NRL PODCAST – Round 13

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MASSIVE podcast folks! We talk SuperCoach trade moves and discuss this Wednesday’s HUGE CoachKings Origin hit-out.

$500 Cash to the National highest point scorer THIS WEDNESDAY


In today’s podcast …

  • We continue to bang straight ahead and trade our way through the bye rounds
  • Are you still holding the great JT? It is time to give him a rest folks.
  • We catch up with Origin legend Braith Anasta and get his tips for Wednesday night.
  • Ryan Matterson, Teddy   …. and heaps more.

Congratulations to our WEEKLY $1000 WINNER – Will Houlcroft

Will scored 1116.4 in the Newcastle v Eels game playing at The Hamilton Station Hotel

Login to CoachKings NOW for FREE …..$1000 WEEKLY PRIZE and $500 prize for highest Origin Score.

Enjoy the podcast and have a good week Community!

Jock Reynolds

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Great stuff William!! Nice work on the CK win!


I'm a JT holder. So who do I trade in for him? Should I be looking at a keeper or just a pinch hitter.


Why trade him, just stuff him on your bench!


The boys were saying that he is going to leak cash and may also miss games or get reduced minutes. Not sure but you could use the cash now and get him back later for a bit cheaper. It just seems hard to hit the trade button on a legend!


JT could be a definite hold now that Morgan got knocked out last night. Surely they wouldn't rest JT with Morgan being out. Bit risky being without both your starting halves despite it only being against the knights. I have a feeling JT will be playing.


Exactly mate, leaking $$ doesn't matter if it is a keeper you have had all year and will be keeping him for the year!! Just throw him on the bench. If Thurston is the first issue to deal with in a blokes team then they are going pretty bloody good!!


Sitting pretty good inside the top 500- JT and Patker are my biggest concerns right now- I will pull the trigger on at least one of them.
You won't win SuperCoach without JT if he is fit, so I do agree but last year I traded him for 8 rounds and it worked a treat- finished the Saxon in 61st.
Everyone has a strategy to there success. You learn and you move forward. It is what it is.


JT > Matterson is a good trade and it'll save/make you decent money. No issue with holding JT is you can work around him. A JT > Matto trade will save you any leaking cash from JT, gain plenty of cash from Matto, ensure numbers for crucial bye rounds and not having to deal with the uncertainty of resting/partial games.


Addo-Carr named over Rankin this week now makes him a good cashie