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This is the emergency warning system.

PatchCoachKingsLogoIf you’re a defender and you play at the Western Bulldogs, get out. Get out now.
A rogue, vengeful agent is causing untold damages to dog defenders and we have no idea where they will strike next.
We’re losing men at a rate unseen since all the Gold Coast midfielders caught the plague last year, and we have grave concerns for all those who remain.
If you are in the danger zone, evacuate. The last chopper out of Saigon The Kennel leaves in 24 hours.
If you are still there when the last chopper leaves, may God have mercy on your knees, hamstrings and soul.
Helicopter Exit Panic Room


GOD DAMN, COMMUNITY. It’s a big one this week. A mammoth one. Too much to cram into a singular Panic Room. But I’ll be buggered if I don’t give it a shot.

Make sure you have a gander at Lek’s cheat sheet and Barron’s rookie report – they are pieces of Fantasy wisdom far greater than what which I can create.


Nathaniel Fyfe is done for at least 8 weeks, probably the year. He’s gotta go. Piss the Teen Wolf right off and bring in a mega, super dooper premo in his place. As much as I respect and treasure Peter Higginbotham, I think the stalwart of our teams needs a like for like replacement. The points need to be injected.

One man you shouldn’t replace Fyfe with is Robbie Gray. Not only because his last few games have been putrid, but because he’s gone and done a hammy and is out for up to 3 weeks. I’d hold him. Also on the outer this week at Port is Chad Wingard, who has concussion, and Matthew Lobbe, who has been dropped like a sack of potatoes. Hold Chad, ditch Lobbe.

Alex Rance has copped two weeks for his ugly hit on Jack Watts last week. Hold him, albeit begrudgingly, because that was a very, very poor act from someone otherwise regarded as a gentleman of the game.

Truck is finally in! Christian Petracca has been confirmed to make his debut against the Saints this week, and joins other handy rookie ins in Jade Gresham, Ben Keays and Ryan Davis.

We also see relative unknowns in Fantasy terms make their debuts in Aliir Aliir from the Swans and Kieran Lovell from the Hawks. West Coast have also named possibly debutant Tom Cole on the extended bench for Sunday’s game.

However, we see defensive rookies Tom Ruggles managed by the Cats and Tom Lee dropped by the Saints. However, if you’ve got neither of these two, you might be faced with the strangely disturbing sight of 30 selected players, with Sam Grimely and Mason Cox both staying in their respective sides.

Matt Suckling is the latest Dog to go down in the backline. I’m holding him, but he seems to be out for 4 weeks, which might be too long for most. You can go either way on him. The DPP makes him much easier to cover using the likes of Mitch Brown, Marcus Adams and Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti.

Two PODs that might hurt some this week include the resting of Devon Smith by the Giants to manage his knee and Tom Cutler’s nasty shoulder injury. He needs to be traded.

Anyone who has David Mundy (like my draft side) will be relieved to finally have him back. It will be interesting to see the role of Michael Barlow this week with Fyfe gone.

Scott Lycett is back for the Eagles, Ryan Crowley and James Polkinghorne have been named on the extended bench for the Bombers (Crowley should make the cut, ‘Horne probably won’t)

UPDATE: Collingwood hard nut Taylor Adams has been ruled out of the Pies’ trip to Perth with a knee injury. Tom Phillips is a chance to debut.

Oh god that was gruelling. What do I do next again?

Oh yes. How could I forget.


I’m not going to talk about Nat Fyfe. Jock, Higgo and Crouching extensively discussed this in the podcast this week, Lek brought it up in his cheat sheet.

I want to talk about trades. I’ve had a few people ask about trading Robbie Gray, many asking about Matthew Suckling and even someone somewhere asking if we should trade Alex Rance.

Many of you know the value of a trade. Many of you suffered the 24 trade game years ago. But for the sweet summer children who only know the game with 30 trades, trades are worth more than any material possession. As great Greek philosopher Homer said, trade is a like a beer.  They sound good, they look good and you’d step over your own mother to get one!

Panic Room Homer

But you can’t stop at one! You keep going and going, because they give you a nice buzz and you want to keep trading.

But come the depths of winter, many would sell their first born child for a few trades. By round 15, you willingly offer up limbs and by finals you’d sell your soul to the devil for just a solitary trade. Every time you go to use a trade, think long and hard about it. Then think again. If you don’t have to use it, don’t.

Or do. I mean I’m the Panic Room, not a cop. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Also, because I know you’ll ask about Fyfe anyway, I’m going to Luke Parker. I would also heartily endorse going to Gary Ablett, Scott Pendlebury, Callan Ward or Matt Priddis. In that order.


Gosh she’s a long one already, isn’t she? Quick refresher, if you score more than your breakeven, your price goes up. The more you outscore it, the more it goes up. The further short you fall of it, the more you crash.

Eddie Murphy’s

-78 – Darcy Bryne-Jones
-55 – Josh Wagner
-35 – Ciaran Bryne
-28 – Lincoln ‘The President’ McCarthy
-9 – Sam Kerridge
-5 – Michael Hartley
-5 – Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti
31 – Connor Menadue
43 – Marcus Adams
54 – Ben Kennedy

Dan Aykroyd’s

185 – Bachar Houli
170 – Stefan Martin
166 – Josh Gibson
164 – Tom Rockcliff
155 – Leigh Montagna
154 – Gary Ablett
146 – Mark Blicavs
136 – Dustin Martin
122 – Heath Shaw


This week, we are naming the Captain’s segment after noble steed Boaty McBoatface, to honour that name’s eternal struggle against party poopers everywhere. If you Tired McTiredface of this joke format, I have nothing more to say to you.

With a lot of rookies returning, many people are finding themselves in the same McBoatface as I am – with no loophole. If you do have a loop available, us it on Todd Goldstein. The Dogs don’t have a quality ruckman, and if we think back to the last time Todd rocked Etihad against a weak ruckman, he scored 200 points against Shaun McKernan. Lock. Him. In.

Max Gawn is a great selection this week, having developed into the monster we were all expecting. So too is Patrick Dangerfield against the Suns. Luke Parker should also enjoy himself against the Lions.


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the words likely don't sit well with me. i think gray is a trade for someone with up to 3 weeks out.


its not even up to 3 weeks. it could be more


They said 2 to 3 weeks


And he's going to plummet in value when he comes back. May as well trade him out now and get him back in 6 weeks when he's at rock bottom price. It'll be worth the 2 trades as the monetary value will probably be comparable to a downgrade/upgrade on any other week, and you'll get a stack of extra points in the meantime.


I'm holding Gray myself, but that's some nice thinking.


Fellas got a quick trading question! Got Lobbe in my team, and three players I'm not sure I want come end of the year (picked them as potential premos but none really paying off)
If you had to trade one of; Hurn, Birchall, or Stringer, to Petracca, to free up funds for Goldy, who would it be?


Probably stringer. There are about 6-10 premium forwards who should average over 100 and I don't see him as one of them.


With all these injuries stringer could be the one to benefit the most, libba is getting moved down back to fill that roll which gives the package an opening to run riot through the middle

Kevin Skywalker

Stringer then Hurn and Birchall in that order. Out got Birchall as a keeper (he should bounce back) the other two are really only stepping stones to the top 10 players

Southern S

Tough call but I'd probably trade Hurn as surely Stringer will have a big game or two soon?

Hurn is probably the safer pick the way he is scoring. Birchall should be ok don't be too discouraged by his score of 55.


I want to go Fyfe to danger, however I don't have the money. Is it worth trading Kennedy or menedue to petracca to free up the cash to allow this trade. Or should I wait since we don't know if petracca will play 3 game in a row and wait for him to be on the bubble. If I didn't do this trade I would trade Fyfe to Selwood.
Which option is better?
Appreciate thoughts…

Kevin Skywalker

Yes use a rookie to get Danger and Petracca. Petracca will be more consistent than Menadue or Kennedy. Most coaches will get him in over the next 2 weeks anyway

Southern S

Whilst I have faith in Petracca don't get carried away, wait for the bubble.


Still deciding who to trade Fyfe to. Will also be looking to trade out 1 of Weitering or Dea for a premium. Hopefully I have a better week than my last 2.

Kevin Skywalker

Going Fyfe to Hanners and R Gray to Ward…or Jelwood…or Pendles….

Southern S

I like it, strong decisive moves to performing mids.


G'day Community, got Fyfe, Gray (the Robbie variety) and Rance creating a stain in the underpants big time!

Obviously have to trade Fyfe and hold Rance (enough cover down back), but should do a second sideways trade and get rid of Robbie? If I hold, I'll have Rance and Robbie on the sidelines for at least the next 2 rounds.

I'm already down to 24 trades remaining…

Kevin Skywalker

I'm only trading Gray because I have 28 trades left ( before this round). With only 24 trades left I'd suggest holding him and hope he only misses 2. If you must trade maybe downgrade to Petracca early??


Hold Gray. Given you're already down to 24 trades there's no point in burning another if you have some bench cover.


Parker, Pap, Mills, Hewitt already in my side. Is adding Hannebery to the mix too much Swans exposure?

With Gray out, unless I replace him, I'll need to field 3 of Menadue, Mills, Hewett & Davis if I don't trade him out. Going for overall rank (just inside top 2000 atm) … who is next best as from Hannes? (I have Ablett, Parker, Danger, Priddis, Libba …)


James Sykes

Only parker and hannelbery would be keepers come byes so no problems


Good point, cheers!

Southern S

What's your whole team look like?

For instance you may be able to swap menadue forward for a Wellls/Kerridge/Hall type player and use McCarthy or AMT who you have on the bench as F5/F6?

Then you'd only need two out Mills, Hewett, Davis?


I could .. but that would mean Papley & McCarthy would be on the ground in FWD line (not necessarily a bad thing).


dea to boyd ?????


Maybe Boyd or Simpson, Docherty or Pittard?


Simpson the best choice of those four

I N Pieman

Outstanding work as always Patch. Always look forward to your article. For what it’s worth I would trade Robbie Gray if I had him. You could always get him for much cheaper around the byes, assuming he’s back. An option for owners could be trade him to Marc Murphy & pocket 100k whilst his price is down & then if you wanted to swap them later when their prices collide. Just a thought. Smurph plays the Bombers & Pies next 2


You get cash but burn 2 trades, not worth it IMO.


I'm leaning towards Liam here, but it's a bloody tough call. My run last year is leaving me more conservative this year.


I'd consider this if I hadn't traded much by this stage, but I can't afford to mess around like that. Sticking to my trade plan


Pie playing games


Re 30 selected players, Fyfe is my only chance at c loophole so I'll be holding him until after Goldsteins vc game tonight. If he monsters, Fyfe stays for another week

Southern S



Very VERY interesting, Jimmy!


Lucky for me I don't have that problem with Fyfe, Gray and Wingard all in my team.


Great thinking
Might do that myself as I have same problem


I am debating hard to trade Fyfe for Selwood. Pendels shoud be top of my list but he isnt as im not convinced on Collingwood as a whole. If your team doesn't have possession then you have less of it. Geelong wont have that problem. Thoughts


I'm thinking of doing the same. Selwood looks to have a higher ceiling than Pendles. Pendles however may be a little more consistent.

I'm thinking about trading out Dea moving Tippa back to defence on the ground. Then bring in Wright (Carl) to the forward line. Or should I trade out Kennedy and bring in Wright?

Southern S

Pendles was or is carrying a small injury though, could fire up especially if playing in the midfield full time.

Selwood's big scores were in wins over Brisbane and Port, not hugely convincing.

Hard to pick one at the moment, but I prefer pendles personally.


Yes they said Pendles carried an injury. I think that is reason enough to hold off on him for the time being. With Danger in the side I'm expecting Selwood to really cut lose. Selwood and Dangerfield are the new Batman and Robin. I'd will be hard to shut down one let alone both of these Super Hero's


Top 10 supercoach scorers last year: Beams from Brisbane (4 wins, 18 losses) avg 113.4
Gary Ablett avg 115. Gold Coast finished 16th (4 wins, 17 losses, 1 draw)
North finished 8th on the ladder.. goldy was the highest scoring player (13 wins, 9 losses)
Pendles avg 116. Collingwood finished 12th (10 wins, 12 losses)
Heath Shaw was the 10th best performer and GWS finished 11th on the ladder.
Premos are premos.


Like your thinking
Selwood is a premo and has been performing better though and with Danger around i dont think that will change


It's all about who you think will be in the top 8 by the end of the year. For me? Danger, Priddis, Hanners, Parker, Ward, Pendles, Ablett, Rocky/Sloane

Southern S

Like that top ten.


hey guys im currently sitting around 600th overall

i dont have fyfe or gray so no troubles

im sitting on 25 trades and am wondering do i do two trades e.g. dea/weitering downgrade and J.lonergan upgrade
to get to that premo team quicker or do i hold for a week?

any input would be great as ive never really been this high in the ranks before


Chris, I would hold. I think waiting has proven much more lucrative this season than jumping the gun. So many people jumped of Greene and he is performing (albeit inconsistently). Papley is not fattening as a cash cow when some jumped off.
Gresham & Davis are both back in after sitting out for a bit.
Patience is key.


good point lonergan is just killing me at the moment so im keen to get rid of him ASAP

James Sykes

I would send dea and lonergan to the knackery chris.


i would love to, lonergan is really annoying now but just conscious about trades as im on 25 already

Southern S

Yep I agree to trade lonergan he's scoring like a rookie back there may as well have traded him to one of the defence bubble boys last week.


yeah true but i wanted to trade him up so i keep moving up the ranks quickly but could trade him or dea to tucker this weeks and the other up to docherty?

Southern S

If you are 100% on Tucker's JS then consider it. Or take the risk on Petracca early as his JS seems really high.


yeah not 100% but i thought with menadue and others nearly ready to cull id move to petracca then


Surely lonegran will ton up this week with all the suns mids outs I am giving him one more week. I would hold your trades you are ranked nicely and the downgrades options will be over the next 2 weeks.

Southern S

Good points and Lonergan is listed as a follower according to the AFL website.


Chris when you're playing for overall its absolutely crucial that you sustain/improve your points because your opposition will and you could go from 600 to 2000 in a week.

You have enough trades just make sure you are upgrading to elite premiums none of those mid priced players that look HOT at the moment because chances are they wont be HOT by round 10 to 13

Don't trade in players like Petracca this week to generate cash either because if he gets injured or scores crap you'll be wasting another trade, wait and see how he goes this week and next week then downgrade to bring him in just before round 8 starts if all the hype lives up to expectation.


Delighted to read your holding Suckling, got some criticism on another thread here for saying the same.

Anyone know how B Crouch is tracking? If he can get back in the side next week would make Gray going down a bit easier…

Southern S

4 weeks is too long to hold a non premo. Was probably me that said the same thing to you in another thread!

If it turns into 5 what a disaster.


I see where your coming from and there is a chance I'll change my mind but his DPP will be very handy down the line. I selected at the start him for a reason and I do think he can avg 90 when fit. Still think Adams and Weitering will have a few more weeks in them so happy with them on field. (acknowledge Weitering needs a good score)

Crouch is bothering more than Suckling to be honest, feel like I'm waiting for a day that might never come!

Southern S

Hmmmm you've held crouch for many weeks now holding Suckling!

I like your patience and faith in players but if it becomes a trend and another player goes down it will become significant damage.


I'm thinking of trading out Fyfe for either Selwood, Pendlelbury or Hannebery.

Then trading out Dea moving Tippa back to defence on the ground. Then bring in Wright (Carl) to the forward line. Or should I trade out Kennedy and bring in Wright?

Southern S

Think I like the Dea trade better than the Kennedy due to the higher BE (67 vs 51), but anything could happen ie Dea tonnes up and Kennedy gets a 30.


Thanks Southern that is what worries me a little. either Dea or Kennedy could ton up. Kennedy's BE will come back down in the next few weeks. As where Dea's BE will hover around the 60's to 70's

Southern S

If I were you I'd probably just go with Fyfe to a premo at the moment and wait, unless you are dead set on getting Wright and you want him with his low BE of 42. I'm not convinced he's a top forward and feel the boat has kinda sailed there. He's already gone up 117k to over 400 now..


I think you're right Southern after thinking about it. I'll just go with the one premium trade Fyfe out and Selwood or Hanneberry in. If I go Selwood I'll have around $190K in the kitty. If I go Hanneberry I'll have a bank of $150K and 28 trades left


If you have 28 trades left you don't have much to worry about, Fyfe to whoever you wish and Dea via DPP to bring in Matthew Wright is a good move. I was going to do that however I then decided I am allot better off going Fyfe to Hanners then Dea vis DPP to either Ward, Pendles, Selwood or Parker the main points come from your midfield so I prefer to fill in my Midfielders first as there are quite a few to chose from.


What are we thinking about Cam Oliver? Will he get his place in the near future now that Petracca is in?

I have made one trade, Dea to Petracca as this gives me enough cash in the bank to go bang bang next week.


Same. Dea to Petracca. Only downside is I'll have to take either Ben Ken or R Davis' score.


Doing that trade is leaving me to start Ben Ken and Petracca both on field. (Or McGovern or Menadue)

They are playing St Kilda, so I trust them to both get half decent scores.


I have Petracca on field too and I'm happy with that, Kennedy/Davis could both easily spud it up.

Southern S

McGovern could surprise against Freo. Seems to be building slowly but surely.


I think I am missing something, how did you trade Dea to Petracca?


The magic of DPP Trading Fundamentals 101. 😉


And when I said Cam I totally meant Clayton!

James Sykes

Is it ok to trade in tom lee (even though not playing) to facilitate trading in sam mitchell with your second trade?

….outgoing will be dea and clay cameron.

Surely lee will be back in soon enough?

Southern S

Personally I'd trade in Petracca, smith or tucker over Lee if doing such a move, then again I wouldn't do such a move at all!

Why not wait till next week you may have a bubble boy you want and can upgrade then?


Need to field one of these 3 midfielders for Gray in SC Draft:

L.Hunter, T. Adams or J.Viney

Who should fill in for him this week? Based on form and opponent I might be backing in Viney this week.


Adams a late out, so yeah, perhaps Viney


Viney for me. He just seems hungry at the moment and his attack on the footy is second to none. Great young player!

Southern S



I think Lachie Hunter is gonna go BIG


Somewhere in the vicinty of 160 perhaps?


Trade Or hold Robbie Gray? and who do I trade him to? Thinking of either to Pendles or Hannerbry


Hannerbry for me. I am holding Gray this week and using him for the captain loophole. I will reassess next week, hopefully we'll then know exactly how long he'll be out for.

Southern S

It's a big call, if you have plenty of trades I'd be tempted to move him on.


How many trades would be plenty?


What's everyone's opinion on Callan ward ? Pretty consistent with not a lot of selection picks. Worth getting in ?

Southern S

Yes. Great POD, scoring well.


Tough draw coming up though?


I'll be bringing him in next week.


I started the season without Danger and have to trade out Fyfe. Everyone seems to be suggesting Parker or Ablett or Pendles or Priddis but no one has mentioend Danger as sideways option. Is this because it is viewed as a 'given' by the community that you should have Danger?


More or less. Danger has been a little up and down to say the least but he's still a must have really with that monster ceiling.

Could go huge against the Suns tomorrow so his price may not be coming down much any time soon. Even his BE of 145 is gettable by his standards when he's on.

So if you can afford him that's who I'd bring in for Fyfe.


Should i get either pendles jack viney sidebottom priddis or sam mitchell




Pedles, side bum or priddis. All good picks


dea to boyd ???


I love you Patch


Sam Mitchell at risk of getting rested this year???


Dahlhaus or Zorko? Both top 6 potentially but can only get one this round. Will bring in the other after the byes.




What about Pav!!


Get rid of ben ken, hewitt or davis ?
Was thinking bken but he has dual position status and is in my mids
Money isnt a issue


Ben Ken if you have to ditch one. Won't make much more.


Looking to turn Fyfe into a POD with potential to go huge in the forward line.

Who's the best bet outta Tony "Pig" Lockett, Tony "Godra" Modra, Matty "Grass" Lloyd and Brendan "Pressure Point" Fevola?

Southern S

Plugger for sure.


Lockett gives away too many free kicks and would miss too many games after whacking 3 blokes in the one melee. Modra takes plenty of uncontested marks on the lead and unfortunately you get the same points for mark of the year as for a normal contested mark. Lloyd would have been Supercoach gold back in the day, and I think I picked Fev when he went up to Brissy and he's a real burn man so no good there.

Probs the Velvet Sledgehammer.


I totally agree however you have to take into account value for money. I don't have enough money in my COLA to plug Plugger into my forward line. Similarly Lloyd and Modra seem to demand too much money from my salary cap.

Fev on the other hand can be brought into my side for a pack of Winnie Blue's and 2 tinny's of Jim Beam in the sheds at half time so at this price I just can't look past him.


I'm opting to trade gray and my three options are Treloar, Ziebell or Cotchin. Thoughts?


Treloar for me

Southern S

Ziebell. But I think they are all risky-ish picks.


Im goin for the risky sort of pick i just cant decide


I heard Treloar out with a knee this week? Others not really in the mix for overall so unless you can engineer a trade up to a super premo probably not worth it.


i went with Sam mitchell dw


COMMUNITY! Help needed! I have Garrick Ibbotson in my defence along with weitering and dea. Which should I trade out this week for Kade Simpson



I would personally remove Ibbotson, both Dea and Weitering have potentially still a little appreciating to do and I can see Ibbotson being a stain in your underpant for the year. You can look to move both Dea and Weitering on in 1 or 2 weeks time.


Have no loophole option this week
Change to Goldy from Parker
Trade in Tom Lee or someone not playing to do loophole
Please community help!!!


I wouldn't waste a trade on a non playing player


Thoughts on the young lad from Carlton Bootsma?

Southern S

Had a spectacular mop on his head. What's he got to do with supercoach though?


DUD avoid

The Ranger

Gun. Almost as good as Dawson but not quite eh Mick?


Best Midfield PODs to trade in


Ward, Sidebottom, Dahlhaus, Shuey, Sloane, Ziebell, Hanley, Treloar in no particular order


Community i'm thinking of going left field with a trade here, fyfe to Viney is this ludicrous?


He's not proven, so you'd be trading a proven premo for a player on the rise. It's definitely a risk but I wouldn't say ludicrous


Very dependent on Melbourne and Viney continuing good form, and both are unproven. Could have the odd down day which might hurt your team. Situation dependent I think.


I've got Lobbe and need to move him on to avoid a donut. As much as I think Gawn is in great form I can't bring myself to pay 620k.
At the moment I'm leaning towards Stef Martin despite the high breakeven (love his finals run). Any compelling reason not to bring him in?

Southern S

Goldy and Gawn appear to be number one and two in the league, Top players are usually worth their money.

Gawn has had a 160 and a 172 this year. His total score for the year 617 compared to Goldy 639. He's worth 620k.

Martin is nowhere near them on 445.


Was affected by concussion in the last 2 rounds. No point chasing Gawn's past scores in my view


At least you know with Gawn you are paying for quality and that has an added bonus of consistency this season. With Melbourne on the rise, thanks plenty to him, you are getting what you pay for. I'd be in the opposite boat to Slatsy and say its risky money betting on someone other than Gawn or Goldy to improve to that level.


martin will be a really good pick once he's at his bottom, then hell go back to being at top 5 ruckman


I need to trade Fyfe out and have been tossing up between Pedlebury, Ward and Selwood all week. Thoughts??? should I just flip a coin??


Hi community, need help

Im trading Dea to Petracca and Ben Kennedy to Selwood

Or hold trades this week.


thoughts on Sloane?


Thoughts on Ziebell as a replacement for Fyfe? Gets the contested ball (esp tonight against the doggies) and a fairly cruisey next few weeks.


Too late now better options at that price


Weitering to Simpson
Dea to M.Boyd


Would hold both. Dea to Boyd if you must


Ok thoughts on:
Fyfe to Petracca yes I realise it would be better on the bubble but…
and Weitering or Dea to H Shaw
would leave me $431k to upgrade possible 2 in the coming weeks to the likes of selwood and pendlebury.
Fyfe to Sloane for a POD
Weitering to Shaw
leaves me about 11k ranked 253rd overall thoughts would be appreciated I have reversed trades about 20 bloody times.


i'm taking the shortcut and going Fyfe to Shaw via DPP


and holding Weitering and Dea for now?


Pendles (2trades) vs Sloane (1trade) ???


What would the second trade be ?


S Gray + Bank to Sloan, don't have enough to get Pendlebury with a single trade.


What would be the second trade if you were to get Pendles


Kennedy or Menadue to Petracca


Great work Patch.

From your Eddie list, you could add Tim O'Brian BE -49 and on the bubble (not that you'd pick a Hawks rookie with low JS). There are a couple of other Eddie's but probably not worth mentioning.


you might be surprised with Tim. His first two games he spent a bit of time as a tall in defense and he did a pretty good job, wouldn't be surprised Clarkson has a role for him to play in defense. mind you i wouldn't pick him.


What about Sidebottom as POD for Fyfe?

Southern S

He's a good player but not convinced by one big score on the blowout against essendon.

Other games he got roughly 100 and he's only played 3. Not sure.

Grahame Lebroy

Wondering people's thoughts on Darcy Tucker's job security with Fremantle? Does anyone think he will get consistent game time for the remainder of the year?


Highly rated and with the way they are going I would say he has some JS, also Johnson out with a hammy.

I'll keep a close eye on him to consider for next week.


Saving Fyfe for loophole option
If Goldy gets like 200 then Fyfe will stay for a week
If not I will trade him for Pendles


Waiting for a Better BE for Shaw to trade in Weitering


its either this week or next. has a BE of about 122, next week his 70 score drops out of his 3 round average, so his BE will be significantly less next week, unless he has a shocker against the hawks.


Think I may trade gray and grab him back later for a fattened rook….. Considering Sloane , good option ? POD


Def: Shaw, Laird, Weitering, Adams, Dea, Tippa (DBJ, Byrne)

Do I trade Dea for Docherty to strengthen it up or do I hold??


Go for it


Thoughts on M.Boyd?