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Big Carl’s Team Reveal

Published by Jock on

BarronCoachKingsLogoIt’s that time of the year again, Community. We can almost taste it. Fantasy footy is back for another season and isn’t it a magnificent thing.

My side has taken many different forms during the pre season and I have observed a number of interesting trends along the way:
  1. Never before have we seen such an absence of genuine midfield rookies. They appear to be as rare as a moment of intimacy between Higgo and Cathy. So teams must be structured accordingly. Some are going very heavy to compensate, others are breaking the unwritten rule of starting a FWD/MID player in the midfield.
  1. So many juicy mid-price options. Wells, the Crouch brothers, De Goey, Steele, Zac Smith, Simpkin, Graham, Sheridan, Lonergan and Seedsman just to name a few. It only seems feasible to pick two to three of these, max.
  1. We have a conundrum in the ruck. Plenty of great options, only two spots to fill. Goldy will be a juggernaut again but comes with a massive price tag. Stef Martin appears in great touch. Maxy Gawn, Nic Nat looking unders with great value. Sauce Jacobs rarely has a bad game, while the likes of the Mummy can go big. Then there are the cheaper options like Zac Smith. Big decisions to be made here, Community.


My bloody team has changed so much this pre season, and it will probably change again depending on who is named on Wednesday and Thursday night. But without further ado, here is Genghis Khan in its current form.

Big Car's Supercoach team

A couple of key points

  • It makes me sick to the stomach I’m not selecting Scott Pendlebury. I’ve started with him every single season I’ve been involved in Supercoach and he has never let me down. I feel dirty. Like I’m cheating on him. I’m desperately searching for a way to sneak him back in before things kick off.
  • No Dusty. Like Pendles, I’ve started him every season since I can remember. But I reckon with the strife his Dad is in, he might go off the rails a bit early in the piece this season. Hoping he has a quiet start. I’ll look to pick him up around the byes.
  • The Goldstien Had him in my side all pre season, but went down to Nic Nat to pocket the 140K and get Crouch into the midfield. Concerned about starting without this behemoth, though. Very concerned.
  • Of course, there are a couple of risks. Sheridan and Crouch being the main ones. Have the option of going Sheridan to a Lonergan or McKenzie if I get cold feet. Could go Crouch down to a rookie and go back up to Goldy. Some tough calls to be made.

All in all, I don’t mind the structure of this side, although I will probably make more tweaks before Round One.

Over to you Community, let me know what you think. Could still certainly do with some improvement!


Big Carl

Follow Big Carl on Twitter: @CarlPfeiffer9

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Most balanced side ive seen Big Carl!

bit risky going in with both Greene and Hall in the fwd line IMO but im loving that defence. Im running with something similar. Think its the way to go this year.


I'm going Gray and Hall. Hall is a gun


Gray or Rockliff ?


Love the team, Carl

Just wondering if people see libba as a keeper or stepping stone?

Think he'll average around 105 but not sure if hes worth it. Obviously great value but reckon my side looks more balanced without him.



Keeper I reckon


I don't think he's a keeper. Think he'll average 95-100. Underpriced and great stepping stone though.


He is just a cash generator. When he hits max price he will be culled.


He averaged 106.8 in 2013 and 110.4 in 2014 in. If he gets near that I'd keep Kim at m8


Thanks BraK in.


If a bloke is priced in the mid 300k's and you think he's going to average 105 he's a no brainer selection. Which he is.


Remember he just came off a ACL. It's a major injury, I expect him to hit around 85/90.


Vex if you think Libba will average 105 and in your next breath you say your not sure he is worth it then you musn't be very bright.

I have Libba in my team and think he will average around 80 to 90 tops and will be a great upgrade player.
However if he is averaging 105 like you're predicting then I can assure you mate that he will then STAY in my side as you will struggle to find a M8 that will average 105 come season end as that's about as high as any of our M8 will score.


Do you plan on getting Goldy?

Big Carl

Yeah mate I certainly do. May do some shuffling so I can start with him yet. Going to have another monster year.


Most 'normal' side of any staffer and for good reason, a logical, fantastic team.
However, I'm calling it now. Tommy Sheridan the burn man of 2016. Unproven, competition for role (Cam Sutcliffe likely more highly rated at Freo), and Ross Lyon who is known as much for killing supercoaches as he is for real life coaching. I'd avoid.


How many people are going in with 4 rookies on field in the fwd line? Too risky or smart with all the sub-250k options there?


I am mate, Wells at F3. The value is all up forward this year. People get to hung up about having their team look roght with an even spread of rooks & premos but i think picking the best players is more important. For mine that means a light forward line, allows me to aboid the massive risk associated with Sheridan, JJ etc.


I reckon the max is 3 Tret going in with 4 is adding a risk too many as your banking on all of them making money, odds are stacked against that if things change and there's 4 absolute belters you can always trade down with a corrective, not always available the other way early doors though.


I Wells at F3 and five rookies that seem to change on the hour. 🙂

Think that four starting rookies might be to Many


Toby Greene or Hall?


Hall. Greene is a trap IMO. Will play more fwd and has poor DE%


thoughts on Brodie Smith? fired in the 3rd NAB game after illness effected his second game


lock I reckon only 415k


Too cheap to leave. I think I will have both Laird and Smith.


Parker or WInes?
Greene or S. Gray?
Weitering & Bartel or Shaw & Ruggles?


Shaw & Ruggles


Wines, Greene, Shaw&Ruggles

Cyril is delicious

G'day community, would love any thoughts, ideas, or opinions on my lineup. Cheers!

Def: Laird, KK, Yeo, Smith, Dea, Broad (Byrne-Jones,K.Collins)

Mids: Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Rocky, Parker, Libba, , Parish, Cuningham (Gore, Mathieson, Keays)

Rucks: Goldy, Gawn (Cox)

Fwds: Martin, Barlow, Greene, Kennedy(Want wells), Kerridge, Petracca. ( Brown , Grimely)
Thinking smith into weitering and a rookie up to wells??
Have $9,400 in the bank, cheers community!


Yes Smith to Weitering is a good option. Personally I would go Mills over Parish and Mathieson won't play for 6 weeks. Yeo is interesting, didn't show much in NAB?


whats your projected score? Mine is 1802.


Apparently Petracca wont be playing until round 6 at least. – Source Melbourne High Performance manager Dave Mission

Bells. E Bub

Which would be just the kind of info you'd want to keep to yourself and those that can be bothered to do the research really. Otherwise we'll have 10,000 people in the top 5% with teams that are all the bloody same.
I think you'll find the reason Higgo etc are coming out with some odd teams is to encourage a bit of variation in team selection.
Stuff this "share with the community" bollocks. It's a competition. So compete.




Rd 6 is more appealing than Rd3 to be honest, now you justify him being used as a loophole


I have NicNat and Gawn as well, but I just realised they both have the same byes. Have you considered this Big Carl?


Good point. Had those 2 rucks but will change Gawn to Jacobs because of it.

Big Carl

Good call. Will certainly need to look at that! Might go back up to goldy…


I have them too
And rs 14 is my most 0 for the round
But in saying the its the second round of byes and you will make heaps of trades by then
With only needing 18 players im taking the gamble that ill be trading to fill the rest of the side by then

Kevin Skywalker

I have them too. But in byes it's best 18 so I should have coverage on other lines. Worth the I believe


Rate my team if you could
BACK- Laird, Bartel, KK, Weitering, Dea, Brown (McDonald-Tipungwati, Ruggles) (only if promoted

MID- Fyfe, Danger, Gazza, Shiel, Rocky, Libba, B.Crouch, mills (Keays, Cuningham, Davis)

RUCK- Nic Nat, Gawn ( Grimley)

FORWARD- Dusty, Barlow, Hall, Wells, B.Kennedy, Kerridge (Cox, Peteracca)


Not sure about bartel and dusty


Bartel and dusty are A graders and both at a good price. What is it your not sure about?


If you're a bit iffy on dusty try harley bennell as a pod community.. deadset gun and his scores can only go up now Rossco will have him off the booger sugar and actually focusing on playing football


This is almost identical to my team hahaha


Hahaha seems to be like a lot of teams

Print Screen?

Did you really take a photo of your computer screen with a camera? Hahaha


I reckon you would be a sh!t house bloke you pathetic little dweeb who corrects peoples mistakes for a living. What a tossa. Eat a bowl of dix…

Bells. E Bub

Don't hold back son. Tell him what you really think.

Print Screen?

Wasn't correcting him as taking a picture isn't a mistake, there's just much more efficient and effective ways to go about it. Just had never seen any actually go to the effort of using a camera to take a photo of their team like that haha
I think you're the "sh!t house bloke" and "pathetic little dweeb" if you feel the need to call someone that over the internet over something like that. What are "dix" by the way? Never heard of them, are they nice? Might have to try them 🙂

PS is a Dork

Be honest. You gave yourself that thumbs up didn't you mate…

Print Screen?

Hopefully 'U KNOB' admits it soon, can't believe someone would actually give themselves a thumbs up. Thanks for letting me know.


Take this tripe elsewhere lads. This is OUR community and we are all lovers <3



Nice team … 25 out of 30 … almost a clone side! Hope my PODS make the difference.


Your next Jock


Which option:

1.Gawn, Rockliff and KK

2. Gawn, Selwood, Bartel/Rich/McGovern/Hurn

3. Martin, Pendles and Lonergan

Canny the Manny

Option number 1

Benjamima Puddleduck

3 with Selwood not Pendals


I'd go for 2 with Rich or McGovern being the third. Apparently Selwood is ready to go.


concerns on Selwood below quoted 'won't play every match this season' from the horses mouth…hmmm….


Also is Hurn a good option?




Should average 80-85


thoughts on team
not including bench players
DEF shaw, kk, jj, b smith , weitering dea
MID gaz, fyfe, danger , rocky, wines ,liber ,mills, kerridge.
RUCK stef martin and z smith
FWD wingard hall ,barlow, wells, petracca, Menadue


I'm going goldstein with grimley as an R2 and hoping he can average around the 50 mark for the first 7 or so rounds which hopefully brings him to 300k, then planning to trade him up to a Martin or Gawn. Is this a good idea?


That sounds like the TBC move of 2015. I know how it ends….. Badly!

Big Carl

Massive risk going Grimley R2. Won't score well at all. Better off creating enough $ to go to a Zac Smith at least.


NO. The end.




Any feedback and criticism is welcomed !

H.Shaw, R.Laird, J.Bartel, M.Dea, M.Hartley, N.Broad (M.Adams, T.Ruggles)

N.Fyfe, P.Dangerfield, G.Ablett, T.Rockliff, T.Liberatore, B.Crouch, C.Mills, B.Kennedy (C.Menadue, J.Gresham, R.Davis)

T.Goldstein, S.Martin (M.King)

D.Martin, M.Barlow, T.Greene, D.Wells, L.McCarthy, S.Kerridge (M.Brown, A.McDonald-Tipungwuti)

$149,600 remaining salary.


Looks a strong side but I would only keep 30,000 to 40,000 in the bank.

Upgrade some defenders?


Awesome job Big Carl. We have the identical starting midfield man. Glad to see you are onboard with Hanners too.



Ok majestic community I’ve had a few requests for a full and comprehensive team reveal over the past few weeks so in the immortal words of one Paul Roos “HERE IT IS!!!”

(Unfortunately I’ve had to split this reveal into parts A and B as it exceeds the comment length threshold for a single post in case you were wondering.)

As the preseason has unfolded so have all our teams and mine has been no exception. I can only imagine how much Lek’s team has evolved since he did his initial reveal nearly a month ago? But somehow I still think he has Hally in his side ha ha – great early call by the Lekstar. Btw I hope we see another video series from the great man this season as that was one of the most superb things on the site last year (along with the inner sanctum podcasts of course) and absolutely essential viewing but I digress.

Anyway after another teaser of a NAB (that probably asked just as many fresh questions as it answered old ones!) I’ve now arrived at a point where Addicts Anonymous is fully settled, comfortable in its own skin, and ready to apply a firm Juddy inspired squirrel grip to the Champion Data boys where it hurts most.

So copy it to your heart’s content or rip it apart I really don’t care but nearly to a man this WILL BE the side I start with this Thursday night … unless obviously there are fresh injuries at training, surprise omissions in the team sheets or some prick catches a cold blah blah blah.


Without a doubt it’s the line that has caused the most second, third and even fourth guessing, with hellish night sweats and general all round consternation. Like all of you I’ve held untold combinations, iterations and permutations but this is the final hateful 8 that will play in Addicts’ backline:


Laird has only continued in the NAB where he left off in 2015 and that’s as the number one rooster in defence at Crowland so more than happy for him to hold down that D1 post, at least early in the season. Simmo is one of my few PODs, owned by less than 4% of coaches, which frankly astounds me as he’s been the epitome of premo defender consistency over the past 7 years, hitting pretty much a 95 average year in and year out. Oh and he’s only missed 5 games in the past 10 years so there’s that!

Bartel has flown under the radar beautifully during the preseason which I’m totally lapping up and although by no means a POD he’s now owned by less than 12% of coaches which is far fewer than a month ago. I can’t deny there aren’t significant risks with this selection, risks that we all understand, but I just can’t pass up this kind of quality in defence for the money. How often have we written off Enright and now we are doing the exact same thing with his buddy?! He also thrives on the big stage and they don’t get much bigger in the h&a season than Easter Monday at the G. So it wouldn’t surprise me if he goes BANG next week and rocks the Supercoach world, the same one that’s already seemingly written his fantasy obituary.

I’ve already voiced my stance of not starting with the over inflated Heater Shaw many, many times before and there’s no need to go over old ground there, so let’s move on to the all important guts.



Yep after countless hours of cognitive therapy and searching deep within I’ve finally decided to roll with all the ‘big 3’ (Gaz, Rocky, Libba) assuming they’re named which appears very likely. This trio have had either indifferent or non-existent preseasons which is actually what makes this even a debate, as no one in their right mind would pass on these lads at their present price tags, if they were all 100% fit and firing in the NAB.

So all coaches will have to make their own calls here and these decisions could heavily influence how your Supercoach season trends, either north or south, especially on the critical pivot point of whether ‘to Gaz or not to Gaz’. So best of luck to each and all on how you choose here folks and hopefully you won’t be this guy:

Hanners is my only quasi POD in the middle as he is still owned by nearly 10% of the comp. A natural accumulator of the footy with tremendous running power and all around hardness. As a Swans man it always staggers me that oppositions rarely apply the hard tag to him given how often he gets it and how damaging he can be. For instance the Blues sent Curnow to JPK in NAB3 instead. Hanners also plays awesome at the SCG and averaged nearly 130 there last season and we all know Sydney will now play all 11 home games at the SCG in 2016 and no longer any at ANZ. If you are considering a red and white mid this season I see him as the slightly better pick than either Parker, Titch or JPK but of course I could be wrong.



Brad Crouch and my man Mills round out the onfield brigade and I just simply believe they are extremely fantasy relevant footballers at bargain bin pricing, even from the relatively little we’ve seen of them in the grand scheme of things. As such I only need to hear their names announced on Thursday night and they will get a starting guernsey in Addicts.


I’ve toyed with numerous tandems over the past 4 weeks but I’ve finally returned full circle to:


After suffering through the never ending debacle that was Tom Bellchambers last year I really don’t want to dilly dally in the rucks or settle for second best this season. Hence I’ll just pay the steep price of admission here then can focus on fully developing my other 3 lines.

With so many great midpricers and rookies available up forward this season I’ve taken a budget or value based approach with this line which has allowed me to fund those imposing midfield and ruck departments:


Barlow, Hall and Wells hopefully speak for themselves but I’ve decided to roll the dice on the youngster De Goey as my only true ‘breakout year’ type prospect. He’s impressed us in the NAB and everything we’re hearing out of Pieville is that he will be given all the opportunity in the world to shine in the middle and I believe community he will shine brightly in 2016. An honourable mention must go to Greene who is my 31st man. He was in my squad all preseason but just missed the cut in the final team reshuffle.


As I see it I have 12 legit keepers plus Libba, B.Crouch, De Goey and Wells although it wouldn’t greatly surprise me if I finish the season with 1 or 2 of those guys as well, depending on how they perform and whether their bodies hold up. I also already have nearly all the bigger spend players all coaches will be seeking in the midfield and ruck so this really leaves just the best forwards and defenders to hunt down during the season. These guys tend to be both more affordable overall and also more up and down so it won’t require the bucket loads of coin that it would to upgrade to say a Goldy or Fyfe. My priority upgrade targets will be Shaw and Macca in defence and Dusty and (probably) Lids up front as well as any other fallen uber premo opportunity across the 3 main lines.

Hamilton at F8 is my considered early loophole tactic. The Doggies play either Saturday night or Sunday 10 of the first 11 weeks with their only Friday game in that period not until Rd6! He also has handy DPP mid eligibility which means I will be able to play emergency loop de loop with Menadue, McCarthy and even conceivably Kennedy on my midfield bench to try and get the best possible score each round for that F5/F6 position. It also obviously gives me heaps of flexibility for captain’s loophole opportunities too in those crucial first 5 weeks of the season which has a huge bearing on whether you will ultimately be a contender or a mere pretender in 2016. If M.Adams ISN’T named then he could take that loophole spot at F8 and I’ll start M.Brown (ESS) at D7 instead. I have approximately $20K left in the kitty for those interested.

So I hope those who asked for this got something out of. Like every single side out there compromises have been made and risks assumed as well as a fair degree of p1ssing in the dark. Nonetheless I’m just amped to see how these 30 young (and not so young) chargers stack up this season.


No weitering addict?


I think he is a decent selection Fred but you just can't fit them all in.

I'll take Dea instead who who I see as having probably a slightly more fantasy friendly role, many more preseasons under his belt and also $40K cheaper.

No doubt Weitering is the superior long term talent but I give the edge to Dea in terms of cash cow potential in 2016 assuming he is named for Rd1 of course.


I'd take dea. Weitering is far to expensive for what you will get


Brilliant. McCarthy is not DPP but that's all i'd say is wrong with what you've put forward. Very insightful and great forward think RE loopholes and loop de loops. Best of luck.


He never said McCarthy was DPP, he just implied that he will be able to emergency loophole him AS WELL as using mid DPP Kennedy


Spot on Adam!

I was worried I didn't explain that very well and perhaps I still didn't. Explaining loophole stuff has its challenges.


I really like the team. Crouch at M7, wow I thought, until I saw degoey at F3. That is why this part of the season is such a challenge, pull on one end of the string, the other ends get shorter.

11 keepers is on the low side, but I know you are a clever and careful trader so I'm sure you can get to full premium. The 11 you have are all solid and risk free. Still think you are paying overs for Goldy but I'm glad you don't have Shaw (yet).

You have made me think about Libba & Crouch in the guts as a possibility


Cheers Derek although I'm a little concerned you actually like the team and may have to change it all around now ha ha.

Btw I'm curious who are you disputing as a keeper, Hall or Bartel, as I count 12? Of course it's only opinion anyway as one man's trash is another's treasure but I'm interested to know who you think I'll have to "upgrade".


I'd call it 12 too addict – Hall is the only one of the 12 that may need an upgrade, but at this stage he's in my team as a keeper

The Ranger

It's a ballsy team SC, and beautifully thought out.
I toyed with Weitering or Dea at D4 but couldn't find the plums to carry it thru.
And that mid priced fwd line would scare me too much.
But I like ya thinking and if it comes off you'll have a great year.


Thanks Ranger

Yes the forward line is a compromise without doubt. I'm sure if you posted your full team it wouldn't take me long to identify weaknesses in your side, as well as things I wouldn't recommend, as we all have them.

It's just a matter of balancing the risks and opportunities as each coach sees fit and there's just too much value up forward this year I feel so that looks the ideal place to me to cut some corners.

Have you decided on Gaz yet?

The Ranger

Not 100% but he's in at the moment and I'm unlikely to change it now.
I don't have Rocky which troubles me but hey, you gotta make ya cuts somewhere.

Team looks like this until the teams are announced…

DEF – Laird, Simpson, Bartel, Yeo, Dea, Broad (Brown, Adams)
MID – Fyfe, Danger, Son of God, Priddis, Libba, B.Crouch, Mills, Menadue (Hewitt, Mathieson, Davis)
RUK – Nic Nat, Gawn (King)
FWD – Chopsticks, Dahlhaus, Barlow, Wells, Kerridge, McCarthy (McDT, Petracca)


Not bad at all Ranger.

You do realise that Mathieson is out for at least 6 weeks with that busted cheekbone right?? I'll also be very surprised if Hewett gets many games for my Swans although with their list of likely non starters for Rd1 I guess anything is possible.

Also word is Petracca may be a month away from playing senior footy so you will likely have a fair bit of leg work to do Thursday night with your rooks there.

Your midfield will probably get owned most weeks with many teams going with Libba to M6 or even M7 but you should make up for it with your relatively solid forward line and defence.

But a fairly well balanced side there all up so well done!

The Ranger

Thanks mate, and yep, a lot of the rooks are tbc although I'm thinking I might keep hold of Petracca despite his injury.


Great side Addict, looks the goods.
Very similar to mine, almost identical actually. Only real difference is i've got Pendles and Gresham instead of Crouch and Libba.

Best of luck of the year for the year.
Cheers Liam.


Thanks Liam

Yes Pendles has been in and out of my team and no doubt he'll again be one of the very top mids again so he'll be an excellent performer for you.

Crouch and Libba do have their risks but i feel reasonably comfortable with those selections.


Your thoughts on not starting with Liberatore? May be the biggest POD of all…


Out of the Gaz, Rocky, Libba Holy Trinity this season he'd be the one you could more easily skip out on as he doesn't quite have those huge consistent ceilings as Gaz and Rocky.

I obviously think it's worth picking him but if you have some other selection you'd prefer then by all means do it. However unless Libba gets injured again he's unlikely to a be a dud pick for the money so your replacement will need to be pretty damn good to make much of a difference for not picking Libba.

But on the flip side he's the least likely of the 3 to badly burn you for NOT starting with him.


Hmm wise words, will continue to think long and hard as I have been for the past few weeks! Four more days and then it is out of our hands


Hey Addict, where did you finish last year in the overall scheme of things? I'm guessing it was top 1000 if not better


I have finished top 1000 in the past but definitely not last season.

I walked into nearly every injury Gaz, Rocky, Bartel, Sloane x 2, Parker, Nutsack Kelly x 2, Beams I pretty much had them all. Plus Lewis and TBC just didn't perform early which when combined with these injuries assured my season was torpedoed from the get go. And whilst I got close to cracking top 1000 midseason I burnt so many trades addressing these problems that I had nothing left at the end and fell away badly in the SC Finals to finish 18,000 or so.

I did have an awesome year in RealDreamTeam though and climbed as high as 32nd eventually finishing 60th out of 30,000 odd entries. But yes hoping for at least a little better run with injuries in Supercoach this season.

What's been your best finish Cripple?


Any one looking to join a league? 472593


Hi community, here is my final team (barring any changes due to round one selections). I didn't want to overspend on individuals so I have only chosen to go in with 3 600k players in Fyfe, Danger and Priddis, meaning Goldy, Shaw and Ablett will be upgrade targets. I was going to include one of the midfield mid pricers (Crouch bros, Steele, De Goey, Graham) but I decided to leave them out as I want more consistency than they can offer, along with the fact that Graham is near 400k and the others will have to share plenty of midfield time and points with too many other players. I hope my PODs work out, as I have mainly chosen ones who have already proven themselves to be good, consistent scorers in past seasons.

D: Laird, Rich, Hurn, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Ruggles, AMT)
M: Fyfe, Danger, Priddis, Rocky, Wines, Cripps, Libba, Mills (Gresham, Gore, Davis)
R: NicNat, Gawn (Chol)
F: Barlow, MRobinson, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (MBrown, Adams)

Thoughts? Improvements? Advice? Criticisms?

Cheers, Thanks In Advance

P.S. Anyone else tempted by Selwood? Killed it in his match, even if it was VFL


Alternatively I could swap out Cripps and Wines for a Gary and a mid-pricer or a 200k rookie to give me some cash to strengthen other lines with, though I reckon Cripps and Wines will finish the year 600k top 10/15 mids and I think Gary possibly might take a while to work into the season


I had the same dilemma Flash and decided to only roll the dice on one (Cripps) reasoning being I don't think any teams will bother to tag any of the blues this year given they're so poor so think he might get off the reins a bit more than quadzilla. Only other question mark I'd have is weitering, in my team also currently and think I'm just going to roll the dice with him and use a corrective if he spuds it up early.

Really like your team otherwise, well balanced and should score well early, loving the Robinson pick as well, nice pod who's really flying under the radar, good luck mate!

Wishing Well

I was up all night pondering Selwood… Then I read this morning that he said "I won't play EVERY game this year but…" and finally I went to bed and slept soundly until this afternoon… He's banged up mate. He's a superstar and a legend but he's not 100% and he'll miss a few and that'll hurt ya when you need it least…


Fantastic write up and very solid, well thought out structures. I like it a lot.


Hey community. Any thoughts or suggestions welcome!

DEF: H.Shaw, R.Laird, J.Weitering, M.Dea, M.Brown, M.Adams (C.Adamson, T.Ruggles)

MID: N.Fyfe, P.Dangerfield, S.Pendlebury, G.Ablett, T.Rockliff, N.Graham, T.Liberatore, C.Mills (C.Petracca, J.Dunkley, R.Davis)

RUCK: T.Golstein, Z.Smith (S.Grimley)

FOR: M.Barlow, K.Tippett, A.Hall, B.Kennedy, S.Kerridge (C.Menadue, A.McDonald-Tipungwuti)

I've got $117,800 left over, only just below what i need to trade Smith to Gawn (Which is what almost everyone has said before i should do). I've picked Graham over the Crouch's for multiple reasons, least of which is that im a carlton supporter. He will have more opportunity in a weaker side, he is being overlooked by many and i think he will have a much better year than both the Crouch boys. I had dusty in my squad up until the end of NAB cup, but will do the same as Big Carl and look to pick him up when his price inevitably drops.
Tear it apart community!


Hi Big Carl. Your team looks good if it was a sprint. Not sure if you have enough Keepers and enough cash makers to get to full premium and go the full season. I can see you flying out of the gates, but will you keep it going?

Sheridan at D3 and Barlow at F1? I wouldn't have thought that was possible at the start.

Good luck. Btw how 'big' are you?


What's your team look like Derek?


Still thinking about Crouch if he should be there


Yes when is the final Bundeena Bunnies reveal?


thoughts on my team 38k left
laird simpson hurn cutler dea hartley (adams tippa)
fyfe danger hanners priddis shiel libba mills kennedy (clarke adamson davis)
martin jacobs (grimley)
barlow robinson hall wells mccarthy kerridge (menadue kommer)


Is anyone else worried can’t find a spot in the 22 for Dea or Hartley? I almost choked on my bacon and egg roll as they form the basis of my cheap backline. I’ve been going off the info on Jock’s site all preseason. Are we now at the end of a long garden path Jock?
afl’s team is:
B: Mark Baguley, Mitch Brown, James Gwilt
HB: Courtenay Dempsey, Nathan Grima, Orazio Fantasia
C: James Kelly, Brendon Goddard, Darcy Parish
HF: Adam Cooney, Shaun McKernan, Ryan Crowley
F: Mathew Stokes, Joe Daniher, Nick Kommer
FOLL: Matthew Leuenberger, Zach Merrett, David Zaharakis
INT: Craig Bird, Martin Gleeson, Kyle Langford, Jayden Laverde

Itchy balls

I saw that…….I think its just based on the best 22 players on each teams side. It's not counting players performances and taking injuries in consideration. Not sure I would look into that to much?

Itchy balls

ESS isnt the only team that had a different out look, all of them do.


Simpkins not there either


No AMT or Grimley either but I'd be surprised if some of their better NAB performers like Dea didn't make the cut.

But I guess we'll just have to wait for Thursday night and make any necessary adjustments which applies to all our rookies frankly.


Ah that moment when hours and hours of research get flushed down the toilet? Yes I recall that from last year. Very true, it's a long wait till then.


This should be my final side community, what do you think?
Def: Shaw, Laird, Johannisen, Dea, Hartley, Adams ( McD-T, Ruggles)
Mid: Fyfe, Pendles, Gaz, Gray, Rocky, Libba, Mills, Menadue (Petracca, Keays, Davis)
Ruc: Goldy, Gawn, (King)
Fwd: Dusty, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (McCarthy, Grimley)

Obviously, there will be changes to rooks based on selection Rd1


Dyno Mite

Any feedback appreciated. . Rookies TBC before Rd1.

Def: Laird, K Kolo, Pittard, Sheridan, Weitering, Brown (ess) (Broad, Adams)

Mid: Ablett, Hannebery, Shiel, Rockliff, Wines, Libba, B.crouch, Mills (Menadue, Davis, Hewett)

Rucks: Mumford, Gawn (Cox)

Fwd: H. Bennell, Franklin, Hall, Wells, Kerridge, B.Kennedy (L.McCarthy, Grimley)

Been trying to get Matty Dea in there somehow. 7,600 left


Nice team. Bit light down back, but otherwise OK. Plenty of POD's



Dyno Mite

Cripps likely to receive more attention this year.
think there are better options than clayton oliver –> Mills, kerridge, kennedy, menadue

can you make Pendlebury/wines/Menadue/dea work?


2. Pendles, Yeo, Oliver and Menadue

Itchy balls

I'm surprised by so many little people not putting Broad in their back line now that with Yarran out probably til RD 8 or 9? Sounds like he has job security for a while.


very good call


The hybrid of George Castanza and the actor who played him (Jason Alexander) might be the one who benefits the most from this. In case you wondered his name is Jason Castanza. Broad is more lock down I think


Hi got a league that still needs a few numbers to fill it. Last year was rankes in the top 150 leagues so looking for supercoaches who avg around 2200. League code is 583015


R Gray or T Rockliff ? Thoughts?


Gray if you need a POD


I have both John. Try and get em both in!


You have literally player for player the same team as me except swap Sheridan for johannison and hannebery for cripps. Needless to say I'm a fan

Itchy balls

NO WAY!!!! Dont swap Hanners for Cripps thats just plain crazy!!!! Sheridan to JJ I would agree with.


Community, I need help.
Can I go in without one of Cripps, Viney, wines. – the high/mid priced beasts waiting to go to the next level. Or is 1 a must have?

Mids: danger, GAJ, hanners, r.gray, rocky, Libba, b.crouch, mills.


All nice picks but don't think any are close to anything resembling locks that all coaches should have.

FWIW I like your midfield as it is Doc.


I'm with Addict. Looks great to me as is

Wishy Wooshy

Most people expect Libba to just come out and score like he did in 2013 & 2014.
What about the fact that players coming back from ACL's say that it takes 12 months or more after resuming playing to return to 100%?
I think this will affect his scoring.
He won't average 110 this year. I'll guess 90-95.
As such he will appreciate slower.
Arguably a Brad Crouch is a better option.
Thoughts community?

Itchy balls

yes maybe so but at his price I think 90-95 is good isnt it? Would generate cash as well?

Itchy balls

B. Couch and Libba good cash generators I would think thats why both are in my side.


No one seems to have done any research into a premo midfielder like libba who is coming back from ACL. As in, how did they go in 1st year back. The only similar guy i can think of is Goddard back in 2008. And he was averaging 70s for the first 10 weeks. Don't want that with libba!


Join my league, few spots left. Finished top 150 last year … 318457

Nick Gonzalez

Would love some feedback on team folks! Thanks in advance, really unsure about what to do with Jansen and Hibberd in the MID

R. Laird, K. Kolodjashnij, P. Seedsman, J. Bartel, J. Weitering, M. Dea, M. Brown, T. Ruggles

Fyfe, Pendlebury, Dangerfield, Yeo, Liberatore, B. Crouch
N. Graham, M. Hibberd, J. Jansen, C. Mills, D. Gore

Goldstein, Gawn, Cox.

Barlow, D. Wells, A. Hall, De Goey, B. Kennedy, S. Kerridge, C. Menadue, S. Grimley.

Nick Gonzalez

Also, I have 110K left over and think it may be wise to upgrade somewhere – but where?


looks a nicely rounded team but perhaps some considerations that may help you:

1. i feel perhaps yeo in the midfield might be an error, and getting someone like wines with your 110k could work much better and even downgrading seedsman to a rookie could get you yeo to hanners
2. rookies in the midfield, as you said, are unassuring. my advice would be to get davis, hewett, petracca, if they play.
3. perhaps one too many 300-400k mids, perhaps downgrade one and upgrade your forward line.
4. forward line well too think IMO, need to upgrade de goey to a more reliable player such as S.Gray or Buddy, or 500 plus could be wingard, dusty, zorko, etcccccc

overall looks decent but could be improved 🙂 best of luck


Here's what you can do with Jansen and Hibberd – TRADE. Lots of better picks available in the mid.

Nick Gonzalez

Some updates after some consideration, the first of many changes before R1 I'm sure:

R. Laird, K. Kolodjashnij, J. Bartel, J. Weitering, N. Broad, AMT, M. Dea, M. Brown

Fyfe, Pendlebury, Dangerfield, Liberatore, B. Crouch, L. Hunter
R. Davis, J. Gresham, B. Kennedy, C. Mills, D. Gore

Goldstein, Gawn, Cox.

Barlow, D. Wells, A. Hall, Dalhaus, Betts, S. Kerridge, C. Menadue, S. Grimley, Petracca

Nick Gonzalez

Any thoughts on Betts? Would Wingard be a more reliable option? Can afford either. Would McCarthy instead of Petracca work better?


Anybody considering Yeo now that Hurn declared he would be a full-time mid this season? And would it allow you to have both Yeo and Hurn in your defence now that one will be playing in the backline and one will be in the midfield?


could be very good, might be able to wait on both though to see whether their outputs go very nicely

Itchy balls

I have hurn not yeo.


Who is in the midfield? Hurn?

Itchy balls



Hey community, would love some feedback on my team version 20320402034 🙂 thanks in advance

DEF: Shaw, Laird, Simpson, Weitering, Dea, Brown (Broad, Hartley)

MID: Danger, Ablett, Gray, Rocky, Wines, Libba, Mills, Kerridge (Hewett, Petracca, Davis)

RUCK: S.Martin, Nic Nat (Grimley)

FWD: Zorko, Barlow, Hall, Wells, B.Kennedy, Milera (Menadue, AMT)

7.4k in the bank

was also wondering whether i should get cripps instead of wines, both look like they will become amazing players but unsure of who will do it right now. both have easier fixtures than most of the comp, especially cripps (even though he's at carlton) so unsure of who to go with in particular.


Both look solid selections but if I had to split hairs I'd probably go Cripps based on my perception that he has the superior durability and can handle those inside hits a little better.

On the flips side Port are a much better team and have a tasty draw so I guess there are pros and cons either way.

Itchy balls

stick with wines


thanks very much, just made it more of a headache HAHHAHA might actually flip a coin come a minute before round 1

Boltons Blues

Question, my team is set and im happy

Should i save the 140k and keep nic nat and start the season with 140 in the bank, or trade him up to Goldy and start the season with 3k?

ones to high and the others to low


depends who your other ruckman is. if 550k+ then maybe look to upgrade elsewhere, otherwise keep the doshhhh and if something goes wrong you have some $ to repair things

Bottoms blues

Ruck combo is either nicnat and Gawn +140k or goldy and Gawn +3k


Thoughts please

Laird, Simpson, JJ, Dea, Hartley, Brown, Broad, Ruggles
Fyfe, Danger, Ablett, Gray, Rockliff, Libba, B.Crouch, Mills, Menadue, Gresham, Davis
Goldstein, Gawn, Grimley
Barlow, Gray, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge, Adams, AMT

Very happy with this at the moment.
Gone with both Gray's as Port have a very good run early and I feel Sam Gray is a breakout contender. He is also a bit of a POD as well as Simpson. Simpson is a very reliable scorer and barely misses games, which is why I have selected him. Gone with a few Essendon rookies in the backline as the ball will be down there a lot and they should make cash. Hoping JJ will be a keeper at D6/D7.

Thoughts and feedback are much appreciated.


looks a rather nice team in my opinion, not much to change the structure is nice and even with some nice power through the mid and rucks 🙂 simpson very good pod low variation in scores and durable with a nice run. perhaps gawn to nic nat might be a little bit more POD like as he might be considered more safe than gawny, even though gawns beard allows him a 50 point start before he even runs through the banner


with a merely 400 bucks left, cant afford that unfortunately.


haha nothing wrong with your team either way gawn should play very well


Libba or mills & some cash to upgrade other mids?

Itchy balls

keep both

Wishy Wooshy

Does anyone know if UNLIMITED TRADES continue during Round 1?
If not, when does the lock out begin?
I am mainly worried about Mr.Ruggles. As Geelong are playing on Easter Monday, if he is not picked in the team, will that count as one of my 2 trades for Round 1?


Yes mate you can relax as we get unlimited trades THROUGHOUT the opening round so any changes you make next weekend won't count towards your 30 season trades.

Of course players become locked once their team starts playing but that's the only restriction.


Wait, so we can trade unlimited during round 1?


That's exactly what I'm saying TJM.

It's always been like that, at least since we've had this rolling lockout. The season trade restrictions only come into effect once Rd2 is open for business late at night on Easter Monday.

So all you have to worry about Thursday night is selecting your Tiges and Blues players really.

Wishy Wooshy

Beauty – thanks for the feedback mate.

Bells. E Bub

You'd still be stuffed though as all the other teams will have played and will be locked. You'd only be able to swap him for another Geelong or Hawks player. So he comes with a risk if he is named on an extended bench which he'll probably be.


Indeed you don't want to get caught short as the options will be quite limited by time Easter Monday rolls around. So marginal players like Ruggles or O'Rourke have added risk. If Bartel is a late withdrawal I think I'll hurl! Although I guess I could always go Birchall instead I suppose.

Thankfully the majority of our better rookie prospects play fairly early in the round with of course the Dons being the largest of all on Saturday arvo.

Wishy Wooshy

True – I'll have to be on the ball on Sat night when final haw/gee teams come out and pick a replacement from sunday games if ruggles isn't playing – thanks


Hi Guys. Join sc league 611339 Jocks Jokers if anyone interested


What are peoples thoughts on Rance and what are the better options around that price or stick with him.


I've currently got him at D1 – has massive games but will have some duds as well.

Prefer Shaw but can't afford with current structure (and will be starting with Laird)


good option for sure, seems to have a low patch through the season where he drops in price enough to be able to become much cheaper and therefore a likely upgrade option IMO


Rance is a solid defence option, could get him cheaper, but a solid defence option to start out with

Big Carl

Will most likely be top 8 defender this season, good pick, stick with him.


Going for the big POD with a twist of risk – in Bennell out Barlow. Bennell played very well last Sat vs Geelong and currently blitzing it for Peel in WAFL against last years premiers. Every man and his dog has Barlow. I think Bennell has more upside despite the risk.

The Ranger

I like that mate, big risk but a big reward if it comes off.
I had him in for a while but didn't want to end up with too many Freo players that were keepers.
Ross will rest them all at some bloody point…


Ha, the Ross factor!


could work, but barlow in the guts knowing what he has been able to be capable of not looking at last season does make everyone feel he can get that 110 avg again. also bennell avging 16.2 games a season over the past 5 seasons may be a downside.


cheers … yes, Freo supporter but I think the PODS this year are going to make or break it. Had 25 of 30 players Big Carl has so thinking of risk with potential reward. Barlow a very safe bet for sure.


Giving Barlow the ole flick hey and going with an underdone Bennell with a penchant for unidentified white powders.

I'm not sure when you had your last medical medadsson but i reckon you probably need to have your plum girth measured.

That prostate could be playing up mate so I would look into that if I was you.


Mooooon River 🙂


Good comeback ha ha!

For some of the younger members of the community:


I like your thinking mate! I will be sticking with Barlow for the time being, BUT I would not be surprised that Bennell will play VERY well for Freo this season. After all, just like Dangerfield, he has come back home and appears happy. I am taking punts in other areas of my team, but you got me thinkin. As they say, no guts no glory!! Cheers


Cheers tophawk …. Barlow = good sense …. but just a little morsel …. 17 kicks, 6 handballs, 4 tackles, 2 marks and 4.2 goals from his outing today albeit in the WAFL. In keeping with RossFremantle, Peel scored 10.14.


What are people's thoughts on JPK


good pod yet wil get points stolen off him a bit by hanners, parker, mitchell, and maybe mcveigh if he comes into the guts a little bit so perhaps cant exactly expand on his avg but should be able to keep it. seems to have a little low patch where he drops in price and finishes very strong, good upgrade option IMO


Solid but better options in my opinion – he may sneak into the top ten mids but only just if he does


Should still be a good selection in 2016 although I like Hanners for a few dollars more as per my team reveal above.

Perhaps playing more forward is the only concern although personally I think Horse would be losing the plot to play one of the best pill extractors in the biz for too long up forward. JPK is needed mainly onball I reckon.


Nothing wrong with JPK. Will pump out 100+ most weeks. Not injury prone and at 594K nicely priced for a real midfield premo.


Always drops in price when you need to upgrade, wait till then


he will be top 10 easily by seasons end. May not be in averages but he will score more overall than most.

Adam walker

Reliable and will do the job for u


Hi community i know i have too many Crows but hard in this household not too, although 1, 2 or 3 of them probably will be changed at season start. looking for ideas as to which ones would be easier/should be changed out and who for that may be a better fit.

DEF: Shaw, Laird, B.Smith, Seedsman, Weitering, M.Dea (Hartley, Ruggles)

Mid: Fyfe, Dangermouse, Ablett, Pridis, Cripps, M.Crouch, Wells, Mills (Oliver, Davis, $122k left rookie)

Ruck: Jacobs, Gawn or NIc Nat (Grimley)

For: T.Greene, Hall, DeGoey, Milera, Kennedy, Kerridge (McCarthy, AMT)

not completely sold on Cripps, Seed, or Smith originally had Rich and swapped out for Smith also changed out zorko as F1 but not playing first up ?


anyone who plays real dreamteam aswell as sc and looking for a league please join


Tossing up between Rance and Gibson
Can someone help me and tell me why that player


Tough bloody call that one! Gibson is likely to play more of a shut down role of opponent's key forward player now that Brian Lake has departed. That might stifle his scoring somewhat. Rance is probably your better bet as his role will be similar to last season.

Just my take of course! Pick wisely


Rance, you know what his role is and he is good at it. Gibson could be taking Lake's role or he could be a loose defender like in the NAB challenge

Big Carl

Rance. Gibbo did this last pre season as well, picked him and didn't live up to it. Rance more reliable.


thoughts on my team 38k left
laird simpson hurn cutler dea hartley (adams tippa)
fyfe danger hanners priddis shiel libba mills kennedy (clarke adamson davis)
martin jacobs (grimley)
barlow robinson hall wells mccarthy kerridge (menadue kommer)


Dea's Knees 127308

All welcome.


Ultimate Supercoach Challenge

Supercoach Draft – league # 702156
Draft time -from 1pm Sunday, March 20th (tomorrow)

Why is it the ultimate challenge, it's deep, and your knowledge of AFL will need to be elite.
16 teams, 22 players per team
Play each of the other 15 teams once.
Don't play through the bye rounds.
Play finals.


YES…….Another team to pick apart……

I am determined to field a team which is very competitive, yet a bit different (5-6 viable PODS) to many other sides I have seen on here.

I will not be starting with Ablett and Rockliff for round 1. There are two reasons for this; 1- Both players have not played any NAB cup games and have been struggling with injury niggles. 2- 95% of teams appear to be starting with one or both. If one or both (Which is likely when we talk about the great Gaz) have hit their straps come completion of round 2, I can always trade in at least one player.

I have tried to remain disciplined across all lines and am starting with at least 12 keepers. Keepers will have a K in brackets next to their name.

So here it goes:

Def: Laird, (K) Bartel (K) , Mc Govern (K), D.Howe, Dea, Hartley (Brown, Ruggles)
Mid; Fyfe (K), Dangerfield (K), Priddis (K), R.Gray (K), Shiel (K), Liberatore, B.Crouch, Mills (Gresham, Keays, Davis)
Ruc; Naitanui (K), Gawn (K?), (Wyatt)
Fwd; Wingard (K), Barlow (K), A.Hall, Wells, B.Kennedy, Kerridge (L.Mc Carthy, Donald-Tipungwuti)

Cheers community

Nick Gonzalez

Liking your thoughts on Gaz and Rocky – I've left them out in favor of Pendles and Danger instead.

Unsure about Shiel and am waiting and seeing his output over the first couple of rounds, instead I've opted for Hunter as a POD instead in his place.

Benjamima Puddleduck

Bring on the Hunter!

Im currently trying to figure out how to get him in my side


I think you could also mark Hall down as a keeper. Although not quite priced in the traditional $450K plus territory I'll be fairly surprised if he doesn't produce enough to at least hold down F6 in the finals.

In fact if we feel we have to trade him midseason then I would consider that somewhat of a failed pick as that would probably mean cash generation was minimal and he didn't really score quite as much as we expected and should've gone with a cheaper midpricer or rookie instead.

I see we have another Bartel believer community. Good stuff!


You are spot on SC. I am hoping Hall will be a keeper. Bit like Gawn, Hall also deserved a K with a question mark next to it. (Gawn may have to turn into Goldy at some point, but you never know!)

Same with Hall. With Prestia and Swallow to return, it may change his scoring output. But if he continues to score well, he ain't going nowhere!

Cheers SC


Peter John Higginbotham where the hell are you? Why aren't you answering your phone today? Are you out drinking shandy's with your Coachkings friends again? I will never be second best. Call me IMMEDIATELY!!!

Itchy balls

Well maybe if you opened ur mouth and spread your legs with the occasional swallow he wouldn't be out drinking the with the boys the night before church!!!

Itchy balls



You bloody rock jock! I am behemoth about that. Never leave your community again

Itchy balls

Just curious why do some people in the community that Greene is a trap? Cameron is out for 4 weeks I think he would do well?

Itchy balls



he could be a trap IMO, only had a big r16-r23 of 2014, where he avged 128.6. otherwise, avgs throughout seasons have been 80-85 at very best, too inconsistent and even though ppl think he might get some more mid time with the departure of treloar, theres ward, shiel, kelly, smith, steele and him to rotate through there so he might not be in the guts enough but could smash it but not for me personally

Itchy balls

fair enough

Average Joe

Don't forget Ryan Griffin… bad memories


HAHHA knew ive been missing someone else who was in that midfield! griffo the nab warrior! worst of memories

Nick Gonzalez

Take 2, the first of many changes before R1 I'm sure:

R. Laird, K. Kolodjashnij, J. Bartel, J. Weitering, N. Broad, AMT, M. Dea, M. Brown

Fyfe, Pendlebury, Dangerfield, Liberatore, B. Crouch, L. Hunter
R. Davis, J. Gresham, B. Kennedy, C. Mills, D. Gore

Goldstein, Gawn, Cox.

Barlow, D. Wells, A. Hall, Dalhaus, Betts, S. Kerridge, C. Menadue, S. Grimley, Petracca

McCarthy instead of Petracca? Wingard instead of Betts?


Hey Nick, I'd take out one of hunter, libba & crouch. All look good but that's just too much madness for me.

Justin Bieber

Have a bloody look at A.Mullet at $199,000 at the Roos . Defence option . Played one nab and scored 86 .

Thoughts lads


Thought I'd seen every potential POD until now.

Will he even get a regular game at the Kangas this season?

You may as well as well grab Weitering for not much more with rock solid JS or alternatively stick with the cheapie new breeds like Adams, AMT, Broad, Hartley, Ruggles etc as they'll almost certainly be better cash generators in 2016.


WOW man!

Didn't realise you are a bit of an AFL tragic? Awesome!

Don't get a Mullet OK Justin. Not a good look. If ur not sure, just google Taylor Walker and check out his hair in the 2011 season!

Dont risk it Justin!!!

The Ranger

You can have a Broad or A Mullet but not both


Hahaha. I love it Ranger. I bet the Bieber will settle for a Broad. Hedge his bets!


I don't know I'd love to see Bieb's bring the mullet back.

Nothing says chick magnet quite like hair upstair as well as down.


the only mullet worth buying is old man roos' one from back in the day


Only $400 left in the bank, squeezed every penny out of the salary cap.
Backs: H. Shaw, R. Laird, J. Johannisen, B. Smith, M. Deal, M. Hartley (N. Broad, M. Brown)
Mids: P. Dangerfield, D. Hannebery, R. Gray, T. Rockliff, P. Cripps, T. Liberatore, B. Crouch, C. Oliver (B. Kennedy, J. Gresham, R. Davis)
Rucks: S. Martin, M. Gawn (J. Simpkin)
Forwards: M. Barlow, A. Hall, J. De Goey, D. Wells, C. Menadue, S. Kerridge (M. Adams, A. McDonald-Tipungwuti)
The first 4 in defence, I feel will be top 10 by the end of year barring injuries. Mids feels balanced, didnt over spend on stars, I feel like I can bring them in cheaper later. Set and forget rucks. De Goey is my mid pricer, other than that it should be similar to others forward lines.
Thoughts community?


Wouldn't you rather Garry Ablett instead of Heath Shaw?


But overall, very soild team


mills in for oliver somehow


Would have to go Broad to Ruggles to generate the cash.


Solid looking team, only way I can see you saving some cash would be to bin Smith, move Tippa back and put McCarthy or Kommer up top. De Goey might be a bit weak at F3 ,would rather Hall at F3 but hey it's your team not mine. Good luck.


Seems obvious but…

Pendles + D.Martin + rookie
Danger + A.Hall + D.Wells

Average Joe

Danger, Hall and wells


Danger hall and wells easily