RD12: The Heroes. The Villains. The Damned.

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Big Carl CoachKings Community

Last year it was Todd Goldstein. Before that Gary Ablett Junior. This year, finally a man has propelled himself from the abyss to claim the mantle of Chief SuperCoach Lord.

Patrick Dangerfield has proven he is someone we can rely on week in, week out to deliver the goods as captain. A rare bad day will result in a lazy ton. A good day will win your league match and launch you up the rankings.

Dangerfield’s sublime effort on Saturday was phenomenal even by his high standards. 48 touches, 13 marks, 13 clearances, 11 inside 50s and two goals for 229 SuperCoach points.

As team-mate Mitch Clark put it…

Danger would have made many CoachKings punters happy as his monster score was the catalyst for some impressive numbers on Saturday… but CONGRATULATIONS goes to Hayden Collins who has taken the Weekly $1000 out for his MASSIVE Score in the SAINTS v BLUES game …. 1193 – New CoachKings Record!


The Heroes

Patrick Dangerfield (229 SC)

He’s an absolute bloody gladiator, this bloke. One of the great performances in SuperCoach history, Danger’s imperious showing cemented himself as the number one SuperCoach warrior this season. Those who had the VC or C on him would have been absolutely frothing…

Dustin Martin (167 SC)

Was categorically prolific against the Suns and almost single-handedly dragged his side over the line. Rewarded his owners handsomely with his best game of the season. For those who don’t have him, should be one of your highest upgrade targets during the byes.

Jack Steven (164 SC)

Has flown under the radar this season but this is a young man who can seriously play the game. Working in to some beautiful form with scores of 148, 138, 99 and now 164 in his past four matches. Definitely worth a look.

Honourable mentions:

Bernie Vince (145 SC), Joel Selwood (141), Gary Ablett (127 SC), Daniel Wells (126 SC), Jasper Pittard (126 SC), Scott Pendlebury (122 SC), Josh Gibson (121 SC).


The Villains

Luke Parker (59 SC)

What a stunning bloody fall from grace. Rewind back to the end of Round 6 and Parker was the highest averaging player in the competition going at around 130 per match. He was an absolute must-have prospect and the first player traded in by many teams. Since then, his average has dropped by more than 20 and he looks run of the mill. Might be playing a bit sore, but that is no excuse. Lift your game, Luke.

Lachie Neale (51 SC)

One of the form players of the competition, he has been in such good touch this season that he was probably due for an off game. But he wasn’t just off, he was bloody disgusting. We will put this one down as a blip on the radar and expect him to return to uber premo status next week.

Todd Goldstein (82 SC)

Not the worst score in the world but we expected more from the big Gold train. Missed last week with a knock to the knee and then dishes up a sub par performance. Were last year’s majestical numbers simply a one off? Time will tell….

Honourable mentions:

Mark Blicavs (82 SC), Steele Sidebottom (80 SC), Brodie Smith (69 SC).

The Redeemers

Sam Docherty (141 SC)

Sam’s 79 last week was still a solid score, but such has been his blistering form, our expectations have risen significantly. Bounced back in stunning fashion and is now well and truly challenging Heath Shaw for the title of number one defender. If you don’t have him, get him in ASAP.

Toby Greene (105 SC)

Seems to flip flop constantly from the Villains to the Redeemers segment. What will next week hold in the curious case of Tobias Greene?

Rory Laird (112 SC)

Returned to his best following an extended lay off with injury. In his second game back, Laird was precise in his attacking running role off half back, setting up many forward thrusts for the Crows. Rewarded those who held him nicely.

Honourable mentions:

David Zaharakis (92 SC).


The Prodigies

Sam Collins (39 SC)

Coming off an impressive ton last week, many had the confidence to start him on their fields at D6. Despite Freo’s win, he could not replicate his success of last week. These sorts of scores are to be expected from Collins, considering he is playing a key defensive post.

Jarrad Jansen (35 SC)

Another rookie to underwhelm in his second game. Jansen is a hard one to gauge considering he was impressive on debut last week. He is on the bubble this week, so still might be a solid downgrade option for those looking to generate some fast cash for the byes.

Kade Stewart (70 SC)

Has been very impressive for the Hawks since debuting. The only question mark surrounding him is job security. Still, only needs to be in the side for a few more weeks to make his owners some nice cash.

Honourable mentions:

Matt Dea (92 SC), Christian Petracca (89 SC), Jack Trengove (81 SC), Tom Phillips (64 SC), Logan Austin (56 SC), Jacob Hopper (48 SC), Josh Smith (42 SC).


The Damned

Luke Dahlhaus (29 SC)

A crushing blow to his owners, Dahlhaus’ knee injury will keep him out for a number of weeks. Must be traded, which will be a difficult call, considering his prospects as a possible top six forward this season. Looks to be out for too long to be held.

Kurt Tippett (59 SC)

Another wounded warrior, Tippett’s hamstring injury looms as a crushing blow for his owners with reports he will be sidelined for up to six weeks. Injuries around the time of the bye periods are far from ideal and those who have both Dahlhaus and Tippett would be absolutely reeling.

Nic Naitanui (89 SC)

Confirmation that he will miss eight weeks after being booked into to have Achilles surgery. What a bloody disaster, Community. Must be traded, with the obvious option of Goldy and Gawn if you don’t already have them. If not, well it’s a bit of a bloody lottery.

Honourable mentions:

Ryan Davis (65 SC), Stef Martin (56 SC), Jarrad Waite (42 SC), Kade Kolodjashnij (39 SC), Jesse Longeran (33 SC), Ben Keays (23 SC).


Over to you Community, who were your Heroes and Villains from this round?

Get around Big Carl on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CarlPfeiffer9

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Really need your help community! Here is my team. I have 15 trades left and 216k. Those with the asterisk has the bye this week
Shaw, Gibbo, Laird*, Simmo*, Z Williams, Collins (Brand, Mckenzie*)
Pendles*, Ward, Sidebum*, Jelwood, Ablett, Libba, Wells, Smith*, (Davis*, Keays, Gresham*)
Goldy, Martin (Wyatt)
Dusty*, Buddy, Merrett, Greene, kerridge*, Tippett, (Paine, Petracca)
Definitely going Smith down to Trengove. But not sure what else. Here are the options:
1. Gresham up to JPK
2. Option 1 + Brand down to Austin
3. Tippett to Zorko, Kerridge to any FWD or MID. (DPP in Mids)
Which one would you pick and why? Would love to hear your thoughts.


As a fellow Tippett owner, I am 90% of the way trading him out … just waiting to hear if his scans happen turn out to be a good surprise. I can't keep a $500,000-ish player on the pine for six weeks more than halfway through the season.
You've indicated your preference is Zorko, and I can't argue with that.
I admire your patience with Stefan Martin.
Personally I'd hold your third trade for this week if also going Josh Smith to Jack Trengove.


Trengove, Stewart or Jansen…?


Trengove, looks to have the best JS and more experience


Stewart, cheapest. You should be generating as much cash through downgrades to upgrade fattened rookies to fallen premos.


I'm going all 3, Winter – but would go Trengrove, Jensen and then Stewart mate.


Thinking of trading out niknat for blicavs what do you think?


He is at a very good price, doesn't seem to have a very big ceiling, more of a consistent scorer. What is concerning is that he has only got 1 ton in the last 6-7 weeks, also doesn't ruck very often now with Smith and Stanley in the side. I would probably go with a number 1 ruckmen over him.


Yeah tempting tho. Might just fork out the cash for goldy


would wait a bit for goldy, doesnt look in the best of form and has a high BE as well


Sam Jacobs is at sub-500k and turning form around, but would go Shane Mumford of the lot of them, mate. Blicavs too heavily impacted by Stanley and Smith for mine.


Thanks patch I might have a look at sauce


Bit harsh on Davis in the damned category. Got his projection, made $. Not sure what else he could have done considering many other mid rookies performed worse. Will thank him for the great value he has supplied my team as I trade him out next week.




Yep I'm waiting until he plays one more at this stage then final midfield upgrade for full premo.


Yep thanks Davis for your service but your time has come.
Trading him this week for trengrove/stewart/Jansen (depends who stays in) liking stewart if he keeps his spot.
Then next week welcome:
Simpson, Joey and dils.
Was going to be dahl Rd 15 but that changed on the weekend.

The Beard

Community been planning my trades around Dalhaus coming in this week. Thankfully didn't take him last week!

Do I go for Merrett or Deledio now?


Deledio next week.

The Beard

Thanks. Anyone else opinion? I've looked over the scores and Merrett has scored 3 big scores over 120+ Lids just 1.

Merrett has produced two games under 90 (70 something and 50 something)

Lids has produced two as well (80 something and 60 something)…


You could have a look at montagna as well, he's cheaper and has only had one bad week

The Beard

Looked at him though don't really think he's the answer.

I'd love a few peoples opinions? Montanga? Merrett? Lids?


Thinking of trading out Keays, Smith and Menadue for Trengrove, Stewart and Phillips. Will leave me with 600k in the kitty to go bang next week and trade Tippa, Adams and Dahl to Docherty, Rance and Deledio. Will leave my team full premo besides Kerridge. Would love to hold dahl for a couple of weeks (up to 4) and potentially trade Kerridge to Deledio after the byes to keep the Mid/Fwd swing open but i am now hearing he may be out for up to 8?
Any thoughts are appreciated as usual thanks lads


Bloody Stefan Martin ! Who's trading him?

Rick Grimes

Can't. Stuck with the knobhead. Hopefully that muppet coach of theirs sees sense and lets him off the leash.


Hey community, what a round of footy! Here is my team (* for players with byes):

14 trades remaining, $46,400 in the bank

B: Shaw/Doc*/M.Boyd/Laird*/DBJ/Ruggles (Collins/Brand)
M: Danger/Dependlebury*/Ward/Parker/GAJ*/Libba/Blicavs/Gray (Smith/Davis/Keays)
R: Gawn/Nic Nat (Cox)
F: Zorko/Buddy/Kerridge/Hall/Barlow/Petracca (P.Wright/Phillips)

What to do with Nic Nat?
Option 1: Switch Blicavs into ruck and bring in a premium mid – Sloane or Bont
Option 2: Wait for Goldy price drop and straight swap Nic Nat for Goldy

Other trade options:
Option 1: Triple downgrade of J. Smith, Keays and Wright
Option 2: Downgrade Smith and Keays and upgrade Wright to Merret possibly
Option 3: Downgrade Smith and Keays and upgrade Ruggles to Pittard



I figure you got blic for this exact reason esp as you are playing him in the mids.
So as you have another Ruckman – if want bont do it now goes OK with your mid bye structure else wait a week and bring in a sloan dog.
As u have 12 missing this week Inc nic nat if brand named I would flick blic to ruck and bring in another premo mid as u don't have as many missing next week.


Lycett should be considered to replace NicNat


Or Callum Sinclair.


Would be all over it but he got 30 this round (!!)


Tough part is finding suitably priced downgrade options in the forward line.

Any ideas of rookies with fwd line eligibility that is worth downgrading to?


I'm liking James Rose from Sydney, scores of 73 and 63 with a be of -42. JS should be reasonable due to injuries


If he'd kicked half decent would have been a 90 on the weekend…

It would be a big punt but i do think Hams will get better the more games he plays kinda like Blakely did.


Reid from GWS is a Mid/Fwd but not sure how good his JS is.


Community, although I have some defence holes with AMT, KK, Collins, thinking of trades below for this week…

J.Smith, Keays & Gresham for Rocky, Stewart & Trengove.

Mids & Fwds will be full premo, 13 trades and $115k for defence upgrades next week.


My team after 1 trade this round (Keays OUT, Trengove IN – not great for bye structure but he's a must have), 12 trades & $145,800 in bank:

DEF: Heater (R15), Bartel (R15), Williams (R15), Wagner (R14), Ruggles (R15), Collins (R15) (Laird (BYE), Brand (R15))
MID: Danger (R15), Hanners (R14), Jelwood (R15), Ward (R15), Parker (R14), Libba (R14), Priddis (R14), Wines (R14) (Smith (BYE), Davis (BYE), Trengove (R14))
RUC: Goldy (R15), Gawn (R14) (King (R14))
FWD: Zorks (R15), Buddy (R14), Tippett (R14), Kerridge (BYE), Wells (R15), Petracca (R14) (Hall (BYE), AMT (R14))

Really want to hold Tippett if I can but 6 weeks is a long time.
Probably best move is next week Tippett to Dusty and Smith to Reid (GWS) who will be on the bubble then, is FWD/MID, and has R15 bye. Then Wagner to Doch.
Will then leave me with 9 trades + 2 upgrades still to do + not much in the bank 🙁
May need to rely on Wells F5 & Kerridge as F6 and just concentrate on 1 more DEF premo to get in (prob Simmo)
I will also lose my FWD/RUC swing with Tippett gone, so if Goldy or Gawn are rested at all I'm munchin' a donut.

The Beard

Why is Trengrove a must? The hawks kid has showed same scores for 50k less?


JS – not confident Hawks will keep playing him enough to make $$$ out of him. Trengove will continue to play unless injured.


Do you NEED cash? the trade makes you 50K more than Trengove


You're right, probably not a cash generating move as either way it'd need to be a bench keeper.
However I'd lean towards having Trengove as back up for MID injuries over an extra $50K cash or the Hawks man.
Have enough rookies to cull to get where I need to be from this point, $50K won't make much difference.

The Beard

Thinking I will take both now. Davis & Smith gone.

I'm toying with that so I can go double upgrade next week.


Hey guys,

I could really use some help from the community. Unfortunately I copped it this weekend with Nic Nat and Tippett both going down. I've only got 13 trades now and $172.6 in the war chest. Not really sure what to do next. Here's my team;

Defence: Shaw, Gibson, Laird, Adams, Byrne-Jones, Byrne (Collins, Lee)

Midfield: Dangerfield, Hannerery, Priddis, Rockliff, Gray, Liberatore, Parker, Cripps (Petracca, Davis, Hopper)

Rucks: Gawn, Nic Nat (Cox)

Forwards: Zorko, Wells, Tippett, Barlow, Martin, Hall (Kerridge, Grimley)


Nic Nat to Goldy
Tippett via (Adams swing) to Premium Defender (depends on your Bye structures)


Question to the community.

This weeks trades are sorted, downgrades to make money.

Next week I'm going Smith to Pendlebury, and either Kerridge or Hall to Deledio.

Which one should I move to get Deledio, the one I dont move will be my F7/M9 for the rest of the season.

Thoughts appreciated.

Bolton's Blues

At the moment, id be holding Kerridge at F7/M9 if id pick one of the two (ive got both aswell)


Nic Nat to Goldy my take.
Pretty simple like most things SC it is points v $$
Pro -If bring him in now likely to get at least 90 points plus for the next two weeks (assuming he plays both)
Con -worth $600k with a 170 to fall out of his Ave this week.
If wait will be $50-$60k cheaper after his bye.
Q. Is 180 plus points better for your team than a saving of $60k?
Are you going for overall, league wins or just going along for the ride during the byes?
This should be why u do/don't make this trade.
Plus he looks banged up, roos have a short break between Rd 13-14 so maybe rested for one game.
Me well I'm trying hard to scramble up some league ladders so can feature in finals so will probably do the trade this week.
I figure most teams have 12-13 100 plus players, 3 or so 80 point players like tipps, Adams, petrecca and the rest rooks who score around 60 or less during the first Rd of the bye.
So if I can turn one of those rooks into a 90-100 player then for me that is the clincher.

U wait now he will b rested this week and that plan will go to shite 🙂


I am thinking Goldie is a high chance for a 2 wk rest across their bye as you mentioned. Combined with his mediocre form, high price tag and high BE I think I will wait. We don't actually need ruck cover per se during byes, we just need say 19-20 on field in any position.

So pretty sure I will wait til r16 for Goldie, or whichever ruck pulls their finger out between now and then and decides to join Gawn up the top.

Of course if holding on NN there is now 1 less player during 2 of my bye rounds, so may need to use a trade to rectify that. Sinclair may be an interesting option if he is given sole ruck.


Would appreciate if someone could tell me if I'm on track to a full premo team ?

I have used 3 trades this week…and I have 202k in the bank.

Any advice on who to upgrade in preferred order ?


Tippa, Smith, Kerridge (assuming you think Hall will come good)


Great work as usual big carl really appreciate the efforts of the jock reynolds community…..got a quick question. How do i trade out…

Kerridge or hall?


Kerridge! when hall comes back watch him fire.


Don't even know when Hall will be back. I would turf him, keep SP Kerridge

Southern S

Exactly, how long can you keep hoping for someone to bounce back. Kerridge has performed all season.


I'm pretty much going with the same thought as you, my thoughts are keep hall as F7/M9 and hope he can turn his form slump around

Rick Grimes

Thoughts on Nicnat to Leuy? Need a shark move. Scored 100 and 80 last couple.


More like a lobster move maybe. Would not expect much out of him.


Feel sorry for those with all three in Nic Nat, Dalhaus and Tippett.
Myself only having the first two.
Anyone know how long each is out for?

Bolton's Blues

Nic Nat 6-8
Dahl 3-4
Tippet 4-8 depending on hamstring recovery time

Ive only got Dahl and im holding for now


Matty Suckling a big letdown this week. I pumped him and he shot me in the foot. First real non-injury hit stinker from him so I'll cop it, but damn it hurt on a week when so many went big.


Here is my team
Def: Shaw, Docherty, Laird, Adams, Tippa, DBJ (Collins, Byrne)
Mid: Pendles, Hanners, Danger, Ablett, Priddis, Parker, Libba, Rockliff (Hopper, Keays, MacPherson)
Ruc: Goldy, NicNat (Grimley)
Fwd: Martin, Franklin, Barlow, Wells, Hall, Kerridge (Petracca, Kennedy)

My upgrade targets are
Def: Simpson, Savage, JJ
Mid: Neale
Fwd: Zorko and 1 more

Thinking Keays and Byrne for Trengove and Austin but I don't know who to get for NicNat
Gawn? Mumford?


Gawn for Nic Nat

With Nic Nat out, everyone should have Goldy & Gawn (average 117 & 115), next best average is 94.


Lots of people will go for Stewart but I like Trengove because of his JS


Martin to Gawn anyone? Sick of his crap


Appreciate the communities thoughts, on my team as it is planned prior to round 14-
Def – Shaw, Bartel, Rance, Simpson, Laird, AMDT (Collins, Collins)
Mid – Danger, Selwood, Ablett, Pendlebury, Ward, Parker, Proddis, Libba (Trengove, Stewart, Davis)
Rucks – Goldy, Gawn (Wyatt)
Fwd – J.Kennedy (WCE), Zorko, Martin, Deledio, Wells, Hall or Kerridge (Petracca, Rose)

Cirrently ranked 2009
Will have 11 trades remaining after round 14

Please advise if I am best keeping Hall or Kerridge, I must move one of them.


I am going to get rid of Kerridge this week. Have over 700k so i can get whoever i want. Should i be going for a midfielder which would mean Libba is the only one left to upgrade or go a forward like Zorko? This is what my midfield and forward line looks like:

Pendles, Ward, Sidebum, Jelwood, Ablett, Libba, Wells, Smith, (Davis, Keays, Gresham)

Dusty, Merrett, Buddy, Greene, Tippett, kerridge, (Paine, Petracca)


I am also getting rid of Tippett too, i am upgrading him to a forward.


Tippett, Smith, Kerridge out. Wells forward. Zerrett, RGray, Trengove in. Bang bang welcome (I would hold of on fwd upgrade personally as Deledio, Montagna next round after bye).


Thanks mate for the response, but i already have Zerrett in, in the forward line. Anyone else i should get instead?

Wills Hunters

Zorko a must imo


I'd hold Kerridge for a little while yet, very solid and may end up F6 for season – YTD average of 87, last 3 av 91.7.
Could do a lot worse.
Currently 20th ranked FWD YTD.


Community, plz help me out this week with trades, i got 13 trades left with 154k
def- shaw, simpson, laird, gibson, pittard, DBJ,(collins, lee)
mid- danger, pendles, priddis, parker, shiel, sam mitchell, liberatore, KEAYS,( davis, dunkley, macpherson)
ruck- gawn, NIC NAT(goertz)
fwd- martin, zorko, j kennedy, barlow, hall, montagna,(petracca, mcgovern)


Best of luck with whatever you choose.
If it were my team, I'd get a replacement ruck for Nic Nat, cull a rookie with limited earnings growth for Trengove – who I think will pretty reliably make $200,000 profit in the coming month-ish – and keep onto your third trade this week.


Time to bring in Rocky?

El J

Anyone else holding Dahlhaus and hall ?


Holding Hall hoping he will play and get a few tons


Didn't have Dahl.


Holding Hall, he'll come good. Didn't have Dahl, was about to get him in so dodged a bullet there!


Yes – hold both IMO. Hall will be back & Dahlhaus will be out for 4 which includes his bye. Both in top 10 forwards.


My team right now with 3.8k and 12 trades. (*players with byes this week)
Def: Shaw Rance* Docherty* M Adams McDonald-Tipungwuti Yeo // B Williams Broad*
Mid: Selwood Ablett* Shiel Parker Gray Liberatore J Smith* Hopper // Keays MacPherson* Schoenfeld*
Ruc: Gawn Naitanui // Cox*
Fwd: D Martin* Montagna* Dahlhaus Franklin Wells Kerridge* // Hall* Petracca
Need to trade Dahlhaus and Naitanui because of the injurys and Josh Smith has a break even of 77 but I can't afford to trade him because then I will only have 9 trades left.
Not sure who to get for Naitanui but I was thinking either Mumford or Jacobs.
Dahlhaus: Either Merret, Wingard Or Josh J Kennedy.
Plz help by suggesting players to get or players to trade.


Def Merrett, very consistent


I'm gonna be a bit controversial and hold this week and then make 3 trades next week (OUT: McGovern, Smith, Davis)
Just don't need any cover yet (20 playing)
Explain to me why this is a bad idea…

DEF: Shaw, Laird, Simpson, Docherty, Bartel, Hurn (Cuddles, Collins)
MID: Danger, Parker, Bontempelli, Shiel, Rockliff, Libba, Priddis, Ablett (Davis, Hopper, J. Smith)
RUCK: Maxy, Goldy (Cox)
FWD: Hall, Zerrett, Wells, Greene, Petracca, AMT (McGovern, Grimley)

17 trades left, RANK: 2586 (top 1%)


I'd look to get Trengove in perhaps for Smith.


What are the community thoughts on motlop? For maybe hall?


hell no


What to do with R.Davis? (306,700$)
Current midfield is Danger, Neale, Libba, JPK, Priddis, R.Gray, Rocky, Gazza and Trengove, Davis and Keays

Should i keep him, as he is been peforming very well and has a breakeven of 36?
I bellieve he can get to the 360-370 mark soon