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AFL PODCAST – Round 11

Published by Jock on


We crack straight into Jock’s big trade move from last week – Gawn to Goldstein.

In this casting of the pod we also ….

  • Reveal our plans to release LIVE GAME COMMENTARY for the upcoming Thursday night games
  • We hear form NRL State of Origin LEGEND, Braith Anasta who gives us tips for this Wednesday’s $500 roll
  • We hear snippets of Crouching at his rum fuelled best in last Friday’s game commentary
  • Higgo goes again with his Quantum Team Mechanics segment, suggesting WE HOLD OUR ROOKIES 
  • Wayno  … Fantasy News Daily …. and HEAPS MORE!

$500 up for grabs THIS WEDNESDAY in NRL ORIGIN!


Get down to your nearest CoachKings venue and have a crack!




Enjoy the podcast – enjoy the week!

Jock Reynolds

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Todd Goldstein

I wont be playing this week I kneed a rest maybe possible further weeks down the road. Sorry SC Fanatics.

Todd Goldstein

Sorry Jock, love your website and you are one hell of a bloody Man. But I need to take it easy this round. You will be happy in with your evaluation in 6 weeks, Trust Me! Brad Scott not going to take any chance. I will be a late out.


*"one hell of a bloody good Man" *

Todd Goldstein

Yes, That's what I meant ABC123 Thank You Mate!




His gawn for more than a week Jock.

Max Gawn

Rests are for the weak, this is why I am now the #1 ruckman in the comp

Nic naitanui

M8 I'm so good

Zac Dawson

Im the number one player in the comp anyway

Connor Menadue

I beg to differ !

Brad Scott

What the heck Goldy! Bloody hell, just wanted to wreck these Supercoach teams, then you get in the way. Might as well drop you now!


Ripper podcast gents.

Is Gaz a must have due to his price? I think he's starting to slow down in the twilight of his career, but at 540k he'd be a useful pickup.

James Sykes

Hey Foz.

gazza got 140 last weekend. Has averaged 110+ over the last 75 years.

Unless you have concerns about his fitness (which is possible) then its not even a question at $540k.

Still averaging 114 per game and is 70K cheaper than Treloar who has the same average.

Clear cut to me mate.


Rookie Man

how many rookies should we have on the field at this point. I have 4

Bolton's Blues

depends how hard youre trading or how long youre holding out on the cash cows

i have 3 – AMT, Kerridge and Byrne – that doesnt include Wells and Libba (Wells to me is a season keeper, Libba, i dont know yet, maybe a keeper might be a sideways trade but later in the year)


I have 4 but dropping to 3 when I bring in Robbie Gray. Adams, Byrne-Jones and Smith. Will have 17 trades.

Southern S

How long is a piece of string?


it depends


I have 3- AMT, Kerridge and Smith




Woot! Cant wait to rip into this

Max Gawn

Jock I'm a gun mate, what the hell?!


19 trades remaining. 36K in the bank.
DEF: Shaw, Simpson, Laird, Rance, Gibson, Adams (AMT, Collins)
MID: Danger, Pendles, Priddis, GAJ, Gray, Libba, Mills, Hewett (Dunkley, Smith, Menadue)
RUC: Gawn, Nic Nat (Wyatt)
FWD: Dusty, Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, Kerridge (BenKen, Petracca)
I'm thinking of downgrading BenKen –> Mathieson and upgrading Mills –> Ward/Selwood/Shiel/Parker…
Thoughts community?


great trades Pinidu!


Thanks mate. Which one of those midfield premiums would you go for?


Tough one. Parker and Selwood have dropped off from their early season form. I like Ward as an option. Depends who suits your bye structure.


I haven't taken into account byes or anything but what about bringing in Zorko or Dalh and waiting a week on Selwood, Ward or Parker? who should all go down in price.


unfortunately I fall 5K short of getting Zorko and Dahl doesn't suit my bye structure. Out of the ones I've listed above Ward and Shiel suit my bye structure the most. If only I had an extra 5K…


Had Shiel from the start and geez he's solid, love the way when he's maybe not having a great game he will junk it up late but feel Ward will end up averaging more.

James Sykes

Hey Leeds.

Any week that you can do an upgrade then I tend to grab it so long as it is a target player. I will be going down and up every week I can when it becomes available.

Just choose wisely..;-)



I reckon Parker mate

Shake n bake

Should get laird back this week. I have 20 trades not
sure if I'll trade this week, but what is the community
thoughts on menadue will he be out of the side long
term if yes might bring in Mathieson as only trade?

The Ranger

The only reason I'm keeping bloody Menadue is because he gives me the DPP swing which I value highly going into the byes.
Even if he comes back I can't see him scoring enough to make much cash.
Mathieson seems to have good JS and if you need cash genration which most of us do….

James Sykes

Hey shaker.

Good that you are stockpiling trades but 20 is a fair bit… do need to look at making sure the upgrades are regularly moving along.

If they are then I doff my hat to you fella!



Not having the Doch has cost me dearly, but at his price i just dont think he is worth it at this stage, especially with having Kade S already. Would trading in a Jarrad McVeigh instead be a good idea? At 442K surely thats the cheapest he will be? is there anyone else that is a must have?
Note already have Shaw, Laird, Simpson, Gibson.

Bolton's Blues

pumped out 4 +120s in a row, was every bit worth it at 500k when i got him in)


Picked him at the start for the last couple of years. Very very excited this year!
Unfortunately gonna cost a bundle next year and I hate buying premo defenders at the start. Grrrr

Bolton's Blues

As a Carlton man myself, i thought nobody could take the mantle that Kade owns (and rightfully so) but i think Doc bleeds Carlton blood, great footy player and a real leader.

Hey, i paid top dollar for Shaw this year, wouldnt have it any other way

James Sykes

Hey Vinny.

With both Doch and McVeigh, do you think they are in the top 6 defensive spots…..or at least top 8 or 10 at most?

If so then that is fine regardless (within reason on price) to grab them.



I'm in a similar boat having missed out on both Simpson and Doch, and for now they're just too pricey to bring in (although Simpson will drop a little in price with his 86 this week).

I've been keeping an eye on McVeigh for a while and he's at the lowest he'll be for the season most likely. Has runs on the board having averaged 100+ points for the last 4 seasons, and he didn't have a pre-season this year. Next few games will be critical (Gold Coast, GWS, Melbourne who he historically plays well against) to see if he is back to his high scoring ways, or if his role has been changed too much in the team with youngsters like Parker, Hannebery, Mills, Hewett, Cunningham etc stealing his midfield time.

Hard to resist his price and will be a solid POD if he's truly back in form, but doesn't come without risk having only pumped out one ton all year. Has Supercoach finals against St Kilda, North Melbourne, Richmond (good averages against saints and roos, but not so good against the tigers).

Other considerations:

– Jimmy Bartel ($497,700) – currently 8th ranked defender (if you take out JJ and Bob Murphy), handy Bye round 15, Supercoach finals against Richmond, Brisbane and Melbourne

– Corey Enright ($464,100) – currently 10th ranked defender, helpful bye, Supercoach finals against Rich, Bris and Melb

– Matthew Boyd ($549,600) – BE of 136 so will drop in price, Supercoach finals against Collingwood, Essendon, Fremantle

– Jeremy Howe ($495,700) is a smokey, but feel like he is another Waite waiting to happen (see what I did there?), especially with his woeful scoring to start the season and with Collingwood's injuries there's every change Buckley with throw him forward.


Hello community looking at my team i don't have many PODs in my lineup and getting rid of Benken this week i feel like it's a great opportunity to bring in a POD and i"m thinking Westhoff,

– He is in 0.8% of teams
– avg of 83 but if you take out the two 20's at the start of the year when port got smashed his avg would then be 97
– has avg 90+ the last 3 years
-Plays fantasy friendly role (gets hitouts, goes loose behind the ball)
-3/5 round avg of 93/97
-with not a lot cows fattening he provides value at 444k
-Would be a reliable D6 or D7
-R14 bye

Just thought i would share my POD with everyone thoughts community


Has gone large in the past but his best is behind him, at that price Lycett is a better option, cheaper, better ave (100 over last 3/5) and he can cover for 'Tissue Paper Todd' next time he breaks a fingernail.


settle down he's missed like 2 games in 3 years

James Sykes

hey winters…

just a word of caution.

Just IMO.

0.8% of team is irrelevant….for me POD are irrelevant…….its about getting the best players on each line in your team…

I only entertain POD's during finals when you need to do something different to win.

I'm not 100% but isnt westoff somewhat of an injury concern over the years…..apologies if I am mistaken.

For me he plays too many roles…some will be very SC friendly and other less so….makes for inconsistent scoring.

Lastly….I am 90% score you cant pick him as a backman….not a bad F7 though.





is Hall a keeper?
My opinion is yes.
Just want to everyone elses


Reassess in a few weeks, either way not a pressing issue


While he had the ability and role to be a keeper I'll be keeping him thats for sure, think the bye will do him some good.

James Sykes

Hey Jeremy.


71 points in the second half last week.

Next topic 😉



Yes he is a keeper. At worst he is a F7 swingman which for 420k at the start of the year is still good value. Gold Coast had the 2 worst trips you can do back to back in Skilled Stadium & West Sydney- heck everyone thought Gaz was gone! Then he missed a week, got injured last week but battled on…he'll come good


If a keeper is top 6 forwards, then NO.

The Ranger

I put Hall in the same bracket as Libba. He might not be a season keeper but he'll be one of my last trade outs.

Southern S

Yep for 420k or whatever he cost he's been worth the scores and only missed one round, could bounce back too.


maybe bring fyfe in ?


2 trades this week: Kennedy to Zorko, Brown to Mathieson. Feel like I am paying overs for Zorko but he just keeps getting it done.

Makes the bye structure 10, 11 and 9 and 17 trades remaining.

DEF: Shaw, Docherty, Laird, McVeigh, Rich, McDT (DBJ, Ruggles)
MID: Danger, Pendles, Parker, Ablett, Sloane, Priddis, Libba, Hopper (Smith, Dunkley, Mathieson)
RUCK: Gawn, NicNat (Grimley)
FWD: Martin, Zorko, Hall, Greene, Barlow, Kerridge (Petracca, Wyatt)

Originally was going to go one trade Kennedy to Wingard, but I much prefer the Zorko trade.

James Sykes

Johno, I wouldnt stress much about Zorko being overs.

He is looking likely top 6 forwards for the year, if not number one.

and thats what its about, the top players on each line. And if you dont then you will probably curse each team you come up against that has zorko.


The Gawnstein

Great Pod Boys


Choosing KK over Docherty pre season was a great desicion


Choosing Martin over Gawn and Nic Nat as well.


feeling your pain, are you trading KK or holding ?

James Sykes

sorry for your loss…

but try to keep him as the paint the fence downgrade and upgrade is always preferred.

He might come good.


James Sykes

Hi guys.

A few thoughts made from a moving train….

1. If Stef Martin continues to play crap and drops down into the low $300k's and (big if) he doesnt get dropped, is he worth being him in as your R3 and to help out through the byes?

2. Decided I dont give a stuff about the bye rounds….I'm not up for the number 1 overall so its leagues for me. I will be happy with 2 wins out of the 3. If I have a week with alot of donuts over a bye round then the other 2 rounds will probably be fairly strong. I think there is overall more benefit from picking the bloke you want then trying to find balance through the bye.

3. This is the second premo ruck that the Brisbane team have killed off….Berger a couple of years ago and now Stef…..Rest in Peace boys.

Cheers boys

James Sykes

Hey Jock.

The old cortex is doing great.

Dont grieve to much on the Goldy trade. My inner birdy tells me over the course of the next 12 weeks it will be proven to be a better than even trade. And it splits your ruckmen from the same bye. Like Game of Thrones the end state isnt always obvious looking at a single week.


James Sykes

Hey Jock.

Put the feeling terrible in a can mate….Yes I am enjoying basking in the gawn glow but do I need to remind you of the underwear filling crap Gawn did the two weeks before this?

Like Jesus, you cant help people who will jump at each and every shadow. Time you nuzzle us all in and tell the people your long term goal on that trade.

Its a lesson on the mound on long term planning…….although maybe wait a week or two 😉 just in case.

You know it is and always will be consistently more reliable putting the C on the midfielders over any other line (goldy excepted).

Gawn is still to be proven as a reliable C.

Cheers mate.


Hi guys love this site, love everyone's work. This is my current team:

DEF – Shaw, Simpson, Rance, Boyd, Laird, M Adams (Brown,Hartley)
MID – Danger, Pendles, Ablett, S Mitchell, Libba, Hopper, BenKen, Petracca (Hewett, MacPherson, J Smith)
RUC – Gawn, Blicavs (Grimley)
FWD – Dusty, Zorko, Franklin, Barlow, Wells, Kerridge (Menadue, McGovern)

I have $125,500 in the bank and 19 trades remaining.

I am thinking of trading Hartley down to Collins and then BenKen up to Gray. Does anyone have any comment on better trades I could do or advice on what I should be looking to do in the next few weeks. I am hoping to get Ward ,Gray and Hanners in the next few weeks.

James Sykes

this is sound mate…

just as alternate to give you another angle….

ben ken to mathieson then brown or hartley to your premo defender of choice.

I only suggest this as in my opinion mathieson is the best rookie choice this week.


Thanks for the advice, that sounds like a solid idea too.


stef martin , what a spud , OUT !! , with a boot up the kyber , in gawn , feeling better already ……


Do we think trent west will be dropped this week for josh walker helping stefan martins scoring output

James Sykes

we can hope but you wouldnt want to bet on it (re:bringing him in).

if you have him already then look for any silver lining you can cause the bastardy has burn us


Anyone still have L. McCarthy still in their side?


Yep. I have had a in the gun for 4 weeks now by could be handy come the bye rounds.


Yep. Haven't been any decent fwd rookies for a long time. He'll come back soon and despite a short term big BE, give him a few weeks and he'll make money


got rid of him a couple of weeks ago when he had his low BE.


If goldy is out and we got no cover do we take the donut or trade him!?


You dont trade Goldy!


You trade Goldy and you will definitely 1 up on Jocks move from Gawn to Goldy dont be foolish!

Dirty D

Nobody puts Goldy in the corner

James Sykes

agree with the other boys… not trade goldy……you wouldn't trade danger or pendles after one game out….even if it means a donut…this could actually happen over the byes for some


Not as bad as Gawn to Goldie, but I did trade out wells thinking he was more injured than claimed. Now actually thinking of trading him back in. He is dirt cheap for the scores and plays in R14, my disaster round. Am I crazy. Or was I crazy trading him out in the first place.

Southern S

He's not dirt cheap, this is a nuts trade move on there's many other options up forward just spend the extra 100k.


Stupid trading Wells


You are Buffoon if you trade Wells back in and a bigger Buffoon for trading him out. Mine as well call it quits now!

James Sykes

Hey Never…

Dont stress to much about Wells……with the calve injuries and the like previously it is a concern.

Its more important what you did with that trade….If it meant an upgrade to a top 6 player then it is completely justified tiger.



Good move trading him out, he has done good and made good cash. He not an ultra premium so don't get him back.

Norf got a tough few games, I can see him having a bad one and losing value, so good he gone now.


Traded him to pridda two weeks ago. Happy


Should i sideways viney to the GAJ
vineys out for 4 weeks and has been only averaging 100


or any other fallen premo like gray or ward (ward better for bye rounds)


Who should I be picking up the most… R.Gray, Deledio, or Martin???

Southern S

Gray for me due to his price, he will still be cheap next week but after that he should increase significantly.

Could wait till after the round 13 bye to get the richmond players?


would like some trade advice on my team community

DEF: Shaw, Docherty, Laird, Enright, Tippa, Byrne (Ruggles, Collins)
MID: Danger, Hanners, Ablett, Ward, Shiel, Priddis, Zieball, Lewis (Hewett, Davis, Gresham)
RCK: Gawn, NicNat (Lorensch)
FWD: Dusty, Hall, Boomer, Kerridge, DeGoey, Petracca (Benken,non palying rookie)

have 12 trades left and 8k in the bank and i was thinking the following trades
Benken——> Paine
DeGoey——> Zorko/Dahlhaus/Riewoldt

that would leave me on 10 trades but i am not planning to trade through the byes


David T

You have used a lot of trades already… I'd be worried about whether you can really reach full premo and still have any trades left for injury cover, so I'd be looking at the likes of McVeigh, Wingard, Tom MacDonald… Selwood next week perhaps.

You need to take some risks on players like this which you can do a direct trade from a rookie in order to reach full premium.

James Sykes

Hey mate.

I agree with Davo…..You need to back the truck up on those trades. 12 (before this week) is far to aggressive. that is just about 2 trades each and every round mate.

You need to still trade over byes to bring in round 13 byes when it has passed to minimise round 14 and 15 bye outs.

Take a breath and step away from the trade button….your friends are here for you.

Cheers mate


Looking at cheap out of form players who may come good. Tom McDonald in defence. Good last year. What has happened to him or Melbourne this year to explain his poor form. Andrew Walker is another one.

James Sykes

Hey Never.

Always like to be positive but Andrew Walker gives me the chills….dont chase the name mate…..he is not the same player (role) as 3 years ago.

What sort of cash are we talking fella?



hannebery or pendles for viney?


or hold viney for 3-4?

James Sykes

hey mate.

gee thats such an awkward length out and over part of the bye too.

but as you are going to someone who is very likely top 8 to 10 in position then i say trade.



cant go wrong with either, both will have similar output but at the moment id go hanners just cause hes 30k cheaper


Can't go wrong with either – I'd go Hannebery just for the cheaper spend.


Jock for the record I did Gawn to Goldstein and I don't regret it. I knew Gawn would smash Port last week but the strategy had to be long term. Every time I go against a team who has Goldy I get the shakes!!!

No one could have predicted he would hurt his knee. At worst he misses a week. And I picked Tippett from the start for this very reason- ruck coverage.

All good to think it's a bad trade now but I'm backing at Round 23 those who did it will have the last laugh (I hope!!!!)

James Sykes

Hey Harry.

Higgo did say we need to play the long game…



Do we get a pat on the back if we started the season with both gold and gawn???

Todd Goldstein

It was a mistake trading out Gawn for Myself but I will miss more than just a week. Brad Scott wants to rest me til after the bye round? I'm putting up a fight but think Brad Scott wants to go with Daw and let my knee heal. We are 9-0-1 so me sitting 5 weeks will help the side. Daw can pick up the slack.


Haha Toddy well I suggest you haul your arse into Brad's office and tell him you're right to go, fighting fit and ready to play 22 games!


Thinking MacPherson and Kennedy to Collins and Wingard

This means I miss Mathieson but have Hopper and will probably get Trengove
Also gives me DPP in the fwd, def and mids




Don't like wingard. Not top 10 from now on.

James Sykes

I tend to agree Liam…..not top 10.


Southern S

Only get Wingard if you have enough trades to risk it, and enough wealth that he can become your F7 if he fails.

James Sykes

bloody good point southern….always look at the what ifs….both direction.



Def: Shaw, Adams, Docherty, Tippa, DBJ, Brown (Laird, Byrne)
Mid: Danger, GAJ, Parker, Pendles, Hannebery, Libba, Priddis, Hopper (Keays, Smith, McPherson)
Ruc: Goldy, NicNat (Grimley)
Fwd: Martin, Franklin, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kerridge (Kennedy, Petracca

Here is my team before trades
$76k and 17 trades left


In need of a bit of wisdom:

Start of the year I picked J Macmillan as a POD (Over docherty), and while he started off OK, he's been almost as big a spud as Kade Kolo. Has only produced a score better than 75 just the 3 times, and is now 375k with a BE of 107… Am strongly considering trading him out instead of kerridge, who I believe will make more money. Thoughts

James Sykes

what are you trading to AJ?

That could be as important as who you get rid of.

Without knowing that I would dump MacMillian first on face value.

Cheers mate.


Would swing adams into defence and petracca into fwd line to make space for robbie gray to come in


If not gray then I have 650k to play with in any of the lines, any recommendations?

James Sykes

Aj, at 650K its a pick of the board.

Danger Pendles and Shaw are key if you dont have them.

Then Docherty Zorko and hanners seem roughly next for one for each line.

Robbie Gray is a value pick but like Jock said…..handball to kick ratio isnt quite right yet.

oh, Ablett, if you dont have him he is a monty to me.



I'm in the same boat. Maybe a trade straight to Smith from Adelaide, around the same price.


Yeh, already have Smith, otherwise I would definetly be considering

James Sykes

and a tip of wisdom…

always be good to your mother.


Great Podcast fellas!
2 Trade options
Brown -> Sam Collins/Josh Smith -> Gray
Keays -> Mathieson/Brown -> Mathieson

Which do you guys prefer those are the best players i can afford at the moment but im thinking that josh smith will rise same as gray this week so can hold another week


Brown -> McVeigh Sorry

James Sykes

Thanks mate.

Onwards and upwards as a community.



What do we think about Armitage community?
Hes 450k, and has the capability to score huge.
Currently in 1.1% of teams, pretty great POD in my opinion

Southern S

Just not racking em up like last year, maybe the mid time is being shared around a bit more this year?

Not convinced honestly, I'd ignore the fact he got a 150 vs the dockers.


Better options around

James Sykes

Hey Pendles…

As a (very) general rule I get nervous of players between 400k and 500k at this stage of the year*
*unless a rookie ready to be culled

There are always exceptions but as a general rule its a worry.

Paint the fence as crouching says….up and down……

Its a few years old now but here is crouching's educational video….

(just wanted to say how funny this is)

Cheers (or should I say welcome this time)


hey community this is my team 25k in the bank and 15 trades
M. Adams, , M. Dea, E. Yeo, D. Byrne-Jones ,K.simpson (M. Hartley, t lee )
P. Dangerfield, L. Parker, M. Bontempelli, P. Cripps, m bliscavs, J. Polec, J. Smith, R.gray (B.keays, L weller, J Gresham)
N. Naitanui, T. goldstein ( M cox )
A. Hall, L franklin, S. kerridge, J. hogan, J. De Goey, D.wells (T papley, C petracca)
Now i know its not the greatest, its only my first season of sc. are there any suggestions of trades or how to fix up my team?

James Sykes

Hey Jack.

For a first off go this isnt bad mate.

Although there are some opportunities this week for you. maybe hartley down to Sam Collins and DBJ to docherty?

Try to look at the top players on each line and trade down and up to get them in.

Cheers mate.


G'day Community, thoughts on Wine to Ablett or R Gray who is about $40k cheaper and and a good POD? Or is Ablett @ $541k just too good a price to pass over? I don't like to sideways trade but can't see the disappointing Quadzilla improving enough to become a solid Premo keeper….thoughts on trade?

James Sykes

Hey Pman.

Ablett much better option unless you are worried about him staying fit.

still averaging 114 on one shoulder!



My thoughts exactly and I have some decent PODS in Treloar and Ward already so probably will go with Ablett who represents better all round value. Cheers..


I have two players I'm not happy with in my team KK( is he injured late out last week) and S Martin ( is he still concussed )

I have 95000 in bank and not sure what is the best option:

– hold both
– upgrade KK to Gray by switch and Downgrade Mills
-upgrade Martin to Nic Nat ( have Gawn already) and downgrade Mills

Love some help community


I think Martin needs to be your first priority, punt him now before he loses to much more money and you need consistent 100's coming out of your Ruck division and Martin clearly isn't going to give you that.


Cheers I was thinking the same but I'm not sure what's wrong with K K . Is he injured or just been dropped?

James Sykes

hey wayno.

you know we all hate trading (apparent) premos. And then they die in a ditch.

I would be tempted to trade (worst) one and do what you can to get an upgrade on that (via downgrade elsewhere).

I wont sugar coat it, it is a crap spot to be in mate.



Thanks mate

Todd Goldstein

I just want everyone one to be vigilant of Roughy! He's a bloody great player for the Hawks and an all around Great Australian! Wish you the best mate!

James Sykes

here here mate


Yes absolutely a very likeable guy and extremely underrated player, arguably the most important player in a team that's won 3 flags in a row. Get better soon.


I know Roughie loves his SuperCoach


Great POD fellas, just a little concerned about Higgos advice to hold trades till byes and 3 downgrades before Round 13….sounds good in theory, but can't see there being 3 players worth downgrading to in 1 week especially when 6 teams aren't playing.


I dont understand it either mate and I have been playing this since it first started.

I have Kennedy and even if he doesn't play this week I will still be downgrading Kenndy to Mathison because he is on the bubble and one of very few rookies still worth bringing in and by doing this I will generate $226k from this trade.

I am confused as to why higgo is recommending HOLDING TRADES this week, I understand it if you have around $700,000 in your war chest but doubt many will. I can't see anyone worth downgrading to this week apart from Mathison so not sure how Higgo expects us to downgrade 3 players in one week.

Unless Higgo wants us to downgrade to just any non player but that wouldn't make any sense at all.


Seeing plenty of teams getting close to "full premium" although some peoples definition of premium may include Libba, Wells, BSmith, Wines, Dawson, Hall etc.

At this stage of the season, it is important to take stock of how many premiums you need and how much more CASH you need to get them.

We should all start with a short list of premiums to fill the remaining places. I need 5, Rance, Hanners, Gray, Lids & Dahlhous. The current value of these 5 is about $2670 (+10% buffer). Calculate the value of your remaining cash cows, I have 13 other players valued at $3390. Assume at full premium you will have 8 other E players at say an average value of $200 (ideally this would be more including an almost premium loophole), 8x $200= $1600

Simple maths will let you know how much more cash you need to get your ideal premiums.

For me; $2670 + $1600 – $3390 = $880

This will increase if my target players increase, factor in 10% plus add the cost of a good M9/F7/D7 loophole.

It starts to give an idea how far you are away from full premium, and maybe reasses your target players (Simpson to Rich etc) or need to still keep chancing good cash cows? I still need $880, meaning I'll need to bring a few more cash cows in.

Assume there are enough trades remaining and there are downgrade options avaliable

How is your team looking?


Sounds like a great plan Derek, just had a try myself. Looks like I should be able to get to full premo.

I need to trade 5 cash cows up to premos (as well as downgrading a few cows that are on the bench) to get full premo as well as Wells as M9/F7 loop.

May I ask why you think Hall isn't a keeper ? He may be having a form slump due to injury but I think he can get back to good numbers.


ok, so I didn't pick him, bit jealous of those who did.

My definition of a keeper is if money wasn't an issue, who would you get? I would get the 6 highest averaging forwards. In my opinion they are, Lids, Zorko, dusty, Dalhousie, Montagna, Wingard.

Hall is in the next braket with Barlow, Rioli etc.

Also I don't select key position forwards.


Wingard !!!???


wingard is a gun. If Port start winning he will easy be top 6 forwards.


agree at his best he's pretty special but he's was going very well last season and couldn't crack a 100ave, he'll be lucky to be top 10 FWDs this season IMO


I would have had Barlow in my top 6 at the start of the year, especially when i saw fremantle play 4 or their last 5 at home, now not sure, still have him in my team, if have a trade to spare i might move him out.


Interesting consideration as most only look at the number of trades required.
Personally, my numbers are: 3.880 + 1.600 – 4.505 = 0.975.

This is skewed a bit higher than yours because I'm looking at top-notch premiums versus who is on field. For example, I'm including Blicavs (475k), Young (430k), and Wells (445k) in the 'need to upgrade category' (I could potentially keep 1-2 of them). I also just realized I didn't figure on the 150k I have in the bank, so that brings my number down to 825k. That's still 3-4 solid cash cows between now and final upgrades, so I'll try to bring those in as they're available over the next few weeks.


it wouldn't skew the numbers, it all works out even if you are trading selwood for danger.

$825k is fair bit, but it depends on who your rookies are now, there are a few that should eek out another $100k each.

The next thing is to find the downgrades, in some cases it will have to be a $102k non-playing rookie just so you get all the cash out.

The hardest thing is to calculate what you want on the bench. last year i had motlop at M9/F7 and he was fantastic.

anyways, it is simple calculation that should shed some light on peoples teams


this year we might be looking at $13.5mil as a full premium team, usually need $14mil+


Who would be the best swing ruckman available? Just in case toddy is right?


Tippett have him in your forward line good switch to ruck if needed


Thanks mate. I'll see if I can get him in.

Southern S

Tom down the page was talking about Lycett, haven't even considered him but after looking at his stats was very surprised nobody has mentioned him, looks on par with Tippet and around the same price.

Same Ruck/Fwd swing and extremely low ownership.


of all the rucks in a genuine ruck combo at their clubs I think he's the best to go to because Nic Nat has no tank and only spends 60-70% TOG.


Lycett is also an option. Averaging the same as tippett but about $50k cheaper


Wait one more week for Collins or grab Tucker now for downgrade. Gut says Collins next week trade out brown and Hartley and get Collins Deledio. Can't get Gray, no midfield dpp
Not going wells 🙂


Collins has better JS


Thanks. Also makes life simple. No trades this week.


Ibbotson is out for a month, maybe Tucker could fill that role?


Brown > Paine
Hartley > Collins?
I know Paine is averaging low so far at least he is on the bubble and would allow me to trade Hartley next week who won't leak cash this week. Thoughts?

The Mountain

Collins for sure


Collins – job security is much better long term


Jock, Higgo, Crouching & community.

I totally agree with Higgo Re: HOLD TRADES – However when round 14 comes who in gods name are we going to bring in if there are limited rookies left worthy of bringing in?

Prime example, I have Ben Kennedy like most who has a B/E of 95 and even if he doesn't play this week, it would be foolish for me not to trade him out and bring in Mathieson who is on the bubble?

Southern S

Do what's best for YOUR team mate.


BenKen to Gray, Parker, Selwood or Ward? I really want Gray but that rd 14 is a pain, also the other 3 are expected to drop more $$ but so is BenKen and want him out this week. Help!


Could throw a blanket over all 4, Alex. I would probably go with whichever one fits your bye structure best! I wouldn't worry about whether the drop more cash, they're all proven guns and you're still locking in a win over the people who started with those players.


Hold Kennedy…..he will pull a djb…..wishing I didn't trade him out now


Another classy Podcast Jock. Wisdoms everywhere. Loved the live broadcast. Would love to hear Crouching at a Tigers game.

Options if Goldy doesn't play?

Thinking 3 options for my team…

1. Hartley & Kerridge to McVeigh & Cox or
2. Hartley & McPherson to Cox & Smedts/S.Collins
3. Hartley & Kerridge to Tippett & Smedts/S.Collins

Southern S

Number three for sure, Cox is not worth bringing in now.

And I wouldn't trade Smedts in, go for Collins.


Number three with Tippet/Lycett and Collins for sure.


Thoughts on Rocky as a POD in about two weeks

He is an absolute gun but as everyone knows (including me), he is injury prone

What does everyone think?


Pick him up! I' sure you will bench him next week!


I'm still holding him, I rate him high

The Ranger

If I had him I'd hold him but I won't be bringing him in unless it's a late season sideways trade when he's proven his fitness.

Southern S

This 100%


Dowble downgrade this week after advice from the community

Kennedy and MacPherson to Mathieson and Collins

Not Wingard anymore


Higgo,Jock,Crouching 1,I'm down to 12trades,ranked 44th so going nicely,should I sit on my team and plod along for a while or trade until I'm full premo? I'm 1 back,1mid shy but I think trades are needed come end of year,I'm fine through the byes,18 20 21 as I sit now if all play but will snare a last mid for rd 15.thoughts on trade strategy?


Shit mate hold your trades, you will be screwed come season end if u continue trading. Many of the top few hundred drop off like flies towards the end due to not having trades left. Dont stress about slipping from 44th overall to say 100 or so because those last few trades towards the end will save your a$$ big time.

We are not even half way through the season and you have already used 2/3 of your trades. It doesn't matter what your ranked with over half the season left to go, it only matters what your overall rank is towards the end of the season.
Due to your very low trades you're in serious dangerous territory mate, you wont even make top 1000 if you keep trading.

If I were you I would be treasuring those trades like GOLD, Just concentrate on trading IF you have a player that gets injured from now on and look to go full premo in Round 14 so pick your last two premo's after they have there bye in round 13.

If you have 18 playing players in round 13 & 20 playing players in Round 14 & 21 playing players in round 15. Out of all your 30 players how many elite premo's do you have playing in rounds 13, 14 & 15?

James Sykes

feeling sentimental fellas…

How after 3 years is this still 100% relevant……and jock flagged problems with Fyfe way back then!

Sun rise, sun set…..but the boys relevance still remains.


The Ranger

Nice one James! Some gold in there!


Tippet vs Lycett for ruck cover

Southern S

Interesting the Lycett pick, has been flying under the radar and is probably as good a selection as Tippet.


Another great podcast fellas… I had Houli and was waiting for lairs to come back to do a straight swap, but since he' stuffed his toe I ended up holding. But now I have found I can make money going Houli to McVeigh. How's that sound?

Southern S

Seems like a decent trade especially considering Houli is just cash wasting away on the bench.