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Round 3 NRL: Buy, Hold or Sell?

Published by The Cowboy on

NRL Supercoach Fantasy CowboyRound 3 lockout is fast approaching – so it’s time to play the SuperCoach stock market.

After a large number of injuries, high scoring games and unexpected performances, coaches need to consider whether their chosen players are worth their price-tag. Due to the abnormality of the first two rounds, a large number of triple figure and negative BE’s have appeared for consideration.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons for the following players:

Do I HOLD or do I SELL?

Break Even 106, CTW 347k
Next 5: PEN(A), NTQ(H), GCO(A), STG(H), NEW(H)

Pros: You’d expect the premiership favourites to score well this season so Roberts will likely hover around the 300k-350k mark anyway. He’s just played his first two games for a new club so you’d expect that Roberts will become more involved in the smooth chemistry at the Broncos.

Cons: The issue with Roberts is that he’s not seeing that much ball. The Broncos seem to like attacking down the left side which is limiting Roberts’ involvement.  He’s also set to lose a good amount of cash if he repeats his opening rounds’ performances.

Break Even 110, 2RF/FRF $482k
Next 5: PEN(A), NTQ(H), GCO(A), STG(H), NEW(H)

Pros: I didn’t really want to mention the SC God himself but after seeing so many coaches talking about trading him out, I’ve thrown his name in the mix. He’s a second-rower, goal kicker, work horse and part of a top four team. He’s in my team and not going anywhere.

Cons: If you had to be picky, Parker will play Origin and has a small chance to be rested at some point during that period. He may lose a little cash over the next few rounds but that’s nothing to be concerned about.

Break Even 109, FB/CTW $365k
Next 5: SOU(H), PEN(H), NTQ(A), BRI(A), GCO(A)

Pros: If Dugan is fully fit to play this weekend he’ll be moved back to fullback. It’s debatable whether Dugan performs better at centre or fullback but at least now he’ll be free to return the ball and become involved in the attacking plays on both sides of the field.

Cons: Dugan suffered a strain in round 2 which will make coaches a little nervous coming into round 3. Additionally, they’re playing against an in-form Rabbitohs team which could limit his attacking potential.

Break Even 94, HFB $386k
Next 5: CRO(H), SYD(A), SOU(H), NZ(A), PAR(H)

Pros: 94 isn’t out of reach for Daly. He produced a 50+ score in round 1 with no attacking stats which shows what he’s capable of. I can see coaches using DCE as an excuse to grab Mbye this week but I’m not a big fan of this trade.

Cons: Cherry-Evans has been under-whelming and at times has looked a little lost. Manly potentially have a difficult next five rounds as all their opponents can be strong on their day.

Break Even 117, HFB/FE $419k
Next 5: MAN(A), MEL(H), WES(A), GCO(H), CAN(A)

Pros: Maloney and Cherry-Evans owners seem to be in the same boat. Both halves are producing average scores but the potential has been proven in previous seasons. Maloney has the added bonus of being a goal kicker and a dual position player.

Cons: With a break even of 117 and playing the likes of Melbourne and an in-form Wests in the next three games, it’s likely that Maloney will lose some cash. Is that a good enough reason to give him the flick though?

Break Even 186, CTW $513k
Next 5: CBY(A), WES(A), PEN(H), CAN(H), MAN(A)

Pros: Semi will be extremely popular when the bye period approaches due to the Eels having the best coverage. Yes, he will definitely drop a significant amount of cash after rounds three and four, but remember that the Eels have just played the two grand finalists from 2015.

Cons: If you chose to start with Semi and decide to trade him out, you’ll more than likely use another trade to get him back in for the bye period. Alternatively, you could bite the bullet and just accept that you brought him into your side a bit prematurely.

Break Even 171, FB $489k
Next 5: MEL(H), NEW(H), SYD(A), MAN(H), CBY(A)

Pros: Surely RTS just requires some time in a new side before producing the attacking stats that he’s known for. He’s still producing the 200+ running meters from last season so he’s not far off returning to some good form. The Warriors will play their first home game this weekend , then another in round  four  against the underwhelming Knights.

Cons: Where has the SC weapon of 2015 been? His involvement has been minimal and he’s set to lose a lot of cash. Tuivasa-Sheck owners could consider a trade to Tedesco who is in much better form and has a high involvement in the Tigers attack. This could be considered a side-ways trade though.




Should I BUY?

Break Even: -94, HFB $273k
Next 5: PAR(H), SOU(A), CAN(H), MEL(A), NZ(H)

Pros: Mbye is playing exceptional football and looking at making a truck load of cash. Whether you’re considering getting him as a keeper or a stepping-stone to another gun in your side, he definitely looks the goods.

Cons: The Bulldogs next five games could be fairly tough so there’s every chance that he’ll produce average scores. It’s difficult to use this as an excuse to pass on Mbye.

Break Even -61, CTW $253k
Next 5: GCO(A), PAR(H), CRO(H), NEW(A), MEL(H)

Pros: The Tigers will play two out of three of the big bye rounds so you could use him to make up numbers throughout that period. The Tigers will play the Titans and Knights in their next four games so there’s every chance he’ll produce some more high scoring games.

Cons: Naiqama will need to repeat his opening rounds’ performances in order to keep any cash gained from trading him in. He isn’t really considered a CTW keeper so you’ll be using another trade to get him out of your side.

Break Even -88, FE/HFB $123k
Next 5: STG(A), CBY(H), MAN(A), SYD(H), NTQ(A)

Pros: Walker should be hanging around long enough to make a decent amount of cash for your team. He’s in amazing form and is even worth consideration when choosing your starting 17.

Cons: He’s all but certain to be dropped once Reynolds returns from injury. Besides this, I can’t see any reason why he wouldn’t be a good pick up.

Break Even 2, 2RF/FEF $424k
Next 5: STG(A), CBY(H), MAN(A), SYD(H), NTQ(A)

Pros: If Burgess isn’t in your team by now, Why? No, seriously….WHY?

Cons: Zero

What trades are you doing this week?


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DCE is out for me he looked very average even though he got that 50 in rd 1 he will need more time to get used to playing with walker but he will lose too much cahs to be worth holding thats where mbye comes in because he will make very good cash in a short amount of time therefore you will be able to upgrade to a jt sj or bunt who are set to lose some good amount of cash.


That's a fair call Tommy. Coaches are already getting frustrated with DCE and the lack of chemistry at Manly


Sensation article Cowboy! No love for Teddy? I want to flick RTS badly. I can agonise all week or i can just do it now. Thoughts?


Warriors will hit their straps at some stage. It is usually around Origin time when Shawn Johnston decides to have a go (when every other team is missing their players). No doubt RTS will improve at some stage too. How much is a trade worth to you and how will you feel knowing that when RTS gets down around low 300k – 350k everyone who doesn't have will be picking him off….will you bring him back in!? Add to that Teddy has a lovely run over next 5 weeks. It's a tough one. You either have to bring Teddy in this week or not until after origin!


As usual, you're spot on Casper!


Thanks mate! There's no denying everyone wants Teddy – what's not to like? He's even more appealing to grab this week due to their game against the Titans on the weekend. RTS > Teddy will be fairly popular and it's all due to the cash. It's probably the hardest SC decision I've seen in a long time (RTS playing back to back home games and losing cash compared to an epic Teddy who'll go up in cash and playing one of the wooden spoon favs). Whether you do the trade or give it a miss wouldn't be a bad decision. Ideally a RTS/Teddy combo for your run home FBs is perfect so you might end up grabbing RTS back again.

Short answer: My head will probably explode if I give it any more thought. My gut is telling me you should go ahead with the trade…..although expect RTS to perform sooner or later and Teddy to get you some 30s/40s.

The Beard

I dropped RTS for Teddy. Had to be done. To much cash on the table.

The Beard

I must say Evans has been a disappointment. Without JWH & Cordner I expected he would start pushing 55+ a week at worst. 42 and 42 or whatever is not enough. He's gone next week. Will downgrade to a rookie and pump his into someone.


I'll be giving Evans the flick in the next couple of rounds too mate. I expected a little more from him.

'Don't Blush Babbie'

He's not getting the minutes we thought he would ,he might be a downgrade option soon – B.Lawrence lights up next week @ 167k


Why wouldnt coach give him more minutes? Ifcpossible he will go next week however i domt see it as a critical trade just yet as he wont really bleed cash. I expect with napa out this week we might see the 50 60 minutes we were hoping for. Hell be on my reserves this week. Definate downgrade/upgrade option but thats kinda why we got him in the first place bit of a consistant sleeper


Thanks to the guys at NRL Talk FANATICS for helping out getting my article around the Fantasy world. They provide great NRL and SC content and news.


Great article mate 🙂


Thanks Dee!

'Don't Blush Babbie'

Very good Cowboy , as I said in a previous post, if you have Feeney suggest you trade to C.Walker


Really battling this week with trades.


1. Gordon – p matautai & A Taylorb- Mbye
2. N green – p matautai & A taylor – C walker
3. S Johnson – Mybe @ A taylor – C walker

Really dont wanna trade out a taylor though i think hes a tiptop player but i think c walker is a tad more flashier. Thoughts anyone?

'Don't Blush Babbie'

Suggest you keep SJ,Taylor & Gordon as they are'nt injured but can be keepers, but if you can get C.Walker & P.Carter into your team that would be a bonus
I know Mbye is tempting but Johnson can come out this week with a 100 and is a keeper,thats why you picked him


already have p carter in. cant get in walker or mbye unless i trade out A Taylor.

agree on the SJ comment