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Have we done something to upset the SuperCoach Gods?

With Tedesco, Cartwright, Mannering, Carter, Smith and Thurston all posting crap scores, now is the time to dig in and commit to our structures.

Is it time to flick J. Nikomira & jump on Te Maire Martin?

We wrestle with all the big issues in this HUGE NRL Fantasy podcast

Stay strong. Stay disciplined. And NEVER drop your bundle community.. she is a long season.



Dee · 29/03/2016 at 14:33


David · 29/03/2016 at 15:19

Thanks Boys – informative

    jockreynolds · 29/03/2016 at 16:13

    Welcome David!! Glad you enjoyed the show mate

Wazza · 29/03/2016 at 16:00

I beat Lekdog in the league…heehee

John · 29/03/2016 at 16:55

So I had a listen to the NRL podcast because I needed to hear your soothing voice Jock but when is the AFL cast and the real deal. Your community needs you after that disaster weekend!

Carlos · 30/03/2016 at 09:28

Do I flick Hastings for Te Maire Martin? Or do I have a classic case of trade fever?????

    Casper · 30/03/2016 at 10:09

    Hey carlos, Hastings has ripened yet, he still has some decent price rises coming and IMO is an eventual upgrade target not a downgrade target. By chopping him now you're losing some cash. He has some decent scores in some ordinary team performances. Surely roosters season improves as they get some troops back. Hold IMO. But go with your gut

      Carlos · 30/03/2016 at 10:26

      Thanks Casper – sage advice!

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