The Round 8 AFL Cheat Sheet

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GSupercoach 2016 midpriced forwards‘day Community, Lekdog here with another Cheat Sheet.

This week we have a couple of rookies and a lot of premiums to look at. Players like Sam Docherty, Dustin Martin and Matt Priddis should be in the back of our minds. But remember, if you’re looking at these blokes make sure you check your bye structures.

Outside of these names I think I’ve highlighted the ‘must-haves’ for the round and you better believe that Jimmy Bartel will be coming into my team (wanted him last week but went Houli, he then played forward and didn’t touch the ball).

If you want to know why Jimmy is a great choice just read my pre-season article here

Let me know what you’re doing this week Community, I’ll see you in the comments.


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Round 8 CoachKings Supercoach Cheat Sheet


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Kang Van Der Bang

Hi all,

just thought I'd share my input about Captain's this week.

I have Gawn and NicNat but am not putting the C on either this week.

This is why:

Rucks VS Bulldogs = Total average of 62 sc points

Top 4 rucks VS Bulldogs (which include the likes of Goldy, Jacobs, BMac & Martin) = Total average of 71 sc points.

Now Gawny could go out and smash 150 against them but at this point in time, the evidence is pointing against that happening.

NicNat VS Saints = Total average of 87 sc points

a bit better against them than the bulldogs but again, the highest score for a ruckman against the Saints this year has been 103 from Goldstein – the evidence is pointing at St Kilda playing a style of game that inhibits big scores from opposition ruckmen.

I could be completely wrong but it is an interesting thought.


Many plick hab dis luck combo

Kang Van Der Bang


Southern S

Good analysis I have the Gawn and Nic Nat combo but was always going to go Danger vice and either Parker or Hannebery.


I guess the 130 he smashed out against them in the pre season counts for nothing then…

Maxie will either be 80-90 or 130+


Not sure how many times I want to miss big Maxie's killer score for captain.
I'm probably going danger on Friday night and then putting my trust in the beard this week.

Southern S

It's risky though there's no guarantees of Gawn even doing it again this season, I'd only vice ruckman personally.

These are my captain's scores and I'm pretty happy with them but I tend to take 120+ and not get greedy.

278 Ablett
240 Ablett
270 Ablett
218 Failed due to too much faith in Ablett!
274 Danger
244 Wells
258 Danger

Ken Woods

Or , just give some credit to Hickey !


No Zac Dawson?


Trying to decide between Dusty Martin and Montagna community, any thoughts? Upgrading De Goey to a premium i can hold for the rest of the year.


Hold Yeo lekdog??? I started the year with him and traded him out after two rounds. Hes a spud most weeks. Having said that im a spud for picking the prick in the first place. Trade


Not everyone will stick with him, nor should stick with him, maybe just the masochists.
Did i mention hes a spud and prick?


I'm upgrading Weitering this week and can afford any defender in the game…already have Shaw, Laird, Simpson and Houli….your thoughts on who I should get Community?

Rance….Boyd….Docs….Pittard….Gibbo all on my radar.


Im going Rance. Will have something to prove after hurting his team over last 2 weeks. Also has scored well even when tigers have been putrid. Can go bigger more consistently then rest and no one coming back into the team to take is role (Boyd-JJ)


You've already got 4 Premos in defence maybe you should be looking at some higher point scorers in the MIDs and FWDs first?

Southern S

Agreed, kinda looks like they are looking at defenders that may have peaked in price too, could ponder those last spots for a while.


In a bit of dillema here community..

I have 3 major issues to deal with-


1. I am looking to trade Mccarthy to Petracca for sure

But Im unsure on the second trade
If I trade Mills I can only upgrade him to a Mid for under 528k or I can downgrade him to Ben Keays
If I trade rocky I can trade him to anyone in the Mid – possibly underpriced JPK or Pendles

What do you think I should do??
Who should I trade

Thanks in advance


i reckon trade mills first. Rockliff won't change in price where as mills will drop. Trade him out for keays or your only really look at that price would be Zaha, Titch or as a DPP and POD stevie motlop


Could get Priddis ….


Patty Cripps is doing pretty well! Price fits, low BE this week and averaging 105 with a127 on the weekend.


Jordan Lewis, couldn't do any worse or drop in price anymore, can only get better and score more. Cheap at $431.000


looking at him for m9


of course you could trade Mills to Petracca and upgrade McCarthy

Southern S

Don't like settling on a mid under 528k, although as someone mentioned corn boy cripps, can go big and I don't think we've seen the best of him this year.

Like Pendles and JPK though for sure.

I N Pieman

Nice one Lek. I don't see Adams as a priority trade. If you have Linc McC & or mills they need to go first. I'll certainly be disposing of those 2 first


Wingard anyone? Has the ability to go big and for under 400K

Kang Van Der Bang

my personal opinion is to stay away. Copped a few knocks to the head this year and after being out with concussion, he has not been the same.

Southern S

Maybe later if I was desperate, has a 124 BE which he probably won't make. Wouldn't consider him this week.


I'll trade him in over the next few weeks and use him as a F6, then a F7 come season's end.


He could quickly turn that around Lekdawg with a couple of decent scores, which he's more than capable of.


my team right now

DEF: Shaw, Simpson, Adams, KKolo, DBJ, Brown (Hartley, Broad)
MID: Danger, Hanners, J.Selwood, Ablett, Shiel, Steven, Libba, Petracca (Hewett, Davis, Smith)
RUC: Gawn, Martin (Currie)
FWD: Dusty, Hall, Barlow, Wells, Kerridge, Tippa (Papley, Kommer)

I've got 21 trades left and ranked 8083. Do I trade Adams or Tippa this week for a premo ?


If you have the cash to trade Adams & Tippa to elite premo's then you would be crazy not to


Of the two I'd trade Adams. Tippa's BE still ok and he's likely playing so there if you need his score.


Thinking about getting rid of Marcus Adams and Jordan De Goey.

Thinking about these two options,
(1) Adams to Kade Simpson (or Matthew Boyd), De Goey to Petracca
(2) Adams to a rookie, De Goey to Dusty (or Dahlhaus)


I like option 1 better.


Yep, option 1


But should I get made Simpson or Boyd


I was in the same situation, however I'm keeping Adams and trading out Weitering…
I went Simpson for the long run, but i plan to get both. Boyd is about to jump up in price, so it's up to you…


Weitering to Simpson
Mills to Keays

Def: Shaw, Simpson, Adams, DBJ, Tippa, Brown (Laird, Byrne)
Mid: Danger, Hanners, Parker, Ablett, Libba, M.Crouch, Kennedy, Petracca (Gresham, Smith, Keays)
Ruck: Goldy, NicNat (Grimley
Fwd: Barlow, Martin, Hall, Franklin, a Wells, Kerridge (Papley, Menadue)

Any ideas community???
Ranked 3 243


thanks Lek


Thoughts community

Marcus Adams out
Nick Vlastuin in
Had midfield time last week for three quarters and scored 96 points from just 16 touches

Upgraded Mills to Martin this week and started the season with Keays and Petracca

Only have 40k in the bank for the Adams trade so should I wait a week for someone like KK to drop under 400k or go for Dempsey or Vlastuin

Southern S

Not a premo never has been, never will be.


Trade in Dempsey and Vlaustin, can't go wrong 🙂


Ryan bloody Davis community.
He's like watchin a pot full of water waiting for it to boil and then realising the stove is not on.
Punt him to Keays or wait a week for McPherson?


Haha, great analogy. That guy is driving me mad. Trade him down? Not making enough cash from trade. Trade him up? Too much of an outlay.


Yep dead on keithy


The worst kind of rookie. Also known as the Gary Rohan effect.


If I didn't have other issues, he'd be gone.

He's got two weeks max in my book.

Baggy Pants

Traded him last week with no regrets, then noticed he had 38 possessions in the NEAFL.


hello community would love some advice on my team – 18 trades 30k banked ovearll rank 12,100

Defence: Shaw, Houli, Adams, AMT, DBJ, Byrne (Laird, Ruggles)

Midfield: Dangerfield, Hannebery, Ward, Ablett, Shiel, Zieball, Priddis, Parish (Hewett, Davis, Gresham)

Ruck: Gawn, Nic Nat (Lorensch)

Forward: Hall, Martin, Wells, Kerridge, Benken, De goey (Menadue, JSmith – non playing rookie)

i was thinking of doing the following
De Goey + Parish to Petracca + Pendlebery
De Goey + Parish to petracca + JPK or sloane

because next week i was thinking of going davis to macpherson then Adams to premo defender, getting pendles will mean getting a def for 460k (rich, Birchall, broadbent) option 2 lets me get a 500k def (McVeigh, Docherty, Bartel)

are there any other possible trades i do this week


Option 1


In a massive dilemma with Houli. Do I cut my losses and ditch him and Mills for Petracca and Keays or stick with him?


got to stick with him you should have been aware that he scores like this


Trade him out if you're hating his bearded ass Rascal, that's the most fun part of the game, trading lol


Cheers Lek. You can disregard the rest of the sheet everyone, the only thing you need to read today is that lock and keays pun. Fantastic. It's why he gets paid the big bucks. Any fool can type stuff into a cell and shade it. But puns like that….


Who should i start j. smith or l. weller or j. gresham or b. keays

Southern S

They could all put out a score that could possibly make you sick…… pick one at random?


Do people think it is crucial to get both Keays and Petracca in our sides this year, as I would be able to get in Rance if i do not jump on both this week


Keays is not imperative to have in your side, but Petracca is. I would grab Petracca and Rance.

Shaw, Simpson, Laird, and Rance are must haves in your backline IMO.


Wills Hunters

I agree. If I had the cash left over I would've painted the fence. Unfortunately for me I had to double downgrade. I welcome petracca and Keays to my side. It now gives me a 400k war chest.

Cpt Pugwash

I'm in the same boat. Went double downgrade this week. Ready to pounce for double upgrade next week with Simpson and Zorko


Thoughts on going Adams to Alex Rance? Besides knowing that Rance is already a proven premo, I think he'll be coming out this weekend with a point to prove after being suspended and that..


Done deal Lek, cheers mate!


I'm in need of consultation from you guys.


Byrne-Jones D, Laird R, Adams M,
Gibson J, Weitering J, Shaw H (Byrne C, Ruggles T)

Dangerfield P, Parker L, Coniglio S, Gray R, Liberatore T,
Priddis M, Mills C, Young A (Smith J, Hewett G, Dunkley J)

Gawn M, Naitanui N (Grimley S)

Hall A, Wells D, Kerridge S, Greene T,
Kennedy B, McDonald-Tigungwut (Menadue C, Brown M)
$762200 remaining

Just wondering who my priority is in terms of trading out of my team and if I should still trade Weitering despite holding onto him last round.

Thanks a lot 🙂


Some bloody great picks in here Biggy!
Look at your warchest?! I'd be looking at upgrading Weitering to a premium defender and downgrading Mills to Petracca.
Unfortunately, Weitering as a breakeven of 117 and won't play this week. So it means you'd have to hold him this week, next week, and then the two weeks after before he even STARTS to make money again. Simply.. TRADE.
Mills, breakeven of 90. Simply has to go with Petracca (and Keays) on the bubble.
Money still be made on Smith/Hewett so they're not on the chopping block quite yet.
Good luck.


Tiges is offering good advice here.

You've got a great amount in the war chest and in the lead up to and during the byes, you're ready to go bang, bang, bang.

Great work!


Mills & Weitering have to go from your side mate. Mills straight to Pendles, Selwood, Ward, Hanners, even Dusty Martin then you can use Menadue to move him to your midfield. Or any other midfielder you like.

Weitering straight to Simpson or Rance.

Southern S

Already posted this in the previous podcast thread but putting it up again as some may find it an interesting analysis.

Is it wrong to think Merrett is a better pick up for the forward line than Dusty?

After seeing almost everybody in the community trading Dusty in this week I thought I'd do a little breakdown of his 2016 (and another guy called Zach Merrett)

Merrett 477k (8.6% of teams)

Total 716 points – ranked 27 overall.

114 – GCS
131 – Melb
99 – Port
123 – Geelong
53 – Collingwood
90 – Carlton
103 – Sydney

He's played Geelong and Sydney who I would call the top two teams at the moment and scored well, plus melbourne who have a good ruck and midfield. Has scored more than Dusty, is cheaper than him and is a POD.

Last year he played a different role and kept up high scoring right until his injury in/after round 18. He didn't fall away or anything and he was only 19 years old.

The game vs Collingwood is looking to be an anamoly and if it wasn't for that I bet more would be jumping on board the Zerrett train.

Dusty 514k (37.5% of teams)

Total 705 points. Ranked 36 overall.

Carl – 86
Coll – 134
Adel – 81
WCE – 83
Melb – 79
Port – 127
Hawks – 115

To me these scores aren't very impressive this year, Port had a rookie ruckman in Howard, hawks had a lower tier midfield with no Mitchell or Hodge. Against the Crows, Melb, WCE (and even Carlton) his scores were mediocre. Those teams have highly competitive Ruck and midfields.

Collingwood are up and down like a yo-yo and honestly any score against them means nothing to me, plus I'll bet Pendles was playing in the half back that game.

I'm not 100% sold on Dusty and when he gets an 80 half the teams in supercoach will get that 80. He'll probably be up to 50% ownership next week.

Don't get me wrong he's a proven scorer but for example someone like Zorko is leagues above him this year (699 points from 6 rounds!) and probably worth the extra cash. (only in 8.7% of teams…..again POD)

Anyway just some food for thought of course comments welcome would like to hear everybody's views on the matter.


great work and thanks for sharing. my thought is though merrett has been playing the best footy he can were as dusty hasn't been in the greatest of form maybe due to the off field circumstances.

Southern S

Fair call but personally I don't think it has anything to do with his dad I give Dusty more credit as a professional player than that, I think it has more to do with Richmond being in terrible form generally as a team.

Merrett has performed well even in big losses (except for the anzac day blowout of course)

Richmond made it into the finals last year yet are looking like a bottom four side this year, will it affect Dusty's output?

I guess we will see.


Interesting stats, I think it might be that Dusty is a proven premo and has averaged well many times before unlike Merrett who looks to have broken out this season. Great analysis though

Southern S

Agreed, and on that note I won't be locking either of them in just yet. There's pros and cons to both of them!


Your a good c u next Tuesday southern

Southern S

Not sure exactly what you typed there? lol

Richmond vs Sydney at the SCG this weekend, will be really interesting to see if Dusty can pump out a decent score against them.


Yeah ya do


It went over my head at first, glad to say i understand it now haha


Going both this week – BANG BANG!

We still know what we're getting with Dusty.

Southern S

We do but this is where shark moves can make a difference.

Go with the old tried and tested that everyone has?

or go with the breakout POD that may do better than expected?

I also only used Merrett as an example there's probably other names to put on the list as options.

Wills Hunters

Love your work mate. I'm a bomber but picked up Martin last week. I thought the Zerrit train left the station. But stats don't lie. You make a great point

Southern S

Thanks Will.

Look at last week against Sydney, scoreline of 135 to 54.

Zerrett gets 24 touches (9 contested) at 83.3% efficiency, along with 8 tackles. Sure he got 3 frees for him but that just shows he's going in hard and probably gets to the ball first. Against a team like sydney that is impressive in my books.

I've almost convinced myself to lock him in! But will wait a couple of weeks I reckon.

Southern S

Oh and for the record I've had Dusty the last few years and do rate him highly.


How's Merrett going to go In the second half of the season? I would imagine he's going to get tired in his first full season.

Southern S

That's the biggest question mark over his head.

People forget (or just don't know?) that he played 19 games in 2014.

In 2015 he played 17 until he got injured, there's no reason he wouldn't have completed last season strong.

It sounds kind of logical to think he will tire or burn out or whatever but I think that's just something we assume.

Look at Joel Selwood in his first season 2007 he played 18 games and averaged 88, I think he was 19, didn't seem to tire out.

He then played a full season in 2008 and finals (ave 98 SC for the year),

Even got 106 SC in the Grand final loss to the hawks. He was 20 then if my calculations are right (he's 27 years and 11 months old)

So why can't Merret do it?

Where is the evidence to say young guys go downhill towards the end of the season?

I always thought the younger you are the better your body will recover.


You'll never regret getting Zerrett in. Tackling machine, beautiful kick. Such a classy little [email protected]#$h. Will be in the top 10 midfielder by the end of the year


Fwd not mid I reckon bluey.


You told me a couple of weeks not to pick up Merrett because he is young he'll drop off later this but yet in this article you haven't mentioned anything about this
Get some consistency Southern S


Would love some feedback, community.
I'm trading Mills to Keyes, which will still force 2 onfield rookies but so be it. Second trade is a choice between McCarthy to Martin or Buddy. Or maybe Montagna?? If McCarthy isn't named I'll go De Goey to Selwood I think.


is anyone considering the hoff priced at 405k and avg 91,94,98 last three years, he has actually scored decent this year 109, 85, 99, 88,121 but he has also scored two 20's but they were in games where port have been smashed and the ball has been in the opposition 50 the whole game

i believe that he has a lot of an upside with the role he is playing, i also think that lobbe out means he has a chance to get a stint in the ruck and get points for hitouts, he is a fwd that can swing back and take big consted marks, and when fwd he can slot a few goals

if your short on getting a premo or are one that needs a POD 0.7% teams westhoff can be good selection he does have the history that he can have a solid avg for a d5 or d6. if you have de goey it;s only 20k to get to westhoff

thanks and thoughts

Southern S

I have De Goey at the moment and it's a no brainer I'd take the hoff minus 20k.

But it would cost me trade!

But he is a seriously interesting prospect………although getting two scores in the 20's is alarming.

Southern S

a trade* lol


I prefer the Hoff over Wingard, has been more consistent despite two shockers, if he didn't have those two shockers hiis average would well and truly be around the 100 and he is bloody cheap with a very low break even. A ton of positives.


G'day community,
Just after some advice re; structure of my team. I'm considering upgrading my defence and forward line first at the moment as I believe the midfield premiums are at an awkward price.. I'm eyeing off Selwood (MAX price) and Gray/Priddis are still falling for me to pick them up which should enable premo's in the mid up to M9 later in the season.
Trades this week:

Hoping next week to trade in Montagna (BE 117) means he won't go much or at all this week.

My main concerns are just the scoring capacity of M8 and F6 but I've got Davis and Wyatt as an emergency loophole so I can get the best score out of Keays/Hewett/Smith and Petracca/Papley some weeks.

Any advice?



// COX.




I wouldn't rush anything this week mate. Nothing needs to be done at the moment.

Southern S

Like the trades.


Sorry, I didn't fully read your post. I looked at the team at the bottom which is after your trades.

Yes, you should go with your trades this week.

I'm getting rid of mills as well.


All good mate!
Yeah understand Mills and McCarthy both have to go this week! I'm still eyeing off a few fallen premiums but will have to take the foot off the pedal at some stage before the bye rounds.
Thanks for your feedback guys.

Dont Blush Babbie

In – Rance – Out – Weitering or Adams ???


My current premium defenders are Shaw, Laird, Docherty & Smith (who will become D6).
Laird sitting on the bench, I need to upgrade Adams. Currently ranked 180…

T/U Go big like a Simpson/Rances…
T/D Go a Bartel/Gibson while cheap and save 100k, then get a Simpson/Rance later…

All my other


Simpson, is ultra reliable and solid, set and forget.


Bartel whilst so cheap is too tempting for me, but you can't go wrong with coin on Rance and Simpson.


You are currently ranked about 1500 places above me. You make me look bad…..Just kidding. Its a long season!

Just for what it is worth here is my take on your conundrum;

I personally prefer Simpson, but you have chosen Docherty. I reckon you can't have both with the round 13 byes coming up. What complicates your backline further is another Adelaide double up with Laird and B. Smith. Both also have round 13 byes! Rance also had the dreaded round 13 bye.

As such, I am going to suggest you trade in either Bartel (Rd 15 bye) or Mc Veigh (Rd 14 bye). Both players are good value and both improving form/output wise. (And both DEF/MID eligible 😉 )

You can grab Rance and/or Simpson after their rd 13 bye if warranted.

Good luck Tonestar.


Cheers Tophawk…. That's how I was thinking too… Simpson/Rance the better choice, but Bartel suits my byes to a tea… Plus I get plenty of $$$$ leftover for other upgrades down the track… I'll bring in one of the other two later…


I'd say Weitering- out, Adams could still be a keeper for the season.


Adams cant be a keeper, has had two keeper worthy games out of 7. Has to be upgraded at some stage

Wills Hunters

Imo both need to go. Both will obviously miss this week. Who misses the following week. Weits may be back. Adams may miss 1 possibly more. So cull weits

Wills Hunters

By that I mean weits' price will drop. He needs to be culled asap. Adams' price won't drop as he's not playing.


Sam Jacobs for stefan Martin?


Martin, won't get any cheaper and seems to getting back into form.


Stefan Martin mate. He is a gift at his current price.


If you're upgrading a ruckman it has to be gawn or goldy. If you cant afford one of these atm wait till after the byes and bring your checkbook

Wills Hunters

Waste of a trade mate. You picked sauce for a reason. He'll come good. If you had 've said sauce for Gawn/goldy. I would say go for it


Hi Community,

Anyone who does not have the big V on Danger on Friday night is a mug!

Paddy will be salivating/purring at the prospect of taking on his old crew (aka Adelaide Crows) as a "visitor" in their town.

He could go bloody huge! Cant wait.


Yeah but I hate using the VC on a Friday night. If it goes pear shaped, I've got to check for poop in my pants all weekend!


True, but so much attention on Danger, hopefully they forget about Selwood. Looking at VC on Selwood…


I have Jelwood. That could also be a smart little VC shark move…….All eyes on Danger whilst his midfield buddy runs amok


Nice tstar jelwood to go huge I'm on.

Southern S

Paddy will go big I reckon, and not sure who will tag him. The V is on the traitor Dangerfield!

Shake n bake

Selwood for me to!


Ok 21 trades left and money no object this week.
Mills and Sheridan to go (assuming McCarthy doesn't play – he'll go next week).

I'm thinking Martin and Bartel or Martin and Keayes.
If I leave Keayes, I'll be watching for macpherson next week and another premo.

Plenty of other better options I know, but with some of the higher BE's around at the moment, I'm thinking watch and wait in the lead up to the byes.

I've got my eyes on Simpson, Selwood, Ward and Franklin in sight for future weeks.

Something about Martin and Bartel in one week gives me the jitters though…

Southern S

Why both gun players, both low Be's. Lock em in.

Unless you want keays of course up to you. Rookie stocks may run dry might need to get him now.


B. Crouch to Macpherson then Weitering to Rance a good plan?

Already have keays and petracca, and unless i wanna cop a 0 in defense need to move on Weitering!

Southern S

Not sure why you'd already have Keays and Petracca in your team……….

But I guess you don't have much choice other than to grab mac early.



You have held B.Crouch during his 4 week injury lay off like me. He comes back last week and now you want to give him the flick after his 51 last round? The kid is a gun and I have faith in him. Mc Pherson is not even on the bubble yet. As such, I would avoid that switch.

Weitering to Rance is a switch you can probably not afford now. I like Rance, but both have round 13 byes…..

If you have Mills, Menadue, Mc Carthy, it might be worth running another scenario (s) with your trade plans.


Southern S

Agree there could be better options, as you say what was the point of keeping Crouch this long……………..


Who to trade out of Wells, Kerridge


Neither. Surely you can trade someone else before them.






Surely Mc Carthy, Mills, Menadue, and M. Adams are higher trade out priorities right now.


ok thanks guys, I'll have to see who else i can scrounge out..


Wells is looking like a possible keeper do not trade out yer. If you want to trade him out make sure it is last upgrade


Can't believe people are still talking about mid pricers or ruck trades that don't include Gawn, Goldy, Nic Nat… It's just madness…
Then some contemplated top 20 defenders instead of the likes of Shaw, Boyd, Rance, Simpson, Laird- what are people smoking- give me some!!!!
Then the same question 300 times- do I trade Weitering community? Is Petracca a must trade? Do I play frigging danger over Mills??


Yeh well, it can take a few years to grow a brain playing Supercoach lol, I gather those people still looking for Rucks started with some crab or other, best to get Martin in now really for his price.
As for asking who to trade in for who, I believe it's best to just do that by yourself.


There is only 3 rucks.

Southern S

It's true. The rest aren't supercoach relevant.


Adams and De Goey to Bartel and Petracca

Parish and De goey to Pendles and Petracca

De goey and Davis to petracca and MMurphy



Southern S

2 no doubt.


depends on the structure of your team, but either #1 or #2


can afford any midfielder who do i get

Southern S

Who have you got so everyone doesn't waste their time?


Hey Jimmy, I'm sorry if i come off as rude here, but do you honestly feel that this is a question worth asking? Surely you can just look at the top-scoring midfield players for this year and pick one.


To loops or Holla,yes trade site closing and yes i looked at BURST trades.Amazing.


Some really dumb trading but somehow sits 2nd overall.


Is it a bad thing that I only have 4 premium mids in my team at the moment????
my team is up higher


Depends on what your definition of premium is, for me its 500k+, and if thats what classifies as a premium for you, then yes, only having 4 is bad, you should look to prioritise beefing up that midfield.


Trades this week:

OUT Adams IN Bartel
OUT Mills IN Petracca

Team after trades (19 remaining, $262K in the bank):

DEF: Heater, Bartel (MID), Laird, MBrown (FWD), DBJ, Wagner (Hartley, Ruggles)
MID: Parker, Hanners, Jelwood, Ward, Wines, Libba,. Priddis, Petracca (FWD) (Davis, JSmith, Keays)
RUC: Goldy, Gawn (King (FWD))
FWD: Hall (MID), Buddy, Wells (MID), Barlow (MID), Tippett (RUC), Kerridge (MID) (AMT (DEF), DRioli)

– 3 DEF, 1 MID, 1 FWD to full premo = 8-9 trades, leaves 10 for injuries.

– bye structure currently 24 / 15 / 21, so need to balance that a bit.

– players I'm wanting to bring in include Danger (R13 bye), McVeigh (R14 bye), Simpson (R13 bye), Rance (R13 bye), Dahlhaus (R14 bye). On current prices I need around $2.8m, my 5 best rookies come to around $1.5m – so I need another $1.3m. I will need to paint the fence a bit to get these guys in, so will need to buy another 4 rookies at say $130K av – so another $500K needed. So $1.8m is the magic figure. Shit. How? Or have I not quite got this right?

– does everyone think Libba's a keeper at M8? Toying with Libba – Danger next week.

Feedback welcome, thanks community.


By full premo I mean on field premo by the way…


sexy midfield but Tippett, whilst a sexy physical specimen kind of makes me seasick. Cranks out too many 60's


Only 1 60 this year vs 3 tons (including last 2), there's a lot worse out there!


team is

shaw, simpson adams amt m.brown laird dbj weitering
danger pendles parker ward ablett libba mills hewitt smith dunkley cunningham
gawn martin cox
hall martin barlow wells kerridge petracca menadue mccarthry

thinking is trade weitering to a premo def as i have 3 injuries this week in my defence and upgrade mills to zorko
but then i will miss the boat out on keays

im torn what to do community! going for bragging rights
i have 365k in the bank

Southern S

This is why sometimes a swift trade when you have a couple of injuries ie weitering/laird will prevent the snowball effect.

If you really want Keays then lock him in. Zorko can wait. Ditch Weits for a premo defender.

Big G

Priddis or Dusty?


Dusty, wait a week on Priddis

Southern S

Breakeven, crucial part of supercoach.


Don't you want to see a turnaround score from Priddis first?

I reckon I'll wait for a stronger showing with a 100+. His price will bottom out, but waiting for one or two good scores will give you more confidence he's on the up.

The Prince

Community im trading out Adam thinking either Bartel or McVeigh thoughts?


I'm personally going McVeigh, as I think he's the better option, up to you though

Southern S

Bartel if fit and in form can go huge.

He seems to be playing well and racking up a lot of disposals, Bartel and the rest of the Geelong players can smell a flag chance this year lock him in now on a 45 BE!


Top 8 mids?


In order: Dangerfield, Ablett, Hannebery, Pendlebury, R.Gray, Selwood, Parker, Priddis.

Southern S

Danger, Hannebery, Parker, Pendlebury, Ward, Selwood, Ablett.

Couldn't decide on my 8th between Zaharkis and JPK.


I have Adams, Mills and McCarthy, which two should go?
I was thinking Mills to Petracca and Adams to Simpson, then throwing McCarthy on the bench and putting M. Brown on the field. I don't really have any decent cover for mills (Gresham, Davis, cuningham) and Byrne is my cover for Adams


Southern S

I'd ditch Mills and McCarthy, Adams will be back next week with a BE of 68 can still grow and score decent for you week to week.


Gday community, probably going with a double downgrade this week

Mills and McCarthy out for Keays and Petracca, leaving me with $420k and 21 trades to go.
Still holding onto Menadue, his BE is in the 20's and personally still think he has room to grow.

Southern S

Logical move.

Flaccid Jaff

I'm doing the same


I don't see mills as the biggest problem at the moment. I know his scores have been average and his BE is a high 91, however think of papley a few rounds back. It took him one decent score to start making money and reduce his hefty BE. I believe if mills has a good game then he can get back to making some cash. I cannot afford to be using so many trades so early, so will be risking keeping mills and even playing him on field. Am trading mccarthy though. Whats your opinions

Southern S

They have Richmond this week where he could do ok then hawks, followed by North. It might take a while to start making money again. Cull.


Papley got two tonnes whereas mills has not tonned up once. The main point to keeping papley was he had the potentisl to meet his be mills is a good player who gets consistent medium scores


LOL! Mad Mick Malthouse reckons "Heath Shaw, Darren Jolly, Alan Didak, Dale Thomas, Sharrod Wellingham, Ben Johnson, Heritier Lumumba and Chris Dawes" were the foundation of a potential Pies Dynasty when eddie knifed him and Bucks stuffed it all up by letting those players go. Mick went on to say that "Herieter Lumumba is on the up". If that's not a good enough reason to strike the gift off your abstract POD list nothing is.
What is it about Malthouse that makes him think he's relevant to post 1990's footy? He's the genius that gave away Eddie, Waite, Laidler, Garlett and the rest of the leadership group to get Thomas. If Malcom the untrustable calls for a royal commission into why malthouse isn't the Australian vernacular for 'an eternity beyond use-by date' I'll vote for him

Southern S

Well Collingwood were pretty competitive when he handed over the reigns to Buckley…………………….they've only got worse and their list leaves much to be desired.

Eddie was a big mistake,

Waite was incredibly inconsistent for Carlton and is now relishing the role at North among two other big forwards. You're right though they should've kept him and recruited Casboult to……..make him look better.

Laidler, not a huge loss but he is one of those guys that does a good job but goes under the radar a bit.

Garlett – inconsistent.

I don't know the details of those trades but I doubt all those players were traded just to get Daisy, seems a little far fetched.

I agree malthouse is old news and screwed carlton but Buckley has also screwed Collingwood in my opinion.

Boltons Blues

Jarrod Waite – had to deal with the best defender every weekend at Carlton, now? he gets the 2nd/3rd best defender where he can dominate them because without doubt he is up there for one of the best overhead marks in the league.
Eddie Betts – has 3 big blokes around him at the crows who crash the pack, its easy pickings for him when the ball hits the ground
Laidler – well yeah that was a balls up, Duigan was the same, didnt get a game all year and then comes out and kicks 3 game winners against richmond in the first elimination final


Hi community I'm currently ranked 1745 overall, Just after some feedback on Jackson Trengove….

Does anyone agree with me that he may be a good cash cow over the next 8-10 weeks if he continues to play in the ruck getting the extra opportunity around the ground…

potential trades this week M. Dea to J. Trengove O. Fantasia to J.Bartel

Love to hear your opinions

Southern S

He could be but if my memory serves me right you also thought Fantasia was too?

Or is my memory failing and you actually started with him?


If Lobbe's recovery is problem free he'll be back in for SC finals. Trengove is a definite risk that could easily go both ways. Definite POD that had some midfield-esque stats last week for contested possessions and clearances, however, being in the ruck is very demanding on the body, Could he break down? One game isn't a good measure of his scoring potential

It's a tough one that I'm going back and forth on myself


Hi Community

My second trade this week has really got me thinking. The Mills to Keays trade is a no brainer as i already have Petracca (from the start)
I am going to do Adams to a forward premo. I was going to go Dusty due to his low BE and bottomed out price. But the article from Southern in the podcast thread really got me thinking. I already have Zerrett, but would a Zorko or Dahlhaus be a better pick? and if so, which one? Southern made some amazng points and a player so common in teams should not be scoring that low and inconsistent.
Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions!


Who really knows. right now you'd probably be paying fair value (maybe a touch high) for zorko and dalhaus. BE's of 110 or so and neither has smashed that consistently.

If Dusty hits his projection he'll go up $20k, so if that's no skin off your nose, perhaps wait and watch a week.

But you have to decide eventually. For me, I'll take Martin this week and watch the other two for a potential trade next week or so.

Southern S

It really depends on what your forward line looks like, Dusty is a great player and is good value this week there is no doubting it.

But let's say you have Aaron hall (44% own) Wells (66% own) Barlow (20% own) then you get Dusty who is about a 40% ownership then it may be tough to win games week to week when everybody has similar players.

You may not be interested in league wins especially but lets face it not everyone can win the overall or weekly prize and winning leagues and matches is fun.

I'd be inclined to pick Dusty this week as you already have a good POD in Zerrett and probably room for one more Dahlhaus/Zorko when (hopefully) their prices drop.


My forward line looks like this:

Zerrett (8.6%)
Buddy (24.1%)
Wells (66.5%)
Greene (9.9%)
Kerridge (68.4%)
De Goey (13.1%)

Looks like a pretty high percentage forward line.


In my opinion, I'm strongly considering not getting Dusty this year.
It's almost a POD, when you DON'T have him. Seeing as he'll be in about 40% of teams by the end of the week, of course I'm keeping an eye on him but my forward line is already Zorko, Hall and Barlow,.. hoping to get Montagna in next week and then keep an eye out for a fallen Dahlhaus.

Southern S

I'm with you tiges, if he does stagnate then it will be like having a POD without him, and if unforseen circumstances good or bad make us keep Wells all year then that's another common player we have along with Hall and Barlow.


Hi community who Do I bring in for Adams? Bartel Merrett or dusty


Have a look through the comments mate, plenty of discussion about exactly that.


Hannebery/Ward/Zorko pick 1


Hanners. Hard to split the other two

Southern S

Zorko 116.5 (559k)
Ward average 117.6 (582k)
Hanners average 119.4 (622k)

What you pay is what you get with these guys, but it's who you think is going to maintain this average through the whole season that counts.

Like Hanners, Ward, Zorko in that order.


See a lot of post of one premo or another. Both scoring about the same and hard to split.

If u r having trouble splitting remember the byes r coming up esp relevant with the teams that r shooting for glory.

Look at your bye structure and if u can't decide pick the player that will give u the greatest advantage during the byes.

Ie if u r Rd 14 heavy best to go Ward over Parker so u don't have another player missing.

This is the time that will make or break teams.

Trade smart and with a plan always with one eye on the byes.

The Weapon

Do I bring In Keays this week for Hewett or Ryan Davis, or do I save a trade this week and get a better look at Darcy MacPherson from the Suns?

Grahame Lebroy

Is Priddis still going to be an elite mid this year? I have heard some people say he is carrying injuries and then heard others say he isn't.
Are the new sub rotations rules affecting his SC scoring or is he just out of form to start the year? Would love to hear peoples thoughts on him and if they think he is still in the top bracket of elite mids


Never write off a player of his talent. Look at his previous years.
2014: 4 of his first 7 under 100, after that, dropped below 100 twice in his next 15
2015. 4 of his first 5 under 100, after that, dropped below 100 3 times in his next 20 (inc finals)
2016: 4 of first 6 under 100, after that, ????

His numbers are still good. Ranked 9th in the comp for total possessions and 3rd for contested. His b.e is 155 this week, so you could probably hold off until that 100+ score comes. When it does, jump on.

Southern S

I'm not sure about the injuries.

He had 28 touches against Geelong with 12 contested but went at a poor 56% disposal efficiency. 6 tackles as well.

In round 5 against Sydney again 28 touches with a huge 16 contested. 46% disposal efficiency! Again 6 tackles.

He's just gotta lift his DE maybe less resting is hurting him, maybe less stoppages is affecting his output also.

Or maybe teams have worked out how to defend him well to make him shank the ball, either way we need to see a big improvement to lock him in, but those numbers he is getting are not far from scoring well so keep an eye on him over the next two weeks.

Southern S

One thing I will say before trading tonight is why is it Simpson, Simpson, Simpson in all the threads this week!

The Doch has not suddenly stopped performing people!

He got a 120 last week, priced at 487k (total 700 for the year average 100)

Simpson – price has topped out almost at 534k (total for season 726 average 103.7)

It's almost 50k difference the Doch is still a bargain! He's in under 5% of teams! (Simpson 11.4%)

Look no further than Bartel or Docherty in defense this week people!

On a side note people thinking Rance is the go and oh he'll score well because he got suspended and has something to prove I wouldn't count my chickens and he's 550k and topped out with a 105.4% average I'd take Simmo over him………oh wait I'd take Bartel or the Doc!


Do you think it's worth going doch over Rance if you already have Simpson?

Southern S

They both have the same bye period so up to you, I'd say yes there's no problem and it may help you get a better midfielder toward the end of the season.


Besides keays, McPherson, and petracca
Are there any rookies coming up looking to break into the side?
Will tom Lee get another crack?

Southern S

I wouldn't even consider Tom Lee he is one of those guys that may get a game here or there and fool us into a false sense of security.

MacPherson is a gun and Petracca obviously, those two need to get into your side over the next two weeks. Keays is another good one but last on the list.


Already have petracca. I'm talking in terms of downgrade options over next few weeks !

Southern S

Only Mac that I can see, that's why a few seem to be jumping on the double downgrade of Petracca and Keays this week and I don't blame them.


Have stuck with KK for all this time, now not sure whether to cull him or Adams this week. Considering I have 540k to spend, do I upgrade to Docherty, Bartel or Boyd?


Hold KK. Deal with rookies first.


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Harry Jensen

Nick Reidwalt or Jarrad Waite are best options


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is there another downgrade option if you already have keays ?

Harry Jensen