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PatchCoachKingsLogoLost for words.

That’s how I was on Sunday night when it became evident many of our stars wouldn’t be making their ways back into our sides.

On Monday it was panic stations already at news of suspensions and the Great Bald One rumoured to miss.

By Tuesday I was done.

Now, I’m simply lost for words.

But before I get into how many donuts we’ll all be shoving into our mouth holes this week, I have a message for Ross Lyon.

You, sir, can get stuffed.

For too long have you stuffed with our Fantasy sides. For years, your late withdrawals, your resting of players, your final round slaughter of our sides have brought us to tears.

I’m putting my foot down. No more.

I’m not letting a player you coach enter my Supercoach side until you win a premiership, which to say means I will not be selecting any Fremantle players for the next five years.

(On revision, Nat Fyfe is the exception.)


Boy oh boy. What a week. Oh god.

We opened up last week with what was for many one of the worst rounds in memory. All of our rookies suddenly needed trading out at once, and as Barron von Crow pointed out in his ripping rookie report yesterday everyone’s breakeven has hit their average this week.

On top of that, a huge host of stars will miss. Right at the top of the list is former Supercoach God and banner-flyer for baldies everywhere Gary Ablett is struggling with concussion and won’t play this week.

On top of that, stablemate Aaron Hall is battling a shoulder and will miss. Continuing the carnage up forward, Daniel Wells is yet to overcome his Achilles injury and will miss another one or two.

ROSS BLOODY LYON has kept Michael Barlow out of the Fremantle side this week, despite Barlow racking up 39 touches and twelve marks in the twos. Outrageous.

Then, to add salt to the already festering wound, the match review panel hit many of us in the gut by banning Bulldog defender Matthew Boyd out for a week, as long as the slightly less relevant Jack Redpath and Nevile Jetta.

Both the Crouch brothers have been dropped, so if you’re still holding Matt or Brad Crouch, flick them has hard as you can back home to Flogville (and no, that’s not supposed to be a dig at Adelaide. I love boring cities with water you can’t drink. They’ve my favourite types of cities.)

On the rookie front, Tom Papley, Tom Ruggles and Corey Ellis have all been dropped, and Daniel Rioli will miss with family illness. Paps is listed as a shin, but we all know his performances haven’t quite been up to scratch and he won’t be back any time soon.

ON TOP OF THIS, ZACH MERRETT TWINGED A CALF AT TRAINING. I was okay until that, but that is the final straw. I’m done. He’s been named, but I’m expecting him to miss this week, which means I’m finally admitting defeat and crawling into the corner with everyone else.

Supercoach depression time

In case you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Max Gawn popped on the Marngrook Footy Show last night and said he was carrying niggles. He didn’t say he would miss but holy moly what a week to casually pop that into the conversation.

On the flipside, Robbie Gray finally returns, to the delight of those that kept him and the salivation of everyone who doesn’t. Keiran Collins has been named to debut for the Dogs, as Marcus Adams is due to miss another week or two.

Ryan Davis returns for the Gold Coast, Cyril is also back to spread his delicious ball use back onto the football field, Jacob Weitering is back and Toby Greene has been named, albeit on an extended bench. But that’s about it.

Oh wait, Zac Dawson is also back. WE’RE SAVED.

1.00 UPDATE: Hold the phone, Ross is up to more tricks. Barlow and De Boer have not been named for Peel Thunder, and the weather will be dreadful in Perth this weekend. Does this mean a late recall is on the cards? I don’t even know any more. I don’t care. I just want Ross out of my life and out of my team, but I would suggest holding Barlow at this stage (despite giving advice contrary to that not a few hours ago) if you’re in danger of copping a donut.


A handy guide for Not Finding Yourself Crying At The Bottom Of Your Shower

  1. Don’t look at your Supercoach team
  2. Ignore everything related to football
  3. Log in on Sunday night and see you’ve scored 1600
  4. Cry at the bottom of your shower

The talking point this week is simply a scramble to avoid as many donuts as possible.

Who you should bring in a tough question; Darcy MacPherson is a rookie with good job security, and I don’t rate Ben Crocker high on the rookie list. I’m very keen on Bailey Williams, but as he’s on an extended bench this week I’m waiting until he’s on the bubble. I’d also wait on Jacob Hopper.

Matt Priddis should be high on people’s radar, as should old Geelong hands in Jimmy Bartel and Corey Enright in the backline.

Dayne Zorko is the must have forward as his stats are absolutely outstanding. I mean just look at them. Low score of 102; he is carrying a bad side and doing it very, very dependably. Lock.

Dayne Zorko Supercoach

If you’re all over him and need someone else, Leigh Montagna is also an extremely viable point of difference.


I’m running very short on time this week, so will advise you check out Barron von Crow’s excellent rookie scouting report for the rookie breakevens and stellar advice on who to drop first.

On the premium side, Luke Parker (181), Sam Mitchell (157), Brett Deledio (150) and Callan Ward (138) are all set to drop like Dan Aykroyd, as is Robbie Gray with his breakeven over 200.


Seems to have stuck as the name, with the comical name suiting my comical attempts to select a captain each week.

I’d keep it simple and go Dangerfield into Goldstein. Scott Pendlebury has also had a great run over the past few weeks and Buddy could – as always – go big against an inexperienced Hawthorn backline.

However, my smokie for the week is Heath Shaw against the Dogs. He’s had a good couple of weeks and my gut says he’ll like playing the Dogs.

Although with my gut that probably means he’s full of chocolate and you should avoid him like the plague.

Let me know who you’re going with!


That’s it from me, community. May the Supercoach gods have mercy on us this week.


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Kang Van Der Bang

A very interesting round for trades. Such options… so scare.


It's an interesting one. Few left-field options standing out, either. We've had mid priced bolters over the past few years but they are few and far between this year.


Great stuff patch.
Need the community's thoughts on these trades.
Houli and Wells to Doc and Zorko
Houli and papley to Gibbo and McViegh

Kang Van Der Bang

Are we really thinking of removing Wells from our side?

he was looking to be a premo.


Not sure he can last the season.


will be back v Swans next week. Could have played this week. Being over-cautious. I'm keeping him.


So option 2 ??


I'd go the second; think Wells still has some life in him. I'm not sold on McVeigh personally but can see him going well.


Could trade Adams to Doc instead of papley to McViegh ?


I like that more, mate.


I'm dropping one or the other.
Barlow, or Wells?


Wells is injured, Barlow is not


Well's coach wants Wells to play, because they are trying to win, Ross Lyon doesnt want Barlow to play, because maybe they will win, and possibly miss out on the #1 draft pick, and a deal with Melbourne to get Jessie Hogan.


same choice Steve,

Its a tough decision, who do you not trust the most…..Well's body or Ross Lyon?

Both could be locked-in premo's given the right circumstances…health and not-tanking.


I'd drop Barlow, personally. Wells will have injury concerns for the year but if Barlow can't break back in after 39 possies that indicates Ross and he have split. If he does come back in, I can't see him running around in the guts at this stage.


Yep thanks all for your replies. Barlow is gone. Thanks Mikey boy for making back most of that cash you dripped so it was less painful to flick ya!


Barlow not named for Peel Thunder. Listed as an out. Late inclusion?


Barlow is an emergency. I am hoping there is a late out and he comes into the side.

Mike c

Great writing Patch, we are all in same boat.
Community I need to be rid of Papley and Menadue, but don't have spare coin.
Thinking paint fence to Macpherson and Howe, who will both generate. Is this mad, or should I spend my max 449k on another forward a la Breust or betts or stronger or similar? Help!


I like Betts from those options, mate, but you could double downgrade with an eye to upgrade two next week. Crocker, Brand or going early on Wiliams or Hopper is an option.


With all the chaos going on, i'm thinking my priority is to trade brodie smith out.
22 points last week with a huge breakeven, already down to $380K. God this bloke disappoints me.
Then menadue out for zorko. Leaving hall, ablett, adams, barlow on the bench with plenty of rookies on field.
Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers


Like these trades, trying to find a way to get Zorko into my side.


one bad game isn't a reason to trade Brodie.

his season before last week: 94, 86, 107, 65, 87, 82, 68. was averaging 84 prior to last week. that is ok for a D6.

Crows draw gets alot easier starting with Suns this week.


I can't work out why he only had 6 touches last week, avg around 20 for the year. Is he injured that we know of??
And with Laird coming back next week he'll start taking all the points again.


He was playing a lockdown role, which he normally doesn't do. I'd hold Smith personally.


Geez you boys have changed me now Derek and Patch.
For me to get Zorko in my only other option is Kerridge out, swing AMT or Brown to fwd line on field (probably AMT)
Kerridge isn't gonna make anymore money I don't think.
Who did Smith play the lockdown on? Coz I noticed Seedsman had stuff all too.
Thanks for the feedback boys, appreciate it heaps


Yeh but the keg is also averaging hi for a mid price fwd. You wont find much better. He would be the last trade id be making.


On who? looked like Lang and Gregson took turns tagging him.


he averages 94 against crows.

Jack Blucher

Great Stuff patch. Thoughts on captaining Dayne the magnificent Zorko?


Been my draft captain for weeks and hasn't let me down.


Nice one!….have 6 out this week….going to go B.Crouch to Priddis and Adams to Montagna
Thoughts community???


solid trades


Like it Simo


Macpherson in this week, Hopper next week. Simple. As for premos – some good options over next few weeks, Parker, Gray, all to drop in price big time!


Considering trading Ablett or Wines for Goldstein via Blicavs. Crazy?


you'd be crazy to trade Ollie Wines


Very much so. Hold your premos, mate. Them sorts of fancy trades are to be done towards the end of the year.


not that crazy. I didn't start with Goldy, hoping his price would fall, which it now has. However i had to trade Lobbe to Blitz a few weeks ago. one of the reasons i went blitz was to have a backdoor option of still getting Goldy when his price was right. Wouldn't trade a premo for him though, a fat cash cow would be nice to upgrade to goldy if you can. it does mean that Blitz takes an important place on the midfield, is he good enough?


any update on Rocky – i'm one of the stoooooopid ones that had him, traded him out only to trade him back in again. do i hold him still or punt him for Priddis and confirm my stupidity??


Punt him mate


Hey guys, making an upgrade this week and choosing between Priddis and Montagna. If I go Priddis i'll lose my mid/fwd link. Appreciate any feedback.


Very few others still have DPP links. I'd be tempted to go Montagna and separate yourself from the pack.


montagna (vs Essendon) this week, priddis next week


I'm leaning towards Montagna for that same reason Jake.

I have 2 MID/FWD links in the midfield, and has helped a lot. I'm concerned going from 2 to 1, let alone 1 to 0.

Also it seemed prior to teams, every man and his dog were trading in Priddis. My ranking is awful, so i need to steer away from the herd to improve my ranking.


Awesome write up as usual! Any help here would be great!

This week Im trading Caleb Daniel to Cox or Hopper (probably Cox to give my ruck cover for byes).
Then I will trade out Daniel Wells for anyone under $625,000……. If I get a mid, I lose DPP link; If I get a FWD, I keep my DPP link.
Considering Motlop or Zorko as forwards, or Pendles, Treloar, Ward, Priddis, Sloane as Mids.

Shaw, AMT, DBJ, Dea, Brown, Ruggles (BOYD, LAIRD)
Danger, Selwood, Viney, Cripps, Shiel, Libba, JSmith, Petracca (ABLETT, Hewett, Davis)
NicNat, Goldy (COX)
Franklin, Zerrett, TLynch (GC), Kerridge, McGovern, WELLS (HALL, Wyatt)


you don't need ruck cover for the byes. it is only your best 18 onfield that score, doesn't matter what position.


Ah of course. So better to get in Hopper, Broad or MacPherson this week?


Went double down last week to get Adams and Brown to Joey and Priddis this week. But I have Barlow, Wells, Ablett, Hall, Laird and Adams all missing atm. Should I stick to my guns or upgrade Barlow this week with the intention of getting Priddis next week?


You could hold off Priddis this week – he should only make 30k or so. If you need to save the donut, you could go Adams up instead of Brown.

I'm a big avocado for ditching Barlow, but it doesn't have to be this week.


i really like the idea of Shaw as C. However he plays late Sunday so no chance to loophole him.

my two best bets for VC, Danger and Pendles play each other. Thinking Danger, Guthrie won't give Pendles much room.

NicNat against Port is only other option

Shake n bake

Really stuck on VC choice Parker tonight Danger Selwood Pendles tomorrow. Might have to go
Parker & use one of the others as Capt?


Had not considered Nic Nat. Rucks v Port should dominate. But perhaps less so now Trengove is rucking instead of Lobbe.


Trengrove still not winning much in ruck. Port seem to be set up atm intending to lose the tap so pressure is heavy on fall of ball and match up on key targets.

Shake n bake

I'm sure kruz scored pretty well against port last week!


$6.8K, 21 Trades

Shaw, Simpson, Rance, AMDT, Hartley, Bryne-Jones (Adams, Laird)
Danger, Parker, Ward, Selwood, Libba, Priddis, Smith, Keays (Ablett, Wells, Davis)
Gawn, Goldy (Wyatt)
Dusty, Kerridge, Kennedy, Brown, McGovern, Petracca (Hall, Barlow)

Was hoping to get Zorko in this week, and my early week trade plan was Kerridge & Adams to Zorko & McPherson, but this would now a cause a donut on the forward line.

Now tossing-up between-
McGovern or Brown & Wells or Barlow for Zorko & McPherson
Barlow to Franklin
Hold tight, no trades

Appreciate the communities thoughts as always.


yep. Maitherson the following week.

would love a nice defence rookie to appear, i did like the look of Collins in the NAB and was surprised he didn't start the year.

Anyone heard how Rice (saints) is. he was looking good pre-season but got gladular fever, is he likely to play soon?


Bailey Williams due to pop up next week. I'd go him this week if he weren't on the extended bench.


Not sure why being on extended bench is a deterrent? Sides are finalised tonight well prior to lockout. And there is little doubt Williams play this week.

It is also a given moving forward that is JS could be questionable with Boyd to come back from suspension and Suckling getting closer to a return.

Not following your logic…..

Shake n bake

Did a straight swap Wells to Montagna great run home with 9 teams outside the top 8 has a low BE
Just don't know if I should bring in Mcpherson have Smith playing got Dunkley as my loophole with Ablett,
Menadue & Davis on pine?


doing the same. Compare the saints run with Norfs games for the rest of the year, 9/14 games against top 8 teams

Boltons blues

I say it all the time, the good players show up against the good teams, wells has always had potential to be a superstar but injuries have ruined his career, he's found some form and has a little niggle ( on passed history it's not good) but he will be back hopefully next week so I'm hoping he comes back to good form and the run against the good teams isn't the worst thing


Community what should I do, would prefer not to play 2 midfield rookies when Gazza returns
only 84k in the war chest
Shaw, Simpson, Bartel, Hartley, Byrne-Jones, Ruggels (Laird, Adams)

Danger, Parker, Ward, Dustin, Libba, Priddis, Smith, Keays (Gazza, Davis, Gore)

Nic Nat, Gawn (Grimley)

Dalhaus, Merrett, Kerridge, AMT, Cox, Petracca (Wells, Hall)

Please community I need help

Chicken Dinner

You have a zero in ruggles and maybe merrett. Trade and swing might be an option.


This week Im trading Caleb Daniel to Cox or Hopper (probably Cox to give my ruck cover for byes).
Then I will trade out Daniel Wells for anyone under $625,000……. If I get a mid, I lose DPP link; If I get a FWD, I keep my DPP link.
Considering Motlop or Zorko as forwards, or Pendles, Treloar, Ward, Priddis, Sloane as Mids.

Shaw, AMT, DBJ, Dea, Brown, Ruggles (BOYD, LAIRD)
Danger, Selwood, Viney, Cripps, Shiel, Libba, JSmith, Petracca (ABLETT, Hewett, Davis)
NicNat, Goldy (COX)
Franklin, Zerrett, TLynch (GC), Kerridge, McGovern, WELLS (HALL, Wyatt)


Ughhh if Zerrett goes down I will have well over 4mil not playing…

My only glimmer of hope is that Rocky comes back next week and pumps out a good score to reward me for not having a chance to trade him out. Maybe it's a blessing from the SC gods! I'm optimistic community, not losing hope!


Well I will start off by saying carnage is an under statement this week…
Shaw, Bartel, Laird, Rich, Smith, DBJ, Hartley, Brown
Dangerfield, Selwood, Parker, Ablett, Wines, Gray, Libba, Smith, Petracca, Kennedy, Menadue,
Gawn, Naitanui, Cox
Martin, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kerridge, Tippa, Papley, McCarthy
18 trades and 65.7k

My forward line is not looking too good, there are so many outs its crazy. At least Gray is back which is the only positive from the line ups for me. Thinking of holding both Wells and Barlow and trading out Papley and Mccarthy. Could double downgrade to Brand and Macpherson or bring in a premo and macpherson using some dpps. Honestly not sure what to do this week as it is unfortunate I can not afford much this week. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

On a side note rumours are that Barlow may be a late in.


I like the double downgrade option this week. Not a lot to go to which is annoying. Have a look at Bailey Williams from the Dogs as well. I liked the look of him on Sunday and my only qualm this week is he's on the extended bench. Can't see why he'd be dropped but just shaking the confidence a bit.


are you just hoping Barlow is a late in, or you heard?

I would hold this week if you can. maybe trade one of either paps or McCarthy to McPherson if you feel a $102k rookie is too good to miss. Team is ok and you can field 22 easy.


I cant field 22 without tradin at least one of them. The problem with just one trade and not both is that then next week there could be more outs and I may be stuck with too many nonplaying players. Also trading once means I might miss Priddis/ Montagna. Was thinking maybe papley and mccarthy to two rookies and then next week bring in zorko and priddis leaving me almost full premo


does anyone else not trust priddis? im looking at going jack viney instead.
This will make my trades: M. Brown-> Gibson, M. Barlow-> J. Viney
Thoughts/Suggestions? Cheers


Hmm i hear ya on Priddis i'm not convinced got enough guys that are going to hover around a 100 ave if thats all he's goig to do, had a good look at Viney as suits my byes really well but don't like that he has to get 30 touches or 10+ to 100+ seems more DT relevant or at least reliable at the moment.


It's not that i don't 'trust' Priddis, but seems many will trade him in. My ranking is awful, therefore i cannot improve it if i trade the same as the herd.

I think Jordan Lewis, and David Mundy are solid alternatives.


Pendles or Treloar?


Pendles – the Rolls Royce of Supercoach


Thanks Patch – was my first choice. Always one of my first picked players but didn't pick him to start mainly because of his half back role. Now he is back in the midfield where he belongs I'll be trading him in.


Who is the Bugatti Veyron of Supercoach?

The Ranger

Zac Dawson


Who is the Batmobile of SC?????


Hey patch do you think z.merret will play this week?
Was going to trade Mitch brown to merrett
could also trade brown to priddis, but I lose my mid-fwd DPP :/


My gut says they won't risk him. I'd go to Priddis, and you can always trade the DPP back in later.


Thoughts on Chad wingard? 370 k, is a gun but will he then his form around?


Need to see a sign of form changing before I bring him in, but I've got my eye on him mate.


Trade or hold Wells?

Grahame Lebroy

M.Boyd, Rocky, Barlow, Hall and Wells all sitting on the pine this week but its ok cause having multiple premo keepers out for 3 weeks running is part of game and you just have to love it. The sun is shining, birds are chirping and its going to be a glorious weekend of footy and all is well in SC world. I can't stop smiling……..


That's the spirit, mate. An inspiration to us all!


Brand or Bailey Williams Community?

The Beard

So now Davis is back in do I drop him or Hewett?


Hewett goes first mate, Davis still has do$h to make (I hope)


Need help please

Trade in Zorko & Buddy


Dusty & Montagna


option one for me


Dusty and Montagna have same bye round 13.
Buddy is 14, Zorko 15


Option 1
66.6K over starting price, combined average of 219.5

Option 2
99.8K cheaper than starting price, combined average of 207.3

I would definitely choose Option 2. Underpriced and both DPP.


VC Hanners or Danger?
Will most likely C Goldstein


I'm doing hannerby VC, Dangerfield C .
Hanners hasn't scored under 100 and hardly anyone has him as opposed to Dangerfield. So if Hanners scores big, then taking his points means most other teams won't get that double advantage of points.


Lost all respect for you with that ridiculous comment about Adelaide being boring with 'water you can't drink'.


I'm from Adelaide and I gained respect for Patch with that hilarious comment.


Fair enough, to each their own I guess. I generally prefer my humour to have some measure of intelligence behind it.


Go have a sip from the Torrens and let me know how un-intelligent the comment was.


Speaking unintelligent, the torrens isnt and never has been adelaides source of drinking water………


calm down chrissy boy


I'm calm, thanks. Sip from the Torrens, wow! Sounds like a great idea.


Same. Patch +1


Settle down

Southern S

I'm from Adelaide too it was just some healthy banter and it made me laugh actually, freakin hate the water where I am, but up in the Adelaide hills it's much better.

And Adelaide is boring lol

Mad March

Hey one month of the year we wake up.


Hey Patch and Community, I originally pulled the trigger on Priddis early in the week, but this would leave me with a donut on the field.

Now thinking of Leigh Montagna (BE 75) instead as he could go large against the Dons and this may be the lowest he'll be all season.

Thinking also that Priddis may struggle to go above his BE this week and is less likely to rise in price as much as Montagna.

Good move, or should I just shell out for Zorko the Magnificent as you suggest Patch?


exactly what i was thinking. Montagna this week against essendon, and priddis next week when he is home against the Suns.


Im going Zorko this week, then Priddis next week. Even if priddis scores well he wont go up much past 510k, and thats still a fallen premo. Also allows for the potential further price drop by priddis


watching RGray very close as well


which guy to trade out of
Adams and Ruggles
Wells and Barlow

Is it likely we will see Ruggles again? and is Wells worth holding now that his Achilles issue is back?
Thinking Wells out as surely Barlow will get a game soon


Ruggles will be back. Boris and Jimmy will need rest. Plus if there's a single injury in the backline he's in.

Wells/Barlow is the big question for everyone. I'm sick of Ross so it's Barlow out for me, unless I find out by 7pm tonight he's a late inclusion.


No easy options mate. With Ruggles and Adams…I'd look at whoever has the higher break even. Ruggles will definitely feature again. He's been really solid for the Cats and is definitely in for more game time.

With Wells and Barlow you have to be able to either read Ross Lyon's mind or trust the Kangaroo's medical staff. Neither of which is particularly fun. I'd personally flick Barlow…but that's just because I don't trust him or Rosco AT ALL. I'm never bringing a Freo player in again. Never. Unless Fyfe comes good next season 😉

This season is making mugs of us all!


Cheers fellas


I wonder how much discount Fyfe will receive for next season? Also kinda hoping Harley Bennell misses the rest of the season and gets a nice discount too!


Into the top 500 now – With big thanks to the advice I got here last week. Have a couple of options this week:

Can either go:
– Kerridge to Montagna/Martin/Priddis; or
– Wells to Pendlebury/Martin/Priddis/Montagna.

Thoughts? Not sure whether I should keep Wells in case the injury affects his whole season…

Think Montagna/Martin/Priddis are more value for money than Pendles this week (saves cash for another upgrade next week)

Thanks again community


I was top 300 now 800. I had the same trades planned except for Montagna. Was originally going to use Kerridge but now that Wells is out I'm going Wells to Pendlebury. Am doing the trade with no regrets. Martin and Priddis are tempting because of their price(s) but they shouldn't change too much in price over the next couple of rounds and will be looked at closely. Also, C Ward should reduce in price as well as he has very high BE's. Kerridge will probably be used in any forthcoming trades.


Community, I want to bring in macpherson this week but who would I bring him in for, Davis or hewett


How long is Wells going to be out for?


1-2 weeks apparently but with his history….


NM saying he's back in against the Swans next week.


(1) Dusty (terrific form)
(2) Dahl (POD)??


What makes you think Dahl is a POD? Everyone wants to get him in. If they don't have him it's because they're waiting for his price to drop. Dusty for mine while he's cheaper.


In comparison he's a pod thats all. I think eventually i'll want them both so yea might go with dusty and hope dahl drops around the r15 bye, thanks



-30.9K below starting price.


Hi community, need your help…

Need to get rid of either Houli,Wells or Barlow this week most likely in terms of who's on the outer.

Getting rid of Wells or Barlow and getting in Montagna or Zorko will save me the risk of playing Menadue on the field as bench cover,
whilst dealing with Houli and trading him out for a Rance or Docherty means I will have to play Menadue and a million rookies in my Forward line.

Who's the main guy to cull community?

Thanks 🙂


Houli is out for a while. But i do like the look of Rance in a few weeks when he might be under $500k, maybe hold Houli for a couple


Avoid a donut in backline and trade CalebD to MACPHERSON and Ruggles to DOCHERTY
Dont worry about donut and trade CalebD to MACPHERSON and Wells to ZORKO/MOTLOP
Dont worry about donut and trade CalebD to MACPHERSON and Wells to PENDLES/TRELOAR

Shaw, AMT, DBJ, Dea, Brown, Ruggles (BOYD, LAIRD)
Danger, Selwood, Viney, Cripps, Shiel, Libba, JSmith, Petracca (ABLETT, Hewett, Davis)
NicNat, Goldy (COX)
Franklin, Zerrett, TLynch (GC), Kerridge, McGovern, WELLS (HALL, Wyatt)


Trade wells/barlow
Or take a 0 and stick to the plan
After this weeks ill only have 19 trades left
What to do???


Barlow first, Wells next week.


Have to pick between having MacPherson, Keays or Davis on the field in the middle
Between Cox and McGovern in my fwd line
and between Brown or Hartley down back… Love some input because whoever i pick will be the lowest scorer


The midfields almost a coin toss (if u know of anyone that has a 3 sided coin) but I'll say MacPherson
Forwards I like McGovern much more against GC. Cox will struggle against Geelongs backline.
Defenders definitely Hartley.


Community I need some help!!!
First of all I'm in a pickle (like most of us…)
Based on my current trade (Adams and Hewitt out) I am bringing in 2 defenders. Brand being the rookie and a fallen premo under 474k. The two best options are McVeigh and Enright. ATM I like Enright better, and Geelong only play 2 more games outside of Melbourne…
Alternatively if I don't get brand and I get Bailey Williams or Collins because they are cheaper, it allows me to get Gibson.

So it's Brand and McVeigh/Enright or Williams/Collins and Gibson/McVeigh/Enright

Any advice or suggestions much appreciated…


like how you've gone about using your DPP players mate
i think brand and enright looks good. enright fallen promo from over 500K and has his price decreased from the low score he got which is now rolling out. looks like a solid D6 option. Haven't seen much from mcveigh but now could be the week he goes bananas!!!


Alright so, I have been on the forums asking about trades all week and then the great outing of half my players came. My team lines up as,

H.Shaw, K.Simpson, AMT, M.Hartley, M.Brown, DBJ (M.Adams[OUT], R.Laird[OUT] )

Danger, Pendles, Callan Ward, GAJ(OUT), Zaharakis, Libba, Wines, C. Oliver (G.Hewett, J.Smith, Tracca)

Big boy Maxy Gawn, Nic Nac (Grimley)

Aaron Hall[OUT], Dusty, Wells[OUT], Kerridge, BenKen, M.Cox (Barlow[OUT], Menadue)

I am thinking of trading either Brown or Adams to Docherty
and Wells to either Zorko or flipping AMT or Brown to the fwds and bringing in either Gibbo or Bartel.

I will also be bring Tracca into the forward line for Hall to give me some coverage.
Thoughts community?

your opinions would be brilliant.


thats not too bad. you still could have Rocky 🙁

Zorko and bartel into the team would be nice


I traded rocky round three for Zaharakis and never thought about Rocky again 😀

Zorko and Bartel would be nice but who for?

Thanks Derek 🙂


Who to cull out of
Adams, Hewett, Barlow, Wells or Menadue?


if you will have a full side id get rid of menadue, but adams would be the one if you dont


What is the preferable option guys..

Got Ablett and either Rockliff or D.Gore on my Mid bench, so…

Give Rocky the flick this week to downgrade to Macpherson and take the cash for following week or..

Sideways Rocky to a different premo option for this week and have not much left in the bank or…

Hold rocky for him to come back next week and upgrade my donut bench player D.Gore to Macpherson and lose some cash but generate through Macpherson for a double downgrade next week.

Please help I am finding it really hard to decide what to do here!!

Southern S

You've held rocky this long if he's back next week which is likely then it's a hold, Ditching Gore for Mac seems fine he looks doubtful to get a game all year.


If you've held Rockliff this long, then i'd hold again. I've done the same with Robbie Gray.

D.Gore is named as an emergency, so perhaps he isn't far away from debuting…..tough one sideways trading him to MacPherson.

I'd hold on all those trades to be honest.

Southern S

Oh he's emergency, I suppose that's because they dropped the Crouch brothers. There's too much competition for those midfield spots I reckon, it'll be hard for him to get enough games to make anything.

Tough call really.


you must be able to loophole some of them


Brown and hartley same team
Cox/McGovern playing at pretty much the same time
Ablett is my 0 in the middle so i either take a gold-coast rookie or go with keays
… so very annoying

The Ranger

I'd go Brown, MacP, Cox.
It's a different ball game but Cox was good against the Cats in the NAB.

The Ranger

Top work as always Patch.
Lovely weather for fence painting so I'm going Papley and Hewitt OUT Zorko and Macpherson IN this week.
I'd go Montagna if I could but Zorko works for my byes and I'm confident he'll outscore Joey so I'm not too concerned about paying the extra dollars.
20 trades and 186K in the kitty for more more painting next week.

Chubby McChubby

Brodie Smith or Marcus Adams to Docherty?
Adams averaging 10 more than Brodie and 40 k cheaper

Chubby McChubby

Or Wells to Zorko?

Chubby McChubby

Or Adams to Zorko. lol


see comments above. Keep Smith.

Chubby McChubby

Thanks Derek. Adams to Zorko or Montagna


that is almost impossible to split. I'm going Montagna, Slightly cheaper and slightly lower BE and is below his starting year price, big POD as well.

i'll try and get Zorko later


at the start of the year i noticed Fremantle play 4 of their last 5 games at home, i thought that was interesting and an opportunity to finish the season and finals with a few fremantle players…but then i realised who i was dealing with.


Zorko or Dusty??


Both great form. Toss a coin. Zorko just.

Boltons Blues

If this week, with Ablett and Hall out for gold coast, surely…SURELY Davis can manage a respectable score, SURELY!!!!!


Unfortunately there is little we can be sure about this year in this gig when it comes to rookies. We just have to let the dice roll yeah?!!


Houli, Laird, Boyd, Ruggles, Adams, Ablett, Hall, Wells
This will not be a fun week


A couple of other supercoach podcasts have suggested wells might be out for another 4 – (6 total) Has anyone seen anything solid on a timeline for him?


I think many are referring to the afl site as a source when saying Wells will miss 1 more. With a bare bones forward line this week, I'm holding him


Barlow been withdrawn from wafl squad
Chance to play i think


Ahhhh. Interesting Nathan. Very nice pick up. Roscoe foxing again by the looks of it. May be a late inclusion. He was named as an emergency I think.

Boltons Blues

from the Herald sun

MICHAEL Barlow will miss again this week for Fremantle — or will he?

Barlow was surprisingly left out of the Fremantle team to face Richmond tomorrow night despite picking up 39 disposals in the WAFL last weekend.

But there may be more to this than meets the eye.

Barlow has been named as an emergenmcy for the Dockers but curiously has not been named in the WAFL for Fremantle’s affiliate Peel Thunder.

The midfielder could could come in at the expense of a tall like Zac Clarke or Zac Dawson with wild weather forecast in Perth, including hail and thunderstorms prior to and during the game.

Fellow emergencies Matt de Boer and Brady Grey have also not been named in the WAFL.

Southern S

All good if Barlow comes in but to drop Zac Dawson? well there goes my season.


Hi community

Need help, who should I get in my forward line out of Z Merrett, Franklin, Montagna or Waite?

Please help



Agree with INP, Montagna and Franklin your best options. I'd lean Montagna due to being a DPP.

I N Pieman

The weather report is for Thunderstorms before & during the game in Perth tomorrow. Meaning Barlow may come in for a tall. Let us stand as one & do a Barlow rain dance!!!!


i reckon he'll play


Looking out the window, it is sunny as all hell today. Forecast is for rain tomorrow and Sunday so here's hoping.


Great article Patch at a time of much need. Ross Lyon, you can get stuffed too. After much consideration, and despite the late out games, trade plans are:

Barlow & Davis Out for Zorko & MacPherson.

Next week:

Wells & Gresham for Montagna & Hopper (M8).

Priddis may need to wait.


Oh dearest Patch – whatever gloomy rain clouds fell across the Supercoach landscape last weekend has been trumped by the plague of darkness that's spread over the competition this weekend like the sweat beads on Garry's holy noggin!

Coaches everywhere must buckle down and put their faith in potato farmers such as Menadue, Davis and heaven help us all Mitch Brown to carry us through this continued pestilence with eyes on the long fabled 2000 points barrier!

May the power of Nic Nat's dreadlocks give us the strength we need to march forward into battle.


Hello ooo community…zorko or treolar quietly [email protected] in corner


I've not been hit as hard as most this week, but with the byes coming up and the chaos warning signs all over the place, it's pretty clear that we need flexibility in our sides so this week I'm doubling down.

Def: Shaw, Simpson, Bartel, AMT, Brown, DBJ / Adams, Laird
Mid: Danger, Parker, Pendles, Libba, Priddis, Steelbutt, Hall, Petracca / Hewett, Davis, Colledge
Ruc: Gawn, NikNat / Grimley
Fwd: Greene, Zerrett, Martin, Wells, Kerridge, Cox / McGovern, McCarthy

I'm going McCarthy to Brand via DPP (AMT to Fwd) and Wells to MacPherson via some swapsies.

Team will look like:

Def: Shaw, Simpson, Bartel, Brown, DBJ, Brand / Adams, Laird
Mid: Danger, Parker, Pendles, Libba, Priddis, Steelbutt, Greene, MacP / Hewett, Davis, Colledge
Ruc: Gawn, NikNat / Grimley
Fwd: Zerret, Martin, Kerridge, AMT, Cox, Petracca / Hall, McGovern

This will give me $600k in the hand, cover for Greene and Zerret and the chance to single-trade for the next few weeks while preparing for the byes.

Criticize away.

Southern S

Greene is playing, could trade Hewett and McCarthy to the rookies instead, and therefore get another look to see if Wells can come back.


Original plan was menapoo to zerret but I'm not gonna risk him being a late out last game sunday (thanks patch).
Going wells to the pridd now with $200k left for next week.
This means I'll have to play menaspud on ground now unless barlow is a late in (come on ross ya spoonhead).

The Rangers

Wells to Pridd is a pretty solid trade Hedski and you've at least got a warchest to play with next week
Years from now we'll reminisce about The Menaspud Era…a time when things were so bad you had to play spuds all over the ground whilst warming ya bench with millions of dollars…


He will be turfed out with the rotten vegies for chook scraps next week.

Cpt Pugwash

Barlow (Emergency) still a chance – Herald Sun 23 minutes ago.

Hasn't been named in the WAFL for Peel Thunder.

Lets all prey (for those who have him)

P.S Or is this one more way in which Ross "the supercoach devil" is messing with out minds?


Not sure how the WAFL line ups work but in VFL, the extended AFL bench names are all named in the VFL squad also. Now since the WAFL Peel Thunder squad show that Barlow is an 'Out', it either means Ross the Toss is going to be sneakily including Barlow last minute, or Barlow will not play a game this week altogether since the WAFL match happens before the AFL match.


i reckon he'll play.


When does Peel Thunder play?


Saturday morning


He's giving us all the giant middle finger.


Doing Mills -> MacP, as for the Barlow/Wells situation…

Going to wait to see if Barlow is a late in. If he's in, going Wells -> Zorko who wouldn't have played yet (Montagna another option).
Wells is best 22 but only 7 games in 2014 and 2 in 2015 and 7 this year. He was always a cash cow with the potential of being a keeper and we knew injuries could come up.

Having said that, if barlow is confirmed out, then he goes instead of Wells.
39 possessions in the twos, at home meaning no travel and still can't get a game??? And if he does will he be in the guts? Too much going against him. In the long run a corrective trade here to a ultra premo will save you a lot of turmoil in the future with Ross being an absolute flog.

The Ranger

I can't believe no-ones mentioned the return of the Skinflute!
With the carnage that's all around us, just writing "return of the Skinflute" has cheered me up.
I'm hoping he beats up Mummy again just so I can hear Jock's response in the podcast.


I'd be surprised if Minson the makes the final cut.


Def: Shaw, Docherty, Tippa, DBJ, Brown, Byrne (LAIRD, ADAMS)
Mid: Danger, Hanners, Pendles, Parker, GAJ, Libba, Kennedy, Smith (Gresham, Keays, MacPherson)
Ruck: Goldy, NicNat (Grimley)
Fwd: Martin, Hall, Barlow???, Franklin, Papley, Petracca (WELLS, Menadue)

'Don't Blush Baby'

Flogville – love it Patch ! also the water looks beer and the beer tastes like water

Nervous Coach

Great work again Patch. Save a slice of the cake for me also because by Sunday night I will definitely be ready to eat it.

Working with a makeshift forward line which includes Barlow on the field with the option of either Cox or McGovern to cover him.

Trade wise I am thinking either Davis or Hewett to McPherson and/or McGovern to Buddy/Montagna.

Would love your thoughts Community.

Nervous Coach

I have a full team this week so should I hold fire and save my trades (22 left) or pull the trigger.

I N Pieman

My bench is worth $3,225,700. Jesus!!! Shit he's on it as well


Thoughts on trades this week?

Shaw, Simpson, Rich, Tippa, Brown, DBJ, (Laird, Adams)
Danger, Parker, Pendles, Gray, Libba, Hewett, Keays, Smith, (Ablett, Wells, Davis)
Goldstein, Martin, (Wyatt)
Zorko, De Goey, Kennedy, Kerridge, Petracca, Menadue (Barlow, Hall)

22 trades $136,000 in the bank.

My thoughts are Menadue and Wells to Gibson and McPherson. Then maybe next week Hewett to Hopper and a rookie up to full premo.

Suggested trades are appreciated.

Cpt Pugwash

Who Needs A Laugh?

The Money Game For Supercoach Benches. Who has the worst team this week?

What's your collective $value$ of all your Bench Players this week?

Lets see who wins this ! No need to list your players, just your Total Value in the Reply and quick comment.

Here's mine:

TOTAL: $2,912,300

Boyd $556,800
Laird $490,400
Wells $431,700
Smith $227,400 (Emergency)
Dunkley $117,300
Grimley $123,900
Hall $482,400
Adams $482,400

Note: I have traded out Barlow (FTM) and Papley this week. No donuts for now!

The Ranger

$2.8mill for mine. Think I saw someone (was it Trigger?) with $3.8!!!

Cpt Pugwash

Sorry ! Adams was wrong.

Total: $2,779,600

Not to bright but I can lift heavy things 🙂


$3.1M on my bench


3,465,400 on the pine. Boyd, Adams,Ablett, Hall, Rockliff, Grimley,Wells, Barlow


2.8 mil on my bench


$2,998,400 for me. One playing (George Hewett, loopholing).


Could someone explain how to do the Loophole on your Emergency players …. is it similar to the Captains Loop ? Thanks B


Yes, the exact same.


Exactly the same.

Put player playing first as the emergency, if he scores well, then place a non-playing player on the field, if he scores poorly leave the other player on the field, so the emergency players score doesnt count.


Thanks GoHawks !


$6.8K, 21 Trades

Shaw, Simpson, Rance, AMDT, Hartley, Bryne-Jones (Adams, Laird)
Danger, Parker, Ward, Selwood, Libba, Priddis, Smith, Keays (Ablett, Wells, Davis)
Gawn, Goldy (Wyatt)
Dusty, Kerridge, Kennedy, Brown, McGovern, Petracca (Hall, Barlow)

Was hoping to get Zorko in this week, and my early week trade plan was Kerridge & Adams to Zorko & McPherson, but this would now a cause a donut on the forward line.

Now tossing-up between-
McGovern or Brown & Wells or Barlow for Zorko & McPherson
Barlow to Franklin
Hold tight, no trades

Appreciate the communities thoughts as always.


Likelihood of Merrett being out?


Had 515k to bring in a player, was gonna be Merrett now I'm stuffed! Priddis maybe or I could trade out Houli and get any defender, already have Simpson laird shaw Bartel, not interested in Enright, maybe Docherty???


Guys I need a lot of help for my team this week, I have 20 trades remaining and I need to conserve some soon but my team needs heaps of changing as I'm sure most of yours do

Def: Shaw, Simpson, Docherty, Gibson, Hartley, D B-J- Bench: M Brown and K Collins
Mid: Danger, Parker, Gray, Ablett, Ward, Libba, Selwood, Petracca- Bench: Hewitt, Menadue and J Smith
Ruck: Gawn and S Martin- Bench: Grimley
Forward: Hall,D Martin, Wells, Barlow, B Kennedy and Kerridge- Bench: A-T-P, and Wyatt


Anyone have an idea what Trades I can do this week, I have $14k right now and I'm certain i'm gonna trade Mcpherson in but for which rookie?

Southern S

I'd bin Menadue over Hewett.


What to do…..

Zorko and Buddy OR Montagna and Simpson


Southern S

Docherty for 512k, Gibson for 477k, Bartel 495k.

Zorko, Buddy and Montag are all good options for the forward.

Whilst Simpson is a gun I feel his price has topped out a lot.


McCarthy and Papley out for Gibson and MacPherson.
Any other better options in the backline or up forward for 520k? Also still have Adams, Rockliff, Wells, Brown, Yeo, and Barlow dropped or spudding it up.

Southern S

Could consider Docherty or Bartel, and also Zach Merrett or Buddy in the forward line.

Southern S

Word is that Merrett may not play…………..


Playing 22 this week plus 2 on the bench if Barlow plays

How is everyone else doing???


Is it a must to get rid of barlow and wells??
I can hold both and avoid donuts. Do you guys see much point in holding onto these two


Peel Thunder play this morning (Sat). Barlow has been named as an out. If he somewhow lines up for Peel then he's definitely going from my squad. I'm ranked 211 and that $515K odd needs to be scoring points, I'm not happy with it on the bench again. With Freo playing Sat night we will know 90 minutes before that game whether Barlow is a late in from the emergencies. If he is left out again then it's an easy trade to Zorko, Dahl or Montagna who all play on Sunday.

I think I'm holding Wells until next week to have another look at Hopper, and if Wells is still out next week then that's the trade. It means I lose my DPP mid/fwd link which is the downside.

If you can avoid donuts and hold both that's not a bad thing Yii. When in doubt, it's generally OK to do nought. What's your gut telling you??


I feel with everyone trading in Zorko he is going to turd it up this weekend.

Southern S

I hope he turds it up for a few weeks he's too pricey lol.


Overpriced now.

David T

Playing Melbourne with Jetta missing. Hoping he tears them a new one (y)


is michael walters a good POD he is in 1% teams and saw a stat that he's been playing 70% of game time in the middle and attending centre bounces also looks like this is his new role 3 round avg of 102 and 5 round avg of 98 priced at 470k i think the way freo are going he will just get more mid time

i really like this option but can someone talk me out of it


he is at freo. have i talked you out of it yet




Problem is he's priced at $470K already. Few extra bucks gets ya Priddis


Really would appreciate advice community

DEF- Shaw, HOULI, Enright, LAIRD, Tipungwuti, DBJ (Byrne, Ruggles)
MID- Danger, Hannerbery, Ward, ABLETT, Shiel, Zieball, Priddis, WELLS (Hewett, Davis, Gresham)
RCK- Gawn NicNat ( Lorensch)
FWD- HALL, Dusty, Kerridge, DeGoey, BenKen, Petracca (Menadue, 102k non playing rookie Joel Smith)

HAVE 100K IN THE BANK what should i do community


Ruggles might be a late in, lonergan is injured maybe hold off your trades until tomorrow if you like me and have boyd and laird on the bench and have to move ruggles on.


I don't have enough cash to get in Zorko, is Buddy a good option the fwd line ?


can you go montagna?