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NRL Supercoach Fantasy CowboyCameron Munster, what a beast! The Melbourne Storm fullback produced the highest SuperCoach score in the current scoring format and needs to be considered as a trade-in this week.

The Storm have an easy draw through the rest of the bye period which makes Munster a crucial piece to your SuperCoach puzzle. Nathan Cleary and Bevan French top the cheapie candidates having played their first two games, while Josh Addo-Carr provides us with a solid trade-out option. We don’t need to worry about fielding a full team this week although having 13 to 15 scoring players should keep our teams competitive during the second big bye round.



Nathan Cleary HB $114k BE -82: Next 5 BYE, SOU(H), WES(A), CRO(H), PAR(H)

I can’t see Cleary getting dropped from the Panthers after his impressive performances in his first two games. He may not be playing this week although he’s a great downgrade option if you’re looking to free up some cash to bring in a run home player like Bromwich or Munster. If you’re concerned about player numbers this week you could always use French as a downgrade option then grab Cleary next week. He won’t change in price.

Bevan French FB/CTW $114k BE -13: Next 5 SOU(A), BYE, CRO(A), SYD(H), PEN(A)

French will be one of the most popular trade-ins this week with the Auckland Nines star playing his third game this weekend. There are some small concerns about his job security and scoring potential although he’ll play another two games at the very least. The worst case scenario involves French getting dropped from the side once Takairangi returns from injury although I can’t see this happening with Foran being out long term.

Cameron Munster FB/CTW $446k BE 1: Next 5: STG(A), WES(H), BRO(A), BYE, NEW(A)

WOW! This guy scored a huge 183 points last weekend which has resulted in the Storm fullback having a break even of one. It seems we now have two options with Munster. Either grab him this week before his price starts to increase even further, or hold off until after the Storm’s second bye week in round 18. I’d recommend trading Munster in this week considering the brilliant form this kid is showing. He could easily shoot over $500k by round 19 with the Storm playing the Dragons, Tigers, Knights and Roosters in the next five weeks.



I haven’t got any specific hold options this week although there are a couple of things we should keep in mind. Unless you’re a head to head player or have been ultra conservative with trades this season, you shouldn’t be trading out gun/run home players just to free up cash to get in some good bye coverage. Every gun trade out will cost you a trade in once the bye period finishes.

Although the Eels and Roosters are the only teams playing the final two big bye rounds, don’t go overboard on players from these two teams. They both have a bye week in round 16 so you may find yourself short on players, even if you’ve gained one or two for rounds 15 and 18. Neither of these teams have decent run home options besides Radradra so most of the Eels/Roosters players you trade in will end up costing another trade to get them out of your side in round 20.

It seems that a lot of coaches will be fielding anywhere between 12 and 17 players this week. Try to avoid making trades for the sole purpose of trying to field a full side. Make sure the player you’re trading in has other advantages such as good cash flow or keeper status.


Josh Addo-Carr CTW $233k BE 68: Next 5 BYE, MEL(A), PEN(H), CBY(A), BYE

Addo-Carr looks to be a good option to trade out this week with the Tigers on a bye round and up against the in-form Storm the following week. There’s nothing wrong with holding on to him until the bye period has finished although you’re risking a potential price drop since the Tigers are up against some tough opponents. A downgrade to French or upgrade to Munster are good options.

Johnathan Thurston HB/FE $355k BE 115: Next 5: BYE, MAN(H), SOU(A), BYE, BYE

Thurston will play just two games in the next five weeks and could possibly play with minimal involvement or reduced minutes in round 16. He should only be considered a trade out for those who have plenty of trades up their sleeve, although not recommended for someone like me with 12 trades left. You’ll want him for your run home. Consider Thurston to Cleary if you want to effectively play the SC stock market.

Ben Hunt HB $376k BE 92: Next 5: BYE, CBY(A), MEL(H), BYE, SOU(A)

Bunt has been fairly solid with his 64 PPG average but it’s hard to see him as one of your run home halves. The Broncos aren’t playing any of the last big bye rounds so why not downgrade to Cleary or upgrade to someone like Shaun Johnson. These two players will be handier from round 15 onwards and they both have great advantages. Cleary should make some excellent cash while Johnson can be kept as a run home while player while providing good coverage and scores.

How many players are you fielding this week?

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Thoughts on Nathan Cleary's JS


Yeah it's looking good mate. Could hold off a week if you're worried but it should be fine

The Beard

I think Cleary's JS is strong.

Wallace is now the preferred hooker. Cartwright needs to stay in the backrow. Soward has been in and out of form.

Cleary has just re-signed and played well and in my opinion won't be moving.


100% agree Beard


Out – nikorima, hunt, holland
In – Friend, Cleary, Munster

Suitable? Still short of people on the park.


Mate they're perfect trades! Nice one. I'm assuming Holland will go once Morris returns, handing the kicking duties back to Mbye


how many trades should i Have at this stage?


Somewhere in the teens for Overall players. Around 20 or higher for H2H players. Any more than those, you're laughing

SuperCoach FANTICS

Great work mate


Cheers mate!


Great work mate. Spelling check. Haha




Would you hold or trade Croker … he's been giving me the sh1ts!

Pauly Walnuts

Hold, a keeper , kick goals in a good team


Yeah mate, Croker a hold. We just need patience haha myself included

The Beard

I'm a Dogs fan and I agree Holland will make way for B Morris who should be back after the bye (unless Des gives him a week or 2 in reserves) regardless no way Hoppa, Rona, J Moz are left out and I highly highly doubt Des will ever drop Perrett. Hollands defense is still a bit suspect to me and I'd imagine that Rona may get a crack at centre with B Moz outside his brother or if he throws B Moz straight it and Hoppa slots in at centre as originally planned.

I ditched Croker before he leaked cash for Semi. Plus he just sh1ts me.

Really happy with my squad right now currently

C Smith, J Friend (R1)

A Fifita, J Graham, J Bromwich (R2), J Trbojevic (R3)

S Burgess, B Cartwright, E Taylor

J Thurston, S Johnson (R4)

A Milford

Big Semi, C Munster, T Harris, J Mansour

J Tedesco

Cash in the bank to pull the trigger on an upgrade of Pangai to Gallen or Parker next week with E Taylor to become a 5th reserve option.

Few cash cows in French, Cleary, Pangai at present too.


Great team #jealous … so how many rd15 players do you have?

The Beard

This week I can field

J Friend, J Bromwich, J Trbjovecic, S Burgess, S Johnson, R Matterson (he goes next for Cleary and a profit of 150k+), C Munster, T Harris, Big Semi, B French.

So 10.


Awesome team mate and totally agree with your Bulldogs back line theory.

Pauly Walnuts

I will have 15 on field this week, but R18 is a nightmare but it will for everyone I suppose


Yeah a lot of coaches seem to be in that boat Pauly. Round 15 will be my worst round for the season.