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RD13: The Heroes. The Villains. The Damned.

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Big Carl CoachKings CommunityOne down, two to go.

The first of the dreaded bye rounds has come and gone and those who prepared well managed to negotiate it successfully.

This is the make or break period of the SuperCoach season, the chance to either shoot up the ranks or fall on your sword.

Colossal scores from the likes of Patrick Dangerfield, Michael Barlow, Tom Rockliff and Joel Selwood helped propel many coaches to respectable scores, with some even passing the 2000 mark.

Those who were smart enough to field 20 or more players benefited significantly, as this allowed sub par totals from many of our rookies to be discarded.

A special week is here community.

Sit down and brace yourself. We ALL get to play CoachKings free as a bird from the comfort of our homes this Thursday night, and for the following 3 Thursday night games. The lads will be announcing prizemoney and more details of their online call of the game on the podcast tomorrow. Wear a pair of your older underpants just in case. Trust you’re as aroused as I am.

It’s been a big weekend for The Warradale Hotel and for Nicky Rawson. Nick not only qualified for The Warradale Venue Final, but takes home $1000 for the best CoachKings score for Round 13.

Nick Rawson CoachKings Winner

The Heroes

Patrick Dangerfield (173 SC)

Fast running out of superlatives to describe the efforts of this superhuman. Looks an absolute shoe-in for the Brownlow and has scored a staggering 402 SuperCoach points in the past two weeks. Is reaching god-like Gary Ablett Junior heights when the little master was in his prime. It is refreshing to have a dependable go-to captain option to turn to each week.

Michael Barlow (168 SC)

Has been reinvigorated in the new run-with role bestowed upon him in the past three weeks. Never thought I would say this, but thank you, Ross Lyon. Not only is he absolutely shredding his opponents, but is racking up plenty of the pill himself. Kept Robbie Gray to just 18 touches while amassing 43 of his own. Will he go to Pendles, Sidebottom or Treloar this week?

Tom Rockliff (130 SC)

Provided he can stay fit, he looms as an almighty POD for his owners for the rest of the season. Just racks them up and thrives in a losing environment. Plays a very fantasy-friendly game and racks up the tackles as well as possessions. Almost a must-have in the midfield if he can keep his body right.

Honourable mentions: Lachie Neale (149 SC), Joel Selwood (130 SC), Jordan Lewis (129 SC), Daniel Wells (123 SC), Corey Enright (129).


The Villains

Robbie Gray (78 SC)

Got an absolute touch up by Barlow which is rare for a player of his calibre. Undeniable talent-wise, but has been hot and cold this season. Needs to put together a few games of substance to become relevant again.

Tom Liberatore (74 SC)

The majority have kept him, and will continue to do so. There is no doubt his previous knee injury is restricting him from reaching the heights he did so a couple of seasons ago, when he was the AFL’s number one contested player. But still worth holding on to, in my opinion.

Tom Mitchell (79 SC)

The darling of the AFL a couple weeks back, it was expected that Tom would dominate against an undermanned Essendon side. Still got plenty of the ball, but his disposal efficiency was a horrific 40 per cent. I love his ability to be able to find the pill, but needs to clean up his efficiency if he is to become a truly elite AFL mid.

Honourable mentions: Josh Gibson (49 SC), Chad Wingard (78 SC), Dan Hannebery (85 SC).


The Redeemers

Jimmy Bartel (130 SC)

Has flown under the radar, this bloke. For years an elite fantasy player, many old school coaches would have locked him in when they discovered he was eligible as a defender. Always a question over tooth length and if he will be rested. But having said that, he is a legitimate option as a top six defender this season. Uses the ball as well as anyone in the competition.

Jarrad McVeigh (130 SC)

Another defender to emerge as a genuine top six prospect. Has taken a little time to get going this season but looks to be finding form. Has the bye this week and probably worth looking at for another week or two before bringing him in. But at just $440K with a break even of just 76, is very tempting.

Luke Parker (102 SC)

Such has been his drop in form, it is getting to the point where Parker owners celebrate a ton like a great achievement. In reality, he is still well off the pace, despite a solid match where he racked up a truckload of tackles. Efficiency hurting his scoring significantly.

Honourable mentions: Stef Martin (140 SC).


The Prodigies

Jack Trengove (67 SC)

Job security is excellent, has a good pedigree and should be able to produce reliable scores. Has had a wretched run with injuries, but, touch wood, finally looks to have got his body right. Excellent bench cover for the remainder of the season.

Jarrad Jansen (60 SC)

Looks likely to get an extended run at an inside role in the Lions’ midfield.  If he can keep pumping out some half decent scores, should be a nice little cash cow.

James Rose (77 SC)

Like Trengove, costed owners a little extra, but appears to be worth the spend provided he can keep his spot in the Swans team.  Was pretty good for Sydney in a rain-soaked match.

Honourable mentions: Kade Stewart (56 SC), Sam Collins (59 SC), Logan Austin (41 SC), Darcy Tucker (46 SC), Josh Dunkley (35 SC).


The Damned

Matt Priddis (76 SC)

If I was a Priddis owner, I would be growing mighty impatient. Seems to have lost his mojo this season. Rockliff at the same money a few weeks ago is appearing a much better option. I’m sure the golliwog Pridda will prove use wrong at some point, though.

Darcy Byrne-Jones (49 SC)

Has been very serviceable to his owners and made a respectable amount of cash. But with the bye this week, it’s time to go for the hyphen man. Thank you for serving us well, Darcy.

Daniel Rich (72 SC)

Probably not worth trading, but has been a constant disappointment to his owners this season. Many have stuck by him loyally, but he just can’t produce then numbers we need. Well off the pace for a top six spot in defence.


Honourable mentions: Marcus Adams (62 SC), Ben Kennedy (40 SC).



Over to you Community, who were your Heroes and Villains from this round?

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Are we convinced on Rockliff now? I've never questioned his scoring abilities but more so his ability to stay injury free.

Rick Grimes

I don't think you can ever be sure of him staying injury free. I'll be surprised if he goes the rest of the season without missing a game. I've had him from the start so my fingers are crossed, but you need to be prepared to bench him on occasion. So if you have plenty of trades in hand, get on board.

Benjamima Puddleduck

without looking at stats, but im sure his previous end of seasons have been outstanding


Missed the boat, better options at that price


Sam Mitchell worth picking up at assumedly his bottom price…?

Chicken Dinner

Maybe better to go with people that have had their bye already.


Oh yeah, after his bye. Just putting my upgrade target list together.


Docherty or Simpson

Rick Grimes

I have Simpson, but would prefer Doc. He has a higher ceiling. Can't go wrong with either, or both.


Simpson, Docherty looks good, but still feel he can't keep it up

I N Pieman

Rich a constant disappointment to owners. That's a polite was of say Daniel Shit is an absolute spud. Soon as someone goes near him his hoists the white flag & surrenders. Does nothing to try & evade the tag & find space. He's just rubbish & soft. Brisbane should trade him for a mouldy sandwich. Despite the lack of trades I'm sick of him & I'm getting rid of him

Southern S

He averages 80-85 practically every year, Been doing it for 8 years nobody should be surprised.

Every year it's always the same old stuff 'but Rich will be getting more mid time'



Next week is going to be very satisfying when he finally leaves my team


Same here. Plan is to trade Rich to Docherty if I don't bring him in this week.


Looking to bring in my final mid premo…. tossing coins over GAJ and Pendles.
Opinions PLEASE


Whats everyones plans for Nic Nat?
I already have gawn, so Im tossing up between Martin/Jacobs this week or wait 2 weeks for Goldy. All 3 players have pros and cons. cant decide


I'm waiting on Goldie's price to drop more, others just aren't reliable enough to risk precious trades. Could be a straight swap come Rd. 16 with his high BE (167).


I'd be waiting for Goldies price to drop as well. I'm not convinced on Martin just yet as a ruckman I'd like to bring in just yet. Remember Big Stef only went up a third string ruck in Giles on the weekend. I thought Martin could have done plenty more around the ground than what he produced. Had Martin gone up against Goldy or Gawn he would have gotten a nice old touch up in my view


Same question I have but decided to wait until Rd 16 and pick up Goldie then. Just make sure you have a ruck coverage because he will be rested at some point.


Points are more important, get a bloke on the park. I rage traded Kruzer to Blicavs partway into the season, sent to the mids when I full ruck Nic/Nat + Goldy, and then sent Nic Nat to Dangermouse when Nic Nat went down… I'm thinking Jacobs/Blicavs are the value pics, but Gawn and Goldy are now a clear 1, 2 punch going forward. Gotta get punching quickly.


Love your work, but not sure how Bartel fits in the category of redeemer. He's averaging 100 and his lowest score over the past 8 weeks has been 93, and hasn't missed a game all year. If you picked him up at the start, then truly a set and forget if ever there was one.

Southern S

Yep and Stefan Martin only got an honourable mention?

Stefan Martin is a redeemer that should have been highlighted and had a spiel.

Bartel is more a hero.


Are we getting rid of Libba this week? And if so, is Pendles a good move?


I am to Steven, have Pendles. Good move if nothing else more important.

Bolton's Blues

1 trade for sure is Byrne to Lids (Via AMT Swing)

thinking AMT to Bartel, but i have 255k in the chest so ill save it till Bartel has his bye and then get him the week after that, leaving 8 trades, with Kerridge (apart from Wells and Libba) the only upgrade i need to do.


I can do Byrne, AMT, Kerridge/Hall > Lids, Zorko, Bartel, all this week and still have 18 playing in both bye rounds.

Right now i have 7k to spare if i do those 3 trades, if i dont, that 7k could mean i miss out on one of those players the week after next, thoughts?


Wells and Halls avg dictates keepers in my team. The rest need upgrading.


Wells is a keeper regardless.. not sure why you are only looking at his average for an indication. Only reason he isn't considered for some to be a keep is his prone to injuries.


So if Wells was fit but averaged 50 he'd stay in your team. Form dictates average.


Brand to Rance is a lot of coin, no closer upgrade? Libba should be last upgrade but hard to tell without seeing your side.


Do I bring dusty in this week or do people think he will cop the tag from Robinson and dish up a shit one?


If he takes Robbo FWD he'll kick 10


O.McDonald to Rance
Libba to Ablett

Me thinks this good moment


I think me correct


Hi community. Thoughts on downgrade options this week. Sam Reid is on the bubble and cheap at 119k. Or… take a punt on one of last weeks debutants, Hipwood Bris and/or Kennedy Giants. The latter replaced Stevie J and kicked 3 goals for his first game but both are over 160k and JS i'm not sure about. Any input appreciated.


Got Mathieson? He should get named this week for his third game


Do not have Mathieson yet….. Will wait until teams get announced. Like him and Phillips from Pies more than the 3 i mentioned. Cheers.


I am thinking of the following trades this week
Adams to Docherty (or Simpson)
Wines to Ablett
Petracca to Martin (or Deledio)
I am 90% that i am going for docherty, not sure whether or not to go Martin or Deledio


Teams usually tag Cotchin, but with the form of Martin, it wouldn't surprise if they tagged dusty


Did Tag Priddis R1 too and Priddis had 40+




AMT to dils or joey this week? Both have high b/e's.


Here is my team:
I am in desperate need of help with my round 15 looking grimmer and grimmer the more I think about it and look for a solution. The Hall to Zorko trade last week is the main reason for this screwup and I didn't think about the consequences and now I am paying for it. I have no round 15 rookies that are worth trading so may be forced to bring in a ruckman I do not rate much from last weeks bye or this weeks bye or trade Rich next week. Was planning to go Tippa to Doch this week and even that trade is screwed over because I did not realise I would have to bench a player then. Most likely going Ben Ken to Lids this week and that is the only trade I am close to certaintly going to do this week. Any advice/ critisism is greatly appreciated for trades for the next two rounds as I cannot find and adequate solution and taking a donut next week may be my best option.


Hi Nicholas, it does look like you could have a rough round 15. How many do you think you'll be able to field?

One donut in one week isnt the end of the world. I scored over 2000 last week, have 20 playing this week, but will only have 18 (if lucky) for the final week. A donut during the byes is likely to only cost you around 50-70 points, which really isn't bad. Your team looks decent. If round 15 matters alot to you, rich could be upgraded. However, I'd focus on upgrading the likes of MCDTiP(bye), Petracca (bye) and Smith (has had bye) to premiums if you have the cash. Collins may be somewhat ready to cull by round 15, so a downgrade or upgrade could mean another body on the field. Hope some of this helps Nicholas


Should be able to field 17 in round 15 at best. What do you think about Nic Nat and when should I trade him now for Marrin or wait for Goldy. After I go Ben Ken to lids I should have full premo forward and mid with just one defender to go. Upgradin smith would lead to me holding Wines or Libba on the bench, I can upgrade Tippa to maybe Docherty as I have 450k, however this would lead to me benching Collins and possibly Brand if he plays. Will probably go Wines/Libba to Hanners/ Neale in a few rounds but am kinda low on trades. Thanks for your help!


I traded NicNat to Gawn last week. i know you already have gawn, have you considered Jacobs? Crows have a great run home, he has already had his bye and a good price.

Big G

Does Rocky contribute anything besides a load of cheap possessions in a losing side and cheap fantasy points? If ever a player racks up fantasy points, but does not actually have an influence it would be him


Lions got smashed on the weekend, in fact the score flattered them a bit, they were very poor. BUT they score 250 more SC points than WCE.

me thinks the lions have given up on the AFL and are playing for their Supercoach scores. Rocky is the best in the business.

Big G

Agree Derek. Point taken that it is only a game, but has devout sc followers, we are led to believe that the sc scoring reward players that actually influence the game. Watching some Lions put up such big scores after gauging cheap possessions is frustrating.


gotta agree. he aint a great footy player. Dozens more in the comp have more influence with half the touches


Out of the teams rested who is the best def mid & fwd to bring in?
Don't include Simpson Pendels Ablett Dusty Montagna Laird as I have them.
When I sell Adams fwd Dunkley mid & B Jones def I'll have 1.7 mil to spend


Docherty and Lids


Sloane is a standout in the mids for me.
Lids is still a bit pricey, but the pick of the teams rested.

The Beard


One of my last trades (injury allowing)

Deledio in for Hall or Kerrige or Petracca


Time for kedge to go

The Ranger

I'd go Kerridge mate

Southern S

Not too sure, kerridge already had his bye. BE of 57. Known to ton up often.

Petracca on his bye this week. BE 55. Tough call.

I would've ditched Hall when he had his two weeks off personally, but may as well hold now.

Southern S

Kerridge only has 4 tons this season actually I exaggerated.

Anyway still a tough choice.


$500k in the bank currently.

Looking at Papsmear – Zorko (I know i've kept him sitting on the bench but missed viable options)

Either Wines or Libba – Gaz

14 trades left, thoughts on this?


Looks good mate.


Keays to Philips, KK or AMT to Laird?


Hi team is:

Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Bartel, Rance, Laird (Collins, Brand)

Dangerfield, Ablett, Selwood, Rockliffe, T. Mitchell, Priddis, R Gray, Parker (Trengrove, Gresham, Jansen)

Goldstein, Gawn (Whyatt)

Zorko, Martin, Wells, Z. Merrett, Delidio, Hall (Phillips, Cox)

9 trades left. Hoping the team can be considered full premium. My questions are: A) How many luxury trades can I use? And B) how hard/soft should I go on luxury trades if going for overall?

Thanks for anyone who takes the time


team looks good.

to have a crack at rank, you need to have a good M9/F7 player plus a non-player to loophole with. Barlow/Montagna if you have the cash. gives you the chance to have two bites each week with a player who play in the early game and if you have a player get rested for a week. might take another 3 trades though, depends on your bank balance now. well worth it though.

The Master

Your team looks great, I would just hold trades now for finals or injuries. Go hard at the end when everyone else has run out of trades.


Looks strong, I think a good trade-off of scoring potential and trades left. But, I notice guys like Kerridge, Tracca and Adams missing. Are you sure you haven't culled too early this round in the rush to hit full premo? Bench cover is a bit scant.

Other thing to think about is looking to upgrade any of Hall, Parker, Gray and Priddis if you think they will not do what you paid them for (any of them could turn it around at any time, tough call but there are lots of good mids that will be cheap over next couple weeks).


PS judging from strength of your squad I assume you are ranked pretty highly, you can add me as a rival if you want 🙂


hahaha team is same as mine except for bench cover, rocky (who will miss weeks) Gray and Parker. I have Pendles, JPK and Neale.

Also still have Libba and Petracca as swing in the fwds.


Community, plzz help me with trades this week, i have 10 trades left with 20k in the bank
def- shaw, simpson, laird, pittard, gibson, DBJ( collins, lee)
mid- danger, pendles, priddis, parker, shiel, s.mitchell, liberatore, dunkley( keays, trengove, macpherson)
ruck- gawn, goldstein
fwd- martin, montagna, zorko, barlow, merret, j kennedy( hall, petracca)


Can't wait to jump on Hannebry in a couple of weeks! Should be at a ripper price.


Bingo. He is my target wines or liba upgrade. Can't wait


Yep I was budgeting $570-580k. Should be a fair bit below that


Oh mate im all firm thinking about it, cant wait to whack the old fella on the table and just go silly with excitement.


Community, thoughts plz
Should I upgrade either Kerridge or Libba to Pendles this week and have the other as my M9?

Papa Joe

I would upgrade libba to Pendles only if you have full premo and leave kerridge has M9. At least he has DP status and can swing fwd if needed


Def: Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Laird, TIPPA, Collins, (ADAMS, AUSTIN)
Mid: Danger, Pendles, HANNEBERY, Ablett, Rockliff, PRIDDIS, LIBBA, PARKER (Hopper, TRENGOVE, MacPherson)
Ruc: GAWN, Goldy (GRIMLEY)
Fwd: Martin, Wells, Barlow, FRANKLIN, Hall, Kerridge (PETRACCA, Phillips)

Am going DBJ and Kennedy for Simpson and Phillips but am not sure about the third trade
Thinking Adams/Tippa to Savage or Rance
$280k left

I need help as I have 17 playing this week if I don't do another trade


Or I could go Libba to Neale but that seems stupid to do that considering Neale has the bye next week

Papa Joe

Adams to Rance/Bartell. Tippa averaging slightly more than Adams over the past few weeks and is more likely to play each week.


Thoughts on Savage?
Or should I go Rance or Enright this week?

Southern S

Rance is the safest option.

Savage and Enright good pods.

With Enright it's highly possible he'll be rested before finals, more so than Jimmy Bartel.

I'd go with Rance or savage out of those three.


Savage I want for the POD and the price and I want Rance for the points


And thoughts on McVeigh?
I was thinking JJ for my last def spot but am thinking of McVeigh now

Southern S

Not convinced, good scoring far and few.

I'd wait on JJ?


Mcveigh is an interesting one.
I brought him in as I thought he would be the general across half back and take most kick outs. However he is not always playing that role which is so lucrative in supercoach. Last week for instance, spent a quarter or 2 in the forward pocket and went knowhere near it.

If you were guaranteed he would be playing half back 100%, he is a very viable option.




Rocky or Hanners for last mid spot? Would get rocky this week, or hanners in a few

Southern S

Rocky has the round 15 bye though? he's already rocketed in price and has a 119 BE so no rush on that purchase.

I like the Rocky choice though but if you don't have a solid M9 then forget it.


Hannebery, much less injury prone

Southern S

Shaw, Docherty, Bartel, Simpson, Smith, Laird – Adams/Collins

Dangerfield, Hannebery, Pendlebury, Ablett, Zaharakis, Priddis, Gray – Libbe/Stewart/Trengove

Gawn/Nic Nat – King

Martin, Wells, Barlow, Kerridge, Lyons, Deledio – Brown/Petracca

13,884,900 Team value with 209,500 in the bank. I've hit the14 mill mark.

Started rookie heavy to get here and traded my arse off. The team above is after three trades this week.

Leaves me with 5 trades, still have to get rid of Nic Nat to Goldy after his bye.

Will probably trade in Phillips to generate more cash and possibly do a couple of upgrades just before or during finals.

Possibly upgrade Adams and move Smith to the bench. Similar story in the forward line too, maybe Kerridge to the bench. Thinking Lyons can be kept as a POD F6 up forward with only 5% ownership.

I'm in a lot of trouble if injuries strike me down but hey it's a game and I'm going for league wins so wanted a really high value side early.

May the supercoach gods smile upon me and not strike my players down with many injuries.

Southern S

Oops left out Rockliff he's also in my midfield.


Great work mate. Only a couple trades away from a nice complete team to exit the byes with!

Southern S

Thanks Beagz. Wanted more PODs in my team but it didn't end up that way sadly.

Canned parker this week not only due to his low performances but I think with Tippet out and a tough run home all the Sydney mids are going to struggle a bit, they Have Doggies, Geelong, Hawks, North, Port, Freo and Carlton (wrong order of games btw)

Ditched Hall the other week gave him enough chances. I think by getting rid of a lot of the 40% owned players I guess I've created a not so cookie cut team in the end.

Southern S

And yes I've kept Zaharakis and Liberatore over Parker some may find that weird but that's my shark move for finals.


Zaharakis and Libba over Parker?! Nope, can't work that one out…

Southern S

Zaharakis in about 15% of teams

Rest of season games – WCE, Saints, Rich, Bris, Adelaide, Geelong, GCS, WB, Carl (Rnd23)

Other than the game against Freo and North where he was tagged out of the game Zaha's scoring has been pretty good.

Last 5 – 78, 122, 20, 92, 96

Parker 40% teams – Now with no Tippett

RoSG – WB, Geelong, Hawks, Carlton, Freo, Port, Saints, North, Saints (Rnd23)

Last 5 – 120, 67, 104, 59, 102

I just feel like sydney has a tougher run home without their best ruckmen and he could be tagged.

Another key factor for me is that almost all my mates in the leagues have parker as well as a lot of my mids.

Both players performed poorly against North, and Sydney play them again.

Zaharakis scored only 20 vs Freo which has really affected his average, Sydney are yet to play them, and they play North again. With no no.1 ruckmen.

Southern S

Final Rnd 23 game for parker is Rich not saints*

Bolton's Blues

Nice team mate, not sold on the Parker move, but those moves separate yourself from everyone else and could win or lose you some league games, worth the risk considering his form.

Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Bartel, Rance, Laird – Collins, Lee
Danger, Parker, Shiel, Sloane, Ablett, Libba, Priddas, Cripps – Stewart, Dunkley Trengrove
Gawn, Goldy – Grimley
Zorko, Martin, Dahlhaus, Wells, Hall/Kerrdige, Delidio – Petracca, Rose

Not sure if i wanna trade Kerridge or Hall out for Zorko, right now ive stuck with Hall but im still not certain, Ive got 7 trades left but will be 6 when i trade Dunkley to Phillips and bank the 100k for later, or make another trade.

Always valued your opinion on SC, dont worry about the trolls *thumbs up*

Southern S

Thanks, can still reverse the Parker move, not set in stone yet but I feel I need to get rid of people with a high ownership unless they are a top player in the position. I feel Libbe has more upside and consistency than Parker at the moment.

Your team is looking nice you have some good PODs there. Like the Shiel, Sloane and Cripps picks especially.

You've held Hall this long may as well give him a run now, Kerridge already had his bye and a low BE so may as well hold on to him for a couple of rounds at least too.

Higgo's Dog

Hey apart from footywire where can I get this rounds breakevens?


Why do you need to have another website just use footywire



Higgos dog



Nice Carl, Dangerfield is going nearly aswell as Jono Brown in '06.

Who would you go Deledio, Martin or Montagna to bring in this week aswell as 1 of Pendles GAJ or Hanners. Can work out to pick the mids up after their bye so thats not an issue. Only other thing is if i have both lids and martin I've also got Rance. 3 Tigers, is that to many??
Thoughts much appreciated.

The Beard

Lads two questions : who should I be going for out of Deledio, Montagna, Barlow (worried), Merrett ???

Have Zorko, Martin, Wells.

Who should I I be trading out Hall, Kerrige or Petracca ???



Thoughts on Trent Cotchin?
Dropped below 100 twice this year and one of those games he was carrying a fractured cheekbone
Scores of 114, 115, 122, 151 in the last 4 weeks and averages 111 this year
Fresh of his bye and valued at 579k with an ownership of just 2.2%


doesnt score big


Does look good, but not sure whether he can keep it up though and is a bit expensive


Community I need some help with trades this week.
I have 9 trades and $217,600 in the bank.
My team is:

DEF: Shaw Docherty B.Smith KK S.Collins J.Joyce (DBJ*, K.Collins*)

MID: Danger Pendles Jelwood Zaka* J.Smith Davis Hopper Trengove* (Hanners* Parker* Libba*)

RUCK: Goldy Cox (Gawn*)

FWD: Martin Wells Kerridge M.Adams* Petracca* Rose* (Wingard* Chol)

I'm thinking of trading DBJ and KK though that means I have to get 2 defenders so I'm thinking of adding a forward or midfielder as well.



You're gonna be lucky to complete full premo, I'd focus on the backline but wouldn't touch KK just yet you've got bigger problems with the amount of rookies still on field


Community, need help with trades this week, I have 12 trades with 340k in the bank. Team is

Shaw, Simpson, Docherty, Laird, Bartel, Tippa, Austin, Collins

Ablett, Dangerfield, Selwood, Pendlebury, Parker, Gray, Libba, Davis, Trengove, Jansen, McPherson

Goldstein, Gawn, Loersch

Martin, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kerridge, Petracca, Dahlhaus, Menadue

Thinking of Tippa to Rance, Dahlhaus to Montagna/Deledio and keeping Kerridge/ Petracca and upgrade Davis.


Heres my team

DEF: Shaw, Simpson, Gibbo, KKolo, DBJ, Adams (Collins, Broad)
MID: Danger, Hanners, Jelwood, Ablett, Ward, Steven, Shiel, Libba (Trengove, Steward, Macpherson)
RUC: Gawn, Martin (Currie)
FWD: Dusty, Barlow, Zorko, Hall, Wells, Kerridge (Tippa, Petracca)

I have 13 trades left and 183k left in the bank. What trades should I make


McTip to Phillips
DBJ to Doch


Is Doherty worth the extra $$$ over Rance for my last backline slot?


Same dilemma, gone Docherty currently but $$$ hurts


I'm getting Rance, Doch just to exp


getting rid of petracca and can afford a midfielder under 600k

current MIDS: Danger, Ablett, Hannebery, Ward, Shiel, Priddis, Lewis

who should i get community – Steven, Neale, Selwood, Cotchin, Rockliff, Sloane



Higgos dog



He's 640k




Geez I regret trading Wells when he got injured… thats supercoach though


Its ok you did that because, if you havnt heard, last week some ''no touch wonder'' wants us to trade him out this week to tex walker as his shark move!


Rumor is he's out for a week or 2


I traded him out. And then bit the bullet and traded him back in again 2 weeks ago.




The same, but looks to have some kind of new injury every week now though which makes me feel a bit better


Finally I get to peel the biggest spud in my team. Into the fryer Chad Wingard.


Hope you ALL done well during the dreadful first BYE round community, at least better then I did. My current team is as follows:

DEF: Shaw, Simpson, Rich, Rance, Laird, Adams (Collins, Williams)
MID: Danger, Hanners, Pendles, Ward, GAJ, Libba, Wines, Trengove (Dunkley, Smith, Mathieson)
RUCK: Goldy, Gawn (Cox)
FWD: Martin, Wells, Motlop, Arlow, Rioli, Hall (Petracca, Wyatt)

NOTE: I must trade out Smith to a MID/FWD player such as Phillips or Reid – I am leaning towards Phillips only because his only score was (64) and higher then both of Reid's two scores of (46 & 57)

AMT to Simpson (Simpson breakeven 106)
Adams to Docherty (Docherty breakeven 135)
Smith to Phillips

AMT to Simpson
Smith to Phillips
Petracca to Steven
NOTE: If I chose option (2) I would then go Adams to Docherty in Round 15

AMT to Simpson
Adams to Docherty
Smith to Phillips
NOTE: If option (3) I would then trade Petracca to Steven or Treloar in Round 15

Your comments on what you believe would be the best option would be greatly appreciated.

Good luck to you all, I cannot wait until the bye rounds are over.


Sorry didn't realise options 1 & 3 were the same trades.


Dont trade in Simpson, you already have him?? :p

I reckon Smith out, swing one of your forwards to mid bench, and bring in Dusty or Joey. Doc and Steven are really expensive right now.

You want to aim to use say Motlop as F7/M9 since he has high ceiling. Probably don't need 2 of that style player, would ditch Rioli at some point.


How many trades and rookies left on field does everyone have left?
Also, war chest size?

This is after this week:
I have 9 trades and 2 rookies left on field


1 rookie left for me. 14 trades remaning




Is that even possible?


Show your team?


Thats to Lachy


See below, I'd be the same but holding off on an upgrade.


7, 1, $48K


After this week I will have 15 trades and 220K. Two rookies left on field.

Was going to go Petracca or Kerridge to Deledio this week but should make $15-20K difference waiting one more then Kedge is gone.

Final upgrade (after Ryan Davis to Todd Phillips builds my war chest) will be the sweetest I could ever imagine: Connor Menadue to Dan Hannebry.

Just thinking about it gets me going.


The big moment this week will Hall score big. I hope not because I traded him out to Zorko a few weeks back to be rewarded with his 2 worst scores.


108 Is his second lowest score???


I think he means his two scores before the 108 Shlok


Who do I trade in if I trade DBJ, M.Adams and Hopper


I have $1,196,300


Is that all? LOL

Here are a few big names to consider, (if not in your current team)

Sam Docherty, Brett Deledio, Rory Sloane, Lachie Neale, Joel Selwood, Gary Ablett, and Jack Steven. Just to name a few.

Good luck mate


Have Docherty and Selwood.


My team after 3 trades this week (Davis, Wagner, Tippett OUT; Doch, Lids, Dusty IN), 7 trades left, $48K in the bank:

DEF: Heater, Doch, Bartel, Williams, Laird, Ruggles (Collins, Brand)
MID: Danger, Hanners, Jelwood, Ward, Parker, Priddis, Wines, Stewart (Libba, Trac, Trengove)
RUC: Goldy, Gawn (King)
FWD: Zorks, Dusty, Wells, Kerridge, Hall, Lids (Buddy, Rose)

Will probably have to save trades from now and run with one less DEF premo.



Doc is over priced, get Rance maybe? Might leave enough cash to upgrade Ruggles at some point. Think mcveigh is still cheap.


Can some one please rate my team! It would be greatly appreciated.

I have 9 trades left and 30k in the bank:
DEF: Shaw,Docherty,Simpson,Laird,Rance

Southern S

Horrible bench players.

Southern S

What I mean is might be trough if you get players dropped from squads, and have late outs or injuries.


not a lot of PODs. I'd look at a couple just to mix it up. Sloane, Cotchin the Bont types in the guts. Maybe


Probably going to use 3 trades this week.

AMT > Docherty, Adams > Montagna, & Dunkley > Reid, giving me 13 trades and 45k remaining, leaving my team like this:

B: Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Gibbo, Rance, Laird (Collins, Ruggles)
M: Danger, Hanners, Pendles, Shiel, Libba, Cripps, Kerridge, Gray (Davis, Keays, Trengove)
R: Gawn, NicNat (Loersch)
F: Zorko, Dusty, Montagna, Wells, Greene, Hall (Petracca, Reid)

Thoughts community? Personally I think Kerridge is worth keeping as a worthy backup on the bench for the rest of the season, that's why I'm not trading him. Question is, is it worth having more depth, or more flexibility with cash as we get to the pointy end of the season?


thoughts on my team

B. Shaw, simpson, boyd, smith, yeo, suckling, (ruggles, collins)
M: danger, selwood, ward, parker, steven, ablett, priddis, sidebottom (davis, trengrove, macpherson)
R: gawn, goldy (grimley)
F: zorko, martin, wells, barlow, kerridge, hall (menadue, phillips)


7 trades with full premo. I have Wines, Libba, Brodie Smith and Rich. How many of these players am I forced to keep for the year and which ones?


Thoughts on Motlop. DPP proven scorer. And only 374k. Thinking straight swap for Tippa


If you have a full premo team and trades, a good trade

Southern S

Proven rollercoaster you mean?