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As Jock would say, arousal levels are high after a handful of popular SuperCoach selections produced monster performances over the weekend.

Latrell Mitchell, Anthony Milford, Ben Hunt and Corey Oates all scored triple digits – plenty of money was made and increased round scores were achieved.

This week I wanted to address the underperforming centre/wings and high performing halves in my Buy/Hold/Sell article. “Never trade out a gun performer” is a golden rule in SuperCoach but as we see a number of expected/proven guns producing underwhelming performances, coaches need to decide whether it’s worth staying loyal to those that have served us well in the past. Let’s also discuss these Broncos halves that either have us jumping for joy or sulking in a corner somewhere, depending on whether we own them.


Anthony Milford – FE $481k Next 5: SOU(H), CRO(A), MAN(A), NTQ(A), WES(H)

Is it too late to grab The Milf if you don’t trade him in this week? This guy is pumping out an 87 PPG average and is projected to rise in price over the coming weeks. While Milford owners watched in amazement as he produced a 153 point game last week, those that don’t own him will be finding ways to free up the cash to trade him in. Those that are contemplating cashing in on Hastings or Taylor might want to consider Milford as their number one pick.

Ben Hunt – HB $420k Next 5: SOU(H), CRO(A), MAN(A), NTQ(A), WES(H)

What’s better than having the best performing player as your five-eighth? It’s having both Milford and his partner in crime as your half back. Ben Hunt has produced a 98 PPG average over the past three rounds and is also set for a couple of price rises before the bye period begins. Let’s not forget he is 60k cheaper than Milford which could be the difference between one and two productive trades. Whether you’re looking at grabbing Hunt over Milford or making your halves ridiculously strong with both, this is a great round to grab the Bronco’s half back.

Corey Norman – FE/FB $321k Next 5: NTQ(A), CBY(H), SOU(H), MEL(H), NEW(A)

According to the SC community, Norman is a controversial trade choice this week. He hasn’t exactly produced an average worth boasting about although he has a -12 Break Even and averaged 85 PPG over his last two appearances. The other positives with Norman are his perfect bye coverage and DPP status. He’s going to be very handy during the bye period while your gun selections are out due to their bye week or Origin duty.  If you can’t trade Norman in this week you’ll more than likely be paying more than his worth before round 12.


Josh Mansour – CTW $361k Next 5: CRO(A), CAN(H),  NZ(H), GCO(A), BYE

The three ‘Holds’ this week are all $350k to $370k CTWs with high Break Evens. So why shouldn’t we sell them and use the money elsewhere? They’ve all been considered gun performers at some point and we’re likely to use another trade to get them back in for the home stretch. Josh Mansour has a 58 PPG average which is well and truly among the better performing CTWs. Coaches may be stressing a little due to his 113 Break Even, but let’s not forget that these calibre of players generally make their value back at some point throughout the season.

Jarrod Croker – CTW $355k Next 5: WES(H), PEN(A), STG(A), NZ(A), CBY(H)

Over the past couple of weeks Croker has been a hot topic among the community due to his inconsistent performances. Now with his 113 Break Even coaches are getting an itchy trigger finger. Let’s take a look at the positives though. Until the Raiders play the Broncos in round 14, their highest ranked opponents are the Bulldogs (currently in sixth). With the Raiders playing two of the three big bye rounds and Croker being the team’s goal kicker, I’d strongly recommend holding on to him throughout the bye period before you reassess.

James Roberts – CTW $367k Next 5: SOU(H), CRO(A), MAN(A), NTQ(A), WES(H)

Roberts is another hot topic among the community due to a couple of factors. Coaches have become concerned with his inconsistent performances (three games below 35 points) along with the rumours and speculations that Roberts is an Origin contender. To make matters worse, Roberts has a Break Even of 94 and the Broncos play just one of the two big bye rounds. OK, that’s a lot of negatives! My sole reason for considering Roberts as a hold is his form average. If you put aside his round one and two performances, Roberts is averaging around 62 PPG – that would put him as the second highest averaging CTW behind Naiqama (excluding those that have played just the one game).


Roger Tuivasa-Sheck – FB $416k Next 5: Out for the season

Whether or not you believe the rumours that Tuivasa-Sheck could be back after eight weeks, it’s time to say goodbye to this unbelievable Fantasy performer. There’s no point debating this so let’s look at replacement options. Those coaches that decided to run with RTS over Tedesco can easily make the swap between the standout fullbacks. If you’re lucky enough to own both, I’d recommend trading RTS to Corey Norman. This way you’ll have the gun performer along with the bye friendly fullback with DPP status as back up. Dugan and Barba are also good options although they won’t be as versatile and handy through the bye period.

Hymel Hunt – CTW $279k Next 5: BRO(A), WES(H), PAR(A), STG(H), BYE

When it comes to a CTW averaging 53 PPG it’s difficult to consider trading him of your team. Here’s the way I see it though. Hunt’s higher scoring games have come from the opening four rounds of the season where he averaged 64 PPG. Since then, he has averaged just 37 PPG from his last three appearances. On top of his underwhelming recent form, the Rabbitohs play just one of the three big bye rounds which convinces me that the money is better spent elsewhere.

Cody Walker – FE/HB $278k Next 5: BRO(A), WES(H), PAR(A), STG(H), BYE

Now that Reynolds has returned from injury we can assume that Walker will only return if one of the halves gets injured, or Reynolds receives an unexpected Origin call up. The advantage (and disadvantage) with trading out Walker is his DPP status. To experienced Fantasy players this will all sound obvious but to those still finding their feet, don’t forget the huge advantage of dual position players. Looking at the forwards, Cartwright and Nikorima owners can move them into the halves which is the same as Barba and Norman owners when looking at the backs. Spend the money where your teams needed.

Are you going to sell your underperforming guns?

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The Beard

Brought in Milf this week. Can't ignore it anymore.

Completed now though with Milford, Cartwright, Thurston, Johnson for my halfs!


That must be a nice feeling haha


Wow those halves are epic!!!!!


And all you need to do is get carty into the second row and bring in bunt and you'll be laughing

The Beard

Refuse to touch Bunt. He has had some great scores but he also produces trash at times.

Harris will go back to centres and Holland on the bench and then Cartwright back to backrow.

Will get a cheap half and land Gal for my last reserve.


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So thought I'd dip the toe into see what the other footy code was like fantasy wise and thought
7 rounds in a bit of feedback/gauge how i'm going is needed. I'm in the top 15% and avg 1023
Team looks like this now after trades
Hookers: Smith – Koroisau
Front Rowers – J Bromwich, Parker – Lawrence, D.Saifiti
2nd RF – Cartwright, Merrin, S.Burgess – Aloiai, Veuluai, Henry
HB: Thurston – A.Taylor
5/8: Milford – T.Martin
CTW- Semi, Croker, Holland, Addo-Carr – Auva'a, Bowen, Denniss
FB- Teddy – Mitchell

With 26 trades left

Thoughts? Cheers


well done.Your team is looking in pretty good shape so youre doing well for a first go at nrl. You probably have a little bit of dead wood not making cash e.g luelui,benry and the centre reserves but there isnt a whole lot on the horizon to trade to either. You should really look to beef up your centres (someone like BJ leulua) plus if you have the coin i would try and get on bunt. A. taylor could go for bunt but really depends on how much cash you have spare. Your biggest issue will be the byes, and particularly the first big one. The byes are when you can really climb up the rankings. You dont need to blow up a good team just to get bums on seats but i would suggest you start trading with the byes in mind now as you look very light on for round 12. if you find you need more cash you could look over the next week or two to downgrade someone like merrin as i dont think you can carry all of him, smith,jbrom,JT, parker, carty, surgess, teddy etc over origin.


Hey Rascal, a very solid team!! Only piece of advise I could offer is don't jump the gun on those cheapies/rookies. Denniss will be lucky to play another game this year and you could've held off with Addo Carr and Bowen. As Marvin stated you have a bit of dead wood there and from past history (my own haha) it ends up burning you come bye time and late in the season. Otherwise your team looks very solid!


You've almost convinced me on Norman. Almost. He probably won't be laying on 3 or 4 try assists v the cows and dogs but all things considered might be the best option to replace RTS and get bums on seats during the byes


Is it time to get a Semi? I know I did.


I'm holding off one week after they play the Cowboys

Paulie Walnuts

I can't bring Semi in yet as I have 4 keepers playing with Mitchell,Holland n Bowen on the bench,I will be bringing him in for the byes for sure


I wouldn't really call Mitchell a keeper, he has really only had the 1 good score. I'll be looking to [email protected] him off to a genuine keepr when he peaks in price!