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Jock’s Supercoach Team Reveal

Published by Jock on

Jock Reynolds Coach KingsBehold – JR Brumby FC circa 2016.

I had to make a difficult phone call this morning. I had to deliver some bad news to a bald headed genius that I love dearly.

Gary Ablett Jr will not be a part of my starting 2016 Supercoach squad.

He took it like the impressive little bastard he is. He understands that making the grade at the highest level of any endeavour means having the gonads to make the tough calls.

This is a tough call I had to make.




Jock Reynolds Supercoach Team

The Ablett Decision

Facts are facts. And what is history if it doesn’t teach us about what might happen in the future? As much as I love the greatest fantasy footballer we have ever seen there are some home truths that need to be considered;

  • Gary played 6 games last season and 15 the season before
  • Gary has not been fit enough to hit the park this preseason
  • Gary has multiple structural body issues (shoulder, foot, hand) any of which can flare up at any time, and all of which increase his likelihood of soft tissue injury
  • Gary will be 32 years old in May
  • With so many uber premiums looking so attractive this season something has to give community. You need to have the nuts to turn your back on some of these blokes for the greater good of your team. Far too much salary cap percentage is being spent on too few this preseason. This is leaving too many of us exposed down back and up forward with wafer thin DEF & FWD 4 thru 6’s hitting the park. A recipe for disaster.

I love you Gary. And I love you community more than anything else on the planet. That’s why I need to drive home some home truths to both of you here today. Be brave. Be disciplined. And have the intestinal fortifications to make some big calls.

No Goldmember

This is another one that had to give for the good of the team. I’m under no illusions that he’s the most likely bloke to end up the #1 scoring ruckman this season. I just could not part with the coin. There’s incredible value in both Nic Nat and Gawn and that’s the way I’ll go. I’m especially buoyant about Nic Nat. If he does what I suspect he may do this season he could challenge Goldmember.

I have lost some sleep around the fact that both Nic Nat and Gawn have the same bye round – but given the water that may pass under the bridge between now and then that’s a risk I’ll cop on the chin.

Weitering at D5

Not D4. D5. I’m not kidding myself that Trent McKenzie will blow the roof off the joint either. In Trent I see a kid who needs to pull his finger out this season, and I saw enough over the preseason to suggest he’s up for it. Best case scenario with him – he goes the extra step this season and can stay in my side. Worst case scenario – he’s rubbish – but he’s underpriced enough to maintain his value and give me the option to downgrade to an emerging DEF rookie, or upgrade him with some deft trading to someone like a Yeo, or another emerging keeper option.

So many are going with Weitering (who I’m very keen on), but then 2 other on field rookies who haven’t proven themselves in fair dinkum senior footy. This worries the crap out of me.. you might have nowhere to turn if a few of these blokes don’t get the job done.

Depth in the guts

Leaving your Ablett’s and Goldmember’s out of the squad has allowed me to spread my depth across the park – especially in the guts where I have Mills as my only on field rookie. I’m bloody happy with that. This is a season where we haven’t had a crap load of midfield rookies put their hand up. But they will – mark my words. I’m left with flexibility. I have the option of picking off emerging midfield rookies as they emerge.. with the choice of  either downgrading someone like a Brad Crouch, Libba or Wines (if one of them isn’t getting the job done) and injecting cash into another line, or just swapping out a dud bench rookie.

Dusty OUT. Greene IN.

This is one decision I’m agonising over. I feel I’ve fallen on the right FWD mix. I’ve got real concerns over the situation with Dusty’s old man and how this will impact him early in the season. I’ve gone with Greene who I feel will be the bloke who benefits most from the departure of Treloar. He will get a lot of time in the guts, gathers a lot of the pill – and there’s very little risk he’ll attract any lock down attention with your Shiels, Griffen’s and Wards getting around for GWS.

There she is community.. looking forward to kicking this around with you in the comments below.


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interesting team jocky boy


I'm sorry jock, I'm soft I can't do it, if Ablett is named R1 he's in my team


Im with you mate.. i can live with myself if i give the king one more chance and he stuffs it, but if i leave him out and he dominates ill never forgive myself


Best Player in the comp wont lose his touch if he plays


Yep I agree


The way i look at it is that Ablett will be back to 85- 90% of his best which is still ridiculously good. With Fyfe taking his mantle as the best player in the comp at this given time, he will want to rectify this and prove to everyone he is still the best as being second really kills him as a person.
Lowest hes been priced for a while, you need to lock him and as you said Bill, id rather have him and he does poop than not having him and watch him explode knowing for-well i cant get the bugger in my team.
In regards to his injuries, his shoulder should be fine just will have less movement in the joint which he can play with. The toe i believe is not too much of a concern but his foot on the other hand will be the make or break of his season. Lets not forget Ablett is a professional footballer so he will prepare his body as best he can throughout the season so if hes gonna get injured is going to be a case of some bad luck
Anyways hes locked in my team,


Anyone having a look at eric mckenzie 243k avergaes around 75 could be good vaule?


No. Mat Dea will score better


never easy coming back from a long-term injury, and he plays KPP, so unsure if he will get that 75 avg once again. could be value at that price and that avg though must admit just tread with caution


Nice choice, great job security will average 75+ i feel he is a must have


I have to agree with you marcus im not sure why many people arent considering him

Mallee Boy

Interesting team, showing some gonads there with that Hall / Greene fwd combination and a fairly light on ruck duo, but good luck to you. I see you've got B. Crouch at M7, what about M. Crouch at M6? Any thoughts?

Canny the Manny

For God's sake, don't get sucked in with M. Crouch. He may not produce severe burns but he won't appreciate enough to be a good cash cow or a keeper option this season.


Heater over Gaz hey!

I never thought I would see such a sorrowful day for the once mighty JR Brumby FC.

Gaz has the Dons first up to ease him back into it. I beg you to reconsider o wise father.


when he pumps out that 180 jock will be heading the bungalow to make some changes


… like placing his plums in a vice I'd suggest.


Nothing wrong with placing plums in vice mate.
When someone starts to turn the bloody thing the wrong way it can hurt.


clinton Stott

everyone must take their own path in life, its our mistakes that teach us the most.


Those mistakes sure hurt like buggery though.

In fact I suggest he avoids the TV set in the bungalow this Saturday arvo or it may wear a tinny or two!

But at least his beloved community with be there for him next week to help pick up the pieces.


Personally don't think GAJ will play round 1 he has to contend with Crowley.
Cheers Father of Fantasy and mate.


Mistakes of the past we should learn from.
What are future mistakes that have not happened yet?






Interested in what you think Jock re Ablett. Even if he plays round1 what are the chances his game time is managed until he reaches full fitness due to no NAB cup games


I think high. Especially against lower sides.


With reduced rotations this year at 90 I can't see teams take in players they need to manage time with!
There will be no passengers and GOD will rest a little in the fwd and kick 3 snags you mark my words!


Nice team Jock!! would love if ppl could give me some feedback on this team ive been working with:

DEF: Shaw, Laird, Simpson, Weitering, Dea, Brown (Hartley, Broad)

MID: Danger, Ablett, R.Gray, Rockliff, Wines, Libba, Mills, Kerridge (Hewett, Davis, Petracca)

RUCK: S.Martin, Nic Nat (Grimley)

FWD: Zorko, Barlow, Hall, Wells, B.Kennedy, Milera (Menadue, AMT)

Bank Balance —> 7.4k

Also would like some further insight (if anyone feels necessary) upon Wines vs Cripps, both seem likely to improve but unsure of who will actually do better. Thanks in advance community


Isnt zorko out round 1?


Like the Milera selection, although he is quite light and this may not translate well into the season. Thinking of Neade a few years back. Of Wines and Cripps, I am more tempted by Cripps, he's capable of some monster scores and has less midfield mates to steal his points also. But both solid.


Prefer wines to cripps myself. Otherwise i like it, see my comments on shaw elsewhere on this thread but not much wrong here i dont reckon mate.
Also zorko suspended for rd 1, maybe consider bennell? I like him to get it together this year once ross can get him off the booger sugar


Not a bad team. I'd reconsider zorko as I believe(could be wrong, but dont think so) that he's been rubbed out for the first game. Also not sold on milera. Very much like the Robbie Gray Pick, as well as Simpson.
I personally think Cripps will have a better year than Wines. He will be more inconsistent but when he goes off BOOM!


thanks for the reflections fellas! still feel zorko can be awesome and maybe loophole him for the weak, and i feel you can compare it to having a playing injured for one week during the yr, you wouldnt exactly trade em out, so one week shouldnt be too bad.

also if i didnt go with milera, is it worth getting rid of him for mccarthy and subbing menadue on field?

Average Joe

yeh good thinking milera -> mccarthy


I think they're both underpriced, but I think Wines will have to better year from a SC perspective. However, I do think Cripps is the better player so will end up being the better SC player, just not 2016.


Zorko suspended Rd 1. Cripps is a freak!


I'm taking Wines over Cripps as he may get 2nd season blues and will cop the number 1 tag every week. I started with Wines last year and was happy until he got injured, reckon he will smash it this year and I'm taking him over Rocky too.


Majestic Jock! What do you see Parker and Wines averaging? Think youre in trouble if they dont fire

Average Joe

Would say it's a pretty good chance they fire and average 105-110


Great team jock! I'm running the identical starting lineup apart from wines and weitering.


277051 one spot left if you need a strong league!


689319 & 372216 only 2 spots left. Challenge if your projected in 1750 plus


Heath shaw was just ordinanry up until last year. Max-priced IMO


Hi Fellas,
Been agonizing over the teams the last few weeks and have finally settled down on this. Need your thoughts community as I feel I may have become too close to the case.

Def: Shaw, Houli, Laird, Weitering, Dea, Brown (Ruggles, Byrne-Jones)

Mids: Fyfe, Dangerfield, Pendles, Priddis, Libba, Mills, Menadue, Gresham (D.Gore, B. Keays, R. Davis)

Rucks: Goldy, NicNac (Cox)

Fwds: Wingard, Barlow, Hall, C. Sinclar, Wells, Kerridge (Petracca, A.M Tippa)

Any & all thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers.


looks quite nice, maybe a few things to consider?

1. houli can be a gun defender back there but has at times in the season had a low patch where you can pick him up a bit cheaper than his starting price, might not be the case this yr but is possible.
2. midfield strong but light in a sense, would like to see one less rookie and either a premo or mid pricer for gresham/menadue
3. sinclair probably could be downgraded to a kennedy then upgrade that gresham/menadue to strengthen the midfield line, but i could be wrong and sinclair goes gangbusters and you got the 50k

overall a very nice team, just maybe a couple tweaks/things to consider when finalising it 🙂 best of luck champ


Point 1 can really be said of any defender


good call, but some defenders like simmo and enright seems to barely drop more than 20-30k, where some like bachar can drop 50+ quickly if they have a poor couple games. like him though looked impressive in NAB


Agreed. Dump Sinclair and bring in another mid.


Cheers for the feedback champ. I recon houli will be a winner this year/ little competition at his spot at tiger land and i reckon its going south for them.
Sinclair is a tough one to loose, not only are we mates,but i need him for ruck cover incase of injury to my starting 2.
Would love another backman & mid but i cant seem too slot them in.
Advice appreciated.


I am in the West and was disappointed of trading out Sinclair. He appeared to be developing quickly and nicely. In my team atm as Ruck coverage. Hoping he will do well.


Hey Loopy, just wondering what you will do if your rooks don't start. Do you have cash to upgrade them? If so, nice team ,otherwise it's dangerous going in without playing/ scoring rooks to make you cash.


I've got just over 20k left over. Put Cox down to wyatt. Should be enough to cover rookies if they dont get named. Any you think im missing?


Jock, no matter what selections you make, your service to the SuperCoach community is absolutely spectacular and unrivalled by anyone in the land. May your selections bring you joy, happiness and prosperity this SuperCoach season.

Community, I can clearly see where Jock is coming from in terms of leaving out Gazza but I have to agree with what Bill said earlier on in the forum:

"i can live with myself if i give the king one more chance and he stuffs it, but if i leave him out and he dominates ill never forgive myself"

Well said Bill.


After the service he has given us it would be the ultimate betrayal. Loyalty is not dead in fantasy footy!


Nothing that can't be fixed with a corrective trade. Everyone will be doing them at some point in the early rounds.


You run the risk of losing his 360 against essendon in rd 1 tho haha


As skip of course


You can't even be sure he will play the whole game. I am willing to bet they will set up the game and then rest him.

Bobby Singh

He's done things that have gone down in history. He could make 100 in a half, I've seen him do it, we all have. We just need to show trust in someone who's been doing it for many years.


I guess we will see round 1 🙂 I have him by the way. I just see the point of those not sold.

Bobby Singh

Yeah, I can see what you're getting at.


Might depend on whether Woosha plays Crowley as a tagger.


Thanks Jock. You are a great inspirational to all.


Hi jock great team here's mine
Laird, KK, johannisen, wietering, brown, k Collins: hibbered, ruggles
Danger, Pendles, Ablett, gaff, rocky, Parker, Libba, menadue: gore, j long, Davis
Martin Gawn: leorsch
Wingard, Barlow, hall, Menzel, kerridge, petracca: grimley, tipungwuti
I have 55 k left so any suggestions would be useful


Would downgrading wietering to dea and Menzel to wells than upgrading Stefan Martin up to goldy be a good move


looks like a solid plan


looks quite a good team, perhaps a few things to consider?

1. KK can have a low patch in the yr and drop in price, even though hes a young gun set to break the womb. could get him a touch cheaper?
2. prefer to see JJ at a D4 rather than D3, maybe downgrade one of the mids to do so, very stacked in there leaving defence a tadddddddd skinny but isnt a big deal.
3. menzel priced to avg 20 more than kennedy, milera and even a bit more than 20 more than menadue, could work well but money could be better made by downgrading him? might be wrong though

overall a lovely squad, could be tweaked but i like it as well, everyone has their opinions i suppose. best of luck bud 🙂


Community, I've been doing a bit of research on Aaron Hall and I have found some alarming figures.

Gary Ablett played 6 games last season, rounds 1-2, 14-17
Aaron Hall didn't play in the first two rounds but his SuperCoach scores from Rounds 14-17 are as follows:
Round 14: 98 (10 goal win over North Melbourne)
Round 15: 69
Round 16: 37
Round 17: 100 (where Ablett was subbed off in the first half)

Gary Ablett and Aaron Hall haven't played in the same side since.
Should we be concerned?
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this matter as well, Jock.


Extremely interesting, Pinidu. I think Hall has progressed a fair bit since the middle of last year but those numbers have merit. Looks like a reverse-Prestia relationship. I think we'll just have to wait and see mate, I can't make a definite call from that given they haven't seen each other on the field since July.


That's troubling


Telling info Pinidu, we also have Prestia out (JOM out last also) this year so that might help…I have Hall in my team though and am now concerned a bit… Ocker' SS shows. Solid end to the year but not much before that…thanks for the tip…;)


The Age reporting Deledio in doubt for rnd 1. Soft tissue injury.


Barely seen him in a team here so that news will probably only trouble Tiges supporters.

Although that said he should be a great upgrade target later in the season if that body holds up.


bit soft in the gonads i must say


Far out Steve, you are right about Lids…

annoying old lady

Regardless whether Deledio is selected for Round 1, I think he is a very risky selection for those considering him.

Deledio is an out and out superstar of the competition, and SC rewards him accordingly. The very same reason why he is an attractive selection is also why he is extremely risky – his enormous talent.

Richmond heavily relies on Deledio's presence and ability, so much so that their recent record without him is 2 wins and 7 losses. This means that Richmond will do whatever possible to ensure their star midfielder/forward remains fit. I see Deledio missing a week for a slight niggle, when in the past, he would have played through it. I see him being wrapped in cotton wool during games where Richmond holds a 6 or 7 goal lead in the second half. I see less and less time on ground for him in low risk games against poor sides.

I think Deledio will be a points per minute machine this year. The question is how many minutes will he get, and how many one week absences will he get?

Is spending $608,800 going to get you the consistency and reliability you're paying for, or are you better off spending your money elsewhere (ie. Heath Shaw)?


Thoughts on Houli? Have him at D2.
Think he might be overs but don't know who to go to.

Got Shaw and Laird.


seems like a good pick, back him in if you feel. maybe the "boris" enright will once again do his job, but i might be wrong.


My D1. I think hes nearly as reliable as defs come, safe for at least 90 and never gets injured.


Houli should be a fairly decent choice especially as who knows when we'll ever see Yarran at this point. Seems to becoming for the Tiges what Sylvia became for Freo.

I also like Simmo who has been rock solid every since he emerged as a premium defender and then there's that man Jimmy with Easter Monday just around the corner.


Houli is a good pick this year I reckon…. I have him, Shaw and Rich.


I'm worried that he's almost done TOO well this preseason. Dominated so clearly against port & the hawks that I think opposition teams will really clamp down on him this year. He's simply too lethal with that kick and running game to be left untamed. Just my opinion, but I'd say be wary.


good call wooly, still without yarran makes him even more tasty though didnt think of that before.


Not many sides play defensive forwards these days. Teams usually tag one player if that, and youd have to think youd go to cotch or dusty who have shown they can be completely shut out of a game with a decent tag


Def- Houli, Macmillan, Gibson, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Ruggles, Adams)
Mid- Fyfe, Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Priddis, Cripps, Libba, Mills, Ben Kennedy (Keays, Gore, Davis)
Ruc- Nic Nat, Gawn (Grimely)
For- Barlow, Robinson, Hall, Wells, Kerridge, Petracca (ATM, Brown)quite a few POD's which I like.
Have 184k still to spend. What should I do?


looks lik a nice team, but perhaps a few things to consider?

1. Macmillan avgs 14 games over the past 5 seasons, and 15.5 over the past 4. risky with durabilty and only yr last yr, in 14 rather spread out games he avged, did he avg more than 72. wouldnt recommend with the other options available.
2. gibbo can play a lot of KPP in the big games and go missing, hence his price may drop a fair bit, and only avged 87.5 post bye last yr. for his price tag, maybe other options like KK and laird would be better. same goes for macmillan IMO.
3. love the guts but no gazza could be make or break.
4. robbo seems interesting at his price, but for more you could go with dusty/zorko/wingard, or for around the same/less, s.gray/buddy/greene might work better. but hes a nice pod though.
5. with that amasing coin, gawn to goldy could be on the cards, safe and sound option while gawn might be hit and miss.

overall i like the team, some considerations ofc, but looking very nice 🙂 best of luck champ


Goldy will easily finish as top ruck this year but not sure if the huge price jump is worth it. He's in the same boat as Heath Shaw and even Fyfe as players who will score well but are at a much higher price than other options.


very good call indeed, of those 3 im only going with shaw so i back in your reasons. perhaps macmillan is my only concern, seems to be better and more reliable options at/around his price.


Nice team jock but can't not start Gazza, Also I think this year with EssenDOM rookies especially in backline we can run with Weightering at D4. I have Adams on bench with Tippa forward bench so their is an extra defender rookie if needed.


The Father of Fantasy has spoken.
Behold his word.
Agree with so much in this team and Applaud the Ablett decision. Stats are true and speak facts.
I took GAJ out 2 weeks ago and I am seriously thinking of starting without 3 other popular members of Community teams,
Fyfe, Dusty and Barlow.
It is really time for change. Father has spoken on one with real logic and common sense.

Fyfe is not in top ten when it comes to overall points scored for the season and is that not what we want to succeed in SC.

Dusty is at maximum price and will be able to be picked up at same or cheaper price later in season.

Barlow, So much hype over a man that maybe. YES I am Bucking the trend and going without him too. Hype is what it is. I trust Ross LYIN as much as I do Rodney Eade. If you have inside info to tell me different please let the community know but there is so much value in Fwd line I will buck the trend.

I believe top 6 Fwd's this year will average 100+ Barlow MAYBE one but I won't start with the hype and Ross Lyins say or read anything from NAB form except rookie info. He is already priced to make 100 points at 500k.

Now you can kick the Crap out of me go for it. I can take it.


Forgot to mention:


Whats the theory behind leaving those two out?


Both have past form but Libba having long time off with knee reconstruction will not find it easy under new team strategy and structure that he is not used to playing.
B Crouch, Foot injury and has never played 22 games in a season in fact he has only had. No it's unfair to mention.
I believe there is much better value than an injury risk player, Especially a foot injury, You need to run and kick. The only player that can play with one lung and broken ribs last year was Rocky, Hope he can play on one leg too, hahahah.


Yeah fair enough legend. Just hoping for half a season of good footy before getting in the premos.. thats the plan anyway


On libba too as a doggies fan i feel that although weve added the running element our game plan is still based on pressure and winning clearances so libba should be just fine i reckon


Bill, Good point mate and appreciate your opinion it becomes a bit of the risk vs reward type situation.
Cheers mate


very good points sir. would like to point out many have hopped on barlow as the role he is seemingly promised looks very much like the inside midfielder role of 2014 and 2013, to which he avged 111.7 and 110.0, respectively.

i totally agree with dusty and fyfe though, not to start but later on.

btw your work around the statistical side of supercoach is amazing, without them many if not all of us wouldnt be sure bout a hell of a lot. the community thanks you


Cheers Steve,
Love the words seemingly promised when it comes to Barlow, Well aware of the stats as you know but too many butts for me atm
NAB Challenge form is for rookies. They are now practice games and coaches are playing teams out of position to make up the reduction in interchange. Good possibility no NAB Challenge next year. Vests are gone but we also had panic about rucks last year but Ocker had no fear and still went Goldy and Sandi with confidence and no ruck trades.

Thanks for the appreciation on the stats mate I love it.


haha yeh barlow can be amazing but if he doesnt live up to his promise might be a few sulking sunday arvos in the tub.

nab can be the biggest trap in many ways, hence why i feel someone like hall might not actually live up to his potential with gazza back even though he is on the cusp.

all goods basically a steal that your spreadsheets cost nothing to attain. a legend of a man ocker


Ocker, that stat sheet is gold, I use it heavily. Simply awesome to be able to search and sort etc…Brilliant!


Agree with Dusty move
Barlow may be a burn man of 2016 but he is so good that he just has to be picked
But Fyfe, Nathan Bloody Fyfe, 2016 Brownlow medallist, Goliath of Supercoach, he gets contested possessions, he kicks tons of goals (he could be a Coleman medallist if he wanted to) and he occasionally takes a hanger. Biggest lock of the season for mine. leave out at your peril.


Will never stress at leaving him out mate, Totally understand his true ability but hype gets in the way of true statistical facts. He is not in top ten highest scorer's of last season. Brownlow and Coleman do not win SuperCoach for you.

Just Old Ocker's Opinion.


Old Ocker has flipped his lid!
Fyfe should be first picked in every team


Yeah Adam I certainly have I think I said that on Twitter when I released all of the other Stats for you but they do not lie. Look and study like I am going to do in the next few days.
You may find some surprising results and POD's
If Ocker has lost it that is fine mate but stats are there for you to make up own mind.
Appreciate your comment.


I can see the light too, Ock, but Gaz is above mortal statistics for me. I can't free myself from his grasp this year…


Have to agree with Jock on this one mate,
Age is not the problem for me but the past 2 years and very doubtful about playing 22 games.
Stop and think I know it is hard parting with such a Champion. How many points per season has he scored and cost you in trades? Bloody OUCH!!!! It hurts both ways. haha.

21-22 game players. I am sick of injury trades cruelling my season. It will probably happen anyway but I will try and take the precautions my parents should have. Maybe I was just meant to be too, I could have been planned they never told me that.
Shit happens sometimes mate we have to adjust and live with it.


Here's a cheers to the unplanned!…and to those given away…


Can we see your team then after all that talk ?


Hi Saundo,
If you are referring to me yes I will gladly reveal my team when I have finished it.
Why have I not finished it?
I have been too busy compiling stats for the community and have not had time to do my own team.
I make a plan I do not plan to fail.
Team will be available where my profile says on Wednesday.


Sorry to say Jock but I can't take you seriously if your not starting Gaz. That's a sin in my book, still love ya mate.

Adam walker

In jock we trust


Apart from last year when he started three ruckmen: Ivan Maric, the freaking Skinflute, and Tom Bell(end)chamber(pot).


G'day community, long time reader, first time poster – First of all would like to say I love the look of the team Jock, some risky picks but I believe that they will pay off big time and I love the Toby Greene selection in the forward line.

I've been tossing up Callan Ward for a while now, similarly to Greene I believe he will benefit greatly from the departure of Treloar and will take his game to a new level this season. With the likes of Wines, Parker and Cornboy all around 50k cheaper than Ward is he really worth it? Ward is a consistent performer and constantly pumps out 100's but is it worth sacrificing his reliability, for a cheaper young midfielder ready to explode this season at the cost of some inconsistency????

Another player who's been in and out of my team the entire preseason is the big Kurt Tippet. He flourished in the back end of last season with Buddy out of the side/down on form. But I'm still undecided as I have no idea how he will play sharing the ruck duties with Sinclair and sharing the forward line with Buddy and his NAB form has been poor, would love your opinions community. Once again keep up the good Jock, I'm sure I'll be tuning in again throughout season 2016!


Yeah the thing with ward/treloar os that two guns in the same side usually make each other better. We saw pendles go down a little w/o beams last year and i expect sloane to have a similar dip this year. We see it in sydney and freo with multiple uber premos make another better. Ward is a solid pick but dont think losing treloar does him any favours


i too have had tippett in my side a lot i love having ruck cover as they all are likely to miss a week here and there but his NAB form has turned me off somewhat


I wouldn't worry too much about Sydney's NAB form. There's a reason they are always in the finals and not winning preseason comps. Tippet will be good to go and should average the same as last year.


Pendles and De Goey
Selwood and Libba


Pendles and J.Steele?
But probably 2 anyway, libba too good to ignore


Get amongst my league community, needs filling: 121211. Cheers


Why does everyone have Gore in their side? The crows are too deep at his position. He won't play many games this year at all. Definitely won't play R1.


A lot of the bench rookies are still undecided. Will wait until teams come out for round 1 before locking any of them in. Gore just fits the mould of someone who may play and is at an average rookie price.


Fair point. Kid won't play R1 tho so start thinking elsewhere.

Average Joe

He might with curtly hampton out


hannebery or rockliff or priddas or jpk or robbie gray
i cant decide???????which one

Canny the Manny

The only one there with a Brownlow




After some feedback on my team community!

Laird, Bartel, Rich, Hurn, Weitering, Dea (Broad, Brown)

Fyfe, Ablett, Gray, Rocky, Wines, Libba, Crouch, Mills (Gresham, Petracca, Davis)

Nic Nat, Sinclair (Grimely)

Barlow, Franklin, Hall, Wells, Menadue, Kerridge (McCarthy, Adams)



quite a nice team, perhaps a few things to consider?

1. rich and hurn seem tasty, but do come with their risks as such. sets you apart from JJ and the likes though, would prefer to rich to JJ IMO only because rich had 10 sub 80 games last yr so hes a bit up and down.
2. sinclair at r2 could leave you with 50k or some tissues, not a big fan, would rather see a martin, goldy or even gawn in there. but as i said could work.

overall not many flaws to this squad, just maybe a couple things to look over before finalising it 🙂 best of luck bud


Thanks for the feedback mate! Yeah I wanted Rich and Hurn as something a bit different, only thinking with Rich was he had plenty more midfield time over NAB and hoping this continues season proper. Others I'm looking at are Yeo and Suckling. Thoughts on Suckling/Yeo?
Yeah went Sinclair for POD. I think he can average 100, takes contested marks, is very mobile, so happy with it as a risk to set myself apart from the bunch.
I've got a league that needs filling mate, feel free to join! 121211


yeo looks good, but backing on hurns word a bit, and if you dont go by nab then everyone seemed to loved the yo-yo. suckling could be quite tasty but a lot of comp off half back with JJ, boyd, murphy all seem to be big players down there. thread with caution there perhaps.

sinclair nice pod hopefully doesnt backfire buddy, might hop on if he starts to go bangers.

and yes i shall join, my real name is j**** just posted my team earlier and didnt want my mates to see it HAHAHAHA they might steal it


Yeah good point about all the WB players off halfback. I'm sure I'll be chopping and changing between those 3 a fair bit before season starts.
Haha classic mate. Cheers


yeh for sure, so many options down back for me personally i cant find the testicular fortitude to go with any mid priced defenders this yr. will work for many will burn many as well.

and yes, the alias is real.


Great team Jock, I like the uniqueness in your backline strategy with no basement rookies starting….Cant say I've seen that yet.
Just a quick question, I put Big Gawn on my watchlist after your great self alerted me to him pre-NAB and then (like many others) he made my cut after an impressive NAB. Just wondering, as Goldstein is a non-negotiable in my team , do you think I should go Gawn or NicNat? If you could only choose 1, which would it be?

All great teams from the writers, must admit though I think I like Big Carl's the best (although to be fair to Lekdog & Patch a lots changed since then)


Gawn's big scores (including this preseason) tend to come in melb wins.. not something i expect we'll see a lot of this year. He's never strung together a full season of AFL footy in about 6 attempts either.
I understand nic nat is also an injiry risk but has had his best preseason ever and has a higher ceiling IMO


Yeah good call Bill, I'm sort of thinking along the same lines. Apparently both of them have had there best pre seasons ever and Gawn does have an easier draw (comes up against good ruckmen only once). NicNats just got loads of upside though. Luckily they're similar price, so I can't make my call late without disrupting the structure of my side.


Yeah fair call he's easily the safest defender, but goldy and Yablett are potential top scorers in the whole thing. Feel theyre needed more.
But who am I to question the father of fantasy himself


Any thoughts on my team below?

Laird, Rampe, Johannison, Weitering, Dea, Broad (Adams, Hartley)

Danger; Pendles, Ablett, Priddis, Rockliff, Libba, Crouch, Mills (Petracca, Keays, Davis)

Goldy, Gawn (cox)

Barlow, Greene, Hall, Wells, Menadue, Kerridge (hunt, brown)

60k left in the bank. Any help appreciated. Obviously rookies subject to selection


backline is a big gamble, if rampe and JJ don't fire you're gonna have to be using side trades early on


nice team nicko, maybe a few things to ponder?

1. rampe 8 sub-80 games last yr could be risky, especially as 6 were sub 70. might be better getting a more reliable scorer such as houli/bartel/KK if you have the $ which it seems you do. also to compliment JJ its good to have a very solid d1 and d2.
2. fwd looks nice somehow i fel greene, even though wont receive attention, has to compete with ward,griffo,shiel,steele,kelly and smith for midfield minutes, which might not get his output to that 95+, but i might be wrong and gws might like him. would prefer s.gray or buddy around that price bracket IMO, but could work nicely too.

overall a solid team, mid and ruck very powerful, but that defence just lacks the reliabilty, mainly with rampe. best of luck champ 🙂


Thanks fellas. Appreciate the feedback. Looking at a few options to strengthen DEF. Not sold on Greene also, further research required.

Thouggt Rampe could be a good pod and end up as my D5 or 6, but yes sub 80 scores will hurt.



greene to buddy or gray in that price bracket makes sense, or higher towards dusty and zorko and others if you arent sold on greene.

rampe at d2 though probably better if he were d3 as less risky coz you would have 2 reliable defenders down there. could go nuts though and prove me wrong which i hope he does, good player


What about going weaker up front and downgrading greene to ben kennedy
Then upgrading dea to bartel

So effectively greene v bartel
Dea v kennedy

Makes rampe d3 then


woukdnt entirely suggest that, i feel as though theres much money to be made by dea, even though there are many rookies who seem like theyll make some cash up forward. i would probably just do a straight upgrade from rampe to houli or someone with some reliability, think for his price rampe might not smash it, but i could be wrong. if you want to take the risk, would advise that you downgrade greene to kennedy, as you said, and with the 502k you have left (yes i actually did the math if you have exactly 60k in bank) then get simpson, ultra consistent, reliable, durable, and just a good pick to compensate rampe and JJ 🙂


Thanks in advance.

Weitering (D4) & JJ (D3)


Rookie at D4 (already have Broad, dea, Hartley, AMT in defense) and Houli/Bartel//KK (D3)


option 1 is safer IMO as JJ may get to that status of 470+ if he plays to his potential, and weits adds some strength to d4 instead of a rookie

Sc god

Number one has much more value and great upside id go for that!!


Community I have $1260 left in the bank with two spots to fill in my midfield (M3 and M4)

My current midfield is as follows: Fyfe, Danger, ?, ?, Rocky, Libba, Mills, Parish

I'm thinking about Pendles, The Son of God, Priddis, Hanners, Gray, JPK, Mitchell etc

Any help in my selections would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


son of god and hanners perhaps, even though if you dont go son of the lord oh god then perhaps priddis. very consistent players but gray nice smokey


Well balanced team Jock.

I would prefer to have Marcus Adams over Mason Cox though.

I would also consider having Ben Kennedy over Callum Mills. This would give you enough money to select Jade Gresham over Dean Gore and allow you to play Kennedy in the Forward line with Menadue a DPP link on your Midfield Bench.


I like your thinking Steve.


983836 for strong league top 1000 finish last 2 years

Damon Bisetto



Backs: H.Shaw, K.Kolodjashnij, G.Birchall
J.Weitering, M.Dea, M.Brown
Bench: M.Hartley, A.McDonald-Tipungwuti
Mids: N.Fyfe, P.Dangerfield, G.Ablett, T.Rockliff
T.Liberatore, B.Crouch, D.Wells, C.Mills
Bench: C.Menadue, D.Cuningham, B.Keays
Ruck: S.Martin, N.Naitanui
Bench: M.Chol
Fwds: D.Martin, M.Barlow, A.Hall
D.Menzel, J.Simpkin, B.Kennedy
Bench: S.Kerridge, C.Petracca


looks a nice team, but perhaps some suggestions?

1. birchall with 6-sub 80 games and only 4 tons, with 3 of those being 2×100 and 104. seemed to have more negatives than positives for mine, but could work veryyyy well. however, he is generally durable and can go on good runs.
2. would have wells in the forward line for menzel personally, and get that mid spot open for brad crouch is available.
3. simpkin down to a rookie like mccarthy who will make more coin IMO, and even can use that to get that m7 position up to a matt crouch or someone of the sort, even though i would like to see m5 a 500-550 player and m6 as libba.

overall, looks quite juicy, rucks and defence looks quite safe, just a couple of litle things perhaps to change 🙂 best of luck bud


Not bad mate. One suggestion would be to lose either simpkin or menzel for a lower priced rookie (adams?) As kerridge is too good to leave on the bench, then you could get goldy too


Brad Crouch or De Goey?


brad crouch – even though hasnt played a pre-season is still likely to get the avg around 90+ by yrs end.

de goey – will be given some midfield time but how much is the questions with competition of pendles, steele, adams, swan at times, treloar, etc


With less rotations de goey will get enough midfield time but hard to say how crouch will go being out of afl for a while


im tipping if crouch is fit he will blow the roof off. much faster cash generation.IF he is fit.


I dont see de goey getting a great deal of mid time once pendles gets back in there when the real stuff starts. I have b.crouch, but also consider steele


Well balanced, yet ballsy in no Goldy and God. I respect your testicles jock.
I would also appreciate any opinions on team froffies, that has changed 100 times in the last couple of days but I think is finally settled.
Def: shaw, houli, JJ, lonergan, dea, Hartley (brown, Adams)
Mid: fyfe, gaz, shiel, rockliff, dubcan, libba, mills, bkennedy (letracca, gore, Davis)
Ruck: Goldy, gawn (loersch)
Fwd: Barlow, gray, hall, wells, milera, kerridge (menadue, tippa)


nice team there foxy, defence nice and strong for sure. perhaps consider duncan to parker/wines who might do better, but duncan does look good. also shiel at m3 could be a touch risky if he doesnt have a big start (even though i feel he will). my personal opinion would be duncan up to hanners/priddis/gray for extra strength in the guts. cant fault anything else really 🙂


What's the go with Johannisen? Haven't heard much about him


Tore the NAB a new one but will he prove a Feb Flyer it's hard to say.

I'm rolling the dice on him in one of my fantasy sides but it won't be SC.


had a brilliant pre-season so many are keen on him to turn that 418k price tag into 500 by seasons end; hence a keeper.




Great threw the nab cup but will get a lock down defending role on small forwards. Boyd murphy and suckling will be the ones running off that back flank.


Final Team

DEF: Shaw, Laird, Simpson, Dea, Collins, Hartley (Adams, McDonald Tipungwuti)
MID: Fyfe, Ablett, Treloar, Rockliff, Wines, Liberatore, Mills, Menadue (Gresham, Keays, Davis)
RUC: Goldstein, Sauce (Chol)
FWD: Wingard, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (Petracca, Brown)

$62,300 in the bank


beautiful team, solid on all lines, just maybe treloar to priddis/gray/hanners to give a greatened reliabilty to your mid, as trezza might or might not struggle with a new team, new playing style, new ground etc. just food for thought i suppose. otherwise i like the rest of your team, nicely structure but perhaps sauce to martin would work better, martin only 3 sub-90 scores in the past 2 seasons, where as sauce has 11. sauce looking nice though as a POD 🙂


Thank you for the advice 🙂 I've definitely gone Treloar to Priddis, just contemplating my ruck still. Defence is my biggest worry as I'm not sure how the rookies will perform but very confident in my premiums.

Would Lincoln McCarthy be a decent rookie for the forward line so I can have Brown back as insurance for Adams or McDonald-Tipungwuti not getting selected?


Thoughts on Sam Mitchell?
Every year people write him off but he always comes back and puts in a great season


resting is the concern, but otherwise a true champ


Very Nice POD will average 110


Who should I swap out for Ablett? Fyfe and Danger m1 and M2? Considering Robbie Gray but are there better options around the 500-630 k region?


Hold the courage of your convictions and keep Gaz mate. There are plenty of seasoned coaches who will start with him if named Rd1 so don't get scared off by just one man's opinion.

But there are plenty of good choices if you lose your nerve including Gray. I like Hanners and Pendles too.


priddis/hanners/gray seem viable if you have fyfe and danger m1 and m2


Priddis if you're determined to remove Ablett.


Thoughts on Dusty? Due to off field issues leave him alone? Also thoughts On Mitch Duncan as M5? Could go him or Parker not sure any help?


dusty seems to be okay, his issues might hurt him at the start so IMO an upgrade option.

as for duncan, i love the kid as a geelong fan, still need to wait and see how danger effects him, even though looks good in nab. parker seems a tad safer but at times relies on goals to get him the big scores, which might be a tad risky in itself. parker for me personally


Dustys current price requires good scores. Even without the off field stuff, I think he is an upgrade target for later. I expect him to drop nearly 100k at some point if he is like previous years.

Southern S

Agree with CapTkaOs

skate or die

does anyone think Travis Varcoe, will have supercoach relevance this year?


not a chance

Southern S

You can't be serious.


By all reports hes had a great pre season could see him averaging 90


I like him as a POD will take balls but hes locked into my side


Houli or McDonald ?








Im a dees fan and although he has been playing mcdonald is definitely not 100 percent. I was at the practice match and he was out of sorts, when he was tackled they would just stop and not complete the tackle. He was the only player for this to happen to. Had a good NAB 3 but hasnt looked himself in my opinion. He could easily do well from the get go but id go houli.


Interesting team Jock. Seems like a cookie cutter team other than that defence. 3 big risks between D3-D5. I can see where you are coming from with Ablett, but remember you do have 30 trades if he does get injured. Otherwise a solid team


Johanisen or hurn in defence

Kevin Skywalker

I'm going Hurn, WCE defence more settled after last year's injuries means his role is back to being a highly skilled defensive distributor. JJ less experienced in same roll and may be easier to shut down

Southern S

Neither for me.

Johannisen's scoring (although high currently) is too unpredictable for my liking. Lots of uncontested ball.

His price is fine but just not sure if I want him in my team all year and into finals, especially if everyone has him.

Hurn I'm not convinced he's going to score high enough to stay in my team into finals. Side trades are horrible.

JJ if I had to pick one.

I N Pieman

If boomer can still look like fantastic at 37 young Gary can still dominate. He is the King. Selected round 1 and he's first picked no questions asked


Be prepared for non appearance round 1 though Pieman.


You go Pieman!

I'll be riding the Gaz Express right alongside you brother to the SC promised land.

Let's just hope it doesn't run off the tracks. We need a little more god damn positivity around here!

Will we get an Itchy Nuts reveal at some point or do you prefer to keep your cards close to your chest?


With ya, INP. I made a team without Gaz in it and I felt a deep sense of betrayal towards the great man. Many trousers he has ruined with seam stretching captain scores. Would spoon him without a second thought. I can't not have him in my round 1 team


Totally agree with you 3 lads (IN Pieman, SCAddict & Kev) I'm aboard the Gaz express too!!!! I reckon us 4 should find another 14 Gaz believers and enter a league together. We'd be a great chance to take home the Round 1 $18,000 against others who miss out on the 300 points straight off the bat. We could call the league 'All hail the great man' (if it fits) haha


Christ has risen once, no reason why he can't rise again!


Fabulous idea Phil. I've created a new league called 'The True Believers'

Anyone is welcome to join if they meet the one condition of entry in that they MUST START with Ablett at Rd1. So if you bail on Gaz before his first game then you must drop out of the league clear and simple.



Great SC Addict. I'm in, look forward to coming up against you. Just 8 spots left.


Good man!

Can't wait to read the forums Saturday night after Gaz has proved his Doubting Thomas's wrong.


What if the great one is not named round one, Do we keep him or trade?…. I am a believer in him though.


If he doesn't get named then we'll all have to face that brutal reality together and not start with him.

But let's keep a positive frame of mind for now. He said last week that he would be right for Rd1 so we should maintain the faith I reckon.


Keeping all fingers crossed SCaddict


I'm in SCaddict. should be a lot of fun..

The Ranger

I admire a man of conviction Pieman. Good onya.
I'm 95% with ya but I have to admit to a little trepidation.

Kevin Skywalker

Like your team Jock. I have similar structure but, I have Gaz but if he's not named Rd 1 he will become Hannebery/Priddis/Pendles. Also I don't have Shaw but have gone Weit and Dea at D5 and D6


I've got Dusty at F1 but I'm a little worried about it now. His fathers trouble haven't come at a very good time. I've just read that Bennell kicked 4 goals and had a blinder of a game for the Peel Thunder. I'm toying with the idea of going with Bennell or Wingard at F1 now. What do you guys & girls think? Or should I stay with the Dust man?


I've been thinking of Wingard myself. Hasn't shown much in NAB but it's pretty clear most of the Port guys were at half-mast. I know you're aware of Bennell's notorious inconsistency but at least we can GUARANTEE that he won't get a tag as long as fyfe's playing. I dunno, mate, Dusty's probably "safest" but at his best Bennell can blow the other two out of the water. All depends on how Ross decides to stuff around with the team this year…


Thanks Joe it's been doing my head in a little. Dusty didn't fire early last year. Wingard looks like he could spend more time forward rather than in the middle. Bennell can be good very good but does get injured or goes missing. Then the one I would have gone to Zorko gets rubbed out for a week.


Wingard will get more time in the middle with less interchange they will need to mix it up same with Sam gray


community quick little questions:

shaw and weitering or houli and mckenzie? (D1 and D4for both) as well d2 and d3 are laird and simpson

cheers in advance


Shaw and Weit seems the safer bet to me.



Jonathan Camac

Shaw and Weitering for me too. Shaw consistently averages 90+ and often plays most games in the season. Weltering is a absolute talent, and in this Carlton side, will likely see a lot of the ball.


Still love ablett
But im worried
Can easily swap for pendles but not sure about him either with the treloar factor
Thoughts on these guys would be great
Also selwood
Been wanting him in my side from the start due to price and what he can do
But my 2 concerns and his fitness and danger now at the cats
As i have danger do i go with selwood
And will he be top ten


If Ablett's named round 1 I'll be picking him, but if you have to go to Pendles I wouldn't hesitate – remember Beams also used to be there.
I wouldn't worry about Selwood's fitness – anyone who gets 34 touches, 9 tackles 6 clearances and 2 goals in a game – even though it's VFL – is fit. The Danger factor could be a blessing (relieves the tag and allows more freedom), or he could steal some touches off of him, which I doubt. He is in my side.


I have basically the same team jock, except:
jj – Bartel
Mckenzie – Adams
Parker – Gaz
Wines – B Kennedy
Gore – Hewett
Nic nat – goldy
Gawn – martin
Greene – deledio
If gaz is fit you mist have him, both of his injuries in the last two years havent been his fault its has bee mcaffer and a crows player bumping him. This means that he is more reliable then if it was a soft tissue injury.


8 differences so basically nowhere near the same team then.



Benjamima Puddleduck

UM…. its a contact sport….. its not really anyone's fault? It just happens

32 (not that i like to use age a excuse, because i think its a cop out) the way he plays or wants to play is to much for the body. If he continue's to play like he has in the past, it will be only a matter of time before he cops another injury.

Gaz is on the way out, ave 100 this year.


Yep pretty much identical accept the ones that are different. Haha


Great team Jock old boy, seeing some similarities to mine and alot of other no doubt………

I love the GOREgeous inclusion……… i'm hoping he gets the nod also, Big fan and think he has alot to offer in the Adelaide MID in the future given he gets some game time. Might just pip Atkins to the spot RD1 given the Tins he and Crouch knocked back in pre season warm ups!

Not to keen on the WINES inclusion, think he has potential to do anything…… but that could also mean bugger all……… to much risk where there is others more reliable around that range. Our MIDS line up the same, besides I have Wells over Wines, and used the extra coin for Montag, Dusty, Barlow & T.Lynch in forward line.

Still yet to see old Red Nut Lynch line up in anyone else's team, hope that little POD stays safe with me……. Break OUTTTTT!

Love ya work.


Def – B Smith, S Hurn, M Suckling, N Malceski, J Weitering, M Dea (M Brown, M Hartley)

Mid – N Fyfe, P Dangerfield, S Pendlebury, L Parker, O Wines, C Mills, C Oliver (C Menadue, J Gresham, G Hewett)

Ruck – S Martin, N Naitanui (S Grimley)

Forward – M Barlow, S Gray, A Hall, D Wells, B Kennedy, S Kerridge (L McCarthy, A, Mcdonald)

Bank 41k

Defence – Toughest line to pick this year. Gone with fallen premos. Don't think anyone over 500k is gonna improve their output on last year.

Midfield – No Gazza, like jock i worry bout his durability. Gone with the no nab games no pick in my team (gazza, selwood, rocky) Couple of pods with wines and parker (both i think can go to the next level)

Ruck – No Goldstein (way overpriced for a ruckman) Stef Martin possession gatherer and solid durability, Naitanui (first full pre season in years)

Forward – Had my eyes on Hall and Gray going into this year based on their end of year outputs 2015. Both have impressed me and look to go to the next level. No Dusty – worried about off field issues.

Southern S

Your fallen premo backline could stagnate and cause you some major problems. I dare say your four fallen premos will end up in the 400-450k mark by finals. Malceski probably won't even get to that.

I wouldn't trust any of them personally but I'd take suckling and hurn over smith and malceski.


thoughts on harley Bennell community?


See above I'm thinking about him after he kicked 4 goals and was in the best for the Peel Thunder. What are your thoughts on him?

Nasser Sultani

i think he's a brilliant player but from what i've heard has had injury problems this pre season? If he lines up round 1 I'll lock him in


Good on you Nasser, great to see that there are still blokes who'll go with their gut on these stat-dominated sites. Harley is a treasure of a talent – bloody hope you can reap the rewards this year.

Edan J