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NAB ANALYSIS: Collingwood v Western Bulldogs

Published by Patch on

Supercoach 2016 midpriced defendersThe first of three big games today was a very good one. Chock a block full of Fantasy relevance, two young teams looking to push into the top echelons of the 8, this game had a lot of feeling in it.

I won’t do too much of an intro because there is so much to get stuck into, and I need to have a bathroom break before the next game for please for the love of god please finish typing this sentence so we can get into the analysis okay are we done yet good.

 Notable Absences:

Collingwood: Brodie Grundy, Ben Reid, Tyson Goldsack, Jamie Elliot, Matt Scharenberg

Western Bulldogs: Jordan Roughead, Will Minson, Jed Adcock, Mitch Honeychurch

Injuries: Fasolo did something to his hand, and Tom Campbell had a nasty ankle roll.

Western Bulldogs:

Jason Johannisen showed every bit and more of what I wanted to see from him in this final NAB cup game. He was sprinting off the back flank into the centre square at most bounces and linking up through the middle. 10 disposals by quarter time, and 33 by full time. Went at 80% efficiency, had 5 tackles and 9 marks. Does anyone remember who picked him out a few weeks ago? Yep, this guy. So, this guy spent most of the afternoon looking like this:


(Although this guy also picked Kurt Tippett, and managed to go Sloane-Rockliff-Sloane-Rockliff last year, so let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, cigar Patch.)

Top Boyd lined up in the ruck for the Dogs, and Marcus Bontempelli ended with the first clearance. It looks like The Bont, Tom Liberatore, Tom Wallis, Jack MaCrae, Liam Picken, Koby Stevens and Lachie Hunter were getting the first shots in the middle, leaving Luke Dahlhaus to run in from the flank. The Dahl only had it 22 times so I’m not taking that at his price. However, The Bont had 10 to quarter time, (at 30% DE) and finished with 22, but played at full forward for parts of the game. However, my lord that kid can play football. No, but damn Marcus.

Tom Liberatore looked to be having no trouble with his knee, and went third man up often, which could leave us with juicy extra points. A clearance king and who doesn’t butcher it, but he only had it 14 times and gave away rusty frees against. Would take a brave person to skip him at 360K though…

All-Australian captain Robert Murphy was very good off the half back flank, and showed he is still the main man back there. He’s not at the forefront of my watchlist but he’s not a bad pick at all. Had moments in the third where he was uncharacteristically flustered.

Million Dollar Man Tom Boyd might be making a name for himself as a part time ruckman. He bullocked through packs and took some very strong marks when resting forward. He finished with _ goals and _ possessions. At 284k in Supercoach he’s a no in long form, but in teams with weaker ruckmen, I’d look at getting him in for Coachkings. If you’re in a keeper draft league, look out for this guy down the order.

Matthew Suckling spent the first half forward and looked lively, kicking a monster 9 pointer in the second. He was involved, and switched into the back half late in the game to run off the back flank. Suckling is a DEF/FWD swingman who has flown under the radar for many, but after his _ touches he should be back on.

THE PACKAGE had a quiet day, getting left up forward and not having a good look at it. I’ll be giving Jake Stringer a miss and recommend others do too. A CoachKings jet on his night, however.

Easton Wood played a much more defensive role, with less rebound marks and run and carry than we saw last year. Matthew Boyd looked to be coming off a wing at times, and floated through the middle as a link player. Had lots of the ball – 30 touches in fact – but he’s worth lots of cash and I’m not sold.

Keiran Collins didn’t end up on the ground, and Marcus Adams had the job on key talls. Was serviceable, but coughed it up a few times. If anyone knows where Collins ended up, chuck it in the comments for us because I’ve got to get stuck into Collingwood!


Adam Treloar ran out for his first game in the ones for the Pies and looked good. He spent a lot of time starting in the middle and ended with 2 goals and nearly 30 touches at some 8-% efficiency. Will work into it more as the season progresses. Anyone game enough?

The Collingwood midfield brigade was significant today. Alongside Treloar and ruckman Jarrod Witts was a rotation of Taylor Adams, Jordan De Goey, Steele Sidebottom and Brent Macaffer. Scott Pendlebury was sent into the middle in the second half, but spent much of the first half floating around in the forward line, and then was sent to the half back flank to stem the flow of Dog goals in the second quarter. It worried me how easily Bucks sent him back there. I’m mildly concerned.

Taylor Adams had a very good day to cap off a very good NAB cup – as someone reminded me in the comments last week, he only had 40% game time in NAB 1, which has annoyingly thrown him back among Wines and Parker for that M6 spot. He finished with 29 touches, 10 contested. Hmmm.

Significantly, James Aish didn’t get game time until midway through the last.

Aaaaaand CUT from the watchlist.

Speaking of the watchlist, Jordan De Goey spent a lot of time in the guts. He had it 21 times, 12 of those contested, and looked every bit a good midfielder. He’s by no means perfect – he was run down a few times and made some silly decisions – but I’d be confident enough to pencil him in for a 90-95 average. Will play mid. Will score.

Darcy Moore and Corey Gault impressed me a lot, with Gault spending time in the ruck. Indicates to me that Witts will be dropped for round one, with Grundy to return. CoachKings relevant, Moore draft relevant, neither for long form sides. Gault’s rise also spells the end for Jesse White, to the detriment of those of us who love seeing pissed off Pies fans.

Former Geelong speedster Travis Varcoe played a scintillating game, but I can’t see him scoring enough to force his way into our sides. He was saving goals deep in defence, running down the wing, kicking ridiculous goals over his shoulder and looked like Collingwood’s best player today outside Treloar and Adams. Not for long form.

Brent Macaffer the only ‘rookie’ of note at the Pies, and with 13 touches was involved but not enough for 191k in the guts. Prefer Parish and Mills. On top of that, no Tom Phillips spells bad omens for the 117k MID/FWD’s round one prospects.

BUCKETLOADS of analysis here that I’ve had to skim over, because I’m off to Perth to watch the UFC 198 Cage Fight between Patrick Dangerfield and Nat Fyfe. Apparently Geelong and Fremantle will also be there, too.


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Well Danger is looking good right now let me tell you! 9 touches and 2 goals 20 mins into the first!


i know. he has not been in my side yet but right now, not sure you can start without him


started with him from day dot.


Over 70 points at the half!


Would love to fit De Goey. But I cant fit him in, prefer Hall and Wells.


KK, Bartel, JJ, Rich or McGovern at D3?


Bartel for me


Who is at D1 and D2 may I ask ?


hell beast. you going deep in the backline. i assume Shaw and Laird are D1 &D2?




Same as me, looks the goods.


i had the same with lonergan and weitering at D4 & D5 but decided to strengthen other positions. Still very undecided with my team. Ive tossed up with 4 premo mids and liba at M5 to liba at M8. Ive never had a supercoach year where ive been so undecided.


KK is my D1!


Bartel, JJ, McGovern, KK, Rich is my order of those five.


I have Gibson at D3

Backs: Shaw, Laird, Gibson, M Brown, M Hartley, M Adams (Broad, Joyce)

Mids: Fyfe, Danger, Hannebery, Rockliff, L Hunter, Libba, O'Rourke, Mils (Davis, Cuningham, Polkinghorne)

Rucks: Goldy, Gawn (Grimley)

Fwds: Martin, Zorko, Barlow, Wells, Menadue, Kerridge (M Cox, ??)

Feedback welcome…..


Who should I pick out of these 2 defenders? KK, Bartell, McGovern, Mcmillian, Jason johanison? Any other good defenders under 500k?


Have a look at Shannon Hurn as well, Votes, but I've got Bartel and Johannisen at the moment. Hurn and McGovern also floating in and out.


With Mitch Brown out for a couple of months, potentially could force Hurn to a more key defender role like last year and he has only averaged 90+ twice in 10 years. Can't recommend picking him.


greene, s gray, or hall, and in what order?


Hall, Gray, Greene. Greene's disposal efficiency and FAs are a turn off for me.


cheers mate


1. Green
2. Gray
3. Hall

Greene has the highest ceiling of the 3 as well as he's already had a season of 100+, if he cleans up his efficiency, he could realistically average 110, big if though

Gray and Hall are more risky picks. When GC have there midfield back, Hall's scoring will significantly decrease and although he should start the season well, there's no chance he's a keeper. Gray should have a more consistent role for Port but not sure if he'll average 95+


Gray, Greene, Hall sounds kind of oppressive.


Don't think De Goey averages enough this year IMO. I'm sticking with Wells and the extra cash. De Goey Will be an absolute jet though!


Would pick Wells over De Goey every day of the week. Can see him fitting into some structures but I'm unlikely to start him.


Should we be worried about pendles and his time in mids, would a hannebery be a better option in that we know he will attend lots of centre bounces




i think at this time of year, if you are concerned about a premium, you should look elsewhere. plenty of premiums and if you end up being wrong, you can trade them in later. Personally im starting with him.


I don't think you want to be juggling premiums. You should pick those that you are confident will finish in the top 15 if you're conservative, the top ten if you're overconfident, or the top eight if you're an idiot.


Votes I think bartel and Johannisen. Thoughts on Bartel or Johannisen as D3?


Off subject… But does everyone think A Hall will do enough to be a keeper this year? Will be a gun but when all the gun mids come back will he still average enough?

Currently have him at f3 but thinking it might be too thin



Many will have him at F3. I have him at F3. He may be a keeper or may be stepping stone to an ultra premo. Let's hope he is a keeper.


Not a keeper but definately a good starter


Keeper, likely. Starter, a must.


How many trades do you think you'll need if you think an F3 isn't a "keeper". I hope you don't have many injuries this season.


Got Hall at F4. I dont believe i will need to trade him.


Loving your work this preseason, been spot on. Would love some feedback on this team

Laird, Bartel, lonergan (GC), Weitering, brown (Ess), Hartley (Collins (wb) tipungwuti)

Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, gray, Rockliff, Parker, liberatore, B crouch (mills, petracca, Mathieson)

Goldstein, Z Smith (Chol)

Martin, Barlow, wells, menadue, McCarthy, Kerridge (grimley, Adams)


Thanks mate!

I like it, Simmo, nice work. Especially like the Zac Smith call, really interested to see how he goes this aftenoon.


You've gone real deep in the mids there, maybe swap a mid premo out for a forward premo. Going with Wells at F3 is risky. Other than that, it looks solid.


Had thought of that… Just think the premo Fwds are overpriced or risky. Happy to take a punt on the Fwds and start with 8 blokes in the mid who will be keepers or make it very easy to upgrade to a pendles, Selwood etc..


Is Dusty a must have? Because I wouldn't mind giving him (and after this game, also Stringer) a miss to allow my starting fwd line to include Buddy,Hall, Wells and De Goey


I hope not, because I don't have him. Would be a ballsy forward line with those four – including Barlow I assume?


Dusty not a must have at all. Mitch Robinson is a 10pts p/game better fwd option


No he is not a must have. I have gone with barlow, hall, de goey and wells, plus rookies


I don't think he is a must have at all. I think he's an easy upgrade later?



Lachie Hunter 124

Matthew Boyd 117

Jason Johannisen 113

Mitch Wallis 104

Jack Macrae 90

Matthew Suckling 90

Caleb Daniel 88

Luke Dahlhaus 82

Tom Boyd 82

Koby Stevens 82

Robert Murphy 78

Marcus Bontempelli 77

Liam Picken 74

Jake Stringer 72

Marcus Adams 72

Shane Biggs 70

Toby McLean 49

Dale Morris 46

Jack Redpath 45

Easton Wood 44

Tom Liberatore 41

Lin Jong 38

Tom Campbell 28

Kieran Collins 0


Adam Treloar 110

Tom Langdon 101

Dane Swan 90

Taylor Adams 89

Jordan de Goey 88

Jarrod Witts 87

Steele Sidebottom 84

Jackson Ramsay 83

Jack Crisp 79

Darcy Moore 78

Alex Fasolo 76

Travis Varcoe 71

Jarryd Blair 68

Scott Pendlebury 68

Ben Sinclair 68

Corey Gault 63

Travis Cloke 56

Nathan J. Brown 50

Jonathon Marsh 41

Jack Frost 37

Brent Macaffer 36

Brayden Maynard 34

Marley Williams 26

James Aish 10


Great stuff Beast, would you mid showing me your team ?
Would love to see how it looks to help improve my team.


Beast you legend. You continue to deliver.


No Patch, you sir continue to deliver with these analysis's, you are the legend


Thoughts on my team? Cheers any help would be much appreciated! as with everyone rookies not set
Def- Laird, KK, Bartel, T.Sherriden, M.Brown, M Hartley (K.Collins, D. Byrne-Jones)
Mid-Fyfe, Danger, Ablett, Rockliff, Duncan, Libba, C.Mills, Jansen (Cunningham, Mathesion, R Clarke)
Rucks- S. Martin, Gawn
Forwards-D.Martin, Barlow, Greene, De Goey, Kerridge, L. McCarthy ( Menadue, Petrecca)


Why do you like leaving out Collingwood players, greenwood, toovey, Howe & broomhead.

I know broomhead might be a ?, but the others


I try to get best 22s down pat, but knowing all 18 teams' best 22 is a total of 396 players, and that's slightly too many for my simple mind to remember. Especially at this time of the year when teams' best 22s aren't settled. Sorry mate, I do try but I'm not perfect.


Apologize mate, I thought that you might have done your research on all sides and players in the AFL seeing though you have placed yourself in a position to be talking about players and teams for Supercoach recommendations. Apologies again.


Tony some people comments can be misinterpreted some times? But I think you are being passive aggressive when you say "I thought that you might have done your research on all sides and players in the AFL seeing though you have placed yourself in a position to be talking about players and teams for Supercoach recommendations." Then you offer an apology???

Patch does good on here and they the JR reporters try to do their best to inform and give the best advice! Why don't you lay off!


Settle Tony, surely you know that Essendon supporters love to dig in to Collingwood.


F u c k off tony you idi ot


Steady on, Marbo. If we didn't have guys letting us know we've missed stuff then where would we be?


Grow a brain Marlboro, gr8 intelligent response, it's good to see you really thought about your reply.
You f u kin dick head

Phil Tony's Cracken

F U C K Y O U tony you little b*tch! Don't come on her and give Patch Sh*t you little man syndrome P U S S Y!!!


Great to see the type of people that follow JR advisers, fantastic response once again, I like coming on her because I take Supercoach seriously, we have 2 competitions that we have been running for over 5years at $1000 an entry, it works out to '$36.000. So we like to make sure that the information we receive is accurate, it could be the difference b/w finishing 1st and 4th. Now you probably don't now how much that is because the dole doesn't pay out that much, but the winners in the top 3 do.
So fuk off u dik you r an absolute waste of space


LOL….you wish….you a wannabe…..get a life you loser!!!!


Jesse Lonergon or Matt Crouch?


lonergan. backline


Crouch because he's been the top performer in a FULL midfield all through NAB and has obviously been given Dangerfields role as he's averaged a super elite 1.6 points per minute.
Lonergon hasn't starred in a full midfield this NAB and his in season role is uncertain but he has averaged 1.28 Points Per minute which is well above average for a defender


Johannisen vs sherridan




at this stage I got both.


cripps vs wines?




This is a hard one for me it's like asking which is my preferred teste, I like to have them both.
I think both will be top 10 Mids by seasons end but Cripps has the ability to go even larger than the 160 he pumped out last year against arguably the games best tagger in Armitage


Surely your joking ^ Cripps and Wines top 10 mids? Armitage a tagger?


What a load of shit! Armitage a tagger hahahaha, obviously you have never watched a Saints game in your life. Had a huge breakout season, AA contention, he's one of the games better midfielders not taggers.

I prefer Cripps over Wines but your last statement, shows you no absolutely nothing about footy!


I'll gladly join your league and pit your enormous knowledge against my fledgling skills. But before you mouth off at people who aren't part of the flock you need to check your facts. Taggers are not defined by an non-ability to score 100 SC points they are defined by the role that they play either defensive or offensive. Until Wellington last year Armitage was a defensive midfielder his change after Wellington is why his average jumped 16 points.

You guys should really learn more than the last 5-minutes if you want to have any success at this game.


Jeez,lay off the bloke. With this attitude don't be surprised if people choose not to comment on posts. So you don't agree? No need to be rude about it. What happened to the community spirit? To answer your question I'd choose Wines. No reasoning,I just like the idea better. Good luck this year.


what beast said. When was armitage a tagger? He gets tagged not the other way around.


every game ever year up until Wellington last year.


this bloke ^


I'm team Wines but the Wines/Parker/Adams/Cripps/Viney question keeps me up at night.


DEF: Boyd, Bartel, Smith, Brown, Hartley, Broad (Bonner, McDonald-Tipung)

MID: Ablett, Rockliff, Parker, T.Adams, Wines, Libba, O'Meara, Crouch (Gore, Hewitt, Marcon)

RUCK: Martin, Gawn (Cox)

FWD: Martin, Barlow, Franklin, Greene, Wells, Kerridge (Petracca, Grimley)


bloody hell what is pendles up to


NAB cup bud. dont read to much into it.


Yep Holty!!! I told someone else that in another article dont expect much from Pendels in NAB why risk getting him hurt! He was just floating around getting game time preparation! He will be tearing it up in 2 weeks!

Shake n bake

Pendles didn't play last qtr he was replaced by Aish


He had 81% TOG, which is pretty much a full game


Taylor adams or adam treloar? Will definitely be picking one.




Wingard or Dalhaus?






Hey everyone I have a few questions
Martin or gawn?
Barlow or bennel?
Weiterimg and forward rookie or de goey and defensive rookie ?
Is it bad to have pendles sidebottom and de goey?


I reckon big Stefan will still have the wood on Gawn. Barlow over Bennell every day of the week. De Goey will score you more than Weitering, and I reckon if the rest of your byes line up okay there shouldn't be a major problem with three non-rookies from the same side.


Hi everyone. Have spots available in a league if anyone is interested. League number 582937. Thankyou


Will not be pick johannisen purely due to the state of his lid!


Here is my updated team. I have used virtually all the salary cap, so if I want to upgrade someone I will have to downgrade another.

D: Laird, JJ, Sheridan, Weiters, Brown, Hartley (Broad, Ruggles)
M:Fyfe, Danger, Ward, Shiel, Rocky, Parker, Libba, Mills (Gresham, Mathieson, Keays)
R: Sauce, Gawn (Chol)
F: Barlow, Buddy, Hall, DeG, Wells, Kerridge (Grimely, AMT)

I have also been impressed so far by the performances of B.Smith, J. McGovern, T.Mckenzie & P.Seedsman down back and P.Cripps, N.Graham & M.Duncan in the mids, and I wish I could fit them all in. Any advice? Have I gone too deep/shallow in one area that it is to the detriment of the squad as a whole?

Cheers, thanks in advance and I cant wait to hear the thoughts of the community 🙂


This team has a bit of "best of the nab cup" feel about it. It's not wrong, exactly, but there's bound to be another Lumumba in this batch of nab cup flyers. Something to think about


Best midfield rookies?


Mills, Mathieson


the ones that are named round 1. Mills Keays will feature in a lot of teams early.


Mills Mathieson and Davis


Any feedback would be great.


MID:Fyfe,Danger,Pendles,Ablett, Rockliff, Liberatore, Mills, Petracca, (Freeman,Davis,Marcon)

RUC:S Martin, Gawn, (Cox)

FWD: Dusty, S Gray, Hall, Wells, B.Kennedy,Kerridge,( Menadue, Tippa)


Like your thoughts,

My current defense is Laird, Bartel, McKenzie, Weitering, Brown and Hartley.

After todays game I'm really tempted to bring in Johanissen for Bartel but am hesitant to do so. Bartel is a proven premo who is consistent but is long in the tooth. If I do bring in Johanissen it enables me to upgrade Parker to Hanners. My midfield would then run 4 deep with players over 600k plus Rocky, Shiel and Libba. Is this a worth while trade or is it better to stick with Bartel and Parker?


Have you seen it's hair? I'd stick with Bartel.


Hi James, I did the exact same thing as what you're proposing. Hanners over parker is worth it IMO – it might seem a small difference, but we will want the ultra premos at the end of the year, and hanners should score better than parker. JJ will either be the next Lumumba or the next Houli, but im banking on the latter; with the form he has shown, he cant possibility spud it up when the season starts. Cheers Jess x

Shake n bake

was at the game today Pendles didn't play at all in the last qtr Aish came on for him. But I'm still not sure if he's goin to be in my team rd 1….decisions!!


NAB is NAB, Round one is the real season.


He must have played some of the last qtr – had 81% TOG. Would be less than 75% if he didn't play last qtr and all of the other 3 qtrs


James would your mid 8 be Libba then?


Nah libba at m7 and mills at m8


Greene, Buddy or Hall?


Hall by far


I see a lot of Volvo drivers around here waving their safety cones and shouting "stay clear of midprice defenders who perform in NAB, remember Lumumba" and I wonder who are these fools who would disregard an entire category of players due to remembering one player that bombed.

Last year two of the top defenders started as midpricers.
Rory laird started at $317K after averaging 59 in 2014 and 69 in 2013 in 2015 he averaged 93.8 and finished at 451k
Tom McDonald started 2015 at 381k after averaging 71 in 2014, 75 in 2013, 73 in 2012 and 74 in 2011. Tom finished 2015 as a top 5 defender averaging 95.91

So, I say embrace the midprice defenders maybe even fill you whole backline with them because they are the guys who will win the comp for you and there are heaps about to have 20pts increase in their average


This bloke keeps getting better and better.


If you want to win supercoach, going with full on midpricers does not work. Trust me, I've tried using the midprice madness strategy and it does not end well. You could potentially pick 1 in each position but that should be about it, unless your running with the likes of Libba and Crouch in the guts. But it will be impossible to pick a defence full of mid pricers because not all of them will work also there will be no cash generation which will make it hard for you to get full premium.


You're very good at copying and pasting Beast and we all appreciate the scores that you provide.
However, you SC knowledge and opinion also appears to be copied and pasted i.e it's the same 'running with the flock' stuff that dominates here.

it's easy to say stuff mate and assert that its true but you never back up your posts with facts. You just post abuse and immature attempts to ridicule anybody who doesn't kiss your butt. That's called trolling


Damn son, hit em with the copy and paste


Beast, you do a good job mate, but ease up.


No worries boys bit harsh on my behalf, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But that "running with the flock" is not necessarily a bad thing. But may I ask, how do I abuse people and want them to kiss my butt?

BTW would you mind showing the community your team?


All good mate. Everyone appreciates each others input. No hard feelings. Is it my team you want to see or Dadsmashers?


yeah eric I'd like to see yours as well as Dadsmashers. Maybe post it of the Geelong Freo game forum?


Sure thing mate. Will post now.


Ive never seen Beast abuse people??? Maybe he might be a hard critic and try to voice his opinion based on feelings or facts…..but to accuse him of abusing and trying to get people to kiss his ass is nonsense…..because if he did he could kiss my ass!!!! I think someone has a personal grudge and doesn't like what Beast may say??? But its not me and I have never seen Beast be abusive or rude to anyone???????


One question mark and one exclamation mark would work just as well as three, four or seven.


No comment from you would even work just as well or even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




One exclamation mark is stressing your point, two is shouting and three is screaming. One question mark is for a question, two is demanding and three is nagging. I don't like being nagged or screamed at, so I would appreciate it if you would please stop yelling all the time. Thanks in anticipation.


DadSmasher, You have won the Jock Reynolds community.


Honestly dadsmasher, son, you seem to have come on here merely to reject the friendly advice people are giving you. Looking at the team you posted yesterday (which honestly looks as if it will crash and burn), it appeared from your response that you take any constructive criticism of your team as an insult. Why ask for advice in the first place? Your sob story you wrote about needing to win this year to beat your dad compelled many people to reply, and they provided pretty solid advice. Beast seems to be a great, friendly person and so is his advice. Have some respect for the people who are, at the very least, taking their time to try to help you.


That is, theres no need to call the members of this great community 'fools, trolls, narcissistic, immature, volvo drivers' etc. Its easy to look back at beasts advice 'after' the nab and say he got a few things wrong. Just like we will undoubtedly be able to look back at your team in the future and will find you got a few selections wrong too.


righto mate, I do my best mate. As I said above everyone is entitled to their opinion and opinions change of players regarding how they play. No one was talking up Weitering before NAB – too expensive, better to pick players 123k who will score roughly the same. Now he has had 2 good games and is in many teams. Sorry if you don't like my replies but then again, they are my opinions and you do not have to listen to them.Yes my team did have Aish in it after his first NAB game where he looked alright – I'm sure many community members had players in their squads which they no longer have.

Also wouldn't mind seeing your team – you have strong views as do I and would be interesting to see some of your selections, can you post it on the latest games thread?


valid info u get smasher is all from fantasy freako ur the troll


Nah you're wrong Mick none of my info comes from fantasy freako but if he's any good he could probably provide similar. It's good the see that shop around for your opinions mate, if you keep trying ya never know you might actually create something for yourself


I'm shocked to hear that Fantasy Freako also took umbrance to SC Beast and posted all those paragraphs I wrote.I'm starting to feel sorry for SC Beast now that you've told me that


Cats will be without cockatoo for first 3 or 4 weeks sling tackle on johnson. Not good.


You reckon he will miss?


Yep dont think Johnson came back on


McCarthy next in line?


Don't think he will miss 3 or 4. Gibbs got 2 for his and Dempsey got 4. Think it will be 1-2

Benjamima Puddleduck

softest sling tackle i have ever seen, should be thrown out the window


Suckling is an interesting one. Has been on my POD watchlist for a while now. What's got me stuck is Johan. Who has more upside, and does anyone think either or both are keepers? Suckling has shown deft touch by foot and an ability to get his own pill in a strong Hawthorn outfit. His NAB form has been decent, not amazing. He's also cheaper than JJ and has DEF/FWD DPP. I have zero idea what his role and form will be like at the kennel though. He is a risky POD. What are your thoughts fellas?


I think JJ is but not Suckling? I've been watching Suckling too!


Had him in my team this whole time. Completely overshadowed at Hawks but rest to shine at the dogs


Who would you expect to score more regardless of positions etc. Martin or one of Cripps, wines, Adams? I would say the last three would all out score dusty so wouldn't it make more sense to have 6 premo mids by taking out Martin at f1 (I have Barlow at f2 and hall and f3, de goey at f4) and outing in a mid6 premo


Cripps or Wines.




Yes it does make sense, as long as the extra forward rookie can score as much as the midfield rookie you're taking out.

Big balls

why is no one talking about Lachie hunter


At some point we all need to keep out POD to ourselves! Don't we?


That's what I was thinking, he certainly likes to play up to the umpires to highlight a potential free kick doesn't he?


Everyone is talking about the same players , every week ,danger rocky etc .. Al good cause I have the same few
But no one has mentioned a peep about sammy Mitch …….. I have had him locked since the start …. He might be ageing , but is a SC gun , knows how to move , where to be , and with the new rules in place will be even better this year …
Is a lock …..tonight's game jay cemented his place ,, what a POD to have


All Australian capt Bob Murphy was very good off the half back flank and was still the main man back there. Well said patch.


Loved the dribble kicks.


thoughts on JJ, what do we think he can average?


anyone thinking tom boyd now that he will ruck aswell games freo no sandi stkilda no ruckman hawks mcevoy carlton kruz

Bevan Connelly

Weighing up between Suckling and de Goey in the forward line. Thinking Suckers will add an extra 10+ points to last years average and have more consistency but de Goey has upside and could generate some good cash savings. Thoughts?


I can only justify choosing de Goey if he peaks close to $500k, then I can swap to a fwd premo coming out of a dip.