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PODCAST: NRL Supercoach Round 4

Published by Jock on

Jock Reynolds NRL Supercoach Round 4

Semi Radradra goes BANG

And one of the key questions we need to ask ourselves as we approach Round 4 is.. when is the ideal time to get this magnificent monolith into our Supercoach teams?

Stay strong. Stay disciplined. And NEVER drop your bundle community.. she is a long season.


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If you started without Radradra with the view to bring him in just before the byes stick to your plan! No need to go jumping the gun and chasing last weeks points. Same as if you've started the season with him, should never have traded him out last week (which it looks like 2% of owners did), as the great Jock Reynolds says, STICK TO YOUR TEAM STRUCTURES and build your teams as you planned to. Chopping and changing this early on will result in a weaker team come the end of year.


Harris – h hunt (playing in centres)
Elliot – paasi (elliot is an auto emergency knoblett


Harris is a hold. Only scored low because he got shifted to centres. Curtis Scott might be a late in on Monday night, anyways he will go back to the 2nd row soon where he is an 80 min players – HOLD
Paasi is only a 55 minute player and no good, just my opinion.
PS: hope you didn't go ahead with your proposed trade last week of Taylor to Walker??


Whats the deal with Garvey. not mentioned anywhere and in for a juicy increase over the next cupla weeks until Lichaa comes back


Because Licha is only a few weeks away so Garvey will only see 2 possibly 3 increases. Parcell's job security and Nikorama and carter are doing their jobs as cash cows albeit a slow one for nikorama. Would be a waste of a trade! As Garvey is not a keeper you are essentially using 2 x trades to upgrade to a keeper when you can do the job with 1 trade eventually!


Cheers Casper, you convinced me