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That was unexpected.

From an underperforming premo to dropped in the blink of an eye, Aaron Hall has come down with a case of I-Accidentally-Shagged-The-Coach’s-Wife-itis.

This disease has plagued the competition this year, with high-profile names in Michael Barlow and Travis Cloke, who has had a relapse after showing positive signs of recovery.

Bloody terrible to see one so young struck down so soon. We can only wish Aaron the best as he battles this debilitating disease.

BUT – as much as I love a good gag (and, now I mention it, a terrible one), disease is firmly in the spotlight this week as the Freeze at the G is happening Monday.

As well as the pure joy of seeing Eddie McGuire and David Koch jumping into freezing water, the thing is helping Essendon legend and former Demons coach Neale Daniher fight motor neuron disease – not for himself but for everyone blighted by it.

I try not to keep it too serious here on the panic room, but if you’ve got a few bucks, consider chucking it in the kitty for them.

If for nothing else, our Supercoach sides could do with the karma.



Aaron Hall has been dropped. He’s had a disappointing few weeks, and there is a compelling argument to trade him out, especially as he hasn’t cracked the ton since round 4 and has a three round average of 68.

Hopefully Rocket is shoving a rocket up his bum to get him into form, and for that reason I will hold, but jeez it’s an inconvenient time to be trading, innit?

As expected, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti has been rested this week against the Hawks, which I’m shattered about because he would have made tonight’s game much more entertaining to watch. Nonetheless, he’s got a breakeven of nearly 70 now, so you’d be entitled to move the excitement machine on.

Nicholas Naitanui was seen in a moon boot at the end of last weekend and has been named to play. However, with a dicky achilles and a bad history with injury you reckon the Weagles might rest him against the Crows.

Todd Goldstein has been named, thank the lord, and Majak Daw, who some were looking to bring in after two impressive scores, makes way.

Jock’s beloved Saints, beleagued with injury, have recalled bubble boy Tom Lee to the side. With Hugh Goddard out for the year and Sean Dempster missing, Lee’s job security is now looking very solid. With two scores of 62 and 71, he hasn’t set the world on fire but has been more serviceable than some.

Adelaide rookie Wayne Milera has been dropped, as has Travis Cloke. If you’ve been replaced at centre half forward by Jesse White, you know you’re out of form. Sorry Travis.

Jackson Paine is also out with a foot problem for those of you who brought him in.

Jack Viney has outfoxed all of us by returning a week into a month-long layoff with a hand injury. Maybe he re-watched the footage and thought the jumper punches weren’t much chop and he was actually better now.

Curious George Hewett got too curious last week and got too curious. He will miss with concussion and its time to move him on. Hawthorn stalwart Sam Mitchell will sit out of tonight’s walloping of the Dons as he’s Very Tired and needs to let someone else have some fun.

That someone is Will Langford, but will also give more time rookie Kade Stewart, who looked good last weekend.


This segment has now been properly renamed to suit my terrible penchant for puns. Once again I’m pressed for time this week, community, so I’ll keep it brief. Hold trades if you can. Take some time to go over your bye plan, who you want to target, when you’ll go after them, how many trades you’ll use. Stick to the plan. Let us know your plan, too! Stick it in the comments, let me know what you’re doing! Oh, and keep it out of reach of small children and dogs. Leon learnt the hard way so you don’t have to!



The part of the Supercoach stock market where you call all the trustiest news from the trustiest sauces. Like tomato. Or mayo. You’ll make all the money.

Homer Simpson

Anywho let’s get into the thing: our Dan’s are especially important as we head into the byes. Add who you’re looking out for in the comments!


-90 – Sam Collins
-61 – Tom Lee
-40 – Majak Daw* (who has been dropped)
-23 – Oscar McDonald
-15 – Josh Dunkley
-13 – Daniel Gorringe
-9 – Ryan Davis
5 – Jade Gresham
16 – Ben Crocker


194 – Heath Shaw
175 – Steve Motlop
160 – Bryce Gibbs
157 – Joey Montagna
151 – Dustin Martin
148 – Sam Docherty
141 – Josh J Kennedy
138 – Luke Parker
134 – Dayne Zorko
130 – Kurt Tippett


Dangerfield into Pendlebury should be the move of most this week, with GAZ in contention Goldstein won’t go huge with the Cats leaping all over him, and NicNat is hurt and against Jacobs, although keep a sneaky eye on Max Gawn.

If you’re feeling adventurous, a VC call on Michael Barlow or Lachie Neale could pay dividends, I feel. Tom Rockliff will not be given the space he was last week by the Blues, but could still rack up a 140 with the tag and is probably my preferred VC if you’re bringing him in this week.

However, I’m passing on him as a trade in option.


I’ll try and reach the comments section if I can, but if not, godspeed you wonderful humans.

5:45 UPDATE: Giants forward Jack Steele hasn’t made the cut for the final Giants side to face the Swans. Mackenzie Willis from the Suns has made way, but Tom Phillips will  (apparently, according to my source’s sources) debut for the Pies after a few solid weeks in the twos. Connor Menadue is also – to no-one’s surprise – on the extended bench.

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Would love to hold my trades for byes, but I reckon you've got to take good rookies when they come! Hall and Tippa out for Lee and Collins


Ryan Davis has a negative break-even, but everyone will likely have to move him on next week when he has the bye anyway. Shame. But thanks for pulling your finger out! Better late than never.


If you have Josh Smith in your side I would consider moving him on before Davis. Personally I am saving the last mid premium upgrade, trading Smith for Trengrove next week and waiting for Davis to fully fatten up. Might do well this week with Hall out.


Yep Smith will be gone. Probably Kerridge and then a choice of Hewett or Davis. Hewett the likely candidate unless 1) he's not named again and won't lose cash and/or 2) my upgrades require an extra few K that only downgrading Davis can provide.


All about what he scores if it's back to 30's it'll be time to go next week anyway.


Not me. Next week isn't my problem week. It's the following two round when he is back on field.


Plan is to use only 3 trades over the byes

Round 14: one downgrade
McDTip to Rance (or laird)
Petracca to Delidio

Will have about 20 playing each week and full premium (apart from adams)


Very solid. Do you still have Kerridge and/or Wells? And if so are you considering them 'premium'?


was going to hold trades this week but thinking of moving either tippa or kennedy down to lee this week just to add to the warchest

Bolton's Blues

Cant loophole, would you pick Byrne, Ruggles or Collins for D6 this week?


Would have to go Collins I reckon


Byrne I reckon




Thoughts on Brown to Collins and Benken to T Lee via dpp swing?
Or leave lee trade and turn Benken into premo?

Southern S

Probs go the premo route.


I've currently got 500+k in the bank, I'm unsure whether to upgrade Papley to Zorko (and hold Hall) or trade Hall for Zorko.. I had initially planned to use the 500k to upgrade my high mid pricers – Libba/Biggs/Zaka/Kerridge but now I'm a bit thrown with Hall being dropped especially with his bye coming up next week.


I'll be holding Hall this week and upgrading Papley to a premium, just not sure who yet!


What's the point in having $500+K in the war chest and not on the field?


Mainly because the mid pricers I want to upgrade are still making me some decent cash each week with relatively low BEs, while the players I want to target have high BEs so I'm letting their price fall. Then at the same time there were a few attractive bubble boys so I downgraded my bench to get them and then all of a sudden I rack up 500k to use which should give me at least 3 of the players I want.


Community, thoughts on these 3 options, i have 14 trades with 30k in bank
option 1- ruggles to lee and mitchell to rocky
option 2- ruggles to lee and hall to dalhouse
option 3- hold trades


Just do the one trade of ruggles to lee

Grahame Lebroy

Collins seems to be all the rage right now as the best def downgrade target, I haven't seen him play yet so I can't really comment. Forgetting that his BE-88 and T.Lee BE-58, was wondering who people think will end up making more cash, has better job security and if needed as a D7- D8 who would be better to have?


Collins plays a similar role to adams and i would say has better js than lee. but then again we all know what ross can be like


have 540k to trade in a rd 14 bye player as it will fit my structure

who is the best option


why don't you do a little bit of research and narrow it down to a few players you like the look of the ask


Can we have a position? Also we're not sure who you already have but I'll do my best
BCK: Boyd, Suckling, McVeigh
MID: Parker, Gray, Priddis
RUCK: Gawn
FWD: Z.Merrett, Franklin, Kennedy


Dalhaus another option and probably a better one than the 3 FWDs I mentioned.


thoughts on ruggles to lee and hall to dalhouse or mitchell to rocky??


I am one short of premium on field in midfield – 17 trades left
Questionn is : Is Wines to Rockliff a waste of a trade??

Appreciate thoughts


Do it


could be worse i have wines and gaff 🙁


Has anyone else had their SC Gold subscription randomly cancelled before? Happened to me early in the week, just disappeared with no record of it on their systems, then they sent me a cancellation email.

The News Ltd customer support staff aren't being helpful with it. Wondering if others had similar experiences and how they got it resolved quickly


a similar thing happened to me but I worked out that I only did the three week trial and not the full subscription.


My 4 Week plan to get to full premo, this will include moving on my "semi-premos" in Rich and Libba and although Bont and Gibbs aren't probably gonna be the top players moving forwards I'm trying to POD up a bit, hence bringing in Gunston this week.
1: Triple downgrade (Trengrove, Janson +1)
2: Two Up, 1 Down (Simpson ,Gibbs +1)
3: Two Up, 1 Down (Bont, Buddy +1)
4: Two Up (Bartel, Zorko)


Gday guys
With rocky back in he didnt get much center time
How does his role change?
Does he go back forward or will they still use through the midfield?
I want to bring him in but unsure about his scoring potential now rocky is back


I'm bringing him in this week. Wait if you want but you're better off waiting for Lids (first bye) or Dahl (high BE) if you don't have them. Zorko won't get much cheaper and he's named in the guts. Gun. Lock.


Thanks for ya input
Yeah im gonna bring him in as well this week
He is my last fwd unless hall doesnt lift
Im just hoping zorko can maintain his output
And i also need a rd 15 premo as i need to strengthen rds 13 and 14


This week is KK's last chance. I have held for far too long but couldnt help think that if there is a bunch of morons that would be useless enough to get him back in form it would be Richmond


Thats gold


is nic nat to jacobs a stupid trade


why yes, yes it is. thanks for asking

Brothers FC



Sauce to Nic Nat would be better and Nic Nat might not even play this week.
Sauce will probably get towelled up by f…c king Lycett.


i don't have danger field
how urgent is it and when should i get him in?


Please help community ! I have to trade Hall to avoid a donut, should I take it or I can trade in Howe, Gunston or Dahl ?


Dahl a great option but he will get cheaper and I'd rather see how Hall bounces back.

Southern S

Gunston or Dahl.


What does your team look like?


Dahl – lock it in!

I N Pieman

Outstanding Patch. Adios Tipa for Collins & BenKen for Rocky this week. 15 trades to head to the byes with. Probably Smith & Hewett out next week for Trengrove & Jansen. Round 14 DBJ & Petrecca out for Dusty & Laird. BANG. Then in round 15 regret all the round 15 guys I traded in


you don't have dusty or laird? interesting


With Lee in this week, is he now as good a pick as Collins (as a bit of a POD)?

Bolton's Blues

If Lee doesnt play well, he will be dropped when Fisher is back (3-4 i heard)
Collins is ready for AFL, hes a big body defender and Freo have to many of these out (for weeks and the season)

JS – Collins
Risk – Lee


Not quite but still an okay option


Ablett has to be a decent option for the BIG C…


Fair to say that the name Ablett strikes fear into the hearts of Tiges supporter more than most… Even Nathan kicked a bag against them once.


Sshhhhhh don't tell anyone


does the VC loop hole work on Saturday games? I have always played it Friday? can someone clear this up for me?

Rick Grimes

It will work outside of Friday. Just need your VC to play before your loop-hole. ie, if you have the popular choice of Loersch, you could go Rocky on early Sat game, than if he balls up, move to Danger in the later Sat game. I may well do this but using a midfield loophole – which I haven't done before and may well stuff up completely…


Just make sure your VC finishes (or is close enough to tell that you want the score) before subbing your E on for your C


Community how does this sound. trade out hall move mc don tippa down to forward line and buy collins in defence. will give me a huge bank roll but this is the dilema i only have 12 trades left?


Trade Or Hold Tippa? If trade Do I get in Simpson or Rance who is very good value at 470 K


hold tippa if you have cover, i think he is not a bad D6 or F6 if you need him in that roll.


Rance is a good round 14 target after his bye


Hey community,

Have been pressed for time all week to look at my SC team.

Locking M.Brown – Collins this week as my first trade for some good cash generation leading up into the Byes, but what else in this team could use a 'Patch – Up'? 😉

Salary Left (after M.Brown – Collins trade): $333,000
Trades Left: 14

DEF: Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Bartel, DBJ, Collins (Hartley, Tucker)

MID: Pendles, Hannebery, Danger, GAJ, Ward, Libba, Wines, J.Smith (Davis, Menadue, DMacPherson)

RUCK: Gawn, Nic Nat (Wyatt)

FWD: Martin, Barlow, Wells, Kerridge, Adams, Petracca (Hall, Tippa)

The way I see my team in it's current position is that there will need to be 5 more upgrades made (if I'm considering holding Hall in the long run) before I reach 'full Premo'.

I'm not sure whether I want to make an upgrade this week as well to a Premo for one of my on-field rookies before Byes, or if I should just stick with the one downgrade this week and look to make my upgrades during Byes at the appropriate times.

What do you all reckon? Cheers 🙂


*on-field/off-field rookies


Also currently ranked 2,284th (uncharted territory for me in my recent years of playing SC), coming off a 2,382 last Round.

Southern S

Trade menadue to a gun so you can take Smith on to the bench?

McPherson can be sidetraded to Jansen/Trengove in a weeks time.

Or you could double downgrade in defensewith the addition of Lee/Logan, that will give you a healthy warchest to get upgrade targets during the byes.


Rance, Simpson Or Bartel in for tippa?


Simpson for points, but what suits your byes best is my pref at the moment. Bartel has been great for me and suits my byes perfek


Anyone rate McVeigh? I can go smith to Rockliffe and then Hall to McVeigh….

Will most likely keep hall and just end up doing smith to rocky

Southern S

I'd get Collins in defense and if you already have him consider Lee or Logan.


Question for the near future. Do people think Howe is the real deal? I'm thinking Tippa to him in a couple of weeks to keep my def-fwd swing option with Adams going. He would be my D6.

Thanks in advance.


Would love to downgrade to Collins but Byrne (Carlton) just ain't ready yet. Is Collins a must have or is there going to be other downgrade targets in the coming weeks?

Southern S

You don't have anyone else that you could cull? There is Logan Austin from Port but you'd have to get him next week.


Hey community, I'm in some serious strife. With 35k in the bank and 18 trades, my team looks like:

D: Shaw, Doc, Laird, AMT, DBJ, Ruggles (Collins, Brand)

M: Dependlebury, Danger, Ward, Parker, GAJ, Gray, Libba, Blicavs (Smith, Davis, Keays)

R: Gawn, Nic Nat (Cox)

F: Zorko, Buddy, Hall, Barlow, Kerridge, Petracca (P. Wright, Mitch Brown)

Was thinking about culling a rookie and upgrading Ruggles to either McVeigh or Pittard but with Hall omitted I am unsure on what I should do. Please help me!


Have $93k and 16 trades. 4 upgrades short of full premo.
Option 1: Hold, wait for next week.
Option 2: J.Smith & Keays to Rocky & Jansen;
Option 3: Hall & AMT to Rocky & Suckling.
The temptation is strong Patch!


option 3. Hall will drip more cash. Do it now and dont look back.


Pendles or Hannas who whould you chose and why ? i feel i need to get one of these guys but unsure on who.


Ideally both. But whoever fits your structure and cashflow I guess.


do you have any of the other swan midfielders?


yes parker


Byrne, Lee, Collins which two to put on field


Here is my team:

Defenders- Laird, Smith, Bartel, Shaw, Rich, Tippa, Brown, Brand

Midfielders- Ablett, Danger, Parker, Selwood, Priddis, Gray, Libba, Wines, Ben Ken, Smoth, MacPerson

Ruck- Gawn, Nic Nat, Cox

Forawards- Franklin, Martin, Wells, Barlow, Hall, Kerridge, Petracca, Menadue

14 trades and no money in the bank. Also ranked 16937 and team value is just over 30 million. Bye structure is also 10-12-8 out each week

I am pretty happy with how my byes are looking as I can trade out Brown and Ben Ken this week to lee and collins if I want leaving my byes 11-10-9. How the likes of Hall and Wines are tempting me to pull the trigger. Wines to Rocky is tempting me more than it should as it fits my byes perfectly. The double downgrade is probably the safest option leaving me with cash for my last few upgrades in the byes. Was looking at Hall to Dahlaus early this week but it is not an optio any more because of my bye structures. Just realised Brand, Macpharson, Menadue and possibly Hall sitting on the pine could hurt my byes but I have to hold them at this point due to my trades and other pressing issues. Any other options you can think of community? Let me know what you think the best thing to do is.


thats an amazing team value if ever ive seen one


Brown to Lee
Smith to Selwood

Or hold off on 2nd trade? I do have 13 outs for next round. 11 + grimley + lee who I traded in for cash


Just having one of those moments community. I'm reading through these comments. I'm seeing brother and sister reaching out to each other with gentleness. Respect. Genius. Positivity.

Can't put into words the pride I have in this joint. Thanks to each and every one of you. You're all outstanding.


It is all thanks to you for bringing us together Jock!!!


Love you Jock.




The good student follows the wise master. Jock you are the shining beacon leading us all to enlightenment.

The Ranger

Keep up the good work Mr.Reynolds.

One Touch Wonder

It is time Community to reveal my second great SHARK MOVE of the year. The SHARK MOVE is taken from the fantastic article in Jock's magazine last year that talks about not following the Shoal, doing something that sets you apart from the rest.

You all remember my first one, Hall to Zorko after round 5 when everyone was jumping on Hall or patting themselves on the back for selecting Hall from the beginning, I chose to cash him in at $539k and get Zorko. Hall looked good against weaker team, but I feared his ability going into a run of tough games. It seems my fears were justified. Even though I tried to warn the rest of the community, most people ignored my calls. A difference of not only $120k price fall, but a loss of 221 SC points, plus Hall missing Round 9, again round 12 and who knows for how long.

In last years Jock's magazine, there was also one of the greatest, if not the greatest article ever written in the history of the world about Supercoach, regarding the BUFFALO BOUNCE. For those who don't remember, it talks about the key position forwards and how they usually struggle in the early part of the season, fall dramatically in price, but then like a phoenix rising from the ashes, so does the KPF in the second half of the season. Every year there are examples of players who do this. If you still have a copy of the magazine (I keep mine between the mattresses) have a look at the graph of KPF price drops and recoveries in the second half of the year. Stunning information.

As a combination of THE SHARK MOVE and the BUFFALO BOUNCE, I present a trade that will only be for those who have pretty large marbles and for those players who seek the holy grail of supercoach, be that the #1 rank or top of your league.

So take this advice and digest it properly before dismissing it, mull it over in the cerebellum lode and let the juices of the sub-conscience do their work. Those who act will reap the benefits, for those who swim with the shoal, they will be safe (for now).

My second great SHARK MOVE of the year is…………


Your shark move is??????


Josh Kennedy


I like it, I'd wait until Walker has had his bye though….you'll pay a bit extra for him, but Wells will go up a bit more too. Most will say silly sideways trade, but they would have said that about Hall to Zorko at that time as well.


Like your thinking. And need some forwards. Not this week but next.


Trade out De Goey (BE of 117) or Ben Ken (BE of 96) for Rockliff?

Southern S

Both bleeding, both needed to be traded at their peak value 2 weeks ago, De Goey bound to bleed more than Kennedy so trade.


Def: Shaw, Adams, Docherty, Laird, Tippa, DBJ, (Collins, Byrne)
Mid: Danger, GAJ, Parker, Pendles, Hannebery, Libba, Priddis, Rockliff (Keays, Hopper, McPherson)
Ruc: Goldy, NicNat (Grimley)
Fwd: Martin, Franklin, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kerridge (Kennedy, Petracca)

Thoughts about trading during the byes?
15 trades and $53k left


My moves this week are:
Hewett to S. Collins (via subbing B Williams from backline)
Mills to Merrett (via subbing Menadue from FWD)
Cox on bench as a back-up for Natanui

Good moves??
Is Merrett a good premo forward keeper???

Southern S

He continues to perform so why not?


Merrett will average 105, v good value



Southern S

That is the question.


Will give it one more week. With Hewett rested don't have to make that call yet


I'm seeing a lot of people trading out Mitch Brown, high breakeven, playing the Hawks etc. fair enough. For what it's worth I thing his role might be a bit better tonight. Jamar is in and no tall is out. There will be a resting ruckman playing forward at all times so I see Brown getting well up the field or possibly playing in defence. Either way I don't think he will give us a putrid score tonight

Southern S

Yeah but he's ripe for the culling and has scored terribly sometimes ie last week 29.

I'm holding but only because I'm trading others who aren't playing.


Luke Dalhaus Break Even? Get him in this week?

Southern S

123 BE.


He will only get cheaper carrying that low score for another two games. Unless he goes boonta. I'm waiting and going to snaffle him after his bye at a discount. BE 123.
One more sub-100 game and he'll be below 500k


What to do with Ben Kennedy?

Southern S

Should've been traded two weeks ago?


Held him as had other priorities. The question was to trade or to hold?


Suggested trades?

Shaw, Rance, Simpson, Laird, Rich, Adams, Tippa, Brown
Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Gray, Parker, Libba, Smith, Keays, Hopper, Davis, MacPherson
Goldstein, Martin, Wyatt
Zorko, Barlow, Hall, De Goey, Wells, Kerridge, Kennedy, Petracca

19 trades and 114,000 in the bank

Brown to Collins is locked in.
Then whom to trade out of De Goey and Kennedy and who comes in? Deledio, Martin, Dahlhaus?


Tippa out Josh Gibson in, yes/no?




Good if Hawks play Essendon every week


thoughts on Pittard as a pod? Like the look of him a lot and think he can avg 95!


Gibson, Simpson, Rance, bartell, Enright or Pittard?


1- Simpson
2- Gibson
3- Rance
4- Bartel
5- Pittard
6- Enright

Shake n bake

It's that time again were I ask who do we have the vc on & the big c on? I'm Selwood into Pendles.


Danger into Gaz I'm thinking.


Although Hanners is also tempting due to his consistency.


Gibson into Danger. I like Gibbo against the bombers. Has a huge ceiling as we know. Tonight he could go big. Worth the punt . Danger has been pumping out 120+ scores for the last 3 weeks, Reliable back up if Gibbo turds his pants.


Like your thinkin tophawk


Gibbo into Dangerman for mine.

The Ranger

Rocky into Gazza.
Haven't written that for a while…