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Jock Reynolds Coach KingsShow me yours community. And I’ll show you mine this Sunday.

I’ll be watching this thread like a Hawk. Such an interesting preseason this – with team structures showing a hell of a lot of variation across the board.

What I’d love to see is a bit of a write up beneath your team where you explain your structure, some of your selections and your strategy for the season.

Thinking of all of you during this special time of year.


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Back: H S, R Laird, K Kolodjashnij, J Weitering, M Dea, M Brown (M Hartley, A McDonald-Tipungwuti)
Mid: N Fyfe, P Dangerfield, G Ablett, T Rockliff, O Wines, T Liberatore, C Menadue, J Gresham (C Petracca, R Davis, D McPherson)
Ruck: T Goldstein, N Naitanui (D Wyatt)
Forward: C Wingard, M Barlow, A Hall, D Wells, B Kennedy, S Kerridge, (L McCarthy, S Grimley)

Will post reasoning in comments


Love seeing Wines and NicNat in there. Like it mate, good amount of PODs.

Hell Broke Luce

Backline: So unpredictable, ended up just going with Shaw. Laird and KK should finish top eight at worst barring injuries. Weitering and Dea offer job security and a chance at decent scores, will be building blocks. Avoiding the mid-price trap, sure whoever out of B Dmith, D Rich, J Johanieson etc would be the one to spud it up.
Mids: Fyfe and Danger irresistible after NAB. Ablett and Rocky too risky to go without. I had Gray but swapped to Wines, I think this lad is primed and could score just as well. Looking at him as a definite keeper. Liberatore a no brainer. Will play with rookies next Wednesday, but feel confident enough fielding two at this stage. No Crouches because I don't see either as keepers, Brad too injury prone and Matt likely to struggle for midfield time.
Ruck: I wanted Goldstein and NicNat last year then Jock's team reveal caused me to go with a different pairing: The Skinflute and Ivan Maric. Not making a similar mistake again. Goldy should be number one ruck, and Naitanui a much safer option than "I played a handful of good games last year and had a good NAB" boy Max Gawn.
Forward: My riskiest line. Think Wingard could light it up, especially with Port's soft draw. Not worried about midfield time, he'll get plenty of the ball up the ground regardless. Barlow because duh. Hall is interesting. Actually went Dusty down to Hall. I think with Carlton round one and family dramas hanging over him I'll pick Dusty up for cheap later. Hall will get plenty of midfield time and hopefully lock his spot in the guts down even when the Jaeger bomb and Swallow return. Wells and Kennedy should provide points and cash generation. Kerridge should be in 100% of teams. Grimley because I want to use Wyatt as the loophole but also want ruck cover.

I have $8000 left over. Expecting to have to upgrade McPherson at least, but if any of Menadue, Gresham, Kennedy, McCarthy aren't playing there should be a downgrade option for them.

Ichy Gooch

need to elaborate more


Gone exact same with Dusty on the same train of thought also mate. Very nice team, like it a lot, good luck!


Thanks mate, fingers crossed I snaffle the right rookies and dodge some injuries! What do you think you'll be able to get Dusty for?


PS two different names (in original post and reasoning comment) because I posted a couple of times as the other name, Hell Broke Luce, when putting up a friend's team so he could get feedback, sorry for any confusion!


Team looks solid! I haven't seen too many teams with Chad Wingard so he could be a good POD if he continues with the form he showed at the end of last year.

My only thought would be if Petracca isn't going to play the first month of football, you could move Kerridge into the Midfield and bring in a def/fwd like Marcus Adams to give you some flexibility to swap with Brown and ATM. I dare say you'll tinker based on Round 1 teams anyway.


Thanks! Yep definitely my plan as well — great minds and all that. Will all depend on who's playing round one. If you can nail the rookies from the start it saves you a couple of early trades. Why jump on the bolters if you already have em?


Rockliff or gray ?


Rockliff irresistible at that price mate. Gray probably won't fluctuate too much in price.

Tom McV

Backline: R.Laird, J.Bartel, J.McGovern, J.Weitering, M.Dea, M.Hartley (N.Broad, T.Ruggles)

Midfield: P.Dangerfield, G.Ablett, A.Trelor, A.Gaff, T.Rockliff, J.Viney, T.Liberatore, C.Mills (D.Gore, D.McPherson, R.Davis)

Rucks: S.Martin, M.Gawn (C.Loersch)

Forwards: D.Martin, M.Barlow, A.Hall, D.Wells, S.Kerridge, C.Petracca (M.Brown, AMP)

I know the mid is stacked but the most points come from the mid, I think the rest of my team is pretty balanced, would like to know your thoughts


Nice Tommy: No Grimely? Love McGovern and Treloar. What's your reasoning behind Gaff? Haven't seen his name thrown around at all this pre-season and am intrigued.

Very POD-heavy in the midfield would be my only concern, but if they come off you're laughing.


Gaff will go off this year


Ha, Treloar injured,,,,,


been cleared of injury

Tom McV

Not sure on Grimley yet but my rookies will probably change a bit before round 1. I think Gaff is a very under rated player and he is proven to be very consistant, I think he could be a top 8 midfielder this year.
I hoping my PODs come off


D- Not sure about Weits at D4 but like Gov pick.
M- Stacked! maybe look to free up some cash here for Defence. Gaff is a POD havent seen him in any teams really.
R- Nice
F- Pretty standard, shouldnt have an issue here

Tom McV

Who do you think I should downgrade in the mid to upgrade in my defence??
Thanks for the advice 🙂


Love the treloar pick. Nice structure and its only a personal choice but i think its wise to start goldy if you are going set and forget in the ruck. Like having bartel in there i have picked him too and hoping he can play at least 20 games. If he does will be top 6 defenders…no doubt.

Tom McV

Thanks Maggi for your advice, I'll take it on board.
I think people are starting to jump off Bartel because of his NAB series so in my eyes is starting to become a bit POD like. As you said will be top 6 defenders if he can play at least 20 games


Worried Chris Scott said Bartel will be rested and managed thru the year.


Here's what I've got so far community, go for it!

DEF: Shaw, Houli, Gibson, Weitering, Dea, M. Brown, (Hartley, Broad)

MID: Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Rockliff, Wines, Libba, Mills, Menadue (Gresham, Petracca, MacPherson)

RUCK: NicNat, Gawn (Loersch)

FWD: Deledio, Barlow, Hall, Wells, McCarthy, Kerridge (Grimley, McDonald-Tippa)

Ichy Gooch

this team sucks more than James on a Saturday night mate!

and james gets around!


Really solid mate. I like that midfield, and am really tempted by Gibson. Think he's overpriced, but will have run of games where I regret not going him. Great work, Jez!


I had Gibson last year. Even in his B&F year his scores were patchy. Can't see him improving this year. Might still be solid, but just seems more downside than upside.


Cheers Keenbutclueless, any suggestions on who might be able to fill that spot instead? KK and Bartel spring to mind as well as Yeo, but KK has been injured, Bartel is unlikely to play every game and Yeo's role at WC concerns me


Any cash left? Kade Simpson would be a nice D3 option


Simpson doesn't really appeal to me. Had him last year and his price dropped under $450k halfway through the year. Might pick him up at some stage though!


Great side! Well done

Nick Hanlon

Def: Shaw, Simpson, KK, Dea, Broad, Hartley, (M.Brown, Ruggles)

Mid: Fyfe, Pendlebury, Ablett, Shiel, Rockliff, Liberatore, Mills, Kerridge (Gresham, Keays, Davis)

Ruck: Goldstein, Naitanui (M.King)

Fwd: Martin, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Menadue, McCarthy (Petracca, Mcdonald-Tipungwuti)

Concerns: Just interested in whether people see Aaron Hall as a keeper? Fairly confident that he will be a great selection in the first half of the year, but with the likes of O'Meara, Prestia and Swallow to come back into the side, do we keep Hall?

Apart from that, pretty happy with the structure of my team and would love some feedback.


Looks good Nick. I like the Shiel pick – I've currently got Parker but would love to get Wines or Shiel into the team too.

Defence looks like the biggest risk. I worry that Kade Simpson but be nearing the end of his best football and I wouldn't be surprised if his average drops below 90 this year. KK could be an unknown as well – so much potential but who knows if this is the year he breaks through.

Are you worried about not having any ruck cover? If Nic Nat missed a week through injury would you trade him or take the 0?

Good luck!


Like the side, mate! Mids and forwards very similar to mine.

I'm hoping Aaron Hall plays his way into the Gold Coast midfield. He'll drop off in the second half of the season, but there's a distinct possibility he forces Rocket Eade to play him in the guts with his pre-bye performances. And on top of that, fewer rotations means he'll push into the midfield more than last year anyway, especially if the Gold Coast mids take time to work into full fitness. So I hope so – and if not he should have made enough do$h to move him on to a fallen premo around the byes.

Nick Hanlon

Might have to get Grimley in the FWD for ruck cover, Thanks mate! I think Simpson is a nice POD this year and still a reliable scorer.


G'day community – get bloody into this thread. Help each other out. This is where we show just how awesome we are.

My side – unsurprisingly – has changed a fair bit since my team reveal, and this morning Zach Merrett left it for the first time since the Higginator was released. I am as torn and volatile as the first winter storm that has hit Melbourne this morning. However, it was a choice between Merrett/Martin and Goldstein/Hall. My head saw the obvious answer, but had a decent bloody cage fight with my heart over it. The head won. Just.

Without any more fluffing about:
Laird, Johanissen, Hurn, Suckling, Weitering, Dea (Adams, Hartley)
Fyfe, Dangerfield, GAJ, Priddis, Shiel, Rockliff, Mills, Gresham (Kerridge, Petracca, Davis)
Goldstein, Gawn (Grimely)
Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Menadue, McCarthy (Brown, McDonald-Tipungwuti)

Really want Wines, Merrett and Bartel, but keep slipping back to this. Think it's almost done.


Cheers mate. We've got to go skinny somewhere this year and like last year, most of the cash is to be made in the forward line. Highly anticipating your reveal on Sunday!


Oxley and Saad made BANK last year in defence. Don't think we'll have that luxury again though 🙁


Love it mate! I like the idea of going thin up fwd, plenty of good scoring rookies there. What made you go for Hurn?


Really liked the way he moved through the NAB cup, looked to have taken back that roving defender role. Very underpriced at 410k. Hopefully D5 or 6 by season's end. Suckling D7/F7 cover by year's end if all goes to plan and his versatility is invaluable to pair with Tippa, Brown and Adams.


Nice team. I would get rid of Hurn and Suckling and bring in Shaw and a rookie.


Still think Shaw will have a lot less freedom in the real deal. Only takes one poor match for the price to tumble before I snatch him. I want to start him but it's just too much cash to part with for me.

Itchy balls

Hmmmm….. no Libba?


Moved him out to see how it looked and couldn't fit him back in. I'm mildly irritated I can't fit him in but I like my side more when he's out than when he's in. Still think he's a solid pick.

Itchy balls

Fair enough mate!!! Team looks better than a few weeks ago……much more improved! Well done!


I'm not as sold on Libba as everyone else. Took him out and went Parker at M7.

What are your thoughts on this side. Deep in the mids, but see 6 possibly 7 blokes who will be there at the end. Agree with you on shaw and really like Shiel..

My only real concern is Mackenzie at D3. Could swap he and Weitering for longergan and a rookie, but otherwise pretty happy

laird, simpson, Mackenzie, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Adams, ruggles)

Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, gray, Shiel, Rockliff, Parker, mills, (Gresham, petracca, Davis)

Goldstein, Z Smith (grimley)

Barlow, robinson, wells, Kennedy, menadue, Kerridge (McCarthy, Tipungwuti)


Not sure how you can pass on Libba at his price and can easily go 100 or more??? Maybe he a few 80's??? But for a guy with ACL recovery and @ 357 he's better that anyone @ that price….to be honest not trying not to be rude…. but you have to be a simpleton not to take him……almost getting a premo @ 357 and if he fails…..I'd be happy with the trade rather than someone else who is more likely questionable?

You can have Parker and Libba easily!

Ichy Gooch

Your forward line is as thin as this site is on substance


Really like the team. I like the idea of a thin forward line and no dusty. I am doing the same. Suckling is an interesting pick but if he can get back to the 90 average will be great. Really like the shiel pick. Nice ruck i think goldy is too good not to have….nice side


Thanks Maggi!


Loving the team mate. Huge gonads going in with 3 defenders around that awkward 400 mark!

As previously mentioned, Wells at f3 is particularly ballsy! There is indeed a LOT of value with all the good quality forward rookies available, and if Wells stays 100% he will be a keeper and you'll scoot through no dramas. If wells breaks down before he makes you cash you've got 4 forward rookies on field, and you're in an absolute pickle!

Love the guts mate, wishing you the best of luck


Cheers Lez! I had the same problem last year when Salem ended up at F1 in round 4 with Bartel and Gray down but ready to get on that ride again for the cash generation.


Hi Patch, nice team. I'm torn between Shiel and Ward. Do you think Shiel will be the better pick?


I think they'll be very similar, which leaves me with Shiel as he'll be better value.


Like it a lot, glad to see I haven't completely lost my marbles with Suckling!

Kevin Skywalker

Great team has opened my eyes. Quite flexible. Hurn is a good selection if he has a great year he's a keeper but could also be used as a step, same with Suckling. Might swap Yeo to Hurn saves $$ too. Like the forwards too


Nice team but I think you need a POD. You may not know much about this guy but he is a gun, his history may not be equal to others in your team but he is young and his opportunity is far greater, he's a genuine footballer with a competitive spirit that can't be achieved by taking drugs. Zach Merrett look him up at one of the stats sites.
This comment is influenced by Weidmann Imported German Beer. Only $30 a slab at Pre-Mix Kings bottleshops. "Wiedmann German Beer, the struggling Aussie marketing students friend."


Hahaha smasher, you have no idea how badly I want Zach in my side. However, this is structure I've ended with and he doesn't fit. So torn but need to play with the head and not the heart.


Love it patch, POD's on point!


Patch.. Good looking team mate. Suckling is an interesting pick – with him, I'm assuming Jj will be a keeper?
I like the non-selection of Libba. $$ to be made, but was it Higgo who said sometimes it's about who you don't pick..
I'm after your thoughts on Ward vs Wines. Money to be made with Wines because he's undervalued, but I think Ward could be around the 110 mark this year, will Wines get that high?


JJ will be a keeper, I'm hoping. Libba is a really safe pick, but he just doesn't fit.

Wines absolutely has the capacity to go 110 – think only injury would come between him and that. Reckon Ward will float between 110 and 115 this year, so the choice comes down to what the cash saved brings in.


Why don't you have Wines anymore Patch?


I had a lump of 70k and the upgrade of Wines to Pridda was the most logical option. Still think Wines is a great pick, and he might sneak in for GAJ if I waver.


Ballsy team i think.
This team is unbalanced being too heavy in the midfield.
Fwd line is very weak and can expose the whole team if the mid pricers don't perform.
3 mid pricers in the defense which means if they don't fire, you will need to use 5 trades to upgrade the backline (thats wil Laird being a top 10 Def).
There are a alot of risks here, but as you say patch, supercoach is much more fun when you take risks.
Imagine all those picks pull off you would probably win the 50k!


Shiel and Weitering


Hurn and Oliver

option 1 would mean that Laird would at D2 with Harwood at D3. This would also see libba at M7.

Option 2 would make my team more balance with Hurn at D3 and Libba at M6.

What do we think?


definitely Shiel and Weitering. both will average more than Hurn and Oliver


even if it means I have Hurn at D2 and Harwood at D3?


I'd say option one purely in terms of points, but wouldn't want Harwood at D3,


Option 1 by a fair bit. I don't mind Harwood as a selection although at d4 rather than d3, but given he has averaged around 85 before he could turn into a serviceable d6 late in the season.


Dont worry about balancing lines mate. Your total score is what counts doesnt matter if thats from the backline or midfield. Just get what you think will be the best scorers.


Shaw, Laird, Lonergan, Harwood, Dea, Adams (Hartley, Brown)

Fyfe, Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Rockliff, Libba, B. Crouch, Mills (Gresham, Petracca, Davis)

Goldy, Martin (Read)

Barlow, Greene, Wells, Kennedy, Menadue, Kerridge (Grimley, AMT)

Anyone feel free to comment, not really worried about rookies at this stage (will await RD1 teams to confirm)
More looking for premo/ mid priced or structure comments…


Love the Harwood pick. I have seen it in a few teams, but Wells at F3 doesn't feel right


Some very interesting picks in Lonergan and Harwood, I like to see a few POD's just make sure you invest wisely, forward line is too weak for my liking… Only two possible keepers, even though those rookies should all play you're going to have headaches trying to squeeze in all of your forward premos by the end of the year. If I were to give you any advice it would be to spend a little less in the rucks (I know you're going for set and forget) because it is hurting you over the rest of the ground and perhaps downground one of those back mid pricers to a rookie.


Thoughts on my team? Rookies not set yet

Backs-R. Laird, K.Kolodjasni, Bartell, Sheridan, Weitering, Hartley ( M.Adams, Mcdonald- Tipungwati)
Mid- Fyfe, Danger, Ablett, Rockliff, Duncan, Libba, Mills, Jansen (Cunningham, Gresham, Clarke)
Rucks- Nic Nat, Gawn, (Grimly)
Forwards-Martin, Barlow, Greene, Wells, McCarthy, Kerridge ( Menadue, Petrreca)


Like the Sheridan pick. I think picking Sheridan allows you to not pick Weitering. If that makes sense. If you had Brown instead of Weitering you could bring in Kennedy instead of Cunningham (who seems to have dropped off the radar)


I think you should trade in Readoss

Sean's Mob

Have gone a bit deeper in defence than most given the uncertainty of the scoring potential of defensive rookies. Will keep Petraca as a loophole option until he plays, don't believe Grimley is worth a spot and if B Crouch isn't named I'll downgrade Gibson to Dea and upgrade Crouch to Priddis.

DEF: Laird, Simpson, Gibson, Bartel, Weitering, Broad, (Adams, Brown)
MID: Fyfe, Danger, Ablett, Rocky, Libba, B Crouch, Mills, Menadue (Greesham, Petraca, Davis)
Rucks: Martin, Gawn ( Wyatt)
FWD: Dusty, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge ( McCarthy, AMT)

Understand I'm not exactly going out on a limb here


I am a fan of the deeper Defence, but Bartyat D4 seems too deep. Consider downgrading Gibson to. harwood/cutler/McDonald/Wilson. The saving could see Crouch become Cripps/wines/Duncan/Viney as a genuine M5. M6 feels right for Libba

Sean's Mob

Appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback


Will also use Petraca as the loophole, will be worth the wait and the non-trade.


in 4 weeks time when petracca is right you would just about to be ready to cull a cow or two already anyway

Itchy balls

Itching me balls on this for 2 months now hope this will cure the itchiness soon?

DEF: Shaw, KK, Rich, M. Brown, Hartley, Broad (M.Adams, Ruggles)

MID: Danger, Pendels, Ablett, Shiel, R. Gray, Rocky, Libba, Mills (Gore, R. Davis, Macpherson)

RUC: Nic Nat, Gawn (Korcheck)

FWD: Barlow, Greene, A. Hall, D. Wells, Menadue, S. Kerridge (Petracca, AMT)

Rookies will change based on RD1 and waiting for Suns to elevate???


The thin Defence is a risk for mine. But if it comes off, you will be looking good


Def: Shaw, Rich, Johannisen, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Adams, Brown)
Mid: Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Priddis, Shiel, Liberatore, Mills, Kerridge (Gore, Davis, Gresham)
Ruck: Gawn, Smith (Grimley)
Fwd: Martin, Barlow, Hall, De Goey, Wells, Kennedy (Kommer, McDonald-Tipungwiti)

I've decided to go weak in defence, only going Shaw as a premium, due to a lack of guns. JJ and Rich I believe offer good upside, and can both definitely improve on their output last year.

Midfield I'm loading up, 4 easy to explain premiums. I think Shiel will go off this year and average 110-115, and he's a definite POD.

Zac Smith I'm keen to upgrade to Goldy when prices for both shift, hopefully before the byes.

De Goey I'm hoping he can average 90-95 and be my F6, if not I wouldn't mind a 200k increase either.

Let me know what you think, Community!


The Smith/DeGoey combo versus a Premo/rookie combination will define your season. It sets you apart from everyone else.


Buddy, Strong team but you want to be careful with Smith, true Goldy gets avg of 100-110 before bye rounds but Smith has a ceiling at 105 and additionally has the same bye round as goldy.

Much Safe to go with NicNat to trade for Goldy or just Goldy staright out


DEF: Shaw, Laird, Johanissen, Weitering, Brown, Dea (Hartley, Ruggles)

MID:Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Rockliff, Parker Liberatore, Mills, Menadue (Petracca, Keays, Davis)

RUCKS: Goldstein, Naitanui (Cox)

FORWARDS: Martin, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kerridge, McCarthy (McDonald-Tip, Grimely)

Would love some feedback. Thanks


My reasoning for this team is what I could try to manage as my perfect balance.
I know my defense can be a little shaky especially with JJ at D3 and a lot will be relying on him. Hopefully the likes of Shaw and Laird will strengthen it largely.

For my midfield my first three will be who I think the top 3 come years end. It may have cost me, but why wait and miss out? Reasons for Rockliff and Parker is simple, both in my eyes underpriced and will hopefully reach ultra-premium or very close to.

Yes I have chosen Goldstein, and for this reason is because there are no stepping stones that will enable me getting Goldy during the year, the closest being Zac Smith who is just not it for me. And my other option is Nic Nat, who could for output actually be number 1 in total points if he is consistent.

My Forwards are pretty standard, only question is hanging over Martin and that price tag but I can't really seeing any other forward being as reliable. Barlow is a lock, will hopefully be in the top few forwards. Hall I have been on ever since the end of last year.
As a north supporter I thought we were gonna get him being heavily linked with him. (What a combination of hall and wells!!!). But the next best thing is my SuperCoach side which he has 100% been locked into.

Only question is should I try to get Ben Kenndey into forward line for McCarthy? Well thanks for reading. Would love advice cheers.


It's really only your Defence that is a risk. Personally I would consider dropping Mills to Kennedy, Dea to Adams and upgrade Weitering to Mackenzie/Harwood/cutler/McDonald/Wilson.


From the teams I've seen here I feel safe in predicting that every contributor to the Jock Reynolds community will be in the SC Top 50% after round 1.
Just had a glance at the 'coaches choice' and see that 42% of teams don't have Kerridge and there are more teams with Varcoe, Hogan or Billings than Robinson.


So, all the superior judges have Mitch Robinson, is that what you're saying? LOL.


John your response is aggressive, assumptive and of absolutely no value to this community. This comment is influenced by Weidmann Imported German Beer. Only $30 a slab at Pre-Mix Kings bottleshops. “Wiedmann German Beer, the struggling Aussie marketing students friend.”


My name's Tony and it wasn't any of those things. You seem a bit defensive – is it because no-one has congratulated you on your hilarious repeated use of the Weidmann Beer thing?


Def: Shaw, Laird, Rich, M. Brown, Hartley, Adams (Ruggles, Collins

Mid: Fyfe, Pendles, Ablett, J. Selwood, Rockliffe, Libba, Mills, B. Kennedy (Gresham, Gore, Davis)

Ruck: Goldstein, Martin (Cox)

Fwd: Martin, Barlow, Greene, Wells, Petracca, Kerrige (Grimley, AMT)

team is changing every minute have had Laird and Greene since day dot. Both guns both have been in the system long enough and should get the job done. If Rich plays in the Midfield which he should with out Beams he will score well.
If Joel Selwood is named round 1 he is a lock! Underpriced and a proven scorer should only get better with Dangerfield getting majority of attention.


Rest is pretty standard and have 50K in the bank


I have really wanted Selwood the whole time I've been working on my team but injury concern has held me back. If he plays round one, you are saving yourself a lot of quid!


DEF: Laird, JJ, Sheridan, Weitering, Dea, Brown (Hartley, Collins)
MID: Dangerfield, Priddis, Ward, Rockliff, Wines, Cripps, Libba, Mills (Gore, Hewett, R Davis)
RCK: Nic Nat, Gawn, (Grimley)
FWD: Barlow, Greene, Hall, De Goey Wells, Kerridge (McCarthy, Micdonald-Tipungwuti)


Strong Mid and Fwd line, but it's killing your Defence.


G'day community – would love some feedback. Decided against loading the midfield as there are plenty of fallen premos throughout the season, and would rather have guaranteed guns in DEF from the start. Will change rookies when the teams come out.

DEF: Shaw, Houli, Laird, Lonergan, Dea, Hartley (Adams, Ruggles)
MID: Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Rockliff, Libba, Mills, Kennedy, Gresham (Petracca, Davis, MacPherson)
RUCK: Goldstein, Gawn (Loersch)
FWD: Martin, Barlow, Hall, De Goey, Wells, Kerridge (M. Brown, Tipungwuti)



A good looking team Francis. Davis and MacPherson are vying for the last spot on the Gold Coast rookie list so 1 will need to go. Lonergan is a interesting pick, not sure whether it will be his year though


Not sure how much left over money you have but,
I'd downgrade Houli to Weitering.
Swap De Goey with Kennedy, then trade De Goey for B Crouch.
Hopefully you'll have enough to upgrade a mid rookie to a premium.


Hey community! Here's my team version 8009.
Defs: laird, Bartel, johannisen, dea, Hartley, brown, broad, Adams.
Mids: Fyfe, danger, Gaj, priddis, Shiel, Parker, liberatore, mills, b kennedy, petracca, Davis.
Ruck: nicnat, Gawn, wyatt
Feds: Barlow, hall, stringer, wells, Mccarthy, kerridge, grimly, McDonald-tipungwuti.
This year I loaded my midfield from the get go. No point stuffing around! Backs and forwards will be easier to trade in than trying to get in $600k+ midfielder
Any feedback will be appreciated. Keep up the great work team


By loading up your midfield, you could be missing out on the next star for cheap (eg. Hannebery, Neale, Steven last year). Not all super premos have the best start either. Should have at least one cheaper rookie ($150,000 or under) in your midfield. If you're going to have B.Kennedy, he should be starting on the field


DEF: Houli, Laird, KK, Dea, Brown, Hartley (Adams, Tippa)
MID: Fyfe, Gaz, R.Gray, Treloar, Rocky, Libba, Mills, Kerridge (Petracca, Keays, Davis)
RUC: Goldy, Gawn (Grimley)
FWD: Dusty, Barlow, S.Gray, Wells, B.Kennedy, Menadue (McCarthy, Loersch) Loersch is a my loophole


Yeah solid team – very similar structure to my current team

Treloar is a big POD, like it assuming he isn't injured


Reckon you've got the strongest forward line that I've ever seen in a SC team adding an extra 2 players is pure genius. I might slot a couple of extras into the middle


haha just noticed the mistake, will repost, thanks!


hahaha. Didnt work when i tried it

Lewis Compton

Backs, Bartel, Sheridan, weitering, dea, Collins (Hartley, Adams)

Mids- Fyfe, Ablett, Sidebottom, rocky, caddy, libba, B.crouch, mills (gore, petracca, Davis)

Rucks- goldy, Gawn (grimley)

Forwards-dahlhouse, Barlow, hall, wells, Kennedy, kerridge (brown, tippa) 22k left

while I have gone thin in the backline I think this is where it's going to be won this year, this also allows me to have depth in the other lines. If Brad crouch isn't named I'll downgrade him to a rookie and turn weitering into a mid pricer.

a couple of PODS in the midfield with Sidebottom and caddy, I'm hoping Sidebottom will return to his 2014 form and caddy will have a breakout year.

goldy is a must have but keep your eyes on luey

Not starting dusty this year due to my gut feeling, and hoping hall lives up to the hype

keen to hear your thoughts and undeniable wisdom, thanks jock.


Decent team.
Can't complain about backs, maybe swap Bartel with KK or Laird.
Like the Mids, but i'd much prefer Duncan over Caddy and there pretty much the same price.
Rucks and Forwards are solid.


Help guys i need your critique!!!

Back: H S, R Laird, K Kolodjashnij, J Weitering, M Dea, T. Sheridan, M Hartley, (M. Adams, A McDonald-Tipungwuti)
Mid: P Dangerfield, D Hanneberry, T Rockliff, P. Cripps, J Kelly, M Crouch, Libba (C Oliver, J Gresham, R Davis)
Ruck: M Gawn, N Naitanui (M Cox)
Forward: D Martin, M Barlow, J Billings, D Wells, J DeGoey, S Kerridge, (B Kennedy, M Brown)


One short in mids, one too many defenders.
I'm a fan of Hannebery and Cripps for this year too.

Southern S

My opinion is your midfield is great, although Oliver over Mills seems odd when JS seems to swing in Mills' favour.

Kang Van Der Bang

Hey peeps,

Interested to hear the community thoughts.

Please rate the following picks as either RISK or SAFE

M. Crouch
B. Crouch
M. Duncan
L. Parker



Gawn risk
NicNat safe
Barlow safe
Houli risk
Wells risk
Libba safe
M. Crouch risk
B. Crouch risk
M. Duncan risk
L. Parker safe


Gawn – safe
NicNat – safe
Barlow – safe
Houli – risk ( better options at price)
Wells – safe risk (injury prone but cheap)
Libba – safe (value)
M. Crouch – risk
B. Crouch – safe (better than Matt)
M. Duncan – risk to start, rather wait and see
L. Parker – safe (underpriced)

Kang Van Der Bang

T.Macdonald over Houli?


Safe Safe Safe Safe Risk Safe Risk Risk Safe Safe


Gawn = Safe
Nic Nat = Risk
Barlow = Risk
Houli = Risk
Wells = Safe
Libba = Risk
M Crouch = Risk
B Crouch = Safe
Duncan = Risk
Parker = Risk

Southern S



Defenders: H.Shaw, R.Laird, D.Rich, J.Weitering, M.Dea, M.Brown (M.Hartley, T.Ruggles)

Midfield: N.Fyfe, P.Dangerfield, G.Ablett, T.Rockliff, L.Parker, T.Liberatore, C.Mills, C.Petracca (C.Menadue, D.Gore, R.Davis)

Rucks: S.Martin, M.Gawn (S.Grimley)

Forwards: D.Martin, M.Barlow, A.Hall, D.Wells, B.Kennedy, S.Kerridge (L.McCarthy, A.McDonald-Tipungwuti)

Thoughts community? Thanks for the advice in advance!
Love your work Jock!


And I have $18,600 remaining.
Still not 100% certain on D.Rich or A.Hall at the moment. Have I missed any must-have rookies? Cheers lads!

Southern S

Rich's price is spot on imo that's why he's a horrible pick, not a gun and a big risk for any serious growth.

Like your rookies but surely Gresham from saints has more JS than Gore as he's in a rebuilding side. Gore will be lucky to get 5 games imo


B.. Houli.laird. JJ. Sheridan. Weatering Dea( Brown.Addams
M.Danger.Abblet. Priddis. Treloar. Rocklif. Lidda Mills . Oliver. (Menadue.Keys.David.
R. Gawn. Sinclair.
F..Barlow.Gray. Hall. Wells. Kennedy. Krenage ( Mc Carthy. Tippatwatchato McDonald)


I have 100,000 left thinking Houli to Shaw


I would do Houli to shaw in a heartbeat….watch treloar over the next couple of days, he's hurt himself this afternoon.


Def. shaw Bartel rampe L McDonald Broad Adams (Hartley brown)

Mid. Fyfe Danger Hannebury ward Cripps Libba Kennedy Gresham (petracca Keays Davis)

Ruck. Goldy Martin (Grimley)

Fwd. Barlow Robinson hall wells Menadue kerridge (McCarthy, AMT)

Have aimed for 3+6+2+3=14 keepers. Probably have 12/13 certain keepers and 1/2 hopefuls
Hanners Ward has been Ablett/Rockliff. Might still be!
Set and forget rucks. Actually think Martin could end up close to Goldy as no 1
Not tempted by Weitering or Dea in Defence. Think they are overpriced. I see a lot of teams with either of those at D4. I think L McDonald is possibly my best selection
Tempted by Mills, but I think the rookies I have might deliver enough value


A solid looking team Keen. I have a very similar forward line with Robinson which I believe he can get it done this year. A very solid midfield, not sure whether Cripps can go to the next level yet though or if Hannebery can keep up the scoring. Solid defence, not sure whether McDonald is worth the risk though.


Big north fan here mate, what do you like about McDonald? See more mid time this year? I can't see him being a keeper, too awkwardly priced imho and hasn't shown his ceiling is high


Averaged 66 in his first year. Reckon he can average 80 in this side. In his first year he was given a lot of responsibility with kick ins etc. I feel he might be given the ball because of his foot skills. If he gets to an 80 average, then that's $150 cash growth, which is my minimum aim. I am getting less and less sure on the job security of the cheap backline rookies, so I wanted a sure thing as a stepping stone at D4.


I count 10 certain keepers, Hall and Libba possible keepers and Rampe, McDonald, Robinson extremely unlikely. Optimistic hoping for 14 keepers.


DEF: Laird, Bartel, Johannisen, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Brown, Collins)
MID: Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Shiel, Rocky, Libba, Mills, Oliver (Kennedy, Gresham, Petracca)
RUCKS:Martin, Nic Nat (Cox)
FWDS: Dusty, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Milera, Menadue (Kerridge, Mcdonald-Tipungwati)

Toss up between Martin or Gawn and Shiel or Viney at this stage


Possibly too much cash sitting on the bench. Milera may be a js risk. If you take Milera down to Adams, you may be able to turn Oliver/Kennedy into B Crouch


Community! Your thoughts.

Negative/Positive feedback accepted.

DEF: Shaw, Gibson, Sheridan, Weitering, Dea, M.Adams (Broad, Ruggles)

MID: Fyfe, Danger, Ablett, Priddis, P.Cripps, Libba, Mills, B.Kennedy (R.Davis, Keays, Hewett)

RUCK: Goldy, Gawn (M.Cox)

FWD: Barlow, Buddy, A.Hall, Wells, Milera, Kerridge (Menadue, Tipaungwuti)


Solid JurgonnaGetFlogged. The defence looks a bit weak with Sheridan at D3, if considering him, he should be at D4 so there is less risk. Midfield looks solid. Not sure whether Milera will score well though, could save $60k by putting Menadue on field and getting M.Brown. Otherwise a good team


Thanks Danners! Taking note of that


DEF: Shaw, Gibson, Rich, Sheridan, Weitering, Adams (Dea, AMT)

MID: Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Ward, Libba, Mills, Oliver, Petracca (Gresham, Hewett, Davis)

RUC: Martin, Gawn (Cox)

FWD: Martin, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (Milera, Menadue)

Tried to maximise proven big scorers to have some certainty each week. Picked rookies based on potential price increases.


A good adage to pick a side by, Train. Feel Gibson won't be incredibly consistent, but looking very good. Getting Dea to D6 is nice, too!


Shaw, Laird, Harwood, Weitering, Dea, Brown (hartley, adams)

Fyfe, Danger, GAZ, Gray, Shiel, Rocky, libba, Mills (3x 102-123k)

Goldy, NicNat (wyatt)

Dusty, Barlow, Wells, Kennedy, Menadue, Kerridge (mccarthy, tippa)

So at the moment im going big in the midfield and have light bookends. I think that for 550k you can either get rocky in the mids or Dahlhaus upforward. Everyday of the week you would choose rocky. A lot of people would say that I dont have cash generation because cash generation usually comes from the mids but this year only mills is looking like making good $$. I still have 9 cash generators which is the same as most people.

Im not 100% set on this statedgy and am thinking about downgrading Shiel to Oliver and upgrade Weitering to Hurn/Smith/Bartel to balance my side out a bit more.

would appreciate some feedback, cheers


Massive gonads having Harwood at D3. I'd try to get him to a Lonergan or a Sheridan at minimum, but otherwise I'm a fan of the stacked midfield. Really like the Gray pick in particular. Could go Brownlow this year.


Defence: Gibson Yeo JJ Sheridan Weitering Broad (wagner, brown)

Mids: fyfe gaz priddis hanners shiel libba mills kennedy
(Mendue petrecca davis)

Rucks Martin Gawn ( chol)

Fwds: Barlow Franklin Greene Wells Kerridge Grimley (Adams, McCarthy)


Risky Defence. But the rest is rock solid. If the Defence gamble pays off, you are in for a good year


DEF: Laird, KK, Rich, Suckling, Weitering, Dea (Brown, AMT)

MID: Fyfe is lyfe, Pendles, GAJ, Gray, Rocky, Wines, Libba, Mills (Gresham, Petracca, Davis)

RUCK: Nic Nat, Sinclair (Grimley)

FWD: Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Menadue, Kerridge (McCarthy, Adams)

Wanted some PODs in there, considering changing an ultra premo to get one more POD (priddis or Hanners maybe). Still tossing up structure, whether to go with the current or go with one more rookie down back and upgrade a fwd.
Cheers gents


Interesting setup without too much risk anywhere. First time I've seen Dea at D6. Very nice strong mids, not much to worry about. Like the Sinclair pick into the fwds, given your light structure there.


DEF: Shaw, Houli. Gibson, Dea, Hartley, Broad (Brown. Ruggles)

MID: Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Shiel, Rockliff, Libba, Menadue, Greesham (Petrecca, Hewett, Davis)

RUC: Goldstein, Gawn (Loersch)

FWD: Martin, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (Adams, Tipungwuti)

Rookies are obviously subject to change depending on round one selection


Gibson Dea at D3/4 is the only risk. You may be better off with 2 350 players


BAKCS – H Shaw, R Laird, K Kolo, J Johannison, J Weitering, M Dea (M. Hartley, M Adams)

MIDS – N Fyfe, P Dangerfield, G Ablett, T Rockliff, L Parker, T Liba, C Mills, J Greesham (D Gore, C. Petracca, R Davis)

RUCKS: S Jacobs, Nic Nat (S. Grimley)

FWDS: M Barlow, A Hall, D Wells, B Kennedy, C Menadue, S Kerridge (L McCarthy, A McDonald-Tipungwuti)

$86, 900 left lads


S Martin in for S Jacobs*


DEF: H. Shaw, K. Kolodjashnij, E. Yeo, L. McDonald, J. Weitering, M. Brown (M. Hartley, T. Ruggles)
MID: N. Fyfe, P. Dangerfield, G. Ablett, M. Bontompelli, T. Rockliff, T. Liberatore, C. Mills, B. Kennedy (J. Gresham, B. Keays, R. Davis)
RUCK: T. Goldstein, M. Gawn (S. Grimley)
FWD: D. Martin, M. Barlow, J. Steele, C. Menadue, S. Kerridge, M. Adams (C. Petracca, A. McDonald-Tipungwuti)

62k in the bank.

My structure is very deep in the midfield, mostly due to the fact that there is a lack of solid rookies, along with the spread of value along the other lines.

I've gone set and forget as I don't think a Midpricer option is worthwhile because I can't see goldy dropping below $600k.

As far as my pods go, McDonald averaged 70 in his debut season, but dropped by 15 points last season. I'm more than happy to save some cash and some trades and have him and Weitering sit at D5 and D6 for most of the year averaging 80 (hopefully) while I fill out my other lines, especially considering the defense will be very low scoring this year.

The Bont is the Bont, we know he can go huge. With Libba back the dogs should go up another level, and the Bont is only a matter of when before he becomes a SuperCoach beast. I'm backing him in. He could become Shiel or Titchell though.

Jack Steele looks primed to fit into the Treloar role after playing a lot of inside mid in the nab challenge, and did so very well too (13 contested possessions in nab 3 from memory). Also, I feel very safe in picking both Steele and McDonald as I am not selecting Wells. If either of these picks seem like a terrible call early, I have a safe round 3 downgrade to Wells as a get-out-of-jail (almost) free card.

Rip it apart community!


I like the steele pick up, but l macdonald wont average 80, doesn't play the right position and wont play 22. I love the kid (roos fan) but he's too risky for me.


x2 from another North supporter.

Love him, buke is no certainty to even make the 22 for rd 1.


*but Luke, not buke


I'm a doggies fan and expect the Bont to have a slow start to the season. Started training later than the rest and has looked underdone in the intra club and Nab games.


Wells is first picked in my team. Not running Wells, LIbba and Kerridge; not serious about this game.


DEF- shaw, bartel, rich, dea, broad,brown (hartley,ruggles)

MIDS- Fyfe,danger,ablett,treloar, rocky,cripps,libba,crouch (gresham,petracca,davis)

RUCK- goldy,gawn (loersch)

FWDS- barlow,hall, wells,kennedy,menadue (adams, tippa)

Pretty happy at the moment. No mills is a worry but i really like the midfield set up if treloar is definitely fit.

Cheers community.


Kerriidge is in at F6


Don't mind not going with Mills if your structure allows it, which I think yours does. If you switch crouch into mills look at menzel in fwd line. Keeping you at 16 potential keepers.


Would appreciate the feedback community:

Shaw Laird KK
Weitering Dea Hartley
(Brown Broad)

Danger Pendles Ablett Rocky
Parker Libba Mills Kennedy
(Gresham Petracca Davis)

Nic Nat Gawn

Martin Barlow Hall
Wells Menadue Kerridge
(McCarthy Old McDonald)

Gone quite heavy in the backline and with my choice of rookies this year. The first mainly because of player choice in other lines and the second mainly due to the lack of cheap ones. Considering dropping Shaw+NicNat->Rich+Goldy but I want the stability in the back half because I can't see any of the essendon rookies averaging anywhere near a decent score. Also, I feel Nic Nat is sure to improve his scoring with another solid preseason and a heavier workload without Sinclair while Goldy cannot still be a 700k for the whole year, surely?.

Other key choice is De Goey: I have seen him in a few teams and I really like what the kid brings to the table but I am seriously worried about the pies' stocked midfield. Someone talk me out of it!


I agree with your concern on the Essendon rookies down back. If you like DeGoey, bring him in for Martin. Use the cash to upgrade Dea.


Looking through teams, I'm starting to re-think my Rucks. I was going to go with Gawn and NicNat, but now I'm looking elsewhere based on some stats from last year.

% of Scores over 100:
Goldy: 88%
Gawn: 62%
Martin: 55%
NicNat: 52%

% of Scores below 90:
Goldy: 4%
Martin: 15%
Gawn: 31%
NicNat: 39%

I'm starting to think that having both Gawn and NicNat could hurt in weeks where they both score 75 points.

I hope I'm not the only one having this dilemma!

Kang Van Der Bang

great stat there. Definitely something to think about if you want to win your league.


That was last year, they could be completely different this year


I think the comparison is more relevant for Martin than the others….interesting though.

'Don't Blush Babbie'

Nic Nats output will imprive this year barring injury, I'm have Nic Nat & Gawn atm

Kevin Skywalker

Agree Nic Nat will improve markedly this year


I wouldn't worry too much , Goldy will produce a of of those early as he is a form based player , NicNat SHOULD (no guarantee) get more game time in the ruck (most 75s due to little ruck time) and with jamar gone, Gawn WILL get tons of ruck time.

Additionally, Gawn is 208cm and will consistently take thrilling marks and win hitouts since he doesn't play Sandy early. NicNat is the same size as Goldy and as soon as he is fully allowed to use his potential destory Goldy.


Long Time reader, first time poster, really excited for a big season, thanks again Jock Reynolds and Team for all your hard work in the pre-season. Going for more even spread of points rather than bulking midfields which can be topped up during the season. No Fyfe or Ablett to start with a lot still in the bank (141K) as I like to watch the start and make moves on the price drops as we go, as with footy anything can happen! Those rookies on field/bench may change subject to starting line ups of course.
*edited mistakes*
DEF: Shaw, Laird, Gibson, McGovern, Dea, Byrne-Jones, (Hartley, Broad)
MID: Pendlebury, Dangerfield, Rockliff, Shiel, Wells, Libba, Kerridge, Mills, (Davis, Petracca, Redman)
RUCK: NicNat, Gawn (Grimley)
FWD: Barlow, Hall, S. Gray, T.Greene, McCarthy, Menadue (M.Brown, McDonald-Tippa)


BJ in def unlikely to play imo. Don't like Greene the butcher. Good side.


Thoughts on grimley want him as backup but want a loophole option. And will he make enough money as a forward can I please have some help


Not sure either Gary


Good question Gary. I'm going with Grimley because I want ruck cover. At the moment he's on the bench in the ruck and I've got Sinclair in my forward line in case I need to cover a ruckman. I've seen a lot of teams with a cheap ruck/fwd in the ruck and Grimley in the fwd line though. I'm not sure he's going to score much though.


KK, Weitering, Millera


Rich, Trent McK, McCarthy (Geel)


Kk, weitering, McCarthy?


could do that but I like millera


Tricky one. Calf on KK is a worry, otherwise I'd take it in a heartbeat.


DEF: Shaw, Laird, JJ, Sheridan, Weitering, Brown (Hartley, Broad)

MID: Fyfe, GAJ, Priddis, Ward, Shiel, Cripps, Libba, Mills, Gresham (Gore, Hewatt, Davis)

RUCK: NicNat, Gawn (Cox)

FWD: Martin, Barlow, Hall, Wells, McCarthy, Kerridge (Grimley, McDonald-Tipungwuti)


Feed me some o dat sweet sweet advice community!


Too many in the midfield?


Well done. I count 17 keepers + Mills and Weitering. Great work. One of the best teams using this structure (and not going crazy MID).


I think having both JJ and Sheridan is a bit risky, if you see potential in them go for it though. Otherwise maybe turn Weit into Dea and upgrade JJ to someone more reliable. Just feel like both of those guys should be D4.


DEF: Shaw, Laird, JJ, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Brown, Broad)

Mid: Fyfe, Danger, GAJ, Shiel, Rockliff Libba, Mills, Menadue (Gresham, Petracca Davis)

Ruck: Goldy Gawn (Wyatt)

FWD Martin Barlow Menzel Wells Kerridge Milera (B Kennedy, AMT)

Would love Everyone in the Communities thoughts!!


An interesting team. Defence looks solid I have my doubts on Weitering's scoring ability early on in his career. Mid and Ruck looks good also. Although not sure why everyone is going Menzel in their forward line, downgrade Milera to get $60k and upgrade Menzel to a more solid option like Steele/De Goey


Would like some feedback and thoughts on my team guys
DEF: Shaw, Laird, Bartel, Johannisen, Dea, Broad, (Adams), (Tipungwuti)
MID: Fyfe, Dangefield, Ablett, Gray, Rockliff, Libba, Mills, Gresham, (Hewett), (Keays), (Davis)
RUCKS: Goldstein, Martin, (King)
FWDS: Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Menadue, Kerridge, (Petracca), (Brown)

$23,700 left in the bank


Forgot to put my reasoning for my team so ill explain here:
Firstly I'm probably the only one going to say this but, i believe forward premos will be harder to pick than defence premos. This is due to forward premos either being way too expensive or their uncertainty regarding their premo status. for me only Barlow is a lock up forward.
Secondly in contrast with my first point, i reckon there's too much value up forward to pass up on with the likes of Kerridge, Wells etc… so ive gone cheap in that regard and hopefully picking off the forward premos as they come, quite similar to defence from last year.
I've gone with the 2 best rucks in the comp, not stuffing around with mid pricers in this position just lock and load Goldy and martin.
And with the mids I've gone with the big 3 basically due to the fact they'll dish out monster scores all year and will be hard to get in if you haven't got them. Gray is my pod in the mid, and both Rockliff and Libba are too hard to ignore at their respective price.
Lastly rookies are still subject to change but most have confirmed their spot in my team.

If you agree or disagree with my reasoning please reply and state why, would love to see what people think.


Solid. Could think about Dea down to Hartley and Mills up to B Crouch. Personally I think Wells is F4 not F3, but you have to go skinny somewhere. And I agree that it is not Defence. Like that Rocky is M5. He is almost the perfect M5.


I'm Keeping Dea because hes scoring output will be more in comparison to Hartley who's a key position player.
I've been thinking about either Libba or crouch and for me i stood with Libba based on his past form and the doggies run early on.
Its better to go skinny up forward based on the scoring potential of the rookies like stuff getting 50s from brown, Hartley, Collins etc…. I'd rather get 70-80s with Kerridge, Wells, and Kennedy.

Hows your team coming along Keen?


Solid structures and good POD choice I think, well done. I agree with your FWD comments, don't feel anyone except Zorko are reliable picks for their money at D1 above Barlow, and he's not playing RD1.


Cheers Dan, Yeah Gray looks a great POD. A clearance machine who can find the ball and regularly gets on the scoreboard, he ticks all the boxes IMO.
Yeah good see i have some people agree with me haha, i like Zorko as a player but i feel hes slightly overpriced and can be inconsistent at times but still a solid pick for some.

Hows your team coming along Dan?


Pretty good I'm hoping thanks mate. I posted it further down in the comments just now. Its also in the Cheat Sheet discussion as well.


I will give it a suss and give you my thoughts pal


Shaw, Boyd, Rampe, Weitering, Dea, hartkey (broad, m.adams).
GAJ, danger, hanners, r.gray, rocky, Libba, b.crouch, mills (menadue, hewett, Davis)
Jacobs, Gawn (King)
Barlow, Hall, Menzel, wells,
Kennedy, kerridge (McCarthy, AMT).

POD is the midfield/ruck omissions.
Think the money is with underpriced rocky, Libba, crouch (if he plays).
Nervous about sauce Jacobs at r1 – thinking of a downgrade to Nic Nat/Sinclair/z.smith to allow a Menzel upgrade.


If you bring in Mitch Brown for Kennedy, Menzel can become Hall

Saint Patrick

Def: shaw, laird, yeo, Seedsman, dea, hartley (Adams, tippa)
Mid: danger, Ablett, priddis, rocky, Parker, libba, mills, mennadue, (keays, Dunkley, Davies)
Ruck: Martin, Nic Nat (king)
Fwd: Martin, Barlow, hall, wells, Kennedy, kerridge (grimley, m brown)


Seriously good team. Not sold on Seedsman, but fits your structure perfectly


BACKS: KK, Bartel, Yeo, Johannieson, Aish, Weitering
MIDS: Fyfe, Ablett, Gray, Rockliff, Wines, Libba, Mills, Viojo-Rainbow
RUCKS: Gawn, Sinclair
FORWARD: Martin, Wingard, Menzel, Wells, Milera, Kerridge

Plan is to hope Sinclair ups his value and pick up a premo ruck. Probably drop a maxed out forward rookie, move Sinclair to forward line, then get second premo ruck. He can then be back up rest of season. Rookies/bench will change.


Like the thinking. So far most people's ruck cover is Grimley. Could be a real advantage if there is some carnage in the rucks


Def: Shaw, Houli, Laird, Weitering, Dea, Collins. (Brown, Broad)
Mid: Fyfe, Pendles, GAJ, Rockliff, Liba, De Goey, B Crounch, Mills. (Gresham, Keays, Davis)
Ruc: Nic Nat, Gawn. (Cox)
Fwd: Martin , Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge. (Grimley, AMT)

I really want Danger man in but just can't part with GAJ, Fyfe or pendles to get him in.
Also not sure about De goey, any advice to downgrade him to and use the money some where else?


I would have danger above both Fyfe and Pendles. Watch him turn it on now he is in his happy place.


Greetings community, thoughts for my team are much appreciated
Def: houli, Simpson, johanisen, weitering, dea, McDonald-tipungwuti (Hartley, Collins)
Mid: danger, pendles, ward, Dahlhaus, rocky, Libba, Polec, mills (ben kennedy, gore, r Davis)
Ruck: mummy, Gawn (grimly)
Fwd: Deledio, Barlow, stringer, wells, Rioli, Kerridge (Kommer, mitch brown)
Thanks guys


Bullies man? Dahlhaus in the guts? Understand the logic, just think he is fully priced and you will get him cheaper later. Maybe Wines or Parker would be more value


Hi Guys,

I think i have a good balanced team? lol Would love some feedback on my team.

DEF: Kolo, Rich, JJ, Sheridan, Broad, Adams, (M Brown, Hartley)
Mid: Danger, Ablett, R Gray, Ward, Rocky, Libba, Mills, Oliver (B Kennedy, Gresham, R Davis)
Ruck: Bilcavs, Gawn (Grimley)
FWDS: Barlow,S Gray, Hall, De goey, Wells Kerridge ( Menadue, Tipungwuti)


My team:

Def: Shaw, Laird, JJ, Weitering, Dea, Hartley Bench: Brown, Ruggles

Mid: Fyfe, Danger, Priddis, Gray, JPK, Liba, Mills, Gresham Bench: Petracca, Keays, Davis

Ruck Goldy, Gawn Bench: King

Fwd: Martin, Barlow, Hall, Kennedy (Melb), Kerridge, AMT Bench: Grimley, Beech

I've tried to keep the Defence and Forward line structure roughly the same with 2 Elites, 1 mid-priced, 1 high end rookie and 2 normal priced rookies. I'm not too sure on having Weit at D4. I've gone for set and forget in the rucks. In the midfield I've tried to pick players who can have an impact playing forward but also tried to pick ones who could play as a defensive midfielder like Priddis and Mills but I'm not too sure on Mills' job security.

I've tried to pick around 14 keepers, 9 cash cows and 7 lower end rookies who could get a few games and rise in price.

My plan is to wait until the bye rounds and trade some of the rookies who have reached their max potential in price and try and trade them for mid-priced players who are almost or on their way to becoming elite


30k left in the bank


Hi Tim. Your structure is very similar to mine. I do not have Libba, I have Wells at F3(he will/should turn into F6-a keeper) and used the money in the mid. Plus, I do not have Shaw and used the money to get M.Williams for JJ. The first four mids will be well and truly in the top ten mids. Good luck Tim.


Starting to get serious now community.
Here's how the squad is looking.

Shaw, Bartel, Smith, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Brown, Broad)
Fyfe, Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Ablett, Rockcliff, Libba, Crouch, Mills (Gresham, Petracca, Davis)
Nic Nat, Gawn (loophole)
Barlo, Hall, Greene, Wells, Menadue, Kerridge (McCarthy, AMT)

Going in light defence as I don't see it as much of a big deal. Shaw will be the clear leading defender and I'm happy to take risks on a weak D4 to D6 line as it allows me to give myself a strong midfield and set and forget rucks, and the players selected there are good enough to get the job done. Any thoughts would be appreciated!


Good team Mitch. As much as Crouch and Mills are good options, having no rookies under $200k could be a concern. Downgrade either one and upgrade Smith to Laird/Rance/$470-$500k defender


Same strategy as mine Mitch, very close to same selections also. No love for Johanissen over smith? 82 per 100 minutes avg in nab v 127 per 100 minutes.


bartel or yeo
and thoughts on billings?


Bartel. Billings could be an interesting POD, but there are better options around


Difficult to fit billings and hall in. Bartel for mine to.

Andy Bull

Any feedback welcome..
Def: Shaw, Laird, Rich, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Brown, Ruggles)
Mid: Danger, Ablett, Grey, Treloar, Rocky, Libba, Mills, Gresham (Keays, Davis, MacPherson)
Ruck: Goldy, Martin (Cox)
Fwd: Wingard, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (AMT, Pectracca)

13k left over. Current thinking is downgrading Goldy for Gawn and then strengthening in other places.


I am not a fan of Weitering at D4, but plenty of teams going that way. If you going to make a change, that's where I would be looking

Derek James

Righto. Attempt number 687

Def. Shaw, Laird, Gibson, Hurn, Weitering, Dea (Tiphguucfd, Ruggles)

Mid. Fyfe, Ablett, Selwood, Rockliff, Libba, Mills, Petracca (Gresham, Gore, Davis)

Ruc. Godly, Dog Dog (Wyatt)

Fwd. Martin, Barlow, Johnson, Wells, Kennedy, Kerridge (McCarthy, Grimley)

Derek James

Forgot Menadue


Drop Gibbo, for a rookie, spend cashola in MIDs.

Derek James

Nah cos then it'll just be a cookie cutter team like everyone else


Well if you want a bit more differentiation, go Martin to Billings. Time adjusted (86%) he has avg'd 108 during the preseason cup. Not in my team (A Hall at F3, Wells F4) but it was pretty close IMO. Gives you $124k to spend….or even just save…


I'd be dropping Johnson or possibly Selwood before Gibbo. Think otherwise your team is fairly strong though.

Derek James

I like both those picks. Especially keen on selwood. Dont know why people are off him. For 3 years prior to last year he was averaging over 115. 120 in 2014. At his price he's a massive bargain


I think because the teeth are getting long and there's Danger in the team now.
Could be a smokey shark, we will have to see. Good luck.

Derek James

Got 34 possies tonight. 19 contested in the vfl. He's fit


Thanks for the confirmation re: Selwood. Looking forward him smashing it with #1 tag to danger! I think Danger Selwood will be the Swan Pendles of years gone by. You want both and you never know which one is going large each week! Now…how do I fit Danger in my starting line up as well…hmmmm….


Love the Gibbo pick in and out of mine but need cash elsewhere currently so out at the mo. Love the pick though, Johnson a nice pod up forward.


D.menzel and 50k v de goey?????


De Goey

Derek James

De goey


Neither, but De Goey > Menzel


De goes for sure


Here's my team, any feedback would be helpful.
DEF: Shaw, Houli, Laird, Sheridan, Weitering, Dea (Hartley, Ruggles)
MID: Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Shiel, Liberatore, Mills, B.Kennedy, Kerridge (Hewett, Dunkley, Davis)
RUCK: Goldstein, Gawn (Grimley)
FWD: Barlow, Z.Merrett, Hall, Wells, Milera, Menadue (M.Adams, McDonald-Tipungwuti)

85.8k left in the kitty.


With only 4 premo mids, would consider using the cash to upgrade Mills to B Crouch


Rance, K.Simpson, Docherty, Rich, Bonner, Collin – Dea, Hartley

Fyfe, Pendles, Ablett, Rocky, Gibbs, Libba, Kennedy, Gore – Petrecca, Mathieson, R.Davis

Jacobs, Nic Nat – Grimley

D.Martin, Barlow, Greene, Wells, Milera, Kerridge – L.McCarthy, Tipungwuti


That's B.Kennedy not J.Kennedy


or JP Kennedy, which would be nice.

Better Luck Nxt Yr

Thoughts appreciated. Spread too thin?
Def: Bartel, Rich, Hurn, Suckling, McKenzie, Dea (M Brown (Ess). Hartley)
Mid: Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Rocky, Wines, Libba, B Crouch, Mills (Keays, Hibberd, Davis)
Ruck: Nic Nat, Gawn (Wyatt)
Fwd: Barlow, Edwards, Hall, Wells, Kerridge, Petracca, (Grimley, AMT)
$7,000 over.


Edwards pick is interesting. I would drop 1-2/4 of Rich, Hurn, Suckling, McKenzie for Weitering or Broad or a RD1 named rook and a more likely keeper.


Long time listener, first time caller. This year very much a case of players dictating structure. Usually go guns n rooks, but this year its a bit more midprice. Love the Jock Reynolds community. Have been playing supercoach for 10 years. Last year was the first time i got on board the Community and finished about 280ish; Not coincidental. Would really appreciate thoughts on my team(Particularly unique selections). Will go though my justifications for each player.

KK – Gun. Lock for the next decade
Birchill – With Suckling gone, that fantasy friendly role off half back is his. Clarko will also put him in the guts this year
Sheridan – Safe midpricer. Should average 80-90
L.McDonald – Seriously like this kid. 2nd year blues last year. Missing finals has made him hungry.Liked what i saw in NAB. My breakout smokey. Why does no-one have him.
Dea – Will increase in value enough to turn him into H.Shaw ASAP(1st Trade up)
Broad – If hes named round 1, then lock him in. Not liking all these KPP def rooks. Broad looks more like an oxley, mcIntosh type than a Z.Dawson(Brown,Collins, Hartley ect ect)
That said DEF BENCH – Hartley, Ruggles

Dangermouse – Was cruising in NAB and smashed it to pieces. Will win the brownlow this year. Leave him out at your peril.
Baby Jeebers – The master. Injuries are concerning me. My first player picked for a decade. Cant go in without him
Rocky – Seriouly underpriced. Gun. Piggy. Even if he only gets 115-120 im happy
Wino – Contested beast. On a very nice upwards curve. Seems to be over injuries. His game style may mean missed games, but thats a risk im willing to take.
Crippler – The kid actually grew during the summer. GAJ/Rocky 2.0. Will soon average 120-135. What will he do this year? Last year he averaged 100 in his first full year under a unfantasy friendly malthouse. MASSIVE ceiling. Wish he played for Hawthorn.
Josh Kelly – 3rd year breakout. With treloar gone, should get a lot more mid time. Looked seriously impressive in NAB. Uses it well. My mid smokey POD. Either averages 100 and is a keeper at M8, or appreciates 100k and becomes Fyfe/Pendles. Again, why does no-one have him? Has he slipped under radar or is this too speculative. Thoughts?
Libba – Think he will do enough to appreciate significantly. As with Kelly, Either M8 keeper or easy trade up to elite premo. One of these occaisions where you have to have him. In practically every team so if he goes bang and you dont have him, its catch-up.
Millsey – Best of the rooks by a mile. Should play a lot of games off half back. Future superstar.
BENCH – Ben Ken(Expensive i know, but i need security at M9.Swingman too), Petracca(perfect loophole with Danger,rocky Gazza) not concerned about him missing early games, as cash generation is important throughout season, also wont have to burn a trade by swapping for under-performing rook. M11 Davis(Gc) Hoping he gets evelated

Nic Nat – Coming into his prime as a ruckman, good pre-season. Fit and firing. Could be anything this year
Gawn – Seriouly rate him. Flavour of the month, but for good reason. Either smashes it or becomes Goldy
Bench – Grimley. Wont set the world on fire, but will play most games. Cheap. DPP for swingset/loophole. Perfect R3

Barlow – Will be top 3 fwd this year. Back to the Barlow we know and love. Lock. Must have
Buddy – Im a Hawks fan if u havent guessed, tried to hate him but i just cant. Will improve on last year for sure. Inconsistent i know, but im on the buddy train. Will score a 200 this year(Always does well against Ess (hint hint). Swans also play Carl twice. Only cos im a gambling man.
Hall – The hype is real. Attended more centre bounces than anyone in NAB?. With GC injuries will play a lot of mid time. F6 keeper or round 6/7 tradeup to Dusty.
Stringer – The package. My midprice Fwd POD. Has increased his tank and should play mid when the