ROUND 10 NRL – Buy, Hold, Sell?

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NRL Supercoach Fantasy CowboyThe two big news topics of the week are the De Belin injury and the possibility of Peats being forced to move clubs.

There’s no doubt that De Belin is a sell, although it may be beneficial to wait on concrete news regarding Peats. Both of these players are very significant when considering the bye period so coaches may find themselves behind in preparation, but aren’t we all?

Keep in mind that there’s no need to tear your team apart if your round 12 numbers are a little low. Yes, the bye period is crucial to your overall rank although you don’t want to find yourself with minimal trades and limited guns once the bye period is over. Let’s take a look at some Buy/Hold/Sell options.



Euan Aitken CTW $276k Next 5: CAN(H), SOU(A), NTQ(H), BYE, CBY(H)

Aitken is a very appealing pick up in the next two weeks. The only reason you might hold off one more week is due to his break even of 75 although he has every chance to achieve ii this Thursday against the Raiders. Aitken produces respectable base stats and has the added bonus of playing rounds 12 and 15. His round seven score of zero is the main reason his price has started dropping again.

Will Matthews 2RF $184k Next 5: CAN(H), SOU(A), NTQ(H), BYE, CBY(H)

With the news of Jack De Belin injuring his shoulder and missing six weeks minimum, Matthews has been named at lock this weekend. It might be worth holding off for a week to see how he performs, although you’d expect that he’ll play decent minutes and produce a number of base stats. His cheap price tag and bye period availability makes the Matthews selection low risk. He also has a break even of 16 so he definitely should be on your radar when making your trades this week.

Paul Vaughan FRF/2RF $335k Next 5: STG(A), NZ(A), CBY(H), MAN(H), BRI(A)

Vaughan scored back to back 90 point games in the last two rounds so this week should be the cheapest you’ll be able to pick him up before the bye period. He earned a starting position last week and will play as starting prop once again this weekend. Vaughan isn’t considered a run home player so you’ll probably be trading him out again once the bye period is over. He’s not a player you should be finding extravagant ways to bring him in, although he should be a good POD selection over the next eight weeks.



Corey Oates 2RF/CTW $373k Next 5: MAN(A), NTQ(A), WES(H), NZ(H), CAN(H)

Is Oates a hold or is he a sell? The SuperCoach community is split on whether trading out Oates is a good move for this week, so let’s look at the pros and cons. The clear advantages with holding Oates are his impressive 65 point average and dual position status. He’s also playing against Manly this weekend that tend to let through some points. The cons mainly revolve around his 112 break even and the possibility of him playing Origin, which will make him miss the round 12 clash. I guess there’s good reason for both cases so consider all these points when making your decision this weekend.

Ryan James FRF/2RF $382k Next 5: SYD(H), PEN(A), BYE, SOU(A), PAR(A)

I thought I’d give Ryan James a mention due to his recent performance, poor bye coverage and the fact he’s dropping cash. There’s no need to panic trade James just yet, if ever! The main concern the community has is that his $382k could be used to bring in a gun performer with good bye coverage. I’d be treating James like any other gun, even though he’s never had ‘gun’ status in previous years. He’s producing a 63 point average and will only miss the two games just like everyone else. Let’s not forget that you’ll need these players when those with good bye coverage are on their bye weeks.

Brenton Lawrence FRF $245k Next 5: BRI(H), CRO(A), BYE, CAN(A), PEN(H)

Lawrence’s name popped up in my ‘top 5 most traded out players’ list. He’ll definitely be a sell in the coming weeks although it’s best to hold off for at least one more week with his break even of 11. He’s all but guaranteed to achieve that BE so he’s a more beneficial trade for round 11. Well, that’s pretty much the gist of it when it comes to Lawrence – hold off a week if you can!


Jack De Belin 2RF/FRF $390k Next 5: Out for six week minimum.

Reports have De Belin out for six weeks minimum so there’s no point having that money on your NPR list. It’s a big blow for many coaches as many people have been bringing him due to his impressive average and bye coverage. On the plus side, you now have $390k to play around with so you can pretty much choose anyone you like to replace him. Bromwich is a perfect replacement for De Belin, although if you own him already then it could be a good time to grab someone with good bye coverage such as Manu Ma’u, Paul Vaughan or Semi Radradra via dual position players.

James Tedesco FB $386k Next 5: Out for four to six weeks at this point.

Unfortunately you’ll be bringing Teddy back into your team once he returns from injury, but it looks like he’s a sell with an expected return timeframe of four to six weeks. It’s always hard to return from the type of injury he has and he’ll have a 109 break even upon return. A straight swap to Munster is on the cards although you could also consider Radradra or any other performing bye friendly players to boost those round 12 numbers.

Ashley Taylor HB/FE $310k Next 5: SYD(H), PEN(A), BYE, SOU(A), PAR(A)

Taylor has a break even of 79 this week which provides us with a great opportunity to sell, although it’s not a must. There’s no issue with holding on to Taylor considering his 52 point average and appealing draw over the next five rounds. He could even be used to trade up to Milford or Hunt before round 12 if you’re wanting to hold him a little longer.

Can’t wait to get down and play CoachKings this weekend!!



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Why sell Taylor


I'm selling Taylor due to his Break Even and I need better bye coverage in my halves. As mentioned though, there's no need to rush getting him out.


Dammit. I was hoping you would have a definitive statement on what do with Oates that i could blindly follow and thank you if it comes off or blame you if it doesn't. I reckon this is the toughest decision this season outside picking a starting team.


I'd absolutely hold him as well Marv – suck up a bit of short term pain and bask in the post bye/origin majesty of his run home


Cheers fellas. You've convinced me


It's better suited to my team to SELL Oates. I don't believe he'll finish in the top 6 CTWs or 2RFs so not a run home player. I believe his score is boosted by the Broncos easy run early i the season plus he isn't 100% with his shoulder. He scored a try last week and still couldn't crack 30 points. High BE too.

Dont Blush Babbie

The Bye Schedule is an Nightmare coming , Has anyone got some sought of a plan ? I see Eels,Dragons,Dogs may have a the best Schedule but do we have a lot to pick from now with injuries.
I'm seriously considering of writing off the R12 Bye to conserve trades for R13,R15 & R18 – thoughts anyone ?


Raiders great for byes as well and plenty of players worth having in both the backs and forwards


Plan, like me in the sack…just close your eyes and hope for the best!


haa gold Casp. Gold.


Bye planning is a bloody headache mate. The options aren't as good as previous seasons that's for sure. My plan in a nutshell is to take advantage of the cheapies that have maxed out and only bring in decent bye coverage players for them. Don't rip your team apart either, you'll need the guns to produce solid scores in between the big bye rounds too.

Jack Blucher

Thoughts on me brining in Rapada for Teddy?


I can't justify spending $475k on him although he hasn't exactly got a hard run of teams in the next few rounds. He may score decently but I think the ship has sailed on Rapana

Rick Grimes

Best captain option out of these:

Trbojevic J


Parker averages around 76 points against Manly plus he's at home. Teams have been targeting Milford lately but he should do well unless Hunt takes huge responsibility. Parker – safe option, milf – risky but higher ceiling

Rick Grimes

Is Parker still kicking? Last game I saw I don't think he was.


Yeah has been their goal kicker although Kahu kicks when Parker is off.


Moving Oates on for a bye friendly forward. Graham is probably the no brainer who I can keep till the end but tempted to save $50k and grab his teammate Tolman instead. Thoughts?


I like the Oates to a bye friendly forward move. Only issue is Oates could score well this week but It would be hard to hit his BE. I prefer Graham over Tolman but either are good picks.


With the high BE and more than likely Origin selection i'm happy to move him on. Still haven't pulled the trigger on Graham or Tolman. The clock is ticking!


Go Graham. Averages 12 PPG higher than Tolman


Take out Tolman's concussion game though and the gap isn't quite as wide. And i'm thinking he could see an uptick in mins with Klemmer and Jackson playing Origin. But no doubt Graham is the safer bet, and he has a higher ceiling. I'm sitting in the top 2000 though so looking to take some risks, and the extra $50k will help