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Community, welcome to International Donut Day.

A joyous occasion, Donut Day is the day where we take joy in guiltlessly shoving our face holes full of donutty goodness; whether your poison of choice is jam, iced, cinnamon, or Todd Goldstein.

Now – big Goldmember has been named. We’ll get this out of the way first. He was ginger at training today, and was the last one onto the track, but he is expected to play.

However, the threat of a late withdrawal is still there. If he were a mid it’d be no worries. In any other position, we’d be fine.

But threatening to pinch one of our rucks is like feigning a punch in the groin – you just flinch instinctively.

And so we hope that tonight we are not going to witness the premier screening of Supercoacher Getting Hit By Football

Footy Trouser Stretching


Coaches were nice to us this week, with very few big name outs and some handy ins.

Crow defender Rory Laird tops that list of ins, alongside Brisbane captain Tom Rockliff and ex-Melbourne captain Jackson Trengrove, back for his first game in over two years. At 156k, we should all keep a close eye on him.

However, Carlton skipper Marc Murphy will miss this week and the next two or three, so he needs to be flicked if you have him as a point of difference.

Melbourne frustration Ben Kennedy has been dropped after his putrid performance last week

Speaking of PODs, those who have Jack Viney will need to flick him as the youngster is out for a month.

Rhys ‘Beast Mode’ Mathieson has been dropped from the Lions just as he gets onto the bubble, so reverse that trade!

If you brought him in last week, feel free to renew your membership to the “bringing in a rookie who stops playing two games later” society.

In Beast Mode’s place, we’ve been re-gifted Fremantle rookie Darcy Tucker, who with scores of 67 and 34 in rounds 5 and 6 hasn’t set the world on fire.

Geelong bring back three somewhat relevant players in Tom Ruggles, Lincoln McCarthy and Daniel Menzel for those that held any of that trio.

We also see Elliot Yeo, Andrew Gaff, Kade Kolodjashnij and David Mundy return this week.

We have two debutants in the midfield at basement 102k price this week in Kade Stewart (from the Hawks) and Jesse Joyce (from the Suns). Don’t touch ‘em yet.

Tom Lee has been named for the Saints, but with Hugh Goddard named at full back, I think we’ll see Tommy lifted from that side and placed on the emergency list by 5pm this evening. Furthermore it looks like West Coast kid Tim Cole might not make the cut on Sunday either.

Essendon have for some unknown reason “rested” James Kelly against Fremantle and dropped Mark Jamar for Matthew Luenberger. I’ll admit I’m bemused by the decision.

CoachKings Round 11 Fixture


I’m pressed for time this week, community, so I want to hear how many trades you will have left once lockout hits tonight (after this week’s trades)

How many trades do you have left?

View Results

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I’m sitting on 16, and feel that’s two less than I would like. Feeling 17 or 18 left is around par – we’ll see how right I am.

Otherwise, I’m seeing huge value in Chad Wingard, Brodie Smith, Gary Ablett, Robbie Gray, Luke Parker, Joel Selwood, Jasper Pittard, Zac Williams and Jarryd McVeigh this week. Also have a blind, stupid feeling Justin Westhoff will thrive playing through the backline over the next month but for the love of god chuck him in your CoachKings side and not your long form.


You know how this shindig works

Eddie Murphy’s

-61 – Tom Lee
-32 – Darcy Tucker
-21 – Ryan Davis
-17 – Dougal Howard
6 – Chad Wingard
8 – Daniel Gorringe
9 – Christian Petracca
16 – Jacob Hopper
19 – Brodie Smith

Dan Aykroyds

229 – Steve Motlop
159 – Patrick Dangerfield
155 – Joel Selwood
151 – Adam Treloar
141 – Kade Simpson
132 – Zach Merrett
131 – Callan Ward


He’s the noblest of captains, McCaptainface. Anywho, you can’t go past Dan Hannebery this week against the Suns. If you’ve got him, lock him in. Friday night isn’t friendly, and I’d probably skip on Goldmember with his knee.

Lachie Neale, who is a big roughie to come into my side this week, could go bananas against the Dons, and Sam Docherty is the only man in the comp to have four 120 scores back to back over the last month – he’s currently my VC and could go large against his old side.

However, Paddy Dangerfield and Scott Pendlebury are the standout – if unoriginal – options this week. Feel clubs will have learnt their lesson re: Heath Shaw and he won’t get off the chain this week.

If you’re feeling dicey though, take a punt on Big Maxy Gawn. He’s at the G this week, which can give him the yips, but he scored 160 there against the Tiges several weeks ago, and with McEvoy getting on and the Hawthorn defence stretched he could go large. I won’t go there, however.

She’s a short one this week, and I won’t be able to make it to the comments – I hate not being able to make the comments, but these next two weeks are a mongrel for me.

Good luck community – may we all check our phones on Sunday night to see scores of 2400!

Patch, out.

5:00 UPDATE: As expected, Saints Big Man Tommy Lee hasn’t made the cut for Sunday’s game, and for the 1.7% of you that  Tom Cole has been omitted. Reminder – this means Brad Crouch is still out.

6:00 UPDATE: HAPPY DONUT DAY, SUPERCOACHERS. Sam McClure (no relation to Troy) is reporting Goldstein is out. Nothing is confirmed yet from either North or the AFL, Either way, it’s irrelevant. You either have cover or you don’t.

DO NOT trade cover in expressly for this week and this week only. DO NOT go out of your way to trade Kurt Tippett or Daniel Gorringe or Trent West or a potato into your side to score a 30 for this one week. If you’ve been intending to trade a ruck replacement in – a Scott Lycett or Kurt Tippett – at some stage, this may be the week to do it. But make sure you look longer term than this week.

However, both these gentlemen I’ve mentioned, being Lycett and Tippett, are in good form. Tippett should have scored more than he did last week and is the #1 Sydney ruck. He’ll struggle this week in the wet but is in sparkling form. Scott Lycett has flown under the radar with two 110s in the past fortnight. With 5 tons for the year and an average of 95, he’s not a bad option. The 460K pricetag does worry me, however.

As TLC immortalised in their 90s classic Don’t Go Chasing Low Quality Ruck DPPs To Cover Todd Goldstein For One Week, I think we should heed their Supercoach wisdom and not go chasing law quality ruck RPPs to cover Todd Goldstein for a week.

(Unless your name is Jock bloody Reynolds, in which case you can follow Maso’s advice and trade him to Max Gawn.)

6:10 UPDATE: yeah nah time to Panic, he’s out.

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Great work as always Patch.

A couple of other Dan Aykroyds:

– Stefan Martin (BE 160)
– Ollie Wines (BE 148)
– Shane Mumford (140)
– Patrick Cripps (140)

Josh Dunkley (-21) and Oscar McDonald (-15) potential Eddie Murphy's too, although a little pricey.

Seriously in need of a downgrade in defense to replace one of the Essendon boys who are faltering – will wait to see if Lee is named tonight. Reckon its between Sam Collins, Darcy Tucker and Lee – thinking that Collins has more JS, but not on the bubble yet…


I'm in the same spot, brought Tucker in last night but unsure on his JS so reversed it for Collins, but don't want to be caught out if Ross decides to drop him next week for some unknown reason, tough choice.


Yes, Tucker ripped it up in the WAFL last week apparently, but I feel as though Collins has better JS because he's a key position player and mature age (22 vs 19yrs)


You could probably go on Collins a week early. Given Pearce and Johnson are both still out, I can't see him being omitted


Cheers, Spock!

Agree on Collins, especially now Lee has been given the flick

I N Pieman

Love ya work Patch. I'll be keeping a close eye on Rocky this week. A gun of that calibre at 450 can't be ignored


did you start with Rocky?


Rocky's BE is listed as 120 after this week and 150 the week after – his price will be closer to 400K if he doesn't achieve these figures.


Dont think so after a double ton!!!


Love you too mate. Rocky an absolute gun who I would have no problems with trading in over the coming weeks.



John Lennon

Who should I go the C on T.Mitchell, Danger, or Rocky??




Mitchell strong chance to tag Ablett – keep clear!




Jeez I love this segment Patch well done again. Love how early you get it out too. I'm actually really pleased with Kennedy being dropped as I'm of the same opinion as Higgo for holding all trades this round.


Cheers mate! Loving the optimism on Kennedy!


How is joyces's js?


i have done the maths, and i'm $4k short of doing Hartley >> Williams/Collins & Mills >> RGray.

I may even go Joyce because he is only $102k. i don't mind the idea of having a non-player in defence with DPP as i'm looking at bringing in Rance after his bye and keeping BSmith at D7.

If Joyce plays it might mess up my loophole.


If he hasn't got a game yet the way GC have been going, I'd say terrible…


He's been on the rookie list. Has been in the GC academy since he was 14. I think Joyce or Williams might not be a bad idea as Derek has mentioned. They have DDP and might come in handy come the bye rounds to move players between defence and the midfield?

Grahame Lebroy

As a Dees supporter can I just say how great it is to see Jack Trengrove back in the side after such a long time out, and hope he can stay in there for a long time to come. SC wise he could be a bargain and a solid back up on the pine in the m9 – 11 region. Be interesting to see how he re adapts to AFL level after so long out.

Does anyone know if Luke Parker is carrying an injury or why he is scoring poorly of late?


Pro tip: Every game that JPK scores well in, Parker goes spud in, and vice versa to a certain extent. JPK and Parker seem to fight each other for points so far.

Happens also with TMitchell and Heeney, I guess this is because Heeney gets a different role when they set Titch to be a tagger.

Hanners doesn't seem to get his points stolen by anybody ^^


totally disagree. i can't see any relationship with Parker & JPK's scores.

JPK is SC royalty and will score well every week against any opponent.


WIth you Derek.

JPK and hanners generally are the one who take eachothers points.

I think teams are simply putting more work into Parker.


Well, look at the numbers.

In Parker's best 5 games, he averages 138 while JPK averages 104 (JPK -22 compared with his best 5)
In JPK's best 5 games, he averages 126 while Parker averages 107 (Parker -31 compared with his best 5)

Of course it could just be a coincidence e.g. due to one coming into form and one going out of form. They might not be directly taking points off each other. But we know that it can happen, and I haven't seen any other theories as to why Parker has dropped off so hard after his ridiculous start.

I think they are both guns and one or the other is pretty guaranteed to go huge in most games. I would just be cautious until they learn to play nice together.


Again, adamantly disagree, they're completely different players who get points from totally different things.

I would say it's just a coincidence, JPK simply started the season slow.

Rick Grimes

Hey Derek, your faith in JPK had him pencilled into my side Monday morning. But I'm starting to get a bad case of Hanners itch. I guess I can't go too wrong with either. JPk might even be a POD.


would just like some thoughts on trade in options that suit my bye rounds structure

Deledio (2.9% teams good POD has the potential to avg 110 for the rest of the year and feel will just get better each game)
Dahlhaus (plays at dogs but he’s not a POD in like 19% teams i feel he will drop off + he butchers the ball)

thoughts community


Deledio not a POD for long, everyone is just waiting to snap him up with low BE or after R13. Dahlhaus could wait on low drop for better value (along with e.g. Montagna, Zorko, Zerrett… plenty of options and probably can't get em all).


i think everyone understands that Delidio is top 5 forwards and will end up in most people's teams. He will be in mine, but not until round 14 once he has had his bye.

Dahlhaus is the same, should be top 6 forwards, just waiting on a bit of a price drop. Started the year at $563k, has a 123BE this week, has a round 14 bye, won't be long before he is in alot more teams.


Prefer Deledio as an option, much safer, has been consistent for years and no doubt he will be for the rest of the season


Dahlhaus is a ripper his attack on the footy and appetite for the contest is superb. Will be top 3 fwd imo. I think he's the safer option given deledios aging body and injury concerns.


Deledio won't be a POD. Me and everyone else will pick him up after bye. Definitely rank him higher than Dahl


i do feel sorry for coaches who have Goldy & SMartin as their ruck combo.

You have to stick with them, however

If Goldy doesn't play this week and you have these two, i would seriously consider Tippet at F6 (as long as you have a DPP at R3). Tippet will cover for Goldy this week if he is out, but once Goldy is back you can use Martin/Tippet as a R2 loophole – Lions play before Swans for the next 5 weeks so you can have E on Martin, if he does good, keep Tippet at F6, if he does poor, swing Tippet to R2 and bring in your forward bench cover. (also depends who your R3 is).

Lions games look pretty good, and Martin might get back into some form.


Lycett also looking a solid option

Bolton's Blues

I have Cox at R3, so im happy to take his score for 1 week if Goldy misses, if its longer then that there is always the option to trade

Rick Grimes

I'm sticking fat with Martin. He'll be my last trade, if I still have any left. I just know the moment I trade him he's going to explode. And this week looms as a chance to ton up if he can get close enough to the pill.


RGray vs TMitch people… thoughts?

I place them at similar value in terms of average scoring potential relative to price… Think RGray might be more consistent but TMitch has a bigger ceiling. RGray will likely spud vs next 2 opponents (averages 73) and may draw tags, TMitch can go huge but will probably tag against GEE/HAW in 2 of remaining 12 games. TMitch somewhat more POD.



I'd go with Gray mate. I'm not sold that TMitch has found his role – he will tag, he will sit on the bench for extended periods, he will incur the Wrath of Horse for no reason – Gray should be more consistent and ultimately because of that outscore Tommy.


Gray for consistency


Looking for some advice for whether I should trade or not and if so to who, here is my team:

Defenders- Laird, Smith, Bartel, Shaw, Rich, Tippa, Brown, Brand

Midfielders- Ablett, Danger, Parker, Selwood, Priddis, Gray, Libba, Wines, Ben Ken, Smoth, MacPerson

Ruck- Gawn, Nic Nat, Cox

Forawards- Franklin, Martin, Wells, Barlow, Hall, Kerridge, Petracca, Menadue

Really want Zorko in my team was waiting for him to have a crappy game which looks like it will not happen now I am scared he will have a big game and jump over 600k so thinking now is best time to get him. I am low on trades with 14 and have 5.5k in the bank. Don't really plan on trading during the byes since my team is looking pretty good right now. Wines is also really annoying me but I think I will hold and hope he comes good like Brodie Smith has. Any trade suggestions are greatly appreciated and good luck with your captain choices this week I like the Gawn vc move.


team looks good. worried about where you cash will come from for your last upgrades.

did you do cash needed calculation?


Not yet. But I still have a few players left. What would you trade this week?


Could always downgrade brown to a Collins.
Switch Kennedy to forward and put petracca in the mid then swap Kennedy in the backline for brown, trade Kennedy for Collins, upgrade brown in the midfield or forward? But with 5.5 k in the bank it will be hard to get Zorko given his price.


Rance or Laird?


Would wait on both. Rance hasn't hit his stride yet since coming back. Laird will be a bit rusty after a few weeks maybe.

McVeigh a decent option (I would wait a week on all these defenders myself).


im tentatively jumping on Laird. Have to trade him on the saturday night for Hartley so just a bit worried he might be a late out on Sunday arvo

yer man

jasper pittard a good POD?


im looking at him. By now we have a very solid sample size of good scores. Should be able to keep it up for the rest of the year


I don't like him after he burnt me last year, but I have to set aside my grievances and concede he's not a bad pick this year.


Hey community,

Thoughts on getting Cotchin in as a POD?
Downgrading papley via (Brown DPP) for collins and upgrading Ben Ken to Cotchin… alternative have 560,000 for a midfielder.

Team after Cotchin Trades
15 trades left, 10,000 in bank
Def – Shaw, Docherty, Bartel, KK, AMAC, KK, Laird (collins, DBJ)
Mid – Danger, Hanners, Ward, Zaha, Grey, Cotchin, Libba, Blicaz (Smith, Petracca, Hopper)
Ruck – Gawn, Goldy (cox)
Fwd – Dalhaus, Martin, Hall, Wells, Kerridge, Adams (Brown, Grimley)



Accidentally put KK twice haha


one KK is bad enough!


Depends on your byes, would not work for me as I don't want another R13 bye player. If you're the same, hope that he spuds this round so that he is sweet to bring in for R14.


bye structure is good,
Round 13 – 20 players
R14- 18 players
R15 -20 players

Don't think he will spud as thankfully Jacobs is not there to tag him


I like it mate. He looks to have his mojo back and a point to prove. Wouldn't have a problem with slotting him in and he's done the job on the run home for us before


Was seriously thinking of it but will happen after bye. Unless he pulls some 130s and I have to jump on early. Get ready for Richmonds run. And Cotch and lids going mental. And us ending up 9th again 🙂


Are my trades of Hartley and brown to Collins and tucker reasonable ? I'm ranked top 1000 and it gives me 550k ready for the byes to finalise team
Please leave some comments cheers


Tucker not much JS. Paint the fence?

Southern S


Bolton's Blues

Id stay away from Tucker, Collins is older (3 years) stronger and a key defender which freo are lacking at the moment, his body looks AFL ready.
Id paint the fence in all honesty


Okay guys. Advice would be greatly appreciated.
Def : Shaw, Docherty, Simpson, Laird, Tippa, Brown (Hartley, Brand)
Mid : Dangerfield, Hanners, Pendlebury, Parker, Ward, Ablett, Libba, Hopper, (Smith, Davis, Mccpherson)
Rk: Gawn, Martin (Grimley)
Fwd: Zorko, Montangna, Franklin, Hall, Greene, Petracca (Cox, Short)
Have 160k left over.
Was thinking
Hartley to Collins
Brown to Bartel
Leaves me with 130k
And strengthens my backline considering those 2 Essendon boys have been the reason my scoring has not been as good as I wanted it to be.
Is their anything else I could do besides that?


sounds good to me mate. very solid looking team.


either that or, as hartley wont lose any cash this week, use the cash to upgrade martin who will lose truckloads this week to goldy. unless youre sticking fat with him


I have thought about the Martin trade but I really wanted to get Rid of brown and Hartley purely because they have burned me had.
Martin has the potential to score big but west is stuffing him up at the moment. I'll stick fat with him. Just needs to get in the groove again


Have about 570K for a mid.
Thoughts on who?? Can follow the crowd and go parker, titch etc
or what do you think about Cotchin as a POD


absolute dilemma. In need of help.
Do I
a) hartley down to collins a week early and bring in hannebery or neale for viney and then have 100-120k left in the kitty
b)go straight from viney to jack steven, and then hartley to collins next week when he is on bubble leaving me with 200-ishk
what do we think?

Southern S

Like option one even though it means bringing in Collins a week early, Would pick Hannebery too.

Bolton's Blues

I bit the bullet and bought Collins in last week before his first game, i watched the game, he looks AFL ready (body wise) lacks a little bit of game knowledge (big difference when you compare the 2s to the AFL) but he looks strong, older then your average rookie and has good/better JS then Tucker


Option A I reckon. Collins looks to have good JS


Option one for me, mate

Southern S

Yesterday I stated Trengove hasn't bee performing great since coming back to casey, must've had a big brain fart there cos he's averaging 29 touches since returning. Significant.

Not going to be trading him early but still very promising signs.

Bolton's Blues

Do you reckon he can hold down M8 – M11 spot? or this late in the season be better at M9-M11?

Rick Grimes

M9-11 you'd think. But need to see what the output is. Bottom line, if he puts in a couple of decent efforts he's going to be in 99% of sides come game three.


Collins or Tucker?

Also Trade Martin to NicNat or Brown/Other Rookie to Gray?




Martin to Nic Nat

Rick Grimes

Collins. Hold Martin and pray? Nah, if you have trades get that bugger out too.


team is

Shaw, Docherty, Laird, Enright, AMT, Byrne (Ruggles, Collins)

Danger, Hanners, Ablett, Ward, Shiel, Priddis, Zieball, Lewis (Hewett, Davis, Gresham)

Gawn, NicNat (Lorensch)

Dusty, Hall, Boomer, DeGoey, Kerridge, Petracca (Benken,, Wyatt)

will be going
Benken—-> Tucker via Tipungwuti DPP
DeGoey—-> Dahlhaus

it will then leave me 100k in the bank for the bye rounds


Collins over Tucker


G'day lads and ladies, need some of your expert advice please. Have Ollie Wines and Darcy Parish, ideally would like to get rid of both this round due to high BE. Got 18 trades left but not sure if I should use both? Thinking Wines to Ablett and sit on Parish for another week, his BE is 80 and he could go close? Cheeeeers


i would personally hold on to wines. hes a proven player, and even if he does drop a little below 460 this week, he'll come back up. parish should be first priority.


Fair enough. Whilst I agree with you he is a proven player, this season he is badly out of form. With a BE of 148, he's averaging 80-90 and if he hits that this week his price will drop $100k since the start of the season! For me, he's goneski!


I'm with you BB, I'm trading Wines to Ablett too, At $541k he'll never be that cheap again and Quadzilla has been pretty disappointing this year. Ablett is a fallen premium so I don't consider it a sideways trade, it's an upgrade.


I flicked Wines two weeks ago and can't deny it's time we all did. Like what you've got in mind mate, The Bald One a must at that price.


its going to be very wet for the Suns vs swans game. JPK loves the wet.


He who has JPK will back him- people who have there own team interest need to take the blinkers off and give some genuine feedback- you say JPK has scored well EVERY GAME in previous posts.. Don't think so


you are right, JPK has had a shit year and really should retire. 75, 95, 124, 97, 101, 99, 125, 119, 161, …. he really should give the game away.


Seriously what is your obsession with JPK? You post about him continuously week after week


Maybe Derek is a big fan of his misses. She is smoking

Luke Parker

Mate ima steal your points this week, payback's a bitch.

The Ranger

Really wanna get rid of Macpherson this week so that I have two trades that don't involve his measly $154K next week.
Do I risk it and get Trengrove early?
Ditch him for M.Willis or Dunkley?
Or just bloody hold?
Need the communitys help on this one.


Hold fire on MacPherson if your other rookies are playing


I'm going MacPherson to Collins opening up my def/fwd and mid/fwd swings again.
Dont need him as a loophole I've got Loersch for that.


Current team is:
Def- Shaw, Boyd, Bartel, Rich, Byrne- Jones, Byrne, Lee, Collins.
Mids- Dangerfield, Hannebery, Pendlebury, Shiel, Ablett, Parker, Priddis, Lyons, Smith, Hewett, Davis.
Rucks: T Goldstein, N Naitunai, D Wyatt.
Fwds: D Zorko, L Montagna, A Hall, M Barlow, S Kerridge, C Petracca, B Kennedy, M Brown.
Should I fully upgrade the mids by bringing in Robbie Gray or bring in a premium fwd. Ranked 240 so I’m trying to find the trade that will give me the biggest point differential from rookie to premium.
Option 1: Out: B Kennedy, G Hewitt, In: J Trengove, R Gray. Midfield will be full premium.
Option 2: Out: B Kennedy, M Brown, In: J Trengove, L Dalhaus.


How about Hartley & Macpehrson to S.Collins & C.Sinclair? Ruck DPP cover getting games and scoring reasonably. Could be solid F7 fix while putting Petraca on field at F6 for this round?


The other risk with Sinclair is it's going to bucket down on the Gold Coast tomorrow night. Stay away from bringing a tall ruckman type on a wet night


No fwd rooks this week a couple in def getting their first game so guess I go mendspoo to Paine as the spud has the first game tonight so can't even loop him.
Longeran – gibbo?


You could hold off on Paine – he won't make much cash I don't feel. Can you go Lonergan-Collins and Menapoo up?


I thought Brett Deledio was a midfield- forward yet in my team he's not rotating into the midfield
What is this madness

Rick Grimes

Definitely a mid/fwd last time I looked.


Captain my captain?
What's everyone thoughts?

I'm thinking of going:
Zorko/doc -VC (purely based on current form and the fact they r playing each other and not a top 8 team)
If VC fails not sure on capt?
Danger? But not much time between blues and cats game.
Ablett? Will he get the titch treatment?
Parker looks to be carrying a niggle
Nic nat – rucks struggle against dogs
Priddus? Probably best option.

Pendles would be ideal but don't have him team yet.


Hey Trigger I'm liking Gawn to Danger or Danger to Gray/Pridd.
Not to sure yet.


Gray scores poorly at the G and is likely to cop a tag from Greenwood. I'd maybe go Docherty into Danger?


When AMT time is up I will be offloading him to Brodie Smith due to the fact I have a four premo defence


Think you should keep him? He's bottomed out and could generate some cash wait til the bye's? Your call.


Ok Never mind misread. Yes possibly good move


Think it will only net you about +10 points per round on average. Good value but not at this stage of season.


Thinking long and hard about Brodie this week. Really want to, but also really don't. In the end I'm holding and will reassess everything come byes, but at that price you'd be well and truly entitled to go for him this week

Moe Szyslak

G'day community. Looking for some outside input on my team, a bit stuck on what to do this week. Thinking of just holding and not using any trades, as only have 16 trades left. $105,000 in the bank.

DEF: Shaw, Docherty, Boyd, Laird, Yeo, McDonald-Tipingwuti (Ruggles, Collins)

MID: Dangerfield, Priddis, Parker, Ablett, Zaharakis, Cripps, Libba, Davis (Keays, Dunkley, Marcon)

RUC: Gawn, NicNat

FWD: Zorko, Martin, Hall, Barlow, Kerridge, Petracca (Menadue, Cox)

Thinking of bringing in Mathieson purely for the purpose of a loophole as I don't have one this week, and then making cash from him when he's back in.



Gold will play. The surprise change will be Petrie out. Maj to play fwd and pinch-hit in the ruck. You heard it first here


i reckon he will play


Heard that rumour too. If Maj plays at FF….he could go large and kick half a dozen sausage rolls. Good ploy by NM v Tigers. Sit Maj in square and let him clunk them, then give Goldy a break in the ruck…smart move


Hearing Goldy is a definite. Wouldn't be at all surprised if Petrie misses…

Beady Eye

Yeah about that…


What option?
Out: Macpherson
In: R.Gray (low breakeven), Zorko or T.Mitchell (low breakeven)

Out: B. Kennedy
In: Merrett


Not Zorko, better points for value from one of the other 2. Wait for a drop on Zorko, if it never happens then bring him in later if you have excess trades/$$ (not likely).




Is it worth holding BenKen since he is not playing? Low on trades but was thinking of trading him to Laird but most likely will hold and see how laird goes. Thoughts?


get rid of him as quickly as you can. Laird will score 90+ every week


Might as well hold if u have cover for BenKen.
B/e laird 114.
So may struggle to make that may go down so may get him cheaper next week.
Depends on what cover u have for benken but.


20 trades left

Dilemma is having Stefan Martin as R2
Do I pull the trigger + convert him to Goldstein/NicNat via BenKen + Tucker/Trengrove; or just hold fire for the moment?



with 20 trades left youre looking pretty good, i would pull the trigger


however hold fire on tucker/trengrove go collins if you can via dpp.
that is a dilemma if not though sorry haha


I reckon you should Spud – you have good amount of trades left. And you've been patient with him, don't see him change his output in any shape or form. This is my humble opinion.
Good Luck.


thanks for replying guys

I already have Collins in the backs from going early last wk or else I would have more confidence with going bang bang

Bloody SC


Hmmm. Gawn to Priddis?
Back Danger? Hmmm.


Need help in this one.
Would it be wise to get S Lycett in (and M Wright out) ? Even if Goldy does play this week its good to have a R/Fwd swing. Also, hoping he will average a touch better than his current 95. I think there's upside yes ? Or waste of trade ?


Feel it's a waste of a trade, Maxy. Only ruck swings I'd look at would be Tippett or ~do I say it? Oh it's Lek's fault if it backfires~ Gorringe at this stage outside of Big Mason.

Nervous Coach

Great work as always Patch. I have managed to avoid a doughnut this week, however, as KKJ (GC) proved last week, it is never too late to cop a doughnut. 20 trades left and $118k in the bank. I am thinking either:
1) Hartley to Collins and B Kennedy to R Gray, Ablett or Neale
2) MacPherson to Dunkley and B Bennedy to Gray or Ablett (mid) or Buddy /Deledio in FWD line (if I have enough coin)
Leaning towards the second option so that I can upgrade Hartley to Laird next week.

Any thoughts/advice from the community much appreciated.


Jackson Paine not mentioned? What are our thoughts on him? Kennedy to Paine looks ok to me?

The Ranger

He's been around for a while Kris and never done much.
Injury prone too.
Can see why people would trade him in tho 'cos there's bugger all else!


yeah thanks guys. I just can't find a Fwd worth trading down too so stuck with him regardless of how bad he is and also has the 3rd bye round which helps if he stays in the side.



Nervous Coach

Could you move Kennedy to the midfield and bring in a rookie like Dunkley.


Can't decide on VC and C options this week, options are:

1. Gawn (VC) and Danger (C)
2. Danger (VC) / Pendles (C)
3. Danger (VC) / Gablett (C) – tight timeframe but POD potential


Definately not 3, not a fan of relying on a captain to kill it in wet games – will be raining heavily in GC.
1 has the most potential but 2 is the safest.


Really torn this week. On Monday I said no reverse trades: Kennedy to Zorko, Brown to Mathieson. Then Mathieson gets dropped and Kennedy not named so will not bleed cash.
Do you wait a week on that trade? Or go Brown to Collins a week early so I can get Zorko in?




To expensive, not proven


I only have 14 Trades left and will need to make 2 trades to get goldy or gawn in for martin this week, is it worth it or should I just hold martin as he had already lost so much money?


What does paint the fence refer to


Means trade a fallen player to a rookie and upgrading another fallen player to a premo. Example: M. Brown down to S. Collins and BenKen up to a D. Martin, L. Franklin or some other player. Up and down paint the fence.


Go outside with a paint brush and a paint tin so it looks like you're working. Sit on the tin behind the fence, get out your phone and spend the afternoon watching the live SC scores!


Remind me not to get you to paint my house


My team
Def: Shaw, Adams, Docherty, Tippa, DBJ, Laird (BrownByrne)
Mid: Danger, GAJ, Parker, Pendles, Hannebery, Libba, Priddis, Hopper (Keays, Smith, McPherson)
Ruc: Goldy, NicNat (Grimley)
Fwd: Martin, Franklin, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kerridge (Kennedy, Petracca)

Not trading this week


Might get Lee though


If Lee is named should we get him?

patch jnr

i think so


Not if your not trading tommo!!


Lee not named big E


Thoughts please? Don't think I'll trade this week, is this a good idea?

114,000 left in the bank.

Shaw, Laird, Simpson, Rance, Rich, Adams, Tippa, Brown
Dangerfield, Pendles, Ablett, Gray, Parker, Liberatore, Smith, Hopper, Keays, Davis, MacPherson
Goldstein, Martin, Wyatt
Zorko, Hall, Barlow, De Goey, Wells, Kerridge, Petracca, Kennedy


How many trades?




Is it ok to still trade in Mathieson? Would have him, Josh Smith, Ryan Davis and Gresham with one of them on field. Can use him as a loophole but he'll probably be back soon?


He's been dropped so no guarantee he'll be back soon.


No Job Security – get rid of him


was hoping to see which option the community thought was better (with arguments to back your choice up would be great)

Option 1. Liberatore to B.smith
And M.brown to J.McVeigh

Option 2. M.Brown to J.Joyce
And C.Menadue to McVeigh

I was hoping to hold libba until his bye but getting B.smith allows me to cover my def/mids for all bye rounds, joyce would provide the same cover only I'm not so sure of his Job security.

Any and all opinions are very welcome. Thanks guys.


I'd consider option 2 next week but using Collins.


Picked up collins last week 🙂 with option 1 I'd keep 2 fwd/mid swings and gain 1 def/mid swing too. Ty for the reply though


Sounds like Goldy is going to be a late out?


No he won't be. Will play. Poss Petrie late out. Maj in play forward and pinch hit in ruck




BBQ thanks!


Goldy Late out, Majak IN

I hope


I have heard Goldy will be a late as well! Just before final changes.

Shake n bake

What did you here it on??


Goldy will be a late out!

Shake n bake



You will see @ final teams tonight!


Goldy will play. Petrie late out. Maj in.



Woo Goldy's Out

Goldy out official