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Jock Reynolds Coach KingsThis is it community.

All the research. All the blood. All the sweat. All the laughs. All the tears. All the hours spent fine tuning and/or completely reconstructing your team.

It all boils down to the decisions that you make TODAY. And I believe in all of you.

Wishing you all a wonderful lockout day wherever you may be. Above all else – stay calm, and enjoy the day with your family and mates.

I’ve created this lockout day research index for all you on the site to help you through the day;

Jock, Higgo, Crouching, Lek, Barron, Patch, Big Carl and all the lads here at the JR CoachKings Community.


This week’s lockout week podcast

Peak Arousal Approaching – post NAB

How deep is your love? How deep does your midfield run?


Jock’s Cheat Sheet

The Round 1 Rookie Scout

NAB Challenge Rookie scoring spreadsheet


Jock’s Supercoach Team

Higgo’s Supercoach Team

A special pre lockout address from Peter J Higginbotham

Barron’s Supercoach Team

Patch’s Supercoach Team

Lekdog’s Supercoach Team

Big Carl’s Supercoach Team


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Early Preseason thread


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Kang Van Der Bang

Where is ol Crouching's reveal?




B or M Crouch?

pros and cons for each please lads!!


B Crouch if he plays.
Is a big risk as he hasn't played in a long time but he has proven he can rack up pill and get 90+ points and his brother hasn't in the real stuff yet.


if you look at Jocks magazine from last year, they were talking about breakout contenders. there were some numbers for brad comparing him to the past champions of the game, very impressive numbers. However he didn't get to play last year, but he is a year older and stronger. It won't take him long to get back into it.

although crows early draw is tough, so i'm thinking if he is still in your team at M8 around the byes, that is when we might see the best of him.


B Crouch based on his talent and the fact he was already averaging 90+ in his second year. However Matt has been severley sub-effected and is a ball magnet under the packs. They play different games, Matt is 100% an inside player whereas Brad can do both. If you're worried about Brad's injury history, then pick Matt, otherwise Brad is the better player and will be relied upon more heavily in the crows midfield.

Pick Me?

Are you single? Sarah you are every Fantasy Football mans dream girl…


Haha, no I'm not single, but thanks for the compliment!!

Southern S

Matt is under rated and like sarah says a ball magnet. Lower risk than brad but also has a slightly lower potential for profit being more expensive. Think matt could surprise some people this year.


Brad for me.There is definitely some injury risk. But he has the potential to make a lot of cash fast. The way he plays, I think he had a high floor too. And if he only holds it together until the byes, he will have more than done his job for my team.


he will be in my team purely as a cash-cow. When he hits max he will be out.


pro – he's a gun, reliable for his price.
con – possibly low ceiling (wouldnt expect an average above 100), takes up a vital midfield spot.

I'd be happy to take him in my team but have decided against having both him and Libba


Really need some good advice here community

out of these choices what u reckon is the best?

Birchall and shiel or Cripps and Gibson

Cheers Everyone and good luck this year, hope u all kill it!

Southern S

2 for me.


Birchall and Shiel.


1 for me

Benjamima Puddleduck

Cripps + Gibson


i don't think i can do it!

Lobbe is not in my starting team.

I've decided to give young Goldstein a go instead, see what he can do.

as a result i've had to downgrade Pendlebury to BCrouch. first year i won't be starting with him, but i do have Gaz!

It came down to Goldy/BCrouch OR Lobbe/Pendlebury.

My starting team will look something like this:

Laird, Bartel, Rich, Smith, Dea, Hartley, (Brown, Collins)

Fyfe, Ablett, dangerfield, Rocky, Libba, BCrouch, Mills, BKennedy (Gresham, Keays, Davis)

Goldstein, NicNat (Wyatt)

Martin, Wingard, Barlow, Wells, Menadue, Kerridge (Adams, Tippa)

just enough cash left for a cuppa coffee.


first team i've seen with only 4 premo mids!


Probably because i don't have Greene/Hall types in the forward line.

midfield is where we make our cash, can't clog it up with too many premiums.


I'm mightily disappointed in you Derek. Thought you had bigger aggots to withstand all the Lobbe haters out there.

Now you have a cookie cutter team just like me. 🙂


you watch Lobbe be a star now!

it is the TBC nightmares from last year still haunting me.

if it wasn't for BCrouch being such a good option in the guts for some cash generation, i probably would have stayed with Lobbe. If BCrouch isn't named…..dunno.

Southern S

Crows can't afford to be without Crouch if fit. I'm 100% sure he'll be named.

Pyke said in a press conference he will not be holding anything against Crouch and Atkins during selection for round one.


Benjamima Puddleduck

Lobbe has fooled everyone and laughing his way to a top 5 ruckman this year….


Southern S

Eek! That backline.

Shake n bake

Keep Pendels Derek, chop Ablett.

The Weapon

Callan Ward or Tom Rockliff?????


rocky but ward is a good pod




Hey guys, join my community league. Code is 405040. Get in quick!

Southern S

Just like to say thanks to everyone involved in this website! There's a tonne of golden information here………

Good luck everybody in 2016.


Is it too risky having Sheridan and Lonergan at D3 and D4?

Southern S

I think it is personally, but if it comes off you'll be laughing.

Risks are what separates us from the pack.


Hill is out of the hawks teams for a few weeks with a fractured wrist. Hartung could be a nice POD

Benjamima Puddleduck

oh shit there goes the POD.

Billy was a vest man last year too, his numbers without the vest… awe yeah, SEXY


Thoughts please:

Shaw, KK, Rich, Weitering, Dea, Hartley, Adams, Ruggles
Fyfe, Danger, Ablett, Ward, Rockliff, Libba, Mills, Kerridge, Kennedy, Hewett, Davis
Goldstein, Gawn, Loersch
Barlow, Hall, De Goey, Steele, Wells, Menadue, Petracca, AMT


Defense is a bit light on. Suggest a gun there to shore it up


I have put in Petracca on my bench – why isnt others doing this? you know you will have to get him in eventually – this way it saves you a trade..

he'll only miss maximum 3 weeks.

Am i crazy?


Southern S

People aren't doing it because someone else could profit in that time.

If he's not back for three, then it's 5 weeks before you need to trade him in before his price change.

Plus what happens if his absence is extended for some reason past these rumoured times?


Goddard was like that last year….didn't get a game until round 16!


4 weeks in VFL before being considered for selection


I really wouldn't start with Petracca if he isn't named as is expected to be the case. Too many variables and uncertainty.

There are better early loophole options as well.


SC addict you made any changes to your team?


Not yet Mac. It's still pretty much the same as my reveal last weekend other than I think one rookie change.

Will have to see what happens with the rookies tonight, especially with the ones down back but hoping to keep the identical structure, midpricers and premos if I can.


because by the time petracca is about to play his 3rd game, another rookie may have already made 250k. then you can simply swap them if you want.


For all of us that went with Gaz, what is plan B if he doesnt get named because they dont need him risking injury against the Essendon seconds?
1. Stick fat. He will play rd2.
2. Switch another top liner straight in.

Southern S

It's an interesting situation, but for me if he doesn't play essendon he's not 100%, I don't want him.


I think you have to switch.


agree with the above, if he's not named he has to go


2. Pendlebury will step in.


Yes that will be an option many consider with the prices so similar.

But I seriously doubt we will need to go there as Gaz has announced he is ready to roll and I would be staggered if Rocket gets in his way.


oh boy I dont even want to think about that. I guess I'd probably keep him. He's said he's right to go so even if he does miss Round 1 you'd think he's locked in for Round 2, and unlike previous seasons he's not getting any cheaper than his starting price.

Rick Grimes

Cripps and Shiel were close to selection, so if one of them is killing it I'll be straight on.


i have enough spare to straight swap for Danger.


Some great coach in the league,

Please join.. few spots left..


Good Luck


Join my league 955850


I just joined yours, Join the above 3 of mine

Good luck


some thoughts on my team would be great community. i think i'm fairly settled now

DEF: Shaw, Laird, Gibson, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Brown, Ruggles)
MID: Danger, Gaz, Priddis, Wines, Cripps, Libba, B Crouch, Mills (Menadue, Gore, Davis)
RUCKS: Nic Nat, Gawn (Wyatt)
FWD: Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, B Kennedy, Kerridge (Grimley, AMT)



No Fyfe, Rocky and Goldy? You have plums : )


Which option.

Steele, De Goey and Rich


S.Gray, Rookie and Rampe?


1st option


Hi Community
which option:

Ablett and McGovern OR
RGray and Bartel


Help please I've hav Docherty in my team since the beginning. Should I keep him?


who would you swap him for? I dont see this as a bad pick


I've been so focused on my team I haven't thought about the default league I'm in!

Code is 362767.

It'd be great to fill it with members of the JR Community!

Shake n bake

So who do we wack vc on??


Gaz for me assuming he plays of course which I expect to be the case.

Hanners or Goldy will then be the C if needed.

Rick Grimes

I'll try and go Gaz. Might only play 70% of the game but he'll have 150 by then.

Shake n bake



Crowley has never been able to stop GAJ.
Since 2010 Garry has played Freo four times in the Home & Away Season – 157, 185, 137, 121 (and a stack of Brownlow votes too!)


KK and B Smith or Laird and J Lonergan? D2 and D3


best rookies around 120k mark for each line this will play


wait until the teams are named tonight. Too hard to guess this one.


Fyfe and Weitering?


Sidebottom/Duncan/Wines and McKenzie?







Oh wait I mean 1.


Hi Community
thoughts please

option1: Wietering, Dea and 117K rookie OR
option2: BCrouch and 2x 117K rookies


josh kennedy or jack reidwolt??


I like the look of jack this year he looks fit but both will be up and down go with hall if you can

Rick Grimes

I wanted to punt on Jack but couldn't find room/nads. Have a feeling he'll go good. Massive ceiling.


Agree with Andy – Go Hall. He'll get midfield time in the first couple of rounds and appreciate nicely.

However! JR8 looks incredible this year! And he's started running in the midfield more. Massive testicles required for this selection. Could very well be in the top four forwards this year.

Shake n bake

Are we starting Menadue on the ground?

Southern S

If you are happy with a low-ish score in either M8 or F6. Really depends on your structure.

I will be running him on the mid bench due to lack of midfield rookies under 200k.


Hoping to wait until the next lot of team selections drop tonight and then make a decision before tonights match starts. Will probably start him as F6.


He'll be coming up against a fairly useless Carlton unit and will have a large TOG. Very good potential for points.

Don't forget that he has played a couple of senior games before. He won't be flustered.

I have him at M8 this round regardless of tonight's selections.


have him as emergency in the forward line. if he scores well, ill use my loophole option.


With broad not getting a gig got me a little concerned about my weakened Def line.

Team below:

Def: Boyd, laird, weitering, dea, Hartley, adams, (AMT, ruggles)

Mid: Fyfe, god, danger, sheil, rocky, duncan, Hunter, crouch. (Gresham, ?, davis)

Ruck: gawn, dog dog.(wyatt)

Fwd: wingard, Barlow, hall, Wells, kerridge, mendaue. (Brown, Grimley)

But if ruggles and AMT don't get an upgrade or adams doesn't get a gig then Def is stuffed.

So my Def plan B is to downgrade hunter to Kennedy and upgrade adams to longeran.

Really don't wanna do this as I feel hunter is Lachie 2016 and will kill it this year. But may have to play it safe and buckle. Will depends on teams I guess.



Feeing your pain, I have a similar plan involving downgrading Fyfe to wines to allow for a weitering insertion. It's bloody hard when you use every available dollar to produce something your happy with and then you have to corrupt it at the last second due to bloody rookies….

Kang Van Der Bang

Can someone argue why I SHOULDN'T pick Brad Crouch in my side.

I'm trying to toss up between downgrading him to C.Oliver so that I can pump the money elsewhere.


He has never played a full season, very injury prone, no idea what type of role he will play in Pyke's team. There are others like his brother, Sloane, Thompson who will all be stealing points from him.


Please join.. few spots left..


Big G

Ryan Davis confirmed as playing.


Hey guys, can i get some thoughts on my team? Thanks.

DEF: Shaw Laird KK Weitering Dea Hartley (M.Brown Ruggles)

MID: Fyfe Danger Pendles Rocky Wines Libba Mills Menadue (Gore Keays Davis)

RUCK: Jacobs Nic Nat (Wyatt)

FWD: Dusty Barlow Hall Wells Kennedy Kerridge (Grimley AMT)


Thing that jumps out at me is you only have 1 POD.


Just need help picking a M3 out of Ward, Hanneberry, pendles, robbie Gray or even josh p Kennedy!

Leaning towards ward as treloar is gone, he might have a massive season!

Much help appreciated


All reliable picks there…. pick any with confidence you have a keeper for the season. But that's no help, so Gray or Hanners because they kick goals as well as accumulate and clear.


Of those I have 3. My favourite is Gray but can't go wrong I don't think with any of them.


pendlebury. Had a terrible year and sti averaged more then the others. But they are all solid and most importantly, durable options

The Beard

Ok lads need some last minute thoughts PLEASE :

Running with this squad at present :

Shaw, Simpson, Bartel, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Brown, Broad)

Fyfe, Danger, Gaz, Rocky, M Crouch, Libba, B Crouch, Mills (Menadue, Petracca, Davis)

Goldy, Nic Nat (Grimley)

Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (Adams, AMT)

Thanks lads and have a great Easter!


I'd check your rookies. Broad not named and Petracca won't be playing the first three rounds (at least).


Shannon Hurn or Brodie Smith?




5 spots left for anyone needing a last minute league 139397


Gaz and KK or Gray and Laird?


Gray and Laird


which team is better community

team 1- 13.5k left
DEF-shaw houli laird weitering dea hartley (adams tippa)
MID- danger ablett priddis s.mitchell ward libba mills kennedy (hamiliton clarke davis)
RUCK- martin nic nat (102k rook)
FWD- barlow robinson hall wells kerridge menadue (mccarthy 102k rook)

team 2- 32k left
DEF- laird simpson hurn cutler dea hartley (adams tippa)
MID- danger hanerbery priddis mundy shiel wines mills kennedy (hamilton clarke davis)
RUCK- blicavs gawn (wyatt)
FWD- barlow robinson hall wells kerridge menadue (mccarthy 102k rook)


Definitely option 1.


Option 1 by quite a bit.


thanks ill go with 1


Menadue or Corey Ellis

Flaccid Jaff

Really don't know. Ellis is more inside which is what they need is the higher draft pick and got named on field so I'm thinking him, but he couldn't play NAB whereas Menandue went well.
With Grigg and LIds coming straight back in, it is likely one is going to get dropped so it's a tricky pick.
Where they are named on field doesn't matter, but being named on field and not on the bench I think does matter.
I can afford either, so if only one is confirmed on field at 6:30, I'm picking up whichever one that is, cause there is a spot in that side for one of them to make some serious cash.


Hi community,

I reckon I have my side for the start of 2016!!

(Subject to no surprises when teams are announced later today)

Feel free to pour scorn over my selections, but the team has been designed to raise cash early, with hopefully enough points still being generated not to fall off the pace. (I do not expect to be one of the top scorers this round, but what I do expect (Hope) is that the rookies start solidly with their break evens plummeting so cash growth momentum starts to build quickly.

I am not starting with Ablett like last year. Too much risk with his ongoing body issues. I agree with you Jock!! Callum Ward is his replacement.

Here it goes;

Def; Rory Laird, Jimmy Bartel, Daniel Rich, Jacob Weitering, Matt Dea, Michael Hartley (Mitch Brown-Ess, Kieran Collins)

Mid; Nat Fyfe, Patrick Dangerfield, Robbie Gray, Callum Ward, Tom Rockliff, Tom Liberatore, Brad Crouch, Callum Mills (Connor Menadue, Jade Gresham, Ryan Davis)

Ruc; Nic Naitanui, Max Gawn (Darrean Wyatt)

Fwd; Dustin Martin, Michael Barlow, Aaron Hall, Daniel Wells, Ben Kennedy, Sam Kerridge (Marcus Adams, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti)

Good luck to everyone in 2016!



Almost same as mine top hawk, looks the goods.


Thoughts please, feedback would be appreciated.

Shaw, KK, Rich, Weitering, Dea, Hartley, Adams, Ruggles
Fyfe, Danger, Ablett, Ward, Rockliff, Libba, Mills, Kerridge, Kennedy, Hewett, Davis
Goldstein, Gawn, Loersch
Barlow, Hall, De Goey, Steele, Wells, Menadue, Petracca, AMT


Anyone looking for last minute league…

Come play for the Dennis Cometti Cup



is it bad that ive hit 'clear team' about 100 times today?


only bad if you keep hitting clear and you keep creating the same side.


Hey community,
Thoughts on my team appreciated
Shaw, rance, kk, weitering, dea, brown (Hartley,ruggles)
Fyfe, danger, pendles, rocky, wines, libba, mills, kerridge (Gresham, keays, Davis)
Nat, Gawn (Currie)
Barlow, s.gray, hall, wells, Kennedy, menadue (grimly,amt)
52k left


Thoughts on my team
Def: shaw houli laird weitering dea hartley (brown, ruggles)
Mid: fyfe danger ablett ward rockliff libba mills kennedy ( petracca, davis, gresham)
Fwd: wingard barlow hall wells menadue kerridge (mcdonald-tipu adams)
I want to trade petracca to corey ellis but not sure who to downgrade…


update: I have traded gary ablett to luke parker and petracca to corey ellis

Southern S

Good luck with ellis. Not convinced of job security.


Join this very competitive league, join fast, for experienced players and serious players only !!! code – 217965


To any person of this wonderful community who would love some friendly competition this season; 660300


is anyone else considering chucking a sneaky vc on kerridge




Hey guys, I've got a league with a few spots left. Please join – code 348736



Just joined..

here's one for you to join



Joined. Cheers


Post your thoughts please cheers
B. Houli, R. Laird, D. Rich, M. Dea, M. Hartley, M. Adams (Brown, Broad)
N. Fyfe, P. Dangerfield, G. Ablett, C. Ward, T. Rockliff, B. Crouch, C. Mills, C. Oliver, (Petracca, Davis, Keays)
T. Goldstein, S. Martin (Wyatt)
M. Barlow, S. Gray, A. Hall, J. De Goey, D. Wells, S. Kerridge, (Grimley, Mcdonald)


Like it


shaw, houli, laird, sheridan, weitering, dea (hartely, apt)

fyfe, danger, gaz, rockliff, libba, mills, parish, kerridge (menadue, gore, davis)

martin, gawm (korcheck)

dusty, barlow, hall, wells, kennedy, milera (brown, adams)



pretty strong all over. great looking team mate


better options down forward, need a deeper midfield. also gawn risky


This is a great team. Really like it. Probably one midfielder down but other lines look strong.


Simpson or Houli?




pendels & ben kennedy
sidebottom & crouch

first option will have ben kennedy at m8 and second one will have mills m8


i reckon 2nd, sidebottom has a low owner % so good pod, but can never go wrong with pendles


is rory atkins a good pick killed it in the nab or will crouch coming in affect his role


Going for a different structure this year.

Shaw, Laird, Harwood, Dea, Brown, Hartley (adams, newman)

Fyfe, Danger, GAZ, Gray, Rocky, Libba, Crouch, Mills (Hewett, Keays, Davis)

Goldy, NicNat (wyatt)

Dusty, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Menadue, Kerridge (McCarthy, Tippa)

Only 5k left.

What do we think? Ive gone light in defence and itll be risky but I reckon those players back there can do the job and allow me to assess the bess defensive options throughout the year rather than trying to pick now.

I could downgrade Hall to Ben Kennedy and Upgrade Dea to Hurn/Smith to add stability to my backline but the way I see it is that Hall is a better option for 400k.

Would really appreciate any feedback!


if you were going to downgrade someone id downgrade crouch to kennedy then upgrade harwood.


Please join.. few spots left..


Locked and Loaded

Have got onto SC only 2 days ago where many other years have put much more thought into it. Think I have a team sorted fellas thoughts much appreciated.

Shaw, Laird, Suckling, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Adams, Brown)

Fyfe, Danger, Ablett, Sloane, Rocky, Libba, Mills, Menadue (Keays, Hewett, Davis)

Martin, Gawn (Chol)

Martin, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (Grimley, AMT)

Itchy balls

Now that Beams is out at least half the year does it make Rich a better option?

The Frothy One

he will get a tag now and he hates it…. I think it makes him a worse option


agree frothy. just need to look back at last years results. And dont kid yourself and think the tag will go to Rocky. Rich's left boot is far to damaging to leave him free.

Flaccid Jaff

I dunno, can't let rocky loose, then hanley the next likely to tag. Rich is in my team


im thinking rich as well, great price. i reckon he'll have more mid time this season, so great pick

Southern S

Not really.


Love some last minute feedback, feel as though something's missing but not sure where. Have $93k in the bank, happy to be a little weaker down back.

DEF: Shaw, KK, JJ, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Brown, Broad)
MID: Fyfe, Pendlebury, Ablett, Rockliff, Parker, Liberatore, Mills, B. Kennedy (Menadue, Gresham, Davis)
RUC: Jacobs, Nic Nat (Wyatt)
FWD: D. Martin, Barlow, Hall, Wells, McCarthy, Kerridge (Adams, AMT)

Fire away whether it be good or bad, happy to take any criticisms/concerns

Cheers and all the best community!!


Rance and Cripps or bartel and shiel


or rance and wines

Southern S

Rance and Cripps/Wines.


Houli and Cripps


Its rolling lockout right? Only players need to lock n load are Blues and Tigers players?




graham or libba





shaw, houli, birchall, lonergan, weitering, dea (hartley, mcdonald-tipungwuti)

fyfe, danger, rocky, cripps, libba, crouch, mills, kerridge (gore, keays, davis)

martin, naitanui (chol)

dusty, barlow, hall, menzel, wells, menadue (petracca, brown)

$33,500 remaining


not the greatest i've seen. lots of improvment. better options down back


great evenly spread team, really like your POD selections. all the best

The Frothy One

With Ellis and Riolli being selected for Richmond should we be thinking bench options for these two now??

Southern S

If you have faith they'll play enough before bye rounds.

Itchy balls

I dont think neither of them do. Because of injuries and resting players because its the Blues


personally wouldn't go anywhere near them

Southern S



Who do people have as their Loophole?

I have Wyatt (collingwood)

Itchy balls

loersch is better all late sat and sun games


Still a few spots left in League 615738


Liberatore or B Crouch?

Itchy balls



what he said, both, too much value to be lost by omitting either


What are people thinking of Franklin this year?


So tempted, especially considering the Swans draw for the first half of the season, but I'm not prepared to risk the inconsistency.


What he said.



Menadue or Gresham?

Locked and Loaded

Menadue he's been named just go with it

The Replacements

Rance, Brodie Smith and Fyfe OR Rance, KK and Pendles?

Southern S



J. Selwood or T. Rockliff?

Locked and Loaded


Kang Van Der Bang

Rockliff – Selwood's ultra premo status went out the window last year with the changes to SC scoring.


M. Robinson or T. Greene as R2?


Both nice picks but I'd go with Greene at F2 and save the $50K.

Greene just missed out on my own team by a bee's flaccid appendage.


Bulk Bogan – 928333

Join Up


Brad sheppard, Matt Rosa or Jeremy McGovern. Thoughts would be appreciated

Southern S



J. Steele or J. De Goey


im going steele if that helps. but he has been in since before nab started.

El Reegz

plenty of spots left in the Blurst o' Times Cup

join away: 147626


Pendles or Gaz???? I can't make the decision!!!! Pendles is a safe bet but Gaz could go massive and then there is no catching him!

Bobby Singh

Martin or Hall?




you are going to save coin to use elsewhere, my thinking anyways


changes to rookies/ bench/ maybes as req

DEF: Yeo, Gibson laird, weitering, Dea, brown (ess). Bench: Adams (W/B), Hartley.

MID: Danger, Abblett, Pridda, Ward, M. Crouch, Libba, C. Mills, C. Oliver. Bench: Menadue, R. Davis?, D. Macpherson?

RUC: Gawn, Goldy Dench: Currie

FWD: Barlow, A. Hall, stringer, C. Sinclair, Wells, Kerridge Bench:, Tipungwuti McCarthy
50K in bank


not ward anymre, T Mitchell


696171. Few spots open, all are welcome!


De Goey or Lib?


Community help please Pendlebury or Parker and 100 k ?


need 2 x more teams to complete my league.

The Teamsters: 679667



Need 2 more players to complete my league

The Teamsters 673967