The Rookie Scout: Round 13

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Barron Von Crow

Those pesky bye rounds are now upon us in fantasy football, a time of much carnage and gnashing of teeth as we are forced to maneuver our teams around and try and get 18 players on field.

At least we don’t have to worry too much about bye rounds in CoachKings!

Adelaide, Gold Coast, Richmond, St Kilda, Carlton and Collingwood players will all be sitting out this week, so we’ll be forced to try and field a full side without players from those teams. For any premo players you have from those teams, you’ll just have to sit on them and wait for them to come back, but for our rookies from those teams, it presents a very interesting conundrum. Do we sit on them for the week, or do we use the bye rounds as the time to move on our rookie players and up/downgrade them?

Every team will have different strategies through the bye rounds that’s for sure, but it will take some very careful planning to navigate through the next 3 weeks! But that’s what we’re here to help you with…hopefully.


Ryan Davis

SC Price: $306,700 | AF Price: $313,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,400
Round 12 Stats: 11 disposals, 4 marks, 4 tackles, 2 goals, 65 SCPoints, 71 AFPoints, 85 CKPoints

His BE is just 35, but Gold Coast have the bye this week, so it’ll be stuck there until Round 14. The Suns will be taking on the Hawks in Round 14, followed by St Kilda and Brisbane, so there is a chance that Davis doesn’t score too highly, but I would suggest Davis doesn’t have a ton of cash left to add to his current price.

Clayton Oliver

SC Price: $323,800 | AF Price: $330,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,100
Featured CoachKings Contest: Sunday, Sydney VS Melbourne
Round 12 Stats: 16 disposals, 8 tackles, 6 clearances, 55 SCPoints, 59 AFPoints, 57 CKPoints

Oliver did plenty of work in the middle with his tackling and clearances, but having 3 frees against, as well as 13 of his 16 disposals being handballs put a limit on his fantasy football scores. Oliver has a BE of 71 this week, with the Demons taking on the Swans. Melbourne have the Round 14 bye, so most will probably keep him this week and trade him out next week.

Christian Petracca

SC Price: $330,400 | AF Price: $351,000 | CoachKings Price: $6,500
Featured CoachKings Contest: Sunday, Sydney VS Melbourne
Round 12 Stats: 20 disposals, 3 marks, 1 tackle, 1 goal, 3 inside 50’s, 89 SCPoints, 71 AFPoints, 113 CKPoints

Another great game from Petracca, who has averaged 77 SCPoints over his 7 games. His BE is 21 this week, so you can probably carry him through the byes and look to upgrade him from Round 16 onwards. You’d have to consider him for CoachKings this week, though the Demons do have a tough matchup VS Sydney.

Jack Trengove

SC Price: $156,500 | AF Price: $335,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,400
Featured CoachKings Contest: Sunday, Sydney VS Melbourne
Round 12 Stats:  13 disposals, 4 marks, 1 goal, 9 tackles, 81 SCPoints, 86 AFPoints, 82 CKPoints

A very nice score from Trengove from only 13 disposals, which places his BE at -47 for Round 13. The Demons have the bye in Round 14, but he’s on the bubble this week, so he’s one you should consider bringing in if you can get it to work for you.

Darcy Parish

SC Price: $324,000 | AF Price: $362,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,500
Featured CoachKings Contest: Sunday Afternoon Essendon VS GWS
Round 12 Stats: 27 disposals, 3 marks, 3 tackles, 4 clearances, 76 SCPoints, 84 AFPoints, 81 CKPoints

19 handballs in his 27 disposals probably limited his SC output, which is a familiar theme for Parish in his debut year. His BE is 60 this week, and has the Round 14 bye, but his BE will be hovering around the 60-70 range for some time with his current scoring run. I’d still take a look at him VS GWS, 81 CKPoints is a decent return for his price.

Jacob Hopper

SC Price: $270,400 | AF Price: $331,000 | CoachKings Price: $4,900
Featured CoachKings Contest: Sunday Afternoon Essendon VS GWS
Round 12 Stats: 16 disposals, 2 marks, 5 tackles, 3 clearances, 44 SCPoints, 65 AFPoints, 36 CKPoints

Just 6 effective disposals and 3 clangers for Hopper, which was a big hit for his Supercoach score. He’s averaging 69 SCPoints over his 5 games, but when you take his big debut game out of the equation, his average is just 60. The Giants have Essendon and Carlton, followed by Collingwood, Brisbane, Port, Richmond and GC, so there may be a chance he gets a run back in the midfield after spending more time forward against tougher opposition in the Bulldogs, Adelaide, Geelong and Sydney. BE is 54, but there is a chance he produces some good scores again. He’s super cheap in CoachKings and I’d be willing to take a punt on his midfield minutes increasing VS a weaker Essendon side, which could equal big points.


Sam Kerridge

SC Price: $427,900 | AF Price: $451,000 | CoachKings Price: $6,600
Round 12 Stats: 27 disposals, 8 marks, 1 tackle, 81 SCPoints, 87 AFPoints, 76 CKPoints

Only 7 contested possessions for Kerridge, which was probably the difference between a score in the 80’s and potentially getting a big triple digit score again, but at least he didn’t totally tank with a score in the 60’s like he had done in his previous games after scoring 100+. Carlton have the bye this week, but his BE, which is 50 this week, will jump up significantly once that 126 rolls out of his average. Could be time to sell him soon, but I imagine a lot may hold him through the byes.

Mitch McGovern

SC Price: $299,900 | AF Price: $290,000 | CoachKings Price: $6,700
Round 12 Stats: 10 disposals, 4 marks, 4 tackles, 1 goal, 51 SCPoints, 62 AFPoints, 69 CKPoints

Had his first price drop, only minor, but he still shed $3.8K after his mediocre performance against the Eagles. His BE is 71 for Round 14, with the Crows having this week off, but he’s at that point where you’d be looking to upgrade him if you still have him.


Matthew Dea

SC Price: $370,900 | AF Price: $377,000 | CoachKings Price: $7,500
Featured CoachKings Contest: Sunday Afternoon Essendon VS GWS
Round 12 Stats: 22 disposals, 10 marks, 5 tackles, 94 SCPoints, 105 AFPoints, 142 CKPoints

Nice bounce back game for Dea with a score of 94 SCPoints, after scores of 60 and 48 in his previous two games. His BE is up to 81 this week, though that will drop down a bit next week, but the Bombers have the bye in Round 14. I reckon that might be the perfect chance to upgrade him. There’s a slight chance he pops over 400K, but he’ll need another couple of good games to do that. Bombers next two games are against GWS and then West Coast in Perth, so it might be difficult.


Marcus Adams

SC Price: $370,400 | AF Price: $326,000 | CoachKings Price: $8,300
Round 12 Stats: N/A

Adams was a late withdrawal last week against Port Adelaide with an ankle injury. The Bullies have Geelong this week, which will be a tough match for sure, but his BE is 54, which is achievable. Tough decision to be made, Bulldogs have the bye in Round 14, so if he doesn’t play again this week I may consider moving him on for a guy on the bubble.


Darcy Byrne-Jones

SC Price: $339,500 | AF Price: $326,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,800
Featured CoachKings Contest:  Saturday, Fremantle VS Port Adelaide
Round 12 Stats: 14 disposals, 5 marks, 6 tackles, 62 SCPoints, 74 AFPoints

He’s been a solid performer, but has had diminishing returns his last two games. A matchup against Freo and then Richmond in Round 15 should give him a chance to put up some good scores, but he’ll be right at his BE point, which currently sits at 69. It’ll probably be down to DBJ and Logan Austin in CoachKings this week; Austin piped DBJ by 8 CKPoints last week, so I’d probably save the extra cash with Logan again.


Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti

SC Price: $384,800 | AF Price: $344,000 | CoachKings Price: $6,800
Featured CoachKings Contest: Sunday Afternoon Essendon VS GWS
Round 12 Stats: N/A

Tipungwuti was rested last week, but should be back this week. Bombers will have the bye in Round 14 and his BE is 69 this week, so you should get one more game out of him at least.


Jacob Weitering

SC Price: $324,700 | AF Price: $306,000 | CoachKings Price: $6,000
Round 12 Stats: 16 disposals, 6 marks, 58 SCPoints, 65 AFPoints, 61 CKPoints

A queitish game from a fantasy football perspective, especially after what he scored in Round 11, but even a score of 58 SCPoints still puts his BE at 16 for this week. That will jump up bigtime once that 121 rolls out of his average however.  The Blues have the bye this week, but he’s one I wouldn’t trade just yet unless you were absolutely forced too.


Oscar McDonald

SC Price: $275,000 | AF Price: $230,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,900
Featured CoachKings Contest: Sunday, Sydney VS Melbourne
Round 12 Stats: 18 disposals, 4 marks, 2 tackles, 6 1%eres, 76 SCPoints, 58 AFPoints, 103 CKPoints

Another good score for O.McDonald, a return of 76 SCPoints is his 2nd highest score out of his 5 games played. His BE is -4 this week, but will jump up to the 40’s in Round 15 after the Demons have their bye. Will have a big job this week against Sydney, but I think he could be a very good buy at his price.


Sam Collins

SC Price: $173,500 | AF Price: $220,000 | CoachKings Price: $6,200
Featured CoachKings Contest:  Saturday, Fremantle VS Port Adelaide
Round 12 Stats: 8 disposals, 5 marks, 2 tackles 6 1%ers, 39 SCPoints, 44 AFPoints, 58 CKPoints

A bad result for Collins, especially after most would have started him over Ruggles, but even with a score of 39 SCPoints his BE still it’s at -35 thanks to his big Round 11 score. Freo have the bye in Round 15, so he’ll still earn you some cash for two more weeks. Would be a risk at his price in CoachKings.


Mason Cox

SC Price: $269,400 | AF Price: $257,000 | CoachKings Price: $6,100
Round 12 Stats: 5 disposals, 3 marks, 2 goals, 49 SCPoints, 48 AFPoints, 74 CKPoints

Cox had a slight price dip and his BE is now the same as what he scored last week, which is 49 SCPoints. The Pies have the bye this week, but Cox, being a ruck/forward swing, could be an extremely important backup piece to have during these bye weeks, so I’d hang on to him. He won’t lose any major amount of cash and can score decently, especially with the Pies taking on Freo and Carlton in Round 14 and 15.


Kade Stewart – Might be the pick of the on the bubble downgrade options this week. He had 13 disposals, 6 marks, 5 inside 50’s and 2 goals against Essendon for 70 SCPoints. Scored 90 SCPoints on his debut against the Demons and at $102K now has a BE of -98. Has North and then Gold Coast before the Round 15 bye. Would have to take a look at him in CoachKings, he’s only $4,500 and scored 91 CKPoints last week.

Marc Pittonet – Filled in for Ceglar and did a decent job with 6 disposals, 7 tackles, 11 hitouts and 64 SCPoints. Won’t be in the side long-term at this stage though.

Mitch Brown – Had a pretty good game against the Hawks with 16 disposals, 8 marks and a goal for 66 SCPoints. His BE is 71 this week, but the Bombers have the Rd 14 bye, so you might think about holding on to him for one more week.

Will Hams – Decent effort again for Hams with 14 disposals, 4 marks and 6 tackles for 61 SCPoints. There aren’t a ton of downgrade options available in the FWD line at the moment and Hams is on the bubble this week, so some might look in his direction, though he is slightly more expensive at $158K.

Logan Austin – About a repeat effort for Austin with 13 disposals, 7 marks, 4 tackles and 7 1%ers for 57 SCPoints. He had 12 uncontested possessions in there, which would slightly lower his Supercoach score, compared to the 76 he scored in AFL Fantasy. On the bubble this week with a BE of -49, so a downgrade option to consider with Port having the Round 14 bye.

Dougal Howard – Made up for his shocking score against the Pies a bit with 60 SCPoints against the Bullies. He had 9 disposals, 6 marks, 1 goal and 7 hitouts. BE is slightly higher at 44 due to that dud score in Round 11.

Josh Dunkley – 14 disposals, 6 tackles and 3 clearances for Dunkley, though he did have 10 handballs in there. He scored 59 SCPoints, which is just above his average of 57 and now has a BE of 35, with the Bulldogs taking on Geelong before having the Round 14 bye.

Bailey Williams – Played just his 4th game of the year, but continued with a low score, having 14 disposals and 5 marks for 44 SCPoints. Average is 48 and his BE is already 23.

Jarrad Jansen – He had a big debut game with 21 disposals and 98 SCPoints, but couldn’t back it up against the Dockers with just 9 disposals and 7 tackles for 35 SCPoints. Wasn’t helped but only having 4 effective disposals either. His BE is still -59 and Brisbane have the Round 15 bye, so you’d need to trade him in this week if you want to jump on with the Lions playing the Eagles at the Gabba before taking on the Tigers at the MCG.

Ben Keays – Struggled just like Jansen did, with only 4 disposals and 2 marks to his name for 23 SCPoints. His BE has moved up to 56 and his year average is just 55, so it looks like he might have peaked for the moment at $243K. Remember, Ryan Davis was in a similar situation, so he could turn it around with a few good games.

Josh Schache – Kicked 2 goals, but didn’t do a lot else with just 5 disposals (an equal career low) and 3 marks for 50 SCPoints.

Darcy Tucker – A very good performance from Tucker, with 19 disposals (16 kicks), 4 marks, 2 goals, 7 inside 50’s and 4 clearances for 71 SCPoints. Was hurt by having 5 clangers however. Still priced at $190K with a BE of -19, the Dockers will take on Port Adelaide and then Collingwood before having the Round 15 bye.

Tom Ruggles – Ruggles had his highest SC score ever, which was probably annoying for all those who started Sam Collins ahead of him. He had 17 disposals, 3 marks and 2 tackles for 81 SCPoints against North. His BE is now 41, which is likely to dip even lower next week once the score of 34 comes out of his average, so with the Cats having the Round 15 bye, you should be looking to keep him for the next fortnight at least.

Lincoln McCarthy – Not a ton of opportunities for McCarthy, who only had 8 disposals and 4 tackles for 38 SCPoints. His BE is 48 this week, which is just below his season average of 54, but again, with the Cats having the bye in Round 15, you can probably keep him for another fortnight.

Tom Lee – Lee only played half a game after he twisted a knee and didn’t return for the 2nd half, but even with the injury, he wasn’t really tearing it up out there, finishing with just 2 disposals and a mark for 14 SCPoints. St Kilda have the bye this week, so at least Lee will have some time to recover.

Jade Gresham – About his usual output against the Blues, Gresham had 12 disposals, 3 marks and 2 goals for 49 SCPoints, with 4 clangers hurting his score. With the Saints having the bye you could think about trading him out for a bubble guy like Stewart or Trengove, but his BE is only 38, so there may be a little more cash to squeeze out of him yet.

Lewis Pearce – Made his AFL debut against the Blues and had 6 disposals, 1 mark, 1 goal and 10 hitouts for 38 SCPoints. Probably not worth considering with that sort of score, even if he is a rare rookie ruck who is playing.

Ciaran Byrne – He’s had two very poor scores since his big breakout game against North, scoring 49 SCPoints against the Lions and 48 SCPoints last week against St Kilda. His BE is 99 this week, and with the Blues having the Rd 13 bye, it might be the perfect time to move him on.

Liam Sumner – A nice return game for Sumner who missed Round 11 with injury. He had 14 disposals, 4 marks, 4 tackles and 3 inside 50’s for a career high 78 SCPoints. That score of 2 SCPoints in Rd 10 is still there, so his BE is 49, which is achievable, but it will drop significantly after that.

Daniel Gorringe – Back to the basement for Gorringe, scoring 37 SCPoints from 7 disposals, 5 marks, 2 behinds and 9 hitouts. His BE will be 39 for Round 14, which he should achieve, but you never know with him.

Jayden Short – Short had his best game ever against the Suns last week, having career highs in nearly every statistical category with 18 disposals, 6 marks, 3 tackles, 4 rebound 50’s and 82 SCPoints. That has pushed his BE down to 25, but the Tigers have the Round 13 bye, so he won’t get a chance to add to that until Round 14 when the Tigers take on the Lions.

Daniel Rioli – His third quiet game in a row now, with Rioli having a 3 round average of just 31 SCPoints. His BE is 64, so the 8% of teams that have him might want to consider cutting their losses with him.

Peter Wright – Finally added to his goal tally after being kept goalless the previous 2 games, Wright had 10 disposals, 5 marks and 2 goals VS Richmond for 62 SCPoints. The Suns will have the bye in Round 13, so he’ll look to add a bit to his price in Round 14 with a BE of 49.

Jesse Joyce – On the bubble, but hasn’t really looked worth investing in, with scores of 28 and 26 SCPoints.

Sam Reid – Retired in 2013, and has been playing in the NEAFL for the Giants as a player/coach, but played in the Giants 100th game. He was OK with 12 disposals, 4 tackles and a goal for 46 SCPoints. I probably wouldn’t expect him to suit up for the Giants in the AFL again though.

Callum Mills – A nice welcome back for Mills who had Round 11 off. He had 20 disposals, 4 marks and 4 inside 50’s for 74 SCPoints. Mills has found his ownership drop from 44% in Round 7, down to 15.7%, but with Mills having a BE of 55 and the bye in Round 14, if you still own him then keep him for one more week.

James Rose – Rose was inaccurate in front of goal, kicking 1.3, but made up for it elsewhere, having 13 disposals, 8 marks and 7 tackles for 63 SCPoints and 98 AFPoints. On the bubble this week, but forward options are lacking.

Harrison Marsh – Injured a hamstring, so will likely miss a few weeks. He had 6 disposals, 2 marks and 2 tackles for 35 SCPoints.

Josh Smith – Smith had his lowest SC score this year, producing just 42 points off of 17 disposals, with 13 of them being uncontested. The Pies have the bye this week, but Smith’s BE is 77, which is above his yearly average of 69, so you could definitely consider trading him for one of the bubble boys should that fit your bye round structures.

Tom Phillips – Had his debut game for the Pies and did OK, finishing with 15 disposals, 3 marks, 5 tackles and 64 SCPoints. Collingwood have the bye this week, so he’d make a solid Rd 14 or 15 downgrade option.

Ben Kennedy – Had a nice response to being dropped for Round 11, producing his highest score since Rd 2. He finished with 29 disposals, 10 marks, 1 goal, 3 goal assists and 2 tackles for 94 SCPoints. His BE is still 83, but that will drop a fair bit for Round 15.

Josh Wagner – Wagner had 16 disposals, 4 tackles and 60 SCPoints with a BE of just 38 this week, he’ll still make some more cash.

Jayden Hunt – Usual effort from Hunt, who apart from a big game against the Gold Coast in Round 7 hasn’t really been all that great. He scored just 45 SCPoints from 13 disposals and 3 marks.


Jack Trengove – 156K, MID

Kade Stewart – 102K, MID

Marc Pittonet – 123K, RUC

James Rose – 155K, FWD

Will Hams – 158K, FWD

Jarrad Jansen – 123K, MID

Rhys Mathieson – 117, MID

Logan Austin – 123K, DEF



Kieran Collins – Collins had 21 disposals, 8 marks and 3 rebound 50’s as Footscray won a tight contest over Geelong 67-60.

Sam Menegola – Another solid performance from Menegola as he returns from his previous injuries, he had 25 disposals, 5 marks, 3 tackles and 4 inside 50’s for Geelong.

Kurt Heatherly – Heatherly led the Box Hill Hawks for possessions with 22 possessions, as well as 5 marks, 4 inside 50’s, 3 rebound 50’s and 2 tackles as the Hawks went down to the Northern Blues, 67 to 103.

Dallas Willsmore – Big game for Willsmore, kicking 3 goals, as well as having 21 disposals, 5 marks and 5 tackles.

Kieran Lovell – Lovell had 20 disposals, 5 marks, 3 tackles and 3 inside 50’s for the Box Hill Hawks.

Teia Miles – Kicked a pair of goals, and also had 15 disposals and 3 marks.

Kaiden Brand – Was his usual self for the Hawks in defense, grabbing 7 marks as well has having 3 disposals and 3 tackles.

Billy Gowers – Gowers was well above his season average of 16 disposals, having 26 against the Box Hill Hawks, as well as 10 marks and 5 inside 50’s.

Ciaran Sheehan – Just his 2nd VFL match since the end of 2014 after his 2015 season was wiped out with a groin issue and missed the start of the 2016 season with a hip flexor injury. Still finding his feet, but had 15 disposals, 2 marks and 2 inside 50’s.

Jack Silvagni – Might be getting close to an AFL debut with his recent performances. He had 4 goals, along with 13 disposals, 7 marks and 2 tackles against the Hawks and has kicked 11 goals in his last 3 VFL matches after missing a few weeks with a thigh injury.

Andrew Phillips- Dominated in the ruck with 56 hitouts, as well as 14 disposals (all kicks) and 8 marks, along with 4 inside 50’s. Blues won the hitouts 94 to 21 on the day.

Matthew Goodyear – Quiet game for Goodyear with just 8 disposals, but did have 6 tackles as Collingwood beat the Casey Scorpions 59-19.

Eli Templeton – Templeton led the Sandringham Zebra’s in disposals, with 29, along with 4 marks, 5 inside 50’s, 6 rebound 50’s and 2 behinds as the Zebras beat the Bombers 103-75.

Tom Curren – Just 19 disposals for Curren, as well as 5 marks and a goal.

Jack Lonie – Did his damage in front of goals, booting 5 majors straight, as well as having 14 disposals, 6 marks and 3 tackles.

James Polkinghorne – Led the bombers in disposals with 30, along with 6 marks, 3 tackles and 8 inside 50’s.

Jason Ashby – Ashby had 35 disposals, 5 marks, 4 tackles and 4 rebound 50’s for the Bombers.

Aaron Francis – Disappointing news with Francis suffering a quad injury in the match against Sandringham during the first quarter and sat out the rest of the game, finishing up with 3 disposals and a mark in very limited game time. It has already been announced that he should be OK to play in the VFL this week with Essendon taking on Weribee on Sunday.



Luke Lowden – Led the Crows in goal kicking, booting 4.3, as well as having 16 disposals, 5 marks and 13 hitouts. He’s kicked 15 goals in 9 games for the year now, but won’t likely play unless Sauce is injured.

Alex Keath – Another solid game down back for Keath with 22 disposals, 7 marks, 4 tackles and 3 rebound 50’s as the Crows reserves side defeated the Norwood Redlges 100-53.

Jono Beech – Hit the scoreboard for 2 goals, as well as having 18 disposals and 9 marks.

Harrison Wigg – Was a bit down possession wise due to Brad Crouch (37 disposals) and Cam Ellis Yolmem (41 disposals) dominating so much from stoppages, but finished with 20 disposals, 3 marks and 3 tackles.

Jesse Palmer – Another solid game for Palmer as he had 19 disposals, 6 marks, 4 tackles and 5 inside 50’s as the Port Adelaide Magpies fell to Sturt  68-86.

Billy Frampton – Held his own in the ruck, finishing with 29 hitouts, as well as having 12 disposals, 6 marks and kicking a goal.

Riley Boner – Slightly down on his season average of 15 possessions, gathering 12 disposals, 4 marks, 2 tackles and 3 rebound 50’s.



There was no scheduled WAFL action last week, with every team having a bye.



Rhys Mathieson – Continues to put up numbers in the reserves, having 28 disposals, 8 marks, 3 tackles and 5 inside 50’s as the Brisbane Lions reserves fell to Southport 96-69.

Billy Evans – Been a one and done player in the AFL this year, playing Rounds 3 and 9 and was dropped both times. He had 28 disposals, 8 marks, 2 tackles and 5 inside 50’s against Southport.

Eric Hipwood – A product of the Lions academy, Brisbane have already announced that Hipwood will be debuting at AFL level this week. He had 9 touches, 5 marks and 2 goals against Southport and has kicked 12.4 in 9 NEAFL games this year.

Matthew Hammelmann – Decent game for him, with Hammelmann being moved down back in recent weeks. He had 17 disposals and 10 marks.

Jake Barrett – Big game for Barrett against the Sydney reserves, grabbing 40 possessions, 7 marks, 7 tackles and 3 inside 50’s. 27 handballs in that lot, which wouldn’t be the greatest for Supercoach though.

Harrison Himmelberg – Had a very good game down back for the Giants with 29 disposals, 9 marks and 5 rebound 50’s as the UWS Giants beat Sydney 109-108.

Matthew Kennedy – One of the best for the Giants against Sydney, kicking 3 goals along with 26 disposals, 9 marks and 5 tackles.

Jeremy Finlayson – Was above his usual average of 18 disposals, with 28 disposals, 7 marks, 3 tackles and a goal.

Nic Newman – Led the Swans in disposals with 31, as well as 2 marks, 8 tackles, 8 inside 50’s and 6 rebound 50’s.

Jordan Foote – Kicked a pair of goals along with 21 disposals, 2 marks and 8 tackles.

Tyrone Leonardis – Kicked 3.1 for the game, as well as having 20 disposals, 3 marks, 3 tackles and 4 inside 50’s.

Aliir Aliir – Good game down back for Aliir, having 19 disposals, 5 marks, 4 tackles and 8 rebound 50’s.

Sam Naismith – Took the main ruck duties, but impacted the scoreboard too, kicking 2.1, along with having 9 disposals, 3 marks, 6 tackles and 43 hitouts. Likely that Toby Nankervis, who was the senior emergency for the AFL side gets Tippett’s gig though.


And that is it from me this week. Any rookie trades you’ll be looking to make? Up and down? Or just upgrading to premo’s? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Twitter @BarronVonCrow

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Jeez Matthew Kennedy had a big day out!

Rick Grimes

The Barron just chucks those in to see who's paying attention.


Thanks for the heads up lads! Just edited her then


Geez, 33 goals is huge haha. I'm pretty sure it was 33 possessions on the weekend. Listed as a midfielder, so 33 possessions seems about right.


Fantastic work once again Barron. This info is gold, especially with comments on relevance to bye selections


Great report Barron. always one of the highlights of the week.

i'm expecting to see Maitherson named tonight

Rick Grimes

Fingers crossed Derek. I need him and a couple of the bubble boys to be named to field 18. My season is in disarray. To be fair, it's been in disarray from around the 3rd week.


Derek and Rick, if you had to choose 2 rookies out of the 3 if all were named this week: Trengove, Jansen, Mathieson?


i have a bit of a cash shortage, and the extra spend on Trengove might be the difference between me getting Deliodio next week or not. If cash not an issue, i would say trengove and maitherson

Rick Grimes



With Mathison not being named, I would say Jansen has pretty good JS for a while hey?

Southern S

Yep better than Mathieson that's for sure.


My fellow legends

These seem to be my confirmed trades for this week;
C. Byrne -> L. Austin
Kerridge -> J. Rose

Now my final trade im contemplating whether to trade Tippett or Ryan Davis,
I am leaning more towards Ryan Davis as Tippett has his bye next weekend anyway and can scrap him then.
Do I grab Trengove or Kade Stewart for Davis?
Or if I should trade Tippett, who is currently in my forward line, who do I get for him?



With the tippett trade it depends on who yiu are thinking of brining in
Because if he is your ruck you have only 2 main safe options in goldy or gawn
So if thats the case then you need to trade this week
Otherwise youll be missing more then one week of points
If hes a fwd then no need to trade if you are bringing in lids or joey
But as for the rookie trade
Id go trengrove over Stewart just for j/s but if funds are an issue then youll need to take Stewart
Hope it helps


Sorry didnt read it properly about being a fwd
But tge rest applies

Grahame Lebroy

Yeh anyone thinking of picking up Stewart should also think about the players coming back for the Hawks over the next few weeks, reckon he will be squeezed out soon


Thank you gents!


Grouse read Barron! what do u think is a suitable amount of trades to have after byes? ive got 14 and looking to go to 8 after round 15, would that be enough? Cheers Mate keep it up.


8 is fine as long as you're full premo after the byes.


Are we going to be able to trade out players on their bye during the rolling lockout? Or does it need to be done before first lockout!?


All players who have their bye will be 'unlocked' until the last game of the round where a full lockout occurs as per normal.


Scott Lycett OUT this week lads – "disciplinary" reasons

Grahame Lebroy

Does this being McGovern into calculations now? surely his point scoring goes up with more rucking duties


Playing Jon Giles


How did Kaiden Brand have 7 marks and only 3 disposals? what did he do after he marked it those other 4 times?


Some believers say he would play on and run to the forward 50 and smash it down for a try, others just say he marked it at the end of each quarter before the siren blew.


haha classic lachlanmcleanportfolio, i like picturing him smashing it down for a try like you said or just running forest gump style out of bounds.


Not sure about dahlhous
Yes he's a good player but they say he will be 3 weeks and then 're access'
I wont be trading this week
But not sure what to do next week with trade plans

Rick Grimes

I'll hold on Dahl. He's not playing next week anyway. Plenty of examples where players have come back earlier than anticipated. So could just be 2 -3 weeks on the on the pine for us. Everyone said unload Rocky…


Thoughts on this trade

OUT Hall Simpkin Motlop

IN Bontempelli Stewart Hams/Rose


You have simpkin clearly no idea about supercoach

Blake McAuliffe



Community, I need your wisdom.

Trade options for this week.
OUT: Josh Smith, George Hewett, Sam Kerridge
IN: Jack Trengove, Logan Austin (via DPP), Kade Stewart/Rhys Mathieson/whoever else is named
Then wait until after Melbourne's bye and trade Nic Nat for Gawn.

Option two: GET GAWN
OUT: NicNat, Josh Smith, George Hewett
IN: Max Gawn, Jack Trengove, Kade Stewart/Rhys Mathieson/whoever else is named

I have plenty of trades up my sleeve and the money will work with my bye plans either way. Should I wait until after Gawn's bye or just bite the bullet. Risk is missing Logan Austin which doesn't seem like a biggie but defence rookies are scarce.


Mix it up bitta both


Actually just worked out if I bring Gawn in this week I need Ruggles to appreciate slightly so I can afford to bring in my target upgrades Rance and Deledio next week… At my current estimation I will be left with $200 in the kitty. Could really backfire…
That's going conservative, assuming I downgrade to Mathieson rather than Stewart (more expensive but I will have the bare 18 for this weekend so will have to downgrade to whoever is playing).


Get Gawn.

He will outscore the rookies, plus I think Kerridge can last a couple more weeks before he drops any $$.

Chances are that either Stewart or Mathieson wont be playing this week, so could be on the bubble in coming weeks..

Also not sold on Logan Austin.


Yeah good points, thanks. Kerridge will likely make way for Lids no matter what, so I won't get another game out of him. I've worked out option one (triple downgrade) will leave me with $600,000 to spend on my final upgrade for full premo (a midfielder) whereas getting Gawn now will leave me with $541,000.
I'm leaning towards Robbie Gray for that final upgrade so either should get me there, perhaps it's best to get an extra game out of Gawn…

I N Pieman

Significant as always BVC. Around the grounds is now around the country! The byes. The part of the season we plan so hard for, then unforeseen circumstances pop up in the lead up & your stuffed


Thanks Barron

What are everyone's upgrade targets?
I have
Def: Simpson, JJ, Savage/Enright
Mid: Neale
Fwd: Zorko, Riewoldt


Lids, Rance, Robbie Gray. Then sitting on my hands until Dahl comes back for a couple of games 🙂


My team is
Here is my team
Def: Shaw, Docherty, Laird, Adams, Tippa, DBJ (Collins, Byrne)
Mid: Pendles, Hanners, Danger, Ablett, Priddis, Parker, Libba, Rockliff (Hopper, Keays, MacPherson)
Ruc: Goldy, NicNat (Grimley)
Fwd: Martin, Franklin, Barlow, Wells, Hall, Kerridge (Petracca, Kennedy)

Out NicNat, Byrne and Keays
In Gawn, Austin, Trengove
After trades I will have 12 trades and $277k


How many trades do people think I will need to use to get to full premo


i think you might need to hold Libba, hall, Wells as keepers.

Drew Petrie

Wells is a definite keeper, easily a top 6 forward come finals

Southern S

Averaging 104 he looks set to be a top forward for sure, you north fellas have a fairly tough run home though.

Bobby Singh

Not many rookies left. Looking at:

DEF- Gibson


Here is my team
Def: Shaw, Docherty, Laird, Adams, Tippa, DBJ (Collins, Byrne)
Mid: Pendles, Hanners, Danger, Ablett, Priddis, Parker, Libba, Rockliff (Hopper, Keays, MacPherson)
Ruc: Goldy, NicNat (Grimley)
Fwd: Martin, Franklin, Barlow, Wells, Hall, Kerridge (Petracca, Kennedy)



If it were my team, Nic Nat to Gawn would be trade #1. There are lots of less expensive Ruck options, but they all come with risk. Callum Sinclair or Zac Clark might do an 'OK' job at R2 if you want to concentrate your efforts elsewhere and aren't 'sold' on Gawn and are worried by Shane Mumford and Stefan Martin's form. Shaun Hampson is another that some are considering.

Moving on your backline rookies is your next priority, but what you could or should do depends a bit on your available cash and remaining trades.

Best of luck with whatever you decide.


n.b. Mumford out with an ankle this week.


I am up to the last few upgrades to have a team that is somewhat full of on field premos. My premos are currently

Def: Shaw, Laird, Simpson, Bartel, Boyd

Mid: Danger, Selwood, Parker, Libba, Mitchell, Ablett

Fwd: Zorko, Montagna, Wells, Hall, Wingard.

So I need 1 fwd and def premo each and two for the midfield. Who are my best 2-3 options in each position?



Docherty is number 1. For the other defender you could go Rance or Gibson.
Mids you need Pendles and I would go for Hanners as the second mid.
Fwds I would go Deledio or Martin.


Yeah, that pretty much aligns with who I am looking at. I am considering Rockliff, as I don't think I can afford both Pendles and Hanners. Thanks.


easy to say if cash is not a problem.


Kade Stewart's Job security???


he's js is as strong as an unsullied soldier getting an erection. Mitchell, Duryea, Hodge to come back in over the next few weeks beware


not good. i'm still not sure how he got a game ahead of Lovell. Me thinks Clarko is only in second gear with the Hawks. When he has sam and Hodge back and the sniff of september in the air, guys like Stewart and lovell won't be getting too many games. But just in case they are needed.


Worth getting anyway if he's named, just because he's dirt cheap? I already have MacPherson riding the pine not making any money…


I'm getting him over trengrove as my midfield is full and the 50k is more important to me. Don't care if Stewart gets dropped


Yep, at this point I'm not really looking to down grade the rookies I trade in now. What I need is a cheap rookie who'll play during the byes, that's it! Right now, I need cash. So Stewart should fit the bill.


If he keeps playing well, he should stay in. If he has one bad game, he will get dropped

Southern S

I'm getting both Trengove and Stewart am happy for one to turn into a donut which is fine with stewart for 100k.


Thanks. All good advice


After trades this week, how many trades do people have?



I N Pieman

15 heading into this round. Think I'll need to spend 3


What trades will you be making Pieman?


15-3 =12


Trengove or Hams






James Rose or Will Hams

I N Pieman

Rose by miles


You reckon better job security?

I N Pieman

Yes. Hams won't be at Essendon next year


Community, which plan looks the best? (Each option comes with Nic Nat –> Goldstein)

1) Smith –> Stewart
Kerridge –> Zorko
20 K left: Adams to Doc next week

2) Smith –> Trengove
Kerridge –> Stewart
420 K in bank; Adams to Doc and AMT to Zorko/Montagna next week

Thanks in advance 🙂

Southern S

Kerridge still scoring too well and making cash, only a 50 BE I was thinking of trading him during byes but am now holding.


Do I bother getting rid of macpeherson? Or trade out smith?


Thinking of trading them both out for Trengrove and Stewart. then upgrade big next week


If you have another donut on your midfield bench, he should go


I'm in the same dilemma, il be going with higgo's boy tho.


who do I trade nic Nat for? Already have Gawn and worried Goldstein may be injured?


Goldstein, he was the best ruckman last year remember

Southern S

If you have 19-20 players already scoring this week you could hold off on that trade.

Could do a couple of downgrades to generate cash like Trengove, stewart ect to generate cash if it fits your structure.


I have the same dilemma with NitNat and Goldie. I'm fielding 19 during all byes, so I'll get Goldie after his bye and hopefully at a cheaper price…

Southern S

Yep could save 50k and get him fully fit and without majak in the team.


trade or hold keays?


Not a must trade, but if you need cash, you could trade him


Is it worth going Stewart over Trengove if it means I can trade in rance next week rather than a cheaper defence 'premo' around tom McDonald's price?

The Ranger

That's precisely why I'm doing it.


That's fair enough but Stewart's Job security might be a problem ( that's if you're looking for him to make cash)

Southern S

Tough choice expect him to be a donut soon. if you have another guy with good JS on your bench not a problem.

Personally I'd get both if possible.


Going Nic Nat to Goldy, Menadue to James Rose, Dahlhaus to Martin

Pauly Walnuts

Just reading the SC INFO for 'Club Byes & Best 18 Scoring in 2016' – it states – 'Remember it's 'THE BEST 18 FROM YOUR STARTING 22' and does not include your bench as per any other week.

I'm confused ,can we still loophole ?


Yes, and it is easier during the bye rounds as the players who have a bye this week are not locked until the last game of the round starts.

Pauly Walnuts

Thanks, I understand with the bye players, but I'm just questioning the rule about – 'does not include your bench' – I believe the wording is different from last year,just checking the checker ?


Ahh, sorry. Yes you can use emergencies as normal. So if you have a non-playing player on the field, but a playing player on the bench, the emergency's score will count, only if it is in your best 18 scores though.

Pauly Walnuts

Cheers and good luck


Is Hall a keeper thinking of dropping him before Kerridge? Hall BE so high and Kerridge so low.

Southern S

I traded him last week, that high BE and then two games out and no guarantee of him coming back next week anyway I had to make a big decision. Plus he's no POD.


If you have the trades to trade Hall out, you could


Rocket said he will be back in the team for the R14 clash against Hawthorn. Don't drop him, if he can get back in the midfield he will produce the numbers like he did in the first month.


Is anyone wondering if Goldy will be a late out? Doesn't seem right?

Southern S

I'm worried about Goldy with Majak being named, although Waite is an out so maybe they want that extra tall up forward.

Either way can see them rotating in the ruck and Goldy getting another 80 or so and dropping 30k+ (BE 162)


I'm strongly considering Daw to come in as F7, R3. If Goldy rests fir games in the back half of the year Daw will be the one providing cover. I reckon Waite will mbad until after the byes.

Shake n bake

I know this might sound crazy but Martin at $347k. No West l might just take the risk. I know Waite is now out Daw back I'm sure he'll pinch hit a lot in the ruck. So what do u think am I crazy goin Nic Nat to Martin? I already have Gawn.


I was thinking exactly the same thing. I have Goldy and have been pondering the same move since I saw there was no West in the lions team. You pocket a nice $180k of cash and if Martin returns something near his best he should avg 90 on the run home. At worst he then appreciates at lest $100 – $150k and you might then prior to finals pending on how its looking then trade him to Goldy or Gawn pending who you dont have as your final upgrade.

Its a massive risk but could it be one of those shark moves that pays off.

Southern S

He's a good price but yeah I think you're a little crazy. Next week West could be back and Martin will be scoring like a spud again. (Even without West his scoring hasn't been that great)

I'm holding off my ruck trade but I have 19 players on field so I can wait to see how much goldy drops in price, am also hoping Majak is dropped next week and that may give an indication that Goldy is 100%.

Shake n bake

True without west wasn't great, harder draw knocked out just think easier draw now no west 80 BE Rockliff back wasn't there earlier! I was thinking the same as you southern about holding off but I have 17 trades so I'm goin to most likely risk it!

Southern S

Best of luck, martin was great last year I'm not sure what happened to him honestly.


Don't under estimate what having 7 shades of sh*te knocked out of you does.


double downgrade this week with nic nat trade
or should do 1 downgrade and then trade dahlhaus to a premo like JJK who has a very soft run in the next 4 weeks


Big question, like everyone else, is who to trade NicNat too. I will be keeping him this week, as I can field 20 even with him in the team. Already have Gawn. Is it stupid to hold NicNat until Round 16 then trade to Goldy when his price has dropped and knee hopefully looks better?

Feel like Goldy is the obvious choice, but bad knee and round 15 bye, so would be trading in a bloke who is going to score a 0 the week after I bring him in. Or do you compromise and go Sam Jacobs for a POD and saving $110k, plus getting an extra week or 2's scores out of him.


I like your scenario one thinking my a country mile!! Cheers

Southern S

Exactly what I'm doing. I wouldn't compromise, you want a fully fit Goldy in your team and you'll have the number 1+2 ruckmen.


Hi Community,

Goldy's BE of 166 means Nic Nat stays in my team for another week. I am hoping he will be cheaper after his bye after round 15. If he goes huge this week, I will grab him next week.

It means I am one down in the ruck this round but I have the luxury of only being one down on two of the 3 other lines. (19 still onfield)

Two trades this week are as follows;

Darcy Mc Pherson to Kade Stewart. (I already have Trengove)
Ben Keays to Tom Rockliff.
Bye outs over next three weeks are currently 9-10-11.
Still have 14 juicy trades after today's trades and 52K in the kitty.

If I have missed something let me know! Cheers


I too am bringing in Rockliff. BE 6 and such a beast, too hard to ignore.



Stuff his injury/fitness cloud. It's now or never.

Call it a shark move if you like. Cheers mate.


Sounds good Top Hawk, I'm up against you this week in the "Guns and Rookies" league. Going to be a tight one.


Hi Liam,

T Hawk has defeated "Blease Explain" this season in one of the leagues. 😉

Liam is one of the toughest players I have sparred against in SC.

Can the Top Hawks do it again?


Is it good to save Collins,Trengove and petracca on bench. Like all make a lot of cash and good downground options but does it make sense to keep 1 rookie each area to cover injuries in finals…I remember last year I had a lot of donuts in finals

Southern S

You want at least one guy with good job security on each bench position. Maybe not on the ruck bench but ideally here too.

I have Zaharakis as my M9 and Trengove/Stewart so should have two guys with solid JS on that line going into finals.


Big admirer of your work Barron. For a lazy man, you are a Godsend!


Argh mummy out with a ankle injury apparently.
So much for the nic nat to mummy plan.
So choice is simple now:
Bring in goldy with a dodgy knee
Park nic nat and reassess next week – mummy, sauce, goldy



Do you have Blicavs? He is bloody cheap considering his reliability, I would go Blicvas way ahead of Jacobs any day.

Blicavs:- 123,115,117,51,115,99,95,80,115,53,80,82 Avg/95

Jacobs:- 64,74,95,88,75,120,78,81,98,73,150,81 Avg/90


T west dropped, hold and consider Stef Martin
Cheap as


I am considering Daw into the forward line (eventual F7) which would open up a Ruck swing and provide cover if Goldy needs a rest later in the year. Cray Cray?


Not the worst idea. Depends how long Daw will be your F6. He's in the team for Waite this week so his long term js is not great you'd think.


Waite will miss next week also I reckon a Nd hopefully be right after the byes. Word on a few footy forums is he's been having scans on something for or a few weeks but it hadn't been deemed serious enough to need surgery. It's a annoying when unfit blokes get played when there are fit the in decent form.

It's definitely a bit of a punt, but life's pretty straight without Twisties right?


JS is low, but if you have the trades, could be worth the risk


My current side is the following.

DEF: Shaw, Rance, Laird, Rich, Adams, AMT (Collins, Williams)
MID: Danger, Pendles, Hanners, GAJ, Ward, Libba, Wines, Smith (MacPherson, Mathieson, Dunkley)
RUCK: Nic Nat, Goldy (Cox)
FWD: Martin, Wells, Motlop, Rioli, Barlow, Petracca (Hall, Wyatt)

I was initially thinking of only making these TWO trades in round 13
MacPherson to Trengrove
Nic Nat to Gawn Leaves me with $396,500 in the kitty

Then in Round 14
Adams to Docherty
AMT to Simpson Leaves me with $235,600
Smith to Phillips MID/FWD

Then in Round 15
Petracca swing to my mid via DPP (Phillips) this should allow me a minimum of $566k or $586k if Petracca scores real well this week.

However now I am contemplating going Smith to Phillips this week in Round 13 and by doing this it will allow me to make my Round 15 trade in round 14
Such as:- (Petracca swing to my mid via DPP (Phillips) this should allow me a minimum of $566k or $586k if Petracca scores real well this week. Thinking Petracca to Steven at this point.

This leaves me with 8 trades and I most likely will also trade either Motlop or Hall to Zorko, or trade them both to bring in Zorko & Merrett or Gunston post byes. Zorko is projected to be around $510k post bye's which would be a bargain.

Thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated community. If you have any ideas PLEASE share them with me. Good luck to ALL


If you're looking to make cash on Phillips and he gets dropped you're plans are stuff if you make the Smith > Phillips trade now. Plenty of cheap dpp rookies if you're after a non playing swingset


Here is my team:

Defenders- Laird, Smith, Bartel, Shaw, Rich, Tippa, Collins, Brand

Midfielders- Ablett, Danger, Parker, Selwood, Priddis, Gray, Libba, Wines, Ben Ken, Smith, MacPerson

Ruck- Gawn, Nic Nat, Cox

Forawards- Franklin, Martin, Wells, Barlow, Zorko, Kerridge, Petracca, Menadue

12 trades left and 30k in the bank.

Looking at bringing in the Doch and possibly Deledio or Montagna next week, leaving me at full premo apart from maybe Wines, Libba, Brodie Smith and Rich but they could come good. Some downgrades will need to be made to generate cash. I want to bring in Kade Stewart and someone else but not sure yet. My round 14 bye is really week with 15 players on field due to injuries and dropouts such as Nic Nat, Menadue, Brand, Macpherson however I can fix this with a bit of trades. Assuming Menadue and Brand do not get named my byes are something like 19-15-17. Looking for some help to fix my bye structure problem and any advice is greatly appreciated.


Get yourself a pen and paper and make a plan, Nicholas. Assuming the trade is Tippa to Doch, you need about 190k to make that happen. Kerridge to Deledio is 100k needed (though a better trade is BK, which you'll need around 180k). You've got 30k at the moment which is a long way off.


What do we think of Jansen's JS??


Tough to say. Lions regularly make 3-4 changes to their team every week. I rate him above other downgrade options this week though

Big G

Agree. I think any player (baring an experienced one like Trengrove) that cheap is always a risk, but being SC there are not that many options each week and one has to go with what they perceive as the best option.


Alright, although he won't play every game for the rest of the season though

Big G

There aren't many alternatives besides the 3 or 4 names mentioned.

The Beard

Stewart or Jansen?


i would like to hear community thoughts on upgrading Sumner to say Gunston or Wingard? Or wait until later?


Hey Barron, cheers for the article mate. always great to read this one. I can't understand how you don't mention Connor Blakely? I got him him a few weeks ago and he is going to be a great trade for me in round 15. Even in the 'best of the rest' surely he gets a mention!
Besides that absolutely love the work bud, sensational review of the rookies, thank you.