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The CoachKings Cowboy joins me, Jock Reynolds and my mates – Higgo and The Crouching One and as we discuss what’s been a HUGE week for The Community.

Before we get stuck into it, login to to start plotting your assault this weekend on THE WEEKLY $1000 


In today’s podcast …

  • We discuss the unthinkable – do we trade JT to get MILFORD or is this crazy talk?
  • We look at the tricky HOOKER position and discuss Mitch Rein, Peats and Granville.
  • We hail the new CoachKings legend, Julian Pace who took out the Weekly $1000 for the highest CoachKings round score.
  • Corey Parker, Jarrod Croker, the upcoming Bye Rounds …. and heaps more.

This week’s CoachKings Round Fixture



Enjoy the podcast and have a good week Community!

Jock Reynolds

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Sport is sport. I follow NRL (raiders unfortunately) but I supercoach AFL because that's what everyone at work follows so we get pretty competitive. If you don't like it you can always not read it.


Monk3y I wouldn't be too disappointed with following the Raiders at the moment. How good are BJ and Rapana going!!?


It's a lot less unfortunate this year than previous (Hodgson is also brilliant), but we can still throw a game away better than most.


Parker is a sell IMO – I will be shifting him on for Frizell/cooper pending origin selection.

thinking about bringing Gordon in as well.

Thurston – just shift him to your bench. the guy is superhuman. I already have Milf and Mbye, but if you don't have Milf and want him – it needs to be someone else other than Thurston that goes.

Same with Smith, he needs to be just shifted to the bench.

Will Mathews is a pick up.

Manu, Fensom, Croker, Rad Graham are all in my team and should be at the top of everyone's bye pick list


Spot on Nathan! All perfect advice for the NRL community.


Will Mathews is not supercoach relevant regardless of an increase in minutes. Never has been (he is rubbish in NRL also). If you have brought parker in this year, same as Thurston, you hold him. Trading him out, you will only end up him bringing him back in later.


64 points last week makes him extremely relevant Casper. He will be just fine, at a rookie price and great Bye coverage.

Parker is a SELL until round 20 and see how things are going, if your that strapped for trades, then I think you are in trouble


Hey Nath! Mate, the bloke hasn't averaged more than 39 per game in 5 seasons buddy, how is he relevant?! Im not going to talk you out of it but he averages 21 against souths. He may jag the rare attacking stat now and then but he is what old mate Jock politely calls "a [email protected]", hence is benched yet again. I brought in cooper last week, I suggest you find the extra $$ to bring him in and keep him in till de belin returns 🙂 Cheers.


I had him playing last week for 64- that just back fired- lol- I'm sitting pretty ranked top 200, back to the drawing board… Finished 61st last year and looking nice to improve on that


That's an awesome rank Nath, good luck on the run home! Tough bye round this upcoming one with not too many players playing that you want in your team after the byes are done. Blake Austin might be one to watch, surely he has to come good at some stage?? He has nearly bottomed out in price….would want him to show a bit though before buying as it looks like Sezer has taken over most of the plays at the raiders!


I'll take another 70 from an irrelevant will Mathews


Geez mate, I bagged him not you!?! But cmon, he did nothing….jagged a try and a line break IN THE 77TH minute, which was all Aikens work, otherwise he racks up his usual 39! I did state "he will jag the occasional attacking stat" didn't I?? ! Take those lucky points and be happy I says……


First time I've disagreed with you Casper haha but love the range of opinions happening in here. Team lists came out 15 minutes ago and Matthews is on the bench! Proceed with caution!


Haha, how dare you Cowboy. All good mate. I haven't had Parker all year for the very reasons blokes are now looking to trade him out. Post Byes for me. I cant change my opinion on Mathews!!


Sure is mate- it doesn't look that way- I think we need to move him on and round 20 have another look

King Julian

score of 1325 pending changes for round 10.

deffinitely bringing in radraga this week, probably for latrell mitchell or hopoate
and taking out corey oates (2RF) for Frizell or Matthews.. will hold out one more week for graham as with his consistent scores his price value is not rising.


Hi King,

im benching my Roosters and Storm players mate – they are great for round 15 and 18.

they are extremely juicy after this first buy round.

if you have any sharks – move them on.

King Julian

Yes! Sorry i missed the call this morning.. im elusive


You see, NRL is a game, 2 teams and oval shaped ball, goes for 80 mins………and so forth.


Team lists out – Will Matthews named on bench with Michael Cooper named at lock!

The Beard

Semi in for L Mitchell this week!