The Rookie Scout: Round 5

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Barron Von Crow

It was another inconsistent week produced by our rookies in fantasy football last week, but we’ll all have weeks like that in fantasy football, where it seems we cannot make a right decision on who to start and who to bench.

We had some continued dud performances from the likes of Tom Papley again, but also have some very interesting prospects on the bubble like Darcy Byrne-Jones for example. There are a few rookies who are starting to look like they may soon be at the stage where we look to move them out, while there are a few other rookies who look like they’ll give us a few more weeks of valuable scores yet.

A lot of these cheap blokes will come in very handy over the weekend in CoachKings.. many of them feature in fixtured contests down at your local venue. With $1000 cash now up for grabs every week I know I’ll be front and square down at my local competing for the grand!

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Callum Mills

SC Price: $271,800 | AF Price: $274,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,400
Round 4 Stats: 23 disposals, 8 marks, 3 tackles, 5 inside 50’s, 84 SCPoints, 92 AFPoints, 109 CK Points

A great rebound game after a disappointing Round 3 for Mills. He worked well across half back and had 9 intercept possessions (3rd best for the Swans), while also having 3 clearances and was only let down by the 5 clangers he recorded. BE is sitting at 20 this week, so still value left in him and hopefully he can put in another repeat effort against the Eagles this week.

Clayton Oliver

SC Price: $271,700 | AF Price: $291,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,400
Featured CoachKings Contest: Sunday, Melbourne VS Richmond
Round 4 Stats: 11 disposals, 2 marks, 8 tackles, 41 SCPoints, 60 AFPoints, 37 CKPoints

A quietish game for Oliver in Round 4, though he still put in a big defensive effort in the middle with 8 tackles (2nd best for the Demons) and 21 pressure acts (4th best for the Demons). 8 of his 11 disposals were handpasses, which is the likely reason for his lower Supercoach score last week. He’s at about the same level as Mills now with a BE of 29, he could easily put up a bigger score next week, so hold on to him for at least another fortnight.

Ryan Davis

SC Price: $178,900 | AF Price: $212,000 | CoachKings Price: $4,800
Round 4 Stats: 8 disposals, 1 tackle, 2 goal assists, 37 SCPoints, 31 AFPoints, 44 CKPoints

A season low 62% ToG for Davis, he just did not really get involve d in the contest at all after the first quarter, recording 1 disposal in the 2nd quarter, 2 in the 3rd and 1 in the 4th. He made use of the ball when he did get it and had a pair of goal assists, so that is something and his BE of 17 means he’s still got some cash potential left for now, we just have to hope he’ll hold his spot in the team.

Darcy Parish

SC Price: $309,100 | AF Price: $361,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,300
Featured CoachKings Contest: Monday, Collingwood VS Essendon
Round 4 Stats: 24 disposals, 2 tackles, 5 clearances, 4 inside 50’s, 83 SCPoints, 65 AFPoints, 62 CKPoints

He looks like the pick of the litter for midfield rookies this year, another big effort from Parish, though again he had 16 handpasses from his 24 disposals. Adding 5 clearances and 4 rebound 50’s is a great effort though, and I’d look to lock him in for the big ANZAC Day clash in CoachKings. Keep starting him and hopefully he can continue the consistent scoring he’s displayed over the first month of the season.


Connor Menadue

SC Price: $209,300 | AF Price: $237,000 | CoachKings Price: $4,400
Featured CoachKings Contest: Sunday, Melbourne VS Richmond
Round 4 Stats: 15 disposals, 2 marks, 4 tackles, 58 SCPoints, 52 AFPoints, 50 CKPoints

He has yet to hit double digit in kicks and recorded a season low of just 3 with 12 handballs for his 15 possessions, with 11 being uncontested last week. That’s going to limit his Supercoach scoring potential for sure. Richmond as a whole are struggling and with scores in the 50’s looking common for him and a BE of 34 his time could be drawing near.

Sam Kerridge

SC Price: $269,700 | AF Price: $377,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,800
Featured CoachKings Contest: Sunday, Fremantle VS Carlton
Round 4 Stats: 26 disposals, 5 marks, 2 tackles, 4 clearances, 4 inside 50’s, 78 SCPoints, 76 AFPoints, 61 CKPoints

He was the leading possession winner for the Blues last week, but the 6 clangers hurt (3 were frees against though) his score, which could have easily been a 100 point game. He had a bit more clearance work last week, recording 4, which is the 2nd highest result for him this year, which hopefully something that continues. The Kedge’s BE is just 16, so keep starting him and I would look for him to have a good game against Freo, so he’s an option for CoachKings too.

Ben Kennedy

SC Price: $288,200 | AF Price: $311,000 | CoachKings Price: $6,800
Featured CoachKings Contest: Sunday, Melbourne VS Richmond
Round 4 Stats: 22 disposals, 4 marks, 1 goal, 3 clearances, 3 inside 50’s, 64 SCPoints, 73 AFPoints, 80 CKPoints

Kennedy’s stats were back to what they were in Rounds 1 and 2, but with 4 clangers and a disposal efficiency of just 68% his Supercoach score didn’t rise to the 100’s that it was in the first fortnight of the season. He could be getting very close to being farmed off with his BE currently sitting at 56, though another effort like Round 1 or 2 would see him gain another couple of weeks. He scored 80 in CoachKings last week and is currently priced for an average of 85, so there may be better valued pics available there on Sunday.

Tom Papley

SC Price: $224,300 | AF Price: $229,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,600
Round 4 Stats: 5 disposals, 2 tackles, 2 behinds, 24 SCPoints, 22 AFPoints, 17 CKPoints

Papley had a season low 61% ToG against the Crows last week, and recorded season lows in pretty much every statistical category. His 76 minutes on field was the lowest for a Swans player this year, apart from George Hewett who recorded 62 minutes time on ground in Round 3 before he was dropped. Papley now has a BE of 62 and with many other rookies right on their first price rises it could be the time to trade him out, especially since his spot in the Swans side is probably not guaranteed at this stage.

Wayne Milera

SC Price: $215,200 | AF Price: $231,000 | CoachKings Price: $4,400
Featured CoachKings Contest: Friday, Hawthorn VS Adelaide
Round 4 Stats: 9 disposals, 1 mark, 1 behind, 1 tackle, 27 SCPoints, 25 AFPoints, 26 CKPoints

Milera sat out the majority of the last quarter with a quad injury and won’t be taking part in the Crows game on Friday VS Hawthorn. It’s looking like he’ll be out for a fortnight and I’d say there’s a good chance he’d struggle to return to the side after the injury. I would look to potential move him out this week if you have him.

Mitch McGovern

SC Price: $205,300 | AF Price: $224,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,000
Featured CoachKings Contest: Friday, Hawthorn VS Adelaide
Round 4 Stats: 11 disposals, 4 marks, 2 goals, 3 tackles, 4 inside 50’s, 68 SCPoints, 64 AFPoints, 92 CKPoints

McGovern had another solid game, nailing 2 goals and also provided plenty of forward line pressure. While scores in the 60’s aren’t probably what we’d want for a starting player, you can safely leave him on your bench with his BE sitting at -8, which means he’s still potentially got another 4 weeks at a minimum if he keeps scoring at his current pace. In CoachKings he’s currently priced to score 62 and pulled a 92 last week, so definitely consider him as a forward line option on Friday night. 

Lincoln McCarthy

SC Price: $193,900 | AF Price: $204,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,300
Featured CoachKings Contest: Saturday, Port Adelaide VS Geelong
Round 4 Stats: N/A

McCarthy was given last week off in order to manage his workload due to previous injury issues (he missed all of the 2013 and 2015 seasons with a foot injury and half of 2014 with a back injury), he’ll be a solid chance to return to the Cats squad this week, so don’t go trading him out just yet.


Jacob Weitering

SC Price: $333,300 | AF Price: $306,000 | CoachKings Price: $7,600
Featured CoachKings Contest: Sunday, Fremantle VS Carlton
Round 4 Stats: 15 disposals, 5 marks, 4 rebound 50’s, 73 SCPoints, 47 AFPoints, 63 CKPoints

A decent return for Weitering, who still scored 73 in Supercoach despite recording 5 clangers, 3 of which were free’s against. He’s probably been the pick of the rookie defenders this year, along with Marcus Adams and still has a great BE of -6. I’d continue to start him for at least the next month and he’ll make a very interesting DEF pick in CoachKings on Sunday.

Matthew Dea

SC Price: $293,000 | AF Price: $287,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,400
Featured CoachKings Contest: Monday, Collingwood VS Essendon
Round 4 Stats: 16 disposals, 6 marks, 3 tackles, 2 inside 50’s, 73 SCPoints, 79 AFPoints, 74 CKPoints

It finally happened, Matty Dea recorded 2 clangers against the Cats, the first time this year, including the NAB Challenge games where he’s had more than 1 clanger for a game. His disposal efficiency was also down against the Cats, sitting at 62%, with it being between 80-93% in his other games this year. That’s probably just a credit to the Cats pressure last week. I’d continue to start with him though and I would probably consider him as a cheaper option for CoachKings on Monday.

Marcus Adams

SC Price: $301,800 | AF Price: $310,000 | CoachKings Price: $9,600
Round 4 Stats: 12 disposals, 5 marks, 3 tackles, 72 SCPoints, 55 AFPoints, 83 CKPoints

It’s probably natural that Adams would have a quiet game against Carlton, he’s the anchor of the Bulldogs defence and the ball only spent 35% of the time in Carlton’s forward half, not that 72 SCPoints is a bad score from a rookie at all. His current BE of 9 means he’ll still be in our teams for quite a while yet, so don’t go panicking and thinking about getting rid of him yet!

Darcy Byrne-Jones

SC Price: $123,900 | AF Price: $169,000 | CoachKings Price: $4,600
Featured CoachKings Contest: Saturday, Port Adelaide VS Geelong
Round 4 Stats: 21 disposals, 5 marks, 3 tackles, 97 SCPoints, 84 AFPoints, 113 CKPoints

As of writing, Byrne-Jones is the most traded in player in Supercoach this week, with 19.91% of teams trading him in, while he is also the most popular choice for players trading out both Jason Johannisen (5.7% of TopDeck owners have made this trade) and Tom Papley (4.6% of Papley owners have traded him for DBJ). Can’t fault that logic at all, he’s one of the few Power players who could probably justify his spot in the team at this stage. Give him definite consideration in CoachKings as well; his score of 113 put him up there with the likes of other defenders such as Sam Docherty, Jeremey McGovern, Rory Laird, Jamie McMillan and Dean Rampe last week.

Ciaran Byrne

SC Price: $123,900 | AF Price: $171,000 | CoachKings Price: $3,700
Featured CoachKings Contest: Sunday, Fremantle VS Carlton
Round 4 Stats: 15 disposals, 4 marks, 2 tackles, 67 SCPoints, 54 AFPoints, 50 CKPoints

An OK game from Byrne, one that could have been a lot better if he could have avoided the clangers, recording 7 of them against the Bullies. He should continue to hold his place in the Blues side though, so Byrne will likely be the 2nd most traded in Byrne this week. He’s currently priced to average 46 in CoachKings and produced a 50 last week, so I wouldn’t make him an automatic selection, but picking him would free up some serious cash elsewhere.

Tom Ruggles

SC Price: $102,400 | AF Price: $174,000 | CoachKings Price: $4,300
Featured CoachKings Contest: Saturday, Port Adelaide VS Geelong
Round 4 Stats: 17 disposals, 2 marks, 40 SCPoints, 50 AFPoints, 34 CKPoints

Clangers again undermining a rookie’s fantasy score, Ruggles recorded 5 last week, after only having 1 in Round 3. With the return of Corey Enright on the cards this week, we’ll have to hope Ruggles can keep his spot in the side. Even if he does retain his spot this week, he’ll also have to deal with the potential return of Jed Bews as well. We’ll just have to hope he can hold his spot for the next month or so and put up some decent scores so we can at least make some cash off of him.

Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti

SC Price: $238,800 | AF Price: $256,000 | CoachKings Price: $5,600
Featured CoachKings Contest: Monday, Collingwood VS Essendon
Round 4 Stats: 23 disposals, 3 marks, 4 inside 50’s, 106 SCPoints, 70 AFPoints, 98 CKPoints

Walla may be approaching must start status for a rookie defender, with Supercoach scores of 84, 71 and 106 over his last 3 games. He was in the top 5 for both score involvements and intercept possessions last week and didn’t record a single clanger for the 2nd time this year. I’d give serious consideration to starting him in all formats of fantasy football this week.


Toby Nankervis rucked for the Swans on Saturday night, but I expect him to be straight out once Callum Sinclair returns.


Liam Sumner – Sumner only had 7 touches in his debut game for the Blues last week, but did kick a pair of goals. Tough to see him getting big possession numbers if he’s in the forward 50, but we’ll get another week to evaluate him before he’s on the bubble.

Matthew Goodyear – Played in Round 3 VS the Saints, but was very quiet. Dropped from the side, but there’s a chance he’ll be back soon.

Josh Wagner – Might be a better AFL Fantasy pick than Supercoach, but did have a big game last week with 24 touches. On the bubble this week, but I think most people will go for DBJ instead.

Nakia Cockatoo – Produced a 29 in Round 3, but then had a score of 92 in Round 4. I’d probably expect some inconsistent scoring like that from him, so wouldn’t be rushing to trade him in just yet.

Tim O’Brien – Played 4 games last year and made his 2016 debut last week for the Hawks. Scored 62 in Supercoach, but I’d be wary of any youngster’s job security at the Hawks.

Tom Lee – Has only played 13 games in 3 years prior to last week at the Saints, though he’s playing as a defender now instead of up forward. 19 disposals and 5 marks last week, but only had 4 contested possessions and 1 contested mark in all that, which means he might be better for AFL Fantasy than Supercoach.


Liam McBean – Had 18 disposals, 8 marks and kicked 5.1 for the Tigers against Footscray. If the Tigers want to change things up, adding the 202cm McBean might be a move up forward for them.

Nathan Freeman – Sandringham had the bye in the VFL and VFL Development league last week, so no action for Nathan Freeman to report. The Sandringham VFL Development side has another bye this week due to the TAC side taking on Northern Territory, so Freeman isn’t guaranteed to play unless he’s brought up to the main VFL side to play Footscray on Saturday.

Christian Petracca – Made it look easy again, with 29 disposals, 10 marks and kicked 1.1 in the Casey Scorpions win vs Collingwood. It’s only a matter of time before he debuts for the Demons.

Jack Trengove – It was Trengove’s 2nd game for the Casey Scorpions, making his return from his footy injury and he had 20 disposals, 8 tackles and kicked 1.1 after very limited action in Round 1.

Mason Cox – A massive 51 hitouts for the big American, along with 7 disposals and a goal. Keep an eye on him, serious chance he makes his AFL debut in the Anzac Day match with Travis Cloke failing to fire and also being under an injury cloud.

Rupert Wills – Drafted last year by Collingwood from their VFL side, he had 34 touches, 9 clearances, 9 tackles and a goal for the Pies in the VFL last week. He’s currently averaging 32 disposals, 6 marks and 7 tackles. Good size for a mifielder at 191cm and 89kg’s.

Darcy Tucker – Pick #27 from last year’s draft for the Dockers, he’s currently averaging 18 disposals, 6 marks and 2 tackles over the 3 games he’s played for the Peel Thunder in the WAFL and has been on the emergency list for the Dockers over the last fortnight.

Sam Collins – Tall defender for the Dockers, he’s averaged 18 disposals and 8 marks over 4 WAFL games. Only 117K in Supercoach, but tall defenders aren’t traditionally the best scorers in SC, so maybe one to watch for CoachKings.

Tom Keough – Keough is on the Suns rookie list, but with Mitch Hallahan breaking his foot last week there’s scope for him to be brought up. He has averaged 15 disposals, 4 marks and 4 tackles so far this year in the NEAFL, though he only played half a game last week. He’s a MID/FWD in Supercoach, but has been used as a taller defender in the NEAFL this year

Ben Keays – Netted 29 disposals, 6 tackles and 1.1 in Brisbane’s big loss to the Gold Coast in the NEAFL derby last week.

Joshua Schoenfeld – Schoenfeld had 21 disposals, 6 marks and 2.1 for the young midfielder against Brisbane in the NEAFL derby.

Jack Hiscox – Hiscox was a 2nd round pick for the Swans back in the 2014 draft and had 13 disposals, 7 marks and kicked 5.1 VS Redland in the NEAFL last week.

Jacob Hopper – Made the Giants 25 man squad in Round 4, but didn’t make the 22 man team. Went up against Eastlake in the NEAFL and had 38 disposals, 6 marks, 4 tackles and 2 goals. He’s 193K in Supercoach, but could be in line for a debut soon.

Jarrod Pickett – Cross him off your lists, the #4 pick from the 2014 draft is out for the year with a Lisfranc injury (the same injury that Dane Swan suffered).  He didn’t show much scoring potential in his NAB 1 game anyway.

And that’ll be it for me this week. Any rookies you’re considering swapping too? Or are you looking to lock in a particular guy in your CoachKings side? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Twitter @BarronVonCrow

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All eyes will be on the team announcements. If Paps isn't named i'd imagine most people will be dumping him for DBJ.

It would be great if Petracca (and a few other midfielder rookies) gets named this week, ideal for rookie culling in 2 weeks time.


He's one rookie who should have pretty good JS once he debuts.

So you may be able to jump on him early before he's technically on the bubble if there's a cash cow you badly need to cull next week or the week after and there aren't better options.


Shaw, rance, docherty (Hartley)
Weitering, dea, Adams (brown)

Ablett, Pendles, Gray, Parker
Cripps, Libba, mills, Kennedy
(Davis, Gresham, menadue)

Martin, Nic nat

Martin, Barlow, s.gray
Wells, kerridge, papley
(Tippa, McCarthy )

Ranked top 1000 last year and now roughly 40k+ season has been shocking, any thought what to do ?


Wait for team selections, but the popular choice seems to be:
Papley out swing a dpp defender to forward and buy DBJ.

Trade S gray if you're over it and depending on your coin grab a premo fwd, or swing Kennedy fwd and grab a midfield premo.


Fix the forward line, leaking points


if you're reading all the other comments, you'll see a fair bit of weight for Papley and S Gray to move on.

If bring in one Byrne in def with a dpp and use the remaining cash to grab a premo fwd or mid.


Move Adams and Brown Forward for Gray and Pap
Trade in Wagner and DBJ down back
Increase $ for premo upgrade next week!
Welcome! ;o)


another great article but Barron and community have no idea what to do with my team as Cutler De Goey and Sheridan are under peforming so what possible trades could i make i have 96k in the bank and ranked 6000

DEF: Houli , Laird, Adams , Weitering , Dea , Sheridan – Bench: Cutler , Ruggles

MID: Danger, Ablett , Hannebery , Gray , Priddis, Shiel , Adams , Parish- Bench: davis , Hewett, Gresham

RUC: Gawn, Nic Nat- Bench: Lorensch

FWD: Hall, Wells, Kerridge, BKenedy, AMT, De Goey- Bench: Menadue, Loophole Rookie

this was one possibe trade i could make this week Sheridan & Hewett —> DBJ & Westhoff

Community if you Have better trade idea's please help out a fellow supercoacher and comment suggestion


you are a tough marker!

Cutler scored a 97 on the weekend (not bad for a $290k defender), increased in value $30k, with more to come!


Any clue when B Crouch is in line to return?
Not sure if I should upgrade Crouch to Danger or C.Mills to a Zaha/Gray option


I believe there was talk that he could play this weekend. Just have to wait for team sheets later today I guess.


im pretty sure crouch got ruled out for this week

I N Pieman

Nice work as always Barron. The short term accommodation afforded to papsmear has led to an early eviction notice. Generates some cash & dpp swing into the fwd line. Tick & tick


Mr consistent rookie must go to Darcy Parish. 3 weeks now scored over 80 points, the last 2 scored 83 exactly. Nice to just plonk him on the field and know what you are gonna get, nothing massive just nice and consistent. Kid loves a contest and also gets it on the outside. Not much of him but gives his all every week. Big tick for the bombers recruiters.


It wasn't really their choice in the end. It was out of Oliver and Parish and was always going to be whoever the Dees didn't take at the earlier pick. Reckon both clubs would have to be super content with their respective selections.

Tommy M

Bachar Houli or Josh Gibson to trade in for JJ??


Bang bang

Tommy M

Who? ahaha


Houli for me but flip a coin.

Southern S

Docherty, total season score higher than Houli's and save 50k.


Is Gresham to Byrne worthy of a trade?


I had done that trade but I decided to reverse it.
If you are in need of cash go for it though, (or DBJ).


I have already acquired DBJ from Papley trade.
Just wondering if it's worth the extra trade to bring in Ciaran too?
Just want optimum cash generation at this stage.
Gut says hold Jade think I will wait for something more promising


Here is my team
Am just outside top 1000

Def: Shaw, Laird, Weitering, Adams, Dea, Tippa (DBJ, Brown)
Mid: Fyfe, Danger, GAJ, Parker, Libba, M.Crouch, Kennedy, Mills (Davis, Gresham, Dunkley)
Rucks: Goldy, NicNat (Grimley)
Fwd: Martin, Hall, Barlow, Wells, Kerridge, Menadue (Papley, Petracca)

Have $446k and 27 trades left after trading JJ this week.
Any suggestions Community???


Papley to Premium – take your pick.
I'd go Robbie Gray!

(Love the Matt Crouch pick too)


I'd hold off on Gray for now. Going to be cheaper next week and probably cheaper again the week after. Go for someone like Zorko this week IMO


Saving Papley for later
He only needs one of his big scores to get his BE back down


Also, will we be thinking of Jack Trengove from Melbourne, when he starts playing???
At $156k will he be a good option???


Yes when he's named for 3rd.


I have S Gray and having sleepless nights about what to do with him. Do I trade him for Franklin, Zorko (fwd), or JPK, Sloane (mids) Or keep him and hope he improves his outputs

Southern S

Up to you but another bad score and the burns will be the third degree type.


Zorko, without a doubt.I got rid of Barlow and got him in last week. It was a good decision.


Traded him to fyfe yesterday murray, slept like a baby last night


who do you guys reckons gonna finish scoring higher. Rich, Biggs or Suckling



Southern S

Biggs? But I wouldn't take any of them.


thanks guys.


Rance or Docherty for Top Deck?

Southern S



Chances of Martin being a late out this week?


Gday Community! I would love for someone to criticise my team and give me a second opinion on what I should do this week. Looking at 2 trades although I've already used 6. I'm going for a league win fierce league – not overall rank DEF: Adams, Weitering, Dea, Lonergan, Sheridan, Rich, (Brown, Hartley) MID: Parker, Danger, Ablett, Priddis, Shiel, Hunter, M.Crouch, Mills, (Menadue, Davis, Hewett) RUC: Goldstein, Gawn, (Grimley) FWD: Hall, Wells, J.Riewoldt, Kerridge, B.Kennedy, McDonald-Tipungwiti, (C.Ellis, Papley) $455,000 to spend in the kitty. I was thinking of trading Sheridan > Darcy Byrne-Jones and M.Crouch > Zaharakis. OR… Papley > Z.Merrett and M.Crouch to Zaharakis. Thoughts??? Getting Byrne Jones in only deepens the war chest and I have two league wins to start off so I'm in a good position


Bangers bang


What do u mean bangers lol



Southern S

Matt Crouch BE of 66 HOLD!


Well what you think I should trade to? I got the bloke on top of the ladder. Competitive league!

Southern S

Maybe the Sheridan+Papley trade to to DBJ and Merret.

Or lonergan in the place of Sheridan, depends who you think is going to increase their output. Both have a 75 BE.

Crouch has racked up 27 and 28 touches the last two weeks along with 5 and 4 tackles.

Grahame Lebroy

Thanks again for the around the grounds stuff BVC great stuff




Get rid of Papley & Hewitt.
DBJ & Byrne are apt replacements via DPP


Next week double upgrade in Defence!!


If Davis doesn't hold his spot is he gone?

Also Docherty or Kade Simpson?

Southern S

The Doc!


Docherty I think. But judging by the way things are going, we might as well go a blues back like – weitering, Simpson, docherty, Byrne…


Weekend is rolling around again and I can almost feel the eyes welling up thinking about what my tigers are going to put out on the park. Please, please give us something inspiring.

I feel your pain Crouching! Hand me the rum… oh the life of a yellow-n-black supporter.


My favourite article every week is The Scout.Fantastic research and write ups of everything rookie to keep us up to date week in week out.
Just hope more new mid rookies can get a start in the next couple of weeks.Thanks again Barron


The defence is scoring well bar Sheridan and Lonergan. Sheridan is a burnman has to go. Lonergan on the cusp. If I can bring in a DBJ scoring the same average he should rise to 350k at best. Perfect for bench cover later.


Granted Sheridan is not shooting the lights out, but he's also not that bad – roughly hitting his average. Not a long term prospect but also not the highest priority to fix either.

Southern S

You don't know what a burn man is if you think Sheridan is one. A burn man drops games and value.


These are the trades I am considering. Would appreciate your thoughts?
Barlow to Ward and
Papley to Byrne Jones


Sheridan doesn't go to Crouching One's Gym though


Fascinated to see which melbourne and richmond teams show up. It could be a really good game…………. or the greatest AFL comedy show ever seen (cue Benny Hill theme)

Southern S

Geez Cambell Brown and Carey tipping the crows to beat Hawks. I'm a crows fan but not too sure about that call.

I'm tipping the Dees over Richmond they beat them 83-51 last year.

Average Joe

Same could be said about Collingwood vs Essendon

Southern S

Could be a cracker, get ready for the bombers to get their second win!


Petracca named. Excellent news!!

Average Joe

All the news from teams:

Ruggles still in, McCarthy back, Jacob Hopper named in 25 man squad, Mason Cox will debut, Grimly named 25 man squad, Hewett is back, Ryan davis rested, Rockliff back, Petracca named in 25 man squad, clayton oliver rested, Deledio is back, Darcy tucker named in 25 man squad

Southern S

Kennedy could lose his spot but it's unlikely.

Southern S

Jarryd Lyons in for his third game.

Southern S

Davis rested.

Southern S

Sorry Joe thought you missed Davis!

Interesting ins and outs.

Average Joe

Yeh very interesting stuff, apparently Cloke isn't playing Monday now. If that is true then Mason Cox should be named

Southern S

Lachie henderson managed and keeps Ruggles in it seems. Maybe Ruggles will play most weeks as geelong rotates it's defenders. Smart strategy by geelong to keep it's players fresh.

McCarthy in as stated.


Anyone for ideas on captains this week?

I've got the C on Pendlebury at the moment thinking he'll have a huge one on Anzac Day.

Southern S

Mitchell, Ablett, Danger, Goldstein, Fyfe, The usual suspects.

Smoky Pendlebury, Zaharakis, Robbie Gray, Selwood, JPK.


Gaz, Gaz, and more Gaz. Averages 157 (!!!!!!!!) in his past 6 games against the Roos with a "low" score of 138. Fyfe against Blues, Danger is due for his up week.


Not afraid of the Ben Jacobs effect mate?


He may do, but risky. Do you have a good VC loophole option?


what about another smokey of max gawn, who is playing against an underdone maric. Maric gets tired and gawn runs rings around him and scores huge.

Southern S



A smokey in Goldstein, playing former teammate Curry and should smash him, especially around the ground.

Southern S

He's not a smokey but a confident lock I reckon!


Smokey vc on gibbo friday night then one of danger gaz fyfe goldy or gawn. Fyfe vs carlton could be the one

The Ranger

I'm going Priddis into Fyfe


Great read as usual! Sitting in the top 200, have 28 trades remaining. 2 issues, will more than likely will go Papley to DBJ also have Toby Greene. Seems strange to trade out a player who just scored 112 but I'm really uncomfortable with him and dont want to ride a griffin like rollercoaster this season. He hasnt played well away from home. Is it riduculous to trade him? If not any thought who to? Already have Hall and Merrett.


Sounds like you're going superbly so not sure you need advice. I'd just do the Papley trade to generate some cash.


If Greene is your biggest problem you really are travelling well.

If I had Greene I would hold him (I guess you knew I would say that).

Every season there are under and over performing premiums. You have to take the good with the bad.

under performing premiums you just have to hold, if you trade them out for less than you paid, you are at a disadvantage. Unless injured, they should still play and score ok, deal with your other issues, get the right rookies and at worst you can keep Greene as your M9/F7 once you are at full premium.

Or be your last upgrade if you have trades left.

Southern S

Just got a good score, made a little profit and has only lost 3k total for the season. Far from a burn man it'd be poor form to drop him now.


Petraca on extended bench

The Updater

PETRACCA IS NAMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Davis (Rested)
Hewett (Named)
McCarthy (Named)
Oliver (Rested)
Cox (Named on extended bench)
Grimley (Named on extended bench)
Keays (?)
Freeman (?)
Gresham (?)


Cox is on the field.


BK on extended bench


He's not getting dropped


Who is keeping Papley now that he is named again? His B/E is 63. I am leaning to give him one more week. But in that lies the problem. I want DBJ and I dont want to trade out M. Brown just yet, and Tippa from my backline. I have Mc Kenzie on my bench and he has now been named again!! So, then I am back to my only option to go via dpp to either remove Papley, or Menadue from my forward line to get DBJ. I have Petracca who has now been named also which is a nice bonus. As good as a trade now. What the hell should I do? Hang onto my 28 trades and kiss this week's bubble boy cash goodbye or still pull the trigger to get DBJ? Any thoughts appreciated.

Southern S

Well seeing as he has the highest BE it wouldn't be the worst move to just cull him now, and you could probably forgive yourself even if he hits a 70-80 then drops back to crap scores.


Similar team to mine, i pulled the trigger on Trent for DBJ, one stands to make money the other will drop. Easy choice really now that trent has that 4 points in his bracket for the next 3 weeks.


I am hearing ya. That might be another real option. Bite the bullet and cull Mc Kenzie this week as he may drop another 10K and then grab DBJ and pocket the 170K, and then grab DBJ price rise next week which could be 40K +. Then give Papley one more week and cull next week or just go bang bang!! Get rid of them both. Time to ponder and think. Cheers mate


I'm keeping him …..he's the least of my problems and if he doesn't reach his BE he wont lose much. Looking to bring him in in two weeks when Petracca goes 3 games seeing Petracca has been named.


Are you letting DBJ go as a result? Or are you still grabbing him this week?


His stinking score from last week will still be affecting his price in two weeks. Even if he holds his spot will he make much more cash in the short term?


same as you hawk. ive decided to part ways with him though. There is a good chance he may lose money this week and no certainty he will be playing a few weeks from now. And his 20 stays in his price calculations for another week. Im trading for DBJ. At least he will go up in value this week


I'm worried he will have one more stinker then get dropped. So I'd miss DBJ whose JS is high.

Southern S

That's now the third week out for Crouch, I guess if you've held for two may as well hold for another though. Burns appearing.


Pity the Crows play first this round.

B.Crouch is about as useful as a "burst arssssehole" on my bench this round. But I might have to put up with it as Petracca is in my team and now named. I have bigger fish to fry on my backline this week.


Lonergan to Biggs or Suckling

Average Joe

prefer suckling

Southern S

Both should see a higher workload with the big injuries, Easton Wood also comes back into the side.

I like Biggs the 32 touches last week week is huge, 4 inside 50's looks like he's the man that will be streaming through the ground like JJ.

Considering the Biggs move myself this week, especially with most jumping on the better known name of Suckling.

Benjamima Puddleduck

Looks like more people have been jumping on Biggs…
over 3% increase in owners so far this week

Southern S

I've had an epiphany.

Both are unproven as TOP defenders and are HIGHLY unlikely to finish that way.

One good game vs Carlton resulting in trades and one defender down in JJ is ridiculously hasty, and a tad naive.

Or maybe I'm full of crap. I'm letting that bandwagon fly by and won't be on it if the wheels fall off.

Southern S

edit – 2 defenders down with murphy, doesn't mean the vacuum suddenly makes them top defenders…..sorry not buying it.


Does anyone have any news on J Dunkley? He played the first 2 games of the season, seemed to be doing okay, but we haven't seem him since. It is annoying to have a rookie sitting on the cusp of making me some money, but if he isn't going to play, I would prefer to bring a rookie in that will.

Also, any advice on my team? I am pretty happy with how I am going, but maybe there is something I am missing. $61,700in bank.

Houli, Laird, Adams, Shaw, Weitering, Dea, (Heartley, M Brown)

S.Mitchell, Dangers, Ablett, Fyfe, Liba, Kerridge, B Kennedy, Oliver, (Mills, Davis, Dunkley)

Goldy, Gawn (Cox)

Hall, Montagna, Wells, Zorko, Macca-T, Menadue, (Papley, Grimely)

I have 27 trades left, looking at moving Papley out (though I still think his price will go up,even if it drops a little this week), and getting rid of Dunkley if it doesn't look like he will be playing anytime soon.

Cheers for any advice/ideas.

Southern S

It's a really tough call because he could pop up again but the doggies have a lot of small mid/fwd type players in their ranks that are ahead of him.

Bailey Dale, Honeychurch, Hrovat and Toby mclean all have more experience than Dunkley and seem possible replacements for his kind of role.


Food for thought, thanks.

Average Joe

I'm really not sure about Sam Gray. On one hand, we know that he has the potential to be a real premo, scoring very well last year in the games he played. He doesn't score that bad when Port don't get smashed, scoring 99 and 78 in the games Port won. (Both games port have lost have been blowouts from Crows and Giants which are both easy top 8 sides).

On the other hand, he doesn't have the same motivation as last year. Last year he was on the edge, and needed to play well to get a game. Now he is best 22, it seems that he doesn't have that same incentive. On top of that, when Port don't show up to play, he doesn't score very well at all (Same goes for the rest of Port), and it doesn't look like port will go back to the 2014 form overnight.

Very tempted to trade him out this week community. What's everyone's thoughts?


Traded JJ for DBJ. Now that Oliver is out I've decided (probably a little prematurely) to go BANG and get Ward. I was a little concerned in that Oliver, Dunkley and Davis were on the mid bench.
Fence painted. One down, one up.


Team now
DEF Laird, Adams, Boyd, Weitering, Dea Sheridan, – DBJ, Brown
MID Dangerfield, Ablett, Fyfe, Ward, Sidebottom, Libba, M Crouch, Kerridge, Mills, Davis, Dunkley
RUC Goldstein, Gawn, Grimley
FWD Hall, Montagna, Wells, B Kennedy, Menzel, AMT, McCarthy, Papley


Who are we thinking as secondary rookies???
Very good mid stock coming!!!
Do whole life Okies un io we can get them in later???
Gore, Mathieson, Keays, Petracca (named on ext bench), and others.
Should we be waiting on Gresham and Dunkley until these guys come in later???

Thanks everyone!!!

Southern S

Don't count on Gore or Keays coming in and getting a good run of games. Highly unlikely.

Plenty of competition at the crows for spots, and Keays would've got a run when Rich and Rocky were out.

Mathieson and Petracca are according to sources more AFL ready and will see game time, hopefully for runs long enough to make cash.


I agree with Keays. If he was going to play he would have by now


hello community which forward should i pick up for De Goey

Montagna = 62k in the bank
Dahlhaus = 87k in the bank
Zorko = 90k in the bank
Waite = 95k in the bank
Zerret = 128k in the bank
Lynch = 128k in the bank

not sure who pick up community who will be the best value or POD, Can Waite contunie his form this week with no May or Thompson, Zerret playing a lot in the middle and could be handy $$ for an upgraded of cutler soon

Who will Be the Best FWD


Zorko or Merrett


Who's Zerrett?


Zorko for me, Merret still a risk and you'll be chasing his previous scores

Southern S

None, keep De Goey (BE 42), all those forwards are at a high price and won't appreciate much even if they score well. BEs are 78+ on all of them.


Bank on Waite North going well, ride the wave.


Option 1: Papley to DBJ
Barlow to Ward

Option 2: Papley to DBJ
Hold Barlow and maybe Gresham to Byrne

Which option is better?


Bank the cash, Barlow will come good I reckon (more like hope). Option 2 for me.


Tobias Greene, due for his 'down week'. Time to go?


You know he'll score 150 if you trade him out lol


No he wont Cameron is back Greene on the down


Great stuff Barron! Decided to go Milera to DBJ and hold papley in hope he breaks even at least. Reason being sydney have an 'easier' run than adelaide after this round, papley is still being named on field whilst milera injured for week.
Do i need to go out the back of the bungalow and have a word with myself or is this sound logic?

Southern S

Logic seems sound to me.


Gday community, tad stuck this week and was wondering what some of your opinions are on what trades I should make, if any, this round. Team is as follows:

DEF: Laird, Shaw, Bartel, Weitering, Adams, Dea, (Mcdonald-T, Brown)
MID: Gaz, Ward, R.Gray, Pendles, Libba, Kerridge, BenKen, Mills, (Davis, Hewett, Dunkley)
RUCK: Goldy, Gawn, (Loersch)
FWD: Hall, Wells, Wingard, Barlow, Papley, Menadue, (McCarthy, Wyatt)

Have been pretty lucky so far avoiding most major injuries and duds, and have only made 2 trades, them being Rocky->BenKen and Gresham->Papley. Currently 455k, so have plenty of room to move.

Have been considering only Papley out allowing me to get basically anyone with 680k and swinging DPPs. Players I have been looking at include Danger, Merrett, Zorko, S.Mitchell, Rance, Gibson and Lynch. Thanks in advance.


For me, you have to get P.Dangerfield, if not you'll be missing out on the huge scores he'll get, especially with most having him. Although you could strengthen forward line as your rookies their don't have the best scoring compared to J.Weitering, M.Dea, M.Adams and C.Mills in your other positions.


Agree on the Danger call. Dont know why Ive held off this long. With a bit of DPP magic I can trade out Paps and Dunkley/Davis/Hewett for DBJ and Danger. This would in turn sub Kerridge and Mcdonald into FWD line, strengthening that somewhat.

Southern S

Paps and Dunkley out.


Done. Team looks a lot more balanced now, another C option in Danger now is nice as well.

Southern S

Like your choice of guns.


Don't need two loopholes in Loersch and Wyatt. Leave Wyatt in R3. Trade out Lowrsch. Bring in Zorko or Merrett. Another option is to trade out Loersch, bring Tippa down and bring in Rance or Gibson. These options keep Papley on the bench. I think Tippa or McCarthy can come onto the field.


Started with these two so I could have double loophole capability, but with the amount of rookies going down doesn't look like that matters :


hello community I have got my final trade conundrum here, which option is better 1 or 2, definitely doing the sheridan—-> DBJ trade

Option 1
Hewett—-> Simpson

Option 2
De Goey—-> Z.Merret


Probably keep G.Hewett since his playing and going to make more coin. Option 2 for me.

Southern S



Neither, both blokes are set to make money this week


Okay community need some very important advice. My team currently sits at:

Defense: J.Gibson, R.Laird, J.Macmillan, M.Dea, M.Adams, A.McDonald-Tipingwuti (M.Hartley, T.Ruggles)

Midfield: P.Dangerfield, G.Ablett, L.Parker, N.Fyfe, J.Selwood, T.Liberatore, S.Kerridge, C.Mills (C.Menadue, R.Davis, G.Hewett)

Ruck: T.Goldstein, N.Naitanui (J.Wyatt)

Forwards: A.Hall, D.Wells, L.Franklin, M.Barlow, B.Kennedy, T.Papley (M.Brown, L.McCarthy)

I have $210,000 in the bank.
I was looking to go T.Papley to D.Byrne-Jones (via A.McDonald Tipingwuti DPP)
I also wanted to trade Davis out and get in a premium defender (K.Simpson). I can do this but this means I'll move B.Kennedy to midfield, and then M.Adams to Forward and thus leaving (one of) D.Byrne-Jones, T.Ruggles or M.Hartley on my field. Is this worth it?

Is there any other ways I could do this? Should I just do the T.Papley trade? Should I look to bring in a premium forward?
Would appreciate any advice, criticism?
Just need a direction, cheers Vinny.

Southern S

Just the papley trade, davis only rested and with a BE of 19 still able to generate cash further.

A few rookies are hitting their peak for profit over the next few weeks and the warchest can be used to go for premos.


Have two on field rookie spots and four to choose from, would love to hear which two the community would play as have no loop hole players this week.

Candidates are ; kerridge, Amt, benken and m adams any combination can be worked with dpp swaps


Same situation.

I think you have to play Adams (avg 96 pts), and AMT (less convinced, with with Collingwoods lack of defensive run, he should get heaps of it).


Kerridge and Adams for me Josh, ben Kennedy is a close 3rd

Southern S

Agree with Kerridge and Adams, but ben ken could have a good one and AMT is the surprise of 2016, building nicely.

Adrian Neems

Dan Menzel is so tempting as a pod, do l have the balls!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes l know the history of his injuries) but with the cats forward line being more open to over the back goals running forward, unless tomahawk has a monster…menzel is a motsa to go large.

Big ball move this one.


I brought him in last week as a replacement for Crouch.

My reasons were pretty simple if he stays fit he'll average 80 which will be solid money, he's best 22 & there that 1% chance he'll be keeper because he's a freak.

I wouldn't recommend him to anyone unless like me it'll be your only trade like it for the season because it goes against alot of proven SC rules.

Adrian Neems

ok community….trade sins l know….l want Zac Smith out…l know l should hold but he is my burn man…should l bring in Gawn or take a massive punt on Cox and pocket some cash….Cox monstered it in the Nab cup. The punt on cox may be worth it in two weeks time….potential cash cow this boy.

Another big ball move.

Southern S

Hasn't played a game yet! Consider later….if ever.


Monstered it? averaged 57 per game and 70 per 100mins Smith is going better, and you'd think he'll smash Lobbe.

Adrian Neems

I know, he's named in the 25 man squad will keep an eye on the team selections…..leaning towards Gawn but l always go the risk adverse approach (that's for you Peter)….need to think like crouching one…and go bang bang….trade arse off.

Southern S

You've already made a ruck 'error' though. Crouching one would go bang and fire coach.

How many trades you gonna waste in your ruck this year if you do a move like this?


COX!? FOR SMITH!?!? That would be the BALLSIEST move I've ever seen in this game. It's absolute insanity. You must be hopping around on those big boys South Park style

Southern S

Let's talk the doggies boys Suckling and Biggs. One big game vs Carlton? Does it mean anything?

In the words of Admiral Ackbar 'It's a trap!"

Adrian Neems

Wise words Southern…you could be right.


You gave me a solid no to Suckling last week.

Southern S

Yep and I'm standing my ground, won't be a top defender this year. Sorry suckling you're great kick but you just don't do enough consistently.


So you think we would be Bigg Suckers to trade them in? 😉

Southern S

'Groan' lol


Who has the best JS, Ruggles or Byrne (Carlton)?

Thanks in advance.

Southern S

Byrne. Although Ruggles may have better JS than I once thought, cats seem to be slowly rotating the defenders out for rests.

It was Lonergan rested first, then Enright, now Henderson. Could be Ruggles/Mackie/Taylor next week but if the rotations are anything to go by they'll only rest a week and be back.


Righto, Papley named. Keep or flick?
Some tempting bubble boys. If keeping Papley, cull Davis?

Adrian Neems

Jock, higgo, crouching and community….just a massive thank you for this wonderful game and this distraction, going through a divorce and presently buy the ex a new broomstick, in order to see my boys. The laughs, support and wisdom is a much needed distraction….keep up the massive work all.

For all you other lads going through this, or living the life of visitation with your kids…keep plugging away boys.

Southern S

All the best for the future Adrian! Could keep your mind off things by watching all the AFL games too, hot tip if you've got broadband and an apple or android tablet you can get the AFL live app and watch every game.

$90-odd for the year just jumped on it this season well worth it mate.

I sound like an advert lol but seriously love being able to replay the round during the week if I've been too busy to watch the games on the weekend.


Hey mate, does this work on laptop? Could HDMI to the big screen if so!

Southern S

ah think there's some licensing thing that stops it being streamed, I remember reading that somewhere, could be wrong. Think it's only so cheap because it only works on your device. Still compared to foxtel it's gold, but yeah can't have all the games going on the 50" with all the mates round sadly.


have to buy Apple TV I'm pretty sure, if you have afl pass on an iPhone/iPad. Think it costs like anything around 100

Southern S

Think you can use it on your laptop or pc actually and then you'd have to be able to display it on the TV. Either that or use screen mirroring. I'll have to look into it more.

Southern S

screen mirroring from the android phone / tablet*

Not sure about apple they are pretty locked in with that kind of stuff which is why I won't touch them.


Screen mirroring is an option. Can't run it on laptops because it'll need GPS to verify you're in aus.
Not sure if HDMI-ing from the phone to the tv would work but it's an option.

As for the AFL pass, you can watch it free on crownbet no deposit needed. Or if you or a mate has telstra postpaid plan, you can get a free year of AFL from telstra which is what I have.

Southern S

Free AFL on crownbet? Really? That would be live only though surely?


Have been there Adrian and it does get easier bloke. It took me a number of years to get custody of my boys – so hang in there mate. As they get older, they will want to be with their dad anyway. In the meantime, use the spare time to perfect your super coach team!


Best of luck Adrian, been there, still living with the fallout (4 years later).

Enjoy your single life before moving on too quickly, your kids will want to spend more time with you as time goes by, so stick in there, and always be there for your kids.


Welcome you blokes…..shit happens as they say…a truo to crouchings gym and then a bungalow party required.

Thanks again you blokes onwards and upwards.


Life, many challenges. Go well Adrian.. By the by did u ever play cricket int Willy turf comp?


I did mate enjoyed smashing the odd ball into the refinery…..if only all the grounds were the size of postage stamps.

Who are you mate.


U were a gun bat Neems. i am barely a hologram now mate. However i wish u well.Oh and forget Cox trade. Tee Hee


"Reveal yourself thy silent rogue" borrowed that line from Good Will Hunting.

Cox trade kept in tne pie warmer..but on the radar as future cash cow.

Mongrel punt

Does anyone know much about Josh Smith who's been named on the extended bench for Collingwood

Southern S

My supercoach radar is set to short range scanning. It doesn't pick up players that haven't played 2 for evaluation.


Smith played 18 games for Redland in the NEAFL in 0215. He averaged 28.7 disposals, 5.0 clearances, 4.9 tackles and 5.7 inside 50s per game. He also represented the NEAFL against Tasmania, collecting 23 disposals and six tackles.

Mongrel punt

Wow. Excellent intel. Thanks mate. He looked OK in the intra club game and nab1. I'll be keeping an eye on him

Southern S

Interesting. Cheap. Pies may as well play some kids now. Like.

The Ranger

I was almost hoping that Paps would be dropped as I'd convinced myself to trade him if he was.
Now I'm not so sure….


I'm going to hold him as I still think there's more cash to be made if he can hold that spot for another month or so.

Even if he gets dropped he could be a useful loophole and if he plays he shown the potential to cash in on the Lions, Dons and Tiges.

The Ranger

His JS certainly looks good if he can hold his spot after his last game eh?
I was liking the look of my bank balance after pulling that trade but I think I might be hitting the reverse button.


Hmmm, same Ranger. My only trade was to b Pap to DJB.Cash. Now not sure.


Hi community just a question . What will I gain from keeping paply … A couple of grand if he plays good I'll get more than that from Byrne ( either) how much is keeping a trade actually worth . I don't have to trade home but have good options this week . Mmmm not sure what to do yet it would have been easier if SYD just dropped him now I'm not sure of next move


My thinking is if Papsmear wasn't dropped this week, will he ever be? If his JS is good, we should all hold.

Southern S

I know what you're saying, very surprised he wasn't dropped. There was two clear chances in the crows game to kick goals and he failed to do so.


Papley scored well against 2 weaker teams, under pressure last week he failed to handle he pace. Papley will not play too many more games, particularly with the Swans bringing back players from injury over the next few weeks.

Papley probably won't hit his break even score this week, it's time to take the profit from him, and look for another cash cow or a keeper.

Southern S

Agreed, even though named he's gone. People keeping hewett is a different story, lower BE, more of an on ball position. Small forwards rookies struggle.


Thanks community I think I'll trade him this week can't see any positive in keeping him he will cost me a trade soon or later do might as well be now

Baggy Pants

Paul Roos says Petracca probably wont play if Jeff Garlett gets up.


Actually said he probably "will"


Ignore that ^^^
If Garlett plays, Petracca doesn't



Paps to DBJ still a good trade anymore?

Obviously Paps could make 100k more (and i've already burned a trade getting him in), but DBJ looks reallly good
Hardest decision this year so far (Have no other relevant players to trade out for him

The Ranger

I'm holding him. You can't get all the rookies and you have to back the ones you've got.
His JS looks ok and he only needs one good score to start making good coin again.


Just listening to roos on the footy show and was asked about petrecca and if he would play this weekend?

Answer: and I quote "probably not. All depends on jeffy garlett. If jeff gets through training tomorrow we will play him and petrecca will be one of the emergencies. If jeffy doesn't get through petrecca will play"

So interesting hinges in jeffy.

The wait continues …….


how many people are considering doing a double downgrade to both Byrnes pocketing the 500k+ for a double upgrade next week

Southern S

I am but my warchest is bulging already. Will sleep on it and hope for answers from the SC gods.

If I happen to byrne two pieces of toast in the morning they are both in, that would be a sure sign.


J.Lonergan and Papley traded to both the Byrnes. Lonergan's BE 75, expected to gain only 10k more over next few games, scoring average last three 70. Papley BE 63 with expected price rise over next few rounds 30>50k, average scoring last three rounds around 50. Ciaran Byrnes expected price rise 58k with BE of -61, average score from the two games played 67. Darcy Byrne-Jones expected price rise around 72k with average of 75. No loss of points and plenty of cash generation over the next three rounds at least. Worth two trades in my mind.


Doing a double downgrade this week for JJ and S Gray. Have DBJ, but who is better pick from Wagner and Ciaran Bryne? Coin toss?

Southern S

Don't forget ruggles too, although I like the Byrne boys personally.


Happen to have Ruggles from the start. Too many rookies?


Good evening community
What do I do with zac smith, one of the main reasons my season has got off to an awful start, have 136k in the bank
D: Shaw, KK, Yeo, Weitering, Adams AMT (McKenzie, Byrne-Jones)
M: Fyfe, Ablett, Parker, Wines, Liberatore, Rockliff, Parish, Mills (Hewett, Davis, Dunkley)
R: Goldstein, Smith (Cox)
F: Martin, Hall, Barlow, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (Brown, Grimley)

Already traded Papley > Byrne-Jones via brown DPP


Wowee – just got home from losing three tiebreakers in tennis feeling crap, only to have my spirits lifted by these ruck rookies named!! My conundrum still stands though, I want DBJ but no idea who to trade out. Paps named, and if he is named after such a bad game last week surely his JS is pretty decent still, so i want to hold him as i believe he won't spud it up like last game.
Other rookies are as follows:

M. Brown, AMT, Weitering, Dea, Adams
Davis, Menadue, Petracca, Parish
Kennedy, Kerridge, McCarthy, Papley

Who the heck do I remove for DBJ… or should I just pass on him 🙁


I reckon the coaches are conspiring against us super coaches. Every one of my rookies named and playing this week. R u serious? I was so sure the coaches culling would make the choice easy… Now what.

It's hard to pass on any of the three – DBJ, ciaran or Wagner.

For you, maybe Davis or Papley, but I know you're hoping he'll show up west coast (I'm not so convinced).


I'm gonna keep him – in the words of the great George Michael you've gotta have faith! DBJ is so bloody tempting though… yet experience tells me I should keep blokes like Davis and Menadue. I'll end up panic trading in DBJ you watch


I also hear ya about all rookies being named aha. Thought the same as you, in that our trades would be determined by selections. Good problem to have I suppose

Southern S

Crap Davis only got 8 touches last week, now rested. Not worth trading surely with a BE of 17 though.


Seems I'd had a few too many rums last night. Through clear eyes this morning I can see that I also have Davis.

I'm choosing to move him on and give papley the puppy one more chance.


Maybe B Ken that is if he is dropped which is unlikely I would say since he is racking up the ball

Southern S

Papley is the only player you could trade with a low chance of regret I reckon.


Agreed. If someone has to go this week for cash generation it's Papley. 24 stuck in his break even will halt his cash generation even if he hits his break even this week (highly doubtful), watched him last week Vs my Crows and he didn't look like he was ready for a high pressure contest. Surprised he was named this week.
Trade Papley this week as when he spuds up you will need to trade him next without the range of bubble boys this week.
Hold Davis as he will come back in and make more $, hold Menadue as he will make a bit more before being culled in a couple of weeks.


Hey marco, do you think it is your serve letting you down? usually a strong serve can get you through the tight tiebreakers.


Hi Derek. Serve was actually on song last night. Except maybe for the last set, definitely was getting tired. Nah my problem was just a little inconsistent all night.


While I've got ya Derek – you've been on Byrne Jones last couple of weeks. Are you bringing him in/have you brought him in? I think I'm going to just hold trades this week and let him go as my gut says don't trade Papley.


i did spot him a couple of weeks ago as being a good player and then he pumped out a 97 on the weekend, i only saw bits of the game but he does look good.

i was like alot of people, sorta hoping Paps would be dropped and make our decision easy.

At the moment i'm holding Paps and letting DBJ go. mainly thinking that i have enough rookie defenders and when it comes to downgrading them in 4 or 5 weeks there might not be alot to go to.

I do like the look of Petracca and maitheison and a few others in the midfield who should get games soon and hopefully they will be timed nicely as downgrades.


Community got 560k looking for a mid – thinking either Selwood or Sloan maybe Hanley

Or should i can hold off for a week and bring in Ward next?



Who are you trading out?