PODCAST: Round 1- Time to LOCK and LOAD!

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Supercoach 2016 TIME TO LOACK AND LOAD!


For me this week is better than Christmas – better than chance bumpings in the night with NarelleΒ …. hells bells it even tops bloody Moomba! This is the week where we are all champions. All confident and ready to jump thatΒ trench, all salivating at the prospect of Β tearing the fantasy competitionΒ a new one.

This week;

  • We start with my rather controversial decision to go into battle without the bald genius – GAJ
  • We ruthlessly tear away the preseason crap and expose those potential hype picks that Higgo eluded to in his stunning brain thingy article.
  • We focus on MID Premo selections and gather in amazement as Crouching’s Slipper delivers more wisdoms.
  • Rookies folks – we trial and nail the best that the God’s have delivered unto us for season 2016
  • Important announcement re the roll out of CoachKings to venues over the next few weeks

Sit back, chuck the old earphone bud things in your ear and enjoy this week’s crucial trouser defining podcast.


Connor · 22/03/2016 at 13:28

What are the communities thoughts on the best rookies for the Backline, Midfield, and Forward Line? Let's say 4 rookies from each of the three positions named, whilst only including just 1 of Mills and Oliver (as not many of us will have that sort of cash!)

    Brad · 22/03/2016 at 13:50

    DEF: J.Weitering M.Dea M.Hartley N.Broad

    MID: C.Mills C.Menadue G.Hewett R.Davis

    FWD: B.Kennedy S.Kerridge M.Adams A.Mcdonald-Tipungwuti

      @footy_bec · 22/03/2016 at 20:33

      McCarthy might be a sneaky inclusion for FWD too. But essentially the list as above.

NickV · 22/03/2016 at 13:37

Jock you bloody ripper! Im only 15 and I read every article and listen to every podcast. Love your work!

The Beard · 22/03/2016 at 13:38

Hey community!

I have been trying to get the final touches on my team and just can't get it right. I've ended up going light up in the defenders. Though overall it was to swap Wines to Pendles so I don't know if I should follow through.

Would love some opinions.

Currently running with :

Shaw, Bartel, Weitering, Dea, Hartley, Broad (Brown, Collins) (I can dump a rookie for someone around that 330k-360k mark though I just don't know who)

Fyfe, Danger, Pendles, GAJ, Rocky, M Crouch, Liba, Mills (Gremsham, Petracca, Davis)

Goldy, Nic Nat (Grimley)

Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (Menadue, AMT)

Please give us some opinions lads. If you think of a good defender for 330-370k ish I can drop Pendles back to Wines and replace a rookie. Everywhere else I'm pretty happy!

    Brad · 22/03/2016 at 13:46

    Tommy Sheridan in your defence for a rookie and your team looks perfect!

    Rick · 22/03/2016 at 13:55

    Mate I reakon keep it as is, similar structure to mine, very much the same in fact. Have a look and comment your suggestions on my team please , cheers, rick

      The Beard · 22/03/2016 at 15:42

      Looking for your team mate? Whereis it?

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 14:28

    Not sure I'd do that. personally, Pendles is a gun.

    I'd drop Greene, move brown up forward and you should have enough players each week in the forward line, using menadue/brown/AMT and kennedy to fill F5 and F6.

    You'd then have enough to lock in a gun defender with less risk and keep dependles.

      The Beard · 22/03/2016 at 15:38

      That's a good idea mate. Thank you! Who would you recommend? I can only really see Laird or Simpson and he's a tad out of price unless I cut someone else down like Grem for a rookie.

        BigHaydos · 22/03/2016 at 16:01

        not being rude, but i honestly dont see a single player that presents a point of difference at all

          Tim · 22/03/2016 at 17:39

          Are you suggesting that there are 200,000 teams with that exact line up???? The Beard is endeavouring to pick the best side (I'm assuming) he can. Who cares if he apparently doesn't have any PODs? He might just have the best team and that's all that matters. How much cash have you got left Beardo? Roughly $140k?

          Fail · 22/03/2016 at 22:29

          I believe matt crouch is a pod tbh

          The Beard · 23/03/2016 at 11:05

          Didn't find it rude, didn't see a need for a pod. Although I'd actually say to run a midfield that stacked and a ruck that stacked is a bit of a pod.

    mark · 22/03/2016 at 16:23

    way to light down forward and back. good luck lol

      The Beard · 23/03/2016 at 11:04

      Forwards I'm quite comfortable with. What's your line up?

      I also feel other then Shaw and potentially Bartel who is worth the money as a defender? I'd rather load up in the Mid's & Ruck.

    Jabba07 · 22/03/2016 at 21:43

    Nice team, but you have 30k in the bank after loading up that team…. no way can you dump a defender for 300k – 360k.

    Too light on D for mine.

      The Beard · 23/03/2016 at 11:04

      My comment was I could dump Pendles back to Wines and then upgrade a rookie defender to that 300k+ defender.

      I agree it's light but no one seems to mention anyone other then Sheridan and Longeran or McKenzie and I'm not convinced on either and yet to hear anyone tell me why I should be…

Brad · 22/03/2016 at 13:46

Pretty locked with it and have been for about 2 weeks now, just waiting on team reveals

DEF: H.Shaw R.Laird T.Sheridan J.Weitering M.Dea M.Hartley (N.Broad, T.Ruggles)
MID: N.Fyfe P.Dangerfield M.Priddis T.Rockliff L.Parker T.Liberatore B.Crouch C.Mills (C.Menadue G.Hewett R.Davis)
RUC: T.Goldstein M.Gawn (M.Chol)
FWD: M.Barlow T.Greene A.Hall D.Wells B.Kennedy S.Kerridge (M.Adams, A.McDonald-Tipungwuti)

I fell like i'm doing something wrong not selecting M.Brown(Ess) and S.Grimley as everyone has them… your thoughts community

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 14:21

    Not everyone has Grimley. I won't touch him after NAB performance, didn't even do very well in the game they won against Carlton.

    Plus I think Luen and McKernan will get the ruck and forward positions most weeks. If I thought he'd play every game I'd lock him in but I'm doubtful.

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 14:23

    Mitch brown will play a fair bit this season though, so I'd lock him in if Ruggles/Adams/Tippa isn't named. I'd assume at this point brown will be named round one.

    Steele · 22/03/2016 at 22:45

    Where's your point of difference? That's my only knock, as it's a great team albeit very generic.

      ball swing · 23/03/2016 at 02:34

      POD is the C choice. Always is… EVERY week!!!

      Tim · 23/03/2016 at 06:58

      No GAJ…

murray · 22/03/2016 at 13:50

Hi, this is just about my side to go into R1
your thoughts please

Shaw, Laird, McGovern, MBrown, Hartley, Broad, (Adams, Adamson)

Fyfe, Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Ablett, Rockliff, Libba, BCrouch, Mills ,(Petracca, Dunkley, Davis)

NicNat, Gawn (Loersch)

Barlow, SGray, AHall, DeGoey, Wells, Kerridge (Tipu, HGreenwood)

It is primarily a 13Guns/13Rookie line up with a sprinkling of 4 midpricers spread throughout. What do you think?

    Dean · 22/03/2016 at 23:30

    Where are your 13 Guns? I count 10 Gun's in your side – them being as follows:

    Defence: Shaw, Laird
    Mid: Fyfe, Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Rocky
    Ruck: NicNat, Gawn
    FWD: Barlow
    That is who I would consider Guns. Its pointless choosing Gray, McGovern, Hall as Guns. Keep in mind defenders are extremely volatile, I have Laird however it wouldn't surprise me if he turns out to be ordinary. You are obviously counting S Gray, McGovern & Hall as Guns. You are not being realistic mate, McGovern & Hall are far from being "Guns" they need to prove themselves yet and the same applies with S Gray.

    If I had to count my Guns as you have that would put me at 15 Guns but in a nutshell players under $500k don't equal "Gun" until proven.

    Nice side though with a even spread. Good Luck mate.

Marc · 22/03/2016 at 13:52

some thoughts on my lineup community?

DEF: Shaw, Laird, Gibson, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Brown, Adams)
MID: Danger, Ablett, Rocky, Wines, Cripps, Libba, B Crouch, Mills (Menadue, Gore, Davis)
RUCKS: Nic Nat, Gawn (Cox)
FWD: Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (Grimley, AMT)


    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 15:13

    Looks pretty safe with a good amount of possible profit.

      Steele · 22/03/2016 at 22:47

      Exactly(safe). Yet very same same as everyone else

Ricky · 22/03/2016 at 13:53

Shaw, Laird, lonergan, Weitering, Dea, Hartley –(Adams, tippa (ess.)

Ablett, Fyfe, Dangefield, Pendlebury , Parker, Libba, mills, Oliver –(Gresham , Keays, Davis )

Martin, Gawn –(cox)

Barlow, Robinson, hall, wells, Kerridge, Kennedy –(McCarthy, Grimley)

Rookies subject to round 1 selection.

If I go Pendles down to crouch that means I can go Adams upto Jason johanisen.

And also,
If I downgrade Pendles to rockclife I could then get dusty..
Or Pendles to crouch and upgrade either defence or foward,

Comment suggestions any advice is good advice thanks!

    Matt · 22/03/2016 at 14:25

    Pendles to Rockliff and Dusty in sounds pretty good to me. Feel like Pendles and Rocky should average pretty similar

      Ricky · 23/03/2016 at 12:54

      Pendlebury Oliver and Robinson out

      And bought in Sidebottom menadue and Gray

      Thoughts ?

        @footy_bec · 23/03/2016 at 13:54

        My thoughts are you should leave as is. Pendles was the highest SC scorer last year bar none. Oliver will make money and Robinson is a great POD.

Bells E Bubb · 22/03/2016 at 13:55

Spat out my coffee with Crouching’s first news report re Harley. Top stuff!

    Nathan · 22/03/2016 at 17:03

    Best start to the pod ever

@grayson_lowee · 22/03/2016 at 14:03

Hey guys, if i were to replace J.J (not saying i am) who would i go with? ive got about 40k in the bank.

    Mike · 22/03/2016 at 14:21

    I wonder if Hurn is worth a look.

    CapTnKaOs · 22/03/2016 at 14:29

    Maybe Rich? But honestly, I'd prefer to see you turn him into a gun or a rookie.
    I think there is better value at this price point on the other lines.
    Every year I pick a mid priced defender, 6 weeks into the season I regret it. But of course, I'll probably do it again.

      BKW · 22/03/2016 at 17:32

      Haha Yep, well said – Lumumba anyone?

    Dean · 22/03/2016 at 23:39

    Go Rich LOCK and throw away the key, he will generate you cash and I honestly have more faith in Rich in Defence then I do Laird even though I have both, but defence always screws us over big time when we pick the 500k Guns and without fail most of them hemorage cash and score average.

    I'm sticking by going week in defence, it kills me every year when I go heavy in defence and I always go back and restructure my team last minute, not this year, I am biting the bullet and going weak in defence and sticking with my FAT gut for once.

    DuckingTigers · 23/03/2016 at 22:13

    Anyone without a stupid hair style.

@grayson_lowee · 22/03/2016 at 14:11

and also, who out of Hurn/McGovern/Yeo?

    Gags · 22/03/2016 at 18:43

    Gotta be Yeo mate, In for a huge season!
    Only problem is, I don't have him.

@grayson_lowee · 22/03/2016 at 14:18

Ok, sorry if it looks like im spamming the comments section here, but im a part of a league thats been insanely competitive and fun in the past three years, however we have only filled up 15 spots this time around, so if any of you people are interested in joining a competitive and banter-filled league, by all means do it. (only 3 spots left so you better hurry if you want a place) Code: 711298

    Big fact hunt · 22/03/2016 at 15:03

    Thanks Grayson. Thought I would join in. Love the banter or hanging a bit of crap on each other. Long time reader but don't post much

      @grayson_lowee · 22/03/2016 at 17:41

      No worries mate, glad to have you on board

Jimma · 22/03/2016 at 14:20

Another Significant podcast fellas!

pretty much what im rocky to start the season, but would love ur thoughts and opinions

DEF: Shaw, KK, Rampe, JJoh, Weitering, Dea (Brown, Ruggles)

MID: Danger, Gazza, Mitchell, Shiel, Rockliff, Crouch, Mills, Menadue (Petracca, Phillips, Davis)

RUCK: NicNat, Gawn (Grimley)

FWD: Barlow, Gray, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (Mc-Tip, Papley)

$200 left

Rookies arent solidified. Have a choice of keeping Shiel and Rampe, or can go Cripps and Birchall and have more cash for better bench rookies, not sure which one to go there.

Cheers Community

    Gags · 22/03/2016 at 18:46

    Really like your PODs
    Sam Gray is a great choice
    All the best!

judd0 · 22/03/2016 at 14:25

Good work lads.
Except for giving away my POD for the year. Sidebottom has been in my team from the start, he has been winning all the time trials down at Collingwood and as a predominately outside player will benefit from the Treloar injection.

    jockreynolds · 22/03/2016 at 15:30

    Mate – he's dead set I'm my team now. Can't believe I didn't slot him in earlier! Best of luck this week son

      One Touch Wonder · 22/03/2016 at 16:14

      do you think McCaffer will get a run?

    Holty · 22/03/2016 at 17:18

    Love the Sidey selection bud. Was always on my list but will just miss being selected in my side. I think he is underpriced but so are plenty other proven premo's this year.

    Connor · 22/03/2016 at 18:31

    Went with him last year – got burnt – why not go with him again! One of the most underrated players in the AFL by my reckoning and he is constantly overlooked every year. He's got one more year experience than last so he will only get better!

    medadsson · 22/03/2016 at 19:12

    G'day JuddO. Quality player and have considered him and Taylor Adams. Only thing that worries me about Pies (as far as Supercoach goes) is that they have so many accumulators in the team who may detract from one another (points wise). Good luck though as he has shown any number of times he can pump out the big scores with the best of them.

      judd0 · 23/03/2016 at 00:10

      Hey mate. Yeah I agree with you they do have a lot of possession getters but I'm hoping Sidey can be a predominantly outside player with his exceptional fitness and benefit from the hard inside work done by adams, treloar etc. Whilst he missed about a third of the season last year he gathered at least 19 disposals in all his games and he also has a great kick to handball ratio with a minimum of 10 kicks in all his games. He only had 3 games where he had more handballs then kicks.

        dean gardiner · 23/03/2016 at 12:13

        Im stuck in a situation where i need to decide between pendles and sidebottom. and im not enjoying it….

GoHawks · 22/03/2016 at 14:33

Who's up for the ultimate challenge in AFL fantasy football.

Think you know your stuff, then join this Supercoach Draft league – 702156

16 teams, 22 players per team, equals a deep-deep league where you will need to know not just the top 30-50 players, but 352 players.
Not playing through the bye rounds (hate the bye rounds), play each team once + finals.

No cost, just bring your A game. Drafts Wednesday 7pm

The_Black_Mamba · 22/03/2016 at 14:37

The intros keep on getting better and better πŸ˜‰

sail in2 d black · 22/03/2016 at 14:47

Looking for a top league to join

    Monkey_Magic · 22/03/2016 at 17:04

    470587, filled with community members and top 1500 finishes, if this is you join in!
    Only a few places left.

    Phildev · 23/03/2016 at 00:33

    Hey sail. Top 10 k players. 4 spots left. 273366. Love to have you

Marco_Polo94 · 22/03/2016 at 14:50

PANIC!!!!! ahaha just kidding, brilliant podcast following on from a brilliant article by higgo. Love the wisdom of the community, many have been harping on about not falling for NAB guns and i think that is testament to the knowledge you've bestowed on us from the bungalow. Love ya work.

    jockreynolds · 22/03/2016 at 15:32

    Thanks very much Marco – comments like this make it all worthwhile!

nel · 22/03/2016 at 14:53

Hi Community most squads appear similar.. In my limited opinion all squads should have the DIRTY DOZEN in round 13..Two would then be culled Libba and Hall .They are Shaw Rance Laird Fyfe Danger God Rocky Libba Goldy Gawn Barlow and Hall 12 of the best This makes it so much easier select only 10 onfield and viola you win IMLO

Dan My Man · 22/03/2016 at 15:01

Forward rookies under $140,000…

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 15:06

    Brown, McCarthy. Maybe Anthony Tippa.

      Derek · 22/03/2016 at 16:50

      Grimley & Kommer should probably both play

        One Touch Wonder · 22/03/2016 at 16:53

        Adams, O'Brien, Cox, Long, Phillips are all outside chances of getting named round 1, but should get games

murray · 22/03/2016 at 15:02

thoughts on C Gault 215k as a D5

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 15:10

    Was in and out of my team. Could pay off….might make you 150-200k if he plays every week.

    MaccasMarvels · 22/03/2016 at 20:32

    Gault is a bit too 'key position' player for me, but as a pies supporter I can't wait to see him running around out there!

    Leeds17 · 22/03/2016 at 21:23

    Go Peter Wright if you want KPP, cheaper and better job security, not going with either personally..

Steele · 22/03/2016 at 15:05

Gday ladies and gents!

With a ? over Dusty and how he will go with his personal situation atm. Who would everyone say is the next fwd priority.

Already have Barlow and Greene.


    One Touch Wonder · 22/03/2016 at 16:17

    what ? over Dusty are you talking about. He will be playing won't he?

      Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 16:38

      People assume because of some off field dramas he's going to suddenly crumble as a footballer.

    Avzmo · 22/03/2016 at 16:45

    Dahlhaus and Zorko have low ownership % and I think are very solid forward options if you are looking for someone around that price.

      Marcus · 22/03/2016 at 17:44

      Zorko is out round 1

    Luke · 22/03/2016 at 18:42

    Jack R for the smokie

Jojo · 22/03/2016 at 15:41

Which option is better
Wietering Stefan Martin and Menzel
Dea goldy and wells

    NIcholas · 22/03/2016 at 15:46

    Dea Goldy Wells

      Jonathan Camac · 22/03/2016 at 16:43

      I agree with Nicholas

    Motsy · 22/03/2016 at 18:32

    I honestly would pick all three second options to all three first options even if they were all 1 on 1.

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 19:33

    Dea, Martin, Wells

    Big balls · 22/03/2016 at 22:31

    Wheats , Martin & wells

Nicholas · 22/03/2016 at 15:45

All feedback appreciated:
Laird, KK, Bartel, Smith, Dea, Hartley (Ruggles, Adams)
Dangerfield, Ablett, Selwood, Rockliff, Shiel, Liberatore, B Crouch, Kennedy (Mathieson, Keays, Davis)
Goldstein, Naitanui (Chol)
Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, Kerridge, Petracca (M Brown, McDonald Tip)

kyle · 22/03/2016 at 15:46

tom sherriden D4? thoughts

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 15:50

    Probably underpriced but just another popular midpriced defender that doesn't particularly float my boat.

    I'll be going pure GnR in the backline this season assuming enough decent rookies get named on Thursday as I just feel there are too many midprice mirages in defence.

    You might luck out and pick one of the few that soars but just as many, if not more, will merely tread water or crash and burn.

SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 15:46

Anyone who is addicted to SC as I am is welcome to join this league 'Jock's Good Eggs' (code=513616)

About half a dozen spots left.

    Liam · 22/03/2016 at 16:18

    I'm in Addict

      Liam · 22/03/2016 at 16:20

      I'm obviously too late.

    @wheels_1987 · 23/03/2016 at 11:35


    Youngy · 23/03/2016 at 12:14

    Its Full. Damn.

The_Black_Mamba · 22/03/2016 at 15:50

Dangerfield and Rockliff OR Selwood and Hanneberyy/ Mundy/ Kennedy/Priddis….. Im torn.

    Jack · 22/03/2016 at 15:55

    Danger & Rocky if Rocky is named. Otherwise Selwood and Priddis.

      The_Black_Mamba · 22/03/2016 at 15:59

      Whats your reasoning? I see selwood scoring just as much as dangerfield and I feel priddis or hanneberry are much safer and more premium selections then rockliff. If it wasnt for selwood not having a full pre season I wouldve locked him in…

        SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 19:43

        Rocky was the second best SC player in the comp in 2014 and now has the use of both lungs again.

        Danger tore the NAB a new one and looks ready to explode for his new club. Jelwood can often get off to a slow start and his compromised preseason surely doesn't help there.

          Benjamima Puddleduck · 22/03/2016 at 22:58

          I have always heard of this 'Selwood's slow start' but went back and checked records and it doesnt seem to sit correctly.
          There are a few scattered sub 100 games here and there. Last year being the worst of all (hence the cheaper price tag)

          But the scores never suggest he starts slow, not by a long shot.

        Benjamima Puddleduck · 22/03/2016 at 23:00

        Selwood will outscore Danger this year, probably only marginally. Price check… you know the better option.
        Next year, Danger will be the main man.

          Noigerbour · 23/03/2016 at 06:51

          Your dreaming !

    Grahame Lebroy · 22/03/2016 at 16:25

    i like 1 mate. I think Danger will outscore Selwood and if Rockliff stays fit he can go huge

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 17:49

    I reckon you have to roll with option 1 even though I'm also huge on Hanners and have him in my side along with Danger and Rocky.

GoHawks · 22/03/2016 at 15:55

Who's up for the ultimate challenge in AFL fantasy football.

Think you know your stuff, then join this Supercoach Draft league – 702156

16 teams, 22 players per team, equals a deep-deep league where you will need to know not just the top 30-50 players, but 352 players.
Not playing through the bye rounds (hate the bye rounds), play each team once + finals.

No cost, just bring your A game. Drafts Wednesday 7pm

iH8 · 22/03/2016 at 15:56

I reckon you'll do bloody well with a sheep team. But the only way to win is to go with a bunch of high risk high reward selections, have most come through with the goods, and trade your arse off to keep the points piling up. So I've gone with a high risk team and I'm actually bloody in love with it. Hurt my feelings if you can πŸ™‚
BACK: K Kolo, Jimmy bartel, Yeo, Rich, Aish, Weitering (Brown, Hartley)
MIDS: Fyfe, God, Robbie Gray, Rockliff, Olly Wines, Libba, Mills, Viojo-Rainbow (Beays, Davis, McPherson)
RUCK: Gawn, NickNat
FORWARD: Dusty, Wingard, DeGoey, Wells, Milera, Kerridge (Petracca, McD-T)

Got a decent warchest left over too

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 16:09

    I wouldn't touch rich and aish personally but hey if you feel they are value then go for it.

    Viojo didn't play NAB so doesn't seem a chance in my mind.

    One Touch Wonder · 22/03/2016 at 16:21

    why you got Vojo-Rainbow? do you know something we don't?

      IH8 · 22/03/2016 at 19:14

      Haha unfortunately not he will make way for a rookie who's actually playing. Just had him in my first draft and haven't bothered changing it. Can't set rookies until teams are announced anyway.

REN · 22/03/2016 at 15:56

If named, is Parish a good pick?

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 16:09

    Could play more than Oliver I think.

    Avzmo · 22/03/2016 at 16:43

    I just think scoring potential at Essendon is down across the board, there will be games where you struggle to get 5 players scoring over 80 in a game. and to say Parrish will be in those 5 is probably a bit ahead of ourselves. I feel like there are better options out there.

    Canny the Manny · 23/03/2016 at 22:16

    With the absence of midfield rookies this year, I think he's a good pick. Just don't expect too much from the kid.

james · 22/03/2016 at 16:05

hey community would like to get some thoughts on who i should select
enright or simmo

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 16:19

    Had enright in 2014 and was solid, then was too soft to pick him last year cos of his age and took harry taylor instead. It backfired.

    Both guys have played incredibly consistent careers. Maybe take simpson as carlton will be guaranteed to see a lot of ball down back this year.

TJM · 22/03/2016 at 16:10

SC Scoring

Goal: 8 points
Behind: 1 point
Score Assist: 3.5 points
Intercept contested mark: 8 points
Contested mark: 6 points
Contested possession at ground level: 4.5 points
Intercept possession: 4.5 points
Mark on a lead: 5 points
Uncontested mark: 2 points
Handball received: 1.5 points
Gather: 1.5 points
Hitout to advantage: 5 points
Hitout: 0 points
Hitout sharked: -1 point
Free kick: 4 points
Free against: -4 points
50m penalty against: -8.5 points
Effective kick: 4 points
Effective handball: 1.5 points
Ineffective disposal: 0 points
Clanger disposal: -4 points
Tackle: 4 points
Spoil: 2 points
Shepherd: 1.5 points

    REN · 22/03/2016 at 16:59

    Have they always awarded points for spoiling?

      Gags · 22/03/2016 at 18:52

      Josh Gibson Relevant???

    jockreynolds · 22/03/2016 at 20:01

    This is absolutely SIGNIFICANT if fair dinkum?

      Russ · 22/03/2016 at 20:56

      I like the 5 points for 'hitout to advantage', Nicnat should clean up!, I wonder if that means when he takes it out of the centre himself too?

    DadSmasher · 22/03/2016 at 21:08

    Where'd you get that info TJM?
    The SC website table on points scoring is below. Not included at SC site is, 50m penalty, Mark on lead, sharked hitout, and a few of the point amounts are also different to what you posted.
    Effective kick – 4 Points
    Ineffective kick – 0 Points
    Clanger kick -4 Points
    Effective Handball -1.5 Points
    Ineffective handball -0 Points
    Handball clanger -4 Points
    Handball receive 1.5 Point
    Hardball get 4.5 Points
    Loose-ball get 4.5 Points
    Goal 8 Points
    Behind 1 Point
    Mark uncontested (maintaining possession) 2 Points
    Mark contested (maintaining possession) 6 Points
    Mark uncontested (from opposition) 4 Points
    Mark contested (from opposition) 8 Points
    Tackles 4 Points
    Free kick for 4 Points
    Free kick against -4 Points
    Hitout to Advantage 5 Points
    Gather from Hitout 2 Points

      Russ · 22/03/2016 at 21:19

      SuperCoach 2016: Champion Data explains key stats in scoring formula
      March 22, 2016 8:32am
      Herald Sun

      Article in today's digital Herald Sun

        DadSmasher · 22/03/2016 at 21:41

        So those dodgyfux at Heraldsun don't give the full breakdown of points scoring on the website, probably some sort of raffles and bingo permit violation there. It doesn't suprise me though, I bought their trash paper due to a backpage headline only to find out that if I want to read the story I have to buy a digital subscription.

          Russ · 23/03/2016 at 00:50

          PUTTING together a big score in SuperCoach is about a lot more than just kicks and handballs.

          The SuperCoach scoring system is a complicated one, with more than 100 different areas of the game involved in the overall final score.

          Unlike some fantasy games that award points for a kick no matter where it goes or consider a mark in front of goal when scores are level in the final quarter the same as accepting a backwards pass in defence, SuperCoach rewards a player’s real impact in a match.

          100 different factors make up the score? sheesh.
          Yeh don't know why Dadsmasher, I guess they wanted to keep an element of mystery about it? lol
          I do enjoy when a bloke scores 40 points for kicking the winning goal though, god knows what their formula is for that!?

Avzmo · 22/03/2016 at 16:11

Thoughts on Lonergan in defence? Worth the pick?

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 16:40

    Worth a chance, there's other options like Sheridan, Seedsman, McKenzie, Harwood and Cutler being thrown around too.

      Benjamima Puddleduck · 22/03/2016 at 23:03

      MMM Cutler =D

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 16:43

    Also saw nathan wilson mentioned, did ok in the NAB.

Mac · 22/03/2016 at 16:12

De Goey or Greene at F3?

    @grayson_lowee · 22/03/2016 at 17:48

    If you have the money, Greene all the way mate, degoey is a good little stepping stone but imo Greene will be a keeper this year, from what ive seen and with treloars departure, hes set to breakout.

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 18:12

    I have De Goey at F3 but if I had the spare cash I probably would've gone with Greene.

    But Greene has just missed the cut in Addicts although I have him in my RDT side.

    hawkeye · 22/03/2016 at 20:03

    personally not going with green heard his looking at rotating on wing and half fwd.. hasn't locked down his skinfolds and work ethic..so will be picking jack steele to get more midfield time

    DadSmasher · 22/03/2016 at 20:56

    I had the same dilemma for F4 and used this reasoning. If greene stinks and gooey stars it's an easy correction before the price change BUT if gooey stinks and greene stars you'll need 2 trades unless you kept 100kplus spare cash

POM · 22/03/2016 at 16:19

Sheridan and Wines
Weitering and Priddis

    Steeeve · 22/03/2016 at 16:42

    Weitering and Wines, pocket the cash in case one of the higher priced rookies goes berzerk in the first couple of weeks so you can afford to trade up to them.

      BKW · 22/03/2016 at 20:10

      Option two

Shaq · 22/03/2016 at 16:23

Bucks coming out and saying pendles almost certain to spend majority of game time in the backline. Will this effect his scoring output?
And Thoughts on chopsticks? will he be good to go or a liability with these off field issues? TIA

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 16:35

    Pendles got 32 touches and a season high 11 marks when playing on the half back flank vs geelong in round 22 last year.

    His possible moving into the backline and losing scoring potential, is getting blown out of proportion.

    As is the impact of off field issues for Martin.

    Itchy balls · 22/03/2016 at 16:36

    Where did you read that?

      Shaq · 22/03/2016 at 16:50

      Herald Sun article

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 17:04

    Bucks isn't going to put pendles somewhere to be quiet, he'll put him where he needs pendles to have an impact.

    Will finish the season between 600-700k imo.

    Holty · 22/03/2016 at 17:28

    im assuming Bucks doesnt want to play finals this year.

    Steeeve · 22/03/2016 at 19:16

    Pendles will still score well, will still attend a shit load of centre bounces and will still be looked for every time his teammates have the pill.
    But if this is true it could be good news for those rolling the dice with DeGoey.

      Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 19:32

      Also good for those who want Pendles, but don't want every other team having him.

Jonathan Camac · 22/03/2016 at 16:41

Got ten in our league called the Brotherhood. Looking for decent coaches who will give and take some solid banter. League code: 613122

    HOLLA · 22/03/2016 at 21:36

    Yeah ill join ya shit heap league haha

goran · 22/03/2016 at 16:42

Haven't heard much talk about Matt Priddis… Is there any reason not to pick him?
ATM he is locked into my team.. should be a top 5 mid this year if he can stay fit IMO

    Mr Question Face · 22/03/2016 at 16:46


    Holty · 22/03/2016 at 17:31

    He will be in most sides come seasons end. his problem is that he is maxed out price wise. Most people are looking for value early on or grabbing the very best they can afford. If you do pick him though, he will be a great selection.

    bUCKET__ · 22/03/2016 at 22:09

    Also getting a bit older and has spoken a bit lately about an ongoing knee issue, some risk in that he might lose a bit of pace in his old age.

      Lazy_Simmo · 23/03/2016 at 14:20

      I 've started him last couple years and I think both times he's finished 5th for overall points. Won't be a capt choice often but will accumulate you a lot of points over the season. As Holty says buying him at max price but has a very low point deviation and will crack you out 110 most weeks.

Mr Question Face · 22/03/2016 at 16:46

Anyone rolling with Harwood? 83 avg in 2014, injury ravaged 2015, played NAB unscathed, at 283k he could be a nice D6 by the end of the year? If not, anyone else around that price people prefer? Lonergan, McKenzie? Reasons to take them over Harwood?

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 17:02

    He was in, then out, then in, then out again. He's giving me a headache honestly.

    I reckon he could average 80 in that backline that will see a lot of action. What about cutler too? had a good NAB.

    There's a fair few viable mid price defenders but a few of them will flop I reckon.

    Holty · 22/03/2016 at 17:33

    never played more then 16 games in a season. At that price, way too risky.

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 18:27

    The Phantom has selected him and he knows his stuff.

    I myself have too many players coming back from injury as it is and Harwood's durability is pretty horrendous when you look at it so I have to skip on him.

    But if he can stay on the park early he should make $100-150K or thereabouts I'm guessing.

One Touch Wonder · 22/03/2016 at 16:48

Guns N Rookies

Shaw. Laird. Bartel. Dea. Brown. Hartley (Collins. Ruggles)
Ablett. Gray. Selwood. Sidebottom. Rocky. Parker. Mills. Gresham (Petracca. Keays. Davis)
Goldy. Gawn. (Chol)
Dusty. Wingard. Bartel. Kennedy. Menadue. Kerridge. (Adams. McD-T)

    Tret · 22/03/2016 at 16:58

    2 Bartels could be risky

      One Touch Wonder · 22/03/2016 at 17:35

      i meant Bartel's cousin, barlow.

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 16:59

    Two Bartels?

    Mr Question Face · 22/03/2016 at 17:03

    I was thinking about two Bartels, its ricky, but I think he can handle it

    FootyFanatic · 22/03/2016 at 17:19

    I personally have 3 Bartels in my team

      Ethan017 · 22/03/2016 at 20:23

      Look it's one of the burning questions of 2016, how many Bartel's is too many?
      I've seen a variation in all teams some going with 2,3, 6 or even some taking it to the extreme with 13 Bartels!!

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 18:03

    Nice looking GnR side mate although I'd still try and squeeze in Wells if you can who technically I would class as an expensive rookie rather than a cheap ass midpricer.

goran · 22/03/2016 at 16:48

Is Patrick Cripps a viable selection? Kid's a stud

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 16:58


    @grayson_lowee · 22/03/2016 at 17:51

    i think he's fantastic and a little bit of a POD, i'd go for him if you can.

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 17:57

    I'd only pick him if you think he can have a chance at being a top 12 mid otherwise I reckon you'd be wasting your time and may as well find an extra $100K and go with a proven elite.

    Or alternatively you could save $200K like I'm doing and run with B.Crouch who it wouldn't surprise me if he scored similar to Cripps although you would be taking the risk that his body holds together, at least early in the season, until you can upgrade him to an elite.

    Cam · 23/03/2016 at 08:21

    Kick to handball ratio hurts his scores

Superbj · 22/03/2016 at 16:48

Hey guys does anyone have a strongl league I can join? Want to test myself against the best

    Phildev · 23/03/2016 at 00:44

    273366. Always a top league. AGRADE. 3 spots left

REN · 22/03/2016 at 16:50

Where do most people have Dea? Is d4 too light?

Thinking it might be too risky going in with 2 of brown, hartley, adams etc on field

    goran · 22/03/2016 at 17:28

    I have him d5 right now… Rolling with quite a risky defense of Houli, Kolo, Lonergan, Weitering, Dea and Hartley

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 17:45

    Dea if named will be D4 for me although I'm running with a GnR backline which many in the community don't favour.

    But I just don't have much faith in most of the popular midpriced defenders many coaches are running with. So I'd rather generate maximum cash in the backline and use the savings to bolster my own side with elite mids and rucks who I can actually trust a hell of a lot more than these midpriced defender luck dips.

      CapTnKaOs · 22/03/2016 at 18:09

      Agree 100% with GnR backline strategy. SC history is littered with midpriced defenders who start out as a means of "balancing" the team, but then cause nothing but pain and take forever to get rid of. Like a SC kidney stone.

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 22/03/2016 at 22:46

    D4 for me

vex · 22/03/2016 at 16:50

Shannon Hurn or Brodie Smith?

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 16:58

    Can you afford McGovern?

      vex · 22/03/2016 at 17:00

      nah but I like these 2 better anyway. Made of glass that kid

        Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 17:05

        Then hurn for me, and I'm a crows fan.

    Phil · 22/03/2016 at 19:09

    Both have hard early draws so I'd rather see them as potential upgrades than starters but I prefer Smith

Sarah · 22/03/2016 at 16:53

Love the podcast, but your thoughts on Brad Crouch is beyond a joke! 300k for a player who has a very strong chance of averaging 100+ and is the 2nd best midfielder at the club. No job security concerns, much better player than his brother. Health is the only thing holding him back. If he's fit, he's as big a lock as Wells. Both criminally underpriced with huge potential, but both are injury prone.

    Mr Question Face · 22/03/2016 at 17:00

    But Jock held a mirror?

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 17:39

    I have him my team but I agree with Jock that there are some doubts there most significantly surrounding his durability.

    I'm prepared to roll the dice as we know his quality and Supercoach potential but I think we'd only be kidding ourselves if we didn't acknowledge there was some downside or significant risk with this selection.

    At least we've seen Wells light it up in the NAB so there's a distinction there for me, plus he's cheaper so consider him a lock that all coaches should have but I'm afraid I just can't put B.Crouch in that category Sarah.

      Sarah · 22/03/2016 at 18:26

      Huge durability concerns for both players, everyone knows that, but i feel that both are cheap enough to almost be locks.
      Crouch averaged 94 2 seasons ago, very likely to improve to a low 100 average, has been lighting it up in practice games and the sanfl, obviously not afl caliber competition but you'll expect him to dominate in those games and he's done that. It would be nice to have seen him play nab challenge games but when he has played, he hasn't disappointed. Only if he plays half a season, he would appreciate to a decent price where it would be an easy sideways trade to a top 8 mid.
      Ablett has similar durability concerns and obviously on a different level to crouch but that doesn't defer people from picking him.

      @BarronVonCrow · 22/03/2016 at 19:56

      My plan for Crouch includes many "out" plans at the moment. If he gets injured within the first month, he's down to Mills. If he gets injured after 9-10 games, then he moves up to a Fallen Premium. Best case scenario he stays healthy and averages 105+ for most of the year.

      Also to consider that his 40 touches were with the Crows limiting themselves to 50 rotations as per the new SANFL rules (though they just upped it to 60 yesterday), but South Adelaide, were not following the interchange cap and were rotating like crazy, so he's been beating fresher guys while being slightly underdone himself.

      I'm not worried about the Matt taking his role thing just because it isn't going to happen. They play completely separate roles, Matty is pure inside, he's as fast as a fat man on a treadmill, so he can't play outside at all, but he will find the ball on the inside and he will extract it. He will be competing with Scott Thompson and CEY for his spot. Brad can do the inside stuff, but he can also play more outside too, with the Crows focusing on a more uncontested style of ball movement this year, both will have separate roles, and both will need to play them well for the Crows to have a good year.

      Wayno – If you're taking a flier on ANY Crow forward, make it Tom Lynch. The guy has killed it during the NAB Challenge, he is going to have a big year, could average 95+ for the year. Betts is going to be inconsistent, Lynch isn't likely to be.

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 17:40

    Hilarious podcast, Crouch's 40 touches in the SANFL must've been against 'A bunch of dickheads'

    Yet Selwood's 34 in the VFL was basically divine (can't remember the word he used)

    Unproven at AFL level because of injuries, but these are the risks you have to take I feel.

    Chill · 22/03/2016 at 18:00

    Sarah you are too passionate about the crows.. !! Second best midfielder? What about sloand and Thompson?? I think the Crouch boys are ready to be burn men. Avoiding.

      Sarah · 22/03/2016 at 18:10

      haha, love the Crows! Sloane is clearly there number 1 mid, but Crouch will be a star.

        Sarah · 23/03/2016 at 12:24

        Hi Sarah,

        You're getting people confused with me!!! Are you a mad crow too? If so then that is really spooky!! You might need to change your login name so people can tell us apart.


          Chill · 23/03/2016 at 12:27

          I thought the above messages sounded different from usual Sarah. This is creepy.

    CapTnKaOs · 22/03/2016 at 18:17

    As mentioned in the podcast, there is a lot of injury risk at the start of this year. But I think its also thrown up some value. I've got B Crouch and Wells as well. But I also have D Menzel, and McCarthy. I reckon at least a couple of them will stand up long enough to produce serious cash.

    Holty · 22/03/2016 at 18:47

    My concern with Crouch isnt just being a injury risk, but also a risk to himself. He has had a entire year off due to injury and when he is finally given the chance to play, he goes against team rules and has a few drinks. How serious is this guy about his football is probably the question we should be asking? Has all the ability in the world and will be a great player no doubt but will Adelaide forgive him and allow him to play this week? If they do, it opens up the door for all the other youngsters in the team to think this behavior is acceptable.
    But after all this doubt and criticism of Crouch, at his price its hard not to select him.

      @footy_bec · 22/03/2016 at 20:58

      He will play. I will not be selecting him.

    JAYZ · 22/03/2016 at 18:49

    The question is having Wells and Ablett already vulnerable, and crouch who hasn't played in a year or during preseason and his other two seasons took under 3 games to fall… Don't think his a lock MASSIVE risk for reward

      Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 19:29

      Ablett is probably more likely to get sore or injured again, considering he's full priced it's probably an even bigger risk.

      Guess that's why jock and others aren't locking in Ablett or Crouch.

      The day I don't take risks is the day supercoach is boring for me though.

      I'll be locking in Ablett, Libbe, Wells and crouch!

      First one I drop would be Ablett though honestly, strange as that may sound to some.

    JAYZ · 22/03/2016 at 18:52

    Plus Libba back from a knee if one of them gets injured not much options to trade down too.. Mmm decisions

    Phil · 22/03/2016 at 19:17

    Couldn't agree more with this comment. I've picked him at M8 over Mills as I think he'll generate as much cash. If I believe a injury risk player is 200k+ underpriced they're a lock in my team, as I believe the reward outweighs the risk. Welcome to The Walking Wounded young Brad

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 22/03/2016 at 22:48

    Agree both worth the risk with their enormous upside. Crouch at m8 looks as brucey would say delicious.

One Touch Wonder · 22/03/2016 at 16:57

Great podcast. I can't wait for the youtube stuff to come

SJK · 22/03/2016 at 17:07

With the news Dom Sheed is out for 10 weeks, does this make Duggan a genuine selection?

Mac · 22/03/2016 at 17:18

Wines or Gray?

    @BarronVonCrow · 22/03/2016 at 20:07

    Gray is the sure thing, Wines will have the potential to average near the same, but also has the potential to finish 5-10 points lower than Gray. Will depend on if you can spare the cash I imagine.

    @footy_bec · 22/03/2016 at 20:59

    Both πŸ™‚
    I'm going Gray x 2

KDot · 22/03/2016 at 17:27

Jesse Lonergan? Thoughts?

    Gord29 · 22/03/2016 at 17:43

    i currently have him but there is a few around that price that could come in all have risk in there selections

    Clint in Scotland · 23/03/2016 at 21:35

    My team structure doesn't work without him. Locked in all preseason.

steve · 22/03/2016 at 17:36

Robbie Gray, JPK or Ward?

    goran · 22/03/2016 at 17:39


    @grayson_lowee · 22/03/2016 at 17:53

    Honestly, id go ward here, love him as a player and could be a small POD.

    Phil · 22/03/2016 at 19:20

    All of these guys should be good for a 110 average so all good picks. I have Gray as I think he has the most chance of pushing to a 115-120 average.

    BKW · 22/03/2016 at 20:05

    Gray for mine

Itchy balls · 22/03/2016 at 17:39

How people feeling about Rich? Is a good consideration?

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 17:44

    Many seem to be picking him due to him apparently getting midfield time.

    I wouldn't touch him, never been supercoach relevant and the kids these days run rings around him.

    Noigerbour · 23/03/2016 at 06:59


    Clint in Scotland · 23/03/2016 at 21:40

    For the purpose of balance, I'm gonna say yes. I have him at D2. No doubt he's a risk, but he's a defender with a midfield role, and I'll be happy if he gives me a low 90s average to finish the season in my D4 or D5 position.

james · 22/03/2016 at 17:55

643k for a mid who do i get pendles hanners Gaz gray

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 18:18

    Probably Gaz if he's named.

    There's just as much risk in NOT picking Gaz, if not more, than picking him in my view.

    The other 3 guys are great selections too so if you really believe Gaz will snap up his sh!t again like Jock does then either of those guys would be a fine alternative.

      Motsy · 22/03/2016 at 18:40

      SCAddict we had a number of battles last year! Had you in one of my leagues πŸ™‚

      I would put Pendles above Gaz here, going in without Gaz, has not been in my team since the tendon issue was revealed

        SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 18:55

        What's your team name Motsy and I'll add you as a rival?

          Motsy · 22/03/2016 at 19:07

          "Such is Fyfe" I think a few people have gotten it now over the years though. I think we went up against each other in my league early in the finals last year. Might be easier if I add you πŸ™‚

            Motsy · 22/03/2016 at 19:08

            I remember your tag mate.

dij123 · 22/03/2016 at 17:58

Any advice on this team would be great:

DEF: H.Shaw, R Laird, J Johannisen, J Weitering, M Dea, M Hartley, Bench: M Brown, M Adams

Mid: Danger, Ablett, Hannebery, Wines, Rockliff, T Liberatore, B Crouch, C Mills, Bench: C Menadue, C Oliver, R Davis

Ruck: Nic Nat, Gawn, Bench: M. Cox

Forward: Barlow, T Grene, A Hall, D Wells, B Kennedy, S Kerridge, Bench: S Grimley, A MacDonald-Tipungwuti

Itchy balls · 22/03/2016 at 18:01

Isnt Thurday night match line-up suppose to be out tonight?

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 18:14

    Nah, tomorrow mate.

Hoff · 22/03/2016 at 18:13

What are everybody's thoughts about Mundy? Should he be considered?

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 18:17

    Had a great year in 2015, will he maintain the 113.5 average is the question.

    Phil · 22/03/2016 at 19:24

    Barlow wants a bigger slice of the pie this year, as well as Bennell, id say they're both eyeing off Mundys points. Great player though

    BKW · 22/03/2016 at 20:04

    Good POD – not in my team though

    John Hines · 22/03/2016 at 22:07

    Yes go for it a nice pod and reliable

CapTnKaOs · 22/03/2016 at 18:20

Is there a JR supercoach group? And if so, what is the number to join?

@grayson_lowee · 22/03/2016 at 18:22

So after holding up a proverbial mirror to myself, and changing up my team a bit, here is the lineup of Scorpions V as it stands currently.

Def: H.Shaw, R.Laird, J.Bartel, J.Weitering, M.Dea, N.Broad. (M.Hartley, M.Adams)

I went for a Guns and Rookies setup in defense, and im pretty happy with how it's looking, Shaw is the best defender in fantasy footy, he will drop in price a bit but he will still be #1 at seasons end. R.Laird is a very consistent performer and will end up in the top 5, whilst Bartel is an absolute gun, and although he is getting long in the tooth, i still trust him to deliver greatly for one more season. Weitering is probably the best #1 draft pick (fantasy wise) ive seen in about 5 years, he will be a gun in the future and i can easily see him getting to 400k by the end of the year, he's been locked in my team for quite a while. Dea plays a fairly similar role to Weitering, and while i dont expect him to score as highly, i still think he is a very valid selection that will average 75+. All of Broad, Hartley and Adams are in my team pending round 1 selection, they will most likely play a fair amount of games and i can see them making money as a cash cow/rookie should.

Mid: P.Dangerfield, S.Pendelbury, G.Ablett, T.Rockliff, O.Wines, T.Liberatore, B.Crouch, C.Mills. (C.Menadue, G.Hewett, R.Davis)

As have most people this year, ive decided to go for a loaded midfield, with no players under 200K. Before the NAB there were slight worries about how danger would fit into geelongs side, but he's been doing fantastically and he is a bloody lock. There were whispers that Pendelbury wont be playing enough mid time this year but hes said that he will be playing 85-15 mid/fwd, and even then, we should not rely too heavily on things that players/coaches say. G.Ablett is a worry but hes been a gun for so many years, and i'd prefer to have him and be burnt, then to not have him and have him average 180+. T.Rockliff is a fantasy elite and at his price he is 100% a lock. O.Wines is a fantastic player and is set for a breakout year this time around, it would be a mistake not to have him. Both T.Liberatore and B.Crouch are slight risks, however they are both guns and at there prices they simply cannot be overlooked. C.Mills is probably the most promising midfield rookie that ive seen in the past years (barring J.O'Meara), he is also a lock. Menadue, Hewett and Davis all looked decent and if they are selected round one they will stay, not really sure if hewett can break into the squad however, so he might be traded out.

N.Naitanui, M.Gawn (D.Wyatt)

Went for a pretty simple lock and load strategy here, both Gawn and NicNat are guns and will feature in the top 5 rucks come seasons end. Wyatt is cheap and is a loophole player, he's also DPP which is nice.

Fwd: M.Barlow, T.Greene, A.Hall, D.Wells, B.Kennedy. S.Kerridge. (M.Brown, AMT)

Ive always liked Barlow. When i was still a supercoach rookie myself, i selected him in his first year and boy did he deliver. I've always had a soft spot for him and assuming that he plays in the midfield this year he will average 105+. T.Greene and A.Hall with benefit greatly from certain departures from their teams, and it is looking like their breakout year this season. D.Wells is a lock, for obvious reasons, priced at a bargain and is a proven player. B.Kennedy and S.Kerridge are locks and have been since the start of the preseason, mature aged and at teams where they will get game time, easy decision for me. M.Brown and AMT are just in there because of their ability to get games and to make money.

Thankyou for looking at my team and my reasoning behind picking it, any suggestions are disagreements you have would be greatly appreciated, cheers. – Grayson

    Gags · 22/03/2016 at 19:03

    Mate absolutely love this team!
    Very similar to mine.
    Looking at your rucks, does this mean you are going the whole year without goldy??

      @grayson_lowee · 22/03/2016 at 19:27

      Look, potentially i will upgrade, but if nicNat is performing well enough, i dont see any reason to get rid of him, same goes with gawn.

        Benjamima Puddleduck · 22/03/2016 at 23:30

        NicNat will be No. 1 this year.

          @grayson_lowee · 23/03/2016 at 00:23

          i don't know about number one, but he will definitely be top 5, maybe even top 3. I see it being:
          1. Goldy
          2. Martin
          3. NicNat
          4. Jacobs
          5. Gawn

    John Hines · 22/03/2016 at 22:12

    Beast looking team my only worry is the injury front you likely to face early in the season

      @grayson_lowee · 23/03/2016 at 00:24

      I don't see the 'injury front' that you mentioned, are you talking about the players coming off of injuries, or are you talking about something else? Could you please elaborate? πŸ™‚

Chill · 22/03/2016 at 18:25

B Crouch playing against 'a bunch of d*ckheads' in the sanfl. I was in tears. Great podcast boys!

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 18:47

    Well it sure stirred Sarah into action!

    How dare anyone question her golden boy Brad Crouch selection and hell hath no fury as we all know. πŸ™‚

jimmydowland · 22/03/2016 at 18:28

2 words – Zach Tuohy. All i'll say. My Wisdom for this year.

Motsy · 22/03/2016 at 18:35

Mitch Robinson vs Greene?

    james · 22/03/2016 at 18:40

    green for me put the extra 50k to upgrading another line

tom · 22/03/2016 at 18:38

got a great POD in my midfield , who i believe will breakout this year and will thrive with no sub rule, last year he avg was 98 with non sub affected games 2% ownership

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 18:42

    So we're meant to play a guessing game are we?

    Ok I'll play along … would that be Lachie Hunter? πŸ™‚

      tom · 22/03/2016 at 18:44

      indeed it is he is going to be great player and stepping stone

        SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 18:49

        Yes I'm feeling that too and have him in my AFL Fantasy side instead of his team mate Libba as it happens, although I'm rolling with Libba in SC.

          TRIGGER HAPPY · 22/03/2016 at 22:55

          Been on hunter for a couple of weeks now replaced libba in my team.

Motsy · 22/03/2016 at 18:46

Had a spare league so I thought I'd create one for enthusiasts, been top 1k for the last 3 years, would prefer higher tier teams but happy for anyone looking for a challenge to join up: 237463

Gags · 22/03/2016 at 18:58

2 points for a spoil!!!
Is Josh Gibson relevant now??
Thoughts would be aprreciated!

    Motsy · 22/03/2016 at 19:03

    Has been in my team all summer mate, not sure why he would ever drop out of contention.

    Depends if you're going for consistency or average score he will average well for a defender, but has a huge ceiling and a low floor

      Gags · 22/03/2016 at 19:12

      Yeah true agreed
      Either Gibbo or Kolo atm

        Blueth · 22/03/2016 at 19:18

        not sure i've seen Kolo spoil before. Thats his brothers thing

    Holty · 22/03/2016 at 19:16

    is this new this 2points a spoil Gags?

Jason · 22/03/2016 at 19:03

Def: Shaw, Bartel, Birchal, Weitering, Dea, Brown (Adams, Hartley)

Mid: Ablett, Fyfe, Dangerfield, Rockliff, Parker, Libba, Mills, Kerridge (Gore, Davis, Gresham)

Ruc: Gawn, Z Smith (Chol)

Fwd: Martin, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Simpkin, Menadue (AMT, McCarthy)

Let me know your thoughts please! I feel like I'm locked and loaded

medadsson · 22/03/2016 at 19:04

Loved the news cast. Ron Burgandy better watch out!

Saundo · 22/03/2016 at 19:22

Isn't anyone playing this game for fun anymore rather than picking 80% same players as everyone else? How boring!

    Russ · 22/03/2016 at 19:40

    Don't play then, doesn't matter who you start with, just who you finish with.

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 19:49

    Winning can actually be fun too mate – you should try it some time.

    But if you prefer to go mainly PODs well no one's stopping you. πŸ™‚

      Saundo · 22/03/2016 at 20:17

      Actually I've won my quite competitive league 3 years in a row now with a nice prize at the end through very handy POD's when you're probably still holding your dick wondering what happened!

        Connor · 22/03/2016 at 20:21

        Not cool man

        DadSmasher · 22/03/2016 at 20:31

        'Quite competitive league' could mean that all of the teams are equally rubbish. Perhaps the teams in your league are all the same in that they're all trying to be different. Maybe you could be different to the rest of your league and start with players that are amongst the best/most selected in their relevant positions.

    Russ · 22/03/2016 at 20:44

    I'm playing for fun, playing to win, and picking 80% the same players as everyone else, and it's not boring at all, you on the other hand, are very boring with your stupid comment trying to create controversy for 5 seconds, before everyone forgets about it.

Foti186 · 22/03/2016 at 19:23

Following on the question of do you pick ablett or not? The answer is if someone give you a lottery ticket do you check it or not.? YES!!!

Steve · 22/03/2016 at 19:25

Simpkin or Mills or Oliver ??

Which do you think ?

    Engo · 22/03/2016 at 19:26

    SImpkin & Mills IMO

      Steve · 22/03/2016 at 19:40

      Only want one of them

        Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 20:03


Rob · 22/03/2016 at 19:27

So whats the difference between ineffective kick and clanger kick?

    gator59 · 22/03/2016 at 19:34

    ineffective kick 0 points.. clanger kick minus 4 points.

      Rob · 22/03/2016 at 19:38

      Yes correct. But whats the difference?

        tom · 22/03/2016 at 20:02

        maybe not 15 metres?

          Crowmagnon · 22/03/2016 at 20:11

          I think a clanger is when it is turned over to the other team. ineffective is to a contest.

            tophawk · 22/03/2016 at 21:25


            Or into open space where players have to run like hell to get the footy.

              TRIGGER HAPPY · 22/03/2016 at 22:58

              So who r the clanger Kings we should avoid?

                Wattsieesq · 23/03/2016 at 12:46

                Dusty Martin

    Russ · 22/03/2016 at 20:27

    Clanger is a direct turnover to the opposition via kick or handball, kick out on the full, a silly mistake, but that's a bit vague, also said 'Frees against', but surely they wouldn't deduct points for a clanger and a free against for one action?…I hope not.

      Motsy · 22/03/2016 at 20:42

      Clanger and Free against are only scored once and are counted as the same thing on the AFL stats pages.

    DadSmasher · 22/03/2016 at 20:45

    Clanger is a turnover and isn't limited to kicks.
    Stupid example. A 90 metres torp that's headed straight for Jesse Hogans chest but hits a seagull 5metres out and spills to Gibson is, surprisingly, a clanger. If the ball had deflected off the seagull into a contest it would be an ineffective kick.
    Personally I think that the seagull should get points for an intercept.

      Russ · 22/03/2016 at 20:47


      Tony · 23/03/2016 at 00:21

      Which seagull are you referring to – Goddard, Swan or Rich?

        Wattsieesq · 23/03/2016 at 12:47


        Luke · 23/03/2016 at 21:01

        Hopefully Goddard. Otherwise there will be tears

Phil · 22/03/2016 at 19:28

What the difference between Sheridan and Sutcliffe apart from ownership percentage? Both are similarly aged, priced, siMilar NAB numbers and both seem safely entrenched in the 22…..Could we all have the wrong guy?

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 20:03

    It appears so. That's why I don't have either of them.

    DadSmasher · 22/03/2016 at 20:52

    Peas in a pod except Sutcliffe is about 18-months older and has played 30 more games over their 4 year careers.
    Sheridans age/physical development is what has previously limited his game numbers compared to Sutcliffe but now he's all grown up and a more accomplished footballer than sutcliffe. My crystal ball says Sutcliffe will increase his ave by 8-15 points and Sheridan will increase his by 10-20

Nick · 22/03/2016 at 19:29

Laird, KK, Bartel, Smith, Dea, Hartley (Ruggles, Adams)
Dangerfield, Ablett, Selwood, Rockliff, Shiel, Liberatore, B Crouch, Kennedy (Mathieson, Keays, Davis)
Goldstein, Naitanui (Chol)
Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, Kerridge, Petracca (M Brown, McDonald Tip)

Any thoughts and feedback appreciated

    Wattsieesq · 23/03/2016 at 12:48

    Why Chol? Tigers play a lot on Friday, so he's not a good loophole. I don't think he'll play much this year, if at all.

Grahame Lebroy · 22/03/2016 at 19:34

Is Ollie Wines going to be a top 10,15,20,25 or lower Mid come seasons end? What range does he fall into?

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 20:02

    My crystal ball says top 15

    @BarronVonCrow · 22/03/2016 at 20:04

    I've predicted him topping out as a potential 110 average for the year. Based on last years averages that'd make him a potential top 10, likely top 15 midfielder.

      BKW · 22/03/2016 at 20:17

      Yep top 15ish I'd say (average points per game) but he needs to stay on the park across 22 games

    Outforblood · 22/03/2016 at 22:40

    OLLIE WINES is the future of SuperCoach !!!!!

gator59 · 22/03/2016 at 19:35

Doch/ Rich or Yeo

    BKW · 22/03/2016 at 20:01

    I'd go the blue boy personally

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 20:02

    1. Doch
    2. Yeo
    3. Rich

      gator59 · 22/03/2016 at 20:21

      thanks guys

@RoyWetard · 22/03/2016 at 19:38

Def: Shaw, Gibson, JJ, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Broad, Adams)
Mid: Fyfe, Danger, Selwood, Shiel, Rocky, Libba, Mills, Menadue (Petracca, Hewett, Davis)
Ruc: Goldy, Gawn (Cox)
Fwd: Barlow, Robinson, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (Brown, AMT)
$80,600 left

Grahame Lebroy · 22/03/2016 at 19:39

Out of those 3 probably Rich

Average Joe · 22/03/2016 at 19:41

Menadue or Kennedy?

    BKW · 22/03/2016 at 20:00

    Both I think

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 20:06

    Agree both are cheap and should have JS.

    Crowmagnon · 22/03/2016 at 20:12

    I think Kennedy will have better job security.

    Leeds17 · 22/03/2016 at 21:28

    one mid one up forward if you can afford it.

James · 22/03/2016 at 19:52

What are peoples thoughts on Ben Kennedy? Considering him as my last rookie (cheap) player

    BKW · 22/03/2016 at 20:00

    Yep got him locked in the forwards

    @BarronVonCrow · 22/03/2016 at 20:02

    My F7 at the moment. Like his NAB form, has a few years of AFL/VFL footy under his belt and will go to a Dee's team where he can carve out a role for himself. Think he can be a nice point/money spinner this year.

    Russ · 22/03/2016 at 20:14

    I reckon he looks the goods this year, and he'll make the most of his chance in a new team.

@BarronVonCrow · 22/03/2016 at 19:59

Love the Fantasy News Weekly segment fellas, you gotta keep that one!

    jockreynolds · 22/03/2016 at 20:02

    Cheers Barron!! Hope the team's coming along well mate… assuming B Crouch is in it?

      @BarronVonCrow · 22/03/2016 at 20:22

      He certainly is, Jock. I understand your points with the bloke though, but I'm not going into this blind. Crouch staying healthy and playing well is Plan A, but in my back pocket here I got Plan B to Z ready for whatever he throws at me.

BKW · 22/03/2016 at 20:00

Great to hear the evolution of Wayno's Balsa wood business πŸ˜‰

On a more serious note – would you rather:

KK and Chopsticks (only $1k spare)


Shaw and B Crouch ($138k spare)

My team is mostly guns and rookies with Libber and Hall my only mid price options (250k-500k) at this stage – Thoughts community?

    Nick · 22/03/2016 at 21:45

    shaw and crouch

    Blueprime · 22/03/2016 at 22:21


Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 20:05


Russ · 22/03/2016 at 20:10

Having last minute thoughts about swapping Cripps for Gibbs, how do you guys reckon he'll go this year?

    BKW · 22/03/2016 at 20:12

    No thanks, much prefer the Cripps selection

      Russ · 22/03/2016 at 20:19

      Cheers mate, I'm probably just being silly lol

    DadSmasher · 22/03/2016 at 20:35

    Damn Russ even Malthouse wouldn't do something that ridiculous and he swapped every player that could get a game at an alternative team.

      Russ · 22/03/2016 at 20:39

      Hahah I know right Dad, Gibbsy was averaging 100ish before last season though and he's still only 26, I reckon i'll keep Cripps though πŸ™‚ cheers

    Holty · 22/03/2016 at 21:19

    id go smurf over gibbs.

Russ · 22/03/2016 at 20:12

I like option 1 better. More potential points I reckon.

Max · 22/03/2016 at 20:14

Great pod cast fellas … Your wisdom is much needed

But is anyone in the community thinking outside the box??

Everyone has Libba.. If he was someone else .like a de goey or m crouch , b crouch , topdeck, cutler, sherdian … Everybody would be screaming

Mid price trap …. Ü must also least consider looking at Libba from a different angle …..
Back from a ACL .
Match fitness not bad , but seems a little off the pace
And last by not least … The guns that have risen from the doggies last year , the Bont, dollhouse , Pickens!!!(who saw that one ) Wallis , the package hunter , bob , topdeck , and the list goes on ,, they can't all score 100+ average , they will steal points from each other ……he can't be keeper .,, and if he is a stepping stone , it not worth it , because the money could be used else where better , plus you will make more $$$ from a rookie that Libba ….
This is just my thoughts , just looking at him from a different angle

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 20:31

    If I have to ditch one of crouch and Libbe, it will be Libbe.

    There I said it! the SC community would be disgusted!

    But he's more expensive, and really didn't get many possies in those games, 16 and 14 touches is worrying. Only tackles got him to the 100 mark in one game.

    The list of players does go on, Koby Stevens, Lin jong, all these kinds of people can come in if Libbe gets sore or needs a rest.

    (I didn't see picken coming last year, but did get him before his price increase, was a great gamble that paid off!)

    Have been worrying about Libbe, he's out right now. To think he was probably the first midfielder I locked in too……..

    Holty · 22/03/2016 at 21:24

    I agree Liba wont set the world on fire early but if he is still on the park after 6 rounds, look out. He was a proven premo before his injury last year and once he gets his confidence back in his knee, you could possibly have a keeper for 350k. That is something I cant say no too.

BKW · 22/03/2016 at 20:15

Yep 1 for me also

Russ · 22/03/2016 at 20:17

I hear ya Max, but I reckon he is a keeper and would outscore any Rookie, providing he stays on the park. Gotta trust your gut I guess.

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 20:35

    At his price he needs 100's to be worthwhile though over a rookie.

    TRIGGER HAPPY · 22/03/2016 at 23:00

    I'm trusting my gut not starting him.

@BarronVonCrow · 22/03/2016 at 20:18

Jock, my only concern with the Sidebum is there's only so much ball to go around. and you said it yourself, they got Treloar in now, they got Pendles, they got Adams, De Goey, Swan still might rotate into the mids, Crisp, Greenwood, Varcoe and Aish are there too. I'm not saying he's gonna go any worse this year, but I can't exactly see him suddenly jumping back up to a 115 point scorer. It could happen, but I'll still slot him in the 105-109 range this year.

I have Robbie Gray in my side now as my M4. Port have a pretty easy draw this year, if all their talk comes to fruition, he's sitting as a 110+ scorer again this year and most likely won't fall in price all that much.

    Tret · 22/03/2016 at 20:29

    Same here BVC! Cant believe he's in only about 7% of teams

    RoughNuts · 22/03/2016 at 20:31

    Robbie Gray is a jet and with the draw Port have should be back to his best, What are your thoughts on Sam Gray,? BVC

      @BarronVonCrow · 22/03/2016 at 20:39

      Don't think he'll see as much midfield time as in the NAB, but should hold steady for a 90-95 average this year.

        RoughNuts · 22/03/2016 at 20:44

        Thanks BVC yeah i think that is pretty fair, for mine Greene is likely to avg around that and its more importantly $40k cheaper allowing me to spend a little more in my defence. Cheers mate.

    jockreynolds · 22/03/2016 at 20:38

    Love your insight as always BVC.. I have a slightly different view on the Sidebum. I think he'll actually benefit from having some genuine mid cattle around him in the guts. Gray.. completely agree. Wonderful selection. Just can't fit him in the structure at the minute

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 21:20

    I'd probably pick Gray too but wouldn't dismiss Sidebum.

    He actually has a higher career best average than Gray achieved back in 2014 when Beams, Pendles and Swan were all running through the middle so I'm sure he'll get plenty of it in 2016.

    Pies have a pretty decent draw too.

    Not that I really have a foot in either camp as I'll be rolling with Hanners at M4 myself.

RoughNuts · 22/03/2016 at 20:23

Haven't see a lot of talk about anther Gray from Port – Sam Gray at $480k and with the way he finished last season and has started in the NAB cup are people considering. I currently have him at F2, just worried he maybe around maximum price already.

What are thoughts of people.

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 20:33

    He's quite a popular pick actually with a lack of DPP mid/fwd's. You read my mind about being at maximum price already, only reason I don't have him, and the fact he only played 10 games last year.

    I've got enough risks in my team with a 'premo' failing

      Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 20:33

      without* a 'premo' failing

      JasmineD1995 · 22/03/2016 at 21:27

      First 4 games he played last year his average was 55.
      Next 6 games when he went into the midfield his average rose to 111.
      He is priced at an average of 89 and has good NAB Cup form. Solid pick.

    Tret · 22/03/2016 at 20:35

    My only knock on him is that youre paying near premo price for a bloke whos only played about 20 games. Is an absolute ball magnet but if he doesnt play mid he wont score anywhere near as well as he did last year.

    He played mid in NAB but I saw a stat that stated Boak only attended 37% of centre bounces in one of the matches so hes mid time may have been just a trial and not a sign for the real season. I doubt Boak will continue attending as little as that once the real stuff starts.

      RoughNuts · 22/03/2016 at 20:42

      Thats the kind of stat I was looking for in respect to centre bounce clearances. Obviously the end of last year with Wines injured he got a lot more midfield time so what your saying is spot on. My biggest worry as stated was that he is at maximum price, I learning towards Greene as he appears to be underpriced and as the great Jock mentioned should definately benefit from the departure of Trelor.

    @footy_bec · 22/03/2016 at 22:02

    With Monfries gone for the season, it is his spot for the taking. Gun jr.

REN · 22/03/2016 at 20:26

Let us know what you think…





about 10k left

Im thinking of downgrading hurn to Harwood/Rookie and upgrading Crouch to Shiel. Would obviously get me off to a flyer but will leave me with a very risky backline.

What do we think? appreciate all thoughts!

Bobby Singh · 22/03/2016 at 20:29

Should D. Martin still be in our teams or should he be downgraded for those off-field purposes?

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 20:57

    He'll be an upgrade for me. You can't fit them all in.

    Youngy · 22/03/2016 at 22:40

    My FWD seems to weak without him. Id be starting him

Bobby Singh · 22/03/2016 at 20:29

Probably option 1.

Tom · 22/03/2016 at 20:32

Laird, Rich, Johanissen, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Brown, Adams)
Fyfe, Dangerfield, Rockliff, Parker, Wines, Cripps, Liberatore, Mills (Gresham, Hewett, Davis)
Naitanui, Gawn (Cox)
Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (Menadue, McDonald-Tipungwuti)

$56,700 In The Bank

Thoughts community?

BigDropKick · 22/03/2016 at 20:39

Is there a Jock SC Group Code ? …. cannot seem to find it .

    Motsy · 22/03/2016 at 20:45

    Been searching myself too BigDropKick, I've sent the guys a message on facebook, says they've seen it but not replied so I'm assuming not this year sadly! πŸ™

      BigDropKick · 22/03/2016 at 21:02

      Thanks Motsy …. bummer , wouldnt have thought it would be that hard to put up : (
      Are people posting Team codes anywhere in particular to join up or for people to join their league ?

SamC · 22/03/2016 at 20:40

wingard or toby greene????

SamC · 22/03/2016 at 20:41

wingard, greene or dusty???

    Youngy · 22/03/2016 at 22:39

    Cash not a concern? the player who is likely to score the most points is clearly Dusty.

Keano96 · 22/03/2016 at 20:44

Some final comments on my finalised team would be great!

REM SAL: $10,800

Def: Shaw, Rance, Laird, Weitering, Hartley, Adams (Brown, Ruggles)

Mid: Fyfe, Pendles, GAZ, J.Selwood, Rocky, B.Crouch, Mills, Menadue (Gresham, Davis, Keays)

Ruck: Goldy, Nic Nat (Loersch)

Fwd: Barlow, Robinson, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (McCarthy, Tippa)

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 21:02

    Nice stuff Keano.

    Pretty much GnR other than Crouch and Hall who hopefully should be successful picks regardless.

    Good to to see you haven't been seduced by any of those midpriced defenders as there are plenty floating around.

Dan · 22/03/2016 at 20:45

Who are people rolling with at D1/2 if you AREN'T picking Shaw in your starting team and looking to get him later. I have Laird locked in and the rest are Birchall and Suckling with Dea and Hartley on field (atm). I have said this a few times alreadyover the past few weeks. I believe Suckling is a better choice over Yeo, JJ, Sheridan etc and will get more run out of halfback (and subsequently note pill) as well as get the odd 6 up front. Birchall is a huge risk that I am not sure will make my team. I have picked him to fill the void left by Suckling leaving the Hawks, but I may have to downgrade to Weitering if he looks to have another role or be unfit. If he's fit and in that role I think he is undervalued and will be a top ranking DEF by the end of year. Laird is a simple pick. My real dilemma is whether I like Simpson in a struggling blues outfit with ever lengthening teeth, or if I like Rance or Houli at 500k+, or someone else. What are your thoughts on D1/2 community?

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 20:57

    Simpson and Laird.

    Suckling never really has a big average.

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 21:05

    My backline premos are Laird, Simmo and Jimmy.

    I'm confident the first two are solid picks and can't pass up Bartel's quality for the money even if there may be an elevated risk there.

      Dan · 22/03/2016 at 22:46

      What are your thoughts on the boys from Richmond Addict? I didn't but thought about bringing Houli in late last year. I think I did have Rance too but can't remember.

        SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 23:12

        Yes Houli would be a decent choice. He got off to a nice start last season but by time I jumped on around the byes he was only so so.

        Perhaps there is a question mark on how the Tiges defence shakes out once Yarran enters the fold but at this point who knows when that will be.

        Rance can be a little up and down, in seasons prior to 2015, which is not my cup of tea but he is definitely one of the best KPP defenders out there and finished 2015 fairly strong so is another viable selection if you want to go that way.

          Dan · 23/03/2016 at 19:55

          Yeah, thanks for the wisdom. Rolling with afairly robust DEF atm. Houli, Laird, Simpson, Birchall, Dea and whichever 117k rookie named I like the look of most on field.

    BKW · 22/03/2016 at 21:38

    Going with Shaw, Rance and Laird and rookies

    or Laird, Rance, KK and rookies

    Still undecided

      Dan · 23/03/2016 at 19:52

      What are your thoughts RE: Rance and KK? What made you pick em?

Russ · 22/03/2016 at 20:51

I'm going with Simpson and Bartell

    Youngy · 22/03/2016 at 22:38

    Love Simpson, don't see many people running him, for me he is a lock.

      Russ · 23/03/2016 at 00:53

      For sure man, reliable workhorse.

        Goldylock · 23/03/2016 at 00:56

        Arguably the most reliable defender apart from Shaw

Hawks · 22/03/2016 at 20:56

Supercoach Draft league 702156

The ultimate challenge. Deep league, 16 teams x 22 players = 352 players
Just 6 teams remaining, if you know your stuff, show it.

    Motsy · 22/03/2016 at 21:59

    When is draft?

      Hawks · 22/03/2016 at 22:44

      Wednesday 7pm

    @grayson_lowee · 23/03/2016 at 00:37

    i've joined up mate, sounds like a fun season

Connor · 22/03/2016 at 20:58

After much contemplation, a very sophisticated spreadsheet, and countless nights spent restlessly rolling around in bed, I think I may be close to a finished team! Feel free to give me as much stick as you can, any constructive criticism will be taken on board. NOTE OF WARNING: I know the forward line is a little shallow but somewhere has to make an allowance this year and I have chosen the forward line!



// M. COX


$65,500 Cash Left Over

    tophawk · 22/03/2016 at 21:42

    Hi Connor,

    That is a very nice side. Nicely balanced across all lines.

    The only comment I can make is that your midfield premo selections (1-6) are very "common" with so many other player teams I have seen.

    Are there 1-2 midfielders that tickle your fancy which may give you a bit more POD exposure? Which younger midfielders could break out this year? Just something worth considering.

    Cheers mate

      Connor · 22/03/2016 at 21:57

      G'day Tophawk, first off I'm glad you like it, still a bit unsure about the forward line though. I have considered the following as potential POD'S:
      C. Ward, S. Sidebottom, D. Shiel, T. Mitchell and J. Selwood
      Would you consider any of those boys?

        tophawk · 22/03/2016 at 23:51

        Hi Connor,

        I like T.Mitchell and D.Shiel right now as POD players.

        Young, fit, tough, and hungry for silverware.


Andrew · 22/03/2016 at 20:59

Greene Vs Gray?

Thanks in advance.

Michael · 22/03/2016 at 21:02

Hey community,
My team is:

Laird, KK, Bartel, Hurn, Dea, Broad (Brown, Hartley)

Danger field, Gaz, Cotchin, Rockliff, Libba, Crouch, Simpkin, Mills (Jansen, Keays, Davis)

Goldstein, Gawn (Grimley)

Barlow, S. Gray, Greene, De Goey, Wells, Kerridge (McCarthy, Tipuwungity)

Open to all advice! It would be much appreciated, team isn't in great shape. Cheers

    SamC · 22/03/2016 at 21:14

    a.hall instead or s. gray

    tophawk · 22/03/2016 at 21:49

    Your team is not in great shape? The season has not even started yet!

    Looks very solid to me.

    No team is ever perfect before the real stuff starts but back yourself in mate!


Sampson · 22/03/2016 at 21:14

DEF: Houli, Laird, Rich, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (M. Brown, Broad)
MID: Fyfe, Danger, GAJ, R. Gray, Rockliff, Libba, C. Mills, Menadue (Gore, Kerridge, Petracca)
RUC: Martin, Gawn (Chol)
FWD: A. Hall, Barlow, T. Greene, C. Ellis, Wells, (Grimley, McDonald-Tipu)

thoughts please?

    John Hines · 22/03/2016 at 21:54

    Firstly Petracca won't play for at least 6 weeks you should replace him with Davis, secondly C Ellis job security is doubtful I would replace him with either Steele or Ben Kennedy, thirdly have Kerridge on ground he will score well and finally with Fyfe, Rockliff, Libba, Gaz and Wells you would be very lucky to last the season injury free.

bbb · 22/03/2016 at 21:14

Is it a risk going in without any of the Crouch Bros? I feel as though they will take points off each other, and that libba will be a better pick up. If they start to kill it I can always pick them up before their prices rise too far out of reach. Current midfield is Fyfe, Danger, Priddis, Shiel, Rocky, Parker, Libba, Mills plus bench rookies. Thoughts?

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 23:56

    So if both are getting 100's you're going to use 2 trades and get them in?

    I think matt will get around 90-100 and brad could go even higher. Probably good to start with one of them without danger in there anymore.

Davo · 22/03/2016 at 21:16

No Ablett Jock?????…..Playing with fire I reckon…..If he is named he will be in my side and all we are risking is a trade if he gets injured again….and if he stays out on the park even on one leg, he will still score well, he is just that good a player. Also its not like he is being slotted into our M1 position…..he is now if picked looking at M5 or even M6……not such a downside risk. The upside we all know about. Sorry if I am presuming to lecture the Father of Fantasy football.

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 21:29

    Don't worry Jock has received plenty of "feedback" on his Gaz non call loud and clear Davo.

    But if he's your M6 who the hell have you got at M1-M5 as there's only 3 mids priced higher than him?! πŸ™‚

      Davo · 22/03/2016 at 21:32

      I was looking at my Real Dreamteam line up….Pendles, Danger, Fyfe, Rockliff, Mitchell, ABLETT, Cripps, Mills

        SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 21:46

        In RDT they've given us a super nice discount so he's a no brainer there but in SC it's a more critical decision sitting somewhere in M1-M3.

        But either way he's in my SC line-up regardless.

          Davo · 22/03/2016 at 21:51

          Yep…he is in my SC team as well….at M4….

            Marcus · 22/03/2016 at 22:04

            Well good for you buddy but not many coaches will be running that top heavy with the 4 most expensive mids.

            If I was to go with Gaz it would be at M2 but I'd rather spend that sort of coin on someone who actually had a preseason so I'm with the Jockster and no Gaz.

    John Hines · 22/03/2016 at 23:38

    To be honest I can't see gaz play 22 games I'm totally with jock

tom · 22/03/2016 at 21:17

anyone got a spare spot in a league for me finished top 1% last 2 years

    Motsy · 22/03/2016 at 22:01


    Jesterhawk · 23/03/2016 at 12:23

    Hey Tom. Finished top 1% for past 3 years. Have 3 leagues to fill. Fantasyland 812026. The community 699131. The experts 178993. Anyone feel free to join

Mike · 22/03/2016 at 21:30

What do we think about Marc Murphy and Patrick Cripps? Thoughts please community!

    John Hines · 22/03/2016 at 22:05

    Cripps is a better selection than Murphy imo

    Danners · 23/03/2016 at 14:34

    Too risky, they play for a club that won't go too well this season

Sarah · 22/03/2016 at 21:32

Really not sure if I've gone too risky but think I've found my setup…. Thoughts guys πŸ˜€



GOLDY GAWN loercsh


    Jeff · 22/03/2016 at 21:35

    Don't mind it forward line is a bit thin.. Could work.. Hoping you don't get injuries

    Crowmagnon · 22/03/2016 at 21:41

    if dpp not an issue, go Goetz instead of Loersh. Better draw for loophole in early rounds.

    tophawk · 22/03/2016 at 22:12

    Hi Sarah,

    Good to see you got rid of Boyd, Lonergan and Harwood in your back line.

    Your backline looks soooo much sharper now!


      Sarah · 23/03/2016 at 15:05

      Hi Tophawk. That's a different Sarah! I don't know how to stop this confusion as I don't want to change my login name cos no will will know it's still me. Anyway, I've still got those guys!! Good to know what you think of them!!

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 22:33

    Like the looks of your GnR defence with none of those midpriced passengers.

    Also I see you are going with a value forward line similar to Addicts.

    In fact not much to nitpick over really so nice job.

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 22:37

    fyfe (18), bartel (10), rocky (16), libba (0), crouch (0), wells(2).

    That's the number of games played in 2015.

    Risky team.

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 22:43

    Out of the 6 players I listed as risky, I'd drop at least 2, preferably 3.

    Bartel, Libba and Fyfe would be the ones to go.

    Shake n bake · 23/03/2016 at 14:24

    Is petracca in your Mids just because of his dpp cause not sure if hell be in the 1st 3 rds? maybe a Gresham? Looking at the scoring system l think McGovern at his price is tasty floating def intercept marks as a fwd goals. What do u think? P.s do u have a league I can join u in??

REN · 22/03/2016 at 21:36

for the people who are starting A.Hall, where are you starting him? Ive seen a lot of teams start him at f2 but IMO that is a very risky pick. Has a massive amount of potential but has not shown he can play consistently well in a team with Ablett in it.

Im not saying he isnt a good pick (Im finding it hard not to select him) but if youre selecting him at f2 it could end up stuffing up your forward line if he doesnt fire

    John Hines · 22/03/2016 at 21:57

    Lock Hall in

    @footy_bec · 22/03/2016 at 21:58

    F3 for me. Locked.

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 22:38


    Mighty_Hondo · 23/03/2016 at 03:30


Tommy M · 22/03/2016 at 21:39

Thoughts on Joel Selwood? I think he will be freed up more with danger at the club and can go back to 600-630K this year

    John Hines · 22/03/2016 at 22:03

    If he stays on the park he's a no brainer to have on your team

    Hewy · 22/03/2016 at 22:07

    Describe other midfielders you have selected

      Big Black Diack · 23/03/2016 at 09:55

      Hewy you are waste

    Dean · 22/03/2016 at 23:54

    600k no way in hell will he get back to being 600k – He will be playing half back and I am positive he will be rested against the easy draws and Geelong have quite a few of easy games. Not to mention the less rotations & no sub, Scott will be wrapping him up in silk not cotton wool this year. He hasn't been in my side at ALL.

    Southern S · 23/03/2016 at 00:01

    It's hard to say. It was a bad season for selwood in 2015 his average dropped from 120.9 in 2014 to 104.8.

    I think he can go up again but who knows with danger, guthrie, duncan, caddy etc sharing points around.

    Danners · 23/03/2016 at 14:35

    He could, but Dangerfield could steal points off him and vice versa

      Jess_coach · 23/03/2016 at 15:14

      He is a gun. There is no doubt he will get back to at least 115 average. Only thing that turned me off is that he said 'I feel fine. I wont play all games this year, but will play most'. Make of that what you will, but for a superpremo, thats not acceptable to me.

        Jamie · 24/03/2016 at 11:27

        If thats exactly what he said, then it is concerning Jess. When picking my premium midfielders, I look to make sure they are capable of playing all 22 games. On another note, I think with the addition of Dangerfield, he will be back to his 115+avg best! He won't get tagged every game and will be off the bloody leash! And don't worry about point stealing because back in 2010 he avg 117 along with God Ablett. Gee will be scary seeing Danger and Selwood both playing alongside in the midfield, great for footy!

John Hines · 22/03/2016 at 21:44

Food for thought community how come we are overlooking hawthorn players Mitchell, Hodge, Gibson, Lewis, Birchall, Gunston, Bruest and Burgyone. Would love to hear from the community

    Crowmagnon · 22/03/2016 at 21:50

    it could be that they share the points around between them or get rested when games are won. for me it is because their favorite pastime is to hold hands and sing "wild horses".

      John Hines · 22/03/2016 at 22:01

      Lmao they are class players and hawthorn are the best team in the competition also Sydney share their points around yet they are more popular than hawthorn players I don't get it

        Crowmagnon · 22/03/2016 at 22:18

        they are a fantastic team right across the board and they share the workload and the points much more evenly than other teams.
        specifically though
        Mitchell will get rested
        Hodge will get suspended
        Lewis only goes near the ball if it gets past the first line of scrimmage, he's like a safety net.
        Guns ton and Breust are Kpp
        Gibson will probably play lock down at some stage
        Birchall is just coming off an injury

          Crowmagnon · 22/03/2016 at 22:20

          oh and Burgoyne is almost as old as me.

        Chill · 22/03/2016 at 22:20

        John, I can't explain it but Hawks boys are just not as fantasy relevant like other players from other teams. Gibson would be an ok defense option but still scores those 70s now and then. Mitchell is a solid 105er which isnt enough for a mid. I always expect Burgoyne to score better but some how doesnt..

          SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 22:41

          Also think the Hawks have a number of challenges in the first half of the season, ageing list, fairly nasty early draw, key defender retiring, Roughie out til who knows when, Shiels injured and now Hill missing games.

          So no Hawk made my team either.

      abel · 23/03/2016 at 08:43

      Lol too funny. Cheers Crow.

      abel · 23/03/2016 at 08:47

      I hear Hill has joined Shiel in the Hawks overfluting injury brigade (wrist – 4+ Weeks). Very keen to see who gets a run to replace these bad boys.

      abel · 23/03/2016 at 08:49

      I'm gonna back Duryae in for some extra mid time. Love to see a rookie priced hawk get up too.

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 22:13

    Mitchell will get rested, too risky.

    Hodge is expensive.

    Gibson is a good pick and many have him, or will have him by season's end.

    Lewis gets too much uncontested ball and not enough tackles imo.

    Birchall is consistent and I've seen him in teams and being talked about.

    Gunston will have the best defender on him without Roughy.

    Bruest is a small forward so………..

    Burgoyne's scoring isn't what it used to be earlier in his career.

    They are all priced accordingly so there's no huge profit to be made as they are consistently performing. Boring picks for supercoach I guess.

    I think as some of them have some quieter games and drop in value they'll be snapped up by people upgrading.

    derek · 23/03/2016 at 11:41

    we are a happy team at hawthorn.

    As a result of their success, most of the hawks are fully priced. not much value and really there is only one way for their performance to go.

    I have thought about Rioli as a good option now that Roughie is out. Someone has to kick the goals.

    Burgoyne might be an ok pick now that Shiel is out for 6 weeks.

    the rest are priced out of the market for what you will get.

DadSmasher · 22/03/2016 at 21:59

Anybody who is interested in a group experience this Group is called JocksWebGroup click the link to join, it's not a league. http://supercoach.heraldsun.com.au/afl/classic/gr

Yars · 22/03/2016 at 22:04

Thoughts on team?
R. Laird D. Rich J. Johannisen J. Weitering M. Brown N. Broad
N. Fyfe P. Dangerfield L. Neale T. Rockliff O. Wines P. Cripps C. Mills C. Oliver
N. Naitanui M. Gawn
M. Barlow S. Gray A. Hall J. Steele D. Wells S. Kerridge
Bench :
M. Hartley A. McDonald-Tipungwuti C. Petracca B. Keays R. Davis D. Wyatt S. Grimley M. Adams
Be honest, cheers

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 22:49

    That backline is going to score low some weeks, maybe every week.

    Pretty stacked midfield, not sold on Oliver at this stage though.

    forwardline is kinda cookie cut but solid.

    Rookies like petracca won't be playing round one, keays doubtful too. Grimley will profit very slowly imo, Davis needs rookie elevation/nomination. Wyatt is your loophole I assume.

      Yars · 22/03/2016 at 22:52

      Since comment I have removed JJ from backline, still contemplating who to sub in for him.
      As for midfield, there were many POD's to make use of hence the stacking.
      Wyatt is indeed loophole

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 23:18

    Rich gets 60's and 70's going on history.

    Whilst the young man weitering may be good we can expect some 50's and 60's I think.

    Brown, who knows maybe 50's. Broad if he gets games might be much the same.

    I'd try to get a KK / Gibson/ Rance / Houli type back there who has proven they can ave. 100 over a season.

    I'd keep JJ over Rich at least he gets a lot of the ball even if it is uncontested he's everywhere and fast.

    Rich has stagnated around the 80-85 average SC points range his whole career.

gazza_for_coach · 22/03/2016 at 22:06

Someone help me birchall or josh gibson????

    Chill · 22/03/2016 at 22:18


      Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 22:40

      Agree go gibbo

      gazza_for_coach · 23/03/2016 at 16:05


Youngy · 22/03/2016 at 22:29

Do we still get unlimited trades after Thursday. trading players in and out from teams excluding Richmond and Carlton. ???

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 22:40


      Itchy balls · 22/03/2016 at 18:19

      Oh ok…….Nothing like making us burn the midnight oil! Cheers

      Youngy · 23/03/2016 at 12:24

      Thanks mate

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 22:47

    Yes you can trade your ass off Youngy. You will still have 30 trades left next week.

      Youngy · 23/03/2016 at 12:24

      Thanks, Addict

rowhutch10 · 22/03/2016 at 22:41

Hey guys.

Would love some feedback on this team. I'm feeling a little unsettled at the moment

Def: Gibson, KK, JJ, Sheridan, Weitering, Hartely (Dea, Ruggles)

Mids: Fyfe, Danger, Rocky, Cripps, M Crouch, Libba, Mills, Menadue (Hewett, Keays, Davis)

Ruck: Goldy, Gawn (Grimley)

Fwds: Dusty, Barlow, Hall, Steele, Wells, Kerridge (Petracca, AMT)

Thinking of changing Grimley to Currie, but not convinced as yet. I'm not happy with bench mids and Menadue either. Do i look at Dunkley or Gresham and is B Kennedy worth a punt to change for Steele and save some cash

Criticise the hell out of it. appreciate some thoughts

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 23:26

    I think Currie has more upside than Grimley. Who will get more games though? Who knows.

    Menadue should probably be on bench due to limited scoring potential. He's on my mid bench atm.

    Gresham is worth a look imo, will get games at the developing saints.

    Dunkley – No, doggies are going for finals glory and have plenty of depth in 2nd/3rd year players trying to break into the side.

    Petracca won't play for a few rounds, could be a downgrade target if he scores well.

    Ben kennedy has the potential to be one of the best rookie priced players this year, I'd slot him in for sure.

    Personally I'm running steele and kennedy although I have kennedy on my mid bench along with menadue can't trust those mid rookies this year.

Youngy · 22/03/2016 at 22:43

I hate paying more that 150k for rookies, it hurts.

Is wietering really a lock?

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 22:52

    I say give him a skip mate. Just don't see him as an optimal cash cow for the money as an 18 year old KPP in a pretty p1ss poor team. Plenty of coaches would disagree with me though as he's owned by over 40% of all teams!

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 23:10

    220k for an 18 year old defender………No way.

    If he starts off with a couple of 90's i'll corrective trade him in……

    But it's highly unlikely given their start is tough. Richmond (MCG), sydney (home), suns (metricon), doggies (home), Freo (perth)

    I just don't see it happening, even if the ball is in their back line a lot…….it'll often be soaring over his head into the goals.

    DadSmasher · 23/03/2016 at 00:23

    Depends on who you'd have instead. Dea is 40k cheaper but in 5 years at tigers couldn't play more 14 games or ave over 49. Weitering will play more than 14 games and average a lot more than 49. Brown is 100k cheaper but you need to remember that any topup players have no future to the club so any youngsters that show promise will be given priority. eg Brown, Dea etc will be dropped for promising listed players at various stages through the year.

    John Hines · 23/03/2016 at 00:29


    Danners · 23/03/2016 at 14:36

    No, could generate more cash with other rookies

Hawks · 22/03/2016 at 22:48

Supercoach Draft league 702156

The ultimate challenge. 16 teams x 22 players = 352 players…..deep legue
Drafts Wednesday 7pm

Just 6 teams remaining.

CackOfPunts · 22/03/2016 at 22:50

Join league 440568. Trying to fill with talent before auto-fill kicks in @ lockout…cheers

Sc2016 · 22/03/2016 at 22:51

Is it worth starting Petracca or using him as a trade down option??? I'm hearing round 3-5????

    Southern S · 22/03/2016 at 23:29

    Trade down.

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 23:51

    I've given this a little thought over the past week weighing him up as an early loophole strategy.

    But ultimately I reckon he's a better downgrade target instead and Melbourne is not the ideal loophole team in the first few weeks anyway.

    From a fantasy POV hopefully he doesn't play senior footy until around Rd 4 or 5 as that would line up nicely when we want to cash in on our first wave of cash cow rookies about Rd 6 or 7.

      Mighty_Hondo · 23/03/2016 at 03:35

      Thanks SC, that's some good reasoning!

    Shake n bake · 23/03/2016 at 14:30

    Hasn't been in my side for weeks. Like SCaddict said unless u have to use his dpp look elsewhere. Hes a downgrade option for me.

    Danners · 23/03/2016 at 14:37

    Could be a swing set option and loophole option if you have Grimley in the ruck

Brook · 22/03/2016 at 22:52

Ovet the past three seasons (13, 14, 15) only six midfielders (of the top 40 by 2016 price) have averaged 100+ and played 20+ games each year:
Pendlebury, JSellwood, Dangerfield, JPK, Priddis and McVeigh (with an honourable mention to Callan Ward who just missed out, averaging 97.3 in 2013).

No Ablett, no Fyfe!

Thanks to OldOcker for his magnificent spreadsheet on wonder!

    John Hines · 22/03/2016 at 23:39

    Awesome mate

    SCaddict · 23/03/2016 at 00:15

    There's no denying games played is an important factor in judging the overall success of a fantasy selection.

    But historical data only goes so far in determining future outcomes, if at all, so leave Fyfe and Gaz out at your peril if that's where you are going with this Brook.

    For I reckon the stat book might just give you cold comfort if they start pumping out 160s on your ass! πŸ™‚

      John Hines · 23/03/2016 at 00:28

      I'll laugh my head off when gaz and Fyfe get injured plus I can't see gaz average 110+

        SCaddict · 23/03/2016 at 01:01

        Well for your sake you better hope so or else it sounds like Team Hines might be on an early collision course with burn city! πŸ˜‰

Sam · 22/03/2016 at 22:53

Evening community. Got a bit of a dilemma:

1. Shaw, B Crouch, NicNat and Martin
2. Weitering, Priddis, Goldstein and Greene


    John Hines · 22/03/2016 at 23:31


    Southern S · 23/03/2016 at 00:04

    Not sold on weitering, and Goldy is at his peak price.

    1 for me but I like Priddis and Greene.

sambochristie · 22/03/2016 at 22:55

Libba vs. Crouch + 50k?

    SCaddict · 22/03/2016 at 23:39

    I see Libba as the slightly better overall pick for the money although I have both young bucks myself.

    At least he's had something resembling a preseason as we haven't even seen Brad yet but for a game against a "bunch of d1ckheads" in the SANFL.

    John Hines · 23/03/2016 at 00:25

    Neither both injury prone and Brad isn't guaranteed to play round 1

    Danners · 23/03/2016 at 14:38

    Libba, he will average more and generate cash fast

Sam · 22/03/2016 at 23:07

Shaw and Oliver vs Weitering and Priddis?

    John Hines · 23/03/2016 at 00:24

    What about dea and priddis or shaw and Ben Kennedy?

      Sam · 23/03/2016 at 00:27

      I have dea and kennedy already

    SCaddict · 23/03/2016 at 01:14

    If I'm honest I'm not particularly in love with either option although would lean on the latter if pressed.

    What's your current team Sam?

Liam · 22/03/2016 at 23:36

I need some help community.
I have had De Goey, Pendles and Fyfe locked in for a while but now considering a different option off the back of this podcast.

I'm thinking that Selwood, Wines and Dusty might be better.
It gives me an extra keeper, around the same points and being able to pick up Fyfe and Pendles later at a cheaper price.

Would love to get the community's thoughts.
Cheers Liam

    John Hines · 23/03/2016 at 00:22

    No don't even consider dusty Martin he's a yo yo and there are much better options, keep pendles and De Goey punt Fyfe out for Selwood.

      Liam · 23/03/2016 at 00:37

      What should I use the 100k for ?

        John Hines · 23/03/2016 at 02:48

        Save it for a upgrade

    Danners · 23/03/2016 at 14:40

    You should have at least two $600k players that you can rely on as captain options. If you already have 4 players that are $600k+, Selwood, Wines, Dusty would be better

      Liam · 23/03/2016 at 16:18

      I have shaw, Goldy, Gaz and danger. Would option 2 be the go ?

Harley · 22/03/2016 at 23:44

Best choice?

Cripps, sheil, Adams or Parker?


Degoey, Steele or lonergan? Looking as an option in mid to replace libba as a point of difference and figured one of these guys with there DPP would be good.

Cheers in advance

    John Hines · 23/03/2016 at 00:18

    Adams and Steele

    Holty · 23/03/2016 at 11:29

    only go the pod if you believe one of these will score more then liba.

Stuck · 22/03/2016 at 23:44

I'm really struggling between two final set ups….

shaw bcrouch pendles
parker jelwood thumper


    Derek · 23/03/2016 at 00:09

    Easy for me to answer. I have all three of the first group and none of the second group

    Southern S · 23/03/2016 at 00:17

    1 for me

    Danners · 23/03/2016 at 14:41

    Shaw, Crouch, Pendlebury

Kimberly · 22/03/2016 at 23:47

What do we think of Selwood vs Shiel?

    Danners · 23/03/2016 at 14:41

    Shiel, less risk and you know what he will average

Goldylock · 22/03/2016 at 23:54

With the abundance of forward line rookies compared to midfield rookies would it really be crazy to put Daniel Wells F3?

    DadSmasher · 23/03/2016 at 00:10

    Depends on who your M7,8 are if its Parker Libba not crazy at all

      Goldylock · 23/03/2016 at 00:13

      Fair call mids have to be strong to make up for that weak forward line

    John Hines · 23/03/2016 at 00:16

    Way 2 risky

    Southern S · 23/03/2016 at 00:22

    Wells is my F5 atm.

    Could get away with F3 though I think. You'd want a strong backline and midfield though.

      Goldylock · 23/03/2016 at 00:53

      Yeah thats the idea other lines really need to be strengthened to make up for that weak forward line

    SCaddict · 23/03/2016 at 00:37

    Yes I reckon you could definitely get that to work although I prefer Wells at F4 for my own team structure.

      Goldylock · 23/03/2016 at 00:46

      Wells at F3 doesn't seem right to me

    abel · 23/03/2016 at 08:55

    I like it. I'm not gonna do it. But i like it.

      Goldylock · 23/03/2016 at 11:08

      Could be a risk that really pays off

LionGliffen · 23/03/2016 at 00:01

Hi guys!

Just want to hear your thoughts on Trent Cotchin. Has been dropping in avg for several years now. Could this be the year we see him return?

Also would like to get some feedback on the team πŸ™‚

DEF: Laird, Simpson, Rich, Mckenzie, Dea, Hartley ( Castagna, Adams)

MID: Ablett, Priddis, Selwood, Rockliff, Wines, Crouch, Mills, Kerridge ( Gresham, Keays, Davis)

RUC: Martin, Naitanui (Grimley)

FWD: Montagna, Westhoff, Barlow, Wells, Kennedy, Menadue ( McCarthy, Kommer)

cheers community!

    @RealGreekMamba · 23/03/2016 at 00:22

    Think Cotch gets tagged out of games too often. Far more reliable options out there

    abel · 23/03/2016 at 08:58

    Like the team. Cotch is a gamble. May go alright with Townsend smashing some space for him in the guts.

@RealGreekMamba · 23/03/2016 at 00:21

Which of the following combos for M4 and D2/3. I'm currently running Shaw and Hurn as my top defenders with rookies and Ablett, Fyfe, Shiel, Rocky, Danger, Libba, Mills plus 3 rookies.

1. Pendles and Seedsman D3 – $150k spare
2. Pendles and Bartel $5k spare
3. Gray/Sidebottom and Gibson/KK/Laird – approx $25k to $50k spare

I've always had Pendles and feel dirty without him but I feel Gray and Sidey provide value. Not too sure on Seedsman but I feel the back line is the right place to take risks due to the lack of locks.


Side note thoughts on Wingard as F1 with Barlow considering Ports easy draw?

    Danners · 23/03/2016 at 14:43

    (3.) You can't have Hurn as D2 or your defence could be screwed early

BigDropKick · 23/03/2016 at 00:26

Hey community!

Just wondering which rookies are a lock for you at this stage?

    SCaddict · 23/03/2016 at 00:34

    Kerridge, Kennedy, Menadue, Wells and Mills as I would be staggered if any of these weren't named. Weitering will also be there although I won't be locking him in my own team.

    Many of the Essendon rookies we'll just have to wait and see as well as rookies in defence and in the guts in general.

DadSmasher · 23/03/2016 at 00:31

Just keeping the group link fresh for westerners
Join JocksWebGroup by clicking this link http://supercoach.heraldsun.com.au/afl/classic/gr

Phildev · 23/03/2016 at 01:04

Best in the business boys. AGRADE NEEDS 3 more top 5k teams to finish super league. First in. 273366

Russ · 23/03/2016 at 01:04

PUTTING together a big score in SuperCoach is about a lot more than just kicks and handballs.
The SuperCoach scoring system is a complicated one, with more than 100 different areas of the game involved in the overall final score.
Unlike some fantasy games that award points for a kick no matter where it goes or consider a mark in front of goal when scores are level in the final quarter the same as accepting a backwards pass in defence, SuperCoach rewards a player’s real impact in a match.
Champion Data, which records the stats that power SuperCoach, reveals the most important stats that make up the scoring system.
It is no great surprise that the main avenue to SuperCoach scoring is through kicking a goal.
Those coaches wanting to select West Coast’s Josh Kennedy would have a smile to their face — each time your player boots one through the big sticks that will earn you a whopping eight points.
They don’t have to kick the goal themselves to score. If your player is the last to assist in a score — by kicking, handballing or knocking the ball to a teammate who kicks a goal, for example — that will earn you an impressive 3.5 points. Tom Lynch from Adelaide ranked No. 1 in this area last season.
Goal: 8 points
Behind: 1 point
Score Assist: 3.5 points
Winning a contested possession has always been highly rewarding, but there are multiple ways in which you can win a contested possession.
Winning it at ground level will earn you 4.5 points, however, winning a contested possession in the air is far more rewarding. A contested mark is worth six points, and an intercept contested mark is like gold, earning you eight points — the equal-most along with a goal.
If you’re thinking of selecting Easton Wood, this will make you happy. Wood took 33 contested marks from opposition kicks last season — six more than any other player.
Intercept contested mark: 8 points
Contested mark: 6 points
Contested possession at ground level: 4.5 points
Intercept possession: 4.5 points
Yes, your player receives greater reward for winning the ball in a contested situation, but players also get points for winning the ball on the outside. All uncontested marks will generate two points, and for those thinking of selecting Nick Riewoldt, you earn five points for every mark taken on a lead. For those coaches out there wanting to select Andrew Gaff, you will earn 1.5 points for handball receive.
Mark on a lead: 5 points
Uncontested mark: 2 points
Handball received: 1.5 points
Gather: 1.5 points
Only recently has the scoring system changed for hitouts, but it was a change that needed to happen. Previously, all hitouts were earning your player points, now only hitouts that go to a teammate will see your ruckman rewarded, generating five points per hitout to advantage.
This is where Nic Naitanui, Aaron Sandilands, Max Gawn and Todd Goldstein come into their own. A hitout directly to the opposition will lose you one point.
Hitout to advantage: 5 points
Hitout: 0 points
Hitout sharked: -1 point
Discipline is crucial in SuperCoach. Coaches of Joel Selwood will be happy, with a free kick netting you four points. Those thinking of picking Joe Daniher should think again, a free against will lose you four points, and worse of all, a 50m penalty against will lose you 8.5 points — the biggest negative in any statistic.
Free kick: 4 points
Free against: -4 points
50m penalty against: -8.5 points
Ball use is another key element involved in the SuperCoach scoring system. An effective kick is far more beneficial than an effective handball, generating four points compared to just 1.5 points. Heath Shaw ranked No. 1 in this area last season, averaging 15 effective kicks per game.
However, if your player turns the ball over it is going to hurt, losing four points for every clanger disposal. Dustin Martin owners wouldn’t be liking this after the Tigers midfielder averaged the most clanger kicks in the competition last season. All ineffective disposals are worth nothing.
Effective kick: 4 points
Effective handball: 1.5 points
Ineffective disposal: 0 points
Clanger disposal: -4 points
Defensive work also doesn’t go unnoticed. Matt Priddis has been a SuperCoach star for years and it isn’t hard to see why. All effective tackles will earn you four points — Priddis ranked No. 1 in this area for 2015. Shepherds will generate 1.5 points. Lock-down defenders usually don’t get a lot of the ball so they need a lot of spoils to put up a decent score — they are worth just two points.
Tackle: 4 points
Spoil: 2 points
Shepherd: 1.5 points

This is from today's Herald Sun explaining the Supercoach Scoring System in a bit more detail.
Hope it helps

Seps Champs · 23/03/2016 at 01:16

Great podcast as always fellas 3rd listen today, might have to get the lube out soon I'm that bloody excited! I'll refrain myself from such crude behavior just for you Higgo
More importantly!!!
Gunston or Wingard

    Benjamima Puddleduck · 23/03/2016 at 17:50


Russ · 23/03/2016 at 01:22

Here's another bit about the upcoming Lockout situation for Round 1….

When the ball is bounced for Richmond v Carlton at 7.20pm AEDT Thursday, all Richmond and Carlton players will be locked in SuperCoach. If you didn’t pick Dustin Martin or Sam Kerridge, it’s too late. If you have a Tiger or Blue in your squad that you don’t want, you can’t get rid of them (at least until the end of the round).
All other players will be locked in (or out) as their respective matches start across the weekend, with the final lockout for the round at 3.20pm AEDT on Monday. Until then you still have unlimited trades for Geelong and Hawthorn players — so you could swap Patrick Dangerfield for Luke Hodge at the last minute without using any of your 30 trades for the year.
After that every move will cost you, so trade wisely.
The most important thing is to get your Richmond and Carlton players right before Thursday night. Then we have until 1.40pm AEDT on Saturday — with Friday conveniently a public holiday — to refine the rest of our squads.
Head-to-head matches start in Round 3, giving us a couple of weeks to assess player form and size up your opponents before the real action begins.
But leagues will be closed on Easter Monday, so if you want to play against your mates, don’t delay — and if you have a friend who is dragging their heels, give them a rocket! Teams must be saved with a full 30-player roster to enter a league.
At the end of Round 1 leagues will be filled by the SuperCoach brains trust, but it’s much more fun to play against your mates.
If you can’t fill every spot you can add the Herald Sun footy and SuperCoach experts to your own league.

    wtf · 23/03/2016 at 17:08

    Leagues are locked Monday? So I could put up a post on Monday looking for anyone who has already got 2200 points before the game to try and lock away the huge r1 cash prize?

Steven · 23/03/2016 at 01:47

Harwood or Weitering at D4?

    John Hines · 23/03/2016 at 02:52


    Holty · 23/03/2016 at 10:14

    Weitering. He is unknown where as Harwood has proven he cant get through a season. in fact, he never has.

Liam · 23/03/2016 at 03:25

Shaw and Smith
Laird and Houli ?

Mighty_Hondo · 23/03/2016 at 03:27

Hi Community,

I thought I would post this link from last year to support my team: http://www.jockreynolds.com.au/2015/01/25/patrick

Following that I am thinking guns n' rookies. I have managed to put most of the pricey and good performing rookies in the team. No Libba though. Only real POD sother than no Libba are Robinson down forward and Jelwood whom nobody seems to be touching. Also no Goldy or Ablett.

I will hope to get Goldy at the byes for a lesser price. I'm undecided about Ablett but will deal with that l8tr if it ends up being a cr^p decision.

So only Robbo relays needs explaining. If you have a look at the end of last year, in the last 3rd of games he averaged 118.6.(Jelwood 120.9) His NAB form this year has also been excellent. He's a bit more pricey than Greene, but I feel confident he will be a keeper based on current form. It it ends up beingthe wrong decision, and Greene the wiser choice, I could trade down. Jelwood also had a brilliant end to last year. I am gambling that Danger will not steal all of his points.

So here goes, would like your opinion. Oliver seems to be one that people have doubts about.

Shaw, Rance, Laird, Weitering; Dea, Hartley (AMT Ruggles)

Fyfe, Danger, Priddis, Jelwood, Rocky, B,Crouch, Mills, Oliver (Gresham, Kerridge, Davis)

Nic Nat, Gawn (Chol)

Barlow, Robinson, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Menadue (Petracca, M Adams)

    Woody · 23/03/2016 at 06:35

    Sssshhhhhh – keep robbo & jelwood to yourself……..:) very confident both will be top 6 in their respective possies come year end.

      Holty · 23/03/2016 at 10:12

      agree but not going with Robbo. Plus Selwood has always scored well even with the cats gun midfield of a few years ago. Dont think Danger will take points from him. In fact, i think it will be the other way around

Liam · 23/03/2016 at 04:37

Brad Crouch and Lobbe
Stefan Martin and a rookie under 125k?

    Liam · 23/03/2016 at 04:38

    *Midfield rookie (other than keays/davis)

Hab · 23/03/2016 at 05:18

Hey guys!

Just want your thoughts on this version of my team (Must be version 33). Midfield is admittedly a weak point, but I think there are a lot of jumping up points to bigger and better things.

Def : Shaw, Laird, Rich, Suckling, Weitering, Dea (Brown, Hartley)

Mid : Danger, Gaz, Rocky, Parker, Cripps, Libba, Crouch, Mills (Petracca, David, Gore)

Ruck : Nic Nat, Zac Smith (Cox)

Fwd : Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, Menadue, Kerridge (Kennedy, AMT)

Too Risky?

Jack · 23/03/2016 at 06:48

Had Cripps all pre season and had money left over and switched to Selwood, also go for Carlton and don't know what to do. Help me out community

    Chill · 23/03/2016 at 09:53

    Cripps. Will play all year. Pick those young guns i say. Selwood will cause heart ache

    Holty · 23/03/2016 at 10:03

    im a carlton supporter as well but cant go past Selwood at his price.

tom · 23/03/2016 at 07:27


Laird, Simpson, KK, Dea, Hartley, Brown, Broad, Ruggles
Fyfe, Danger, Ablett, Gray, Rockliff, Libba, Mills, Oliver, Kennedy, Petracca, Davis
Goldstein, Gawn, Grimley
Barlow, Gray, Hall, Wells, Menadue, Kerridge, AMT, Adams

55k in the bank.

Only way I see getting Crouch is going Ward from Gray and then Crouch from Oliver as going S.Gray to Greene doesn't give me enough, unless I downgrade Grimley to Chol?

    dank team · 23/03/2016 at 09:56


Nathan · 23/03/2016 at 07:44

Gday guys and girls
Im doing a nut and not getting any work done because of supercoach
Latest team setup is mainly g&r
Shaw laird docherty dea brown hartley – adams ruggles
Fyfe or danger ablett gray ward selwood rocky mills gresham – kerridge davis keys
Nicnat gawn – loersch
Barlow robinson hall wells Kennedy mccarthy – grimley tippa
Only 500 left so no room to move
The only reason why i have fyfe over danger atm is because i have selwood
Rookies subject as always
Would love some feedback good or bad
Cheers community

    Holty · 23/03/2016 at 09:59

    go Danger. He will play more games

      Holty · 23/03/2016 at 09:59

      and side looks good

        Nathan · 23/03/2016 at 11:35

        I like danger
        I think he'll be number 1 or 2 mid

Chevy · 23/03/2016 at 07:51

Team Chevy
Any feedback, the good, the bad and the ugly are needed!!! And would be greatly appreciated.

Have 40k left in the kitty

DEF: shaw, houlI, Gibson, Simpson, Adams, dea, brown, hartley

MID: ablett, fyfe, danger, rocky, libba, mills, Kennedy, menadue, gore, Davis, macpherson.

RUCK: Martin, nic nat, grimley

FWD: dusty, Barlow, hall, Wells, weiderman, kerridge, petracca, Mcdonald-tipungwuti

Have a slight concern that I have gone too heavy in DEF…

Rookies are only at the moment, half cemented until teams are rolled out.

Nick · 23/03/2016 at 07:55

Hi all,
If you had to choose between wells n Shiel or hall n Liba which way wld u go?

    Nathan · 23/03/2016 at 07:58

    Option one for me

tom · 23/03/2016 at 08:05

thoughts on blicavs ?

    Danners · 23/03/2016 at 14:45

    Unsure of role, could be a risky pick but a good POD

Westy · 23/03/2016 at 08:10

Any love for Boyd or Montagna? They've been so under the radar I see their names and think of tumbleweeds rolling through a ghost town.

    Nick · 23/03/2016 at 08:22

    Montagna is my F1

    Holty · 23/03/2016 at 09:56

    boyd a solid pick in the backs. Montagna scares me. Could average you 110+ for a forward which is great but year by year is so inconsistent. since 2009, these have been his averages.
    What will he do this year?

      Phil · 23/03/2016 at 21:23

      79. And then in 2 years time 69. Get on him next year though

    Danners · 23/03/2016 at 14:46

    Paying too much for the both of them, could pick them up around the low $500k mark when you need to upgrade

Luke · 23/03/2016 at 08:38

I think I have fallen for the mirages, and the more I look at my team the more I hate it. It has been a long pre season and thank god the real stuff is nearly here. Bloody excited to see a Bendigo venue on board for coachkings as well.

Please provide some feedback, cookie cutter-ish with a couple of relative PODs thrown in the mix.

DEF: Shaw, Laird, McGovern, McKenzie, Weitering, Dea (Brown, Broad)
MID: Dangerfield, God, Priddis, Shiel, Rockliff, Libba, Mills, Menadue (Gore, Keays, Davis)
RUCK: NicNat, Gawn (Cox)
FWD: Barlow, Gray/Greene, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (Grimley, McDT)

I was Leaning towards Gray in the forward line over Greene, however people have pointed out that here was no wines at the end of last year, and in the NAB Travis Boak didn't spend too much time in the middle which is making me reconsider.

My other thought is to downgrade McKenzie to a rookie then upgrade Shiel to Fyfe and NicNat to Goldy. Is this the better option?

Thanks and good luck for the 2016 season!

SC16 · 23/03/2016 at 08:38

hey guys… just trying to finalise last few selections:

Montagna,JJ,Seedsman or De Goey,Houli, Laird

thoughts on either options?

    Phat Man · 23/03/2016 at 16:17

    2 Mate although you may be able to pull someone better than De Goey

Boris Baconbeer · 23/03/2016 at 09:01

I've been refusing to pay for 200k+ rookies .I remember ( I'm getting old so I could be wrong) , that about 5 or 6 year ago we would complain about 150k + rookies. I personally think it a bit dangerous to spend on these guys that have never played. Even mills may get rested every couple of weeks.
It makes me wonder if the supercoach creators are trying to make mid pricers more attractive there by creating a game with more team diversification? However looks like everyone is paying for the 200k rooks.
Is my memory going to the farm?

    Phil · 23/03/2016 at 21:21

    Mills scored 90's against Carlton and Port Adelaides B team. I watched the game against a close to full strength GWS and he copped a little attention from Rhys Palmer and scored 70 odd. I'm thinking in the season proper he'll score more 70's than 90's, for me not bad, but not the lock that everyone's making him out to be.

One Touch Wonder · 23/03/2016 at 09:06

A day to go and i'm still tinkering with the idea of starting Lobbe in the ruck and look to get Goldy later.

I think i might have answered my question with this queation.

What combo is better

Goldy/BCrouch or Lobbe/Pendlebury

    Harley · 23/03/2016 at 10:13

    Goldy and crouch

    nel · 23/03/2016 at 10:23


DadSmasher · 23/03/2016 at 09:20

JocksWebGroup click the link to join http://supercoach.heraldsun.com.au/afl/classic/gr
or copy and paste this into your browser

Steeeve · 23/03/2016 at 10:45

I thought my team was set but I'm considering a change…

Wines and a cheap rookie mid
Brad Crouch and Callum Mills

Would love your thoughts!

    derek · 23/03/2016 at 11:18

    if you have at least 12 other premium keepers, not counting Wines, i think the Mills/Crouch combo will generate some nice cash.

    12 starting keepers is minimum

      Steeeve · 23/03/2016 at 12:19

      My keepers so far: Heath Shaw, Rory Laird, Kade Kolo // Fyfe, Danger, Ablett, Rockliff, Wines Libba (keeper is debatable for Libba) // Goldy, NicNat // Wingard, Barlow, Hall, Wells (probably not a keeper but hey if he averages 95…)

      So that's currently 13 not including Libba or Wells. Crouch and Mills would drop me to 12. Just depends if I think Crouch can average near Ollie…

Blueth · 23/03/2016 at 10:47

Alright FINAL TEAM!!!

PODs: Lyons, Shiel, Wines, Parker.

Shaw, Laird, Hurn, Weitering, Hartley, Brown (Adams, Ruggles)
Fyfe, Danger, Shiel, Parker, Wines, Libba, B. Crouch, Mills (Menadue, Hewett, Davis)
Goldy, Gawn (Cox)
Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, Lyons, Kerridge (McCarthy, AMT)

Reynolds · 23/03/2016 at 10:47

Is it alright to start menadue in our teams at f6? and then going crouch for kerridge in the middle?

bill · 23/03/2016 at 10:55

Stefan Martin or Shane Mumford?

    SCaddict · 23/03/2016 at 12:04

    Stef for sure out of those two. Mummy's durability is downright hideous as many coaches learnt the hard way last season. He even had to come off in a NAB game so he could be carrying niggles into 2016.

    Danners · 23/03/2016 at 14:48

    Stef, less injury prone and more consistent

tom · 23/03/2016 at 10:58

best two rucks this season apart from goldy

    Steeeve · 23/03/2016 at 12:20

    Stef Martin and Nic Nat. Smokie: Sauce.

Shannan · 23/03/2016 at 11:02

Need one more person in my supercoach league : 929130

CapTnKaOs · 23/03/2016 at 11:02

On a similar track, I'm thinking about dumping Libba and B.Crouch for Rocky and a cheap rookie.
In the end, I suppose it just comes down to whether you are a GnR or mid pricer type player.

    derek · 23/03/2016 at 11:11

    i've been looking at different combos, but it does come down to, if you have Crouch & libba, there is only room for 4 premiums in the guts. Mills at M7 and kennedy/gresham/menadue type at M8.

Jai · 23/03/2016 at 11:03

Gday community.

I assume it is just Richmond and Carlton sides announced tonight? Can anyone advise when the rest of the teams will be announced? Is it approx 6:30pm on Thurs?

Does this mean we will we have a short 30 minute (or so) window in between the rest of the teams being announced and the Richmond Carlton game commencing to make our final supercoach selections before the rd 1 lockout commences?

    GoHawks · 23/03/2016 at 11:24

    Think the Sat & Sun teams will be announced by 6pm Thursday.

    The lock-out is rolling however, so you can change your team up until each players game begins, so you only need to lock-in Richmond & Carlton players before the start of the Thursday match.

    You will exit round 1 with 30 trades, even if you change your mind on some Geelong & Hawthorn players before their game commences on Monday.

    So lock-in your Richmond & Carlton players by the start of the game on Thursday, then you have Good Friday to assess the rest of your team with the knowledge of which players have been selected to play round 1.

james · 23/03/2016 at 11:20

ablett has to be a lock now that the injury sign has been removed from his name on sc

    SCaddict · 23/03/2016 at 12:00

    All he needs is to get named tomorrow night and he's in Team Addicts mate.

      Nifty · 23/03/2016 at 14:22

      Hey Addict.. aren't we in a league that has to start Ablett??

        SCaddict · 23/03/2016 at 14:48

        I wouldn't expect any coach to hold to him if he doesn't play Rd1.

        But don't worry he'll play this Saturday I have little doubt so 'The True Believers' will be good to go I reckon.

@wheels_1987 · 23/03/2016 at 11:33

League Code


Feel free to join and post your league codes here

Tulendeena · 23/03/2016 at 11:56

Is starting with 250k in the kitty too much?

    Itchy balls · 23/03/2016 at 12:02

    I would think so……sounds like you would be trading ur arse off

    The_Black_Mamba · 23/03/2016 at 12:05

    Yes tulendeena. If your keen starting with money in your kitty. Then keep around 50k. No more.

    Nathan · 23/03/2016 at 12:12

    Yeah way too much

    derek · 23/03/2016 at 12:24

    every $10,000 is worth about 2Sc points per week.

SCaddict · 23/03/2016 at 11:57

Anyone else looking forward to a Crouching Tiger FC reveal?

Just wouldn't be a proper SC season without one I reckon. πŸ™‚

    Itchy balls · 23/03/2016 at 12:01

    I'd like to see.

    Itchy balls · 23/03/2016 at 12:03

    SCA why arent you going with Weitering

      SCaddict · 23/03/2016 at 13:58

      I just reckon there will be more attractive defender cash cows available but I guess we'll see tomorrow night.

      If there aren't then I will have to consider him but right now he's not in my side.

    Gold Rush · 23/03/2016 at 12:14

    Reckon he will go a G&R with one fallen premium in the mids and one mid pricer in the fwd line.

Itchy balls · 23/03/2016 at 12:01

How many Mid pricers is to many??? I have 3 all the rest are guns and rookies in my side.

Sam · 23/03/2016 at 12:04

Anyone has feedback on Patrick Cripps as POD?

    Holty · 23/03/2016 at 13:12

    he is a great player but in a poor side. If he was playing in a stronger side, everyone would have him. At his price, you'd want him to be a keeper. If you think he could average around 110, lock him in.

The_Black_Mamba · 23/03/2016 at 12:04

Black Mamba here with yet another team reveal… This is about the 4th team reveal ive done but this is the one I am truly confident with. Keep in mind I still have 70k left.

Def: Shaw, Simpson, Bartel, Rich, Brown,Hartley/// Collins, Ruggles

Mid: Fyfe, Pendlebury, Ablett, Dangerfield, Cripps, Mills, Parish, Kennedy/// Gresham, Gore, Davis

Ruck: Goldstein, Z. Smith/// Grimley

Forward:Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, Menadue, Kerridge// Mccarthy, Tippa

Z smith… Last year Lekdog dropped a significant article. An article that I bookmarked which was to be used for this season. That article was the change in scoring when a player moves clubs. Rucks undergo the biggest rise in average points. With a 20 POINT RISE when they move club. Thats right, the average is 20 bloody points. I couldnt believe it so I went to do some research and fair dinkum it was right. Just look at Mcevoy and Mumford when they moved clubs. Maybe that makes leuenberger a viable selection, if it wasnt for his injuries hed be in my team based soley on this fact.

Ablett: I dont care what people say. If ablett plays 20 games, he will average over 120. If he somehow gets injured I can always sideways trade. Better IMO then starting without him.

Thought community!

    Keenbutclueless · 23/03/2016 at 13:16

    Gotta say that the Zac Smith selection makes your other lines look very very good. If it comes off, you are in for a Monster year. Only other thing that looks a little light is having both Greene and Hall. Would seriously look at downgrading Parish and upgrading Greene to a lock keeper.

    Shake n bake · 23/03/2016 at 14:55

    Hi Mumba not sold on Rich he burnt me last yr but with inj down at lion land might turn that around. id go Dea or Weitering & im one that is goin with B Crouch so Parish to Crouch?

Gold Rush · 23/03/2016 at 12:09

OT. Got room to join another 4 leagues in SC, any offerings! – I'm in it to win it and enjoy playing. Have finished in the top 1.5 % for the past 2 years. Thanks in Advance.

Youngy · 23/03/2016 at 12:16

Lets make this league competitive?


    The_Black_Mamba · 23/03/2016 at 12:19

    Lets go Youngy!

Jesterhawk · 23/03/2016 at 12:19

Hey community. Have a couple of leagues i need to fill. Finished in top 1% for past 3 years. Love to compete against some good players from the community.
FantasyLand – 812026
The community – 699131
The Experts – 178993

James · 23/03/2016 at 12:22

Cheers boys, got me reconsidering my team.

Today's dilemma:

Parker, Wines, and JJ
Gray/Priddis/etc., B. Crouch, and K. Simpson

Youngy · 23/03/2016 at 12:27

Everytime I comment it says my session has expired, so frustrating. Anyway to stop it from happening?

    Wattsieesq · 23/03/2016 at 12:55

    Stop commenting lol

Gold Rush · 23/03/2016 at 12:30

Got a league with 9 spots available, so far it's just me and News Corps 8 footy experts (easy beats) Crab stick 278893.

    SCaddict · 23/03/2016 at 13:41

    Thanks so much Gold Rush. Honoured to be in such esteemed company.

    Looking forward to handing Robbo a beat down!

      Gold Rush · 23/03/2016 at 14:06

      Me too SC!!!!

Wattsieesq · 23/03/2016 at 12:55

I've got a league set up, please join 348736

Wattsieesq · 23/03/2016 at 12:56

Great podcast guys.

Vindude · 23/03/2016 at 13:06

Guys, need your help :
Goldy & Menzel VS Martin & DeGoey ?
Much appreciated!!
Cheers community & Good luck everyone!

    Itchy balls · 23/03/2016 at 13:58

    Goldy De Goey

    @footy_bec · 23/03/2016 at 14:04


james · 23/03/2016 at 13:20

well community i have finally settled on my side for tomorrow night and would really love people's thoughts on it got $14,300 left

DEF- Shaw boyd laird weitering dea hartley (broad tippa)
my plan for defence was basically get the best 3 defenders and just let them score well with good expensive rokies in dea and weitering who can make some cash for me and the other three will go alright to

MID- Danger ablett priddis ward boak libba mills kennedy (gresham clarke davis)
first 3 speak for themselves but ward and boak are in as premium PODs who will average fairly high libba you cant ignore at that price and i have gone for the best two rookie mids

RUCK- martin nic nat (goetz)
martin and nic nat will be the best two ruckmen apart from goldy and goetz is just there to use for the loophole

FWD- barlow robinson hall wells kerridge menadue (brown papley)
barlow is probably very good value robinson is a POD who will get more mid time and score well hall is there to make cash early whilst playing in the guts and wells is a gun kerridge will dominate and menadue will get games brown will play most games make cah and can switch him with tippa if i want papley is just a cheap bench option who might play a couple games but can also use him for lopphole

    @footy_bec · 23/03/2016 at 13:52

    I like this a lot, I have a very similar g&r style also. Just a question though, why two loopholes, losing cash generation on two lines? Other than that, great.

      james · 23/03/2016 at 13:58

      thanks the ruck loophole will mainly be for captain loophole and the fwd loop is just if i think one of my rookies is playing a friday night and they go bad i can loophoole another one through who could get a better score

      derek · 23/03/2016 at 14:34

      don't use papley as your loophole, get someone with DPP so you can use their loophole on two line. ie Uebergang or Beech

    DadSmasher · 23/03/2016 at 14:13

    Don't be fooled by Higgo – Boak has only ever ave over 100 twice since 2007. Last year was the 3rd best year of his career (ave99) and he had 12 scores below 100 seven of those below 90 and only 4 scores over 110.
    2013 was his best year ever and the first time he ave over 100 then in 2014 he dropped back a small amount and then last year dropped again to below 100.
    His yearly aves from 2015 back were 99,105,106, 90,90,96,82,84,and 63.
    With the structure of the Port team I can't see how Boaks ave will do anything other than continue to decrease. Ten or more points p/game is a very high price to pay for a POD

    derek · 23/03/2016 at 14:28

    how much cash do you think Hall will make? I think he is an awkward price as he isn't a keeper, but he isn't a cashcow either as he might make $80k. I think crouch in the mids is a better option than hall and with the extra cash get goldy.
    go hall if you think he is a keeper, otherwise i would go to a proper cash-cow.

      james · 23/03/2016 at 15:02

      dadsmasher not fooled by higo, boak had a good nab challenge and port have a soft draw derek if hall gets near the 480-500k mark i would be happy

James · 23/03/2016 at 13:21

Those looking for a competitive league a few spots still remain. Code: 412780

Mr. Booby-buyer · 23/03/2016 at 13:52

Anyone looking for a league? Come join the Regular legs league189945

Monkey_Magic · 23/03/2016 at 13:59

Hey fellow Community members,

Started a 'JR Community Group', please feel free to enter.

Would love to get all the big guns around the community involved.

Good luck this season and cheers again Jock and the community for the information and banter!

I'm excited!!!

The Moops · 23/03/2016 at 14:00

Forgive me naivety, but is Michael Barlow really a lock this year? His ball use has never been clean, the bloke is older and slower – am I the only one not sold on him? Rolling with Dahlhaus as my F1 thank you.

    derek · 23/03/2016 at 14:30

    for his price he is locked

    Keenbutclueless · 23/03/2016 at 16:09

    I am part of the very small minority saying no. Ross Lyon made a comment about midfield minutes and we all jumped on. Must admit I did too. It was Higgo's article about shoal behaviour that made me rethink it. Yes he played a few extra minutes in the midfield. But the other midfielders were not all in the team. There is Bennell coming in to think about.

Cameron · 23/03/2016 at 14:21

Daingerfield and hall or selwood and dalhouse?

    Itchy balls · 23/03/2016 at 14:26


    murray · 23/03/2016 at 15:54


    Grahame Lebroy · 23/03/2016 at 16:40


Lazy_Simmo · 23/03/2016 at 14:35

Hi community, just a swifty which might have been discussed but I've missed it, if so direct me above to discussion.
Seriously considering a midfield consisting of – Ablett, Danger, Selwood, Rocky, Parker, Crouch, Mills, Kerridge

Viable? Slightly shark (sniffing about looking for that sharkpod and big cash gen)? Or just too much risk with comebacks from injury and breaking 2xpremo from one team rule… Would love to know the communities thoughts on this and Selwood v Danger.

Struth all this talk of Podding and dropping Garry plus brain busting from Higgo has got me so far from my usual structure but it does excite me (until it comes crashing down by week 4 :))

    derek · 23/03/2016 at 14:56

    going with danger and Selwood could work out very well looking at geelongs draw. I can see them winning 12 of their first 15 before the bye.

      Lazy_Simmo · 23/03/2016 at 18:27

      Hey cheers for your thoughts Derek. Cats draw and Selwood's price putting him just above the Parker/Wines and in with the Shiels/Ward etc makes him stand out value in my humble opinion.

      Have you revealed team recently Derek? Always follow your posts πŸ˜‰

SC16 · 23/03/2016 at 14:36

hey guys… any advice on the following:

Montagna,JJ,Seedsman or De Goey,Houli, Laird

thoughts on either options

    Brookesy · 23/03/2016 at 15:03

    Second option is more likely to yield two keepers

Fevolution · 23/03/2016 at 15:13

Anyone know when the Rd one teams are released

    GoHawks · 23/03/2016 at 15:43

    Rich & Carl teams released approx 6pm tonight. Sat & Sun teams released by 6pm Thursday night, Haw & Geel teams by 6pm Friday night

Jamie · 23/03/2016 at 15:13

Heys guys,

Does anyone have a Supercoach Money league happening?
2 of us would like to join.

REN · 23/03/2016 at 15:26

Cutler or Harwood if you were to pick one?

    Abel · 23/03/2016 at 15:39

    Both good options. I'm going cutler.

GoHawks · 23/03/2016 at 15:41

Supercoach Draft league 702156

The ultimate challenge. 16 teams x 22 players = 352 players…..deep legue
Drafts tonight at 7pm

Just 1 team remaining, be quick

    Frederick · 23/03/2016 at 16:14

    I'm in mate ready for the challenge

West · 23/03/2016 at 15:45

Weitering and De Goey


B.Kennedy and Hurn

West · 23/03/2016 at 16:03

What do people see De Goey averaging this year?

    Liam · 23/03/2016 at 16:23

    Around 90

      matt · 23/03/2016 at 16:26


Frederick · 23/03/2016 at 16:08

Wietering and Stefan Martin
Goldy and def rookie

    SCaddict · 23/03/2016 at 16:25


Ethan017 · 23/03/2016 at 16:31

812026 great league worth a join

medadsson · 23/03/2016 at 16:32

I see it's reported Nat Fyfe not at training today. That would throw a spanner into the works!

    Lazy_Simmo · 23/03/2016 at 18:28

    oooh that'd be great for some carnage!

Bigballsboys · 23/03/2016 at 16:34

Thoughts on Levi Greenwood m5 and thoughts on Daniel Menzel and Daniel wells F4/5???

    medadsson · 23/03/2016 at 16:43

    Pendlebury, Treloar, Sidebottom, Adams … I guess Greenwood would make a good m5 in a Collingwood only side :). Like Menzel but a big risk given his knee history, could pay off hansomely but not for me. Think everyone has Wells.

@footy_bec · 23/03/2016 at 16:50

Have seen a bit of talk about Harwood, anyone going down that path or price too awkward?

Mitch · 23/03/2016 at 17:04

Need a hand, have 5 midfield spots to fill and 6 blokes I can't decide on

    motsy · 23/03/2016 at 17:11

    I would drop gaj

    CapTnKaOs · 23/03/2016 at 17:24

    I'd drop Parker.
    1. The others are ultra premos. Parker is one rung lower.
    2. He will have Hanners, JPK, Titch etc competing for possessions.

rayza · 23/03/2016 at 17:08

League Code – 386252 bunch of lads that have a serious crack.

Luke · 23/03/2016 at 17:09

NicNat (R1), Shiel (M4), T McKenzie (D4) + $61k
Goldy (R1), Fyfe (M1), Hartley (D7)

Other players would be:
DEF: Shaw, Laird, McGovern, Weitering, Dea, Brown, Broad.
MID: Dangerfield, God, Priddis, Rockliff, Libba, Mills, Menadue, Gore, Keays, Davis.
RUCK: Gawn, Grimley

    Gord29 · 23/03/2016 at 18:22

    option 2 gives you two players that a very likely to be top 3 and one cash cow

      Luke · 23/03/2016 at 18:36

      Yeah when I wrote the question it definitely felt that way but feel very vulnerable in the backs

Keithy · 23/03/2016 at 17:10

Fyfe and B.Crouch or Pendles and Libba

    Mitch · 23/03/2016 at 17:29

    Pendles and libba
    Talk today that Fyfe missed training

      Keithy · 23/03/2016 at 17:35

      Thanks Mitch, was leaning that way after reading the news about Fyfe. I am concerned about having a round 1 team containing Ablett, Fyfe and Rocklff. Think I need to cull one and Fyfe seems to make the most sense.

    Southern S · 23/03/2016 at 21:13

    Pendles and crouch or Danger and Crouch.

Walch · 23/03/2016 at 17:13

Thoughts on this team anyone?
DEF: Shaw, Laird, JJ, Weitering, Dea, Brown (Hartley, Adams)
MID: Fyfe, Danger, Pendles, GAJ, Parker, Mills, Kennedy (Gore, Keays, R.Davis)
RUCK: Martin, Gawn (Grimley)
FWD: Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, Kerridge, Menadue (L.Mcarthy, AMT)
Have about 80k left over and feel like I should find a spot for Rockliff but can't choose who to get rid of
Also very open to a different DEF structure

    CapTnKaOs · 23/03/2016 at 17:39

    You could consider dropping Shaw and JJ, and switching them to, say, Houli and Simpson or similar defence keepers.
    Personally, I think Heater is an upgrade target.
    As for Rocky, I know what you mean. But honestly I don't mind the mids the way they are. Could be a real pod move not going with Libba or B Crouch. I think there has to be some risk that Gaz won't be named. They didn't want to run him around pointlessly in the NAB games, and essendon this week is kinda like an extra NAB game for them…
    The question is, if he doesnt get named, does that scare us into putting someone else there instead (eg Rocky?), or do we just trust he will be right to go for Rd2,

    Walch · 23/03/2016 at 17:51

    yeah that's what I was thinking with the defence, such a tough call with shaw
    And sorry I made a mistake with the mids, I do have Libba but have held off with the crouch brothers
    Will obviously keep a close eye on GAJ and also Fyfe being named but if everyone plays I have no idea how I'll get rocky in
    Parker seems like the obvious one but could easily go up another gear this year as he's only 23

    Walch · 23/03/2016 at 17:52

    I feel like if I was going to downgrade in defence I would get rid of Laird, want to have Shaw to fall back on just in case my risks in JJ and others don't come off

    Connor · 23/03/2016 at 23:10

    Mate you're gonna need more than 80k, you're one short in midfield

      Walch · 24/03/2016 at 11:43

      Like I said above I also have libba, forgot to write that

Paul · 23/03/2016 at 17:13

Stefan Martin and Mills


Lobbe and Libba

    Mitch · 23/03/2016 at 17:17

    Martin and mills for me but would strongly suggest finding room for Libba aswell

thh · 23/03/2016 at 17:14

Libba and shiel vs GAJ and crouch?

tyler · 23/03/2016 at 17:14

Starting new league. Only 3 teams so far – all finished top 10% in 2015.
Inviting top quality teams to join and fill this league. Code:" 754510

Chris · 23/03/2016 at 17:54

kennedy or Menadue

    Sully321 · 23/03/2016 at 18:40

    IMO Kennedy

    Southern S · 23/03/2016 at 21:14

    Both due to a lack of 1st year rookies.

Fevolution · 23/03/2016 at 17:57

Haven't changed my team in like a week but just had an interesting idea. My team:

DEF: Houli, laird, Bartel, Dea, Brown, Hartley, (ruggles, Byrne-Jones)
MID: Fyfe, Danger, Ablett, Sheil, Rockliff, Cripps, Libba, mills ( Menadue, Keays, Davis)
RUCK: Goldstein, Natinui (loersch)
FWD: Barlow, Hall, DeGoey, Wells, McCarthy, kerridge ( Tippa, Adams)
Have 2.9k left over

I was considering trading out liberatore. Like some have said sometimes its about the selections you don't make, like King jock with Ablett. Knee injuries take a long time to recover from and for the player to get back to full fitness. If I were to trade out Libba to Kennedy I would pocket 169,500 to either upgrade a defender to shaw + sure up my rookies or upgrade de goey to someone like Greene. Am I stupid not picking him what are people's thoughts??

    Lazy_Simmo · 23/03/2016 at 18:33

    Not stupid. Where'd Libba go in that third Nab match? Check the heat maps!! πŸ™‚
    All racehorses really, but sometimes you gotta go gut. Obviously you could almost straight swap him for a Crouch brother if looking to keep this structure (might have to wrangle some cash)? Solid team Btw

      @randomcliche · 23/03/2016 at 23:19

      Okay so talk me out of it lazycliche doesn't wanna sign up for live afl to check out the heat map…

Chris · 23/03/2016 at 18:00

kennedy or menadue ??

    CoachDamo · 23/03/2016 at 18:39


Gold Rush · 23/03/2016 at 18:06

Got a league with a few spots available, I've got News Corps 8 footy experts (easy beats) in the league, Crab stick 278893. If you reckon you can tear them a new one – come on board!!!

    CoachDamo · 23/03/2016 at 18:22

    I'm in!

CoachDamo · 23/03/2016 at 18:24

Round 1 teams about to drop. This must be what it feels like for a father awaiting the birth of his child. Months of preparation but everything could change in an instant!

Mark · 23/03/2016 at 18:30

Help community
Mckenzie and Oliver
Dea and Crouch

    Grahame Lebroy · 23/03/2016 at 18:36


    CoachDamo · 23/03/2016 at 18:39

    Option 2 should score more points.

    Sully321 · 23/03/2016 at 18:39

    Agree with Grahame, Dea and Crouch.

Wattsieesq · 23/03/2016 at 18:32

Teams have dropped. No surprises. From a rookie point of view, Broad not in but Rioli is. All other relevant rookies are in (Kerrigde, Menedue . . well just them really lol). Good luck everyone.

Sully321 · 23/03/2016 at 18:38

Here is my team 100k in the bank:
Def: Shaw, Laird, Rich, Weitering, dea, Hartley (Collins, Brown)

Midfield: Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Rockliff, Parker, Libatore, Mills, Oliver (Menadue, Petracca, Davis)

Rucks: Naitinui, Gawn (Grimley)

Fwd: Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (Cox, McDonald-Tipungwuti)

Where do you think I should spend that extra 100k?
I'm considering upgrading Rockliff to Gray, but I have not seen many teams without Rockliff and I don't know if I should keep him.

Or maybe even downgrading laird to a cheaper defender.
I'm also not so sure on Oliver but I'm not keen on either crouch boys who would be the obvious option if I were to upgrade him.
On top of this I'm not sure spending that much on shaw, maybe I should look to bring him in later on in the season, and start laird at d1. Only issue is I don't really like many other defensive options in that 400-500k range
I would really appreciate some help community and maybe some ideas on what to do with the 100k as I don't like having that much in the bank at the start of the season.
Thanks in advance.

    Wattsieesq · 23/03/2016 at 18:50

    Pretty decent team. Why not down grade oliver to a rookie like Keays and upgrade gawn or dog dog to Goldy? It will mean that you still have a bit of a war chest for future upgrades.

      Sully321 · 23/03/2016 at 18:56

      Don't mind that idea but who would I start out of my 4 rookies. Obviously Petracca isn't going to be playing at least the first three rounds and I probably shouldn't start with him.

        Wattsieesq · 23/03/2016 at 20:06

        I'd start Menadue

    Southern S · 23/03/2016 at 21:17

    100k could turn Rich into a keeper defender like simpson.

Matt · 23/03/2016 at 18:56

Just to confirm, they've kept the rolling lockout this year haven't they? So we'll still have unlimited trades on non Rich/Carl players until Saturday?

    CoachDamo · 23/03/2016 at 19:28

    That's right. I'm locking in Kerridge and Menadue tomorrow then I'll take a good look at the rest on Supercoach Friday.

    Gold Rush · 23/03/2016 at 19:31

    Correcto Mondo

Adam · 23/03/2016 at 19:12

What do people think of this team?
Rookies no final and predicted averages not finalized
Laird 98
McGovern 95
Hurn 85
Rich 93
Weitering 75
Dea 75

Fyfe 128
Dangerfield 133
Pendlebury 123 x 2 (r1 captain atm)
Rockcliff 126
Parker 110
Libertore 105
Mills 85
Kerridge 80

Gawn 115
Naitanui 115

Barlow 110
Robinson 110
Hall 105
Wells 85
Kennedy 80
Menadue 75

    Itchy balls · 23/03/2016 at 19:25

    Are you really taking SC score prediction as a source to build you team? They are false

      Gord29 · 23/03/2016 at 19:30

      Highly doubt rich will average 93

        Wattsieesq · 23/03/2016 at 20:08

        Robbo and Barlow won't avg 110

          Holty · 23/03/2016 at 20:25

          Barlow may but agree with Robo.

    @randomcliche · 23/03/2016 at 23:24

    Strong evenly balanced team. I prefer the gun heavy mid approach though.

Bob · 23/03/2016 at 19:14

Whats everyones thoughts on Zach Merret?
Kepp JJ or trade and who to around the same price?

    Vindude · 23/03/2016 at 19:41

    Bob – there are better options in Greene and Hall I reckon this year. Thats my 2 cents worth.
    JJ – i totally have in my team, he will have a break-out year this year IMO.

Vindude · 23/03/2016 at 19:39

Thoughts on D Menzel (Geelong) as a forward ? He had a cracker of a game in NAB 1 – spent some time in the midfield as well. Im not sure if to trade him down to a rookie and spend that extra cash in the defence. But my gut tells me he will have a good year – thoughts community ? please put this to rest for me.

    CapTnKaOs · 23/03/2016 at 19:49

    I've got him in my side. I view him as similar to Wells. LOTS of upside. But I think he could have a tendency to pull up sore. I can't see 22 games in him. But you don't need 22 from stepping stones.

Sarah · 23/03/2016 at 19:44

For any Richmond supporters, with Deledio and Grigg to come back in, who do they replace? Do rookie priced players in Ellis, Menadue and Rioli have any job security? and if so, which one's?

    CapTnKaOs · 23/03/2016 at 19:54

    Excellent question……wish I knew the answer….

      Clint in Scotland · 23/03/2016 at 20:47

      Just joined mate – the WolvesOfClinterfel have pledged allegiance to your cause.

      Clint in Scotland · 23/03/2016 at 20:51

      Sorry, that comment was meant for somewhere else. But as a tiger fan, I reckon Menadue will do some of Deledio's half-forward role, and Rioli might struggle when Edwards is fully fit.

    Southern S · 23/03/2016 at 21:41

    I'd assume menadue would have the best job security.

    Deledio would probably replace Ellis?

    With Rioli being a small forward rookie just drafted I don't see him playing every week.

    You never know, but that's the way I see it.

Jim · 23/03/2016 at 19:57

thoughts on my team?

DEF: Shaw, Docherty, Smith, Dea, Hartley, Adams (Brown, Ruggles)

MID: Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Ablett, Shiel, Rockliff, Liberatore, Mills, Oliver (Hewett, Keays, Davis)

RUCK: Goldstein, Gawn (Chol)

FWD: Martin, Barlow, Hall, De Goey, Kennedy, Kerridge (Tippa, Grimley)

$22 400 left over

Big Azz · 23/03/2016 at 19:58

couple spots left in this league.. all JR community guns… get in: 380677

    Wilmot FC · 23/03/2016 at 20:38

    I'm in, best of luck this season BA

Daniel · 23/03/2016 at 20:10

Stefan Martin, Pendlebury and a 125k midfield rookie


Gawn, Parker and Brad Crouch

Liam · 23/03/2016 at 20:16

Is anyone gonna chuck in rioli now??

    tophawk · 23/03/2016 at 21:18

    No way. Too expensive and ongoing job security concerns.

    Southern S · 23/03/2016 at 21:22


tom · 23/03/2016 at 20:17

thoughts on my team 35k left

DEF: laird simpson hurn cutler dea hartley (adams ruggles)

MID: dangerfield (hanners or Ablett) priddis mundy shiel cripps mills kennedy (hamilton clarke davis)

RUCK: Nic Nat Gawn (102k rookie)

FWD: Barlow Robinson Hall Wells kerridge menadue (mccarthy tippa)

Datwhitey · 23/03/2016 at 20:19

First time posting, so take it easy (nah, you don't have to really!)
DEF: Shaw, Laird, Bartel, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Adams, Ruggles)
MID: Fyfe, Danger, Pendles, GAJ, Shiel, Rockliff, C. Mills, Menadue (Gore, Gresham, Davis)
RUC: NicNat, Gawn (Wyatt)
FWD: A. Hall, Barlow, De Goey, Wells, McCarthy, Kerridge (Petracca, McDonald-Tipu)

I have 50k in the bank, and would prefer Kennedy to Petracca, but am just short of cash.

Any thoughts?

    Richard · 23/03/2016 at 20:34

    Shiel down to libba should do it

      Southern S · 23/03/2016 at 21:43

      That's a big sacrifice though from a reliable player to one coming back from an ACL.

      I agree though probably have to drop a gun and restructure. Or drop bartel and risk a mid price defender.

Crowmagnon · 23/03/2016 at 20:22

Libba, Gore, brown or Oliver, Gresham, weitering?
Thoughts community?

    Southern S · 23/03/2016 at 21:44

    Don't like either combo!

Matt · 23/03/2016 at 20:37

Whats everyone think about Wayne Milera? Had a really strong NAB in terms of supercoach scoring. Is he likely to line up round 1?

    tophawk · 23/03/2016 at 21:23

    He will be lining up for the Crows in round 1. (Barring any training mishap). He played every NAB cup game which suggests to me he is in the starting 22. His form and class were clearly evident, and he is very popular in the playing group and with coaching staff. At 175K it might seem pricey, but I am starting with him if named. (Which I expect!)


    Southern S · 23/03/2016 at 21:30

    Yes likely but JS and price is awkward.

Dontblushbehbeh · 23/03/2016 at 20:45

Is there a Jock Reynolds group this year?

Connor · 23/03/2016 at 20:50

After much contemplation, a very sophisticated spreadsheet, and countless nights spent restlessly rolling around in bed, I think I may be close to a finished team! Feel free to give me as much stick as you can, any constructive criticism will be taken on board. NOTE OF WARNING: I know the forward line is a little shallow but somewhere has to make an allowance this year and I have chosen the forward line!



// M. COX


$111,600 Cash Left Over, Please help me!

    Gold Rush · 23/03/2016 at 21:11

    Looks good, keep the 100k up your sleeve and use it when required.

    tophawk · 23/03/2016 at 21:47

    Hi Connor,

    I like the fact you have kept your forward line lean with lots of quality rookies. Other lines offer less attractive rookies and you have to generate cash somewhere. And this year IMO, it is the forward and the back line to some degree where the best cash cows are found. (Lower priced ones) My strategy is similar to yours. Spend serious coin in your midfield and invest a bit extra this year in your ruc. Starting with Goldy is not essential as you have identified.

    This is a really really good side IMO.

    Mind you, I keep stressing about starting with Ablett!!! I did not start with him last year because I just knew in my gut that his shoulder was still stuffed. I am a little more confident in him this year that his foot issue is only minor and his shoulder is much stronger. If named, he will be in my team. Lastly, try to have about 40K in your Kitty. Try and use the 70K to upgrade one of your players . Eg Marcus Adams to a Wayne Milera?

    Good luck mate!

Clint in Scotland · 23/03/2016 at 21:07

JR International Community,
If you are part of Jock's growing world-wide community and want to join a league, we have about 9 spots left (code: 549149). Started by me and a mate who live in Scotland, but happy to have anyone from The Community join. If you live overseas too, that would be great, but it's open to all.

Eric_the_Red · 23/03/2016 at 22:30

Menzel, De Goey or Steele at F3 in a deliberately thin forward line? Who will be the better stepping stone?

    Gold Rush · 23/03/2016 at 23:51

    Tossing up between De Goey or Steele myself, this is what I'm going to do, pending what rookies are being named, not sure of Menadue shelf life with Deledio and Grigg to return – so I'm holding off on De Goey and Steele (someone else may pop up) and see if he is selected r2, r3. I reckon a few rookies such as Dea, Menadue and a couple of others may not last too long – so I'm holding a fair whack of cash in the bank to pull myself out of the crappa, if need be.

    Southern S · 24/03/2016 at 00:40

    De Goey and Steele, both young hungry lads that should see more mid time than 2015.

    I've gone a high risk forward line and locked them both in along with Wells.

    Menzel far too injury prone and has never scored consistently.

Harley · 23/03/2016 at 23:36

Sheridan, lonergan or seedsman?

    Gold Rush · 23/03/2016 at 23:53

    Sheridan, Lonergan injury prone, seedsman inconsistent.

    Southern S · 24/03/2016 at 00:41

    Those 3 all have the potential to payoff or burn.

BigDropKick · 23/03/2016 at 23:36

Thoughts on Suckling?

Moz · 24/03/2016 at 00:10

MY POD IS BEN CUNNINGTON at M5 behind Fyfe, Danger, Sidebottom & Rocky. What are people's thoughts on that?

TySB · 24/03/2016 at 00:22

Hey community would love to know the thoughts on my team! : )

Defenders: Shaw , Laird , Suckling , Weitering , Dea , Hartley ( Brown and Adams )

Midfield: Fyfe , Pendlebury , Dangerfield , Ablett , Rockliff , Libba , B Crouch , Mills (Gresham , Petracca and Davis)

Ruck: S Martin and Leuenberger (Grimley)

Forward: D Martin , Barlow , Hall , Wells , Kerridge and B Kennedy (Menadue and McDoanld-Tip)

    Southern S · 24/03/2016 at 00:38

    Too many players that could miss games or under perform due to prior injuries.

    Fyfe, Ablett, Rockliff, Libbe, Crouch, Luen, Wells. Plus petracca.

Moz · 24/03/2016 at 00:26

Last minute league anyone?


juzzo · 24/03/2016 at 09:21

You can hide but you can't run.

@SC_Centre · 24/03/2016 at 10:27

There are a few spots available in my 2nd community league. Code is 405040. Would love having some of the JR community in it.

Brendan Fevola · 24/03/2016 at 10:37

Just quickly guys, is there a Jock Reynolds Supercoach Group this year?

Sam · 24/03/2016 at 10:50

Some great coach in the league,

Please join.. few spots left..


Good Luck

Paddy · 24/03/2016 at 14:24

Bulk Bogan – 928333

Join Up

Andy · 27/03/2016 at 11:18

Stringer or Westhoff?

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