season against top teams.


I'd laugh


So with Zorko, Wells, and KK out, putting the VC on Goldy and Brodie Smith scoring 47, my Head to Head is lost before we even get to the second game.
I cannot stand these byes! I'd only lost 1 match before them, but even though I planned for them, I will lose both the first 2 byes with all this Friggen carnage.
Round 16 cannot come quick enough!!!!!!!


What was the story with BSmith. Did he do a tagging role? 47 is poor.

Caroline Wilson

I'm very offended that my captain Goldstein scored only 99 points, I'm sure champion data has rigged this in an attempt to screw me over. That is why I am going to sue "SuperCoach" to compensate for the hard ship I have experienced unless they can publically apologise to me. I shouldn't be treated like this, because I'm a woman!


Fòok off Caroline.

Press Red for Ed

I'd pay 50 to have someone hold her head under water.


Trump started all this!

Reality Guy

While I don't like Eddie let's face it the joke went too far because of what Frawley said, not Eddie.

We're one step closer to controlling the words and actions of people, goodbye freedom of speech In Australia.

If the roles had been reversed and it was a female talking about a male nobody would give a stuff.


Have to change plans as I am sure many do. Of these 2 options, what do you prefer:
Option 1 – Out: DBJ, McDT and Hopper. In: Simpson, Deledio, Phillips. Means I only have 18 on ground this week
Option 2 – Out: McDT/DBJ, Libba and Hopper. In: Simpson, Deledio, Phillips. Means I have 19 on ground this week as Rich would swing into mids and then be traded next week.


Trade AMT or Adams??
Can't do both

Sir Charles

Doesn't really matter, just do the other one next week.
If you're keeping one, I'd keep Adams.

Southern S

Not too sure if I agree with these guys AMT has been pretty consistent and no injuries, just one game rested.

Grant Flack

Morning all, a little help if I can please.
Looking to trade DBJ out, but unsure whether to downgrade or top out on premiums at the back – current side is below, with $277k in the bank.
Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Burgoyne, Laird, Collins, DBJ, Brown
Danger, Ward, Ablett, Shiel, Parker, Gibbs, Liba, Petracca, Gresham, Stewart, Dunkley
Gawn, Goldy, Grimley
Kennedy, Wells, Greene, Riewoldt, Kerridge, Merrett, Cox, Milera

Still have 11 trades, and 18 players for this week, so could bring in Allir for the coin, or go to Bartel (has bye next week, but could be time to get him)


You could probably hold off this week, Grant. Might cost you 5-10k but I'm not a fan of bringing in players a week before their bye. Bartel would round off your backline perfectly

Grant Flack

Thanks Kev, I will wait on Bartel. Are there any cheap defenders to dowgrade DBJ to, and then upgrade Collins to Bartel next week.
Or is this a waste of a trade?? Would leave me with 9, but backline settled with Brown as cover.


Whos the better option T. Phillips or Mathieson? Not sure who to take?


Locked and Loaded

Thinking of a shark move and blowing the competition wide open by trading Libba as Bulldogs have the bye for Lachie Neale just to win this week, could also be a genius move for the remainder of the season, thoughts?


BE 160 and bye next week. Can you cover him being out R15? Think Libba is at top price atm, and the bye so not a bad time to get of him.

The Beard

anyone know how you can reverse trades now? i traded out DBJ for Simpson and can't reverse it? Need to change it to AMT so I can afford another upgrade and can't see the reverse button?

Baggy Pants

Cant reverse once the round has started.


To late champ


Sorry 'ol mate. Should've read Derek's useful post, it was the 12th one in this thread.


there is always one! sorry mate

The Beard

bugger 😐


Bartel or Rance…leaning towards Rance 50k cheaper and already had bye….thoughts?


What round is the SC grand final?


Need to get rid of Chat (small potato) Wingard. Is montagna too sideways?


Have 6 defenders on field and Sam Collins on bench? Can I put rich on bench and Adams on field and get Collins score?