Round 7 NRL: Buy, Hold or Sell?

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Hands up all those who haven’t done a numbers check for at least the first big bye round. Well, you probably should. This years’ bye period is one of the most difficult ones to manage due to the unique structure and gun player availability.

It’s understandable that a lot of coaches aren’t worrying too much about fielding a full side in round 12, although we need to ensure that we’re going to field a respectable number. There are a large number of popular and high scoring players that aren’t playing the first big bye round, so the last thing you want is a nasty shock when you’ve left it too late to check. Remember, you can easily fall behind a long way if you haven’t prepared correctly.



Kerrod Holland – CTW $114k Next 5: NZ(H), GCO(H), PAR(A), WES(A), SYD(H)

So who wants a bottom dollar cheapie that’s projected to make $70k this weekend? Sounds pretty good to me! Holland has been very impressive and will play his third game for the season against the Warriors this weekend. Let’s not forget that he’s the Bulldogs’ goal kicker too! Let’s be honest, there’s no viable reason to pass on Holland unless you have the ultimate combination of CTWs that are all performing or continuing to make decent cash. Expect him to be the most traded in player for round 7.

Jesse Bromwich – FRF $422k Next 5: WES(A), NZ(H), GCO(A), NTQ(H), PAR(A)

With Aaron Woods falling victim to injury last weekend, coaches will be looking at finding a suitable replacement. The way I see it you’ve got two options. You could go with a FRF that has suitable bye coverage such as Jack De Belin, or you could grab the equal best performing FRF available in Jesse Bromwich. If I were a Woods owner I’d be leaning towards the latter. Bromwich is producing an impressive 73 PPG average which is too hard to turn down. His only downfall is that he’s only available for one of the three big bye rounds. A small price to pay for owning someone with his huge output.

Josh Hodgson – HOK $376k Next 5: CRO(H), WES(H), PEN(A), STG(A), NZ(A)

The Raiders hooker and current Dally M leader is a consistent performer that could prove to be very beneficial to your SC team. He averages a little less than 60 PPG and is available for two of the three big bye rounds.  The Raiders also have a fairly good run over the next five rounds which give you the enhanced opportunity for those attacking stats and impressive SC scores. He’s currently owned by 5.7% of coaches which also makes him a ‘semi-POD’ selection.


Ashley Taylor – HB/FE $277k Next 5: STG(H), CBY(A), MEL(H), SYD(H), PEN(A)

It seems to be a typical SC occurrence that cashies produce high scores once a number of coaches trade them out. This is exactly what happened last week with Taylor, producing a 96 game after he became the third most traded out player in round 6. The young halfback now looks to be a hold for the short term and could be the upgrade option you’re looking for prior to the bye period.

Jayden Nikorima – HOK/HB 126k Next 5: PEN(H), STG(A), NEW(H), GCO(A) CBY(A)

The coaches that haven’t traded out Nikorima could be in for a small surprise. Sio Taukeiaho suffered a knee injury on the weekend which puts the second-rower out for up to seven weeks. As most of us know, Nikorima has been named at five-eighth for the past few weeks but ends up playing from the bench. With Taukeiaho injured there’s every chance that Guerra will stay in the second row, resulting in Nikorima staying in the halves. What’s the worst that can happen? Nikorima plays off the bench once again and produces another low score? Odds are that you’ll be using him as a NPR and he hasn’t exactly a lot of money to lose.

Javid Bowen – CTW $114k Next 5: SOU(H), PAR(H), MAN(A), MEL(A), BRO(A)

Bowen has produced a 65 point average in his first two NRL appearances and is on the cusp of making some decent cash. The obvious issue is the return of Linnett who has a chance of being a late inclusion this weekend. If you don’t own Bowen already, it’s best to hold off on trading until Friday to ensure he’ll definitely play that third game. For those who own Bowen already there’s nothing really to worry about. Let’s say Linnett returns this weekend and Bowen drops out the team. There are plenty of circumstances where Bowen can play more first grade this season. After his impressive performances in the past weeks he’s highly likely to be the first choice if a centre/winger requires replacing throughout the Origin period or due to injury. He won’t be losing any money either which is an added bonus.


Aaron Woods – FRF $356k Next 5: MEL(H), CAN(A), SOU(A), CBY(H), NEW(H)

Woods suffered an ankle injury on the weekend and is expected to miss four to six weeks. It goes without saying that the $356k could be put to better use, whether the injury affects his Origin chances or not. With tempting options available in Bromwich, Burgess (assuming you’re crazy enough not to own him already) or even De Belin, you’re better off trading Woods out of your team.

Robbie Rochow – 2RF $290k Next 5: BRO(A), MAN(H), SYD(A), CRO(H), WES(A)

Rochow owners like me received the news that one of our round 12 players suffered an injury that will put him out of action for up to ten weeks….ouch! Let’s look on the bright side though. Rochow’s injury opens the door to trade in someone like Peats – a dual position player that plays all three big bye rounds. Already own Peats? Considering Kerrod Holland is pretty much a must this week you could always consider a Rochow to Holland trade via a DPP in Oates or Harris, especially if you’re looking to save trades.

Pat Mata’utia – CTW $233k Next 5: BRO(A), MAN(H), SYD(A), CRO(H), WES(A)

OK OK, a lot of coaches would disagree with me here. It’s a bit unorthodox to trade out a player that has an average of almost 50 who will boost your numbers for round 12. My issue is his recent form. He has averaged just 32 points in his last three appearances and has the tough task of playing the Broncos at Suncorp this weekend. His round 12 game is against the Eels who have also been one of the best defensive sides in the comp, so there’s every chance he’ll be scoring another sub 30 against them anyway. Why not take the $119k you’ve gained from Mata’utia and either upgrade to a more beneficial CTW, or downgrade to Kerrod Holland?

Tell me Community…What do you think about the controversial trade targets in Javid Bowen and Pat Mata’utia?

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'Don't Blush Babbie'

I already have K.Holland so my trades will be at this stage ;
Out – P.Mata'utia , In – J.Bowen – ( even if he doesn't start I need to free up some cash )
Out – B.Lawrence ,In – J.Bromwich ( Lawrence has now peaked and is also playing off the bench )

I scored in the top 3% last week , hopefully I can make up more ground each week.


Great trades mate. Love em!

I'm thinking about getting Bowen myself and REALLY want JBrom in my team ASAP

Riddell Blue

Won't be this week but Mata'utia to Bowen will eventually pay dividends.

Big Bad Brian

Pat Mata'utia seems to have run a bit flat and Holland is an ideal trade. Not keen on Bowen. I would rather save the trade to use come round 12 or a cheapie with better job prospects if/when they come along in the meantime. Many people with regret burning up too many trades too early in the season.

'Don't Blush Babbie'

Gunna start to think about the Bye Schedule from next week ,Rounds 12 & 15 are killers ,I only have 6 players atm for Round 12


There's so many tactics floating around for the bye period. Round 12 is terrible for good coverage isn't it!

Paulie Walnuts

Best Bye Coverage Teams – Eels,Dragons,Dogs,Cowboys,Raiders,Broncos & Knights


Watch the ownership percentage shoot up for the likes of Peats, Ma'u and De Belin


Yeah that's fair enough mate. I guess the attraction with Bowen is that he's playing his third game and set to make a great amount of cash between now and the end of the Origin period (with Feldt now in Origin contention). Worst case scenario though is Linnett returns this week and no Cowboys backs get injured or selected for Origin.