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Higgo’s Team Reveal

Published by Higgo on

Peter HigginbothamBeloved community, I present to you

……  Mathemagic FC*!

*Pr(my team changes prior to lock-out) = 0.962


I shall start first with my team and then provide some brief explanatory notes below.

A succinct set of  selection justifications aim to serve two purposes;

1. It will reward and refresh the mind of the Community member who opts to immerse themselves within the entire team structure – a much needed tonic for us at a stage where cognitive bias may have lead us down a fixed selection pathway.

2. It is hoped that the Community will in fact run their own, untainted analysis, holding Jock’s proverbial mirror up to my own preseason selection bias.


Upon first inspection you may make the folowing observations;

A wafer thin defence

Yes, this is a concern as my team balance is heavily skewed toward a deep running midfield. I am happy to take my biggest risks in defence – the lowest scoring position on the field. Daniel Rich is coming off a self-confessed poor year where he struggled to get back his rhythm post his 2014 knee surgery. I expect him to run through Brisbane’s midfield and is a chance to end up in the top 10 scoring defenders. Sheridan is another great risk, however, I feel in the absence of Duffield he will not only be in Freo’s best 22 but may also be given some freedom off half-back.

Extravagant and unique Ruck spend

The draught horse and the freak strategy – Sam Jacobs is durable and Naitanui is simply stunning. I will let the Community discuss this controversial ruck combination further below.


Aside from selections such as Robby Gray, JPK, Rich and Toby Green, my true point of difference, or shark move, comes via my non-selections. This is a risk, however, I refuse to play shoal or little fish strategy. Shark moves are, in my opinion, what adds value and enjoyment to fantasy games. I am going for a win and while my initial shark moves may seem to others to lack courage or to be slightly faint-hearted, the true monster shark moves will come via in-season trading. A rigid starting squad is crucial.

This is enough from me at this stage.

Thank you for your time, support and much appreciated feedback.

Kind regards,

Peter J Higginbotham

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Grahame Lebroy

Your 3 keepers in def are very risky, if they come off its a masterstroke but I doubt they will. Ballsy stuff


I don't think Rich I a risk…. he's in for a massive year, specially with Beams and Zorko out early…. keen to see him run a muck in the midfield.


Rich hasn't run amok in the history of the universe. His highest annual average was 91 in 2012. If you're happy with 91 then that's fine but don't expect any more. I'd personally prefer Charlie Rich's records to Daniel's record.


Your season is on the line straight off the bat with that defence. Hope its work for you but wow. Loved your comment that your POD is your non selections. Have a similar viewpoint on that myself. Thanks for your work and best of luck for the year, hopefully there's no repeat of your R1 Daisy catastrophe!
Anyone else having Suckling down back, not seeing him in many teams and unsure why. 90 & 97 in NAB and would expect a score increase now he's away from Hawthorn…


Bloody oath mate, Suckling sure has slipped under the radar… Thinking about him too. Averaged 90 and 82 in 2011/2012 pre-ACL, decisions decisions eh. You watch much of him during NAB? Didn't see much of the Bullies


I know, I was thinking there was something wrong with him or something. Didn't see much of Doggies no, but did read the usual match reviews. Think he spent a fair bit of time out on the wing for one the games. The forward swing might come in handy down the track too.


Agreed mate!! Wing play could be huge for his output, always loved him for SC because of his disposal. Could do what Brodie smith did 2 years ago!

Mallee Boy

Fatboy! Yes got him @ f4. I think the Dogs will use him as a runner off half back or even on the ball. He's been in my team from the start.
Other defenders are: Shaw, Houli & Laird then rookies.


Solid looking backline you got so, if I had to pick, those other 3 would be my top 3 picks of defenders


Got him Fatboy… at D3! crazy? yep. Totally agree he will have a bonza year.


I'm considering Suckling and Docherty and JJ and I can't decide, possibly birchall or gibbo. Think Bart will get rested or injured this year. For D3, with Shaw and Laird D1-2.


I'm a bit worried about Murphy, JJ, Boyd, and Suckling sharing points. Suckling would also be one of the first tagged in a real match due to his kicking. His NAB scores wouldn't have happened with a defensive half forward scragging him.


Doggies have got a very nice start to the season too. First 7 games are all at ES, which they play very well.


If you don't feed a suckling pig it will die. If a Suckling footballer isn't fed the ball his scores will die. I'm not sure he knows what a contested possession is or has even heard of a tackle.


Interesting that JPK is only in 4% of teams. That's given me something to think about.

Big G

and Gray only in 7 %


only in 4% but has been going forward over the nab


Im rolling with a backline of Shaw, Laird, Harwood, Dea, Brown and Hartley on field at the moment so Im loving your backline Higgo!

I like the Rich selection aswell. Tossing up between him and Hurn. Im just not sure either of them will be top 10 defenders but I think both are underpriced.


Rich doesn't find enough of the ball as he hasn't averaged over 20 disposals in a season since 2012. Risky selection, one I'm not picking in my side.


Tossing up between Zac Williams (GWS-375k) and Nathan Wilson (GWS-277k) as my D3 and potential POD what are your thoughts


They'll most play in the same team and take points off each other, big fan of Williams If Wilson isn't picked R1 i'd be keen to get Zac in my team, not interested in Wilson as gets uncontested ball and doesn't used it that well..


Plum exposure levels = high


Fairly unique side there Higgo. There's not one selection there that is unjustified and all have a chance at a great year for their position/price. I think some of your choices have better options at the same price but who am I to predict the future. The only suggestion I'd make is perhaps choosing only one of Kennedy/Gray in the mids for a rookie and upgrading one of your rookies down back for a Houli/Laird type. This would provide you a little more balanced structure. Good luck!


Agreed Marty


whats the difference between a rookie in the backline and a prem in the middle vs having a rookie in the middle and a premium down back? Team balance is the most overratted concept in supercoach in my opinion. You don't break up your lines seperately, only total team score counts for anything. I would much prefer a kennedy and gray vs any prems in the backline and this year would prefer a rookie from the backline options rather than one from the midfield.


Because you want to limit the amount of rookies onfield. Its much easier to predict best two rookies onfield on each of the main three lines that will play 8+ consecutive games, than it is to predict 3-4 rookies in the backline that will play 8+ games. You leave yourself open to being a few players short early in the year. That and midfield rookies will generally score more than defenders. Making money off rookies is one thing but points scored is just as important. Higgo could chuck laird in instead of gray for example and upgrade on of his cheap defender rookies to a Dea. Better scoring and safer each week. Only my opinion


Like the PODS in the mids!Had JPK who's solid enough but is so frustrating..The defense could go either way!good stuff higgo!

Matt Sloan

Soooo frustrating. Usually slot him in. Don't think I can do it this year.


Looks like a team filled with POD's in stride for the $50k! I like a lot of your POD selections, but I think a lot of people often get caught up in selecting POD selections because "they're a POD", the player is only a POD that will better off your team if they are scoring HIGHER than the other mainstream players. Otherwise you're just falling further and further behind the pack. Every team has a few POD's and I've loaded mine ready to go!

Does anyone know where you can find the % ownership?
Also, I'm looking for competitive leagues to join? Finished top 1k last year, feel free to post any league codes.


Join my league looking for banter and top super coachers.. 613122


775394. Pretty strong league tigers. Nearly full. Love to have you or any top teams



Jump in, going for Top 10 League finish!


I'm not sure that it too important for Higgo to be in front of, or behind the pack, as long as he's not in it.

I N Pieman

I think your wasting a Cash Gen position having Grimley in your Fwd line. Will be in the Zac Dawson Ilk of scoring. Like the Fwd Mid Def swings. Usually it's not important to start with swingsets, but this year I feel it is given the uncertainty of who will line up for the bombers each week


I'm using Grimley up front for a bit of ruck cover also, nothing worse than a donut.


Unless Grimley pulls a negative score when you use him for cover.


i reckon your better off starting him at R3 for the late withdrawal



The Regular

Where are the group and league codes for this shock Reynolds communiteeeeeee….?


Definitely need to downgrade say, jpk, to crouch and sure up that backline. Needs at least 1 solid keeper. Rest is solid higgo mate!


Higgs , you are committing supercoach suicide!
Best of luck though 🙂


A brave move that's for sure!

Rick Grimes

With great risk comes great reward… or not. I like it. Will certainly have you on a knife edge from the get go. I'm going similar, but thin up front. It feels dangerous because I'm a tried and true GnR fan.


def: shaw, laird, gibson, weitering, dea, brown (hartely, adams)

mid: dangerfield, ablett, ward, rockliff, adams, libba, gresham, kerrige ( keays, adamson, davis)

ruck: martin, gawn (a.smith)

fwd: martin, gray, greene, de goey, wells, kennedy (petracca, M.TIP)

thoughts people???


I like it nice balance to your side. The only thing I would do is maybe bring in one more Premium in your midfield to save a trade or two later in the year. But that is just personal preference. You could do that by moving Kerrige to the forward line and removing De Goey. Then have a play around with rookies Mills or Oliver or maybe have a look at Simpkin at Essendon, something along those lines?


thanks mate!


Love the look of this side. Well spread indeed. Good luck!

Rick Grimes

Apologies to go off topic, but I could use some guidance from the community. I am a Kiwi (don't hold that against me). I'll be arriving in Melbourne on Good Friday. Can anyone please advise if there will be any liquor stores open in the CBD? Also, do restaurants and pubs open? Again, sorry to hijack the discussion.


How much coin leftover Higgo? Also you must be confident on Ruggles and Davis getting games.
Would love some output on my team….currently changing every 2nd hour of the day.

Backs: H. Shaw J. Gibson J. Bartel B. Smith M. Hartley M. Adam — M. Brown N. Broad

Mids: N. Fyfe S. Pendlebury G. Ablett T. Rockliff T. Liberatore C. Mills C. Oliver C. Menadue — D. Gore R. Clarke R. Davis

Rucks: T. Goldstein M. Gawn — C. Loesrch

Forwards: D. Martin L. Dahlhaus M. Barlow D. Wells B. Kennedy S Kerridge –L. McCarthy A. McDonald-Tipa

I HATE spending coin on expensive rookies, however i've gone one less mid premium to others so i'm banking on these guys avg 80s before i upgrade.
Love Elliot Yeo, had him in till this week but thought Josh Gibson would be more consistant.

Any input would be fantastic.
P.S. My work have somehow shutdown the podcasts but not the site – spewing i can't listen to them anymore. Who knows a rig to fix this?


Nice work mate. Only concern for me is that I don't think those 3 mids will average 80's, worried about Oliver's durability and who knows about menadue season proper.
No Dea or Weitering?
I like Yeo too. Agreed that Gibson is more consistent but Yeo probably has more upside. A good point the fellas made in the podcast is that they don't think there's been much indication during NAB that he'll get more midfield time – thoughts to ponder.


No worries thanks Jye.
Hopefully they can avg around that 80 mark till round 7 – 8 then upgrade.
Like Weitering but again don't wanna spend overs especially down back.
I've looked at Deas past few seasons and only avg around the 50 mark so his two 90 NAB scores don't jump out at me.
Hope Yeo proves me wrong!


I listen to the podcast via iTunes. Is that an option for you?


"Don't wanna spend overs especially down back"…

Picks Shaw, Gibson and Bartel hahaha


Dice you actually have two less premo's compared to Higgo's team. I would strongly suggest to pi$$ off Smith in Defence and bring in Dea or Weitering.

Then look to bring in another Premo midfielder, just keep in mind your midfield premo's are genuinely your guarantee players that will score you your 100+ points each week. As for defence it really is a lottery as to who's going to end up being Top 10 apart from Shaw.

Randy Watson

I had Gibbo last year and he was my most frustrating player! Buyer beware Dice old mate.

CroMagnon Man

1/10 Is the [urpose of posting this this team just to get a rise out of people?


Ballsy shit Higgo!

I have JPK in and out of my side, just cant settle with him,
Is he right for round 1?

Big G

Ryan Davis all of a sudden in 12 per cent of teams – does anyone know if will even play?


Coach said he's a good chance


How long will he stay in the team if he does?


how long is a piece of string??


still on rookie list as well isnt he?


Hi Jock/Higgo,

How do I go about posting a link on jocks website?

I have put together a table of every nab cup supercpoach score with disposal efficiency, time on ground, supercoach score expanded by time on ground etc that I would like to share with the community. As I think it would help as if you look at a SC score and go wow they didn't score much but if they only spent 30% on ground when rounded out to 100% TOG then it looks much better. Granted I know no one spends 100% TOG but for this exercise it is at least a good comparison tool.

Can you let me know how I post a link or send me an email that I can send it to so Jock can post it to share with the community?



They've already done a spreadsheet and released it to the community.


superstar Trigger. cant wait.


Trigger, that sounds awesome: [email protected] thanks a million!


Shaw, rance, laird
Bartel, docherty, Birchall
( rance, McVeigh)

Fyfe, Ablett, danger, Pendlebury
Ward, Priddis, gray, JPK
(Cripps, Sloane, rockcliff)

Goldstein, Nic nat

Lids, dalhaus, Barlow
Franklin, Merrett, Martin
(Zorko, smith)

40k left over, thoughts ?


Mate if you're going to be a dick head get off the site!


haha +1

Boris Baconbeer

Lol bit weak across all lines too much money left in bank. Consider up and downgrading and you have 3 more loopholes 2 isn't enough.


how the hell you got 40k left with that team?


Suckered me in till I got to Priddis. That's when I thought, hang on na minute..


Higgo – Defensively our strategies are the same old chap. I also have a near identical FWD line.

Let's split the 50k.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but higgo has a million to $1 on chance of getting kathy in bed then winning the $50k as he will be playing catch up.


That should of been $1 to $1 Million on, meaning every $1 Million you win only $1 = Higgo gets laid BIG TIME.


Of course I understand this comprehensively.


Great reveal Mr Higginbotham. I have not got the same structure, but the reasoning behind yours is quite sound. Rich will get more mid time now that Beams will not be there, however, he has not delivered on what he promised, in my opinion, and he will not burn me any more. Sheridan should deliver though, watching what Ross may have in store for him. I have also gone the 'no selection' POD. No Shaw/Goldstein/Liberatore. I do have Gray, and I'm quite confident he will go ultra premium this year (look at Ports draw). Really looking forward to the season started.


weitering and s.martin
johannisen and sinclair

Phat Man

1 mate


option 1




No Dea? I thought he would be considered a must have?


Toby Greene or Aaron Hall?



Bobby Singh





Both in my starting line up


Predicted top 10 defenders? Cheers


Shaw, the other 9 flip a coin just like every other year.


Interesting team with plenty of thought and mind raking strategy behind it. Big play no Goldy but may be a masterstroke if the other spend from the savings comes off. The only thing i see as a minor adjustment is downgrading maybe JPK to a rook and then upgrade a defender to get another keeper down back but thats about it mate.
Thanks for all the wisdom young man. Legend

Loyal RoughNuts

A very different looking team but I like some of the selections.

Was hoping to get some feeback in respect to my current squad:

Def – Shaw, Laird, JJ, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Adams & AMT)
Mid – Fyfe, Danger, Ablett, Rocky, Libba, Crouch, Mills, Kennedy (Gresham, Petracca, Davis)
Ruck – Goldy & Martin (Wyatt)
Fwd – Martin, Barlow, Hall, D Menzel, Wells, Kerridge (McGovern & Brown)

Would appreciate feedback in respect to structure not so much players. Tried to have all lines strong and sacrificed the mids a little by achieving this.


Really like this team mate, not to dissimilar to mine…

Assuming Matt Crouch and not Brad? worries me to pick a player haven't seen in pre-season

Only feedback would be to potentially downgrade maybe Menzel and use the money to upgrade Crouch.

Looking strong though.


Cookie cutter


Why are no teams going the Montagna? is it because he is likely to be rested??


Personally, I won't trust anyone over 30

Average Joe

Yeh, I also personally don't trust Priddis, Shaw and Mundy.


Players like Shaw, Ablett, Priddis are all terrible picks because there 30+

One of the dumbest things i've ever read. Can you trust a 29 year old but not a 30 year old?


Thanks, I value your opinion also Sarah.
I must be mistaken, I thought the question was about "STARTING" players and teams, and I think I'm correct there.
By "Trust" I mean starting with them. I'm sure I will finish with a few in my team at the end of the season but, I will definitely NOT be starting with them. They are always managed through both the season AND the pre-season and typically drop below their starting price at some point during the first 7 rounds.
I assure you the 3 you named are great SC players, I will not start them and I will most likely buy all of them cheaper than you… Good luck.

Big G

Really good question because I think he is a very, very good option. I think the 'resting' issue and people only rarely folk out that cash for superstars or midfield options.


A bit pricey for mine – should be solid though


I don't mind spending the extra money if he is going to play every game this year and average similar to last year. I am mainly concerned about him being managed because of his age. Do you think this is a valid concern?


More like arrested

The Benchmark

Pretty decent higgo
Many people talking about your team players not performing in previous years. I didn't know this years SuperCoach scores were based on previous years. Go get em higgo
Many similarities between our teams. Same ruck combo, risky players like rich And low percentage of players that coaches have.


goldstein and crouch vs naitanui and cripps
Got Gawn at R2


Goldy and Crouch


Goldy & Crouch providing the Crouch u select is playing R1


Thoughts on Team.
Wanted to go for Goldy but maybe watch his price go down (if it even does go down).
Hopefully some of the rookies I've chosen will play early;







Ellis and Steele are bold moves. I really like the Steele move. I haven't really thought of Ellis or seen him in the NAB so I won't comment. Polkinghorne didn't play in the NAB, if he's named, I'd pick him, but may have to think of an alternative.

All in all a pretty decent side.


Nice team. I would look elsewhere other than B Eliis though (and I am a tigers fan). Not much upside I him

Rick Grimes

What are people hoping Weitering and Dea can average? And is anyone running with both of them?


I have both at this stage, expecting mid 60s but hoping for more


You asked what are people hoping Weitering & Dea can Average, well im hoping they average 120+ however that wont happen. lol


dea abot 70-80
Weitering 60-70


Dea will get alot of game time given mature body so expect 70's ave


What do we think of Jesse Lonergan at D4?

Big G

I had him because he is big-bodied with potential to play through the midfield and due for a break-out season, but then figured Dea will probably generate as much cash for an upgrade later in the season.


Starting with him.. Plan for him to hopefully be scoring wel enough to be d6 by the end


Good team Higgo.
Thoughts on my team?

Def: Shaw, Laird, Bartel, Weitering, Dea, Hartley (Brown, Ruggles)
Mid: Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Rockliff, Parker, Libba, Mills, Gresham (Gore, Keays, Davis)
Ruc: Martin, Naitanui (Cox)
Fwd: Dusty, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kerridge, Menadue (Petracca, McDonald-Tipungwiti)

46k left.


Great team, a lot like mine.

Dislike Bartel though and would go with Johannisen instead or even Jesse Lonergan.

Also prefer Kennedy to Menadue.


Would like some feedback and thoughts on my team guys
DEF: Shaw, Laird, Bartel, Johannisen, Dea, Broad, (Adams), (Tipungwuti)
MID: Fyfe, Dangefield, Ablett, Gray, Rockliff, Libba, Mills, Gresham, (Hewett), (Mathieson), (Davis)
RUCKS: Goldstein, Martin, (King)
FWDS: Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kennedy, Menadue, Kerridge, (Petracca), (Brown)

$23,700 left in the bank


Just took out Mathieson for Keays btw


Downgrade Shaw and rucks, and bolster fwd line IMO


i reckon only barlow is a lock down forward and the value down there is too good to refuse


I can see why you have avoided the ultra premo's who are ultra expensive and carry risk, but can't understand leaving out Danger. Of Fyfe, Pendles, Ablett and Danger, Patty is the only one who's had a full injury free pre-season in the middle. The rest either have had injuries or been flirted with in other positions (or both) which makes them a lot more of a risk to me. Add in that Danger was playing under a bit of pressure last year that effected his scores and I think he will end up the most expensive player in the comp by seasons end.


He will be top 8, should get him cheaper at some point.

I'm not spending $650k without seeing how he fits in at Geelong. Joel is still the top cat and dangermouse needs to learn his place.


When it comes to stars they don't fit in to teams, teams fit in with them. It's not some stock standard player transfer – people were also wary of Ablett to Gold Coast and Danger is not facing that kind of new club challenge by any stretch


Ablett to GCS was completely different.

Dangerfield is going into a team that has been Selwoods. I'm sorry, but dangerfield will play second fiddle.


Dangerfield is a star, he will not be playing second fiddle.


Agree, I don't think he will be playing second fiddle to anyone In The comp this year


Not sure what your logic is there mate. Danger played with sloane at adelaide and weve seen in the past with swan/pendles, fyfe/Mundy, JPK/Hanners that theres no reason 2 guns cant exist in the same side. Selwood may be the main man but that doesnt mean dangers scoring should be affected


I'm just storing up the Dangerfield fans 😉

Benjamima Puddleduck

With that reasoning im starting Selwood fot or not fit


Ben Kennedy yes or no








Yes if you can fit him in


I cant believe your luck with Kathy, Higgo! if your supercoach strategies are anything to go by then you must have yourself one set of manly plums mate. I suggest next time you see Kathy, leave the fly undone and let her see the swollen fruits! just be sure to trim the weeds first mate.

Thoughts on my team community?

DEF: Shaw, Rance, Houli, Weitering, Dea, Hartley, Brown, Ruggles
MID: Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Priddis, Libba, Mills, Menadue, Gresham, Kerridge, Petracca, Davis
RUCK: NicNat, Gawn, Chol
FORWARDS: Lids, Barlow, Robinson, Hall, Wells, Mccarthy, Adams, Mcdonald-whateveryournameis

I cant afford Goldy, but I am up for downgrading gawn to someone who is going to make me cash quick so i can get goldy when that price gets to a low point

Also want to find a way of getting a 4th defender premo


Don't downgrade Gawn. Maybe trade Robinson or Hall down to someone like Ben Kennedy and trade up one of your defensive rookies. More value in the forward rookies I think.


Your two points answer themselves.


Ok Haydo listen up its gonna take some guts but if it comes off it will be a master stroke. Gawn down to Leuy. (I know). Then upgrade Weitering to Laird (or someone else you prefer). Only way it can be done, unless you wanna take a bigger risk on Currie.


i like it alot. But instead of laird and Leuy, why not Lobbe and Smith?


Cheers community!

DEF: M.Boyd, Laird, J.Gibson, Suckling, Weitering, Hartley ( Broad, Tipungwuti)

MID: Pendlebury, Ablett, Hannebery, Rockliff, Liberatore, Crouch, Mills, Kerridge ( Gresham, Petracca, Davis)

RUC: Blicavs, Naitanui (Goetz)

FWD: Montagna,Westhoff, Barlow, Wells , B.Kennedy, Menadue (Mccarthy, M.Brown)


Is Suckling a breakout candidate??
I think maybe!!

Big G

Are Shiel owners worried he might take some time to return to full form from his injury?


Bourgoyne will fill the gap, he always does. He could be a smokey.

Uncle Chop, Chop

Apologies – I meant Dylan Shiel.


I'm sure the 0.34% that have him are extremely concerned lol


Nice write up Higgo! I have considered your structure before you revealed… but I'm not confident in the wafer defense. I'm actually going with a bit of a wafer front.

Thanks and Good Luck Higgo!


Calculated risk taking by Higgo, not sure Cathy would approve. Perhaps a prelude to a more wordly woman for Higgo.


She hasn't approved of any of his calculated risks with his advancements towards her so far!


I reckon he should go her daughter lads. She's gaggin for some Peter let me tell you


Any thoughts community?

DEF: Shaw, Gibson, Rampe, Sheridan, Dea, Broad (Hartley, Adams)
MID: Dangerfield, Ablett, Priddis, Parker, Cripps, Hunter, Wells, Kerridge (Gresham, Davis, Clarke)
RUC: Gawn, Sinclair (Michael)
FWD: Barlow, Hall, Greene, Suckling, Kennedy, Menandue (McCarthy, McDonald-Tipungwuti)

I've decided on Lachie Hunter as my midfield POD as I can see this as being his breakout year. Also have completely dropped off Mitch Brown, as it seems like Worsfold is going to swing him forward and that ball is hardly going to get down there.


Love the pick of hunter, very ballsy pick but it hink you will reap the rewards.
Not sure about rampe and gibson, would probably go laird and docherty/bartel


I'd be worried about your ruck. If you are going with Sinclair, I'd have Goldy at R1. Alternatively, I'd upgrade Sincalir to Martin/Nic Nat/Sause.

Good team otherwise.


I have gone Hunter as my big POD also Troy! Instead of Libba! Love the call he wont get any attention and will rack them up. Great pre season and last year was getting scores above the 115 mark. Could average 110 this year. He also kicks goals. Nobody will have the kahoonas to go him.


Majestic Higgo, Love your work.


Like the look of this side Higgo.

Anyone looking for a competitive league for the year jump in. 127526.


Just joined your league. Finished about 360ish last year. Great that there is a league prize this year. Bring it on!!


Jump in mine too Jester.

470587, looking for Top 10 League finish and filled with community members 😉


The Wafer Fwd line.

Backs: Shaw, Tmac, Doc, Dea, M. Brown, Hartley (M. Adams, Ruggles)

Mids: Fyfe, Pendels, Ablett, Gray, Shiel, Rocky, Libba, C. Mills (Kerridge, Petracca, R. Davis)

Rucs: Nic Nat, Gawn (Loersch)

Fwds: Barlow, A. Hall, D. Menzel, D. Wells, Menadue, L. McCarthy (Grimley, AMT)


If the great man Higginbotham has a backline as lean as mine.. I have faith! We are onto a good thing, my friend.


maybe this is also how Higgo likes his women. Thin at the backend, heavy in the guts with a couple of big boys out front and not much in the top paddock.


Derek I think you might be onto something. Higgo does seem like he would be a fan of Sigmund Freud… and that is an amazing Freud-esque correlation right there.


I'm really not sure about this packed midfield stratergy that i have seen mass amounts of people a adopting. With liberatore at m7 or even m8.
I think that a lot of you guys will beleft wanting when we get mid way through the year and your def and fwd are not premuims.
These 500k-600k midfeilders that you hope will become super prems this year are hugely risky especially when your pickng 3-4.
Good luck to al but imdo recommend you have a look at your structures!


At the minute I'm rolling Fyfe, danger, Ablett, Gray, Shiel, Parker, Libba, crouch.

Plan being all bar Libba and crouch are there at the end, with those providing an easy step to a pendles, Selwood, etc…

Risky, but that's all part of the fun


Love your thinking Ben


Hi any tips would be much appreciated 🙂
Always a stressful week leading up to round 1

My team at the moment is.. with 306k to spare

Back – yeo, johannisen, laird, aish, dea, adamson, hartley, ruggles

Mid – danger, wines, ablett, rockliff, libba, m. Crouch, mills, davis, hewett, petracca, mathieson

Ruck – jacobs, martin, Obrien

Forward – martin, wells, hall, de goey, barlow, kerridge, grimley, menadue


306k is too much to have spare. Your back line is looking the thinest. I'd look to upgrade Yeo to a Shaw/Houli. and bring in Goldy for Sause.

Mathieson is injured, so bring in either Kennedy or Menedue for him.



Hey Everyone,

If I could get some feedback on my team that would be greatly appreciated.

H. Shaw, R. Laird, T. Sheridan
J. Lonergan, M. Dea, M. Hartley (M. Brown, T. Ruggles)

N. Fyfe, P. Dangerfield, G. Ablett, T. Rockliff
L. Parker, T. Liberatore, C. Mills, C. Menadue (J. Gresham, C. Petracca, R. Davis)

T. Goldstein, Z. Smith (S. Grimley)

D. Martin, M. Barlow, A. Hall,
D. Wells, B. Kennedy, S. Kerridge (M. Adams, McDonald-Tippa)


Team looks good. Not a fan of Menadue.

You might be a bit heavy with GCS and freo players, too many eggs.


Solid team


Almost identicle team to mine. Great looking team, Zac Smith is the key for me. Bravo!


Zac Smith is a spud
Get rid of him before it's too late


This pre-season preparation is mindbending stuff really.
Do we select players who are most likely to play in Rounds 1 and 2 whilst we see what rookies are actually getting selected and if they are playing well enough to grow value.
Is it better to select more "will play" players than rookies and then backtrade down to rookies that are getting games and scoring ???
Opinions appreciated.


This is where you preseason work pays off. You need to be able to tell the difference between a rookie who can play and one that isn't up to it.

My rule #1. Get the right rookies


I thought your number one rule was always bet on black? Or was that Wesley Snipes?

Uncle Chop, Chop

B: Shaw, Houli, Laird, Dea, Hartely, Adams, (M Brown, Ruggles)
M: Fyfe, Danger, GAJ/Hanners, Ward, Rocky, Mills, B Kennedy, Gore (Petracca, Keys, Davis)
R: Goldy, Nic Nat (Grimely)
F: Deleido, Dahlhaus, Wingard, Welle, Kerridge, McCarthy (Tippa, Choil)

Guns and Rookies approach – Thoughts??


what do people think of Ryan Harwood?

averaged 83 in 2014 with injury affected games but only played 3 games last year because of injuries also.

If he gets his body right I think he could be a really good pick especially for 280k


He is a quality player but his durability track record is nothing short of atrocious.

Has never played more than 16 games in his 6 years at a dismal average of less than 10 games a season which is far worse than say Mumford who is my gold standard for player fragility.

Sure he will make bank for you if he stays out on the park but that's a pretty mighty if. Occasionally these players can pan out eventually like Jock's main man, one Shaun Higgins, but it can be a risky business predicting what year that will be.


Better options and he is at a very awkward price


alright, so at the moment im thinking about structure and how players should dictate the structure you have, not the other way around.

for example, a 550k midfielder like rocky or Shiel is a much better pick than Dusty for around the same price, IMO. Also, Ben Kennedy and Callum Mills look like having similar input.

So if you had the choice, not worrying about position or structure, youd probably pick Rocky and Kennedy.

This might mean that you have a weaker forward line with only 2 premos and a stronger midfield with 6 premos. It might look off, but youre getting the best players available for that price.

Probably made no sense at all but let me know what you guys think


I'm not sure about this Tret, I understand what you are getting at but the game isnt just about premo output. It's about rookie output and making money to buy the premos. If you stack your midfield then you need plenty of fwd and def rookie cashcows. and you lose out on potential mid field cashcows. I really think it's a balance. There are only a few defenders and fwds who have premo outfit.. Dusty, Shaw are 2 that come to mind. That's why I am picking them over stacking my midfield. It leaves me with room to capitalise on cashcows across all lines.


That would work if you had to stick to your starting team all year.

The name of the game is to make cash and then upgrade. As teams get more valuable, the point scoring also increases.

If you neglect the value of your team you will fail. By round 11 you need to be $14mil.

Therefore you need some keepers (lack of trades) and the rest are cash generators. As long as you spend all your money and have a team rapidly increasing in value, the points will look after itself.

The problem we have, the best cash generators are usually in the guts where the best point scorers are.

Teams that start with too many premiums in the guts are usually ranked high for the first 7-10 weeks. You will hear them strutting around. By round 15 they are really quiet as they don't have the cash to go full ultra premium and soon fall behind.


I think you make a lot of sense buddy. If you predict that a fwd rookie can out score a mid rookie then absolutely you should pick him because like you say, the mid premium should beat the fwd premium priced similarly.

The only problem I see with picking too many rookies on one line as opposed to a more balanced structure is that rookies tend to miss more games than premiums through rested, dropped and even injured. So you're asking for a donut (or a trade) if you pick too many rookie season on 1 line.






THOUGHTS COMMUNITY??? Ranked top 800 last year and looking to improve.


like it. no risks but you know exactly what you are getting..
BTW, Zorko not playing round 1


Zorko misses rnd 1 don't forget



Anyone up for a real Supercoach challenge.

I have created a very deep Supercoach Draft league, details here.
16 teams, play each other once, plus finals (dont play during the bye rounds)
22 players per team, so a total of 352 players will be drafted, you will need to know your stuff to compete.
22 players consist of – 5 x def, 7 x mid, 1 x ruck, 5 x fwd, 4 x bench
LIVE draft Sunday, March 20th @ 1pm

League code 702156

If you know your footy and want a real challenge, this is it.


Gday guys!

At this stage running with:

RUCKS (Nic Nat, Z.Smith).
DEFENCE (K.Simpson, J.Bartel, J.McGovern, J.Johannisen, M.Brown ESS, M.Hartley)

My question is, would you recommend downgrading a defender to M.Dea and then use that money to upgrade Z.Smith in the rucks to a more solid option?
Could also go T.Greene (F3) to B.Kennedy in the FWD line but that would leave me a little light on down there?

Thoughts and Ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Kennedy at f3 is way too thin. I'd switch a defender to Dea like you say and upgrade your rucks.


I have gone deep in the rear.

Shaw, Bartel, McGovern, Rich, BSmith, brown, (Collins, Hartley)

Fyfe, Ablett, Pendlbury, Rocky, Libba, BCrouch, Mills, McCaffer, (Gresham, Davis, Phillips)

NicNat, Lobbe (Wyatt)

Dusty, Wingard, Barlow, Wells, Kerridge, McCarthy (Petracca, McDonald-T)

Big G

I don't like having two mid-pricers on one line (mids)

I would downgrade Crouch or Brodie and grab another premium from somewhere.

Also I have a feeling it is Danger's year.


i agree, as of yesterday i had JPK instead of Crouch and Broad instead of McGovern.

If crouch is named round 1 he will be there to generate cash. he is clearly way undervalued and the name of the game is to make cash. He may even be the first culled if he reaches his max price


i too have tinkered with the Lobbe pick with the idea of upgrading him to Goldy later. Interesting defence but understand complete what you have planned will all come down to the timing of your trades


i don't expect Rich, McGovern and Smith to be year long keepers, but if it is like last year and we need to use trdaes to fix up other lines, i have no problem with keeping this defence most of the year, they won't be far off the top 10-15 in total points. Having the top 10-15 type defenders won't put you as far behind the pack as having top 10-15 on other lines.


the only problem with Lobbe to Goldy is, even though Port have a great early draw, so does Norf.

I did think about going Goldy and Lobbe and then doing a Lobbe >> Jacobes trade in round 10 when ports draw goes bad but crows draw turns very nice.


That's what I had planned until I got too scared by Lobbes poor nab


it was NAB!


It's a good team Derek, I respect the fact that you've analysed the NAB and noticed some bargains here and there, but at the same time you know it's not the be all and end all of someone's season and as such still picked Lobbe and B.Crouch…..Think I'll pick Crouch myself, not Lobbe though as I want set and forget otherwise I'd certainly consider him. Good luck!


love your team


Unique Derek and if it works for you you'll be ahead of the pack. Agree with the other lads, downgrade one defender and upgrade Lobbe. Someone posted really interesting Ruck stats further down on this thread thats worth a read. Lobbe's hit out to advantage stats are shocking and thats where rucks make their points. Ruck scoring system changed since Lobbe's big years too so keep that in mind, wouldn't expect big scores at all.


And also, I tried something similar last season and never managed to get Goldy in. Was the biggest regret of the year for me…


720660 one spot left experienced player

The Mountain

What are your thoughts on cotchin this year community?


Probably under-priced but he's let so many coaches down over the years, including Jock, that I doubt few will touch him in 2016.

I drafted him late in one of my draft leagues this season but I would look at other options in salary cap as West advises.

The Mountain

Or Jacky Steven


Not many are considering him. Only downside is he plays for an ordinary team. I think he's a great POD none-the-less.


Agree with Chill, top POD and am thinking of moving him in for Rocky – slightly more $$ than Rocky but feel he's a lot more durable – think he almost played every game last year, and as Sarah has mentioned here before, you also need to look at the total points scored by a player, but as Chill says above he does play for the Saints and is one of the top couple of blokes to be tagged each week. Hope it helps.


I like that pick a lot more Mr Mountain. About to turn 26 which is prime time for a mid so no reason not to think he will only get better. The Saints collectively as a young group should only improve too.

Although I can't squeeze him into my classic side I selected him fairly early on in my draft league.


Would prefer Armitage, that bloke knows how to go huge.


When Steven scores 170 is that not big enough?


Appreciate your thoughts.

Def – Laird, Simpson, Johannisen, Weitering, Brown(ess), Collins (Hibberd, AMT)
Mids – Fyfe, Dangerfield, Priddis, Ward, Rockliff, Parker, Libba, Mills (B.Kennedy, McPherson, Davis)
Rucks – Goldstein, Gawn (Loersch)
Fwd – Barlow, Hall, Menzel, Wells, Menadue, Kerridge (McGovern, Grimley)

I can take it, so give me your honest thoughts……please


Midfield is too stacked in my opinion. Upgrade Johannisen or Menzel. Preferably both.


lol. 2 weeks ago id be saying the same thing about the midfield but the more i look at what is on offer, the more i see why people are doing it. Its always been the midfield where you make your money with rookies but im seeing the forward line this year is the place its happening.
At present i have liba at M6 but im tempted to kove him to M7.


I agree a lot of money is to be made with the forward rookies, but even so a lot of these teams are going to be struggling to find the cash to upgrade their failed mid pricers in the defence and up forward later in the year.


yeah, good point with the mid pricers. these teams will struggle to get to full premo by seasons end. I think if you go deep in the mids, you must limit the risks in the other positions. pick players who you are certain will be keepers or good cash cows.


at first glance I really liked it.. But then have doubts on Simpson, Menzel and the 2 GC rookies..


hi simmo
im hearing this simpson discussion everywhere with doubts and better value around his price. can you please explain why you have doubts over Simpson?


Higgo you are a genius of a man but that def is crazy.


Thoughts and ideas to improve my team?

DEF: Laird, Birchall, Rich, Weitering, Brown, Collins (Hartley, Bonner)

MID: Danger, Smitchell, JPK, Rockliff, Ellis, Libba, Mills, Gresham (Keays, Clarke, Petracca)

RUC: Goldy, Martin (wyatt)

FWD: Dusty, Barlow, Greene, Stringer, Bkennedy, Kerridge (mccarthy, tipungwuti)

thanks in advance


Looks good Liam. Would recommend getting some more uber premos in the guts, not sure Mitchell and Ellis will get the job done.


Very ballsy as alot of others have highlighted. Really like Sheridan and gray will be huge this year.

whats the thoughts on this side

Laird, Bartel, lonergan (GC), Dea , Hartley Collins (wb) (ruggles, tipungwuti)

Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, gray, Shiel, Parker, liberatore, B crouch (mills, petracca, Davis)

Goldstein, Z Smith (grimley)

Martin, Barlow, wells, Kennedy, McCarthy, Kerridge (menadue, Adams)


not bad mate. Just some friendly advice though, if you arent planning of playing mills on field, grab a cheaper rookie. Its a lot of money for a player you aren't planning to start onfield.


You can not afford to have a 200+K player on the bench.


Why not?


$'s onfield=points. Simple really.


Simmo6. I would get rid of one of Gray, Shiel or Parker and move Kerridge to the mid. Pick up Sinclair as insurance for Smith as he is pretty fragile or get someone like Hall or Greene. Sell Mills and get Hewett, Gore, Gresham, Keays or the like. You would then have 180-200K to upgrade Lonergan.


Thanks.. And no offence, but I don't agree your advice at all..

Gray and Parker are guns.. Gray is my smoky for the Brownlow and Parker well underpriced. Shiel is primed to break out and be a top 8 mid (look at his start last season).

Sinclair is not guaranteed anymore points than smith as he will be sharing ruck duties/points with Tippett.

Hall and Greene, yeh maybe.. But a lot of question marks,

And out of the rookie replacements you have named for mills, not one is guaranteed a game, plus Rodney eade has said Lonergan is set for midfield time with swallow and o'meara out, so should improve on his avg (64).

Gotta take some risks if your gonna be any good!!

Thanks though.

Shake n bake

Gault anyone been upgraded?


maybe in other years but he is 200k and with the value floating around tbe forward line this year, i just dont see him as a priority.


still tossing up between hall and tippet in the fwd line just for ruck cover purposes great will have 68K left over with Hall

BACKS – KK Docherty Lonergan Weitering Dea Brown (ess) Bench- Collins Hartley
MID – Dangerfield Ablett Shiel Rockliff Parker Liberatore Mills Parish
Bench – Gresham Petracca Davis
RUCKS – Mumford Gawn
Bench – Grimley
FWDS – Martin Barlow Tippet/Hall Greene Wells Kennedy
Bench – Menadue Tippy


I think Oliver would be a better pick than Parish. Personally I like Hall more than Tippett.


sorry didn't re read it its actually Kerridge there i have change my team that many times haha. yea i just like having the ruck cover but don't want to miss the hall boat


your midfield could have lots of injuries this season


everyones midfield could have lots of injures? rockliff hammy tightness he would have played during the year its the nab cup though and ablett ankle why risk him durning the nab cup he has been running at training

G. B.


McCarthy or Kennedy?

If Kennedy I have to change mason Cox to Choll at R3.

Please advise.

Thanks heaps





Thoughts on JJ or rich


Rich is one of those players that looks good on paper but it just doesn't seem to work out as most coaches hope. Too often goes missing in games and can sometimes be shutdown by opposition tactics.

He had 6 games below 60pts last season which is pretty typical of what you can expect from him if you trawl back through his career data.

So while he certainly has the capacity to ton up you need to be prepared for some infuriating weekends much like a KPP if you select him.


I've got two areas of concern for my team.

1. Why is KK is so many teams? What is is role likely to be for 2016?

2. At D3 I can include Yeo, McGovern, Rich, Johannisen, Sheridan. Who is going to be the most reliable? Who is going to score the most?


With regards Q2 I think nearly everyone on this site would like the definitive answer to what we do at D3 and D4.

I'll probably be taking a pure value position and running with someone like McKenzie at D3 who while almost certainly underpriced also has some significant risk attached