Round 6 NRL: Buy, Hold or Sell?

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Some of us experienced a heart breaking round while watching the likes of Milford and Mbye produce subpar scores.

It was even worse for those that captained them. This week will test the patience and restraint of many coaches due to the questionable cheapies that have become available, along with the inconsistent performances of mid to high priced performers.

There are plenty of questions that need answering when it comes to job security, player performances and viable trade options. Make sure you’ve done your homework when choosing your trade options this week and never neglect those big bye rounds that are approaching. They can make or break an entire season.




Shaun Fensom – 2RF $374k Next 5: PAR(A), CRO(H), WES(H), PEN(A), STG(A)

Fensom is now priced at an attractive $374k and plays two of the three big bye rounds, another solid selection when it comes to preparing for the Origin period. SuperCoach has his average at 57.2 PPG but remember that this includes the game against the Roosters where he scored zero, so his average is actually 71.5 PPG. Ideally it would’ve been more beneficial to pick him up last week due to the zero game dropping out of his three game average, although he has gained only 10k in price since then and will prove beneficial in any SuperCoach team.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck – FB $464k Next 5: MAN(H), CBY(A), MEL(A), STG(H), PEN(A)

The ultimate fullback combination for the run home would have to be Tedesco and Tuivasa-Sheck. But what if you’re one of many coaches that opted to select a different fullback to start the season with to spend the money elsewhere?  Yep, you’re probably curled up in a corner imagining what could’ve been, but what’s done is done. If you didn’t pick him up last week when he was 25k cheaper, then this is the week to grab Tuivasa-Sheck. He’s averaged 88 PPG over the past three games and has just dropped a 43 point game. The big issue will be who to downgrade in order to gain the money needed to get RTS.

Kerrod Holland – CTW $114k Next 5: MEL(A), NZ(H), GCO(H), PAR(A), WES(A)

Kerrod Holland returns for his second game of the NRL season following a hamstring injury to Chase Stanley. There’s plenty of risk when choosing someone like Holland who isn’t usually part of the Doggies seventeen, the main one being the issue of how many games Stanley will miss. I’m going to be more optimistic though. I’m giving strong consideration to Holland this week due to a number of reasons – he may take over kicking duties from Mbye (which he did in his first game), he should be the one covering Morris throughout the Origin period, the Bulldogs play two of the three big bye rounds, he’ll be more productive than Feeney who is currently wasting a spot in my team and can be traded via a DPP. Why not give him a crack?


Moses Mbye – HB $396k Next 5: MEL(A), NZ(H), GCO(H), PAR(A), WES(A)

There’s no need to panic trade Mbye after his single digit score last weekend.  He has a 78.6 point average (which includes his 9 points against the Raiders) and will be a good addition to your round 12 side. In saying that, I’m not fully against trading him out of your side either. Coaches may be in the mind set that Mbye has made his money (122k) and it’s time to move on. Blake Austin and Aiden Sezer are two halves that jump to mind if you’re looking to move Mbye on to try out a POD selection.

Pat Mata’utia – CTW $244k Next 5: WES(H), BRO(A), MAN(H), SYD(A), CRO(H)

Realistically, Mata’utia could be a considered a Hold or a Sell depending on how you think he’ll perform over the coming weeks. He’s producing a 52 PPG average although he scored a 30 followed by a 38 in his last two appearances. The decision to hold or sell him will depend on whether you think he’s able to maintain that 52 PPG average because he will potentially rise above 300k if he can. Add to this his availability for round 12 and you’ve got a decent argument towards holding him. If you simply need the cash to strengthen your seventeen and are assuming he may lack the attacking stats to score over 50, then trading him out isn’t a bad decision either.

Jacob Saifiti – FRF/2RF $202k Next 5: WES(H), BRO(A), MAN(H), SYD(A), CRO(H)

Tariq Sims’ return from suspension sees Jacob Saifiti being named on the bench for the first time this season. Saifiti has been a handy cheapie for coaches this year, making 88k so far and averaging 43 PPG. Don’t panic just yet though! He has a breakeven of -2  which means he’ll definitely make money regardless of his performance. Now you’re probably thinking “He has a -2 BE so why is he even worth a mention?” Let’s not forget that a number of coaches in our community don’t own SC Gold and will base their trades off team lists and team needs, so my message to these coaches are: “Don’t panic trade Saifiti just because he’s named on the bench”. Additionally, its unknown how Saifiti performs coming from the bench and what minutes he’s likely to play which means the option to hold him until round 14 to boost your round 12 numbers is still valid.


Craig Garvey – HOK $203k Next 5: MEL(A), NZ(H), GCO(H), PAR(A), WES(A)

With Michael Lichaa returning from injury there’s no room in the Bulldog’s starting seventeen for Garvey.  Coaches would’ve loved another game from the young hooker who averaged 65 PPG and was set for another prise rise of 40-50 thousand. With Nathan Peats due back next week, a Garvey to Peats trade would be perfect especially with Peats playing all three big bye rounds. If you don’t have the option to upgrade Garvey then don’t stress too much, he’s not going to lose any money.

Jayden Nikorima – HOK/HB 139k Next 5: SOU(A), PEN(H), STG(A), NEW(H), GCO(A)

43% of coaches still own Nikorima and this is partially due to the lack of options if you don’t have the spare cap. The main issue with Nikorima is that he’s now an AE nightmare, so coaches require a higher than normal vice-captain score to effectively use the loophole. He’s played the last two games from bench scoring 10 and 20 points and should continue to do the same until he’s either named to start in the halves or Mitchell Pearce returns from suspension.

Jordan Rankin – FB/FE $217k Next 5: NEW(A), MEL(H), CAN(A), SOU(A), CBY(H)

This is probably one of the better weeks to give Rankin the punt while benefitting from his 72k price rise. Let’s assume he hits his projected score of 41 this week, that’ll make his three game average 32 PPG – nothing to get excited about. Coaches could argue that he’s not looking like losing too much money over the coming weeks, but with the smorgasbord of performing halves and backs on offer, your money is better spent elsewhere.

Are you tempted by the CTW cheapies that have become available?

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The Beard

Can't decide if I bring in Taupau, Fifita or Lowe.



Definitely Lowe, wish I'd stuck to my guns and kept him in my starting side


Lowe?? Don't get sucked in by him. Go back and look at his scores last year. Went gang busters due to inflated scores then averaged about 40 for the final half of the year. He is a no go. Fifita is a supercoach beast and has the best points per minute of the players you've mentioned but no point bringing him in now as his bye schedule is shocking and will miss games due to origin. Lowe will play the 1st bye round but is a risk of averaging poorly from then on. Maybe try and bring in peats using position changes.

The Beard

Thinking the same thing with Lowe.

Fifita was my top choice with Taupau. He has been going good too with solid 58+ scores through to100.

Other option was Matulino.

Throw in Fensom as a last option.



Hey Beardie, all depends on your bye planning ie: when you are going to start trading with round 12 bye in mind. I think fafita is a clear pick, the other 2 play on the edge. Fensom 'should' get better minutes with the injury to soliola but who knows in that pack. If you have a few already that will be playing round 12 and will start bringing in players for that round from next week on Fifita for sure. But go with your gut!

The Beard

Thanks mate. I am thinking I'll go with Fifita.

Really want to win this week got a family member as a opp 😛

The Beard

That said, just looked over a few things what you think of Matulino or Taupau due to the fact they NZ and won't miss Origin? Think they can keep on pap with Fifita?


Hey Beardie, I don't think you can go wrong with either Mautilino or Fifita, both are going to be in the top forwards come end of the year. Mautilino has upped his minutes this year. Flip a coin between those 2! Sharks have the rounds 12 and 15 as byes, which is pretty awful for any sharks origin players. Both are the number 1 props in their team both offload, Fifita has much higher points per minute but Mautilino is playing 7 more minutes a game. Flip a coin!.
I cant have Taupau, he will no doubt jag a try here and there but I cant see him finishing the season ahead of either Fifita or Mauts. AND the bloke just rubs me the wrong way, you know he is going to give away penalties and is going to do something dumb. He should've got 4 weeks for his dog hit on Jack Bird. He is a risk IMO. He is the new steve matai.

The Beard

Thanks mate.

Have been tossing up now between Fifita & Matulino & Fensom or James Roberts via moving a centre/2nd rower up.

I am stuck though. Do I dump Kane Evans next week and cut Ferguson and get Fifita/Matulino or do I hold Fergo for another week and dump Evans now for Fensom…

Either means I have Ferguson as my 4th bench player this week with Fensom in the 17 or Evans as my 17th with Ffifita/Matulino…

The Beard

Or obviously Roberts can also swap instead of Fensom and keep Fergo…

The Beard

Could also look at Merrin, just can't stand him though talk me into someone ffs LOL.

Evans & Fifita/Matlino
Ferguson & Fensom/Roberts/Merrin/Jake Trob/Peats

The Beard

Bloody now running with this idea lol.

Fifita/Matulino & Cody Walker stays for another week (worried A Reynolds is back)

Fensom/Roberts/Merrin/Jake Tro/Peats & Ferguson as 17th…



My thoughts are look at what your team looks come round 12 currently and trade accordingly!


Yeah good point. Bye prep is pretty crucial so Peats would be perfect. Lowe plays 2 of the 3 big bye rounds so he's also pretty good.


I'd bring in Lowe mate. He's more bye friendly than the other 2 although all 3 are solid options.


Hey Cowboy, I tend to disagree re Lowe (respectfully of course mate). He traditionally start the year off with a bang then scores drop dramatically towards the end of the year. 2015 first 1/3 of the season averaged 68, then 43 for the last 1/3 of the season. 2014 averaged 44 then dropped to 24. I reckon any points you make off him in the Bye round/s will be generally lost when he slows up big time at the end of the year. (20 plus points a game drop is a [email protected] of points you are losing over an 8-10 game period). Just my thoughts!!


All good mate, it would be boring to all have the same opinion wouldn't it! I agree that he's not really an option if you're basing the decision off previous years' stats. To me he's involvement and hunger seems to be a lot higher this season so I reckon he's a good option if you're looking for consistency along with the occasional attacking stat. As a hardcore Cowboys nut I'm hoping he continues his run haha.


I'm stuck. I want Holland but merrin trade is a must after another bad week of base stats. and msell with his 9 in his 3 week rotation will have be's over 100. he is a must sell for mind. thinking of bring in sj and ride the rollercoaster. feedback is keen community 🙂 cheers


If merrin and mbye having a bad score is your only problem then your team must be going pretty well, seriously, hold them both. No need to trade either of them.

billy goats gruff

pffft Mez had 100 the other week.

The Beard

Lowe you reckon? He has scored a lot of trys to over inflate his scores. Where as Taupau & Fifita haven't.

Boz23, I have had SJ from the start. I'm happy to lock him & Thurston with set & forget baring injury.

Next to get Milford in there.


You could see that as a positive – while he's producing tries, producing decent base stats and playing 2 of 3 big byes, why not give him a crack?

Don't Blush Babbie

I will be going early on Holland ;
Out – Naiqama – In – Holland ( made over 100K on Naiqama )
Out – Rankin – In – RTS
** Bang – Still have $103k to play with next week


Uber trades

Don't Blush Babbie

VC on CP13 tonight or Surgess tomorrow night ,I reckon a lot will go Parker ?

The Beard

Tossing the C & VC on Parker & Tedesco. SBurgess burnt me last week.

Watched him and he certainly didn't run the ball at all in the second half, not sure if was just tired or what. Playing in the props might limit him a touch.


Surgess at prop makes me nervous but he should still get a good score. I went something different and threw the VC on Oates last night. Pretty excited when he scored after a few minutes but was very quiet after that. JT as C for me – and about 18% of coaches haha