RD4: The Heroes. The Villains. The Damned.

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That was the general theme of Round 4, with mediocre scores seemingly the flavour of the month. Most of the Community felt the wrath of the SuperCoach gods in one way or another.

There were plenty of high­scoring players, it was just a pity not many of them were in our actual teams. It was all very depressing.

But on a positive note, CoachKings went absolutely off with plenty happening across 40 venues throughout SA and Victoria. Highlights included one bloke, Chris, who made the mistake of taking his Missus along for the ride.

She promptly outscored him.


The Heroes

Nat “Teen Wolf” Fyfe (141 SC)

The rest of his side is crap, but there is no doubting the majestic genius of this man. Has dripped only 12K from his starting price and won’t get much lower. Those hoping to pounce on him for a big price drop will be disappointed. A SuperCoach beast.

Zach Merrett (123 SC)

Has started the season like a man possessed and now looks a must­have in our forward lines. Currently averaging 116 and has been very consistent so far. Can see him smashing up Collingwood on Anzac Day, too.

Jarrad Waite (129 SC)

How long can we continue to ignore this hulking forward for? Is currently the overall top­scorer in SuperCoach and has been absolutely dominating. Will suck plenty in, especially with a Steven May­less Gold Coast in his next match. But in the words of Admiral Ackbar…


Honourable mentions – Luke Shuey (150 SC), Pearce Hanley (148 SC), Alex Rance (146 SC), Sam Mitchell (141 SC), Callan Ward (137 SC), David Zaharakis (129 SC), Dan Hannebery (129 SC).

Head to www.coachkings.com.au now for your Round 6 venues

The Villains

Matt Priddis (late withdrawal)

Big Prid hurt his owners when he withdrew late on Friday night. Against a pathetic Richmondside, he would have been like a pig in mud and no doubt would have knocked out a massive score. Instead his owners had to turn to the likes of Ryan Davis or Connor Menadue to save their sides, both of which were disappointing.

Robbie Gray (74 SC)

Was very frustrated throughout Port’s diabolical performance. To add insult to injury, could be rubbed out this week for a hit on Callan Ward behind play. Never stopped trying but just couldn’t get going. Still a gun. LATEST.. $1000 fine.. FREE TO PLAY. *fist pump*

Tom Mitchell (71 SC)

Lured many in after a stellar opening three rounds, but the bubble had to burst at some point. Battled away manfully, but just wasn’t at his best. Will bounce back, however.

The Redeemers

Tobias Greene (110 SC)

If we are following current trends, he is due for another crap score this week. For his owners’ sake, lets hope it doesn’t happen. Had 27 touches and six tackles in a dominant GWS side. But can he back it up?

Callum Mills (84 SC)

Put in his best performance of the year including a stellar last quarter against the Crows. Looks to be hitting his straps. Kudos to those who held him.

Daniel Rich (114 SC)

Helped inspire his side to a famous victory against Gold Coast. Played primarily through the midfield, which would excite his owners. Watch his role when Rockliff and Beams return, though.

The Damned

Jason “Hamstring” Johannisen (91 SC)

Was absolutely killing it before he did his hammy while kicking a monster 55­metre goal. Looks to be out for an extended period, meaning his owners will be required to execute a forced trade this week. Pity.

Tom “Papsmear” Papley (24 SC)

Was utterly disgusting. How can you be so good in the first two rounds and then so bad in the next two? He played almost a full game and was a bloody trainwreck. What’s worse, many people, myself included, traded him in and played him on the field after his strong start, only to have been rewarded with scores of 50 and 24. Disgraceful.

Sam “Inefficiency” Gray (51 SC)

Has bled 59K from his starting price and is driving his owners to drink. Only 16 touches. Shit efficiency again. Those who selected him over Zach Merrett at a similar price at the start of the season would be absolutely kicking themselves.

Over to you Community, who were your heroes and villains of round 3?

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Always waiting Monday for this to come out, Good again Carl.

Papley has a BE of 62 and is scoring like a man who plays 1 quarter. Does that mean a trade? If so who to downgrade to? And is using 2trades this week, Trent MCKenzie up to Rance and Papley down a waste or good. Leaves me with 24.

Thoughts Jock and Community!

Boltons Blues

Papley down to Byrne Jones via Adams DPP
then JJ to either Docherty or Rance, not sure yet


how do you do this? Not sure about the dpp tactic. i have Adams down back and Pap up forward. How do i tade Pap out while keeping adams?

Michael C.

Click the T for trade on Papley. Then in the trade screen, click the S for sub next to Adams. This will move him into the forward line. Then choose your backman to trade in. Simple enough?


Do you guys know if the captain loophole works ?
was going to go VC sam mitchel friday night and if he scores well the do my non playing captain either kaeyes or grimley


G'day mate! You select a vice-captain, if you want to take their score, swing a non-playing player onto the ground (say, Grimely) and put the C on them. Make sure you put your Emergency on your R2 so you still get their score. And voila, the captain's loophole!


How can my team go from scoring 2412 one week, then 1882 the next???!!! Disgusting score. One of those hurt by Priddis's late out and just generally awful scores from those playing.

After banking cash from trading out Brad Crouch last week, I'm trading Milera to Byrne-Jones and upgrading Papley to Ward. First upgrade. Bang Bang.


How do you manage these trades Sarah? Players don't play respective SuperCoach positions? A forward for a defender? And a forward for a mid?


Milera to Byrne-Jones (subbing Mitch Brown to the forward bench)
Papley to Ward (subbing Ben Kennedy to the forward line as I had him sitting in the midfield)

When you trade players, you can more dual position players around the field to trade into other lines if you want.


Similar feelings here too Sarah, from 2,442 to 2003 – glad I at least cracked 2K. Everyone has had pretty average scores I reckon with the carnage the weekend had to offer.


I've slipped almost 10k in the overall rankings 🙁


Yes why couldn't I get your 1882 rather than being on the receiving end of your 2412 last week. 🙁

There's a real log jam in the rankings right now with only a couple hundred points separating maybe 15,000 teams. The result of so many of us having such similar starting sides.

So have a mare one weekend and your ranking will go into free fall but on the flip side pull out a blinder out from among the pack and your ranking will soar in just one round.


I had a mediocre score of 2129 and went from 1238 overall to 521. A jump of 717 spots. There must be some garbage sides out there.


2129 was a pretty good score last weekend with all the carnage and spudliness out there.

But to more than half your ranking in one just one week you have to be well pleased with that. Being inside the top 1000 is always a nice feeling.


Luck of the draw I guess!!


Same- I went from 3800 to 501 with a score of 2250


Same here Sarah 2463 one week sitting in top 300 in SC League then pump out a crap 1976,,, I knew when Priddis with drew it was going to be a crap round!!


I had hopes that it might be ok! That Davis might give me a decent score in the 60-80 range given he was only playing Brisbane… I feel like running away and hiding after putting out a score like that!! I can't even look at it.


We just gotta keep pulgging away and hope the SC Gods take pity on us.. Davis and bloody Papsmear bloody shit.. welcome


2539 to 2005, really disappointing after cracking top thousand last week. I'm considering a similar approach but bringing in DBJ this week and Dusty next week or week after. Little disappointed i traded in Parker over Ward last week, but i think in the long run Parker will continue his stellar form.


i look at my team (without Lobbe) and think to myself that it isn't that bad (still have Rocky on bench).

not much we can do when Wingard, BSmith & Blicavs score 60's or less.


What does your team look like Derek?


looks like alot of teams.

Laird, Bartel, Rich, BSmith, Dea, Adams, (Tippa, Hartley)

Fyfe, Ablett, Danger, Pendles, Rocky, Mills, Kerridge, Kennedy (Davis, Gresham, Menadue)

NicNat, Blitz (Wyatt)

Dusty, Wingard, Barlow, Wells, McGovern, McCarthy (Paps, Brown)


What made you bite the bullet and get rid of Lobbe?


He is a potato.

Southern S

Just checked his stats, already dropped 40k and set to drop again. Round score of 53 he must be the worst performing ruck in the comp.

Benjamima Puddleduck

A Potato would score more

Southern S

Port would've been better off giving a kipfler a 4 year contract extension.


He scored 50 against Leuy!

My entire plan was built on Lobbe and Port crushing Essendon, Lobbe's price gets a kick along allowing me an upgrade to Goldy after week 7.

He just isn't any good.

I went to Blitz and he pumped out a 50 against Essendon as well!

Southern S

Luenberger is a good ruckman that just can't shake his injuries and bad form. He's not as mobile as some either but he is majorly under rated.

32 hitouts vs Nicholls 24
16 hitouts vs Gawn 31
33 vs Lobbe 27
25 vs Smith 10/Stanley 10/Blics 5

You could say he has 3 wins in the ruck there and only lost to Gawn who is top level.

For some reason because luen doesn't score great for SC and plays for essendon people think that he's not competitive. I guess he does lack hit outs to advantage but so do many of the ruckmen.


Rockliff back this week

Shake n bake

Hey Sarah after those 2 trades how many will you have left?


25 left. I've used more than I would've liked at this stage of the year. Hoping to hold for a week or two after this week, but that'll come down to team selections and injuries.


i dropped paply (got byrne -jones the new defender cash cow) – moved mendu to forward and then used my 380k in the bank to upgrade paps to sammy mitchel into the mid


Those are the exact same trades I'm thinking of sarah, hopefully ward will deliver the goods


I feel ya pain
I dropped 8k spots in one week
Still in to 10k but now heaps of work to go
But before this week id only used 1 trade
Priddis out and i for some reasom had mccarthy onfield instead of McGovern so lost 60 points as mccarthy didnt play


Thanks Carl.
Crap round to say the least, with Priddis out and Papley on field with Tippa on the bench. Anyways, still in the top 1% so will not give up just yet.

Although, I’m in a dilemma and would appreciate some assistance so please HELP:
JJ to DBJ and Sam Gray to Z.Merret (left over 250K) OR
JJ to Biggs and Sam Gray to Buddy (left over 15K).

Sam gray has to go unfortunately, given him three chances to redeem himself.
Thoughts appreciated community.


Not sold on Biggs, although it would make sense that his scoring capacity would be higher with Murphy and JJ out for extended periods. I'm also not sold on Buddy, but he seems to be playing decently.


I don't like Biggs as an option, he's not yet proven. Don't miss out on the multiple defensive bubble boys this week. Upgrading Sam Gray may have to wait a week.


Biggs is going to be my PoD hopefully. Safest bet is to go JJ to a Rance or Gibson.

Southern S

Option 1.


Great post Big boy Carl.
Community, which one: Jelwood or Sloane?


Sloane based on what he did against a quality side like the swans – was absolutely tremendous! Jelwood just hasn't shown his class just yet for some reason ? Maybe cause of the Danger factor is affecting his output ?


I have Selwood but reckon It's 50/50. Toss a coin.


I have Sloane in my top 10 mids. Only reason i didn't start with him was the Crows tough draw and the no dangerfield effect. Gun.

for those who missed Parker, get on Sloane


derek do you know why he was under performing in the first 3 rounds? slow start to the season? less inside mid time? niggles?


had zero preseason. still working his way up. if you dont have another geelong mid (danger/duncan) then recommend getting him in. not many teams have him and he'll finish strong


Who has best JS out of Ruggles, Byrne-Jones and Wagner (Melb)?


i don't like Geelong Rookies. They traditionally have stop-start seasons. Look at McCarthy.

Port have some injury problems so would be worried about when players start coming back, but Bryne-Jones is a good player


McCarthy is a 5th year player, word is he was injured and got the week off. Didn't play in the VFL either.


McCarthy with his injury history needs a bit more management than the average player. Same applies to Menzel. I can see the Geelong small forwards getting rotated a fair bit this year


Port's season has been a disaster so far. The axe will fall, but I can't see them dropping DBJ any time soon. He's been one bright spot.

Southern S

The axe needs to fall somewhere in the coaches box.


554k to upgrade to a mid, should i get someone like Shuey or Gaff or wait another week and pick up priddis who will likely go down with a BE of 167?


Selwood, Shiel, Hanley for a POD


if you can – wait untill round 7-8. luke hodge will be 450k after his next BE 199 and 140


Bit of an Eagles fan hey?!

Think there may be some better options out there if you consider all 18 teams imho.


Priddis missed last week and Shuey & gaff (and Yeo) had a field day. Unless priddis is going to be out for a few weeks, i wouldn't get to excited about their scores.

Southern S

Yep, the Shuey score could prove to be an anomaly.


What trades do I make? Suggestions appreciated. 4k in the bank.

Shaw, Laird, Rich, Weitering, Dea, Adams,Tippa, Brown
Fyfe, Danger, Ablett, Pendles, Gray, Libba, Mills, Kerridge, Menadue, Davis, Hewett
Goldstein, Martin, Wyatt
Hall, Barlow, De Goey, Wells, Kennedy, Mccarthy, Papley, Petracca


I'd go Papley to Byrne-Jones (moving Tippa to the forward line where you could play him on the field.
That's probably the only trade I'd make for your team this week. Bank the cash for a future upgrade.
But that's just me.


Thanks Sarah, what you think of Ben Kennedy, high breakeven as well? Move or hold?


Hold, he will pick his scoring up again.


Kennedy is one big game away from another period of growth. He's not a priority to trade out. Averaging over 80. Keep him a while longer yet.


A couple of Byrne's are looking like good downgrade options this week. Gunna take both!

Like the job security of Ciaran, I'm going to back him in as a corrective for Hewett. Looked the goods against the doggies, got smashed in the face a couple of times and kept going. Looks like a better user of the ball than Ruggles and fewer players knocking down the door to push him out.

I starting behind the pack by missing a few of the better rookies (no Parish / Gov Jr / Weitering in my squad), so need to take a couple of calculated risks for making $$ if I'm a chance to move forward.

Time For Action

Barlow and Papley to Byrne-Jones and Z Merrett.


Hero: Shuey
Villian: Me, for putting the VC on Nic Nat instead of Shuey. Also Danger (C)


Can someone please tell me how Breakeven works? I know the basics as in if a player reaches breakeven, he makes money, but how is the rise or drop in price worked out?


This is pretty close….


Player’s Price divided by 5140 X 3 minus (sum of previous 2 rounds)


good work Choppers… think if you change 5140 to 5100 you will be bang on….


Who to trade JJ to, Docherty or Rance?


I quite like docherty however Rance is a good option, flip a coin and pray.


Docherty 100%


I like them both.. Rance will have lower and higher scores, Docherty probably more consistent.



JJ to Bryne-Jones and then wines to ward? with 400k left to upgrade mills and oliver to premos next round


Wouldn't trade Wines


he is doing shit and ropping in value… who else would you suggest i trade?


You just have to ask yourself why you selected Wines in the first place. Wines was apart of a team that got absolutely smashed all over the ground on the weekend, and the only reason he didn't score well was his disposal efficiency. I think you just have to keep faith a little longer, he's more than capable of averaging 100+ by season's end.

And you don't have to make trades every round, only when necessary. At this stage of the season people should mostly only be trading LTI players, and getting rookies on the bubble. It has been a disappointing start for Ollie, no doubt.. but generally in this game faith in premiums is rewarded.


Nobody bank the cash and upgrade one of your rookies later


I have Smurf Banksie but not trading him so I wouldnt trade Wines. Smurf (just like Wines) were selected in our sides for a reason and I'm sticking fat with mine. I always look at it as they are 1 game away from turning their seasons around. I have faith in Smurf that he will recapture his 110+ average. No reason Wines wont do the same. If you have lost all faith in Wines though, Ward would be a great selection. Is it worth a trade though?


Mmm im not to sure, i could possibly have 8 top quality mids if i traded this round


your choice bud. i just hope you dont run out of trades by seasons end


Would like to get rid of S Gray but have only $30k in the bank, need help


Reckon the bubble boy defender Byrne-Jones is a high priority for many coaches this week including Addicts. Bit of an unfortunate name there so I'll call him BJ instead and hopefully he doesn't turn into a burnman ha ha.

So you could always use Gray to bring him in if you don't have better options by swinging in someone like an AMT or Adams into your forward line to replace Gray.

Then use the savings to upgrade another failed midpricer to a proper premo or alternatively upgrade another cash cow in the next fortnight.


Not sure how an acronym for oral is better than Darcy's full name.


Hard without seeing your team as can't see what you would do with the cash you make from the downgrade. If JJ was your d4 id be tempted to downgrade. If like me he was D3 then your defense will be very weak downgrading so better of upgrading or going like for like.


I thought I had a good back line. If JJ is d3, who's above him?


relevant rookie breakevens

Byrne-Jones -85
Ruggles -56
Tippa -36
Weitering -5
Corey Ellis 3
Hartley 2
Adams 9
Kerridge 15
Parish 16
Brown 16
Davis 18
Mills 20
Oliver 29
Wells 31
Menadue 35


Ciaran Byrne?


yep, Byrne is -61 (should be second on that list)

And Papley should be at the bottom, 62 break even


Wagner from the Dee's?

Great info BTW, thanks for sharing


-51 for Wagner


Assuming Martin misses a game because of concussion… are fellow Martin-owners going to cop the donut too?


Mason Cox not far off a debut if you have him on the bench


Any chance Grimley gets a game this week?….Come on Essendon, do us all a favour…..Don't want a donut at this time of the year and don't want to burn a trade going sideways to Gawn……What should we do Oh wise Community?????


Think Grimley rolled his ankle last week, no sign of him in the VFL match report


if Martin misses, good chance West might get a game. At least thats a cheap option if anyone was interested. But i would probably just take the donut instead of wasting the trade


"BRISBANE Lions ruckman Stefan Martin has passed his first concussion test and is now considered a good chance to play the Western Bulldogs on Saturday night."
afl.com.au news


If he doesn't play and Grimley doesn't play thinking of trading in blicavs or tippit, going along those lines.


Considering downgrading papely, upgrading and underperforming mid pricer then bringing tippet in as a fwd premo but switching him up to ruck just for this week.

Average Joe

So many problems to face this week, including S Gray, Crouch, Papley and Hewett. Think I might have to keep Gray, better to have him than a non-playing player. Thoughts

Southern S

You need to start making moves saving trades is one thing but having lots of donuts is another.


Hewett considered a chance, was in the best in the NEAFL. So was Zack Jones. So if Dean Towers and Crapley come out, he could be a hold.


Interesting on hearing what trades would you make with this current line-up, $251K in the bank currently:

Shaw, Laird, Johannisen, Adams, Dea, AMT (Brown, Hartley)
Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Mitchell, Liberatore, Wells, Mills, Davis (Crouch, Menadue, Hewett)
Goldy, Gawn (Cox)
Lynch, Hall, Gray, Kennedy, Kerridge, Papley (Milera, McCarthy)


have a think about Crouch to Sloane. he had a slow start to the year, but on the weekend he looked pretty good. Didn't get a heap of the ball, but made 10 tackles and he looks really fit and sharp. BE 87, already dropped $37k

The Mountain

I am hearing that JJ may be out for a while so you should look for a suitable replacement


Papley to Byrne Jones (Via AMT)
JJ to Docherty

Grahame Lebroy

I am going Brown to Byrne Jones this week reckon its a solid move even though its minimal cash

Southern S

Brown's BE is only 16.


hold Brown. Squeeze every last drop out of the rookies


Thoughts just traded JJ to Byrne-Jones and have 445k in the bank

Def: Laird, Adams, Shaw, Weitering, Dea, Byrne-Jones (Hartley, Ruggles)

Midfield: Danger, Ablett, Ward, Fyfe, Priddis, Libba, Kennedy, Mills (Davis, Keays, Gore)

Ruck: Nic Nat, Gawn (Grimley)

Hall, Zach Merrett, Wells, Kerridge, Tippa, Barlow (Cox, Petracca)


I would cut your losses on barlow, trade him out move kennedy to the fwd and bring in a premo mid, maybe parker or hanneberry.


Nah Barlow has averaged 94 points last two weeks and has earned the right to keep his spot in my team at the moment
People have forgotten how good he was


Your team is beautiful…. the only weakness i can see is kennedy but other than that …. BEASTLY TEAM


I think Kennedy is still a hold.

You could probably do away with Cox up forward and add a premium in there or else maybe hold and see what drama next week brings…


Would it make more sense to trade JJ to a Bryne-Jones rookie type, or to a Rance or Biggs option?

Wouldn't mind banking the cash, but would leave backline thin with Laird and Shaw as only non-rookies


Wouldn't worry about it too much especially if it's only for a week or two. Most of the rookie defenders are more than holding their own each weekend and even taking it up to the more expensive midpricers and premos.

Even supposed elites like Shaw and Houli have delivered a couple of turds already this season. Going light in defence has actually worked out ok so far. I'm looking forward to upgrading to Heater in another fortnight or so once he's more reasonably priced…already dropped $60K with more to come by the looks.


Yeah fair call, so JJ to Byrne-jones and then B.Crouch to a Danger/zaha??


Sounds good to me. Not sure on Zaka though as he was a much better pick a fortnight ago before his price sky rocketed. However he and Zerrett keep defying their doubters each weekend so who am I to admonish that trade.

Danger, despite his ups and downs early this season, should still finish the season a top 5 mid so reckon he's worth the extra cash over Zaka myself but you have to make the trades that make most sense to you.

Southern S

Zaka is hard to ignore, so glad I took the risk on his cheap starting price, he's ranked 8th overall supercoach scorer.

Grahame Lebroy

Personally I would be sticking to your structure and going to a Rance type option in even though the extra cash would look good


I have johanissen, papley, stef martin, sam gray and tommy sheridan, who should i priioritise in getting out of my team

Southern S

As above JJ if out for 3+, next would be Papley, Sam Gray and Sheridan last on your priority list.

Martin will have scans and you really don't want to trade him out unless forced to.

Boltons blues

JJ out for 4 months
Martin passed first concussion test, hold
Gray and Sheridan go first


Just a side thought, JJ wont drop in price this week as he is broken, so if you think papley/SGray/Sheridan will bleed $$ and are therefore more important to trade out, give them the flick this week, then JJ next week.

Southern S

Sheridan won't bleed much (if anything) with a 75 BE.

Sam Gray with a 119 will bleed a bit more than likely.

Papley won't lose much either with a 62 BE but I think he'll be dropped this week anyway.

Just remember that if something else happens with injuries or something like that next week then you will be stuffed if you keep an injury on the pine, especially a high value player.


What did Sheridan score last week??

Southern S



The biggest issue isn't losing JJ's cash but his points. He was averaging 105.


Need some help this week
Team is
jj shaw simpson weitering dea seedsman amt m.brown
danger fyfe gray libba wines parish mills degoey davis hewitt dunkley
goldy martin cox
hall wells adams zorko kerridge papley menadue mccarthy

my question is should i upgrade jj to another premo or downgrade?
and who should i use my other trade as a upgrade or downgrade? is byrne-jones a must to get in?
i already have 367k in bank


You are going to need max cash to upgrade your midfield over coming weeks. Trade Papley out move amt to fwd and bring in b-j or cb. You are going to have one hell of a problem on second Bye round ,particularly in your backline, so you might want to look carefully at options for JJ.


The pain…traded out Greene to bring in Gray expecting a 50-70 point improvement, only to have that logic turned upside down!


I'm not trying to come off as a dick here but why would you trade Greene to Gray? They are both having poor seasons.


The Robbie variety


Ah, well that would make sense haha, good trade, he'll bounce back next round


Yeah, made the trade for consistency and points during the season and not confident that Toby will deliver, just gotta remember that I suppose

Benn Wheeler

Gray > Toby by a fair margin….


Well you are a dick.. And a stupid idiot


Words hurt Josh 🙁


Why bother saying anything at all if it's not helpful josh, you are really though if you think Greene will out score Robbin gray over the whole season. Robbin had a bad game, all the premos will at some stage Fyfe got 61 in the first game, danger 75 in the second week. Robbin will average 110+ at the end of the season so it won't be a bad trade come seasons end mister Spock. And josh, you see to have a very limited vocabulary, with nothing actually constructive to say, so do us all a favour and don't be a keyboard warrior.


Meant robbie, didn't realise it auto corrected them all, oops!


I'm pretty sure he was just joking around Kim, and if he wasn't then i wouldn't waste my team talking to him. He obviously hasn't got many brain cells to rub together if his best insult is calling me a "stupid idiot".


It sucks but don't sweat on that one, over the course of the year that will be one of our better trades you made.


what is people thoughts Mitch Robinson. Would he be a good option for barlow.

Southern S

Scored 86 last round. Barlow scored 81.

Sure Barlow had a couple of 60's, but robbo had a 67 too.

Plus with Robbo you will no doubt get a reckless suspension here and there. Not worth the trade at all, pick up a ball magnet like Merret/Zorko or take a punt on a more risky tall forward like Buddy/waite etc.


Being in the top 2% is very satisfying, but scoring 2010 after a 2400+ isn't. I look to downgrade JJ to DBJ and upgrade Callum Sinclair to a Forward/Mid Premo. The rest of the team looks solid, but de goey needs some higher scores or he's going and some of those rookies are getting tempting to trade… Any ideas of premo's to swap in for Callum Sinclair? Mid/For


Buddy is looking a nice upgrade. averaging 101 in the first 4 games. BE 81. hasn't had a big game yet, but not far away from a big game. Lions in two weeks followed by Essendon


Buddy is looking very nice. I was also thinking a downgrade to cockatoo this week and then upgrading 2 rookies (papely and Hartley most likely) to premo's.


Anyone on J Lyons as a cash cow?

Southern S

I took the risk and locked him in last week against any logic. He should hold his spot after reasonable performances in the last two weeks.




Almost a straight swap for Papley or Milera very tempting for mine – will consider seriously as I had both on the ground this week for 50pts odd in total !!


Martin passed his concussion test and is likely to line up against the dogs…yay haha


great to hear. It was a shame because he was going huge in that game and i would of been saying 'i knew it, i picked the best ruck after Goldy.' Thankfully the KO happened just b4 half time because I was about to get on this site and make a massive full of myself.

The Weapon

I think you were forgetting about a certain bearded wonder known as Max Gawn as the number 2 SC ruck, but martin is a close third


Who should I trade out Hartley for?

Ruggles or Byrne jones

Southern S

I'd wait till teams are named before doing that. If you have Papley or a non playing rookie you might wanna trade them out instead for BJ.

I don't rate Ruggles JS, Hartley will play a lot more games than him this year.


hold him


Only trade Hartley out if he's not named on Thursday


FYI Mark Harvey singled out Hartley for praise after the game as the defensive coach. I highly doubt he'd be dropped a week after that


What for team selection before making your mind up. Grimma isn't that far away and I'm not sure who will have less job security out of Hartley or Brown when Grimma is good to go.


Hartley named in AFL team of the week (suggest his js is very good )


Papley to byrne jones via brown dpp

JJ to shaw



Maybe go Docherty instead of Shaw or wait one round to trade in Shaw …. i dont think hell score 124.


Shut up adam, go back in your shell, your opinions don't matter to me or liam


Yep looks good


Can't fault that. Just be aware Shaw's break even goes higher next week – 150odd based upon his projected score – so you could get him $30k to $50k cheaper if you wait 2 weeks.


agreed but Ben Keays can't be far away last three games in the seconds have been 39, 32 and 31 touches in all heavy loses


Don't feel he's going to score that well, and job security with grima coming in.


Plus I can pocket a nice 80k

Southern S

He shut down Hawkins who got no goals, and he was a draft pick last year that they need to get games into. I think people are jumping the gun on his JS. In the end it's all speculation though of course.


Mika, personally I'dhold Hartley. BE of just 2 means still cash to be made, maybe $30k this week vs $50k for Ruggles and $70k for DBJ.

I'd take DBJ over Ruggles, but maybe see if there is another way than via Hartley.


I don't rate Grima at all

Southern S

Yep and he lost only 50k. People freaked out too much glad I kept him.


Who is this?


Last chance to get Zach Merrett community set for another price rise with a breakeven of 90 this week


He will drop later on in the season.


Risky not having him buddy

Southern S

His projected price change is 12k……………..


Not really. He's projected to get 119. which will mean only a 12.8k price rise. He could easily go less than 120 even though it's against a poor playing Collingwood. Unless he goes huge you won't loose too much money by picking him up next week,

Southern S

Exactly. I don't think breakevens knows much about breakevens.


Papley to Byrne-Jones
Barlow to Fyfe. Leaves me with 100k



Hold on Barlow, just do Papley trade


I'd be inclined to be aggressive and do both trades.. as fellow Barlow owner he is on very thin ice!

Only holding Barlow as I don't have enough cash to upgrade (without multiple trades)


Should I bring in Rance or Zach Merrit? Or someone similarly priced


Zach Merrett Rance is a key defender who will get a lockdown role most weeks and was lucky to get the 140 on the weekend




In 2105 out of 23 games Rance:

– Cracked the tonne 11 times, scoring over 150 twice, and scoring between 110 – 150 5 other times.
– Scored in the 90's 4 times.
– Scored in the 80's 3 times
– Scored less than 80 5 times, with a low of 44.

He's a very solid defenive option with a high ceiling and much more often than not you'll be happy with his contribution. Even though he has fewer stinkers than most other KPPs he will still throw out the odd sub 60.

For what it's worth he's one of my upgrade targets


would like to get some people's opinion on my team

Houli, Laird, Adams, Weitering, Dea, Sheridan (Cutler, Ruggles)
Dangerfield, Ablett, Hannebery, Priddis, Gray, Shiel, Taylor Adams, Parish (Davis, Hewett, Gresham)
Gawn, Nic Nat (Lorench)
Hall, Wells, Kerridge, BenKen, AMT, De Goey (Menadue, J.Smith)

Have 96k in the bank

what potential trades could i make this week, thank you in advance for people that reply


What trades could I make this weeks ?

my team is:
DEF: H.Shaw, JJ, K.Kolo, Adams, Dea, Hartley (M.Brown, Broad)
MID: Ablett, Danger, Hannebery, Steven, Shiel, Libba, Mills, Oliver (Davis, Menadue, Hewett)
RUC: Martin, Gawn (Currie)
FWD: Dusty, Hall, Barlow, Wells, Kerridge, Tippa (Papley, Kommer)
150K left in the bank

Obviously JJ has to be traded. But also thinking of going Barlow to Zach Merrett. Thoughts ? Help much appreciated 🙂


isn't Martin (BRisbane lions) Injured?

JJ ——–> Merrett ( through tipungwuti)
Papley ———> Byrne Jones (through Brown)

Barlow could get his BE of 88 this round so i'd hold (I have him too so i know the urge to get rid of him ) Whereas Papley's BE of 63 is insane and ,after the previous two rounds difficult to get. Byrne Jones will skyrocket if he plays and Merrett is a gun. Enough said


If your going to get Zach Merrett it needs to be this week
Breakeven of 90 and already at 530k and you're probably too late to trade out Barlow with his breakeven at 88
I would just hold on Barlow unless you really want Merrett


What do we think about Ruggles job security people?

Southern S

Not trading him in due to the doubt.


I agree, go DBJ if you're looking for a cheap defender who is looking alright. A 97 and 79 from his two games.


Do people think Ruggles stRuggles?


Does PapSmear have to go?




Yes, BE of 63, don't think he'll make it


Unless you have bigger issues, he appears to have hit his mark, I've moved him on for DBJ.


how do you do this? One is a back and the other a forward??


I just found this out myself, as long as you have a fwd eligible def you can swing them even in a trade, this blew my mind when I realised


Could hold one more week but he may loose a few $$ – either goes this week or next unfortunately


So much hinges on the selections on Thursday. I've reversed about 20 times already. Been thinking the double downgrade to DBJ and Ruggles from Hewitt/Gresham and The Smear (via DPP magic). It's simply a money making exercise but at having used 4 trades already I really want to sit and let these cows fatten up to the bye rounds but these two seem to be the logical step to cash generation.

Knocked out a 2096 down from my usual 2200+ this week with Houli stinking it up after trading him in and Gibbo being out + the Danger captain choice. Still in the top 1% but want to start making some ground.


Who is the top priority to get in out of:
S. Mitchell
Z. Merrett

Cheers community


Ablett IMO


Cheers, my concern is I have enough to do one this week and one next, and Ablett has North and will likely drop a bit, whereas the others will rise. Better to get Gary next week?

Southern S

His BE is only 127, Even if he drops a bit it would be bugger all I reckon.


In order, Ablett, Ablett, Ablett, Ablett


Merrett and Ablett are your Priorities , maybe Ward if you think hell score better than ablett


Discussion on 'On the Counch' last night saying Ablett might be rested because of his shoulder. Maybe Jock was right lol

Southern S

Shit I better trade him out.


Yeah im trading out ablett and Hall.



What do people think of these trades and the js of Lyons and Byrne Jones?


I think its a double downgrade for me. Papley to DBJ and Milera to Wagner.
Opinions on who is the better option – Wagner or Byrne.
I'm not really happy with the $$$s for Milera, is there potential for better scores or is he done?


Re: Milera… now he has a confirmed injury he will pushing the proverbial uphill (when fit again) to dislodge Charlie Cameron who played nearly every game last year in a similar role. Only hold if you have another bench playing fwd rookie. Crows play bugger all sunday games so can't even use Milera as a captains loophole. Gone.


Re: Milera has a breakeven of 61… enough said. trade him!


George Hewett – Darcy Bryce jones
Jordan de Goey – … Anyone under 535k thinking Merrett or Docherty??? Thoughts

Big G

How can any AFL footballer play a full game and get only 24?


Because his name is Tom Papley

Southern S

He's a 19 year old who has been thrown in the deep end. All in all I'd say he's done very well.

Jared Polec scored 8 supercoach points with 83% time on ground against the crows in round 2, so there's worse performances out there.

Or maybe you just don't know football as well as you think and shouldn't have had him on the ground that game.


I thought you were talking about mr Dawson.

What is his excuse?


He's a pleb


Who's the best option to get JJ out for thinking Biggs or is it too risky?


Biggs not proven in my opinion.


what about suckling or docherty


True, but with JJ and Murph out he has to step up… I think he's a very solid pick, ball magnet and good user… should average around 90 on the season.


I like Docherty.