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Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 12.33.21 PMLast week it was Fyfe, Green & Hickey – this week it seems there is trade panic around Barlow, Rockliff and a host of others.



Without doubt, in terms of overall rank, trading is a more important game element than initial starting squads.

Great traders are much like the great AFL footballers – while they come pre-blessed with a certain level of natural ability, to become elite in their field they have had to train hard to fine tune skill while remaining extremely disciplined in their approach.

Mick The Mad Irishman (follow him on twitter here @Da_Mad_Irishman) worked with me on an article dedicated to the art of trading in the Jock Reynolds Fantasy Footy Magazine that was released leading into the 2015 season. Within this article were two significant flow diagrams – given the events of Round 2, I feel it extremely timely to reflect carefully on these before we make any trades this week.

The biggest mistake made every year by both the experienced and non-experienced Supercoaches is the trading out of a Premium selection. It normally happens in the early part of the season when a Premium undergoes a run of poor form. The Premium selection is traded out for another Premium who has started the season with a run of red hot form. This is the best example of shortsightedness in the Supercoach game. Often the form of both players will reverse and you will have both wasted a trade — and reduced the scoring capacity of your team. This scenario has already been demonstrated with those who went from Fyfe to Priddis or those who traded into Hickey after Round One.

Of course there are certain times when you will need to trade out a Premium. Long Term Injury (LTI) is the obvious one. Another scenario may be that your Premium has had a change of role within a team or is playing with an injury. If either of these circumstances can be proved then you may be forced into a trade. Deciphering this information can be difficult and one should be certain before they hit the trade button. All too often Premiums are traded out far too quickly and for all the wrong reasons.
By answering a series of simple questions you can better judge whether or not a Premium should be traded out.

Scenario One – Injury to a Premium Selection (The Rockliff Dilemma)









Scenario Two – Changed Role With a Team (The Barlow Dilemma)









While it may seem to go against all of your SuperCoach trading instincts, when running Rockliff and Barlow through the two dichotomous keys it seems that a solid play may be to hold both Rockliff and Barlow!

A fascinating decision awaits all SuperCoaches this week. Your decision to trade or hold will have a significant bearing on your overall rank.

Assuming you owned BOTH Barlow and Rockliff - what would you do this week?

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Enjoy the week Community!

Kind regards,

Peter J Higginbotham




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Kang Van DerBang

Have to remove Barlow – I don't see any upside in keeping him. When Bennel gets back he will have no place in the midfield.

Kang Van DerBang

p.s. Sensational flow chart Higgo.


When Bennell gets back, barlow will have more midfield time

M-Town Ballers

Bennell was brought in to kick goals he will play as a running mid fwd. Barlow will then be pushed back in the middle for centre clearances


Barlow to lambert and use the cash.


Great write up Higgo! They are some magnificent flow charts.

Thanks mate!


So I completely stuffed up my backline. I picked Matt Boyd and Harwood. I thought Boyd would light it up with the doggies good early run but obviously i was wrong and Harwood is scoring like hes a sub.

Should I…

Hold Boyd, Downgrade Harwood to Hartley and Barlow to Papley giving me 600k in the bank


Downgrade Boyd to JJ and Harwood to Brodie Smith and keep Barlow.


What does the flowchart suggest you should do?


if you haven't got Papley then you have to get him in.
hartley has one more game left before his price rise so you can wait another week for him


I think Barlow to Papley & Harwood to JJ


Im not 100% on JJ. Hasnt had much competition in the first 2 weeks with doggies pumping both sides.

Thinking that we wait and see how he goes up against some real competition in the hawks and if he lights it up again Ill be happy to pay the extra cash.


That's what I'm doing, and it gives me an extra week to see who should make way for him, Bartel, Sheridan or Lonergan.


The dogs have the hawks, carlton, north, Brisbane, Adelaide in the next 5 weeks all at Etihad then Melbourne at the G. I think he continues his great form throughout and the dogs can easily go 7-1 maybe 8-0 after this lot of games.


mate have you seen him play, he is a feak. He does not stop running.


Absolute madness- with Carlton and Lions in the next 3 weeks, ignore all the crap, will be 600k real fast- #gun


Lyon as much said it after the loss to the Suns, if you lack pace and disposal efficiency, you're not part of the future. Whether that's just Ross throwing hand grenades at his players, but it sounds a lot like Barlow.


Totally agree, I heard that to be a specific reference to Barlow. Remember Ross and Luke Ball.


Well Freo have no future with him soaking up the teams youth like he did with Saints. He has only done what he did before and he has got what he had before a sad old team.

Southern S

Wonder how he's going to manage a rebuild at Freo, considering he's there till the end of 2020, it might hurt his excellent win loss record as a coach.


What are you going to do higgo?


Probably trade out both Rocky and Barlow ha ha!


If there is a time to make these important trades it may be round 2! With opening prices still available there is no better time than now to stem the bleeding and tend to the wound before the onset of gangrene. Rockliff can still be traded to Parker for profit but in just a couple of rounds such a trade may end up costing around 50K. Luke Parker has come in with a full pre-season, Rockliff hasn't. It is an unacceptable risk to let Rockliff or Barlow develop into the Ryan Griffen thorn in side of 2016.


Is Sam mitchell a good option

will he get rested ??

Bells E Bubb

Not if you have a 'No Dickheads' policy.

The Beard

Both gone. R Gray & Martin in I think.


Want to trade out Barlow, Who is the better option: Aaron Hall or Jason Johannisen (DDP Switch)?


Hall without a shadow of a doubt.
JJ hasn't scored like this before (Hall has at the back end of 2015) and JJ surely will cop a lockdown at some stage the way he is cracking the game open. When playing GC majority of attention will be on Ablett.

Bobby Singh

Hall. We'll see how JJ goes against quality opposition.


What would u do in the wingard situation I'm planing on selling him to dusty thoughts

ball swing

nah- i dont think dusty will buy him either.


I think Barlow needs to go, unlike previous seasons there is an abundance of cheap forwards scoring big points (Kennedy, Wells, Papley, Kerridge) and those $$$ would be better spent strengthening other lines.

Rick Grimes

I think I'll hold on both. Rocky will come right and is capable of playing with an injury whilst still pumping out massive scores. Barlow I feel less confident about. I'm hoping Bennell will come in and push Barlow back towards the middle. If he spuds it up again I'll swap to Dusty or Zorko.

Last season I burned trades early. So I'm trying (very hard) not to rage trade some of these muppets.

ball swing

its round 3 buddy. it is the ONLY round when using both trades is mandatory!!!


Hi Rick, just wanting to know your thoughts on Negan. It looked like you were going to go berserk last night. We should call in an Air Strike on these Saviour dogs for beating one of our mates last night!


Ben Keays 39 touches in seconds should get a game next week


Especially since Rocky has pretty much been ruled out for next week, plus Rich and Robinson are 50/50.


I'm hearing a lot of hold, hold, hold, but i think this is the one time of the year you should trade, trade, trade. Rewind 1 year ago, popular choices Griffen, Bellchambers, Newnes & Lumumba all started slow. With hindsight, the right thing to do was trade all these guys out, except for maybe Newnes who was a 50/50.


I agree Phil. Required corrective trades need to be made in opening two rounds before price changes, then hold and save trades.


Good call I reckon .. we used to have 24 trades for a season so I look at the extra 6 as correctionals, get your team set how you want and then put the gun in the holster and be very careful whenever you draw it for the rest of the year, Sure, if you got your team right from the get-go then hold those bonus trades but if you need to correct .. BANG, BANG trade your arse off!!!


Higgo's article is about Premiums, with Bellchambers, Newnes and Lumumba not being in that category. Griffen had the potential but trading him immediately was not a priority given the injuries most of us were facing. When fit, Rocky is elite and can knock out monster scores whilst Barlow has to potential to be one of the best forwards this season.

Why wouldn't you let Rocky sit it out for a week and use him as an emergency/captains loophole and then let him repay the faith as the season rolls on?

The benchmark

I think we are talking about holding certain players. Corrective trades elsewhere will definitely be done

Southern S

Because rocky had preseason injury problems and now he's already suffering.

Sometimes action is necessary.


Yeah fair point but last season after returning from injury, Rocky finished the season with the following scores between rounds 15 to 23:

126, 101, 50, 135, 115, 145, 122, 146, 152


Community I think we should hold on Barlow. Round 1 Melbourne beats GWS and then loses to Essendon the next week, GWS loses to Melbourne then beats Geelong, Hawthorn loses to Geelong then beats West Coast and Josh Gibson has 44 bloody disposals
Cannot predict anything at the moment so hold on Barlow community


Geelong beat Hawthorn, Hawthorn beat West Coast, Melbourne beat GWS, GWS beat Geelong and Essendon beat Melbourne.
Does this mean Essendon are now flag favourites??



Bobby Singh

Spot on.


That's the way footy has always worked. Bombers absolute flag certainties! I'm off to see my bookie – odds are ridiculous for a sure thing!!!

Grahame Lebroy

I am going to be stubborn and hold both Rocky and Barlow. Instead using this week to fix up cash cow and stepping stone types, L.McDonald I am talking to u (what was I thinking).Hoping Robinson comes back this week to help a little.

The Ranger

You're spot on Lebroy. R3 is get the right rookies round, there's nothing more important.


Clever Graham.
Yes only rookie correctives only this week. If you have them all, well done – there are no trades required. This puts you ahead with your trades in hand and supreme cash generation abilities. You might be behind on total points early but will be able to make bigger leaps up the rankings as the season goes on, replacing your tired young rookies with your choice of proven experienced jets


God I love trading….. But I think your right, I'm 100% holding rocky, anyone thinking of trading him should look at the back end of last year or all of 2014 for a reminder of what he does. Barlow I'm umming about but I think it'll be a hold in the end… I'll also hold for another week.


I'm trading Barlow & Dal Santo for Ablett & Papley outcome = more points + more team value & 380k in the kitty for prem upgrades…Thoughts??


My thoughts are you have Dal Santo?


Yeah same – do those trades I'd say 😉


Chasing points = big mistake


how long is rockliff out for?

Average Joe

Hasn't been revealed yet

Mark G

heard he has bone bruising in his forearm and the calf/hamstring problem which is the reason he didnt play nab.

Southern S

If the calf/hamstring thing is the same injury then according to the flow charts he should go. It's probably affected his output for 5 weeks now.


this is my team community and would love some thoughts on which way i should go with my trades

DEF- houli laird sheridan cutler weitering adams (AMT, Dea)
MID- Danger ablett priddis shiel adams viney crouch kennedy(gresham hewett davis)
RUCK- nic nat gawn (lorensch)
FWD- barlow hall de goey wells menadue kerridge (mccarthy 102k rook)

i have 139k in the bank, is there any must have players that i don't have in my team

should i keep or trade barlow and who for can use DPP

which of my mid pricers should i get rid of first

thoughts would be much appreciated

Average Joe

Sheridan for Adams


Nice side but you really must get LIBBA first and then Papley, don't even think about not making these trades its a MUST.


Atm I've gone gresh to papley via kerridge and barlow to jj via adams. $244k in the kitty will look to offload rocky to fyfe next week and still leave a good whack for more upgrades


Exactly the moves i will be doing


will Papley get a regular gig at the Swans?


Rookies always a week to week proposition but he'll play this week and generate an almighty pile of cash!!

Average Joe

Decided that my best course of action this week is to trade papley and kennedy in for barlow and another rookie. My question is who do I trade out between Gresham and Ruggles? Ruggles seems the obvious choice but if he gets named during the year he could prove useful, whether Gresh has scored 44 and 37 in the last few rounds, plus trading Gresh out lets me have Menadue or Papley on the field instead of Hewett, and I get a mid-fwd dpp link. Thoughts?


unless he is named this week get rid of Ruggles, he isn't earning you any cash while he isn't playing


Pis$ off Gresh for Papley, that's what I am doing because the little cash he does make in round 3 he will lose by round 5 or 6 anyway.


Trade Gresham he is only going to go up around $10,000, if Ruggles does play he will go up a lot more.


I like this move. Get rid of Gresh, think I'll do the same


A big thankyou to you Higgo. Your preseason article on SuperCoach Psychology was a big factor in why I didn't select Barlow. Whether or not this was the right call won't be clear for a few rounds still but it's looking good so far.


Same here. I posted on that article. One reply suggested I couldn't be serious about SC if I didn't pick Barlow. Feeling very happy with that decision. Unfortunately I chose Robinson instead! So no escaping the pain!


Downgrading Barlow to Papley then trading Rockliff out.

Who are the best candidates to trade in for Rockliff?? got $948,300.

Looking very closely at Sam Mitchell or Luke Parker. Any other considerations???


Or seeing as Bennell is coming into the Freo side (hoping to send Barlow into the midfield more) do I hold Barlow and just downgrade Rockliff to Parker?


Robbie Gray


I have three under performing premos in Rampe, Barlow and Rockliff. I'll be holding them all.


onya lekdog you read my mind


Do you have Johannisen and Aaron Hall Lekdog?


Don't have JJ, playing out of his mind not sure how long it continues


Going to trade JJ in?


Don't think i can get him in this week

ball swing

Lekkers keeping Barlow and Rocky and not getting JJ??? Lunacy!!!

Rocky the glass cannon is NEVER going to play 22 games. We ALL got him hoping he'd at least make the byes alas he didnt.

Barlow has GOTS to gizzo!!!! Trade him out for JJ.

Why??? Have you seen JJ run… and run… and run????? Thats why. & 7 games at Etihad say no more.

As long as you use both trades this compulspory trading week then your team should be better for it 🙂


Look a bit harder swinger they play at least a dozen there coupl at the g one at the cattery and go to wa sa qland nsw bugger all. Soft draw. Get on jj

The Ranger

How's ya rookies doing Lek?


Don't have Paps or Adams 🙁

The Ranger

So will you be corrective trading to get them?
I don't have Paps or Kennedy but all the rooks I have are playing.
I'm trying to weigh up how important it is to get them in.


Rocks never been the same since concussions


agree with Rocky Lek but I cant keep Barlow. Spending to much time in the forward line and he proved last year he cant play there. On another topic, how you feeling about our Blues? I know we go belted but i was still very impressed how we went about it.


I know we lost but the positives are positive

Southern S

Rampe is a premo?


Premo price, POD, not going well

Southern S

I don't see a 450k player as a premo I guess. Feels like he's always been so close but not quite there.

Has steadily increased his output over time he'll probably come good.


I think 450k defender is seen as a premo price but more of a 'risk' premo not a set and forget premo


from rockliff to zazharakis? downgrade trade perhaps??


Rockliff (presuming he's missing this week) becomes handy for captains loophole with Brissy playing last.


The conservative Supercoacher in me wants to hold both Rocky and Barlow, but I missed Libba. This is an opportunity I must take. Barlow to Libba, Gresham to Papley for me.


I am doing the same except holding Barlow and trading Rocky. The kitty is now healthy for some upgrades.


Got barlow rocky and wingard who is the most urgent to trade and who should i hold


all of them


It's looking like rocky will miss this week so you can hold off on him, price wont change.

Barlow will drop so maybe him first. Wingard against essendon, could hold off if you have a rookie trade you want to do instead.

Rocky (if he doesn't play. If he does, punt before wingard)


Don't trade Wingard!


Hold Rocky. Don't trade Wingard he went well R1, he'll bounce back after the Crows smashing this week. I've already ditched Barlow, just don't think he'll be any good


Is it worth getting Hall with the likes of O'Meara and Swallow to return soon?




They won't be returning soon!


Hall is the real deal Mitch


No continuity


I need help.

What the hell am I doing with Bartel?
Scores of 88 and 61, one game was a great win the next a bad loss. I don't think he can avg over 90 again.
I never trade someone of his price this early, I didn't see much of the GWS game but i'm thinking his best is behind him.
Should I hold or trade?


im keeping him. I still believe he will be top 10.

Jonathan Camac

Ive got the same dilemma as you Dice. At the moment I'm holding, but gosh I'm tempted


If thats you're biggest problem you're doing alright!

It's hard to be confident that he'll ave 90+ but he's a champion and it's worth giving him time to see if he can turn it around.

James Sykes

do we need to grab Johannisen for bartel before its too late?

Southern S

I'm going to say yes. 2016 is the year of the young speedsters.


I'm lucky i picked the right rookies before the season started.
I think because of that I'm burning Bartel for Johannisen. Gotta be in it to win it!


HOLD Bartel – If that's the worst of your problems then you must be doing well…


I'll be trading Rockliff and holding Barlow.

As a Brisbane supporter even if Rockliff plays this week, he won't be 100%. Plus I don't think he has enough experienced support there to help him with Beams out and also Rich a possibility of being out. And Geelong are going to pump us this week!

Apparently there are over 12,000 people already who have traded Barlow this week. That now makes him a POD player with so few holding onto him.

Surely Bennell will come in and play that HF role that plays a bit of midfield, while Barlow can feel free to run around and get the pill. Still a big possibility he can average 100 for the rest of the year.

Any thoughts on that community?


12k dropping barlow doesnt make him a pod… at least yet. 70k still have him and you dont know if that 12k are the people who are usually at the top of SC. 30k people could drop barlow but if the top 10k players still have him, not really a pod.

Just some food for thought, I like the reasoning and barlow could come around but I'm personally going with barlow first to fix up other areas.




Hi Community,
would love your thoughts on Zaharakis???
Can he maintain this output???


I suspect he wont get as much freedom against stronger opposition.


reports are that Rockliff is very unlikely to play this week. Hold or trade?


Agreed that Barlow has been horribilis for the first 2 rounds. But consider this hypothetical, What if he had gone 111, 99, 104, 100, 60, 120, 89, 61. Would you now still think he's a burnman?

Is it the fact that those 2 score are consecutive and have come in round 1 and 2 have a bearing on your decision. Particularly at a time where one can often be looking for a trade, any trade to make.

Do the tonnes he had in his 2016 NAB games count for nothing as far as scoring potential go.

Barlow has played Western Bulldogs (ave. 77) Gold Coast (ave. 73). Historically he struggles against these two teams. Note: other than averaging only 73 against Sydney, Barlow averages above 92.6 against ALL other sides. I'd take that from a F3/4 any day, especially one i didn't have to burn a trade on to get in my team.

Consider a hold community…


Rate this analysis really highly Jimbo!! You absolute legend, I was strongly considering holding him and reckon this is the nail in the coffin. I'm holding him with the idea of if I trade right he can even be an F7 if all goes to plan!


I wanted to add this too. I think it can come down to NEEDS and WANTS at the start of the season. When hitting the trade button ask whether you really NEED to trade or do you just WANT to?

Do they have a significant role change,
no longer in the best 22
do they have an L.T.I.

The distinction between the definitions of need and want is often blurred when you have all 30 trades. After all, there are seemingly plentiful trade in options around you as you scan your team for a weaker link.

When trades are few it gets a little easier to decide on your needs and wants. Often though at the end of the season your hand is forced choose from a smaller pool of options many of which may not have been on your pre-season watch list.

Have you ever been in postion in SuperCoach where you had planned to trade out an under performing player but you HAD no option but to trade 2 different players that particular week because they had season ending injuries. That under performing player dropped in price for a few weeks then in 2-3 weeks later he hits his straps and repays you for picking him. That's what happened to me last year with Kade Kolodjashnij. He had a poor start, then with team injuries around him he got going as a great defensive P.O.D.

Just wanted to offer my experience.

Go with your gut

Good luck in round 3 community


interesting, thought provoking comments, Jimbo.
I really want to end Barlow, but I know I will need that trade later.

ball swing

thing is Jimbo he HASNT got a ton… and is UNLIKELY to get many. He will average 90 at best… thats at BEST. Too many cheapies in the fwds ATM. Infact currently Barlow is the ONLY FWD i have avgeing under 100… ohh kerridge at 96 also.


Yes the tonnes in the NAB he scored do count for nothing. It's the NAB…..


Well said, Higgo. Exciting time for rookie coaches round 3 to go wild chasing the big performers after being told to hold last week. If you're serious about this caper and did your preseason research you would've picked proven premiums, to jump off after two weeks is a supercoach no no

I went in with Broad after his nab cup, if he doesn't get a game this week for Grimes I'll trade him to Papley via DPP

Southern S

Broad wasn't named round one so you shouldn't have gone in with him in the first place. Trade.


Looking at the leaders I can't help but notice a couple if elite runners in Scully & Zaharkis at the top of the tree, could the limited rotations be having an effect on certain players? Could the Blitz take the mantle of number 1 ruck?


I haven't watched the giants games but from what I've watched of Essendon, zaharakis has dominated late in games, so you could be onto something.


I dont watch too much gws or scully in general but I caught a bit this week and the commentators did mention that his work rate and the limited rotations have benefited someone like him. Make of that what you will.


Thoughts on Zac Merrett?


I like Zac although dont now how long these scores will last.

Thinking of either Barlow to Zac or barlow to JJ


This might sound wierd but if Rocky is named, ill be trading him. if is isnt and is allowed to rest his niggles for a few weeks, ill keep him on the bench.

ball swing

nope. Rocky aint never going to play more than 18 games… Id also say Fyfe and GAJ will only play 19-20 at most aswell.


Thoughts on these trades?

Mills to Papley via Kerridge DPP
Barlow to Zorko or Aaron Hall

Need to get in Papley and Milla seems the only viable option to trade out


Don't like it one bit Rick. Mills will make you money. Trades are way more important. Unless you have someone else to trade in Papley i dont see a Mills to Papley being viable.


Barlow and Rockliff are gonna have to go now.

Who to bring in?

I have 1056K to spend to get a Midfielder and a Forward

Midfield is already : Fyfe, Danger, Pendelbury, ( Rockliff), Cripps, libba, Mills, Oliver,( Menadue, Petracca, Davis)
Forward is already: Dahlhaus, ( Barlow), Franklin, Hall, Wells, Kerridge, ( Brown, AM-T)

Is Zach Merret an option. He has had a very good start to the season. Also i was thinking Parker in the midfield as he isnt owned by crazy amounts of people.

Any suggestions will help?

James Sykes

keep an eye on Jack Martin as a bit of a smokey to free up cash to get gazza……..I would hold on both at the moment.


Was about to reply Barlow to Merrett and Rockliff to Parker but you answered your own question.


Happy with choosing M.Walters over Barlow as my POD, just curious as too how things will change with barlow/walters when we see the inclusion of H. Bennell.


with how Barlow is going, maybe he will be dropped for Bennell.


This is true, yet i can't see that happening. I see them playing different positions with Bennell playing from half back for the run and carry and Barlow now being a forward who didn't getting a single touch in the defensive 50 last game. Depending on the severity of T. Sheridans injury, i would say T.Sheridan for H.Bennell.


If Barlow is dropped it will give a good justification to trade!




Yep that's how you spell it.

Oh you mean is he worth getting in? Looks undeniable value right now. Will he keep pumping out tons week in week out I'm not sure yet but if he can do it at Port this week that would be a very good sign.


Great read Higgo but i having both Sidebottom and Rocky I'm temped to trade Rocky and Walker to Ablett and Garner if Rocky misses a week.


gday community
thoughts on my team and possible trades ?
not sure whether to hold or trade barlow and rockliff

would appreciate any thoughts and trade options.
how important is it to get kennedy and papley in?
hold or trade barlow and rocky.



Papley will go up 100k which is 70k more then either of McCarthy or Mcgovern…. so its a question of how much is a trade worth and is papley going to play more consistently then the other 2


your team looks good. What is your rank?

I wouldn't be chasing Papley, the rookies you have all look good and not worth a trade to make a few extra dollars.

I really like the look of McGovern, and McCarthy has done some good things as well.

If Dunkley is dropped i would trade him to kennedy if you have the extra cash, otherwise i would hold.


i am only ranked in top 15% due to poor captain choices so far!
i'm thinking of holding barlow and rocky, do you think that is a good move ?


Hey lads in a dilemma, should I trade Barlow to zorko first or McGroven to JJ. Any advice be helpful cheers


Id hold on Zorko as his price won't change for another week.


I have McGovern and I'm keeping the faith. Injured rd 1 and he was one of the eagles top scorers on the weekend. The problem was no eagle scored over 100


Gresham to Papley (via kerridge ) and Barlow to Zorko ! Gresh has worst BE out rooks and I have all the rest except Papley …. Thoughts ???


Good call


Who out of Dunkly or Gresham should I trade via dpp for papley?


I've gone for Gresham




if both play this week i would hold and not waste a trade for a few extra dollars.

I though Dunkley was poor the first week and was lucky to hold his place for round 2, but its hard to change a winning team so he should play again.

Gresham is a really good player and will just need a few weeks to come good, it would be a pity to jump off him just as he comes good.


Who should I trade for Rocky? Looking at Parker! Other premo mids are Fyfe, danger, Ablett and Gray


Not sure if anyone really would care but what would a good overall team price increase be after players change this week … 500k? 1million?

Southern S

I'm looking at about 1 million.


Nice!! Hows the team going so far?

Southern S

Round one 2156 (743k in bank)

Hunter > Dangerfield

Seedsman > JJ

Round 2 2069

Possible trades this week

Rocky/Steele/De Goey > Zaharakis

Barlow/Steele/De Goey > Papley

Going for high profit early and burn a few trades now to have a strong team later for league wins. I don't worry about byes or trade heavily through that period.

The Mountain

You burnt one with hunter mate and if you are planning to trade this week, the only one i would look to trade would be steele

Southern S

Yep regretted it, but in the end I was going to upgrade him to a top 10 mid anyway, just missed out on the 50-150k profit that may or may not have come with hunter. Was a little disappointed that he only got 79 SC off 31 touches in round one.

I'm thinking keep rocky and barlow at this stage, rocky went into the last game with major bruising on his arm, and then the calf problem happened. In a couple of weeks he will probably come good.

Same could be said for Barlow two weeks could paint a different picture.

De Goey's BE is still fine but I really though he would fire without sidey and swan. It may not be his breakout season after all.

I hope steele is named this week because I really think he has a lot of upside.

So may not do any trades at all this week.


Looking good!
Il be going for zaha this week instead of Barlow

Luckily only trade I've had to use and looking at going up a million as well

Southern S

Sounds good Mick


Looks like someone is point chasing with so many sideways trades early

The Mountain

500K+ would be about where we all want to be mate

Southern S

I just get greedy for profit, that damn papley kid is tearing it up.


I'm looking at around $720k this week if keeping Barlow and Rocky. If I trade Barlow for Papley it will be around $860ish

Rick Grimes

Worth picking up Gibson? I know he won't go like that every week, but surely looking top 5 defender at this stage. I'd be turning L McDonald into him, so an early upgrade.


Thoughts on a B.Crouch trade down to Parish? Wouldnt be surprised if Parish is able to score similarly to Crouch

Southern S

Waste of a trade I reckon.


B.Crouch is getting better each week so it's probably not long before he bangs out a ton.

I'm keeping him in my side.

Southern S

I agree, he could even end up a keeper at M7/M8 in an ideal sc world.


Whats the best option.. Barlow out and either Parker, L or S Mitchell or Zaha come in?




If you had to pick 2 players from this list who would u guys choose:


R Gray and Parker

Southern S

Zaha if you think the risk will pay off and he can become a keeper.

Mitchell if you think his body will hold up for the whole season.

Gray and Parker should be the most reliable options.

But any combination of those guys could pay off.




Zorko is a forward!

R gray is in my top 10 midfielders now (jumped ahead of Sloane).

out of the others, i would put SMitchell just ahead of parker. With hodge and shiel missing, he will be getting plenty of touches


Zorko is DPP mid/fwd


No one talking about H.Shaw? Surely he has to go just to put some money in the bank (will drop at least $50k this week). Maybe pick him up again around R5 for <$500k.. Problem is I also have D.Rich who has potential to score big or be completely tagged out of the game.


What's the point of trading him out if you're gonna pick him back up? Using two trades for basically nothing
If he's in your side for the whole year then it won't matter what happens to his price mate


Two trades is not worth $120k

Southern S

Heater can produce big scores so he will be fine.

Rich doesn't have the potential to score big, not sure why people think he has, because I've never seen it.


Thanks for the reality check – AMazing how easy it is to get inside your head…and be unable to get out.


Gresham to Kennedy
Barlow to Franklin or Zaharakis
Glad to have any thoughts


Yes to the first, hold for the second


Is stringer an option for barlow?


Bit up and down


My gut says next year onwards he will become relevant

Boltons Blues

can have any mid i want

already have Ablett, Danger, Fyfe, Shiel, Cripps, B Crouch


Libba BB – take the cash and the points – or just straight to Hannebery – av 110 with a quarter on the bench in round 1 and almost certain top 10 mid


Is zorko a good option this year? Thinking barlow to zorko this week


Not the worst idea. Zorko the Magnificent was magnificent in a 5-goal loss


O'Meara to Mills?


You have O'Meara?


Parish is going better than Mills, I'd go him. Unless if you don't have Adams or Papley, getting them in (via DPP) would be better


to anyone.


Had Greene, Fyfe, Rocky, Dusty, Laird, Houli – all pretty much flopped in Rd 1 & still scored over 2000. Held my mettle and in Rd 2 they all (apart from Rocky who would have if didn't get injured) went large – total score 2400+. Moral of the story is DO NOT TRADE unless out for multiple weeks (i.e., more than 2 weeks) and don't have cover. I should know finished in top 1% last year.






I'm Gonna decide to persist with Barlow and Rockliff guys….but is there any important trades that need to be made? For example I don't have Adams and papley should I bring them in ?

Thanks community

Southern S

Adams is a must have. Papley could be seen as one too (for profit) but I doubt his JS is as good as Adams.


Priorities out of johanissen, liberatore, Papley, Kennedy to get in this round?
I have Barlow, de goey, crouch,Rockliff and Gresham who I can possibly get rid of.


Since you can only choose two, Libba and Kennedy

Shake n bake

R Gray playin Frid night v Essendon at home hope he goes big. I couldn't really loophole this week witch stuffed me with Danger as capt. Have Wyatt as my loophole so only can go Gray as vc.


If you have Rockliff he can be your non playing loophole this week. Brissy play Sunday.

Shake n bake

Didn't start with Rocky went Shiel instead.


I'm hovering the vc over robbie shake looks good

James Sykes


Is there another variable to consider on that flow chart…….the need to get in a potential break out player……I submit this thought bubble……bartel may or may not be a hold based on your flow due to age…..however missing Johanissen and holding bartel maybe a bigger issue.



Agree, no point holding a player if there is a better option


Hey all, have decided on definatley putting a line through Rockliff, I already have pendles, Fyfe, pridis, Sheilds in my midfield and have plenty of money to upgrade players to premos fairly early. So I would like to trade him for someone now who is set to go up but still hopefully be in the top 12 at the end. So far I'm thinking;
Rockliff > Parker, Gray or zaharakis

Thoughts on the best option appreciated, cheers

Southern S

I've almost convinced myself to ditch rockliff too. Just can't be bothered with unreliability this year.

I like all three players you've picked, zaharakis could profit greatly, but could result in having to be traded again if he drops off.

Gray is an absolute gun and would be a set and forget I think.

Parker is great too, but don't get carried away with his first couple of rounds, sydney has a lot players that will have good weeks and take points away from Parker.


Where's Gaz???


Zaharakis? Do I or don't I


Do it if you think he can become a reliable premo


I know its early days but what are peoples thoughts on the long term prospects of Wells, Kerridge and Kennedy? Wells in particular, potential keeper?


The way that supposed premo forwards are tracking early this season it wouldn't surprise me if we end up keeping one or two of those guys at F5/F6.

But that said I certainly wouldn't count on it and they will all likely still remain stepping stones, albeit very good ones.


I'm still trying to think of Wells as a rookie, to be culled when the time is right.
With his injury history, I'm certainly saving a trade for him.
It will be very handy if even 1 of these guys can see the season out for us.


I have him as a cash generator, however I might end up being the last one upgraded or even become a handy F7/M9 for the run home, Motlop of last year

Southern S

If wells plays all year he'll have a higher average than motlop surely.

Kerridge and Wells could be keepers.


Wells is a premo coming back from injury. He is definitely a keeper