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NAB ANALYSIS: Gold Coast v Adelaide

Published by Patch on

Supercoach 2016 midpriced defendersOh dear lord. I hate the NAB cup. I mean I love it, but I hate it so much.

Reading so much into meaningless formlines, the uncertainty over which bastard is actually going to set the world on fire season proper and which bastard will burn you.
And it ruins oh so many pairs of trousers.

After tonight, I feel like we can safely slot on bastard into the fire. I felt the fire of Aaron Hall tonight, community and finally see what Lekdog sees in him. I am a changed man. The fire – of his tackles, of his attack on the ball and the ferocity he attacks packs with – is a sight to behold. Not only that, he goes forward, makes chances and takes chances. He could have had 5 sausage rolls tonight, and with Golf Coast still completely unable to manage rotations he will be pumped into the guts all year long. Tippett is out and Hall is in. But enough. The game was more than the Aaron Hall show, even if my Mr Johnson disagrees with me.

Absent best 22:

ADELAIDE – Brad Crouch, Rory Atkins, Charlie Cameron, Troy Menzel GOLD COAST – Gary Ablett Jnr, David Swallow, Dion Prestia, Jaeger O’Maera, Kade Kolodjashnij We were fortunately free of injuries tonight, unless you count the cramps of Gold Coast as injuries. Which we don’t, because if you’re stupid enough to use all but 9 of your rotations before ¾ time, that’s a paddlin’. Now onto the relevance!


Paul Seedsman headlined the Supercoach scoring for the Crows with 118, which is not bad for a bloke I only realised was playing sometime in the third quarter. He slipped under the radar early, but late in the game really took the ball out of defence on numerous occasions, and also slipped up to the wing. 324k in Supercoach if he takes your fancy. Also running out of Adelaide’s backline were the linchpins Rory Laird and Brodie Smith. Smith was very busy early, but Laird built to finish with 28 touches at 85% for 91 Supercoach. Smith had 25 and 81 Supercoach points.

Bloody NAB 3. Plays with your head. Sam Jacobs had an outstanding game, raking in 41 hitouts, picking the pill up 18 times and using it at 84%, which is incredible for a man of his stature and hair colour.

Matt Crouch had leather poisoning with 10 touches at quarter time, and finished with 28. However, 18 of those were by hand. He did have 12 contested possessions, and picked up 4 tackles and 7 marks. Was used heavily through the guts.

There’s no space for either Crouch in my side, but for those looking to stack the bookends they are value. Brad Crouch was apparently in doubt, then a certainty, and then dropped for disciplinary reasons. He will play round one, but without that glance at him I won’t go there.

Speaking of not having space for good footballers, Scott Thompson is a rather good footballer who will be in no-one’s Supercoach team come round 1. If you’re drafting, sneak him with a late pick for a 107 average, and lock him in for CoachKings, but… yeah nah. Rory Sloane had a very nothing game, and would back him in to have a middling season as he stalls without Patrick Dangerfield. 20 touches and not much mid time. Pass. Similarly, Cam Ellis-Yolman, Richard Douglas and David MacKay are all not worth considering outside CoachKings. Eddie Betts was resoundingly beaten tonight by Adam Saad, who was playing a new role deep in defence, but will have games where he scores 592 CoachKings points. On the rookie front, Dean Gore sat out most of the game, getting pity minutes at the end to come on and kick a goal. I don’t expect to see him early in the year. Wayne Milera should get games, but won’t score enough to justify spending 175k on him. However, Mitch McGovern, the younger brother of Jeremy in the west, looks to have picked up his brothers’ penchants of both being rather good at this sport business and finding ways of making me want to select him.

Good overhead, kicked a few, played minutes in what Don Pyke said was a rehearsal of round 1. If he’s named, I’m picking him.


I had a bloody arousing evening watching Aaron Hall play football. The rest of the Suns were okay, and the battle between Sam Day and Peter Wright for the second tall spot was interesting, and Ryan Davis could be a very nice bench spot if he is elevated. Beyond that, there wasn’t a huge amount here to look at.

This Jack Martin kid will be a superstar one day, but not this year. Pass.

Matt Rosa run through the middle at times, floated forward and also played deep in defence. He looks like he’ll plug whatever hole is needed each week, and for me that’s not something I like from my players. He had 22 touches for 60 odd points.

Trent McKenzie scored 75 from 12 touches, which impresses me immensely. This kid is tempting me, and as the player with the most games for the Suns needs to step up this year and lead. No Kade Kolodjashnij – who missed with a calf – skews his score as we’re still not sure where Thumper plays this year. Nick Malceski didn’t look much chop: 62 from 19 touches, and he still has no idea why he was given a right foot, because he doesn’t kick anything with it.

Rookie forward Callum Ah Chee impressed me up front, but suffers the same problem Milera does – too flashy a player for the price range. No, but I look forward to watching him without riding on him to kick goals and just appreciate what he does with the ball.

Ryan Davis also looked good. The bargain basement mature aged rookie had it 13 times rotating between forward and midfield. He butchered the thing, going at just over 50% DE, but looked like he’ll improve. Played 130 games in the WAFL and I reckon he’ll adjust to AFL pretty quick.

“..Eade was also pleased with first round draft pick Callum Ah Chee, and mature-age rookie Ryan Davis, saying both were likely to play in the season opener.”

source: after the game

Ruckman Tom Nicholls showed some grunt but not much else, and Dan Currie looks to have been banished from yet another club’s ruck position. Peter Wright should be a CoachKings lock, but not longform. Jarred Harbrow ran around and got it a lot but did little with it.

The Sun’s midfield brigade – the one on the park, not the ones on the sidelines – won’t be selections in any form for mine. Sexton, Hallahan, Rischetelli and Miller all middled around and all sort of got the ball, but for the love of god don’t pick one of them expecting to see a breakout.

What have I missed, community? What did you take out of the game?

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Gives me the shits he's doing so well in the nab, I had him penciled in at the of last year. Him and Sam Gray.


Yeah, but if they had a shit nab cup you would have jumped on someone else.


Hey Patch, great work as usual. Its great to see hall fire up in the nab games but don't you think that once gablett and prestia are back round one his impact (and getting the pill) will reduce big time?? Thoughts?

Rhythm is a Panther

Hey Vin I reckon with Swallow David and Jaegerbomb out for a few weeks Hall will still see some midfield time


He's too good not to rotate through the guts. Gun


Gazza and Prestia are sunbaking on the golden sands of Queensland. Patch is busy calming his aroused monster. And here is Vin wanting an explanation.
I'll do Patch a favour, Hey Vin thank's for your question regarding Hall. Mate i can only bloody well comment on what i see.

Thoughts ?


Thanks guys! Hoping his role doesn't change much once their guns are back and is a keeper.


Ha! Thanks Korza. I reckon with the lower rotations, we'll see Gold Coast rotate its mids more. As Brad said, he's an absolute jet and if he performs like that you can't not play him in the mid. He won't be scoring the 130s he's hit in the NAB each week but I'm confident he'll get mid time with performances like that.


Hall at F3 or F4 Patch? Running Menzel at 4 currently.


I think you could run with him at F3 if he continues to score like that.


My team is all over the place at the moment, however, with the plethora of rookies in the forward line you could easily have Hall at F3 and still sleep at night. Depends on the rest of your side.


Aaron Hall 131

Michael Rischitelli 113

Touk Miller 98

Mitch Hallahan 80

Adam Saad 78

Trent McKenzie 75

Jarrod Harbrow 65

Matt Rosa 64

Ryan Davis 63

Nick Malceski 62

Tom Keough 61

Rory Thompson 61

Peter Wright 58

Jack Martin 58

Steven May 51

Brandon Matera 46

Alex Sexton 45

Callum Ah Chee 44

Tom J. Lynch 43

Tom Nicholls 42

Sean Lemmens 41

Sam Day 38

Keegan Brooksby 29

Clay Cameron 19


Paul Seedsman 118

Daniel Talia 105

Scott Thompson 102

Jarryd Lyons 98

Matt Crouch 96

Richard Douglas 92

Rory Laird 91

Sam Jacobs 91

Luke Brown 90

Rory Sloane 87

Cam Ellis-Yolmen 85

Brodie Smith 85

Tom Lynch 82

Wayne Milera 75

Taylor Walker 73

Josh Jenkins 69

Jake Lever 69

Mitch McGovern 68

David Mackay 67

Kyle Cheney 63

Nathan Van Berlo 62

Eddie Betts 38

Dean Gore 18

Kyle Hartigan 12


Thanks for scores Beast!

I N Pieman

Good stuff patch. Wound love some exposed form on how hall goes with the gun mids lining up. Certainly a case for him but is he a keeper


That's the tough question. If he play like that he should force his way into more midfield time, because he looked very bloody good – better than he ever has a small forward. I might scrounge around and see what I can do, but the Luck of the Draw is up first when I have time.


Last night saw my team swap Dusty + Brad Crouch for Hall + Zach Merrett. No regrets! (Until round 3 when it's patently obvious that NAB has misled me)


everyone locking bartel?




Why not Beast ?


I'm not currently picking bartel due to his tooth length. I've currently got KK instead.




nope. i think it's a trap. With danger in the midfield he will spend more time elsewhere. he is getting long in the tooth. He will average 80-85 and won't make you any money. I'm going shaw, laird, kk.


Yes but with caution. I think Bartel will go about his business as usual without the attention he normally receives.


lock for me. People are right that he wont spend much time in the middle but he hasnt spent much time in there for years. What i like about the Bartel selection is everyone has a opinion as to why or why not they are selecting him instead of running with what one person thinks.
I think the Bartel selection this year will make or break sides. Its a lot of money to invest if he doesnt become a keeper. I believe he will be and a top5 defender by seasons end.


No. He's a champion of the game but burned me badly last year. Tooth are even longer now + I can see him being rested against the weaker sides. He only needs 17 games from memory to get to the magical 300 which leaves a fair bit of room for the General…


Not sure how you can say milera at 175k wont justify his price..
Everyone is picking wietering and he costs 50k more and should average around 75 which is what milera scored tonight.
Can you pick both crouches and would you community?
Hall has now made his way into my team, just too tempting after last year and his nab performances. With swallow and omeara to miss early or even to mid this year i think he will destroy.
Been on ryan davis since the start!
Nevertheless, i have laird, m crouch, davis, gaz, milera from theese two teams.


I think Milera can make $ and I'm thinking about him. The Crows seem to love him and he will play.
Wietering almost guaranteed to play so will make $.
Would not pick both, M. Crouch leads in my mind as his form has been great. Jury out if I pick him though.
Hall is definitely in. Have to take a risk somewhere and he's killing it.
R.Davis if elevated will definitely be in mine.


Milera's scores: 84, 52(only played a half), 75
Cheers for the advice on crouch, as a crows fan its so hard to decide without bias inflicting my views.


Weitering should take 2-3 intercept marks a game, which is an extra 16-24 points a game, and will also have a lot of the ball down his end this year. Milera looks like he'll be a good player, but small forwards are the most inconsistent players on the ground and I feel that will hurt cash generation. If he was 130k I'd lock him in, but I'm tentative at the elevated price. However, as you point out his JS is top notch.
I'm selecting zero Crouches, but don't think you can do two plus Libba unless you're going full mid-priced.


If you plan on starting Milera on field, then the price is justified. With so many options in the forward line this year though, if you go Milera, will he be on your field? if not, find a cheaper rookie to sit on your bench and make you money.
Weitering will cost you more but we arent as spoilt this year with options in defense so if you select him, he will start on field.

Shake n bake

Any love out there for Buddy? looks like a risk but one im starting to think maybe worth taking??


Had him last year and he burnt me with suspensions, injuries and scores. He isn't the most consistent pick. But at the top of his game he is a gun. no for me.

Shake n bake

Im also contemplating Shiel in for Rocky think Shiel has signed up looks happy & ready to go. Rocky said hes ready to go rd 1 but haven't seen him on the park yet maybe a risk with hamstrings?


Rocky has to be a chance to miss the plane to Perth for rd1.


I don't get the Milera comment either. $175k buys you 33 SC pts. At 75 Milera will more than double his price…


will he play enough?


It's the big question for the majority of this year's crop of players under $200k.
Can only bank on Kerridge, and a few of the Essendon boys… Though Menadue, Macaffer, Corey Ellis and Petracca, possibly Ben Kennedy should play most games… Thank god there are a couple just over $200k who will play every game if fit – Wells, Menzel with Mills, Parish and Weitering. With 12 teams pushing for the 8 this year most of the kids won't 'play enough' games.


Thoughts on my current team? All criticism welcome.

DEF: Houli, Laird, Hurn, Weitering, Brown, Hartley
(Broad, Collins)
MID: Danger, Gaz, Priddis, JPK, Rocky, LIbba, Mills, Gresham
(Gore, Petracca, Mathieson)
RUC: Martin, NicNat
FWD: Dusty, Zorko, Barlow, Wells, Menadue, Kerridge
(McCarthy, Cox)

$80,900 remaining. Currently tossing up between Hurn and B. Smith as my D3.


This is almost identical to my team. I like it mate.


I like it. Bit different from the usual cookie cutter teams going on. Nice to see someone pick up Priddis.


Thanks Chill! Yeah, I can't believe no one is picking Priddis!


Hurn = Burn man every year – he'll tease you with upside and the odd 120 but Smith will average more IF both stay healthy for the year. That's a bif IF – Smith burnt me badly last year too


Before SuperCoach opened A. Hall was one of the great PODs this year….we can all say bye bye to that happening


James Aish or jacob weitering?


Jacob easy


very happy with my team at the moment but i have a few selections that has me on the fence but overall thoughts on my team

def- boyd laird macmillan harwood hartley broad (tippa collins)
mid- danger mundy priddis ward sidebum (boak or cripps) libba clarke (matheson adamson davis)
ruck- jacobs (gawn or nic nat) (loersch)
fwd- barlow greene hall wells kerridge brown (adams galluci)


Commas and capitals are useful… nice pic in Jacobs, priddis, ward, sidebum, boyd plenty of medium/high pod there. Don't like Greene. Esp at F2. Watch him play a game and then see if you are still happy to have him. Not great* at footy IMO. *great is relative here, still would whooop my a$$.


Thoughts guys? finally think i've come up with a top team
Laird, KK, Doc, McGovern, Brown, Hartley
Danger, Gray, Ward, Wines, Cripps, Barlow, Parish, Kerridge
Gawn, Zac Smith
Dusty, Zorko, Wingard, Arron Hall, petracca, cox


Interesting you are choosing to play barlow in the midfield. I would move Barlow fwd and get rid of wingard … use the money to buy Rocky or Paker, Shiels etc… they will outscore wingard. Wingard finished 61st last year in supercoach average… 61st!! and you are paying 530k for him? crazy.


Also wingard won't be in the top 6 fwds by year end.. in my opinion. totally go for it if you think differently.


Do you really intend to start Cox at M6? I would move Kerridge forward and get a Gresham, Mathieson, Keays type in the middle.


Best 6 midfield rookies?


Please pull apart my team!
No hard feelings. 🙂

DEF: Shaw Houli Bartel Weitering Brown Hartley…..Broad Collins
MID: Fyfe Dangerfield Ablett Hanneberry Gray(rocky if playing) Libba Mills Mathieson….Gresham Keays MacPherson
RUCK: Goldstein Smith….Grimley
FWD: Dusty Bartell Hall Wells Menadue Kerridge….Petracca AMT


*fwd: barlow.


Barlow? Didn't know you could select a player twice! Would have put Goldy r1 and r2!


Hence the asterix. How about some feedback about my structure etc. Beast? would love to hear your opinion.


The structure is really solid, I have the same structure except your expensive mids have made it hard for you to get a keeper r2, which I have at the moment. Looks like a good team, like Hanners, not many teams have him.


thanks SC Beast. r2 is a concern.


Very strong side IMO. Just a few little things; Bartell on your forward line is Barlow right? Gray in your midfield is that Robbie or Sam?

A bit concerned about Bartel in your backline. He is getting on a bit, and I think there could be younger options such KK, Johanissen, Mc Govern you could seriously consider. Your midfield is a powerhouse. (Tom Mitchell will match it with Hanners this year I reckon)

Your ruck is a nice compromise. You have Goldy, but saved some smart money getting Zac Smith.

Your forward line is good as well. I am not sold on Menadue completely. He will probably get early games because of Tiger injuries, but for an extra 20K you can run with Milera who has real class and will line up for the crows week in week out. (Coach apparently loves him)

All your other rookies across other lines are good choices at this stage IMO.



Robbie gray mate. Thanks for the feedback.


Longmire said that Parker will spend more time foward and Mitchell will play more in the guts. Is he still a lock?


Parker will be the biggest burn man this season




Post match interview. The reason being is he has good dukes and Buddy needs more support and Mitchell hunts the pill like a man possessed


all those sydney mids will spend more time in the forward line. They need somewhere to rest.

Katie underwood

How is Peter Wright a lock in SuperCoach?


*CoachKings, not Supercoach. Late nights and acronyms don't mix well.


Option 1
Dollhouse, mcaffer, broad

Option 2
Wells, mills, sherridan, 48thousand

Peoples thoughts on the two options or alternate suggestions much appreciated, thanks.


Definitely option 2. If Wells stays fit long enough, he will go up in price a ton, and maybe even be a valid F6 come seasons end. Mills will make bank, he's a gun. Sheridan could have a breakout season. Dahl is good, but with Libba coming back into the midfield, I think he'll spend more time forward. Broad should be on your defence bench anyway. Caff won't make the Pies best 22, let alone score well enough to make any cash.


Ok guys would love some feedback on this side please.. Positives and Negatives..



Tonto Goldstein..Lobbe..Wyatt



Give Lobbe the flick, he's crap. Other than that, great looking team!


Currently have goldy and Gawn in the ruck and b.crouch in the mids. Is it worth downgrading goldy to (?tippett) and upgrading crouch to Viney/wines type??


Well Tippet didn't do much last night


Nah. No guarantee Wines and Viney will be in the top 10 mids come season end, and Tippet wont be a top 6 forward. Goldy will be in the top 2 rucks, and Crouch will be used as a stepping stone to a top 10 mid anyway. Stick with Goldy and Crouch.


Viney could be a ripper POD in the midfield. He is young and could be on the cusp to break out. At 497K, he could be great value.

Has been nice and consistent in his NAB games. 28 odd disposals in both games played. Going about his business and getting the job done. Will be watching him like a hawk tomorrow. High on my watch list.


Dees will surprise a few this year. Smokey for top 8


Criticize my team please!

Shaw, Laird, Rampe, Weitering, Mitch Brown (Essedon), Hartley

Fyfe, Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Ablett, Rocky, LIbba, Mills, Gresham

Goldy, Gawn

Barlow, Sam Gray, Hall, Wells, Milera, Kerridge


Very similar to mine. I have rance for heater and spitta greene for wells.


Some thoughts please – DEF- shaw laird Bartel Sheridan brown Hartley ( Collins (wb) ruggles. Mids- Fyfe pendles ablett gray wines libba mills greasham ( Mathieson petracca Davis ) Rucks – goldy lobbe (wyatt). Fwds- dusty Barlow hall Kennedy menadue kerridge ( grimley AMT) 114 k left over , running thin up fwd maybe but feel those rooks are nearly spot on , any feedback on my team appreciated


Get rid of Lobbe at all costs


try and atleast get smith in for lobbe


20k left would love people thoughts

BACKS – KK Docherty Sheridan Weitering Brown (ess) Hartley
Bench- Collins Tipungwuti

MID – Dangerfield Ablett Shiel Rockliff Parker Liberatore Mills Parish
Bench – Jansen Kerridge Cunningham

RUCKS – Mumford Gawn
Bench – Grimley

FWDS – Martin Barlow Tippet Greene Wells Kennedy
Bench – Kommer Petracca


Thanks Patch, just to make things a bit easier for everyone here is a summary of Supercoach relevance from NAB 2016 for Crows
Jarryd Lyons 3 games @84.6
Crouch 3 games @110
Rory Atkins 2 games @104.5
Tom Lynch 3 games @102
Wayne Milera 3 games @71


Shaw and Hall


Bartel and Wingard


Shaw and Hall. Shaw will be top 3 DEF come season end


is Mills a lock?


only if you need an onfield rookie in the middle


He's done enough to lock himself into my team.




Either Mills or Parish.- Parish likely to play a bigger role with more time in the middle than Mills.
I can see Parish will taking Heppels role.



def- boyd laird macmillan harwood hartley broad (tippa collins)
mid- danger mundy priddis ward sidebum (boak or cripps) libba clarke (matheson adamson davis)
ruck- jacobs (gawn or nic nat) (loersch)
fwd- barlow greene hall wells kerridge brown (adams galluci)


With 100k in the bank from downgrading Wingard to Hall should I …

upgrade a midfield rookie to Callum Mills? (will be at M8)


Upgrade Bartel to Shaw

or just keep Wingard?

appreciate the thoughts


ditch wingard uprgrade bartel to shaw.


Bartel to Shaw


Bartel to Shaw


Some interesting data analysis from NAB 2016 Hall v Crouch

Hall 3 games @ 111.66
Crouch 3 games @ 109.33
BUT, TOG is very relevant

Hall 1.35 PPM across 3 games
Crouch 1.62 PPM across 3 games

Suns have Gaz and Prestia to return early and maybe Jom = Hall pushed to wing
Crows have lost Danger and, B.Crouch may be eased into team after round 2-3 = M.Crouch is now playing a season long mid role


Thats exactly why I'm yet to be sucked into hall its tempting but when there midfield returns


JOM is out for a while, and Prestia is never fit. I don't see Hall being pushed out of the midfield rotations. Why change something that isn't broken?




You're looking at it in isolation Beast. I'm not suggesting that Hall shouldn't be in our teams just that more points and $ can be made with Crouch instead of Mills and Robinson instead of Hall


Beams and Laird or Selwood/Rockliffe and Smith?

I originally had Rockliffe and Laird but now Rockliffe hasn't played a pre season game like quite a few guns I'm leaning towards spending the extra 60k for Beams who is a better scorer and after Smith found some form he represents good value.

Would appreciate some opinions


Sorry Beams and Smith vs Rockliffe/Selwood and Laird


Rocky/Selwood and Laird




Hey fellas, looking for some thoughts on version 1000 of my team
DEF; R.Laird, Z.Tuohy, J.Wetiering, M.Dea, M.Brown, M.Hartley (M.Adams, A.McDonald-Tipungwuti)
MID; Fyfe, Danger, Ablett, Rockliff, Parker, Wines, Libba, D.Parish (C.Mills, C.Petracca, J.Dunkley)
RUCK; Goldy, Z.Smith (M.Cox)
FOR; D.Martin, M.Barlow, A.Hall, D.Wells, C.Ellis, S.Kerridge (J.Lamb, S.Grimley)
10k in the bank


Geez, haven't seen Tuohy in many sides, whats your reason for selecting him?


Two reasons #1 im a carlton fan, #2 i have a feeling he’s going to be a big POD and with a solid 95 against sydney looks like he’ll have a good season, god knows carltons gonna have the ball in its backfield half of the time.


Looks good. I like the minerals on the Tuohy pick. Not sure about Hall & Z Smith – pre season specials or real value? – they do free up some cash though. Mills on the bench is a waste of $100k. Downgrade to a cheap rookie – eg. Matthieson and upgrade elsewhere


Am I the only one thinking that if Selwood plays round 1 he's a lock? His stats at the start of each year are unbelievable. Plus loves playing the Hawks round 1 on Easter Monday!


no. he is locked in mine.


Which selwood? Joel is an absolute dog for season starts maybe one good start in 6 years.


Please explain how Joel Selwood has bad starts to the year.

I think he averaged 104 for the first 4 games last year.

First 4 games:
In 2014: 140
2013: 126
2012: 128

Need I say more.


Would rather pick him up later. Hasn't had a full pre season.


i think we are on the same page beast. just let people think he has slow starts.


agree Holty, some people think a little injury will stop Selwood, he's the toughest footballer going around. He plays through injuries.


You must be a politician the way you try to distort facts:-)
He is a dog starter for SC because he is priced well above his early season form and drops 70K+ every year before byes

Only 4 games over 100 in first 10 rounds other scores were 69,84,83,89,90,79. Ave after rnd 10 was 86.2 = massive price drop
2014 only 3 games below 100 in first 10 but they were three games in a row 83,82,93 = massive price drop from 3rd most expensive player
2013 his first ten included 5 games over 100 and 74,83, 87,91 and 73 = massive price drop from a player priced to ave 120
2012 his best year ever, nothing sub 100 in first 10 but that was six years ago. ave after rnd 10 109.4
2011 ave after first 10 was 90.4 = massive price drop from top 5 priced player

Kevin Skywalker

Hi Patch and everyone how was Tom Lynch (Ade) last night? He was looking as a fwd POD for me. My info was that he ran with Mckenzie is that true? Any worth in him instead of Hall, Greene etc


He looks real good Kev but I wouldn't select him over Hall


rich or johannisen at d3?
have shaw at d1 and laird at d2


I have Shaw at D1 and Laird at D2 as well. Right now I reckon Johanissen is your man for D3. He has come out firing again today gainst the pies. Seems to love Etihad. Doggies play a lot of matches there, especially in the first half of the season. I will decide tomorrow after having another look at Mc Govern.


fair call.
thoughts on rich ?


Not too sure on Rich at the moment. Will hopefully get a good look at him tomorrow after the last Lions game was washed out.

The fact that Rich can be played in defence means he can easily average between 80-90 which is quite respectable. His price also reasonable.
Thing with Rich is that he can be so unpredictable. The difference between his best and worst performances are very wide. Adding to his unpredictability, is the fact he has spent fair stretches of time out of the side with injuries. No doubt about his talent though.


hey guys,
Is M Crouch looking to be the best 300-400k option in the mids apart from libba? Or is there someone im missing?

Also, Z merret, A Hall, or T Greene?


going by NAB form, agreed. I would not select him though.


I'm thinking of downgrading Kerridge down to Marcus Adams…..think it will be a nice POD……Thoughts?


Take both. I have both.


I might but I think k. Collins might be a better option have to see rd1 line ups first?


Adams has been locked in my team for a while now regardless of whether he is named Round 1, actually I'd prefer if he wasnt


Just checked the calendar – April 1st is more than 2 weeks away yet ….


Goldstein + Cripps or Nic Nat + Pendles?




Thoughts on team.


MID:Fyfe,Danger,Pendles,Ablett, Rockliff, Liberatore, Mills, Petracca, (Freeman,Davis,Marcon)

RUC:S Martin, Gawn, (Cox)

FWD: Dusty, S Gray, Hall, Wells, B.Kennedy,Kerridge,( Menadue, Tippa)


feed back pls

DEF: Shaw, Kolodjashnij, Bartel, Weitering, Brown, Adams (Hartley, Ruggles)

MID: Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Shiel, Duncan, LIberatore, Parish, Gresham (Wallis, Parsons, Stewart)

RCK: Martin, Lobbe (Wyatt)

FWD: Martin, Wingard, Sam Gray, Stringer, D Menzel, Kerridge (L Mccarthy, Smith)


Aish or Weitering


Thoughts on my current team? Dusty many possibly come in too!

Is my midfield too deep?

DEF: Shaw, Bartel, Harwood, Mullet, Brown, Collins (Hartley, Uebergang)
MID: Danger, Gaz, Pendles, Ward, Rocky, LIbba, Crouch
(Davis, Petracca, Mathieson)
RUC: Goldstein Gawn
FWD: Barlow, Greene, Wells, Kennedy Menadue, Kerridge
(Kommer, AMT)
$8k left


Only if Fyfe is your M8 Sammy..