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Round 5 NRL: Buy, Hold or Sell?

Published by The Cowboy on

NRL Supercoach Fantasy CowboyNow that we’re through the initial stages of the SuperCoach season, I’ve ditched the pros & cons for a more assertive opinion on whom to buy, hold and sell each week.

With round 5 approaching, it’s a good time to take a look at the players in your team and their bye period availability. As a broad summary – The Parramatta Eels play all three big bye rounds and the St George Illawarra Dragons are the only other team to play the first two big bye rounds. The Tigers, Raiders, Cowboys, Bulldogs and Roosters all play two of the three while the rest of the teams play just the one.



Te Maire Martin – FE/HB $114k Next 5: PAR(A), NTQ(H), SYD(A), CRO(A), CAN(H)

Martin should be one of the most traded in players this week after the Panthers five-eighth averaged 60 PPG from his first two games this season. The young Kiwi produced a brilliant debut performance piling on 90 SC points against the Broncos in round 3. Although Martin produced only 29 points in round 4, he is set to make a healthy amount of cash and should be strongly considered when trading out the likes of Nikorima. The Panthers have made a few positional changes while players have been out injured, although with Segeyaro not due back until round 7 there’s still two significant price rises for Martin if Wallace moves back to the halves.

Manu Ma’u – 2RF $349k Next 5: PEN(H), CAN(H), MAN(A), NTQ(A), CBY(H)

Let’s put aside Ma’u’s potential suspension this week. Manu Ma’u is a perfect option if you’re looking to make a change in the forwards. The Eels second rower is averaging around 60-65 PPG and provides excellent bye coverage come the Origin period. While there’s no rush trading out middle priced forwards such as Kane Evans or Robbie Rochow, Ma’u should be one of your first considered if you’re looking to upgrade. Assuming that Ma’u is suspended for this weekend’s clash against the Panthers, he’ll be just as good to pick up the following week.

James Graham – FRF $365k Next 5: CAN(H), MEL(A), NZ(H), GCO(H), PAR(A)

After seeing Kane Evans as a popular trade-out discussion topic among the community, I thought I’d give James Graham a mention.  Although he played just 57 minutes last week against the Rabbitohs, he still produced a respectable 61 SC points and averages around 65 PPG. Graham plays two of the three big bye rounds and isn’t eligible for Origin selection, which makes him even more attractive.

Brenton Lawrence – FRF $167k Next 5: SOU(H), NZ(A), PAR(H) ), NEW(A), NTQ(H)

It’s difficult to ignore a starting prop that’s averaged 52.5 PPG and priced at $167k. To add to the attraction, he’s due his first price increase this weekend and has a breakeven of -24. Lawrence should join Martin as the most traded in players this week.


Paul Carter – HOK/2RF $259k Next 5: MAN(A), SYD(H), NTQ(A), BRO(A), WES(H)

“What happened to Paul Carter?” was one of the most asked questions among the Supercoach community this week.  Don’t worry too much about his dreadful game against the Bulldogs. He was taken off for most of the second half due to an error filled performance but has been producing the stats of a keeper, so there’s no need to panic trade Carter due to an unusual performance. We’ve all noticed that he’s been named at 18th man this week and there’s no doubt that coaches will be stressing about this. If you can manage to field a good seventeen without worrying about Carter, I’d suggest holding on to him for a week or two.

Bryce Cartwright – 2RF/FE $381k Next 5: PAR(A), NTQ(H), SYD(A), CRO(A), CAN(H)

I was surprised to see Cartwright in my ‘Most traded out players’ list this week.  Taylor/Latimore have been named on an extended Panthers bench as cover for Cartwright in the event his thumb hasn’t fully healed. Additionally, he’s been mimicking Shaun Johnson with how inconsistent his performances have been, scoring as low as 22 and as high as 113. With a breakeven of just 49 I’d encourage coaches to stick with Cartwright due to his proven track record, especially if there are other issues in your team to attend to.

Robbie Rochow – 2RF $285k Next 5: MEL(A), WES(H), BRO(A), MAN(H), SYD(A)

Rochow is another player you can add to your round 12 team. With all the injuries, suspensions and positional changes happening throughout the league, those coaches who decided to start with Rochow shouldn’t need to worry about trading him out at this stage. He has been very consistent so far this season and won’t be losing cash anytime soon. There are definitely other forwards that coaches need to worry about more than Rochow.


Jayden Nikorima – HOK/HB 151k Next 5: NZ(H), SOU(A), PEN(H), STG(A), NEW(H)

Nikorima had a very quiet appearance last round, playing just 19 minutes from the bench and scoring ten points. Now that he’s breakeven has hit 41, it’s time to move him on to a better performing halve/hooker such as Parcell or Martin for example.

Nathan Green – 2RF/CTW $152k Next 5: SOU(H), NZ(A), PAR(H) ), NEW(A), NTQ(H)

Nathan Green has been considered dead wood due to playing the first two rounds before being dropped in round 3. The lack of cheapies available in the CTWs makes it difficult to downgrade, although if you have the spare 80k for an upgrade then Corey Oates’ return from injury couldn’t have come at a better time. Alternatively you could go for someone like Brenton Lawrence who is only 15k more than Green and is due his first price rise.

Kane Evans – FRF $249k Next 5: NZ(H), SOU(A), PEN(H), STG(A), NEW(H)

Kane Evans was meant to be the biggest beneficiary of the Roosters’ injuries in the forwards. He hasn’t really lived up to the hype although he hasn’t been a massive let down either. He’s been averaging 41 PPG and has a breakeven of 44, so we can safely assume he won’t be increasing too much more in price in the near future. I’d suggest an Evans > Lawrence trade with 83k leftover to do what you please.

Do you think Martin and Lawrence will be the most traded in players this week?

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Out – Nikorima – HOK bench In – Oates into 2RF via moving Carter to HOK bench
Out – Hastings – HFB bench In – Milford into 5/8 via moving Taylor to HFB bench

Hope it pays off. Leuluai and Davis and Saifiti on the bench injured.


Nice trades Westy!


Must have has 500k in the bank?


I moved Hastings on last week but not prepared to move any of the other young halves I have or barba yet so will pass on Martin. I have one eye on the byes but looking to bring in Lawrence and someone playing the first bye. Oates Fensom or de belin being considered. Just not sure which one.


All 3 of those guys are good options mate. Oates is popular this week with his super low be and playing the Titans and Knights in the next three rounds. Could be good for the cash and points.


I brought in Fensom last week and am immediately regretting it!! He will be/is the victim of the backrow log jam and with both halves returning and whitehead (80 minute player) returning to the forwards his minutes will suffer.


I haven't picked up Fensom yet but i'll be monitoring his minutes closely now. Would love to pick him up for round 12 though


wait for the POD's in every position to drop off as we move through the season. biggest speedhump is retaining traditional keepers through bye rounds. start of season has been SHOCKING but come back end we will see the previous yr keepers come through with the goods. yee haa