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Play CoachKings at HOME this weekend to win $500 CASH!

Published by Jock on

Jump on your mobile device and register now

CoachKings will roll out across Australia to some venues from Round 2 onwards (list will be published early next week)

This weekend the following contests are open for EVERYONE to play our beta version at home for FREE to compete for RIPPING PRIZES

CoachKings: Coach Kings Round 1 Fixture


Click here or go to on your mobile device web browser then follow the steps in the images below.

CoachKings is a venue based game. You must play on a mobile device (not a desktop or laptop) with location services enabled. This allows the game platform to display the location of your closest CoachKings venue in the venue contest lobby.

Enter the contest that appears at the top of your venue lobby. This will be the closest registered CoachKings venue to your location.

Remember that CoachKings is a GAME BY GAME form of fantasy footy. This means that an entire contest lasts the length of only ONE GAME.

After you have played we would love your feedback. Click here to complete a quick survey about your game experience.

Champion Data feed confirmed team selections into the CoachKings game interface around 40 minutes prior to the game. After this point the following indicators next to players let you know a player’s selection status:

S= Selected in starting team
I = Selected in starting team, starting on the bench
E = Emergency. Unlikely to play
No indicator = Not selected and will not play

How to register

CoachKings RevUp and Rotate


 $500 CASH to the weekend’s ULTIMATE COACHKING

$500 CASH for the CoachKing that registers the highest single CoachKings contest score across the whole round


The national winner of each contest will snag 2 Reserved Seats (level 2) to their choice of Etihad Stadium AFL games this season (subject to game availability)



Game on folks!! Remember we would be absolutely rapt if you could click here to complete a quick survey to tell us about your CoachKings experience.


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Benjamima Puddleduck

Great work jock!
Had trouble having contests locations come up yesterday. Same again happened today, just refreshed it a couple of times and has come up now.
I had to resign up my login details again today as well, so guessing you guys cleared your server?

Few tips for people that may be having issues

Benjamima Puddleduck

seems firefox mobile is the issue, on google chrome, everything come up right away, no issues so far


Johannisen v Hurn


Hurnman = Burnman Maaann

Justin Gunn

Which venue do i pick to play at home?

Benjamima Puddleduck

what ever is closest to you

Justin Gunn

the closest one is 2016 kms away??


Time to move so I guess… 😉

Benjamima Puddleduck

Double Dusty martin player choice, but locks both if you choose one

Benjamima Puddleduck

actually alot of doubles

Benjamima Puddleduck

Egh, just figured that its separate positions for DPP

Tim Smith

under the legend it says to select captain for double points, cant work out how to do that…..or do you wait for rev him up at half time. cheers enjoying tge new game!!


Same problem here…


So found out on twitter you do it at half time. Its the 'Rev Up' option in the How to Play guide.

Tim Smith

thanks jock….


that was great fun… #44 national 🙂

The Wyld One

Closest Pub was 300+ kms away so i wont be playing in venue. Tonight was fantastic though and pretty happy with 17th overall. will be a part of every game this weekend though and looking forward to one of my many sojourns to Bris or Melb to give it a proper nudge in the season proper!!!


Hi jock
Do I love coach kings but can u give me advice on SuperCoach
Mills and 430k defender
Luke Parker and defence rookie


Good fun. Worked well guys. Got a kick out of having a brief challenge up top in Q3 before fading. Looking forward to the next one!


Wow…came 2nd National…..what a night. Closest I've ever come to a prize. Loved the game developed by coachkings. Sure to be a winner with the Community.


Can you play if your under 18?

Mr. Booby-buyer

I can see the contests available, but when I click on one I just get booted back to the homescreen


Hi Jock, great format. Really enjoying playing from home and having a contest decided over the course of one game. Unfortunately with two young kids I don't get down to the local too often. Have you guys put any thought into nominating a game a week that can be played from home?


Really enjoyed the game … was easy to play and had my eyes glued to the phone in the last few mins. Finished up number 2 overall … de goey's poster cost prob cost Bandits FC the win I think but really enjoyed it! Look fwd to playing again


Had a crack tonight (pies v swans) went shit but loved the format very easy to use.
SCENARIO. Knackers at the bar with CK Knackers. CK orders a pot/schooner. Bar guy/girl-$2.50 cheers. Knackers orders pot $5. "Hey whys CK'S CHEAP? "
Because he has blue/yellow/red etc armband and is playing CK -"give spiel".
Knackers says to mates " 1/2 price pots watching footy if ya play CK"

Righto my thinking is 20 CK × $2.50 pots × 3 hours versus 5 knackers × $5 pots × half a game?

Just a thought seeing how CUB are backing u.

Sc scoring blows

Not the place, but I need to vent..

31 possies 10 marks.. Just the starting stat's
16 kicks 15 hb's
1 clanger and no frees against
This is for Sc scoring, how many points would you suggest it's worth, obviously more factors come into play

But the 77 they have given is total BS


Bloody Jason Johansien bloody 35 disposals

The benchmark

The benchmark did well
I forgot to add a captain aswell 🙁 and make a trade
I like how it's got live scores it makes it loads of fun


Had a crack at the port v saints game. Did well at my venue placing 4th. Great format. Scoring differences puts it apart from supercoach and dreamteam etc. Perfect for game to game comps. I enjoyed it and look forward to playing more often.


Hey lads, I was unable to join or log in with my iPhone 4s so tried on the mrs phone which is a iPhone 5 and everything worked. Registered a team so ready to rock and roll. Tried to then sign in on my phone and is allowing me to log in stating did I forget my password. All settings are the same on each phone. Is there an issues trying to use the 4s as it will be really hard taking the mrs phone to the pub to play going forward.


I can't check my score for Saturday's game ? Any help


Gday jock. Playin cats v hawks atm. Go cats.
I think on your team/stats page u should have players prices next to names will help with the halftime rotate. Cheers.


I have Fyfe c in sc what can I do


hey guys. awesome game. played today from home and won. do i still get a prize or is it just for kicks?


Absolutely loved this! Really hope this goes off for you lads!

Just wondering, are we going to be able to play from home every week? Or was it just for this week?


Nic Nat breakeven of 6

Benjamima Puddleduck

Great work jock!
Played a few games over the weekend, looks like a couple of teething problems around the place to iron out.

Great scoring system, straight forward and no surprises. The half time 'Rev Up' and 'Rotate' are sensational, great way to set yourself apart from others.

Something to look at for the tec guys, is the mutliple windows systems people play off, maybe recommend one you base most of your settings off. I know i found google chrome alot better than firefox to use.

Hope all goes well for next weeks launch

P.S. How about Ablett… =/ guess i might have to bring him in too