VIDEO: Navigating the Round 13 bye

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No point hiding in a bloody cave – the Supercoach byes are here community!

We hone in on the Supercoach bye round this week, deploy some CoachKings advice for this rounds contests, and attack some of the key issues facing coaches in Round 13:

  • The Rucks. Nic Nat is gone, should we trade this week and if so – who to?
  • The Rookies. We have some promising young colts about to play that magic third game this week
  • The Rest. Including Sam Kerridge.. is now the perfect time to trade the kid out?
  • CoachKings. Has an easy 3 weeks for Hawthorn inflated Josh Gibson’s price too much.. or is he a lock?

Enjoy the show! Head to to find your nearest venue and to get your teams sorted.


CoachKings AFL-Round-13-Fixture

What are your trade thoughts community.. good luck in your first bye round!

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Who to get rid of first out of Hall and Adams?


I would go with Adams, only because I'm sticking it out with Hally, should be back next game.


Adams is playing …HOLD


Im holding. Just planning my last upgrade/'s in a few rounds time. Thanks Vinny thinking the same.


I agree with this approach. Also take a look at Hall's run home. Playing plenty of lower placed sides and I'd expect his scores to reflect that.


Hard to say. Hall did well in the NEAFL so he should be back


Apart from Gawn is who is an ideal replacement for Nic Nat?
One option stands out in Blicavs
Lycett stuffed me over by getting dropped.


Should mention already have Goldmember


Or Mummy post bye maybe.

No other choice



Just trying to work out the pros & cons of getting in Gawn/Goldy now for NicNat or waiting for bye. Any help would be appreciated!


I'm holding a week. Goldy has a BE of 165


Yeah, you have to hold if it's goldy. The high BE, the knee… They're a bit of a worry.


I meant hold a week if you haven't got him. But yeah definitely hold if you have him


Hi community,

Goldy's BE of 166 means Nic Nat stays in my team for another week. I am hoping he will be cheaper after his bye after round 15. If he goes huge this week, I will grab him next week.

It means I am one down in the ruck this round but I have the luxury of only being one down on two of the 3 other lines. (19 still onfield)

Two trades this week are as follows;

Darcy Mc Pherson to Kade Stewart. (I already have Trengove)
Ben Keays to Tom Rockliff.
Bye outs over next three weeks are currently 9-10-11.
Still have 14 juicy trades after today's trades and 52K in the kitty.

If I have missed something let me know! Cheers


do we trade aaron hall


I'm wondering the same? Still have a another round to decided? I cant decide between Hall or Kerridge but kerridge BE is so low and Hall is so high and will take like 6 weeks to come around?


You don't have Hall for the cash, you've got him for the scores. Check out his run home and I think you'll agree he's worth holding.


Goldstein or Rockliff for vc?


Rockliff into danger for me ☺


Danger into Heath shaw for me.




Great vid Jock and Higgo.
J.Smith = Trengove
Keays = Jansen
Tippet = Zorko (finally)
Helps with byes, was looking real bad for round 14.
Next week welcome Montagna and Rancey Pants.
Chose Jansen over Stewart for js and if neither playing bris is better to loop.
Got no ruck backup now though 🙁


Zorko BE 150, playing Eagles – he'll be cheaper next week.


Hi Community, quick question regarding the byes.
If I have the C on a player who has a bye so as to use the C loophole, can I take the C off them at any point over the weekend up until the start of the final game?
Looking to have Goldy as VC, if 130+ will keep, if not the C goes on Danger.


Yes, the players on ground with the bye can be made captain until the last game of the round has started.


Cool thanks mate

Michael Gould

Help I need to get rid of Tippet
But who…… JJK, or Zorko or Gunston
Do you have any other ideas


Zorko a must have


ok will do

One Touch Wonder



Hallelujah Trent West has been dropped!! Hopefully this means a return to form for big Stefan Martin


Can someone remind me why we have byes?

Bolton's Blues

because being a professional athlete doesnt exist anymore

Zac's brother

I need help. I'd like to find the best way to trade out that Muppet Dangerfield and trade in one Zac Dawson via DPP. I hear he's a superstar. Any tips?


Move Kerridge or Petracca into the midfield, AMT/Adams/Brown forward and viola, Dawson ahoy : )


Trengrove has been named on the extended bench. I'm sure he will play. BUT the way the supercoach gods have been giving me the rough end of the pineapple lately, it would be excruciating if I select Trengrove, round begins, Dees leave him as an emergency and I can't reverse the trade. OK, its unlikely. But I won't actually bring in Trengrove until he confirmed in the 22. Overcautious? Probably, but why take the chance?


Will be named at 5 bells tomorrow arvo


Letter of gratitude to Mummy-
Shane, I'd like to thank you for your timely reminder as to why I don't select you any more. Jeez, I know ya can play mate. Everyone does. But every now and then some part of you breaks. I could have brought you in this week and you could have had a really spectacular season ending injury. Or even one of those ones Brad Ottens used to have where you "will be back next week" for 1/2 the season. Just thought I'd acknowledge the classy way you did it this time, not getting named on a Thursday night, rather than be a last minute withdrawal. I thank you, and so does my cardiologist.

Shane Mumford

Oh, I get it… Captain chaos. Wow, cool name. Did you come up with that all by yourself?

Not playing this weekend just gives me more time to come and find you. All the initials I need are in your name. Are you ready?… Tko



Mitch Duncan

He's serious, trust me… Run now


Mitch! I almost selected you as a POD at the start of the year. I like the way you go about it. I was particularly impressed with some of your games last year trying to help out Joel. I can't select too many from Geelong. Of course, I couldn't pass up Danger. And I managed to pick up Joel at a nice price. I liked the way Dan Menzel finished off 2015 so I had to have him. And I got McCarthy at a cheap price due to his injury history. He is just keeping my bench warm at the moment. But I really rate you. Honest. By the way, how is Motlop doing? Do you think he will turn it around soon? I could get him too. But you are right after him on my list. Really!


Who to get in defence. Gibson, Bartell, rookie, or any others.
Have Shaw, Doc, Simpson, Boyd, Suckling. Tippa, Ruggles and Collins.
Tippa moves to the forward line this week.


Laird stands out. has his bye this week and Crows have a great run home

Chubby McChubby

Is the zero from the bye round included in a players average?


No as they don't play

Chubby McChubby

I have 2 premo mids left. I have pendles, danger, Gaz, libba, zaha, shiel. Im thinking jelwood and hanners? Though I like ward given gws run home?


hanners a good pick as you don't have either Mitchell, JPK or Parker. You already have danger, maybe not selwood then.

i'm liking the run home of Crows, in particular Sloane.


Jelwood and ward real cheap right now


Ward has a great run home, quite cheap. If you can get Hanners, get him. Much more consistent week in week out, but if you want to save the cash, lock Ward in

Chicken Dinner

Doing the triple downgrade this week
Davis to Trengrove
Keays to Stewart
and Nic Nat to Martin (T West got dropped) once round 15 comes will trade in Gawn after bye for Cox, leaves me with a massive 600k in the bank for round 14.
Go hard or go home


dont do the Martin trade.


Wouldn't call Stef Martin "go hard or go home" Need to see him in action before you bring him in. He was playing poorly before West game in.


To trade Byrne to tucker or to Or Austin just for money ? Thoughts

The Beard

Community I need some help.

Looking at trading either Stewart in or Reid or Jansen?

The other option I'm toying with is I could go early on Hipwood and move Phillips to the mid. Which would give me a defender/forward that I could switch round with ATM and Adams…

I want to lock something in here that will allow me to cover my ass with low trades now and planned in bringing in another 2 keepers next week with Deledio and Simpson.



I reckon go Jansen, best JS of them all. Lids and Simmo look like good trades.


Joel Selwood or Callan Ward? Who will score better for rest of the season as a premo keeper?


Ward has a better run home, go Ward.


My same dilemma. But I'm going Selwood because he has Essendon, Richmond, Brisbane and Melbourne in his last four rounds so he should score better in league finals


My thinking too – thx


Rance or Laird is my burning decision. Can anyone offer an insight please?


Toss a coin. There were rumours that Laird had turf toe which is never good but he played well last weekend. Rance only missed because of suspension so he is obviously fit.


Appreciate the thoughts Chill, cheers!