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The Rookie Scout: Round 1

Published by Barron Von Crow on

Barron Von CrowHowdy folks, I’m Barron Von Crow and I’m here with some good news.

What is that good news you may ask? Well, the footy is back and it’s the happiest I’ve ever been! With the footy coming back it’s time to bring back the Scouting Report. but this year, we’re going for something slightly different. Normally we’d be focused on the highest priced players each week, but we’re going back to the future somewhat and this year we’ll be focusing on the opposite and be looking exclusively at rookies and rookie priced players.

With Jock Reynolds introducing the In-Venue game-by-game fantasy footy revolution CoachKings this season, this weekly article will give us an important heads up on the rookies available each week for both long form fantasy footy (Supercoach & AFL Fantasy) but also for the short form 9 a side CoachKings.

In Supercoach & AFL Fantasy, you’re not only relying upon your rookies for points, but also valuable cash generation that will allow you to upgrade your team to full premo status. In CoachKings, you’ve only got $60,000 to spend each game and being able to pick a cheap rookie with BIG scoring potential means you can plug more guns into your side. This means more points and more chances to show your mates down the pub that you’re the ultimate fantasy footy coach and maybe win a free beer or two.

Whichever form of the game you play there’s one thing that cannot be ignored: rookies have the potential to make or break your side. You pick the wrong rookie and you are gonna have a bad time. And that’s what we’re here to make sure doesn’t happen, so I hope the weekly rookie pick the very best rookies you can!


Callum Mills

SC Price: $211,800 | AF Price: $227,000| CoachKings Price: $3,500
NAB Challenge AVG Stats: 19 disposals, 4 marks, 3 tackles, 2.3 Rebound 50’s, 4.3 Score

Get. Him. In. Your. Side. That’s all you need to say really, it doesn’t matter if it’s CoachKings or Supercoach/AFL Fantasy, he’s going to have a heck of a year. He had a terrific NAB Challenge and, he found plenty of the pill so you know he’s going to score well in either format, and although he’s at a rookie premium in SC/AD he is going to generate a heck of a lot of money with the way he scored over the NAB Challenge. I have him locked into my sides in all formats. I’m not too worried about the eventual return of Jarrad McVeigh; the Swans have lost Malceski, Shaw and Lewis Jetta across the back half in recent years, so there will still be some need for Mills to provide some run from back there, even with McVeigh in the side.

Ryan Davis

SC Price: $102,400 | AF Price: $125,000| CoachKings Price: $3,500
NAB Challenge AVG Stats: 10 disposals, 2.3 marks, 2.3 tackles, 1.3 goals, 2.6 inside 50’s, 64 SCPoints

A mature age recruit who was originally on West Coasts list back in 2009, he’s a senior player who’ll continue to provide some experience for a young GC team. His scoring was consistent over the NAB Challenge, with scores of 67, 65 and 62, I’d probably say that in a normal year we’d look elsewhere, but the fact that he’s a rock bottom price in Supercoach and there’s a dearth of quality mid options this year, we’ll have to consider him. One thing is for sure, with Prestia, Swallow and O’Meara out for the first part of the year, Davis will likely have his chances to play games. He’s shown an ability to hit the scoreboard over the NAB Challenge, as well as in his time in the WAFL, where he kicked 116 goals over 78 games.

Clayton Oliver

SC Price: $207,300 | AF Price: $238,000| CoachKings Price: $3,500
NAB Challenge AVG Stats: 15 disposals, 2.3 marks, 4 tackles, 1.6 clearances, 75 SCPoints

Probably the 2nd best midfield option for us to consider in SC this year, if it wasn’t for the awesome pre-season Callum Mills had I imagine their ownership %’s would probably be the opposite (Mills is owned by 38.9% of teams, Oliver by 20.3%). I’m honestly not sure about his JS at this stage, the Demons will still have Brayshaw, Petracca and Trengove to come back, so any one of them could force Oliver back to the VFL, but the kid has talent and will undoubtedly play games this year. I’d say owning both Mills and Oliver in Supercoach is probably a bit on the expensive side, so if it comes down to it, I’d go for Mills in Supercoach.


Jacob Weitering

SC Price: $220,800 | AF Price: $232,000| CoachKings Price: $3,500
NAB Challenge AVG Stats: 17 disposals, 8 marks, 2.5 Rebound 50’s, 81 SCPoints

The #1 pick in the 2015 draft, Weitering showed plenty of skill as an interceptor across half back in the NAB Challenge. While he still has plenty of physical development left in him, he’s shown that he’ll still be able to step up and play a role in the AFL straight away. And those intercept possessions are going to be a big bonus for our teams, in CoachKings, intercept marks from opposition possessions are worth 8 (uncontested) and 16 (contested) points. As you can see from his NAB Challenge stats, he averaged 8 marks over his two games, that’s gonna see him potentially be a very good fantasy player for us in either format. In Supercoach he’s going to be a very serviceable D4-D5 this year!

Michael Hartley

SC Price: $117,300 | AF Price: $125,000| CoachKings Price: $3,500
NAB Challenge AVG Stats: 9.6 disposals, 3 marks, 3 tackles, 4 1%ers, 78 SCPoints

Another top up player for the Bombers, Hartley spent a few years on the Pies rookie list, but barely played due to constant shoulder issues. The Bombers aren’t exactly blessed with tall stocks at the moment, so you’d think Hartley would have sky high job security for the year, so he’s going to be a good D6/bench option for Supercoach. He did score quite well in Supercoach, despite averaging fewer than 10 disposals a game, and in CoachKings, those 1 %ers, that is your shepherds (2 points) smothers (4 points) and spoils (6 points) are all rewarded, so even if he goes into ultra-defensive lock down mode, he’s still a good chance to produce some points for you. I’ll have him in either format; in SC he’s on my bench at the moment. I’m still umming and ahhing if I’ll start with him on field, but he’ll certainly have his hands full with Gold Coast in Round 1 who will likely to boast a tall forward line with Tom Lynch and Peter Wright.

Kieran Collins

SC Price: $117,300 | AF Price: $136,000| CoachKings Price: $3,500
NAB Challenge AVG Stats: 9 disposals, 3 marks, 3 tackles, 4 1%ers, 67 SCPoints

It looks like at this stage it may come down to Kieran Collins and Marcus Adams for a spot in the Bullies backline, but I’m currently on board with Kieran Collins. His NAB form was solid, despite not playing in NAB3, and while he is only just had his 18th birthday 3 months ago, he is already a solid lad at 194cm and 94kgs, so he should physically be fine to play AFL footy. This is likely one that we’ll have to wait for Thursday’s teams to be announced to see if one of them makes the cut.

Matthew Dea

SC Price: $183,600 | AF Price: $170,000| CoachKings Price: $3,500
NAB Challenge AVG Stats: 16 disposals, 5.5 marks, 93% disposal efficiency, 96 SCPoints

Matty Dea, a top up player for Essendon, spent last year in Richmond’s VFL side, where he won the Best & Fairest, before being delisted by the Tigers. He’s still relatively young (24), and has only played 31 AFL games, so he has some experience, but certainly has some scope to improve too. He didn’t exactly grab a whole trolley full of possessions in the NAB, averaging 16 disposals, but he used the ball extremely well when he did get it and only record 1 clanger over the NAB Challenge. That’s going to be a big bonus in CoachKings where a clanger kick/handpass is worth -4 points. In Supercoach, if you’re going super thin down back, he’s going to be a solid D4 pick. The Bombers will likely suck, but Dea is at least good enough that he’s not likely to butcher the ball when he does get it.


Wayne Milera

SC Price: $175,800 | AF Price: $199,000| CoachKings Price: $3,500
NAB Challenge AVG Stats: 10 disposals, 3 marks, 2 tackles, 1.3 goals, 1.7 Goal Assists, 6.3 Score Involvements, 71 SCPoints

Milera is on the more expensive side in long form, but he’ll cost you the standard rookie price in CoachKings and honestly, he’s going to be a great pick for your CK side as a cheap forward option. He didn’t get a ton of the footy over the NAB Challenge, only averaging 10 disposals, but what he did show was class and poise and as Kramer said to Ms. Rhode Island, poise counts. He may only get the pill 10-12 times a game, but he’ll make every one count for something. The only thing holding him back from being a lock in long form is both his price and his job security. He may be in the 22 for Round 1, but the Crows will have Charlie Cameron, Troy Menzel and Riley Knight waiting in the wings. If he’s named in the 22 along with Cameron and Knight however, I’d seriously think about jumping on board with him in Supercoach.

Connor Menadue (also a MID)

SC Price: $155,400 | AF Price: $138,000| CoachKings Price: $3,500
NAB Challenge AVG Stats: 12 disposals, 3.6 marks, 2.6 tackles, 1 goal, 80 SC Points

A second round pick from 2014, Menadue actually played 5 games last year, but it hasn’t had a major impact on his prices this year. He played 3 very solid games in the NAB Challenge, and with Brett Deledio a confirmed out against Carlton and Dustin Martin perhaps struggling, there’s a good chance Menadue could carve out a nice role in the early going. I’d probably prefer to spend the extra 30K and snag someone like Ben Kennedy if I was using him as a F5-F6 just because I think his JS will be more solid, but Menadue didn’t put a foot wrong during the NAB Challenge and has done everything he possibly can to get a Round 1 birth.

Sam Kerridge (also a MID)

SC Price: $137,600 | AF Price: $299,000| CoachKings Price: $3,500
NAB Challenge AVG Stats: 27 disposals, 3 marks, 4.5 tackles, 1.5 goals, 6.5 clearances, 115 SCPoints

The Kedge blew the bloody doors off for Carlton during the NAB Challenge after an injury interrupted 2015 season with the Crows. Kerridge is going to slot in quite nicely as a midfielder for the Blues, he can win the ball on the inside, and can be quite the nuisance up forward as well (Just ask North Melbourne). He’s also super fit, being the only guy who has beaten Nathan Van Berlo in the 3km time trials at the Crows, which is gonna serve him well in a team full of kids and a 90 interchange rotation cap in play. He averaged 115 SCPoints in his 2 NAB hitouts, while I don’t think he’ll reach those heights over an entire year, it’s more than possible that he averages in the 90’s for the season and could spend the majority of the year in your side. He has had some injury issues over the last two years, missing time with foot, ankle and hamstring problems, but if he’s fully fit he’s a great pick. He’ll likely be in every damn Supercoach and CoachKings side this year.

Ben Kennedy (FWD/MID)

SC Price: $187,800 | AF Price: $221,000| CoachKings Price: $3,500
NAB Challenge AVG Stats: 15 disposals, 3.6 marks, 3 tackles, 0.6 goals, 5 Inside 50’s, 83 SCPoints

Kennedy yo-yoed in and out of the Collingwood side over the last 3 years, usually only getting sub minutes when he did make the Pies main side. With the sub now gone and in a new team, there’s a real chance for Kennedy to show why Collingwood used a top 20 pick on him back in the 2013 draft. He’s not likely to see any minutes in the midfield, but over the NAB Challenge he looked like a handy piece to have in the Demons forward half of the ground. He has a career high of 123 SCPoints, which he scored in 2014, so as long as he can make an impact on the scoreboard, he should score really well this year and has the potential to peak at 85-90 SCPoints.


Mabior Chol (also FWD)

SC Price: $102,400 | AF Price: $125,000| CoachKings Price: $3,500
NAB Challenge AVG Stats: 5 disposals, 1.6 marks, 3 hitouts, 23 SCPoints

The young man from Sudan who spent the last two years in the Brisbane Lions academy burst onto the scene during the NAB Challenge, showing he has a fantastic vertical leap and a very solid set of hands. He’s still developing as a football player, but his athleticism is off the charts. With the news that Ivan Maric is going to be missing Round 1 VS Carlton due to a back injury, he will likely be named for Thursday night. In Supercoach, his job security prospects probably aren’t super high, but worst comes to the worst you sit him on the bench and use him as a Captain Loophole when available.

Alright everyone, that’s it from me this week, but I want to know from you Community, are there any other rookies you’ll be considering for your Supercoach/AFL Fantasy and CoachKings sides this week?

Let us know in the comments below and/or hit me up on the twitter machine @BarronVonCrow


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Hey community, would love some quick last minute thoughts on the linup!

DEF: Shaw, Laird, KK, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Collins, Ruggles)
MID: Fyfe, Danger, Pendles, Rocky, Wines, Libba, Mills, Menadue (Gresham, Petracca, Davis)
RUCK; Martin, Gawn (Grimley)
FWD: Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (McCarthy, AMT)

About 83k Left in the kitty

Thanks again

Big Bav

Love the team, I too have gone without GAJ, Goldstein and Dusty.

Naitanui is the only player I would recommend *** HO to adv, gather HO, HBG, eff disp, goal = a serious amount of SC points in 8 seconds. He is prime, amd can replicate that chain numerous times a game.


I'd get rid of Petracca. Not playing til about r4. Wasting cash generation opportunity


Seems like most are running with 3 premiums down back. Who's everyone got I'm currently going with shaw, laird and rich but not 100% sure


Nothing wrong that at all! I have Houli instead of Laird, but they are a coins toss apart.

The trick this year is finding enough cheap rookies who might actually get a game by round 6!


Rance, MacDonald, Gibson and Sheridan for break out. Can't bring myself to play three rookie defenders on field.


Rich is hardly. Premium


Rich offers us a genuine midfielder listed as a defender. DPP at a price that appears reasonable. Probably not a premium, but he won't be far away. I'm going to give him a start, there isn't a lot of downside.

Feels like he could be Newnes of last year

The Black Sheep

I am starting with Laird, Docherty, Suckling


I'm running Shaw, Gibson and Rich.


Premo defined as 500k and above
Shaw 36%
Laird 14.2%
Rance 13.9%
Houli 10.8%
Boyd 5%
McVeigh 4.4%
Simpson 3.8%
Enright 1.3%


Stefan martin or mummy?

Seps Champs

martin more durable


hanners or God


If that's the choice, Hanners! Will play more games and score consistently well with a massive ceiling. GOD may prove the doubters wrong and if anyone can do it, GAJ can, but I tend to think he may be struggling a little?

Big Dave

Hey boys, for starters, great article Barron, feeling like I can finally select my rookies and not have to worry about them until the first game.
I was wondering on your thoughts for who I should lock in my team out of Chris Judd, Brendan Fevola and Jobe Watson.
Reasoning: I think Jobe will score well in a team lacking strong premium players
I think Judd could potentially have a breakout year and score over 120 consistently this season
or Fevola because I think he has a chance to have a few games this seasons when he kicks 5+ goals and scores huge.
Thoughts appreciated Barron (and community).


I think you have to make space for all 3 mate


Good for you Big Dave. Persisted with this comment over a couple of comments sections now!




Prestigiacomo down back easily number 1 defender this year


Captain every week!


I like Jack Leith from Melbourne. Haydyn Bunton will be a good footballer, but not this year

JC Rapper

drugs are no good for you


Chol has a red dot next to his name


Great write up BVC, reckon you have covered most of them there. Also waiting on some upgrades for Ruggles, Davis, AMT. I am having second thoughts about my forward and midfields, can the community help me through this time of great stress?
M: Fyfe, Danger, Priddis, Ward, Rocky, MCrouch, Libba, Mills (Menadue, Gresham, Davis)
F: Barlow, Greene, Hall, De Goey, Wells, Kerridge (Brown, AMT)

I have stuff all in the bank and am happy with my ruck strategy and confident my backline presents good bang-for-buck, so its just down to these two lines.
I want to go deep up forward as I think all these players will explode this year and will average much more than their starting prices suggest.
With my midfield I am not sure of Matt Crouch, Callan Ward or Tom Liberatore.
Will MCrouch be able to continue his good nab form, or will he be passed in the pecking order by others such as Brad and end up a bust?
Will Libba's erratic nab form carry through to the real stuff and will he take a long time to work in to the season and producing good scores, or will he be alright from the get go?
Will Ward justify his price and continue to consistently ton up, or does Treloar's departure (meaning increased likelihood of a tag) and the fact that Shiel/Greene/Steele/Coniglio/Kelly etc. mean his scores will be negatively affected, making cheaper options such as Shiel/Parker/Cripps/Wines or pricier options such as Gray/JPK/Pendles better options?
Also want to get Ben Ken into my team, probably in the mids, but for who? Libba, Crouch or other, or just leave as it is?

Oh this lockout cant come soon enough….



Shiel or Griffen will get tagged before Ward.


Gresham or Menadue (Gresham is named)?


**Assuming Gresham is named**



Def: Shaw, Houli, Laird, Lonergan, Weitering, Adams (Hartley, Collins)

Mid: Pendles, Gray, Ward, Rocky,Cripps, Libba, Mills, Oliver (Menadue, Clarke, Davis)
RucL Nic Nat, Gawn (Loersch)

For: Barlow, Gray, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (Grimley, AMT)


Very balanced team


Have you got 13 keepers?


I'd replace Oliver with a rookie and upgrade Cripps to guarantee another keeper mate, otherwise looking solid!


Thankyou Barron Von Crow. I tend to think Adams WAFL experience will get him accross line ahead of Coliins. He too is a big lad. Guess time will tell. Cheers.


Agree mate, watch this space…


Given the Tigers play first up about 11 times this year,Chol is a pretty terrible loophole option. Petracca is the goto guy for loopholing early,and once he plays he should also make decent cash. That said,I don't have either in my team.


Petracca will make a poor C loophole. When can you use reliably him if

Seps Champs

Pendles or GAJ?!?!?


The one with the lower selection % – take a risk.

Itchy balls

Pendels…GAJ is a huge risk as great as he is!


Also noticing the large amount of Friday and Saturday day games the Pies are playing, Pendles a good VC for the loophole.


sherriden at D4 thoughts?


Go for it. Unless you have Heath. Too much $$ to have Heath and a $350k D4


Provided you aren't carrying too many 'break out players' other than Wells and Libba who are pretty well in most teams I'd go for it. In fact, I have but I am biased. His form latter half last season was strong.


Two things is the captain loophole still going to work this moment ??
And Currie at R2 viable ?


Currie R 2 – forget it.


Currie at R2 only if Nicholls goes down and that's only to be used as a stepping stone otherwise it's madness! And yes no reason why the loophole won't work.



Is Fyfe, Danger, GAJ, Pridda, Ward, Rockliff, Wines and Mills too stacked??

If any… who would you leave out? Don't even bother suggesting Abblett – my balls aren't big enough to leave him out!!

Itchy balls

No and if any leave out GAJ not projected to play many game? But injuries most of all.


I'd at least fit Libba in there.

Itchy balls

Libba a under priced premo @ 357 must have and a keeper


Too stacked mate, where are you going to generate cash from for upgrades, Mitch Brown in the back line? Downgrade Wines/Ward and do something in another line with cash.


Opinions on Daniel Rich down back? Risky selection with past seasons of average 70 odd. Also like to know thoughts on Lachie Neale as POD in midfield. Last but not least, Steele in the forward line?


I have all 3 so good call I say!!


Rich down back ok to start with I reckon. Not sure that Neale is going to offer anything more than just being a POD for the sake of it. Like Steele in the Fwd line a genuine POD with plenty of upside, awkward price though. Good luck mate, nice to see some outside the box thinking!


Anyone notice that Corey Ellis named smack bang in the guts for round 1


Means nothing. Dusty has been named at CHF. The final team sheets look nothing like the teams named the night/s before.


Doesn't make a difference where there named. Is Sam Lloyd / Dusty there full forward and centre half forward?

Itchy balls

Well I think C. Ellis does make a difference and he was on my side from the beginning…….but he was in and out through the NAB……but named and in my side now…..secret weapon!!!


200k, very questionable job security, not the highest scoring upside, seems like a great pick


I'd be looking at Jed Lamb before Ellis.


Gday BVC,

Which Adelaide venue will you be at for Coach Kings tomorrow night mate?

Cheers – Jai


Gday there Jai – CoachKings won't roll out to venues RD1 mate – stay tuned for roll out details, we're aming to have it at some venues for RD2, then rolling out to the others


M Adams will play round 1. Beveridge has all but confirmed this. K Collins extremely unlikely to play round 1.




Collins stiff, been the better of the two


What have you been watching mate? Collins better than Adams hahaha next you'll be telling us Hall is better than ablett, goose


Hi community got a league for you all,
code is 382009,
feel free to join


Hey guys this is my first time commenting, just wondering if anyone would like to have a look at this team that I'm contemplating at the moment. Midfield is obviously my POD

Shaw, Laird, Simpson, Weitering, Dea, Brown (Mitch Brown, Adams)

Gaz, Robbie Gray, Sidebottom, Gaff, Rockliff, Mills, Parish, Kerridge (Gresham, Hewett, Davis)

Goldstein, Nic Nat (Grimley)

Martin, Barlow, Hall, Wells, B. Kennedy, Menadue (McCarthy, Mcdonald Tip)

Itchy balls

Like the back line!

The Mid is so so?

The Rucks are good can save a lot of cash dumping Goldy?

Like the Fwd line but think Martin is max not much generation?


Love your team mate. Very strong. Awesome pod.


I am very keen to include Mundy also, thanks for the feedback


Not sure I can fit Mills in!!! How desperately should I try?

My favourite option is moving:
Ollie Wines and rookie
Brad Crouch and Mills

Would you do it??


not sure what your team looks like but Mills was the first rookie I had selected in my team


Looking like B Kennedy is a question mark for selection at Melbourne. Could go him down and Menadue/Gresham up to Mills?

Itchy balls

You can have all 3?


I'd keep wines mate


Quite simply the best mid rookie option, get him in and on field.

Itchy balls

Yes! Mills should be M8


Who's everyone using as their loophole ?



Itchy balls

best loophole is Declan Hamilton Mid/Fwd all late games on sat and sun and Leorsch of GC ruck all late sat and sun games

Itchy balls

wait for Petracca to come out week 6 or so? Trade Hamilton

Itchy balls

Chol not a good loophole


Wyatt, Collingwood


Ruggles if he isn't named.


King, Melb. Handy R/F.


Who do you guys think the best 4 rookies for each line are? excluding rucks?

Thanks Community


weitering, dea, brown hartley

mills, kerridge, kennedy, oliver

wells, kerridge, kennedy, menadue? all depends on who gets named at this stage


Maybe you should read the article above!


I did I am just interested in what others think. Everyone has differing views….


A few spots available on 418185 for anyone who is interested.


shaw, Houli, laird, Sheridan, weitering, dea (Hartley, APT)

Fyfe, Dangerfield, gaj, rockliff, libba, mills, parish, kerridge (gore, petracca, Davis)

Martin, Gawn (korcheck (loophole))

dusty, Barlow, hall, wells, Kennedy, Milera (brown, Adams)


sam gray or aaron hall? or should i jump nthrough hoops to get them both in?


also wingard? gotta get rid of one of those 3

Itchy balls

Hall…..I think S. Gray is a trap IMO?


u reckon? very solid finish to last year


MCrouch or BCrouch or Libba

Itchy balls

B Crouch and Libba!


All feedback appreciated. Cheers Community!

DEF: Laird, Simpson, Birchall, Rich, Weitering, Hartley (Brown, Adams)

MID: Pendles, Gaz, JPK, Selwood, Wines, Mills, Kennedy, Gresham ( Hewett, Keays, Davis)

RUC: Martin, Naitanui (Goetz)

FWD: Montagna, Westhoff, Barlow, Wells, C.Ellis, Kerridge (McCarthy, Tipungwuti)


Your name is better than your team. Welcome

Itchy balls

Wow? Um yea….better start over based on Holla comment. Dump Montagna Westhoff Selwood Birchall Hewett. Get Hall Greene Fyfe and Ellis.

Southern S

So Ellis is suddenly a lock because named round one?

200k and limited job security, not sure about that………..


Hey Guys,
Would love some feedback on my team
Backs-Shaw,l Kolodjashnij, Rich, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Brown,Ruggles)

Mids-Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ward, Rocky, Priddis, Libba, Crouch, Mills (Menadue, Keays, Davis)

Rucks-Nic Nat, Gawn ( Grimley)

Forwards Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge, (Cox, Mcdonald-Tipungwuti)

Thanks, looking forward to hear from you community

Itchy balls

Go with cox or grimley in R3….I know what ur trying to do with the swing option but McCarthy is better option @ F7 than cox


Thoughts on my team?
Shaw, Laird, Simpson, Hurn, Weitering, Dea (Hartley, Adams)
Fyfe, Danger, Ablett, Shiel, Rockliff, Libba, Mills, Oliver (Gresham, Petracca, Davis)
Mumford, Naitanui (Grimley)
Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Menadue, Kerridge (Brown, AMT)
I know the forward line is paper thin but I have essentially chosen Shiel over Dusty because I feel the forward rookies are much stronger than anywhere else on the field. Also, I don't like the idea of a 3 premo defence.


B Kennedy named on extended interchange, chances he plays??


No teams have been announced for other matches yet,

Itchy balls

I would most likely think Kennedy will pay?


Pretty handy players named along side him on the bench, although of course it's not the final team. I'm moving him into the midst, Menadue forward and that way if he doesn't play I'll find some cash to upgrade to Mills.

Southern S

The melbourne squad you are looking at is not officially released by the club so it must be someone's opinion.


Where's that from mate, cant find the team lists for Demons game anywhere?

Itchy balls

Its not out yet tomorrow night


Footy show last night


McGovern or yeo? Who is better and why

Itchy balls

Pick your poison


both pretty shit picks but Yeo if you had to choose one due to McGovern's durability and lock down roles


Thoughts on Mitch Robinson as POD?? In forward line

Itchy balls

I like him but not price wise


Very tempting! Great finish to last year.


Will run through midfield and has a high floor with tackle count. Finished the year priced $50k higher than this year's price. I believe his midfield time is higher security than Barlow


Statistically the best forward for the 2nd half of 2015 and during Nab 2016, if he's a pod it's only amongst those who rate outside the top 10%


Hi community, got 2 leagues with spots left:
Also looking for a few more leagues to join,
thx and good luck to everyone.


Get on board son – 386252


Just joined. Feel free to join 477366. Cheers


Any advice welcome.
Lonergan and Mills or
Dea and Liberatore.

Hungry Hawk

Dea and Libba


Blake Hardwick 117k and Kaiden Brand 123k both on an extended Hawks bench anyone knock if they're a chance? Also broad hasn't made the cut at the tiges


There not a chance, not round 1, or any other round IMHO

Hawks are too strong, with plenty of players with experience to come back over the next few weeks.


My guess Brand a chance but I would've thought Sicily before Hardwick.


Thoughts much appreciated.
Shaw Laird KK Weitering Dea Hartley (Brown Ruggles)
Pendles Ablett Rockliff Parker Wines Libba B.Crouch Mills (Menadue Keays Davis)
Goldy Nic Nat (Loersch)
Barlow Greene Hall Wells Kennedy Kerridge (Adams AMT)


If we put Menadue in says mids, and you want to restructure after lockout, can he be subbed to fwds after he has played?
If this isnt possible its a major oversight on SC behalf.


cant move him once he has played … seems fair to me

Southern S

The major oversight would be someone not understanding the rules of SC.


Sorry Dan. Good luck finding a fantasy footy site that does allow positional changes after a player has played. The DPP status is available to help you get players into your starting team and hopefully reduce the need to trade. Look at the positives. SC could essentially lock all players into a single position making the game even harder to play. Maybe forward your concerns to them. I'd love to read their response!


Why not make it so that we select our teams on the monday after the round that way we don't have to know anything about footy or supercoach to play. goose


would love to hear thoughts on this team

LIBBA, MILLS KERRIDGE (menadue, gore, davis)

HALL, WELLS, KENNEDY, (mccarthy, Kommer)

im aware my backline is weak af, but its the area im must unsure of so thought id keep it open

Itchy balls

Adams more likely than Collins


I've gone similar. Would suggest seeing if you could get Brown to Weitering given thin backs


anyone thinking about currie at R3? frees up grimley for last forward line spot .., othewise just no options (maybe kommer?) also, provides a bit of a 2 for 1 option on the R3 position (if both currie and grimley perform well, could trade out currie, make some cash and swing grimly up into R3). Means I will have to settle on parker (instead of ward) in my midfield but i only need to use currie once for it to pay off i reckon.

All of which has also got me thinking of rolling the dice on mummy instead of gawn (with nicnat) … is this reasonable or should I play it safer?

Itchy balls

Ive considered but his price is so High I think grimley is better option?

Itchy balls

No way stick with Gawn


yeah I tend to agree but I am starting to run out of fwd options … not sold on McCarthy or kommer. could swing Adams there but then have same problem down back … maybe ruggles? rookies are doing my head in!


I'm thinking Currie. I don't want to be relying on grimley for a score if one of my rucks misses a week.


Rather rely on someone who's not playing?


Plenty of option for last forward spot mate unless you have all of Kerridge, Kennedy, Menadue, Ellis, Milera, McCarthy, Adams & McDonald-Tip


ok, please tell me wich set up. Not sure what to do.
Houli, Suckling, Sheridan, Weitering, Dea, Broad, (Brown {ess}, Ruggles
Fyfe, Danger, Pendle, D.Shiel, Rocky, Parker, Libba, Mills, (Gresham, Keays, Davis)
NicNat, Kreuzer, (king)
Barlow, Buddy, Hall, Wells, Ben Kennedy, Kerridge, (McCarthy, AMT)
$100k left

Houli, B.Smith, Sheridan, Weitering, Dea, Broad, (Brown {ess}, Ruggles
Fyfe, Danger, Pendle, Gaz, Rocky, Libba, Mills,Gresham, ( Hewett, Keays, Davis)
Goldy, NicNat
Dusty, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Ben Kennedy, Kerridge, (McCarthy, AMT)
$113k left


i'm in favour of #1 to be honest! Midfield has more depth, i like that. not too sure about houli in the back. Love the FWD first 4, not too sure about Kreuzer coz Carlton will go shite this year!




Last minute league, join up lads! 269327


Ill jump in mate. All the best.


DEF: Shaw, Laird, KK, Weitering, Dea, Adams (Hartley, Ruggles)

MID: Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Shiel, Rockliff, Libba, Mills, Oliver (Hewett, Keays, Davis)

RUCK: Goldy, Gawn (Chol)

FWD: Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, Kenendy, Kerridge (Grimley, Tippa)

$16 100 left

love to hear thoughts


great team if 4 werent sitting on the rookie list. Just make sure you have another option to maybe give you a extra 40k. if tippa, hewett, davis, ruggles are all not playing, with only 16k left, you cant upgrade them. You want your rookies to be generating cash.


and get rid of chol. Worst loophole option with richmond having so many friday Saturday games


League 567009. 100% jock reynolds followers head to head. 8 more spots to fill come join us – I fly kick your ass

Itchy balls

Cant decide between Hurn, Sheridan or Rich?


get rich or die trying.

Southern S

1. Sheridan
2. Hurn
3. Rich


DEF: houli hoops, rich or die trying, johannisen, weitering, dea, hartley (macca tippa, ruggles)
MID: fyfe is lyfe, dangerzone, gaj, jpk, rocky, libba, millsy, kerridge (menadue, gresham, davis)
RUCK: goldy, Maximilian, (cox)
FWD: montagna street bridge, barlow, big bad bustling aaron hall, bandaid wells, sub kennedy, the not so great l mccarthy (kommer, mbrown ess)

about as much cap room as the parramatta eels with $700.




Benjamima Puddleduck

Have a League to fill up, all welcome, looking for a solid league with great competition.
Come see how you line up against the Puddleducks Misfits

League 888865


Im in your jamina


hey mate – i jumped on board. good luck


Is Jack Stevens a good pick, can he get better?
Havent seen his name pop up much, but that might be for a reason. So many choices around that mark. Did consider the Bont, but that might be too risky.

Southern S

I'd take Steven over Bont personally.


As a doggies fan I'd suggest The Bont may start the season slowly. He's looked a bit underdone as returned to training late due to post season niggles.


Hey community would love to know the thoughts on my team! : )

Defenders: Shaw , Laird , Suckling , Weitering , Dea , Hartley ( Brown and Adams )

Midfield: Fyfe , Pendlebury , Dangerfield , Ablett , Rockliff , Libba , B Crouch , Mills (Gresham , Petracca and Davis)

Ruck: S Martin and Leuenberger (Grimley)

Forward: D Martin , Barlow , Hall , Wells , Kerridge and B Kennedy (Menadue and McDoanld-Tip)


Confused to pick Brad sheppard or not, anyone's comments would help




Last minute league anyone?



POD = BEN CUNNINGTON at M5 behind Fyfe, Danger, Sidebottom & Rocky. Thoughts?

Itchy balls

Good Luck much better options than that!


Hi Boys

Just wondering after the first game starts if you trade a player does that use 1 of 30 or not?


Until rhe completion of the round you can make as many changes as you like, , provided that team hasnt already played or is currently playing


are people going in with Grimley?

Was going to pick him at R3 but don't then you miss out on the loophole and won't make enough money for a forward position


Hasn't shown enough for my side. Prefer Currie at R3 despite the few extra dollars!


Only 31% of all teams have him I guess that makes him a POD


Decent league 351258. All above average players.


Is anyone else worried that Mundy's comments about him and David Hill spending more time bringing the ball out of defence make Sheriden a mirage?


Wish this bloody week would end to stop this trading

1. Parker and JJ
2. B. Crouch and Simpson

Cheers community


I would go for Parker and JJ.
Crouch and JJ are unknowns this year but there is a good chance parker goes off chops this year and scores 110

Southern S

Like Crouch and Simpson.

Simpson is so consistent for 90-100

Crouch has huge potential.


Would love some feedback please…
DEF – H Shaw, R Laird, K Kolodjashnij,
J Weitering, M Dea, M Hartley,
(M Adams, T Ruggles)
MID – N Fyfe, P Dangerfield, R Gray, L Neale, P Cripps,
T Liberatore, C Mills, C Menadue,
(J Gresham, B Keays, R Davis)
RUCK – T Goldstein, N Naitanui
(M King)
FWD – M Barlow, T Greene,
A Hall, D Wells, B Kennedy, S Kerridge,
(L McCarthy, A McDonald-Tipungwuti)

Think I have 12 keepers plus Weitering (who I think can be a keeper if the body holds up), Hall and Libba who could also stay in.
100% sold on Gray, Neale and Cripps having solid years and improving averages by at least 5pts. Gives me POD's also.
Really wanted to squeeze Sheridan into D4 but just can't find a way that looks good. Happy to hear options but I am determined to start with Goldy and Heater as I am concerned about how to get them in later.

Hope everyone has a great season!


Nice team, Blues. Good luck for the year


Cheers Kev, you too mate


Hey community, got a few spots left 892281


I know it's been done … but weitering v dea at D5?


i think they will both average similar and both have job security. So that being said, Dea because he is cheaper




which team is better community

team 1- 13.5k left
DEF-shaw houli laird weitering dea hartley (adams tippa)
MID- danger ablett priddis mitchell ward libba mills kennedy (hamiliton clarke davis)
RUCK- martin nic nat (102k rook)
FWD- barlow robinson hall wells kerridge menadue (mccarthy 102k rook)

team 2- 32k left
DEF- laird simpson hurn cutler dea hartley (adams tippa)
MID- danger hanerbery priddis mundy shiel wines mills kennedy (hamilton clarke davis)
RUCK- blicavs gawn (wyatt)
FWD- barlow robinson hall wells kerridge menadue (mccarthy 102k rook)


Both nice teams. Personally not a fan of blicavs this year, so team 1

Southern S

That Tommy or Sam Mitchell?, either way I like team one.


Anybody have any thoughts on including Zaharakis? Have one spot left with $415k in the kitty


gonna take a risk and put Gaff in the midfield.
thoughts ?


I had the same intentions at the start of the year. He will definitely play well.. but I feel he may be one of those players that just don't get the big SC scores. Or if he does it will be very infrequent. Maybe more like a Lewis time scoring capacity.


Howdy community! got a league that needs some spots filled, would be excellent if we had it polished off with Jock Reynolds members!

Code: 625186


Hey there community , would you mind checking out my team.
I'm trying to make a heap of money to start the run mid bye. Maybe if I'm lucky win 4 games along the way to extra fire power come second half to sneak me into finals.Providing they all start!

J johannisen T sherridan t ckenzie
J weitering m dea m hartely (m brown m adams)

J selwood d shiel m crouch
T libba j simkin c oliver
G hewett r davis (c mills d parish s kerridge)

N natinui m gawn grimley

A hall m deboer d menzel
d wells c menadue a mcdonald-t ( b kennedy c petrenca)

Have i left myself to much to do and are there a couple of blokes that would be better off beong left out for a premium on the rise
Money not a worry


Not the best team I've seen, Richard. Jump on the rate my team mega thread for a few ideas. Concentrate on premiums and structure


Hi Richard
This option might work in AFL Fantasy as you have 2 trades a week but this will never work in Supercoach with only 30 trades. You will not get to full premo and very doubtful you will be playing finals. I really do hope you reconsider this strategy.


something that we havn't discussed much this year, are people going for overall rank or to win their league?

overall rank you need a good start, to win your league you need a strong finish.


League win, all about league win.

Southern S

I go for league wins myself so look for maximum profit.

This team of Richard's will fail though.


Worked the last 2 seasons getting 3rd and 4th in the final, conceding maybe I'm trying to make to much coin. Previous years I spent even less but I've picked up alot more 200k players


Kennedy, Menadue or Ellis

Southern S

Kennedy and Menadue.


Morning community!

We are looking for players to join our league. We're hoping to make a push for the top tier leagues this year – 615738


thoughts on these two options:
Ablett and McGovern OR

RGray and Bartel

Southern S

Ablett and McGovern


I'm not seeing Brodie Smith in many teams anymore. Still a good POD or not?


he is too much value to leave out.

i think alot of people have gone with laird at D1 or D2 and not happy with double crows defence.

Crows have a tough start to the year, i think double crows defence is a great idea.


Awesome, my thoughts exactly


in 13 per cent mate


Can someone tell me if its worth starting Petracca? Rumour is he's not playing until round 6?

Benjamima Puddleduck

Not sure about round 6, maybe round 3 from what i have heard.

Round 6 would be the project time of his price increase


Parker and Shaw


Fyfe and Laird


Hill out for the hawks, might miss a fair few weeks with his wrist.

Hartung could be a nice POD


That is very significant. Billy Hartung could spend more time in the guts now. No doubt about this kids talent. Will be watching closely in early rounds. I won't start with him though.


laird, Gibson, smith or simpson ? who will average most come seasons end


I have 558K left to pick my M4. Out of these 3, who would you start with? Driving me nuts.

1- Rockliff? (How is that hammy………………….)
2- Shiel?
3- Parker?

If it was not for Rocky's hamstring, he would get the nod everytime. What are people's thoughts?





I guess it is probably worth the calculated risk to go with Rockliff. He suffered minor hamstring tightness at training on March10th. It means he has had 17 days to recover from it before Sunday's match against West Coast.


Please join my league


Good Luck

The Beard

Johanisen, Simpson, Laird? Who you guys liking for D2/3 (have Shaw, Bartell)


simpson or laird for me idk who though too close


Bulk Bogan – 928333

Join Up

The Beard

Ok lads need some last minute thoughts PLEASE :

Running with this squad at present :

Shaw, Simpson, Bartel, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Brown, Broad)

Fyfe, Danger, Gaz, Rocky, M Crouch, Libba, B Crouch, Mills (Menadue, Petracca, Davis)

Goldy, Nic Nat (Grimley)

Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (Adams, AMT)

Thanks lads and have a great Easter!


Great article, quality rookies who are cheap is going to be a real test this year. Thoughts on my current team?

DEF: Shaw, Laird, Houli, Langdon, Dea, Hartley (Tippa, K Collins)
MID: Gaz, Pendles, Selwood, Rocky, B Ellis, Libba, M Crouch, Mills (Gresham, Kerridge, Davis)
RUC: Gawn, Currie (Grimley)
FWD: Dusty, Barlow, Z Merrett, Wells, Menadue, M Brown (M Adams, Chol)

My obvious concern is Currie as R2, but i feel like the only area I could go cheaper on is trading Laird our Houli out for someone like Sheridan. I think Langdon could have a great year so I'd like to keep him. Ideally, Currie is serviceable and I bring in Martin/another ruck who drops in price slightly as my first upgrade. Thoughts? Cheers


Mate you've gotta get a better Ruck combination. Currie is a beast for a R3 option.

When choosing your team & trading throughout the year, you want to spend 0 trades on your rucks. So you've gotta think for 2 keepers and a good R3 backup.

Currie is a backup


Is Matty Dea Really in the best 22?

I don't think he is….


Anyone looking for last minute league…

Come play for the Dennis Cometti Cup



Few spots open in my league! All players welcome

Code is 696171