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It’s an absolute privilege to be given the opportunity by Jock to deliver some NAB analysis for you, Community.

Today we saw the Giants run over the top of the Lions quite easily in humid and wet conditions.

This was a pretty lacklustre affair, with heavy rain early contributing to some sub-standard skills.

Still, there are a few things we can take out of this match.


Stef Martin 

Had a colossal battle with the beast Shane Mumford. While the Mummy got the better of him physically, Stef cleaned up around the ground, as he usually does. While the Goldstein – Gawn combo seems all the rage in the ruck, this bloke will not let you down if selected. Strongly consider.

Dayne Zorko

Busy all match. Did the usual Zorko trick of seducing us with a desirable performance in the preseason. Got reported in the third quarter but it is doubtful he will be rubbed out. He has burnt me before, and I won’t be going near him. Too many other good forward options.

Daniel Rich

Played off half back with occasional stints up forward. Looked pretty good. Plenty of touches but kick-to-handball ratio must be a concern. Could be a nice POD in the backline. Not sure if he can go to the next level though.

Mitch Robinson

Plays with passion, but is reckless. Can’t see him being dependable enough to demand a spot in our forward lines.

Tom Bell

Looked alright, but can’t see him getting enough of the ball consistently to be considered.

Sam Mayes

Was considered a mid-price POD in the backline but I did not notice him at all today. Cross him off your watchlists.

Rhys Mathieson

Looked comfortable at AFL level. Loves being in the trenches. Got cleaned up by Cameron in third term, which ended his day. Only first-year player the Lions selected for this match. Definite bench option if named round one.

Pearce Hanley

Had 15 touches. As a midfielder only, I won’t be going near him.

Notable absentees: Tom Rockliff, Allen Christensen, Dayne Beams (unlikely for round one), Josh Green, Ben Keays. 


Callan Ward

An absolute warrior, Callan is creating a man-bun fraternity down at the Giants and apprentices like Jack Steele are benefiting from his leadership greatly. You know what you get when selecting Ward – consistency and reliability. Should be in your premo midfield calculations.

Dylan Shiel

Copped a knee to the head which slowed him somewhat, but all-in-all another solid outing by Shiel. Those considering going in without Rocky for Round One should have this bloke on the top of their lists as a replacement. Absolute jet.

Jack Steele

Was very impressive. Like Sampson, it appears Jack’s long hair is supremely enhancing his powers. Hunted the ball well, had plenty of it and played both inside and outside. At a bit over 300k with forward status, he will be an excellent selection if he can replicate the form he showed today.

Heath Shaw

Lock him away and throw away the key. Was absolutely prolific all day. Looks to be the only defender we can actually trust this season. Had 25 kicks – trouser stretching. The bloke’s an absolute magician. Pick him.

Stevie J

Snagged three goals before retiring himself at half-time. Still has excellent goal sense, but won’t get enough of the ball to have any fantasy relevance this season.

Toby Greene

Very unassuming. Just quietly accumulated. Nothing flashy about him. Had 24 touches, but difficult to gauge whether he will take it to the next level this season. Probably still a good pick, but with plenty of other good forward options emerging, the jury is still out on Toby.


An absolute monster. Went hard at Stef Martin all day. Cleaned him up and anyone else who got in his way. It was magnificent to watch. Durability remains his biggest issue. Too many other good ruck options for him to be considered, in my opinion.

Nathan Wilson

Looked bloody good. Looms as an astute POD in the backline. Has excellent speed and the Giants love getting it in his hands to tear out of the defensive 50. Had 20 kicks today. Consider.

Josh Kelly

Had it 32 times. Looks set for a breakout year in the midfield. But with MID eligibility only and at an awkward price ($380K), I’ll be passing. Definite CoachKings option though.

Notable absentees: Jon Patton, Jacob Hopper, Stephen Coniglio, Joel Patfull.

 Over to you community – what did you take out of the game?

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nice write up!
going stef martin and goldstein ruck combo
should be top 2 for the whole year


Same yoyo. Been a bit seduced by the bearded savage but stefs just a machine. Same bye is my only conern but should have enough coverage around the ground by then.
Great write up big carl.


Great stuff Carl, great to have you here.


I'm with Mick and will be leaving Shaw out this year. Think he will drop to atleast 500k.

Has never averaged 112 in his career and rarely plays all 22 games

Phil Tony's Cracken

Doubt it


I've had him in and out and just deciced he's locked not touching him again. Burnt me bad not being able to get him in last year.


Who should I have as F4, Wells or De Goey? Also ripper job Big Carl!


Great write up Carl

Leppitsch is saying Mathieson may have a fractured cheek bone, not good news.


All comments appreciated

Laird, JJ, Houli (or another 500k def)


Shaw, JJ, B.Smith

Thanks in advance.




second one


Get rid of Smith


Good write up! Will be going with Greene up front, as I think he can manage a 90 average this year. Really hope Zorko is let off, would rather going into the season as him F1, and getting Martin later on.

Bobby Singh

What are the ruck combinations the community is running with at the moment?


I see many teams running with Goldy and Gawn


Gawn and Martin for me. Does mean I am a little weaker in def but can't have them all. I have been tossing up if I take a risk with Z.Smith to have more money to strengthen up Def. SC is why I don't sleep well!!


Want Goldy Martin but need cash so Goldy Gawn at the moment.


Goldy Stef


Stef Martin and NicNat. No Goldy for me this year, cant justify spending that much money.

Bobby Singh

I'm going Goldy and Stef but I'll have Gawn as a backup if anything happens. Those three are the top rucks I would say. Nic Nat, Mummy, Jacobs and rest I haven't seen too much.


Interesting selection Bobby Singh, going with the two most expensive ruckman in the league. I suppose your team is a bit shallow elsewhere in order to compensate for the selections?

Bobby Singh

Wouldn't say so mate, I've got 5 premium midfielders, the top defender with Laird and Bartel as well as Martin, Barlow and Greene.


Goldy n Nic Nat. They were the 2 I thought would be the best before the pre-season and nothing in NAB has been significant enough to change that.


Gawn and Martin 1&2


had martin and goldy fom the beginning. have not been remotely tempted to change that.


NicNat and Gawn, although the Goldy temptation is still there.

Patricia Ann

Goldie and Gawn for me!!


Great job Carl. Thanks mate.


How does Shaw, JJ, NWilson, Weitering, Hartley, Brown (AMT, Ruggles) sound as a backline? Too shallow? Or good value?

How does a fwd line of Barlow, Buddy, Hall, De Goey, Wells, Kerridge (Grimely, Mccarthy) sound? Too risky? Or good value?

Also which ruck will provide the most sustained bang-for-buck out of Goldy, Stef, Sauce or NicNat?

I like parker and rockliff, but is it a worry that their coaches have flagged considerable time up fwd for them? Would this be a deal-breaker with the plethora of options available in the mids? Would it be a worthwhile move to downgrade them to Cripps and Steele?

Also by the way brilliant write-up BC, hope to see more from you in the future!

Cheers, thanks in advance, George


I like it George, I think i'm going to go for the same tactic with Laird, JJ, Wilson at D1-3.
I was tossing and turning between two options.
Shaw, Bartel ,Gresham
JJ, Wilson, Shiel

I have option 2 in atm.


G'day Carl, welcome mate. Nice write up

My Ward v Shiel conundrum is no clearer. Both solid picks. Gonna pony up the cash for Shaw, yeah, he'll drop, but you get what you pay for.

Phil Tony's Cracken

Yes! He wont drop mouch not sure why people think he will drop to 500K because he wont

Average Joe

Anything about Devon Smith?


Anyone seriously considering Steele after this game?

Phil Tony's Cracken

No… but I have seen him in some peoples teams


Yes, he looked like he was playing the role Treloar was playing. He is a tackling beast. Maybe if you don't want Libba he is a good option.


Could you put him in the forward line instead of a De Goey type you reckon?


Yes. Or a substitute to wells but I wouldn't do that. Could be a trap but it was intriguing to watch. I've tried to pick mid pricers all year but at the end of the day its going to be guns n rooks that will get the job done.


I'm the same r.e. putting mid pricers in. I put a few in, then a day later revert to guns and rookies. Every year I go guns and rookies and every year I finish in top 3 – 5%, so I'm thinking to aim for top 1% maybe I should try something different.


I've had a few mid pricers the last couple of years and not all have worked out, started Wells last year for example.

Honestly though, some people seem a bit too stubborn about their guns n rooks approach – to me some of the mid pricers are just too good to pass up. Libba and Wells both have massive upside, with the only real risk being injuries (they are proven scorers).


im annoyed he had this game today. ive had him locked in my team at the start.


Thanks big C.
Here's bit of history to consider if thinking about starting with shaw
Rounds 1-10 History
2015 final ave 112.6
Aved 102.9 after rnd 10. five scores over 100 those below were 85,69,89,91,94. The 69 was in a big win against Gold Coast. After first 3played his ave was 100.7 His final ave previous year was only 92.6 so his price went up after round 3

2014 final ave 92.6
Ave 87.0 aftr rnd 10. Missed round 5 and 9. Only two scores over 100 (110 +134) he had a 34 against tiges and a 62 against the saints 3xmid 80's and a 99. After first 3 played his ave was 79.3 this was about 17pts below his price = big price drop

2013 final ave 96.9
Ave 97.3 after rnd 10. Missed round 1,8,9. Three scores of 100 or more (100,125,130) two high 90's an 80 and a 51. After first 3 played his ave was 77 = big price drop


need to add, 2013 playing for Collingwood, 2014 first year with the giants. Now settled into an improving side. I guess its no surprise he's locked in my side as he was all of last year.

The mongrel punt

I agree. He's role at gws is contributing to higher scores than he averaged at Collingwood. I've had him in most years. And have him in again.
Shaw, Laird, JJ, Waitering, brown and Hartley. (Collins ,broad)


good work dadsmasher. we have had our banter with disagreements the last day but seriously great work with this. certainly gives people an idea if they want to risk paying that amount for him. I will be though. just saw something different about him last year. hopefully it continues.


DadSmasher it looks all interesting in theory however what the vast majority of new players to SC don't understand is that each trade has a VALUE and statistically speaking each trade is worth about $150,000

My point is even if he drops from 600k to 450k which wont happen, then you still have burnt a trade to get him at that price so it makes absolutely no sense at ALL.

And the same applies for Goldy, those starting without Goldy are playing catch up because he will most likely finish #1 ruck, the problem is those starting withot him think he will drop 100k which is quite possible however there going to burn a trade to bring him in later and miss out on his massive scores.
Honestly Makes no sense and those of you who have played SC for many years should know this NAB challenge crap should not be taken seriously in any matter regarding our premo's.


No worries Dean, the post was just information for people to make an informed decision. I posted almost immediately afterwards that I doubted that he'd drop more than 30K and I was looking for a way to fit him my team. I value my trades at 50k, because we get 30 but that's what I'd pay for one more before the final round

Kevin Skywalker

Dean this is just about the best thing I've read all pre season. I think people really underestimate the cost of a trade.


Laird, KK or JJ?


I've got Laird and JJ


Has anyone got the SC scores of the Bris vs GWS game? TIA


Not up on hs or fanfooty yet shak


On Herald sun website


G'day community,

Got a couple of SuperCoach dilemmas which I would like to have your thoughts on:

Laird OR Houli

Nic Nat OR Gawn

Chopsticks OR Zorko (if he's not suspended)

Greene OR Hall

Menadue OR L. McCarthy

Thanks in advance.

Phil Tony's Cracken



Thanks mate. Appreciate the comment,




Laird, Gawn, Martin,Hall, Mccarthy


Need some help comunity.
Which option is better

1. Shaw, Bartel, Gresham
2. JJ, Wilson (D3), Shiel.

I originally had option 1 but now thinking that I could go cheaper in defence then upgrade to the top ones later in the year as well as pick up Shaw cheaper. If I go option 2 then Shiel will come in at M5 with Rocky, Libba and Mills at M6,7 and 8.

Please let me no your thoughts
Cheers Liam

Phil Tony's Cracken


Bobby Singh

Option 1 by a mile.


Did Rich play off half back or midfield? Thought he was mostly midfield? Plenty of mid priced defenders to consider over the next 10 or so days.
Thanks for article too

The Trumpster

Great analysis, hopefully more from you carl!

How does my team look community? Bit risky but anyway

D: Laird JJ Wilson Weitering Brown Hartley (AMT, Ruggles)
M: Fyfe Danger Ward Shiel Cripps Libba Steele Mills (Gresham, Mathieson , Keays)
Martin Gawn (Chol)
F: Barlow Buddy Hall De Goey Wells Kerridge (Grimely Mccarthy)



Josh Kelly 127

Dylan Shiel 119

Phil Davis 118

Shane Mumford 110

Tom Scully 108

Heath Shaw 107

Jack Steele 106

Ryan Griffen 104

Callan Ward 91

Lachie Whitfield 82

Nathan Wilson 74

Toby Greene 70

Steve Johnson 70

Rhys Palmer 69

Adam Tomlinson 68

Devon Smith 67

Adam Kennedy 66

Jeremy Cameron 66

James Stewart 56

Caleb Marchbank 52

Rory Lobb 45

Matt Buntine 39

Aidan Corr 32

Will Hoskin-Elliott 30

Dayne Zorko 122

Mitch Robinson 106

Daniel Rich 101

Tom Cutler 98

Ryan Bastinac 91

Stefan Martin 88

Harris Andrews 84

Ryan Lester 77

Lewis Taylor 70

Marco Paparone 65

Pearce Hanley 60

Daniel McStay 58

Ryan Harwood 53

Tom Bell 52

Daniel Merrett 52

Josh Schache 50

Josh Walker 41

Nick Robertson 41

Rohan Bewick 40

Rhys Mathieson 31

Jonathan Freeman 22

Sam Mayes 20

Jaden McGrath 0


Cheers Beast


Newsflash. The Giants have arrived!!!
How many locks are too many from 1 team?
Greene will kill it without Trealor. 24 possessions didnt even get out of 2nd gear
Steele, another to benefit from Treloar leaving (don't let the door hit you on the way out, Adam)
Shaw, the biggest lock ever.
Steve Johnson, played less than a half!


They were only playing the Lions though – need to keep that in perspective!


The people not starting with Shaw remind me of the people who wait for 3 days for petrol to drop 1 cent and then full up their cars. #justsayin


I can't agree with your comments about Robinson's dependability Carl
Last year he was ranked 6th in total tackles and 6th in tackles p/game = he usually scores even when the team is being dominated.

He averaged 114.1 for last 8 games of 2015, Robbie Gray only averaged 107.8 for the same period and Chopstix only 102.0

NAB1 he pumped out 121 at 1.2 ppm going head to head against Hall(81) and today he scored 106 in less than 80% game time in a team that was soundly beaten

At the moment he is looking like a very safe starting option


Really enjoying your contributions to the discussion DS. Yup, you are provocative and you have gone the man and not the ball a few times, but you always back it up with research and facts.



'Don't Blush Babbie'

When will get to see your team DadSmasher ? Just want to analyse which car you might be getting, Also loving your contribution,Cheers


Mums datsun? Ha ha.
Bit MacAvaneyish with your stats smasha but food for thought all the same. Cheers "young" fella


The MacAvaneyish aspect is purely in your mind Hedeski and you can imagine we anyway you like. I could be Ghandi, Hitler or Mary Poppins if thats what your mind wants.
It's irrelevant which way you imagine/fantasize about me delivering my information as it doesn't change the content.

I wish mums car was a Datsun have you seen how much a good condition 200B or 120Y sells for these days?
You probably should have kept your first car old timer those wooden spoked things with the windup handle at the front are worth a fortune now.


Yes I do imagine you a bit marry poppinish just as you imagine everyone is an old timer.


Hahaha. Relax a bit eski I'm just playin


I know mate same, bit of banter never hurts.
Good luck for the season. (First car was a hx prem for the record close enough to wooden spokes) ha ha


Mums is a 2011 Citroen C5 Wagon and I'm not keen on it. Fortunately I'll be getting the old mans car, he's currently got 6 carlton players in his onfield team and no SuperCoach can recover from that.


It does sound like a bit of a lemon. Yep should have him covered with all them blues.


He did post a few days ago. He's backed up his comments with his team. He had a few surprises – Sam Mayes in the backline and Barlow and MCrouch in mids (from memory) He did explain his Barlow strategy, which I got, just don't fully agree with. With all of his strong recent contributions I feel like I owe to him to talk him out of Mayes


Thank KBC,
You'll be pleased to know that Sammy Mayes has left the structure. The change was for environmental reasons rather than tangible. He still hasn't signed and whispers are that he wants to head to a Nth Melb suburban team next year so due to the usual handbrake this scenario applies to players progression he has made way for Steele

The Trumpster

Robinson or Franklin


Robinson for the reasons outlined above. I'm a bit suprised that you couldn't work that one out yourself Donald

The mongrel punt

Is any body else concerned that Martin priced at $598k only scored 88 points? Seriously considering changing my Martin,gawn, combo to gawn z.Smith and banking $165k.
Thoughts please community.
P.s. libba onlky 44 points and virtually unsighted.
Am I jumping at shadows?


he has averaged 110 the last 2 seasons. He was against a monster this game which most people struggle against. 88 against Mummy is a pretty responsible score.




Shadow jumping at its finest, mongrel. Wet and wild down at metricon today. Keep Stef


Was watching the match , he still played really well
Unlucky not to get the ton
Looks ready for an even bigger season without lueenberger there being the sole ruckman


I've got 1,106,100 to get two midfielders.
Who should I get ???
I've already got Fyfe, Danger, GAJ, Rocky, Libba and Mills.

Cheers Liam

Phil Tony's Cracken

Pendels Shiel


Can't afford that Phil.

The mongrel punt

Shiel and parker


Cheers Mongrel, that seems the best option so far.

Phil Tony's Cracken

Parker Pendels


50k short Phil.


Wines and Cripps.

Depending on the level of disagreement from the community I might follow up with the reasons why 🙂


I've been looking at them.
Could you explain why Smasher ?


Smasher is right, these 2 are set to explode. We saw Cripps' ceiling last year and he is a beast. Wines is a contested ball king and should reach up to 600k if fit.


In a nutshell they're have greater points per $ potential than any other 2 you can afford. If there is any concern at all it would be Ollies fitness (shoulders are finicky joints) but he seemed OK confidence wise in NAB and theres no reason why he shouldn't continue his development into a legend of the game. Cripps – Probably the main reasons for having him are,  this year he isn't coming back from a broken leg (he was last year), this year he's taller, faster and has a bigger engine than last year plus with Kerridge in the team he has a bigger body teammate to assist him. Defensive mids throughout the league are already planning mystery 24hour illnesses so that they don't have to play on him. In addition to the extra possessions that those physical improvements will naturally deliver is the ability for him to go third man up when he gets double teamed at stoppages. According to dads algorythm he has a propensity to rove his own ruckwork and get the clearance more than 50% of the time


Robbie Gray and Luke Parker


Just over the limit Beast.


Robbie Gray and Shiel


Can't afford that Eric


Parker, Wines, Shiel, Duncan

Bobby Singh

Pendlebury/Priddis and a rookie. Spend the money elsewhere. You don't need 6 premium midfielders.


can you rotate someone to allow you to select from another position? If you can, get pendles and you should have enough to grab yourself another keeper in another position. not sure you will find 2 keepers in the mids with that amount of money.


Cheers Holty, I've done just that.
Hanners and Oliver in as well as Bartel in the defence.


I had this combo since the start and I thought they could slip under the radar and be POD but they're not anymore unfortunately
Stefan Martin and Zac Smith?? Thoughts


Fyfe or Dangerfield ?


Both if possible. Otherwise I can't decide.


Can only get both if I get rid of Ablett


well this is a tough decision, im sorry mate, its your call, I couldn't decide, I currently have all 3.


I'm tempted to get both of them and not GAJ. I'm dubious we haven't got to see him like last year and we all know how long he lasted. But then he is GAJ and he looks at the ball and gains 20 points. Decisions…


danger. Simply because he is durable. Fyfe always misses games.


Both with Ablett. Make it work


Can't go wrong with either but if you were to choose Danger due to 30k less. Try and get both in though I have all three of Gazz, Fyfe and Danger.

Phil Tony's Cracken

I would take Pendels over Gazza……Gazza is injury risk just like last year!


hall and weitering or
dahlhouse and k.collins/cheap rookie?

Also thoughts on sam gray? help please!


Option 1.
Sam Gray is a gun, think very highly of him.


gray locked in my team


Yes for Gray


720660 experienced players only plz

Phil Tony's Cracken

What constitute as a serious player and what make you one or should we believe you are one?


Anyone have a keepers league with a spot free


Feel free to join all, hopefully make a competitive league 314788


G'day lads,not sure where to put up my team for advice………..cause Ima cry if i don't gets some in tell on my team???????????


so here is my team for anyone willing to tear apart.

DEF: shaw, houli, smith, bryne-jones, brown, collins = hartley, magna
MID: danger, ablett, trelore, rockliff, graham, liba, mills, mededue = greshem, mcpherson, petracca
RUC. Goldy,NicNat =grimly
FWD: dusty, barlow, gray, hall, wells, kerridge = anthony mcDonald, com


It feels like you are one premo mid fielder short, because you have gone deep in your forward line. Would consider swapping out Graham and Hall for one more premo midfielder

The three rookies in Defence is a worry. If you are going to do that, would need a Wietering or a Dea to solidify it a bit


im sloppy


Why does that make Rich a lock? Rich has not done anything yet which gives any indication he's going to improve – a lot of people jumped on him last year as a mid pricer, but he only increased in price $36k – not really what we were looking for. Never averaged over 91 in his 7 seasons and has declined in average over his last 3 seasons – one of those seasons was ruined with injury but the other 2 he played 16 and 21 games each.

Don;t understand the fuss with Rich


How worried is everyone with the GAJ no show so far ?


It's not ideal, Tony. I was bullish about him being fine last year and that blew up in my face spectacularly.

I'm starting with him though, the only reason I've got is because it's Gary bloody Ablett, which is enough for me.


i agree Kev
But he is Gary Ablett after all.


I don't like it because as said below, it blew up last year.

'Don't Blush Babbie'

I didn't mind Clayton Olivers game today 92 SC points, awkwardly priced though at 208k and only Mid


He did look very good didn't he – did not look out of place. I haven't seen Mills play yet, but he looked like I've heard everyone describe Mills. If we are picking Mills, it does not hurt to throw Oliver in the equation as well.


good point cozza. i was about to say to expensive but i have considered mills. Mills isnt in my side at present so for the same reason, I wont select Oliver.
but it may change next week when half my rookie mids arent selected round 1


Got Mills in at the moment, but heard the Melb game on radio and Oliver got mentioned plenty. Going to view on Foxtel replay tonight.

Early thoughts, Mills has more class, better DE, but Oliver attacks everything with gusto, and has a ready now body, bit like VanDenBerg was for Melbourne last season.


I've got both Mills and Oliver. They seem to be in the best couple of midfield rookie this year


Hear hear. Both in my side. Big investments made in premo midfielders, therefore expect midfield rookies to cost a bit extra also.

Phil Tony's Cracken

He's not awkwardly no different than Mills or Parish other than he's a few cheaper? Everyone going with Mills and no has said he's awkwardly pice???? If Oliver is then I guess Parish and Mills are?


Zocko Lock




Haven't seen the zorko incident. he is my m1 but will he get suspended?


It was hard to see exactly what happened from the camera angles, but was having a tussle with Davis and looks like he has lashed out and got Davis in the throat. Wouldn't surprise me if he got a week or two, but we'll have to wait and see.


Any news on whether B.Crouch is available for selection next week after being a naughty boy?


2 weeks away mate. wont know for a while iguess


What do we think of something like this?

Shaw, Houli, laird, Gibson, 4x rookie

Dangerfield, Ablett, Rockliff, wines, Cripps, Libba, mills, 4x rookies

Stef, doppelgänger, rookie

Barlow, Robinson, hall, wells, 4x rookies


Max gawn is doppelgänger by the way


Do you look like him? hehehe



Structure looks good, but wouldn't go near Gibson.
All other players named look good.


Hi community!
Such a great amount of insight here.
Can I ask, what was the game time that Caleb Daniels had in his past 3 matches? From the 3 he's scored 88, 79 and 115. At $295k, is he worth a look or am I missing something?


parker or ward or shiel or cripps?


Ward, Parker, Cripps & Shiel, in that order


There seems to be general consensus that Ward is the best GWS midfielder, BUT is more likely to be tagged over Shiel. I thus prefer Shiel over Ward.

That said, in order from most preferred to least preferred based on price, output, etc I would go;

1- Shiel
2- Cripps (Just over Parker as Carlton midfield less crowded/competitive)
3- Parker
4- Ward (Relatively high tag risk)


Phil Tony's Cracken

Shiel in my side over ward


would have thought shiel was more damaging than ward hence would cop the tag,
but thanks guys


Laird, Bartel, Johansien, Dea, Hartley, Brown (K.Collins, McDonald's-Tipungwati$
Fyfe, Danger, Gazza, Shiel, Rocky, Parker, Libba, Parish (Cunningham, Keays, Mathieson)
Martin, Smith (Grimley)
Dusty, Barlow, A.Hall, Wells, Ben Kennedy, Kerridge (Cox, Petracca)


MEL VS STK analysis?


This is only my opinion but i would not be surprised if this essendon west coast game changes many peoples decisions about going in so weak in the defense this year. so many are going in with 3 or sometimes 4 rookies on field in the defense. I know that means you can strengthen other positions but its no good to you if your rookie defenders are only scoring you 40.

Phil Tony's Cracken

Well said Holty! But…..ESS will be on defensive all year so they should be collecting the pill alot ??? I have 3 so far in the def…..not taking any mids or forwards because they will do nothing. ESS will get the wooden spoon for sure this year!!!! Carlton doesnt look as bad as ESS!


very true phil. you would think Essendon defenders would collect the pill but not always the case. They will struggle this year and when the ball is continually being up their end, all you become concerned about is your opponent and not the ball. Like tonight with hartley and brown hardly touching the ball. But Dea proved different. The rookie defenders will be hit or miss. picking the correct 2 to be on field is hard enough but picking 3 or 4 is almost impossible.

Shake n bake

I'm a massive magpie supporter & im goin Hanners instead of Pendles. Got to go with my head. Watched Pendles closely & will be used fwd & back aswell thru the middle. Hanners impressed me last yr & only played blues ytday but looked great.


pendles has been the biggest lock for me this season but this isnt the first time ive heard this about Pendles and now im starting to doubt myself. Ive always said, if you have any doubts about a premium, look elsewhere because they will still be there later in the season.

Phil Tony's Cracken

You Trader!! Pendels will win Brownlow this year you flake!

Phil Tony's Cracken

Holty dont dump Pendels he's the real deal…..dependable and he can go big!! He has the best supporting cast out of all the top premos…..Pies will kill this yrs top 4 for sure!

Phil Tony's Cracken

Simpkins is a bloody trap!

Big Balls

If you don't get shaw because he's "too expensive" lol to you when you miss out on all the tasty 110's .


Wilson or Weitering in defence?

Phil Tony's Cracken



Save the 50k. Weitering.


Anyone thinking out side the square ???. Libba is priced at a mid prover , and everyone is picking up because 2 years ago he was a gun , not saying he isn't , he will get back to his best , but not this year …… Anyone out there thinking alarm bells , midprice trap ???
With the less rotations , he looked very slow , almost like he is a year behind , and with such a great mid that emerged last year , wallis, Bont , doll , picks , the package , macrae etc , and the speed they play out I have a gut feeling he won't get that average that everyone is dreaming of …… Yeh he is jet , but most players that come from an acl always take a year to get back to there best …. What about rich last year ???. Killed us all ….
Anyone thinking about skipping him ?and have the big ones to leave him out ? Thoughts ?


His first NAB cup game was great, so I'm putting this weeks down to getting the feel for it! Would have much preferred an 80+ score, but it is only his 2nd game in a year. He will take some time to warm up, but I have no doubt he will be better than Rich last year and average at least 85.

Phil Tony's Cracken

I want what your smoking because you are delusional! Cant go wrong at Libbas price and if you don't take him you are a fool! Dont play SC because you a fing dummy!


Sound thinking.. and am thinking about these same points also.


Thing with Libba as long as he's playing he'll average 90 and that's enough to make a good bit of money it'd be great if he was a top ten mid but I'm certainly not planing my structures around him being able to do that.


At 350k you can't really go wrong. You can go ahead and not pick him but I can assure he will be in you're side during the year. Don't make it harder then it is LOCK him away


As sad as it is for their loyal supporters, Essendon will be an onfield trainwreck this year. Their core player list is out in 2016 and nothing will change that. If the Bombers win 1-2 games this season they would have done very well. I am also reviewing my Essendon rookies in my backline. Very concerned with their output ATM in a very unstable side.




#243665 Join my league 🙂 Only for seasoned players


I've just joined in… Cheers mate!


Great insight Carl.
Thoughts on my team community?

Shaw, Laird, Johannisen, Collins, Hartley, Brown, Broad, Byrne-Jones

Dangerfield, Jesus, Rockliff, Parker, Wines, Cripps, Liberatore, De Goey, Petracca, Dunkley, Mathieson

Naitanui, Gawn, cox

Barlow, Merret Z, Hall, Wells, Menadue, Kerridge, Grimley, McDonald-Tipungwuti

Very midpricey I understand. Those lovers of cookie cutters will grimace. I simply think this year there is immense value, many set for uber status that are underpriced. People shy from the likes of Wines and Cripps because they haven't reached uber premium status before. The past is the past, all you can do is acknowledge it, and apply it to your summary of the present and what tha implies for the future. I envision both to be keepers, or at least competitive enough for M7 and M8. De Goey only needs to be a stepping stone, but may also be a keeper. His swing status will be taken care of, a possible F6 finish or stepping stone for mine. I think Johannisen has shown talent when all the circumstances of the NAB being the NAB are considered. He looks to have the rebound run role to upgrade him from talented to lock for mine. Hall looks the goods and I think Merret is risky and possibly not a keeper, I'm very unsure on all things Essendon except their fresh cash cows. Will have to see how Essendon perform. The biggest point I want to make is that most teams will have some combination or at least one of these more left field mid price picks. While on average these players may possibly underperform, in the short term that risk isn't so bad on a round by round basis, as everyone with the dud will have the same problem to fix. I usually trade early then wait til the byes, trade through the byes, then save the rest of my trades for the remainder of the season. I feel that while there is risk, it isn't substantial enough to be managed, and furthermore, the upside will be a bigger upside than the downside is down. You've got to risk it for that biscuit community.


Hey Dan, I'm not sure your team is as 'wild' as you think it is. Your defensive line is probably the flavour of the week at the moment! It's not a bad thing – just an observation. Wines and Cripps are both nice picks – I like your guts to go with both. Merrett will be great this year, no doubt, but I can't envision him cracking the top 8. He only broke the ton twice last year, and although he is very consistent I'd wait another year for his ceiling to rise. Oh, and I have to say that Hall's aggression has me hooked, too. He looks in for a big one.


I like Nathan Wilson as did a lot of clubs when he was looking like he might be traded my issues with him is his DE% his Kick to handball ratio is fantatsic but means nothing if he butches half of them looks a trap to me like Johanesen


I was thinking along the same lines, L17. I would be delighted to be proven wrong but I have a feeling Johannisen may be this year's Lumumba – price is scarily similar and playing style very reminiscent. That said, he's still in my team at this point! Wilson will get a fair bit of the pill but as he is an outside player he really needs to nail his passes for high scores.


he gets to every contest and yes i think hes worth a look but price a bit awkward


Stef Martin & Danger or Goldy & Selwood?
Feel like Selwood is a POD after not playing NAB and Danger will take the hard tag, potentially freeing Selwood?