ROUND 12 NRL: Last minute bye preparation

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NRL Supercoach Fantasy CowboyWell here we are at round 12 and coaches are soon to find out the pros and cons of bye round preparation.

Over the next eight weeks our teams will rise and fall by thousands of ranks due to the decisions we’ve made in the lead up to round 12. Don’t panic if you’ve found yourself short on players! SuperCoach has given us four trades to make last minute changes to our teams. Be careful with those low to mid-range scorers that have attractive bye coverages; trading these players in and out of your side could hinder your run home performance by eating up your much needed trades. Keep in mind that a number of coaches aren’t too concerned about fielding a full side in round 12. Having 12 to 15 scoring players is enough to keep your side competitive this weekend.



Forget about trying to find a run home hooker that also plays round 12, there isn’t one. The best option available is Josh Hodgson who will play rounds 12 and 18 but isn’t considered a run home player. Other possibilities include Jake Granville, Mitch Rein and Michael Lichaa who are all available for around $300k but will need to be traded out at some point before round 20. My recommendation would be to hold off on a bye friendly hooker for this round and consider getting Jake Friend from the Roosters after this weekend. He won’t be available for round 16 although his 70 PPG average makes him a keeper.  He should be available for around $420k come round 13.


Luckily there’s a number of front row/second row forwards available that are not only available for round 12 but they also provide great bye coverage and average over 60 PPG, putting them contention for your run home side. These players include Elliott Whitehead, Ethan Lowe, James Graham and Gavin Cooper who all boast a 64 PPG average and are playing round 12 plus one other big bye round.  If you’re looking for slightly cheaper options then Manu Ma’u and Jason Taumalolo both average a little less than 60 PPG and are available for around $330k. Are you looking for point of difference options? Consider Elijah Taylor or Tyson Frizell (if he doesn’t make the final NSW Origin side).


If you don’t own Anthony Milford by now you should be trading him in this week. Not only is he one of the best SC players this season, he’s playing round 12 and should score very well against the underwhelming Tigers. To make him even more of an attractive buy, he scored around 20 points last weekend which should see his price drop to around $500k. Milford’s partner in the halves, Ben Hunt, is also averaging well (66 PPG) and could be considered as an option as well. Don’t have the money to get Hunt? Why not grab Moses Mbye? He’s averaging over 60 PPG and is now available for around $320k. Let’s not forget that Mbye averaged 96 PPG after round four which shows his high potential. One alternative to these options that jumps to mind is Corey Norman. He has the appealing factors of playing all three big bye rounds and having dual position status.


Many of the gun CTWs with round 12 availability were cheaper pick-ups in the last couple of weeks, although a couple of them can still be traded in for a respectable price. Semi Radradra and Jarrod Croker are both available for a little over $400k and should be considered as run home options. Both are averaging over 60 PPG and are the more attractive options due to the other options being highly priced.  Jordan Rapana and BJ Leilua are two of the highest averaging CTWs although if you haven’t got them by now then they’re probably too expensive to pick up this week. Euan Aitken still has a low BE and could be considered an option despite being a more attractive pick up last week. Unfortunately most of the other CTWs that are averaging over 50 PPG either have a high BE or are a little over priced due to an above average game in recent times.



James Tedesco is due back shortly and will be available for one of the big bye rounds when he returns. If you’re looking at round 12 coverage and don’t already own Jordan Rapana, then you’re next best option is probably Corey Norman. Most of the high averaging fullbacks aren’t available for round 12 so it’s another position that you may have to ignore when thinking of your trades this week. Consider yourself lucky if you still own Jaelen Feeney, he has been named as Brock Lamb’s replacement in the halves and will be playing this weekend. If you’ve found yourself needing a fullback and aren’t sold on Corey Norman, Jordan Kahu has temporarily picked up the kicking duties at the Broncos and may start scoring above his normal average. He hasn’t scored below 40 points this season either which is a worthy stat to take note of.


Josh Addo-Carr: The Tigers’ winger will be playing his third game this weekend and has averaged 65 PPG from his first two games. He’s set to make some decent cash with a BE of -74 but is likely to drop out of the side once Tedesco returns from injury and Rankin returns to the wing.

Javid Bowen: Bowen will also play his third game this weekend and has a BE of -72. He should play again in round 18 but it’s uncertain if he’ll play any other games this season. Be prepared to face the possibility of having to keep them as NPRs for your run home.

Tyrone Phillips: Although Phillips isn’t a bottom dollar cheapie he’s available for just 201k and has a BE of -54. He will be playing his fourth game this weekend against the Raiders but his job security is a small concern.

It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t make drastic changes to scrape together high numbers for round 12. Ensure your team remains competitive while holding onto your gun performers for the run home. You don’t want to find yourself with minimal trades and too many mid-range performers at the end of the bye period; it can destroy your whole season.

How many players are you running with in round 12?

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Don't Blush Baby'

Excellent work Cowboy, I have 24 Trades with also 603k to splash out, I'll will be working out my plan of attack later on over a few schooners.


Don't hold back Blush.. what's up that sleeve of yours?


Cheers mate! What are your plans for this round?

The tipsters

10, I think that may be enough? Will just keep an eye my opponent as the weekend unfolds , hopefully keeping most of my trades. The Tipsters


Tipsters! Great to see you in here. I reckon you're right.. 10 should see you pretty safe?


I reckon 10 should be OK although if you can grab another that it also a long term trade it could be worth it.


HOK Hodgson (Nikorima)
FRF Graham, Saifiti (Parker, Merrin)
2RF Taumalolo, Pauli, Chee Kam (Cartright, S Burgess, Saifiti)
HFB B Hunt (Thurston)
5/8 Milford (Matterson)
CTW Radradra, Croker, Holland, Naiqama (Vunavalu, Davis, Bowen)
FLB Norman (Barba)
I make that 16 available all up. Might be a useful round.


That's huge Westy.. prepare for a rocket up the rankings I'd reckon. Where are you at the minute?


Queensland, Jock.
Rank wise – just above 27K – top 21%. Over 1000 points off the leaders.

In – Chee Kam, Taumalolo, Graham.
Out – Leuleui, Evans, Oates.


Nice one mate. Solid Round 12 team there!


Thanks Coach.
Was tempting to use all 4 trades and move Parker on for Cooper, but Parker has a tendency to front up the weekend after origin anyway.
Leuleui had been in the team since the start (and going nowhere.
Oates is going to bleed cash the next couple of rounds with that 9 point in his scoring.
Evans had been solid 40 material all year but wasn't really going anywhere.
Didn't realise till this week that I'd be so deep in the CTWs this round. I got caught by Javid Bowen weeks ago when he was a late withdrawal when I traded him in on the bubble. Been waiting in hopes he'd come back in.
A little surprised Merrin missed Origin. That'll be useful next week. Cartright will be useful too if this thumb comes right.


All good justifications there.

I'm shocked Mezza missed Origin selection too! Wouldn't surprise me if they included him in game 2 or 3, especially if the forwards don't perform next Wednesday. Carty should be right for round 13 from what I've read.


Sorry – only 15.


friggin druggo norman! that bastard better not get suspended and miss this week. anyway my backs are stacked and the only ctw i have not playing is vuni who has cash to make – so i need some forward cheapies and have to pass on JAC and bowen. im even considering pauli pauli pauli. what does everyone else reckon? nice write up. cheers


I'm with ya Marvin. I brought Norman in for bye coverage only so he better serve his purpose! A lot of coaches don't rate Pauli Pauli but I don't see why he'd be a silly option. OK, he plays just 1 big bye round which is his big downfall. The way I see it – he's cheap, he's playing a starting role and he has a negative BE. If you're looking for some extra cash and need round 12 numbers then there's no harm bringing him in then getting rid of him after a few price rises. Let's just hope he keeps that starting spot though.
Cheers mate


I think you've nailed it re Pauli. I'm actually only looking for Pauli to make a few bucks until round 15 then he turns into a keeper. Looking like my trades this week are Oates/ j niko/ parcell/ merrin for ma'u/ Granville/mbye/Pauli. Granny becomes friend around rd 16 or so, hopefully at a tidy profit


Just got the Round 12 video up lads!


HOK nikorima (smith)
FRF graham Bateman (Bromwich D.saifitini)
2RF Ma'u Matthews P.Pauli (S.burgess mannering E.Taylor)
HFB mbye (nikorima)
5/8 Milford (thurston)
CTW Croker radradra Bowen holland (vunivalu Davis dado-Carr)
FLB Norman (Munster)
16 on field


Yeah I like it mate. Good numbers and range of teams for bye period.