PODCAST: The Ablett Press Conference

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Jock faces the media about the Gary Ablett trade rumour

In this casting of the pod …..

  • We catch up with THE CoachKings WEEKLY $1000 WINNER – Gordo from The Morphett Arms Hotel
  • Wayno continues to demonstrate great business sense
  • We introduce the NEW CoachKings PARTY concept – going down this Sunday at Trios Sports Club (Cranbourne) and The McKinnon Hotel
  • Crouching produces yet another poignant Pyanmanese Children’s tale
  • We console Rockliff owners and look to upcoming value
  • Fallen Premo options such as JPK, The Pridd and Wingard
  • Downgrade options; Petracca and Ben Keays


 Very special news for the Victorian’s – THIS SUNDAY there will be TWO VENUES hosting CoachKings parties!!

Get down to either Trios Sports Club in Cranbourne or The McKinnon Hotel, McKinnon this Sunday for a Coachkings Party! HEAPS of give-aways, BEERS and MATES – It’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun! Enter a team in these venues for the Sunday 3.20pm MELBOURNE v DOGGIES game and GET AMONGST IT!


#CoachKings to join in the twitter fun!

This week’s CoachKings Fixture



Enjoy the podcast – enjoy the week!

Jock Reynolds


Walshy · 10/05/2016 at 16:40

Dawson a good POD cash-cow this week?
Nice BE of 32, playing against his old side, could go huge.
Thoughts community.

    Tommo · 10/05/2016 at 17:02

    Grreat Cash cow, but don't rate him as a POD. Too many people have recognized his talent to ignore him!

    Pinidu · 10/05/2016 at 17:12

    Definitely in the frame for The SuperCoach All Australian side this year.

    I N Pieman · 10/05/2016 at 17:26

    He outscored Houli last week. Lot cheaper to. Get on

      Pete · 10/05/2016 at 23:27

      You guys have rocks in your head, just to bring this up.

      Oh Walshy if a guy has a average of 47 after 7 rounds and has a break even of 32 that is far from being a cash cow mate.

      Anyone who would even consider such absurd move should stop playing SC now.

        Jack Riddle · 11/05/2016 at 07:53

        Are you trying to be funny ???

        Walshy · 11/05/2016 at 16:12

        Thanks for your input Pete, but sometimes you just have to go with your gut, and I am feeling that Zac is ready for a breakout.

        With Fyfe going down with injury, I can see Ross playing Zac through the guts, developing into a premo mid, turning out scores of 105+ each week by the end of the year.

        $232k is a bargain for a player who at worst is going to average 90, and make you nearly $250k.

        Mills>Dawson via DDP is the trade everyone should be making this week in my opinion.

          The Ranger · 11/05/2016 at 17:12

          I'm onboard Walshy.
          Also considering Ablett > Bootsma

        Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 16:53

        Hook, line and sinker!

        Bigballsboys · 11/05/2016 at 19:54

        Thanks for the facts Pete, but dawson is on the bubble and will go up in value a lot this week! I've been waiting for him to go down to his lowest price and I've brought him in this week before he goes up!
        Great Pod

    Jonathan Camac · 12/05/2016 at 18:27

    Mate, Dawson has been dropped for the Freo game. Absolutely next level thinking from yourself if he played this week though. Will be a beauty of a pick-up, maybe next week. Am expecting him to go good with that low BE 😉

tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 16:41

Great stuff blokes, just wondering if anybody has any questions you would like me to answer on next weeks "Weekly Wrap-Up"? I've only got two currently, and I would like a couple more, thanks.

    james · 10/05/2016 at 17:10

    Best PODs for each position

      tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 17:13

      Thanks James, I'll definitely answer that for you 🙂

        wombat · 10/05/2016 at 17:34

        What exactly are you trying to get a gig in with your "weekly wrap up"??

          tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 17:37

          Nope, just a fun little series kind of thing I'm doing on youtube 🙂

            wombatsfc · 10/05/2016 at 18:05

            Go for it young fella, if you don't somebody else will

              tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 18:40

              Cheers mate

    Tommo · 10/05/2016 at 20:36

    Maybe some rookie options for the next few weeks?

      tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 22:12

      I'll have a look for you mate 🙂

    hedski · 11/05/2016 at 00:13

    How do I stop cutting my fingers on the cling wrapup when I'm making the kids sangas??

      tuxCS · 11/05/2016 at 00:15

      Wear gloves 🙂

    Rocko · 11/05/2016 at 12:45

    KKolo… Hold or Trade?? he is frustrating the hell outta me

      tuxCS · 11/05/2016 at 13:35

      I'm in the same boat with that one, I'll definitely answer that for you mate 🙂

Deccas · 10/05/2016 at 16:45

Didnt start with GAJ and haven't traded in!

    Furious Phil · 10/05/2016 at 17:18

    Your mum must be so proud!

      tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 17:42

      Oh god, Phils back, but this time he's furious!!

    wombatsfc · 10/05/2016 at 18:06

    and that's relevant because?

    CashCows · 10/05/2016 at 18:38

    Neither did I, but i have Smitchell, Priddis, rockliff and ziebell…goes both ways

    Gosh · 11/05/2016 at 07:55

    Ablett still averaging 112 lol I'll take it anyday

JamiesNinjas13 · 10/05/2016 at 16:52

Arousing casting of the pod boys.
Just wondering what you think is the better option this week: downgrade to get Keays (bank 200k) or upgrading to get Dusty?
I don't want to miss out on Keays, especially if he plays a fair bit of mid time while rocky is out.

    Pinidu · 10/05/2016 at 17:00

    Get Dusty in mate. His BE is too low to ignore and you're taking a step forward to a full premium team.

    Andrew · 10/05/2016 at 17:12

    I'm similar but wondering if I double downgrade (Petracca and Keays) or paint the fence and do Petracca and Martin.

    Bomber56 · 10/05/2016 at 17:29

    That is a tough one.

    You get in Keays in now and he should go up $150,000 over the next few weeks. Dusty will only go up $50,000?

    But you have missed out on some points, say 100 but you have an extra $100,000

    This is one way of looking at it

      Powerage · 10/05/2016 at 18:29

      I like your thinking! Welcome

      Kev · 10/05/2016 at 19:06

      If you're upgrading you shouldn't be worrying about how much that player will go up. Cash in the bank won't score you points

    Average Joe · 10/05/2016 at 18:42

    I have the same problem, and I'm getting Dusty. Next week Macpherson (assuming he plays) will be on the bubble, and he is dirt cheap. And Keays might get dropped once Rocky comes back, and there is talk of Mathison making his debut soon

Jono Supercoach Hero · 10/05/2016 at 16:56

Nicky Roo breakeven 54. Is looking super good and holds of the Saints team and playing through the middle. And only 2% of teams have him. Get Around Him…..

Pinidu · 10/05/2016 at 16:58

Community, I need your help and advice as I am in the midst of a severe predicament.

25 Trades and $355K
MID: Danger, GAZ, Pendles, Pridddis, Libba, MILLS, Parish, BenKen (Hewett, Smith, Dunkley)
RUC: Gawn, Nic Nat (Wyatt)
FWD: Hall, Barlow, Greene, Wells, Kerridge, Papley (MCCARTHY, Menadue)

So as you can see Community, I have a BIG problem in defence as Adams, Laird and Weiters will all miss this week.

Here are my priorities:
McCarthy –> Petracca
Fix Defense
Get Dusty
Upgrade Mills

What should I do?

    tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 17:05

    McCarthy to Petracca and then Adams to a premium.

      Pinidu · 10/05/2016 at 17:08

      Cheers mate, I would just love to get your opinion on a couple of questions I've got as I know you're a very regular contributor to the website:
      – Replacements for Adams: Rance, Docherty, Boyd or Gibson?
      – And next week should I aim to get a premium midfielder (ie. Hannerbery, Selwood, Ward) or bring in Dusty?

        tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 17:23

        No worries, Personally I'd go Rance, proven consistent premium defender. Docherty is also a very good pick, Richmond and Carlton both share the same bye, so that doesn't really effect anything. The only thing that makes me think of Rance as a better pick is that he's already got one good consistent season behind him, whereas Docherty is only really coming into his own this season, and its hard to tell whether he'll fail or not. Safe option: Rance, (Slightly) Risky option: Docherty. Boyd is too old for me and can go down with an injury any time, and Gibson is too much of a rollercoaster for me.

        Now whilst it would be good to get Dusty in next week because of his price, I feel that with 3 on field rookies in your midfield, you need to prioritise getting another super premium in there. Any of those options you listed will be fine.

          Leeds17 · 10/05/2016 at 17:57

          Dusty could sit in the mids for now

            tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 18:42

            Thats a good point actually Leeds, and it's not like the "uber premos" he was looking at will go up in price that much, so he could get dusty in next week and then go for an uber premo the week after.

    Darkie · 10/05/2016 at 17:09

    Dempsey is flying under a few radars.

      Hazey · 11/05/2016 at 08:19

      Do we think he can keep it up? Did I see a man bun on his Cronin l cranium?

    Juzzy · 10/05/2016 at 21:14

    If you want to take a punt …
    Weitering to Savage. Mills to Petracca.
    Better scoring potential than last week and plenty of cash to upgrade Papley, BKen etc, etc next week.

    No good · 10/05/2016 at 23:10

    #Is Pinidu a bit of a tosser and is taking up too much time on these posts

      Bobby Singh · 11/05/2016 at 11:51


        Pinidu · 11/05/2016 at 12:07

        I'd like to see what the great man jock thinks about this kinda hate and BS on the community website.

      tuxCS · 11/05/2016 at 13:39

      I'm really sorry that your dad ran out on you when you were little, and I'm sure it caused quite a lot of psychological trauma, however if you could please refrain from taking out your misguided daddy issues on us, that would be great 🙂

mark · 10/05/2016 at 17:03

pittard or Docherty for a POD?

    Neverweaken · 10/05/2016 at 20:41

    Not Docherty. I have him. Pick him every year as a cheap defender. Happy to keep him. But never someone I would trade in through the year. He's a D6 at best

      Sean · 10/05/2016 at 20:54

      I would certainly take D6 mate. Im bringing him in this week.

Scyb · 10/05/2016 at 17:08

Jock. Why didn't you say something at round 3 mateeee? On behalf of the community, I would like to thank you. The noble deed of sacrifice that you made is second only to Jesus Christ dying for us on the cross. By you admitting to bringing the son of God in, he will resurrect from the dead and start pumping out 130+ scores again.

tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 17:09

Also, it was really cool to be featured in FND this week, thanks for that fellas!

    jockreynolds · 10/05/2016 at 18:35

    Was wonderful to have you mate!!!!!! Look forward to the next one

Pinidu · 10/05/2016 at 17:09

Docherty mate. Reliable player. I'm still not sold on young Jaspar.

Pinidu · 10/05/2016 at 17:10

Reply for Mark ^^

Mister_Spock · 10/05/2016 at 17:10

Is McVeigh still supercoach-relevant? Strongly considering as he's dropping heavily in price and hasn't averaged below 93-95 for pretty much his whole career.

What do you reckon community? Stud or Spud?

    tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 17:24

    STUD, but keep it quiet, he's my next DEF upgrade.

    Danners · 10/05/2016 at 22:04

    Stud, will get going soon enough

Tommo09 · 10/05/2016 at 17:12

Dempsey for anyone???

    tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 17:28

    No. Its too late in the season to be worrying about mid pricers. You should only be trading in players if they're:
    A. A premium upgrade that you think will be in their positions top 10 players.
    B. A downgrade option that adds funds to the warchest, to allow you to upgrade other players.
    C. A sideways trade for a player with an LTI (Long Term Injury).

      Tommo09 · 10/05/2016 at 17:37

      But $338 with a BE of -25
      Surely a bit tempting

        tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 17:40

        It might be tempting but statistically he's never been a good player, his highest yearly average has only been 78.2, and I personally dont need to waste trades on a midpricer that will bomb out. If you want to go for it then do it, but i highly doubt it will pay off.

          Average Joe · 10/05/2016 at 18:50

          Even with that being his highest average, he's a veteran on a team full of rookies and inexperienced players. At worst he will be a decent D6.

            tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 20:37

            Well in my case, i've already got K.K to worry about, i dont need another one.

    Danners · 10/05/2016 at 22:03

    Dempsey for no one…

    Westy · 11/05/2016 at 05:26

    Did for AFL Fantasy, but not for Supercoach.

Tommo09 · 10/05/2016 at 17:13

Weitering to Simpson
Mills to Keays

Def: Shaw, Simpson, Adams, DBJ, Tippa, Brown (Laird, Byrne)
Mid: Danger, Hanners, Parker, Ablett, Libba, M.Crouch, Kennedy, Petracca (Gresham, Smith, Keays)
Ruck: Goldy, NicNat (Grimley
Fwd: Barlow, Martin, Hall, Franklin, a Wells, Kerridge (Papley, Menadue)

Any ideas community???

    tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 17:28

    Those trades sound good to me mate!

    Tommo09 · 10/05/2016 at 17:56

    Cull Crouch next week???

      tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 18:43

      Yeah it looks like Matty's time is up, go for it.

@stewy_chewy · 10/05/2016 at 17:18


-Ward Vs Coniglio (GWS)
-Max Gawn the Monster notches up monster 174. And may be overtaking Goldy for top ruck men spot
-Shaw Vs Simpson (CARLTON/GWS)

CALLAN WARD (GWS) $582,300 (BE 98)
-Average of 117.6
-Hasn’t dropped below 90
-7th in AFL for total goal assists
-8th in AFL for total amount of points

STEPHEN CONIGLIO (GWS) $563,400 (BE 108)
-Average of 109
-Hasn’t gone below 95 since round 2
-Churned out scores of 78,96,126,127,117,110


-GAWN (MELB) $646,900 (BE 115)
-Average 126.7
-Low score of 85
-3 scores over 150
-3 scores under 100

-GOLDSTEIN (NORTH) ($595,000) (BE 202)
-Average 113
-Low score of 49
-5 tons and a 95
-2 scores under 100

-Result. Many of us would definitely say that Gawn is the most capable ruck men and at a lower price the Goldy, in my opinion he is definitely the way to go.


-SIMPSON (CARLTON) $534,200 (BE 96)
-Average of 103.7
-Low score of 84
-5 scores over 100
-Scores of 104,86,84,101,129,100,122

-SHAW (GWS) $581,000 (BE 101)
-Average of 105.3
-Low score of 70
-4 Scores over 100
-Scores of 87,74,129,70,132,143,102

-Result. I personally think the Heath is still the top defender for supercoach. Simpsons scores are up there though and at a cheaper price should be considered as a trade in the backline.

Any comparisons you want next post comment below

-C, Petracca -75
-T, Lee -59
-B, Keays -53
-J, Smith -43
-D, Howard -33
-D, Tucker -31
-K, Lovell -30
-D, Currie -25
-J, Dunkley -24
-J, Short -18
-M, Brown -18
-J, Hunt -14
-S, Grimley -2
-M, Cox 4
-J, Melksham 8
-T, Papley 18
-J, Wagner 19
-C, Byrne 20
-M, Hartley 20
-G, Hewett 21
-D, Byrne Jones 22
-S, Motlop 23
-B, Kennedy 28
-C, Menadue 29
-N, Cockatoo 44
-D, Rioli 47
-M, TIpungwuti 51
-C, Oliver 52
-M, Dea 54
-B, Crouch 55
-C, Mills 93


-Goldstein (BE 202)
-Already dropped 100k to 595K and is set to drop tons again in the likely event that he doesn’t reach that break even. Next round might be the cheapest you will get him for a long time.

-Priddis (BE 152)
-Dropped 100k since the start of the season. Hasn’t hit the ton since round 3 and is set to drop again this round if he doesn’t reach this BE. A fallen premo definitely on the cards if you don’t have him yet

-S, Mitchell (BE 184)
-Started the season off well but now is stumbling a bit and hasn’t hit the ton since round 4. Could drop a lot If he misses his BE by tons so keep a lookout on his score.

-Hannebery (BE 123)
-In 14% of teams and hasn’t dropped below 100 this season yet. Averaging 119.4 it is surprising that more people don’t have him. Watch his price

-D, Martin (BE 64)
-Is the ideal forward. Back inform after a slump of 70-80 scores (Which isn’t that bad). At only $514K this may be the cheapest you see him for a while.

-Waite (BE 166)
-First score under 100 this round for Waite. Priced at 537K after going down 37K. He might get even cheaper if he doesn’t achieve that BE.

-Wingard (BE 124)
-Wingard has gone down 130k since the start of the season. Priced at just under 400k and set to fall again if he doesn’t achieve the BE, This is an unorthodox and risky Fallen premo forward option.

-Selwood (BE 101)
-Like Hannebery, Selwood is in form and is rocking right now. 5 straight weeks over 100 and he is looking like he’s going to keep going. Premo upgrade option.

-No suspensions this week. Alex Rance will be back this week though.

-Tom Rockliff (Hamstring) 2-3 Weeks*
-Tim Broomhead -Test (Likely to play)
-Ben Reid -Test (Likely to play)
-Jonathan Simpkin (Hamstring) 3-6 Weeks*
-Lincoln Mcarthy (Ankle) -1 Week
-Touk Miller (Ankle) -1 Week
-Daniel Wells (Cork) – Test
-Daniel Robertson (Shoulder) -1 Week
-Marcus Adams (Finger) -1 Week

This is the time of the season where we look to find good fallen premo’s and to start converting our teams closer and closer to the dream “Full Premo” team. Amongst all of this don’t squander trades because you can or at all for that matter. Observe and hold all trades if you have to. As Jock Reynolds would say “Don’t chase the points”. Thank you community.

    Lachie · 10/05/2016 at 20:15


    annoying old lady · 11/05/2016 at 03:42

    Loving your stuff Stewy, keep it coming!!

@stewy_chewy · 10/05/2016 at 17:18

Stewy_Chewy’s Rundown of the Week

-Richmond Continue Poor Form
-Dusty, Miles and Gunston Shine

-Collingwood win the derby
-Pendles and Gibbs go big.

-Cats win 5th in a row
-Motlop, Bartel, Danger and Selwood all contribute

-Heeney and Franklin kick 11 between them
-Zaharakis and JPK Back in form

-The Dees continue their good form
-GAWN goes absolutely Massive

-Bulldogs win a classic
-Bont, Stringer and Boyd go big

-GWS get home by 18
-Coniglio and Ward shine

-North get home in thriller
-Nick Riewoldt and Leigh Montagna go big despite loss

-Port Dominate one quarter and go on to win
-Rockliff Tweaks hammy again.

    sam · 10/05/2016 at 18:39

    Collingwood didn't win and probably wont win they are rubbish crap coach whose done nada crap forward whose done nada and bird that annoys me every morning tomorrow my cat danger gonna get ya

    Blake Dobay · 11/05/2016 at 15:38

    How did you manage to stuff up the fact the Carlton won not Collingwood ?

    Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 16:55

    They already posted it in another thread the other day and was told Collingwood won.

    I reckon Chewy is an experimental AI doesn't actually post anything except these (flawed?) round ups.

james · 10/05/2016 at 17:20

hello community would love some advice on my team – 18 trades 30k banked ovearll rank 12,100

Defence: Shaw, Houli, Adams, AMT, DBJ, Byrne (Laird, Ruggles)

Midfield: Dangerfield, Hannebery, Ward, Ablett, Shiel, Zieball, Priddis, Parish (Hewett, Davis, Gresham)

Ruck: Gawn, Nic Nat (Lorensch)

Forward: Hall, Martin, Wells, Kerridge, Benken, De goey (Menadue, JSmith – non playing rookie)

    JamiesNinjas13 · 11/05/2016 at 10:38

    JSmith cannot be in your fwd line.
    Your bookends are very slim and since adams is injured I think you can give him the flick.
    Paint the fence: Adams to premium defender (ie. docherty), menadue to petracca.
    You need to calm down on the trades too or else you will run out by r15 lol

Liam · 10/05/2016 at 17:21

Mills to Keays

Rockliff to Pendles

Thoughts community?

    Hawks · 10/05/2016 at 19:43

    Good trades, take it you have Petracca

    Danners · 10/05/2016 at 22:02

    Good trades

OldOcker · 10/05/2016 at 17:22

By baby Jesus, Alex Rance a Jehova's Witness? I didn't even see the bloody accident.

    The Ranger · 10/05/2016 at 21:29

    Haven't seen you on here for a while Ocker, how's ya season going mate?
    I hope the SCGods have been kind.

      OldOcker · 10/05/2016 at 21:45

      Season is RS Mate but that does not stop me from giving updates to my stats. I have let supercoachgods.com expire but my Website oldocker.com is alive and well servicing the Community. I am hanging around don't worry about that. Always will, Spending time on the Twitter and other work for friends. Cheers Mate.

        The Ranger · 10/05/2016 at 21:50

        Time for a shark move perhaps mate.
        I'll check out the site.
        Best of luck for the rest of the year.

          OldOcker · 10/05/2016 at 22:37

          Shark move last week was put Pittard in defence, I have made mistakes though like everyone else. Some rookies scoring better than so called Guns. Stats let you decide for yourself. Cheers mate.

    hedski · 11/05/2016 at 00:20

    Ocker if jock gets ck to the bool I'm shoutin ya some beers bloke

      OldOcker · 11/05/2016 at 00:52

      Are you in the Bool mate? I might help, Not a gambler started my own Website for stats, Jock didn't answer my message but we are and always will be good mates. Give me a yell and have a beer one night or day. Cheers.

johnno2908 · 10/05/2016 at 17:28

Mills to Keayes, Menapoo to Petracca
Mills to Petracca, Adams to McVeigh

    tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 17:31

    As long as you can cover Adams for this week, go the double downgrade. McVeigh wont gain too much money with a BE of 114, if he gets above that I'll be a little surprised, but it'll be good for you, because he's showing a rise in form.

    Danners · 10/05/2016 at 22:02

    Mills to Keayes, Menapoo to Petracca, can wait a week for McVeigh

Tommo09 · 10/05/2016 at 17:32

Weitering to Simpson and Mills to Keays
Weitering to Simpson and Mills to Dempsey via DPP

    The Mountain · 10/05/2016 at 17:46

    if you would like to spend the rest of the season in regret go option 2

    Danners · 10/05/2016 at 22:01

    Keays, use money for upgrades in weeks to come

Banksie700 · 10/05/2016 at 17:33

look at a good POD Lachie hunter or Jack Stevens?

    Adrian · 10/05/2016 at 19:46

    Definitely looking at Stevens or even Neale. Both cheap and very consistent Both at! 2% ownership but for Neale gets the nod for for me I think!

      Banksie700 · 10/05/2016 at 23:30

      Ahahah i already have neale brought him in when fyfe got injured

LEKD0G · 10/05/2016 at 17:42

Gold boys!

    Tommo09 · 10/05/2016 at 17:43

    Damn right

    OldOcker · 10/05/2016 at 22:39

    Does Platinum go one better than Gold? Does not get any better surely.

Liam · 10/05/2016 at 17:47

Does anyone know what night the CK is on at McKinnon Hotel.
Live 5 minutes away.

    jockreynolds · 10/05/2016 at 18:21

    Gday there Liam – it's on every weekend mate, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday arvo.. get there on Sunday and there'll be free beer of CoachKings players!

      Liam · 10/05/2016 at 18:26

      Cheers Jock. Are you going to be there anytime this week ?

Jack · 10/05/2016 at 17:48

Top 5 ultra premo mids?

    tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 18:44

    If we're talking end of the season: Danger, Pendels, Ablett, R.Gray, Selwood, Hannebery

      annoying old lady · 11/05/2016 at 03:48

      No love for Lukey Parker??

        tuxCS · 11/05/2016 at 03:52

        He'll drop off soon, he's a good footballer but he's not top 6.

      TRIGGER HAPPY · 11/05/2016 at 12:27

      Parker is as good as hannas and kicks more goals. Unless injured can't see him dropping off. Will b right amongst it at the pointy end.

    hedski · 11/05/2016 at 00:24

    Danger Jelwood Pendles Ward Hanners

Tommo09 · 10/05/2016 at 17:55

Docherty or Simpson???
Docherty – Save 50k and 100 a game
Simpson – More consistent scoring

    Bobby Singh · 10/05/2016 at 18:03


    Liam · 10/05/2016 at 18:11

    Doc for me.

    Neverweaken · 10/05/2016 at 20:45

    Simpson. I have Docherty. Have him every year. Nice D6 but that's it. Wouldn't trade him in. Would chase simpson

Steeeve · 10/05/2016 at 17:56

Looking like I might end up at full premo with no hanners, Parker or JPK… too many other fallen options.

Bobby Singh · 10/05/2016 at 18:02

Hello community,

I'm going Mills to Martin and Parish to Petrecca this week. Is Gibson a good upgrade option for Adams or are there better options (DEF: Shaw, Laird, Houli, Simpson, DBJ, Adams)? Also, who out of Mundy or Gray will be the best to pickup in a few weeks?


    Hawks · 10/05/2016 at 19:48

    I'd go Rance before Gibson.

    Robbie Gray will be a great pick-up in a few weeks time.

Mark · 10/05/2016 at 18:05

Got about 600K in the bank. Thinking Weitering to Simpson and Adams to Riewoldt

    breakevens · 10/05/2016 at 18:22

    I wouldn't go near Riewoldt; Dustin, Merrett, Barlow, Dalhaus and Zorko all better options

      Liam · 10/05/2016 at 18:27


        jockreynolds · 10/05/2016 at 18:42

        How long can he keep this up!! Love to see him dominating as a Saints man but tend to agree. He'll miss a few as the season wears on.

      Mark · 11/05/2016 at 01:33

      I have dusty and Zorko it maybe a down grade to petracca for Adams and then look for Pendleton and Selwood with the extra cash

    Hawks · 10/05/2016 at 19:49

    Rumour has it Nick Riewoldt is likely to be managed this week.

Gibbs · 10/05/2016 at 18:21

Thoughts on lachie Neal as a pod? Averageing 108

    Tiges · 10/05/2016 at 18:26

    Better options champ! Have to make sure they've had some consistent seasons behind their back.

    Saundo · 10/05/2016 at 18:35

    I got him, go with your gut !

    jockreynolds · 10/05/2016 at 18:41

    I was having a look at him preparing for the casting of the pod lads.. he's absolutely getting the job done. Just wonder if he can keep this level of output up

    MZD · 10/05/2016 at 20:22

    He's surely Fremantle's most valuable player. Killed it last season and now he's just backing it up. Class act.

    Slats · 10/05/2016 at 20:30

    Took a punt & had him from the start, couldn't be happier and has flourished with Fyfe out. Great pod

Tiges · 10/05/2016 at 18:27

Stephen Coniglio. 0.4% of teams, has only dropped under 100 once since R2 (95),.. hasn't been much talk of him.
If he dips in price, is he a worthy pick?

    Tommo · 10/05/2016 at 20:57

    My only concern is that he tends to tag a bit. Although he still manages to score very well.

    Danners · 10/05/2016 at 21:58

    Had various roles last season, one time a sub, the next a tagger. A risky pick, would rather Neale as a POD

Johno · 10/05/2016 at 18:30

Who should I get out for petrecca? David or Hewett

    Kev · 10/05/2016 at 19:16


Johno · 10/05/2016 at 18:30

Davis or Hewitt

    Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 17:08

    Lock em both in.

The Mountain · 10/05/2016 at 18:32

Should I be concerned that Robbin grays injury is TBC instead of a set time, or is he still looking like 1-2 weeks

    Nicholas · 10/05/2016 at 19:49

    in the mix for a game this week or at worst the next week you should not be worried

    CJudd3Votes · 10/05/2016 at 21:10

    Port's facebook page reporting he is a chance for this week depending on a fitness test

Saundo · 10/05/2016 at 18:34

Need a league win but have to go double downgrade with the likes of Petracca and Keayes on the bubble. Potential with Petracca is obvious but saw Keayes first hand on Sunday and a very good player, should have kicked 4 goals but has a lot of balls!

    Flaccid Jaff · 11/05/2016 at 02:08

    Same here, playing my main rival this week but keays and petracca must be jumped on in my opinion!

jockreynolds · 10/05/2016 at 18:35

This is what makes this old bastard proud. Outstanding community spirit here lads

james · 10/05/2016 at 18:36

which option would you go for

1. menaudue + De Goey = Petracca + Z.Merret

2. De goey + parish = Petracca + any mid premo under 600k

3.menadue + Degoey = Petracca + Bartel

    Liam · 10/05/2016 at 18:41

    Wouldn't be trading De goey this early. Do you have Mills you can trade instead.
    If you want to trade out De goey then go number 2.

      james · 10/05/2016 at 18:46

      don't have mills and de goey can say goodbye with a be of 89

      which mid premo or POD would you get under 600k

      current mids Dangerfield, Hannebery, Ward, Ablett, Shiel, Zieball, Priddis, Parish (Hewett, Davis, Gresham)

        Liam · 10/05/2016 at 18:58

        Pendles or Selwood

Fevolution25 · 10/05/2016 at 18:39

People thoughts on Scott Pendlebury looks to have turned his form around but is he still under an Ingury cloud, if I bring him in this week and Priddis next it would make my midfield Danger, Parker, Ablett, pendles, Priddis, Cripps, Shiel and Libba

    Danners · 10/05/2016 at 21:57

    Pendles is a feasible option

tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 18:44

No worries Pinidu 🙂

adam · 10/05/2016 at 18:47

Jock and Higgo…great meeting you mob friday night ,sir higginbotham your a bloody genius and jock oh great father of fantasy 🙂 shame i missed crouching but next time.by the way boys ive moven up to 201st evn tho ya lyons call cost me higgo 😛 zorko coming in this week,what r your thought guys on the magnificent 1 increasing in points now the rock is down for a while? im feeling an increase??? the Enlightened 1 is coming fast and hunting the top spot down….:P

JackoTierney1 · 10/05/2016 at 18:48

ok guys i have stuffed up my team a bit and i have a few problems. this is my team can anyone give me tips, trades, swaps and future tips to make. any help would be great.
19=Trades Left
$458,200 =Remaining salary
M. Adams, A. McDonald-Tipungwuti, M. Dea, E. Yeo, D. Byrne-Jones, M. Hartley
Bench: j wietering, t lee
P. Dangerfield, L. Parker, d. wells, M. Bontempelli, P. Cripps,
C. Mills, J. Polec, J. Smith
Bench:R gray, L weller, J gresham
N. Naitanui, M. Blicavs
Bench: M cox
A. Hall, L franklin, S. kerridge, J. hogan, J. De Goey, C. wingard
Bench: T papley, C petracca

    tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 19:21

    What's the name of your team buddy? Because you're in a crazy amount of strife. I'm not trying to be rude but i cant see you getting to full premo this year. You've used 11 trades and you dont have a premium keeper in your backline? Your midfield is looking kinda weird but it's definitely not bad. I like seeing the BONT in there, don't see too many people with him actually.

    First thing, trade weitering to K.Simpson. Your main focus should be on beefing up your backline.
    Next I'd say downgrade C.Mills to B.Keays.

    De Goey should probably be on the chopping block in the next few weeks, and also getting another premo into your backline should be high on your list of priorities.

      JackoTierney1 · 10/05/2016 at 19:50

      Yeah it's my first season of SC and I stuffed up my team. My team name is Jackos beauties. I really want Zorko, Martin, shaw and Keays in and I need to get rid of gray, wingard and mills. What are the trades doe thus week you think I should make? Thanks for your help

        tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 20:39

        Ok, well this team is not bad at all considering it's your first season. Just keep it up and do those trades this week that i mentioned above.
        Weitering to Simpson
        C.Mills to B.Keays

        Leeds17 · 10/05/2016 at 20:56

        Keep Gray & Wingard

    Mr booby-buyer · 11/05/2016 at 00:05

    Next week you could trade out degoey, put Wells FWD, blitz in the middle and bring in a cheap Goldstein.. Then maybe trade DEA to McVeigh…

      JackoTierney1 · 11/05/2016 at 08:10

      Yeah that's smart, if everything goes well I'll do that

Nicholas · 10/05/2016 at 19:04

Community is it time to paint the fence or double downgrade?
Here is my team:

Backs: Shaw, Laird, Bartel, Rich, Smith, DBJ (Brown, Hartley)
Mids: Danger, Selwood, Parker, Ablett, Gray, Wines, Libba, Mills (B Ken, Menadue, Smith)
Rucks: Gawn, Nic Nat (Cox)
Fowards: Barlow, Hall, Wells, Adams, AMT, Kerridge (Papey, Mccarthy)

My options are Mills and Adams to Petracca and Martin then next week bring in Priddis depending on how he scores and Mcpherson

Or double downgrade to Petracca and Keays. Following with a double upgrade the next week.

The main thing this comes down to is Keays vs Mcpherson and how much Martin will increase this week.

Any other options greatly appreciated.

    Nicholas · 10/05/2016 at 19:48

    side note 20 trades and little to no money

    Northernsoul74 · 10/05/2016 at 21:42

    I thought you declared you were nearly full premium?

      Nicholas · 10/05/2016 at 22:26

      I am once I do this weeks trades, I have to get 2 forward premos 1 mid premo and 1 back premo. I will probable hold libba depends how he goes. I see people with teams of 2 premos in the defence with 3 trades more than me. So my trade usage has been pretty good

    Southern S · 10/05/2016 at 23:14

    Marcus Adams a Premo? Smith? Rich?

      Nicholas · 10/05/2016 at 23:48

      Smith and Rich are and i never said adams was lol. Im trading him this week

adam henwood · 10/05/2016 at 19:14

also im holding weet and adams as they r good enough till much later in the year coz defenders are the weakest link,upgrade them last 🙂

Kev · 10/05/2016 at 19:21

Anyone got the plums for a Adams to Trengove trade? 15 contested and 13 clearances in the ruck.

    Harry · 10/05/2016 at 19:54

    That's the trade I'm weighing up. I'm 50/50 at the moment

      Paulie Walnuts · 10/05/2016 at 20:29

      Yes, very interesting,He got flogged in the Ruck by Martin 51 Hit Outs to 14, but 10 Kicks,15 Handballs,15 Contested Possessions & 14 Clearances – looks tempting but they only played the Lions ,upside is JS, consider with a tag of 295K and a BE of 9

        Kev · 10/05/2016 at 20:39

        Stef Martin isn't a slouch, and like you said, 51 hitouts. For Trengove to manage those numbers is huge

    SCaddict · 10/05/2016 at 20:52

    Off the back of a sample size of just 1 game not for me Kev but then again I no longer have the headache of Adams after trading him for Shaw last week.

    JamiesNinjas13 · 11/05/2016 at 10:20

    Think Tom Hickey circa R1 ladies and gentlemen. Plus Trengove won't be rucking all year.

      Harry · 11/05/2016 at 17:21

      Hickey's averaging 90 for the season. Damn good for his price. I'd take an average of 90 for Trengove at that price in a heartbeat

    Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 12:28

    Wouldn't touch him with a bargepole.

Rob · 10/05/2016 at 19:34

Coaches back off, zaharakis is my POD! Everyone else get your own POD for example Dale Thomas.

    Danners · 10/05/2016 at 21:56

    Don't worry he will be your POD near the end of the season when he drops off

      Rob · 11/05/2016 at 17:58

      Come talk to me when you're ranked in the top 3 percent Danners.

        Danners · 11/05/2016 at 18:56

        That will be soon don't worry mate

        Danners · 15/05/2016 at 22:11

        Hey Rob, I heard you wanted to chat. What do you want to talk about, Zaharakis already dropping off? Don't worry I'm in the top 1% now mate

Michael · 10/05/2016 at 19:42

Community, thoughts on trading sam jacobs to stefan martin?

    MZD · 10/05/2016 at 20:20

    Stefan has only scored 1 tonne this season. Idea sounds good but if it fails, you'll regret. Other priorities at the moment.

    Danners · 10/05/2016 at 21:54

    Waste of a trade I will probably trade Jacobs to Goldstein next week might be wise to do the same if you don't have him

    Bomber56 · 10/05/2016 at 22:41

    I would go Gawn
    In fact I did a few weeks back.

Michael · 10/05/2016 at 19:44

Community, whats the better choice out of these 2.
– mills to keays and mcgovern to merret
– mcgovern to redman or grimley and mills to merret then swing pertacca in mid for merret( this option i will start petracca in mids over keays)
Thoughts community please???

    Kev · 10/05/2016 at 19:49

    So, keays or redman/grimley? Go with keays

      Michael · 10/05/2016 at 20:06

      but then ill have keays starting in my mids and petracca will be on the bench in fwd

Paul96 · 10/05/2016 at 19:45

Hey community, was hoping to swing a couple of trades by everyone.

Adams being out this week has really shot my defence so unfortunately I dont think Ill be able to double downgrade and willl most likely have to invest in another premo.

Currently have 23 trades and just under $300k in the bank

B: Shaw, Adams, DBJ, Byrne, Brown, AMT (Laird, Weitering)
M: Danger, Hanners, Parker, Pendles, Shiel, Gaff, Libba, Mills (Parish, Hewett, Menadue)
R: Gawn, Naitanui  (Grimley)
B: Hall, Wells, Barlow, Greene, Kerridge, Ben Ken (Cox, McCarthy)

Definitely want to do Mills -> Petracca, but I'm tossing up between a couple of defence upgrades.

McCarthy-> Bartel, Rance or maybe even Boyd

Im leaning towards Bartel but does the community think that he will be able to play for the rest of the season? Would hate to have another injury in the backline.

Any feedback from the community would be great.

    Boltons Blues · 11/05/2016 at 07:39

    Bartel will have a rest at some point in the season, Geelong are starting to rotate out defenders already, so wouldnt surprise me if he gets 2 weeks this year

      Leeds17 · 11/05/2016 at 10:26

      I think just once and the bye, still got get him to 300 games

HOLLA · 10/05/2016 at 19:51

"Anita Dump" brilliant fellas…brilliant

poloko48 · 10/05/2016 at 19:55

Adams to Bartel – good move or chance of him being "managed"? Currently 6th highest scoring DEF.

    Leeds17 · 10/05/2016 at 20:59

    Will definielty have a week off at some point

    Danners · 10/05/2016 at 21:53

    Could be a good move, Enright is also another interesting option

      Billo · 13/05/2016 at 00:40

      Tossing up between Enright and Bartel too. Any ideas?

min0008 · 10/05/2016 at 19:58

Mills and McCarthy to Petracca and Selwood or

Mills and Davis to Petracca and JPK

    Danners · 10/05/2016 at 21:53

    Mills and McCarthy to Petracca and Selwood

    hedski · 11/05/2016 at 00:34

    shh Derek will hear you. Dawson

Rob · 10/05/2016 at 20:03

Ward or hanners?

    MZD · 10/05/2016 at 20:18

    I reckon their output is the same. Ward saves you 30k-40k, I'm also going for Ward this week.

    Tophawk · 10/05/2016 at 20:24

    Thor Ward

Wighty36 · 10/05/2016 at 20:06

Def- Shaw,Gibson,Laird,Adams,Smith,Brynejones,Ruggles,Brown

Mids – Danger,Hanners,Selwood,Gaj,Hunter,Libba,Wines,Mills,Davis,Smith,Hewett

Rucks- Gawn,Goldy,Chol

Fwds – Dalhaus,Hall,Martin,Wells,Kerridge,Petrac,Kennedy,Menadue

Playing for overall, I have massive concerns goldy will be rested this week, if he doesnt my initial thoughts are to hold adams, trade mills,hewett for merrett,keays this will leave merrett as F6 longterm and gives a dpp to trade some fwd rookies to mids, on flipside whats your thoughts on if goldy is rested play the donut or downgrade and upgrade somewhere else?

    Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 12:39

    They say Goldy is being rested every week at the moment?

    Where did you hear it?

      Glenn · 11/05/2016 at 13:37

      Haven't heard it officialy just a sickening feeling i have because of the rumours, they have a tough draw up until bye after next 2 weeks and i dont think u can rest players against carlton at moment

        Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 16:11

        It's a myth, people have randomly posted it on here because they are trolling, they've never mentioned a source lol.

Tommo09 · 10/05/2016 at 20:16

I have had some conflicting help for my trade.
Dempsey or Keays and $200k

If you want think Dempsey is a good trade can you please like this post and if you you think Keays is the better trade then can you write it in the comments.
Also if you could, can you write a reason in the comments too.

Thank you so much community.
By the way great podcast.

    Liam · 10/05/2016 at 20:25

    Keays will make much more money that Dempsey and should only score 10 less.

      Tommo09 · 10/05/2016 at 20:27

      Thank you
      What will Keays get to??
      Hopefully Dempsey gets to $500k

    Kev · 10/05/2016 at 20:28

    The community is here to help mate, end of the day it's your team. What do you want to do?

      Tommo09 · 10/05/2016 at 20:29

      I think Keays will make more money but with Mathieson coming soon, I'm worried it will affect his points and midfield time.

    Southern S · 10/05/2016 at 21:03

    Of course you've had some conflicting help for your trade, nobody can see into the future and see if the Dempsey trade will pay off, but you've been presented with the stats about him.

    If you're waiting for the 'right' answer there's no such thing. This is now your second post in this thread about dempsey just make a decision for yourself for crying out loud.

    Sorry to be harsh…..but ffs.

    Juzzy · 10/05/2016 at 21:24

    Don't really have an opinion on Dempsey. Never been on my radar.

    Not to throw a fly in to the ointment but I consider Mcpherson as a possible better trade in than Keays.

    Something to ponder.

brettijewellerycomau · 10/05/2016 at 21:12

Already got Shaw , Simpson and Laird in my backline….. Who to get out of Boyd and Rance?
Who do you think the top 6 defenders will be come the end of the year?

    Paulie Walnuts · 10/05/2016 at 21:24

    Shaw,Boyd,Rance,Simpson,Laird,McVeigh – apologies to Gibson,Birchal,Docherty & maybe Houli,

    Southern S · 10/05/2016 at 21:33

    Shaw, Bartel, Boyd, Simpson, Laird, McVeigh, Rance, Gibson, Docherty.

    Six of those maybe?

CJudd3Votes · 10/05/2016 at 21:13

In terms of getting to full premo we obviously prioritise who to move on first and as such will at best leave these guys while we worry about others, however at this stage what are people's thoughts on Wells and Libba as long term keepers?

    tuxCS · 10/05/2016 at 21:32

    It really depends on how many trades i have left. Wells will probably always be a keeper in the FWD line, however if i can, i will probably go Libba to a super premo just to really get the best out of my midfield.

      deman · 10/05/2016 at 22:11

      ^agreed libba will be costing you points come seasons end, look to upgrade him eventually

    Boltons Blues · 11/05/2016 at 07:37

    Libba will be probably be my last trade in terms of getting my team to that full premo status, ignoring wells and his 66 on the weekend because of injury, there is no reason why you cant keep him all year

Stevo · 10/05/2016 at 21:22

Have Petraca at F6. 24 trades left. Mills at M8.
Looking at either :
Mills to Keays & Adams to Rance OR
Adams to Tucker & Mills to Montagna.
Thoughts please?

    The Ranger · 10/05/2016 at 21:40

    Freo rookies always worry me 'cos you never know what Ross Lyin' is bloody thinking

    Northernsoul74 · 11/05/2016 at 09:17

    Option 1.

Cliffy · 10/05/2016 at 21:25

Hey guys,

So looking at making an upgrade to my Forwards this week after making an upgrade to my Defenders last week once I generate $$$ in going Mills – Petracca:

(Value Forward option)
Mills – Petracca
McCarthy – D.Martin

Option 2 (Pricier Forward option):

Mills – Petracca
Tippa – Zorko

Cheers 🙂

    Cliffy · 10/05/2016 at 21:25

    Currently sitting on 21 trades too prior to these trades.

      The Ranger · 10/05/2016 at 21:33

      Buy low, sell high is the mantra mate so I'd go for option one myself

    Nicholas · 10/05/2016 at 21:32

    I like option 1 a lot better wait for zorko to get cheaper and martin is at his cheapest also tippa has a b/e which is good.

    Northernsoul74 · 11/05/2016 at 09:20

    I like option 2 mainly because I dont see Martin as quite the priority everyone else does. I prefer Zorko, Dahl, Lids ahead of Martin. Can't deny he's pretty cheap though.

Nick · 10/05/2016 at 21:33

Upgrading mills to one of dusty (fwd)/Jpk or priddis/Simpson or docherty
Which one do you guys think is the best option? Thanks

    Danners · 10/05/2016 at 21:51

    Dusty, he won't be cheaper any time soon

Alec · 10/05/2016 at 21:52

i already have shaw, simpson and gibson in DEF. Who should i bring in out of Rance and Docherty?

    John Hines · 11/05/2016 at 07:42

    What about Matthew Boyd

    Northernsoul74 · 11/05/2016 at 09:22

    Rance if you can afford him. Probably buying him near his peak price though.

    Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 12:26

    Both have the same bye, pick your favourite don't let others do it for you.

Snipers saints · 10/05/2016 at 22:15


Jumpman · 10/05/2016 at 22:20

Selwood had zero preseason and he's back to his best supercoach form??
hard to see any team starting this year without any of selwood, ablett and fyfe
love your work Jock xoxo

Redd · 10/05/2016 at 22:25

Really need some advice community all feedback greatly appreciated
. My team is as follows:

Def: Shaw, Rich, B.Smith, Hurn, Adams, Byrne-Jones (Dea, M.Brown)

Mid: Danger, SideBum, Ward, Titch, Wines, Libba, Crouch, Mills (Davis, Hewett,J.Smith)

Ruc: Goldy, Nic Nat (Read)

Fwd: Barlow, Green, Hall, Wells, Kerridge, Papley (Mennapoo, M.Cox)

Got 427k not sure if i shouldget petracca in or upgrade crouch n dea please feel free 2 give me any other options its the 1st year i hvnt hd dusty but im open 2 ideas cheers in advance

Tilda · 10/05/2016 at 22:47

Whats everyones trade stockpile checking in at prior to these rounds trades?

    Redd · 11/05/2016 at 00:00


    judd0 · 11/05/2016 at 00:34


    Northernsoul74 · 11/05/2016 at 09:25

    22 but will be painting the fence this week so will be down to 20.

    tuxCS · 11/05/2016 at 13:50

    21, also painting the fence this week so down to 19, pretty happy though, assuming that wells and libba are keepers (Wells is a keeper in the forward line) then i've only got 5 upgrades to make, and 3 of them are from players that are over 300k.

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 11/05/2016 at 14:09

    24 but intend using 7-8 in the next 4 weeks to bring in dusty, montagna/Dahl, McVeigh and Zorko.

    The Ranger · 11/05/2016 at 14:55


LionGliffen · 10/05/2016 at 23:23

hey community!

thoughts on the team please 🙂

Def: Shaw Simpson Birchall DBJ Brown Hartley (Laird Adams)

Mid: Ablett Pendles Beams JPK Selwood Dahlhaus B.Crouch Petracca ( Smith Keays Dunkley)

Ruc: Nic Nat, Martin (Goetz)

Fwd: Montagna Westhoff Barlow Wells Kerridge B.Kennedy ( Menadue Hardwick)

    Redd · 11/05/2016 at 00:02

    Few PODs there mate nice work id be looking to strenghtin that defense asap

    Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 12:25

    You're game bringing in Beams that quickly, gun player though.

dasha · 10/05/2016 at 23:23

community i can bring anyone one in the game in this week, been sitting on a truck load of remaining salary and need to boost my scoring, who should i bring in? leaning mostly toward selwood and dusty

    Redd · 11/05/2016 at 00:03

    Both safe options looking at selwood or pendles myself

dasha · 10/05/2016 at 23:24

also, whats everyone doing with KK?

    Flaccid Jaff · 11/05/2016 at 04:19


Redd · 11/05/2016 at 00:00

Cheers James

Billiox · 11/05/2016 at 00:35

Lots of Dusty love. I understand. But wow so much. Dig the pro's Low Be, Low Price,mid/fwd,Proven top 8 fwd. I will just play the Devils Adv, Cons, Rd 13 bye, tricky off field issues, will be prob only only 10k more after his bye. Wells being questioned as keeper and yes jury out. Wells Avg 96.7 surely F6/M9. imo.

    Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 12:38

    I've decided not to get Dusty……….at the moment anyway.

    Around 40% ownership means I'll have a POD instead.

Billiox · 11/05/2016 at 00:49

I wonder if SC site showing other teams now as random and only 22 players shown is a response 2 the check trade site?

    Loop · 11/05/2016 at 05:47

    I see that the trade site is closing. Before it does, look at the trades for BURST. Currently sitting second.

      HOLLA · 11/05/2016 at 08:42

      What the hell. Thats just ummm wtf is that?? Be interesting to see where BURST finishes the season.

        Billiox · 11/05/2016 at 17:44

        Amazing Trades!

Redd · 11/05/2016 at 01:17

Bang Bang C.Mills- Pendles
M.crouch- Coniglio

Loop · 11/05/2016 at 05:57

If Pendlebury scores 130 this week what would his price rise be? Could someone give me a formula for working this out? I'd planned to get him this week but have to trade Adams now and I need to be sure that I have enough cash to get him next week. I have Laird and O McDonald on my bench, McDonald was named as an emergency last week but looking at who's to come back I'd be surprised if he gets a game.

    Boltons Blues · 11/05/2016 at 08:23

    Well Pendles is projected to get 113 with a BE of 108, if he gets 113, he will rise 2k, if he gets 130, he will be shy of the 600k mark

      Loop · 11/05/2016 at 10:56

      Thank you.

        Shmanger · 11/05/2016 at 12:57

        Check out the superoach part of the site Footywire.com Everything you need is on there

John Hines · 11/05/2016 at 07:37

Hi guys I'm splitting hairs about my second trade I'm getting rid of Marcus Adams I'm upgrading to either Kade Simpson, Dusty Martin or Buddy Franklin via tippa would love to hear your thoughts.

P.S my first first trade is McCarthy to Keays via menapoo welcome

    John Hines · 11/05/2016 at 07:42

    Forgot about Zorko

    Boltons Blues · 11/05/2016 at 08:24

    Buy players when they bottom out, Dusty is there BUT, Kade Simpson is a consistent scorer, depends where you need the extra premo player

      John Hines · 11/05/2016 at 15:49

      at the moment I'm a little bit short in my forward line I got Zorko in there at the moment

jim · 11/05/2016 at 08:09

Is it risky to have shiel and ward in the same midfield?

    Northernsoul74 · 11/05/2016 at 09:27

    I'd say it's just risky to have Shiel regardless.

    Danners · 11/05/2016 at 12:49

    I would like to have both as well, but since they aren't both ultra premos, it is a big risk

Ben · 11/05/2016 at 08:09

Should i get lachie nealee, matt priddis, gary ablett, rory sloane, jack viney, jack zieball or callan ward.

    Tom McV · 11/05/2016 at 11:29


    Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 12:36

    Probably Ward.

    tuxCS · 11/05/2016 at 13:51

    Ablett or Wardd should be your main priority.

Vinny · 11/05/2016 at 09:51

best defender under 500K? mcveigh, bartel, pittard?
already have gibbo

    Northernsoul74 · 11/05/2016 at 11:11


    Tom McV · 11/05/2016 at 11:30


    Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 12:17


    Jimmy · 11/05/2016 at 12:25

    Given his current form, surely you cant go past bartel

The Beard · 11/05/2016 at 10:10

Can't decide if I bring in Pendles this week or Keays and stack the back for the next two weeks of big upgrades 😐

    I N Pieman · 11/05/2016 at 10:41

    Sounds like a good problem to have. If you bench cover down back is solid then go for Pendles

      The Beard · 11/05/2016 at 11:57

      Now in a pickle if I go Pendles or Matty Boyd this week 😐

        The Beard · 11/05/2016 at 11:57

        Means either play Boyd & Smith from Pies or play Pendles & Brown from Bombers.

    Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 12:36

    I feel like the boat has sailed with Boyd.

      The Beard · 11/05/2016 at 14:30

      BE of 70 something isn't it?

      Should make some cash and be a top 6 defender.

      I just don't know if I take Pendles and play M Brown for a week or take Boyd and play Smith for a week.

        The Beard · 11/05/2016 at 14:30

        Taking Pendles means I can have one more week of Boyd convincing me. Though it also could cost me like 30k+

        Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 15:31

        Yeah he should be I agree, but just not sure he'll keep scoring 120's. Might even go back down closer to 500k later in the year.

        Personally I'd take Pendles for 590k right now and play Brown he's pumped out a couple of 90-ish scores in a row.

          The Beard · 12/05/2016 at 11:08

          Yeh think I'll run with Pendles too.

          Then my mid field is done barring injuries.

MZD · 11/05/2016 at 10:11

2 decisions I have to make this week. M.Crouch to Ward and have to play MBrown score because of Adams or Weitering to Premo Def and play Mcrouch score who may drop in value. What's important? Premo mid or def

I N Pieman · 11/05/2016 at 10:12

Shaun Higgins out for 3 months injured. The Higgins we know & love IS BACK!!! BURN MAN

    SCaddict · 11/05/2016 at 10:47

    The other Higgo who has him in his team will be hearing it from ole Jocky boy on that one. 🙂

magpie4ver · 11/05/2016 at 10:19

Does anyone know what the chances are that L. McCarthy plays this week?

    I N Pieman · 11/05/2016 at 10:26

    Unlikely to line up. I have other issues I'd prefer to deal with. If he does play he's gone

      I N Pieman · 11/05/2016 at 10:38

      LMac & Mills if you have him are priority trades out if they play. They will bleed. There are good downgrades available this week in Petrecca & Keays

        magpie4ver · 11/05/2016 at 10:42

        Yeah I know but I have Tmac too and wanna get rid of the bloody bastard absolute spud. Hope McCarthy gets rested then I can get rid of him next week

    SCaddict · 11/05/2016 at 10:51

    Listed as a test and the Cats reckon he's some chance to play depending on how the ankle responds to treatment during the week. The fact that their next game is away and is only a 6 day turnaround probably counts against this but I guess we'll see what happens Thursday night at the selection table.

    Either way I'll be holding him on my bench and will ride out this slight price dip (like I did with Smear and am doing with Dea) as I believe he has more cash to make if he can just get a decent 4-5 week run at it.

      Sean's Mob · 11/05/2016 at 11:08

      I agree, I intend to hold McCarthy as he is a quality player that just needs a bit of luck. He also helps with Bye structures being one of very few rookies playing in a team that has the Rnd 15 bye

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 11/05/2016 at 12:39

    Higgins gorn. Once bitten ….. didn't go near him
    But does pose the question who replaces him? Will a rook get a shot or a proven player playing in the magoos?

Boydo · 11/05/2016 at 11:08

Hold rocky and double down to petracca and keayes via menadue and parish or rocky to Petracca Adams to dusty. Already holding suckling and laird

    Boom, Crash, Opera · 11/05/2016 at 13:45

    I doubt Zorko will go any higher in price than what he is at the moment. I'm not sure a draw can "open up" when you've won 1 game for the year after 7 rounds.

Shake n bake · 11/05/2016 at 11:22

Brisbane draws seems to open right up now. Zorko scoring well might even get better from here on!

tom · 11/05/2016 at 11:25

Thoughts on my team? 24 trades 208,000 in the bank.

Shaw, Laird, Simpson, Rich, Adams, DBJ, Brown, Tippa
Danger, Parker, Ablett, Pendles, Gray, Libba, Mills, Wells, Hewett, Davis, Smith
Goldstein, Martin, Wyatt
Hall, Barlow, De Goey, Kerridge, Kennedy, Petracca, McCarthy, Menadue

Need to trade Mills but not sure if I trade McCarthy. De Goey also needs to go soon.

Suggested trades much appreciated.

    Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 12:23

    No Wells and no Gawn!

    I'd trade both McCarthy and Mills, Keays and a premo seem like good options.

      tom · 11/05/2016 at 12:31

      I have Wells in the guts.

        Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 12:34

        oh. LOL

    The Mountain · 11/05/2016 at 12:35

    I'd go McCarthy to Keays and mills to an ultra premo via wells

Steve · 11/05/2016 at 12:05

Rookies on the bubble this week?

    Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 12:24

    Petracca and Keays, there's possibly more but I can't be bothered hitting trade and checking, surely you can do it yourself 🙂

Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 12:19

Ward at the moment. Priddis is scoring like a good rookie and has a 152 BE.

Rance and Simpson have the same bye so what's the difference? Get whichever one you prefer.

Powerage · 11/05/2016 at 12:21

Can't decide trade AMT, Weitering or Adams?

    Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 12:34

    Do you even look at the breakeven?

      Powerage · 11/05/2016 at 12:53

      I looked at breakevens when I traded Papley and Kennedy, now look at them! It only takes 1 good or bad game to throw it out

        Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 17:00

        Weitering injured and has a BE of 114. Probably the best target.

        Kennedy never had a high BE, Papley's was debatable, and if you got DBJ for him then it wasn't a bad move.

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 11/05/2016 at 12:47

    Trade an injured player. Amt has a be of 51 so should keep going up in $.

Jimmy · 11/05/2016 at 12:22

Do not know what to do; thought id be smart and get Zac Williams last week as a pod. He got me 52 and now i am having sleepless nights. What would you guys do? Wait or trade him out and pretend like it never happened.

    Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 12:33

    If I remember correctly people said that Zac Williams was too risky.

    People have to stop buying 300-450k players because they almost never end up premium.

    Guns and rookies. Paint the fence.

      Jimmy · 11/05/2016 at 13:34

      Yeah 100% agree just when I picked him last week I didn't have many options for around that price. His avg was 88.5 as was his last 12 games of last season. I guess I'll maybe wait one more week to see what he gets and make a call then

        Gord29 · 11/05/2016 at 13:46

        why pick him if you werent planning one keeping him. should have just saved the money in the war chest

          Jimmy · 11/05/2016 at 13:53

          I should of just saved the trade and the money in hindsight. Such an uncharacteristic trade for me to do. I was planning on keeping him but was thinking as a 6th defender and a 90 average. He may hold good on that but nothing worse than picking up a player and in the first week you get him he scores you a 52 🙁

    Swans2012 · 11/05/2016 at 13:48

    Give him a few weeks, who knows, not going to lose you much cash and the first trade is gone now….

      Jimmy · 11/05/2016 at 13:55

      Yeah i guess if I look at it on the season as a whole he is averaging 81 and this might just be one bad game. Just worst feeling when you pick up a bloke and in his first game on your team he performs like a hack

      Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 15:27

      Yep have to hold now, other teams will have a McVeigh or Bartel where you have Zac Williams though, lesson learned I guess.

    Rooster · 11/05/2016 at 16:17

    If after you got him in he went 91,88,92 and then 52 would you trade him after one bad week?

    Answer would be no, so why knee jerk trade just because of shit score first week you have him?

Jimmy · 11/05/2016 at 12:24

Id bring in Rance and I do like Priddis but I reckon if you wait a week you can get him cheaper.

cooky · 11/05/2016 at 12:32

C Mills to C Ward this week, thoughts.

    Danners · 11/05/2016 at 12:48

    Good trade

    I N Pieman · 11/05/2016 at 13:52

    Certainly one I'm looking at this week cooky. Ticks a lot of box's for me

    The Ranger · 11/05/2016 at 17:17

    I would if I could.

Mika · 11/05/2016 at 12:36

Hey community, just need some help on any trades that I should bring in this week and a review on my current team would be greatly appreciated!


MY TWO CENTS · 11/05/2016 at 12:44

Mills or Hewett to MacPherson? I've already got petrecca and Keays.

Need to upgrade Def.
As have weita, Adams and tucker. Who r all unlikely to play.

Thinking weita – bartel.

    Danners · 11/05/2016 at 12:47

    Mills, Hewett will still go up

    HOLLA · 11/05/2016 at 13:42

    Wait a week on Macpherson so you dont wind up with another tucker if he gets dropped or injured before his price rise.

      Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 15:25

      Spot on, ridiculous to consider MacPherson early having already traded in Tucker early and failed.

Tom McV · 11/05/2016 at 12:52

Mills to Neale this week. Thoughts?

    I N Pieman · 11/05/2016 at 13:38

    I like it

MY TWO CENTS · 11/05/2016 at 12:55

Is tay tay far away? Any pies supporters know if he will play this week?

    Tom McV · 11/05/2016 at 12:59

    It says test on the AFL website

      MY TWO CENTS · 11/05/2016 at 13:12

      Thanks I saw that.
      Was wondering if anyone had the inside word.

    sam · 11/05/2016 at 13:32

    whos tay tay

      HOLLA · 11/05/2016 at 13:39

      Tay adams

      I N Pieman · 11/05/2016 at 13:39

      Assume Taylor Adams. I don't think he will play. Still has a knee brace on

      Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 16:03

      Sounds like a nickname for a small child.

cooky · 11/05/2016 at 13:05

what to do this week. backline is Shaw, Bartel, Adams, bryne-jones, a tipung, Hartley, m brown, weitering. do i cull a tipung and bring in K Simpson or do we run another week with this make shift backline and bring in Keays for R davis or G Hewett?

    I N Pieman · 11/05/2016 at 13:42

    Think you need a Premo defender ASAP. You could consider Darcy Macpherson for Davis. Same team & more cash gen. Get rid of Weitering

    Boom, Crash, Opera · 11/05/2016 at 14:16

    Adams has really stuffed a few people this week, if you need the win in your league then Weitering has to go, his BE is 114 and Adams will hold his value better.

      cooky · 13/05/2016 at 13:34

      weitering it is thanks community.

Boom, Crash, Opera · 11/05/2016 at 13:41

Rance if you can afford him, he only needs 12 touches to score 100.

SCaddict · 11/05/2016 at 14:21

Yes Wayno is having quite a run at the moment.

Put the mozz on Suckling Pig who broke down in a miserable heap, next it was Tom Lee who promptly got dropped back to the magoos, then last week it was Josh Smith who had a poor game burning those coaches who played him on field and now it's Simmo's turn to get the voodoo doll needle stuck through him. 🙂

Swansong · 11/05/2016 at 14:43

Mills and McCarthy out for either
Macpherson and dusty or
Petracca and someone worth 507000 and under

Liam · 11/05/2016 at 15:00

Who has to go first ?
McCarthy or Adams.

    I N Pieman · 11/05/2016 at 15:04

    McCarthy by miles

      Liam · 11/05/2016 at 15:05

      Cheers Pieman.
      How do these trades sound ?
      Mills to Keays
      McCarthy to Dusty.

        I N Pieman · 11/05/2016 at 15:50

        As long as that works for your Byes they are good trades. I'm mindful of bringing in round 13 Bye players

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 11/05/2016 at 15:13

    I'm chopping Mccarthy.

    Weita – petrrcca
    McCarthy – Dusty.

Mikaaa · 11/05/2016 at 15:05

Hey community, just need some help on any trades that I should bring in this week and a review on my current team would be greatly appreciated!


    Liam · 11/05/2016 at 15:07

    McCarthy to Keays Via dpp
    Mills to Parker or Ward.

      Mika · 11/05/2016 at 15:42

      How do I do that via dpp?

        Mika · 11/05/2016 at 16:05

        Just worked out how to do it, cheers mate

The Ranger · 11/05/2016 at 15:11

The only trade I have to do is Mills with his BE of 94.
The next few tradeables down are Kerridge, Wells and Adams with BE's that are around the 70 mark and not only are they attainable but I'm happy to sit with them for a while yet.
Below that there's a fair few with BE's in the 20-40 range and it seems crazy to miss out on that cash generation.
Do I cull another rook that still has cash to make in order to get Ward or Pendles this week?
Got cover on all lines and sitting in the top 1%.

    Liam · 11/05/2016 at 15:39

    Without knowing what other rookies you have its hard to say.
    If you have McCarthy then I would look to offload him.

      The Ranger · 11/05/2016 at 15:53

      Don't have him. And it's not so much the who it's a money issue.
      Do I trade now for point generation but give up on the cash generation that another week can provide.
      Got 24 trades left, DPP"s and cash so could lose Hartley, Brown, BenKen, Papley, ManySpud, Hewitt or Young.
      Not trading Davis. Just gonna leave him on my bench and stare at him for ages.

        I N Pieman · 11/05/2016 at 15:56

        lol maybe if you stare at Davis for long enough his price may rise! Send Mills to best available Premo if possible

          The Ranger · 11/05/2016 at 17:01

          Not quite enough cash to make that work unfortunately mate, unless I go for SMurph or Lewis which 'aint happening.
          Thinking I'll just do the one trade this wek and aim for a double upgrade next week.

Pacca · 11/05/2016 at 15:44

Brad Crouch community – worth holding?

I say yes, he will bounce back and go up in value and score well (90-100), but my foreigner mate who "thinks he is an expert" says he is a dud and I should trade.

What does the community think?

    I N Pieman · 11/05/2016 at 15:53

    Tough call. There is no doubting his talent & scoring potential. But he's injury prone & not scoring well. I think if you've persisted this long you need to back him in.

    Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 16:07

    I tend to agree he's a dud, should've traded him at first sign of an injury as he's highly prone to them. If he'd been 100% for the 7 rounds so far he'd be making good cash.

    Not sure how your foreigner mate knows AFL and Brad Crouch but hey stranger things have happened lol.

      Pacca · 11/05/2016 at 16:23

      He is an Englishman now living here, I introduced him to SC last year, he has the bug now and loves it and loves Jock. Worst part is in his second season he is beating me (so far) – desperate to prove him wrong!! 🙂

    Buster · 11/05/2016 at 16:20

    Trust your mate. Reckon he knows more than you if you still have him. Get rid now.

      Pacca · 11/05/2016 at 16:59


    John · 11/05/2016 at 16:24

    he might not play this week I would trade him out

Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 16:01

Is it wrong to think Merrett is a better pick up for the forward line than Dusty?

After seeing almost everybody in the community trading Dusty in this week I thought I'd do a little breakdown of his 2016 (and another guy called Zach Merrett)

Merrett 477k (8.6% of teams)

Total 716 points – ranked 27 overall.

114 – GCS
131 – Melb
99 – Port
123 – Geelong
53 – Collingwood
90 – Carlton
103 – Sydney

He's played Geelong and Sydney who I would call the top two teams at the moment and scored well, plus melbourne who have a good ruck and midfield. Has scored more than Dusty, is cheaper than him and is a POD.

Last year he played a different role and kept up high scoring right until his injury in/after round 18. He didn't fall away or anything and he was only 19 years old.

The game vs Collingwood is looking to be an anamoly and if it wasn't for that I bet more would be jumping on board the Zerrett train.

Dusty 514k (37.5% of teams)

Total 705 points. Ranked 36 overall.

Carl – 86
Coll – 134
Adel – 81
WCE – 83
Melb – 79
Port – 127
Hawks – 115

To me these scores aren't very impressive this year, Port had a rookie ruckman in Howard, hawks had a lower tier midfield with no Mitchell or Hodge. Against the Crows, Melb, WCE (and even Carlton) his scores were mediocre. Those teams have highly competitive Ruck and midfields.

Collingwood are up and down like a yo-yo and honestly any score against them means nothing to me, plus I'll bet Pendles was playing in the half back that game.

I'm not 100% sold on Dusty and when he gets an 80 half the teams in supercoach will get that 80. He'll probably be up to 50% ownership next week.

Don't get me wrong he's a proven scorer but for example someone like Zorko is leagues above him this year (699 points from 6 rounds!) and probably worth the extra cash. (only in 8.7% of teams…..again POD)

Anyway just some food for thought of course comments welcome would like to hear everybody's views on the matter.

    HOLLA · 11/05/2016 at 16:10

    Great analysis southern. Although, i did have merrett locked into my side prior to the season only to swap him for wingerd at the 11th hour (dick head). I also traded Dusty in last week for Weitering.

      Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 16:15

      Yep it's scary going with someone unknown like Merrett, but that move at the start of the season would've paid off pretty big.

      I'm just worried everybody is getting the same defenders, now the same forwards and of course the same combination of about 10 midfielders. Plenty of garbage cookie cut teams going to be out there after the byes.

      Don't be the sheep people, be the shepherd.

        HOLLA · 11/05/2016 at 16:30

        Yeah i see what your saying ie everyone possibly have the same premos after the byes but only good teams that trade correctly will be able to get there. My midfield was definatley different to start. Didnt have ablett fyfe or gray. Went t.adams viney and shiel instead. Yet to pay off!

          Southern S · 11/05/2016 at 17:17

          Yeah I reckon everyone needs at least a couple of players under the 10% ownership on each line.

          Love the Viney pick under 5% ownership. Had him in and out of my team all preseason. Ended up out sadly.

    The master · 11/05/2016 at 16:19

    I agree, I put Dusty in due to his low BE and then did the same analysis as you and reversed the trades and put Zerrett in. cheaper and performing better year to date, just hope he continues now. May look at Dusty again later but for mow it allowed me to hang onto Kerridge and Trade Adams instead.

      Shake n bake · 11/05/2016 at 16:35

      Get Zorko there draw opens up now think he'll avg more here on.

        The master · 11/05/2016 at 16:39

        zorko is on my radar but cant afford him yet. With rocky out he should keep pumping the scores out.

Alex · 11/05/2016 at 16:03

Get OUT McGovern or Adams

JDP · 11/05/2016 at 16:05

G'day community
I need to trade one of Wietering or Adams this week.
What is your thoughts on who should be traded??

    HOLLA · 11/05/2016 at 16:51

    Whoever is back next should go first. If you plan to keep one then hold adams but i think both need to go.

John Hines · 11/05/2016 at 16:13

Petracca and buddy

TRIGGER HAPPY · 11/05/2016 at 16:17

Thanks mate.
Start of the cull. If the planet aligns going:
Mccarthy – dusty
Papley – montagna
Longeran – McVeigh (looking fwd to this one a gamble that didn't pay off)
AMT – Zorko.

The order may change depends who scored what (ie did someone have a bad/good day) but that is the plan the next 4 weeks.
Then Adams to Simmo after his bye.

    Liam · 11/05/2016 at 16:44

    Got a similar plan as well. Adams to Simmo is perfect.

      TRIGGER HAPPY · 11/05/2016 at 16:55

      What do you think of dils? Injured? Will b cheap in a couple of weeks. Worth the gamble? Can go big but injuries make me wary.
      Think I will save some coin up gets the rooks mooing and bring in zorko in a couple of weeks. B gr8 if he had an off week over g He next couple of weekends. 🙂

Bigballsboys · 11/05/2016 at 19:58

Thoughts on the Downgrade ;
Keays or macpherson?

Joe · 11/05/2016 at 21:22

Gday community, probably going with a double downgrade this week

Mills and McCarthy out for Keays and Petracca, leaving me with $420k and 21 trades to go.
Still holding onto Menadue, his BE is in the 20's and personally still think he has room to grow.

jimmydowland · 13/05/2016 at 09:46

Who are the two to trade out this weekend

Adams, Mills, McCarthy

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