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NAB ANALYSIS: Carlton v Sydney

Published by Lekdog on

Supercoach 2016 midpriced forwardsG’day Community, Lekdog here with another match review.

It was a rather enjoyable match to watch tonight community. Carlton’s best were either young or new recruits so I’m left with a feeling of positivity.

Gun forwards continue to give Carlton and their fans headaches (although that might just be my hangover from the CoachKings launch) but at least we looked competitive-ish.

There is some real fantasy value at both of these clubs so let’s get stuck into the performances.

P.S I love you Weiters, shoot me a message and we’ll do drinks…


Chicko, Higgo, Patch and I at last night’s Jock Reynolds CoachKings launch


$519,600 Patrick Cripps (Mid) is a bloody gun. I love this kid and I don’t think he’ll disappoint anyone who selects him. I don’t think he’ll get tagged in 2016, which is a positive sign. The only thing really going against him is his price, cheaper than an elite gun but more expensive than a fallen premo. Should be in the same discussions as Wines in terms of contested possessions. Was also very efficient by foot.

$500,200 Kade Simpson (Def) is still the general in defence for the Blues. Looked calm and composed and was going at 100% efficiency up to halftime. His price will drop at some stage in the year but you could do worse than pick this man.

$481,900 Matthew Kreuzer (Ruc) will tempt many again. Is a brilliant ruckman and runs around like a midfielder. Will kick some goals in 2015 to increase his scoring output but injury concerns still surround him. Might be worth the punt if you have the testicular fortitude.

$473,200 Sam Docherty (Def) is my favourite player although Kerridge, Graham and Weitering are all closing in on him. Was an outlet in defence and was really clean by foot. Still heavily on my watch list but he might be a little overpriced.

$445,400 Ed Curnow (Mid) ran with JPK all day and was probably Carlton’s second best player. Can rack them up even when he’s tagging. We still don’t select taggers.

$444,600 Bryce Gibbs (Mid) worked hard to get his own ball tonight. Was amongst the Blues best but I no longer think we can select him. Would liked to have seen how he went with Murphy in the team. He’s going to increase in value and average around 100 but why pick him when we have Libba?

$428,000 Zach Tuohy (Def) is my smokey from the Blues. Had over 20 touches and half a dozen marks. Is pushing for selection in my side, will average at least 80 in 2016. Need to see how he goes Supercoach score-wise in tonight’s game. Waiting for Supercoach Beast to comment the scores.

$405,900 Andrejs Everitt (Fwd) as you know is my dad’s favourite player. Didn’t do anything tonight and in his defence he wasn’t on the ground much. Avoid.

$390,100 Nick Graham (Mid) is another gem that Carlton have unearthed. Will play in the guts and up forward in tandem with Kerridge. Price is probably his biggest downside. Will be in my Coach King sides and maybe a draft team but that’s about it I think. Could end the year as a $500K player though.

$345,300 Levi Casboult (Fwd) really needs to learn how to kick. I asked Barry Hall at the CoachKings launch if he could head down to Icon park and teach Casboult a thing or two, he laughed and finished his beer…I’m taking that as a tentative yes.

$345,100 Sam Rowe (Def) the key position backman didn’t have the best game. Has no fantasy relevance.

$335,900 Andrew Walker (Fwd/Def) looked lively in the forward line to start the game. Not sure he can deliver consistent scores for our teams. Looks to be a permanent medium forward in 2016.

$308,700 Dale Thomas (Mid/Fwd) might be looking for a hairnet and an apron for his new career as a butcher. Was absolutely putrid by foot and erased his name from my watchlist. Elbowed Laidler early in the game, only target he hit for the day.

$296,800 Dylan Buckley (Def) excites me when he’s on the run. Seemed to split time between a forward pocket and the halfback line. Doesn’t play in a fantasy friendly way, pass.

$294,800 Matthew Wright (Mid/Fwd) presented well as a small forward and wasn’t afraid to find his own ball. Had some nice tackles and contested possessions. At under $300K he could potentially be a sneaky F5 option. Will increase in price and should average 80.

$294,600 Andrew Phillips (Ruc/Fwd) barely had the ball but pinch-hit in the ruck. His presence helps Kreuzer rest and that’s about all he’s good for at this stage. No fantasy relevance in my opinion.

$280,600 Blaine Boekhorst (Mide/Fwd) is one that intruiges me. Seems to have more runs through the midfield this year. Lead the Blues for disposals and pushed forward on occasions. I’m actually considering him, big Coach Kings lock in my opinion.

$270,500 Mark Whiley (Mid) didn’t do anything to push for our teams. Didn’t have the freedom he’s had in the NAB Challenge up to this point. Will end 2016 at around $450K so has no real selection value.

$269,400 Simon White (Def) had an injury scare in the warmup but ended up playing. Still don’t know where he plays but I’m sure it’s not in our fantasy football teams.

$251,300 Michael Jamison (Def) is a fullback that doesn’t score. Was complimented by Rowe and Weitering tonight but is an obvious NO.

$222,300 Daniel Gorringe (Ruc/Fwd) couldn’t impact the game. I think Carlton go with Phillips over Gorringe this year. He tried to present as a forward but it didn’t work.

$220,800 Jacob Weitering (Def) is a lock in my defensive line. Had enough of the ball but more importantly looked composed when kicking and strong when marking. The future of Carlton is also the future of Lekdog’s Puppies, hoping he can average a 70 in Supercoach.

$189,900 Jed Lamb (Fwd) played a defensive role in the forward line. Doesn’t excite me. Will make cash but not enough to justify a selection.

 $137,600 Sam Kerridge (Mid/Fwd)


Should be locked into all of our forward lines. Will top 5 in Carlton’s Best and Fairest in 2016. Lock him into every form of fantasy you can think of.

Notable absentees: Marc Murphy, Harry McKay, Lachie Plowman, Dennis Armfield


$617,900 Dan Hannebery (Mid) was on fire at Etihad Stadium today. Racked up a lot of possessions but butchered it a fair bit. Looks like he’ll continue to be Sydney’s number one man in the midfield again. Nice POD option.

$594,800 Josh P. Kennedy (Mid) had Curnow hanging from his waste all night long. This attention probably allowed the rest of Sydney’s midfield to get the ball a bit easier. Still is a great option for our teams I think but expect a sight decline in output from last year.

$563,700 Tom Mitchell (Mid) loves collecting the pill and does it with a blood thirst in his eyes. Is always in the middle of the pack but that means he’s handballing far more than he’s kicking and generally not doing it very efficiently. Had an impact on todays game but won’t impact my Supercoach side, he’s overpriced but boy is he fun to watch.

$538,200 Luke Parker (Mid) is one of the most under-priced midfielders in the game in my opinion. He was running around on the ball today and moving up forward where he was able to impact the scoreboard. Would love him to clean up his disposal but will still be selecting him. After an injury ridden 2015 I think we can expect some nice things from Parker this year, he might even over take Kennedy in terms of Supercoach scores.

$531,500 Kieren Jack (Mid) had a heavy knock in the third quarter. Possible rib injury. Had a few touches before getting injured, not sure he is too fantasy relevant in 2016.

$483,800 Kurt Tippett (Ruc/Fwd) didn’t show up today, which is bad news for my draft team. Played exclusively in the ruck and just couldn’t impact the game. Might be worth looking at Sinclair over Tippet…

$470,100 Lance Franklin (Fwd) was playing deep in the forward line and racked up a couple of goals and goals assists just by virtue of being alone in the forward 50. Pushed into the midfield at times and looked really fit. I think he’ll deliver a standard Buddy year, which means a combination of 150’s and 40’s. Might not be the worst selection you make.

$457,900 Dane Rampe (Def) was the man out of the backline for the Swans, particularly in the second half of the game. Rampe is deceptively consistent and was really clean with the ball tonight. Is on my backline watchlist and I reckon he could go 85+ this year. Could do much worse.

$422,400 Heath Grundy (Def) had plenty of the ball. I think he’s playing Shaw’s role this year and it helped him grab a few marks and kick sideways a fair bit. Not sure that he can play in our Supercoach sides, Rampe a better option.

$409,500 Callum Sinclair (Ruc/Fwd) suffered from the same thing he did at West Coast, shared too many points with the other ruckman. I really like him but if I’m buying a $400K ruckman it’s Kreuzer at this stage.

$390,400 Nick Smith (Def) is an All-Australian defender but he isn’t a Supercoach option. Avoid.

$390,100 Michael Talia (Def) didn’t impact the game. Will be a serviceable player for the swans but has no fantasy relevance.

$377,700 Isaac Heeney (Fwd) was solid against the Blues. Impacted up forward and found the ball around the ground. A great selection by the Swans last year but I don’t think he can cut the mustard for our Supercoach teams. Could be a nice Coach Kings option later in the year.

$374,200 Jake Lloyd (Mid) had a field day by his standards. Had over 20 touches, mostly kicks and pushed forward when he needed to. Potential breakout contender but not a risk I’ll be taking. Interested to see what the community thinks about him?

$373,900 Jeremy Laidler (Def) copped an elbow from Dale Thomas early. Nice to see another ex-blue play for a decent side. No fantasy relevance.

$363,00 Harry Cunningham (Fwd/Mid) had a middle of the run game, wasn’t impressive but did enough to cement a round 1 spot. He’s a role-player and not a bloke who we can select in fantasy footy.

$259,000 Dean Towers (Fwd) had a real meh performance. Does his role and collected about 15 touches but he isn’t fantasy relevant.

$256,600 Zak Jones (Def) is looking to break into Sydney’s best 22 and with performances like today I think he can. Had 4 rebound 50’s and went at a decent percentage by hand. Big Coach King option but not sure in Supercoach. Could potentially be an on field player for our sides but with McVeigh coming back in he might just get eased out. Injured late in the game, not sure how serious…I’m not a doctor.

$226,600 Toby Nankervis (Ruc/Fwd) essentially didn’t play, no thankyou.

$211,800 Callum Mills (Mid) is pretty close to a lock and will line up for Lekdog’s Puppies. Played in the halfback line and found plenty of it. McVeigh coming back into the side is a slight issue but it shouldn’t stop Mills from averaging 70+ in 2016.

$155,400 James Rose (Fwd) didn’t show much today. Have my doubts that he’ll play this year. Could be a nice rookie next year though.

$123,900 George Hewett (Mid) was ok in the midfield. Showed some flair up forward. Isn’t in the best 22 but could be a nice downgrade option later in the year.

$117,300 Nic Newman (Def) had a few touches in the backline. I thought he looked good but he isn’t going to break into the Sydney side anytime soon. Next year might finally be the year to pick him.

$109,900 Tom Papley (Fwd) was gifted a few possessions but didn’t do much with them. Needs to be upgraded to the senior list if we were to consider him.

Notable absentees: Sam Reid, Ted Richards, Jarrad McVeigh, Ben McGlynn

Over to you blokes.. what did you see that got the juices flowing?

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If were only going in with one rookie in the midfield do we still pick Mills? On the verge of lock territory but with my structure I'm struggling to fit him in

What do we think?

Love the write up by the way lek!


one rookie? on field you mean?? leaving yourself open to sideways trade. i have mills in M8, still deciding between him and D. Parish. but have a few dons players already..


Kerridge for the most picked player?


i reckon!



Great post as always Lekdog.

Community, thoughts on my team? I'll most likely be playing the same team come round 1.

DEF: Shaw, Laird, Simpson, M. Brown (ESS), Hartley, Broad (Adams, Tipungwiti)
MID: Fyfe, Ablett, Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Rockliff, Liberatore, Mills, Parish (Keays, Mathieson, MacPherson)
RUCK: S. Martin, Naitinui (Cox)
FWD: D. Martin, Barlow, Greene, Wells, Milera, Kerridge (Petracca, Grimley)

Defence options are quite shallow this year and there are plenty of defensive rookies so I have stacked up my midfield.

Thanks in advance.


yep i like it. solid team. Will rocky play though?


Yea, I think he will.


Similar to mine Pinidu, looks good !!!!


Dude you post a new team everyday


That's SuperCoach preseason for ya mate!


He is just wanting some help, give him a break mate.


need to play 2 midfield rookies … who should i have? mills, parish, gresham?


Think ill go Mills over Parish..been impressed with Mills


Geez, the way Curnow shut down JPK tonight, I am starting to wonder whether I should start with Dustin Martin in round 1?? Curnow and the Blues have the wood on chopsticks and Ed will make a straight bee line for him on Thursday week. No doubt about it.

Decisions, decisions………..


I dumped Chopsticks…..hope to pick him up later


Yep same target later. In ya league magpie great name ha cheers


lol thanks mate and Welcome to the league!

'Don't Blush Babbie'

I can Curnow going to B.Ellis first, he has done a job on him before


Dont Blush would you like to join my league? 216911 would love if you did?


Even if Curnow does towel him up the poor score will stay in his rolling average for only a week.

Dusty still a F1 lock for me.


Yes Kev you right he will!!!


Birchall or Bartel ?






Docherty or Simpson at D3??




I like Doc because he's less money? Based on my structure!


Changing your team already? You just posted 20 mins ago asking for comments on your team.


Always looking for advice from the community mate. Don't know where I'd be without it. No point asking for advice if I don't use it.


good on ya Pinidu.. keep asking! community is here to help.


Pinidu you alright mate no worries!!!!


Dea & De Goey or MacMillan & Menadue?




How is it obvious? De Goey and MacMillan will probably average 90-95, while Dea & Menadue will probably do 60 each.

So obvious


Average Joe

MacMillan and Menadue

'Don't Blush Babbie'

Lek my man – last year you gave us Bob Murphy as your solid tip & keeper in Defence – who is it this year ?

'Don't Blush Babbie'

Thanks Lek, especially on tonights output he looks great,cheers

Ur mum



matt crouch again.Wondering if people will start changing their minds soon of who is the better brother?


Cripps and Wingard
Pendles and Hall


Pendels and Hall


that is a tough one Jess. Pendles is a keeper who is well underpriced imo and Hall could be a very cheap keeper or at least a good stepping stone.
On the other side, Wingard should be a keeper and Cripps is capable of so much and will go up in value.
Id have to pick Pendles and Hall only based on the fact they are both undervalued.


Agree Hotly! I have Wingard Hall and Pendels!


Cripps wingard


I like your analysis Lekdog.
Anyone got any thoughts on my side? Any comments will be well received.

DEF: Shaw, Laird, Johannisen, weitering, brown, hartley (collins, ruggles)
MID: Danger, Fyfe, Ablett, Pendles, Rockliff, Libba, Duncan, Mills (Gresham, hewett, davis)
RUC: Gawn, Z.Smith
FWD: Dusty, Barlow, Greene, Menadue, Kerridge, Petracca, (Beech, AMT)

Bench might change and maybe pendles swapped for Shiel. What do you guys think?


Nice team, might need a ruck bench player, Grimley would be good.

Gone a bit cheap in the rucks, any intention to get Goldy.

Solid through mids, would stick with Pendles over Shiel, if you want to blk up the rucks a bit downgrade Ablett or Pendles to Parker.


At this stage i can't justify paying that much for goldy. My rucks aren't as strong as they could be but i do hope to upgrade to goldy using smith. The midfield is set but have been thinking of swapping pendles and greene for shiel and Tippett. Tippett in fwd and ruck back up. I like to keep my ruck bench as my player for captain loophole.


I don’t see the value in paying extra for a ruck bench unless he’s going to make you money. Will Grimley do that?


I think you misunderstood. I agree with you. I wouldnt pay extra for a ruck bench player. Tippet would be f3. If gawn or smith go down i sub my bench player with tippet as coverage (both dpp) and play a forward bench player for that week. I can always use my bench ruck for captain loop as well. Thats the beauty of having a dpp bench ruck that doesnt play.


Tom sherridan of Weitering as D4, slightly biased towards weiters so want an unbiased opinion


Weitering, think he will be an instant star. Similar to O'Meara's first year.


Going to be class but not sure he'll make enough cash in supercoach starting at 220k.


Shaw and Parker
Bartel and Pendles


Or I can downgrade Rance instead of Shaw and Greene to Hall ?


i would go shaw and parker, well thats what i have in my team


Cheers Jordan.


Rance & Parker.

Think Shaws price will drop significantly. Still worth getting later.


I'd look at both shaw and bartel if you can boss


I can if I get rid of Rance and Downgrade greene to hall.


A.Hall, S.Gray,M.Crouch,T. Liberatore
which two are worthing getting or are they all worthy


All are worthy! Depends on your structure?


Libba and Hall for me.


Liber & Hall

But Gray is a good selection also.


Gray and Libba for mine. Hall's scoring is role dependant and may be squeezed out once GC injury list gets shorter. Crouch isn't a bad selection, but I've got a man crush on Libba


Great work Lekdog… Didn't see the game, can anybody tell me how much game time Parker played? And what app web site can you keep up to date with game time? If anyone knows. Cheers


He played about 85% game time and you get it on the afl website after the game in the stats section


I have been trying to find it on the match centre and game stats and cant find it. Can u please help me out mate?


Gotta click advanced stats


Thanks Cam but i must be missing something. Where are advanced stats. I see match overview, full time stats but no advanced stats


Sorry boss which afl websites that?


how good is de goey going to be this year?


Boak, parker or wines? Im thinking Boak as a POD


Parker, he will be huge his year.


Regardless of price what are your top 3 defenders?


Shaw the only one I'd be confident about.


Laird will be around the mark as well.


Shaw Rance Laird


Ryan Davis (Gold Coast) has popped up on my radar at 102K. Has played all three NAB games and has not disgraced himself in any of those games. Kicked a goal (2 behinds) up to half time tonight and already has racked up 10 disposals and laid 3 tackles!

Looks like he is ahead of MacPherson and if selected for round one is a big bloody lock!


He's been on my bench for a few weeks now as well as Macpherson and looks like he's staying there if he gets RD1 call!


Interesting player but a few to come back into the Suns team for round 1. Even if he makes round 1 will he stay long enough to make cash?


If picked, I agree, lock him in


being 102k, is he is still on the rookie list?




Thanks tophawk forgot that game was on can watch last qtr. Davis floating on bench already should get the rook upgrade


Shaw & Parker.

Although I think there are better options than Shaw. Shaw will drop in price, maybe worth waiting for, and paying less.

Parker is a beast, and will have a great season, and is under-priced.


Ed Curnow 117
Sam Kerridge 109
Patrick Cripps 107
Blaine Boekhorst 103
Nick Graham 100
Bryce Gibbs 99
Kade Simpson 96
Zach Tuohy 95
Sam Docherty 89
Matthew Wright 83
Matthew Kreuzer 68
Jacob Weitering 64
Dylan Buckley 63
Sam Rowe 59
Andrew Phillips 54
Michael Jamison 50
Simon White 48
Dale Thomas 48
Mark Whiley 44
Jed Lamb 38
Andrew Walker 21
Andrejs Everitt 20
Daniel Gorringe 18
Levi Casboult 16

Dan Hannebery 139
Dane Rampe 104
Jake Lloyd 103
Callum Mills 99
Lance Franklin 95
Tom Mitchell 95
George Hewett 82
Isaac Heeney 78
Callum Sinclair 75
Kieren Jack 73
Luke Parker 73
Jeremy Laidler 70
Heath Grundy 67
Kurt Tippett 66
Nic Newman 66
Harry Cunningham 65
Zak Jones 59
Josh P. Kennedy 56
Dean Towers 53
Tom Papley 49
James Rose 47
Nick Smith 43
Michael Talia 28
Toby Nankervis 6


Great work Smithy!!!!!!

Bobby Singh

KK, Bartel, Smith, Simpson, Docherty or Sheridan at D3?

Thoughts would be much appreciated 🙂


Everyone's in the same boat struggling with defence mate, your guess is as good as anyones. I like Bartel out of those that you listed, but many in the community would disagree


JB and Simmo are almost guaranteed to be 85+ ave after 6 rounds, the rest could ave 110 or 50

Bobby Singh

Thanks Lads. I'll keep your thoughts in mind.


best 2 Ruck options apart from Goldstein? Thinking of Gawn and Martin


Nic Nat, Jacobs


If you wanna save some cash go with Nic Nat and Gawn???


If you analyse the stats from NAB Smith is the best choice after Gawn


Smith v sandi today will be a good guide for how smith will go this year – assuming both play


Wingard and a 117k midfield rookie


Hall and Mills


I'm thinking option 2


I like 2 queiey


If that's what it really comes down to then 2 for sure


Depends on whether Mills is on field or on Bench. If he's on the bench scrap him for somebody cheaper


Feedback appreciated!
Def- KK, Yeo, McKenzie, Weitering, Brown, Hartley (Broad, Collins)
Mids- Danger, Pendles, GAJ, Rockliff, Parker, Wines, Libba, B.Crouch (Mills, Maitheson, McPherson)
Ruck- Goldy, Gawn (Cox)
Fwd- Barlow, Greene, Stringer, Wells, Kerridge, Petracca (Grimley, AMT)
Thinking Birchall/Gore for McKenzie/Crouch just for team balance. Would love to fit Hall in fwds!


Or could go Dea/Hall for Crouch/McKenzie and move Petracca to mids.


Sorry mate but backline is toast. Too much cash mid. Rucks same as me so awesome. Good forward line. No dusty good call.


Fantastic team Dan. But I think McKenzie is only a 60-70 Supercoach player. I also think the M.Crouch is the better choice early and I don't think that stringer will outscore Greene, hall etc.
I'd swap McKenzie for Sheridan, Mills for Long (you have mills on the bench and Longs $increase will be similar), B for M,


Hey guys. Thoughts?
DEF – R.Laird. J.Macmillan. G.Birchall. T.Sheridan. M.Brown. K.Collins. INT – D.Byrne-Jones. M.Hartley.
MID – P.Dangerfield. S.Pendlebury. G.Ablett. LMontagna. B.Ellis. T.Liberatore. B.Crouch. C.Mills. INT – T.Keough. L.Sumner. R.Mathieson.
RUCK – N.Natanui. M.Gawn. INT – M.Cox.
FWD – M.Barlow. K.Tippett. Z.Merrett. P.Wright. S.Kerridge. C.Petracca. INT – L.McCarthy. S.Grimley.


If you have your heart set on Montagna, I'd put him in the fwd line.


Explain? I have Joey as i feel hes more consistant than Dusty as a DPP.


D3,4 concern me. Personally id only pick on of them. I like merrett but may struggle in a weak side. Peter wright has to go. Young key position players are a no no. What do you think


I liked Merrett as i think he might fire, but he is on the edge of the knife, i also like sam gray from port in that same position…
so Birch and Sheridan are concerns?


I think there is too much inconsistency potentially. I had merrett locked and loaded in my side but realised that essendon are going to get smashed most weeks which will just about render him a 85 average despite him being a good performer for his side. Could be wrong but that is the reason fo him not being selected in my side


This is OOTB my friend. POD's everywhere. I love it. Bigger balls than me 🙂


Hi Exa I'm no expert but it looks like you're on the gear that steaming Jimmy was pumping into the kids, way too much risk IMO.


I was at the game tonight and if I'm honest it made me doubt Parker a little bit, there is no doubt that when he is near the ball he is classy as but seemed to drift in and out of the game. Hannebery was absolutely everywhere and just looked untouchable. Hands were quick and clean and his engine never ceases to amaze me, I'm reworking my side to include him because he frankly out works everyone. Agree with Lek on Tom Mitchell, bit iffy at that price but the ball just fell in his lap at stoppages. Cripps also looked a class above with his contested work. No comment on Kerridge except to say that as a Blues supporter i was salivating all night


As a Crows supporter i was shaking my head as Kerridge was on song lol


Kerridge was the final installment paid by crows for Sauce and Eddie, Menzel was just a gesture of good will.


Titch is in my side. Everyone has their opinions but i honestly believe he will be the best averaging sdyney player this year so happy to pay the price.


Hall is white hot atm


Agreed. Even with Gazza coming back in round one, Hall will not be bunted out of the midfield after this performance IMO.

With Swallow, Prestia, and O, Meara not fit for round 1 and beyond, there is no NAB trap here.

At 418K, he has got to be bang for your buck.


He is a deadset stepping stone hawk. A must


With swallow, omeara,Ablett, Prestia unsure. Not promo worthy


What do you mean?


Swallow gone for 1/2 season, O'Meara yet to resume full training, Prestia coming back from a major injury. Hall is an absolute lock for the start


Dea & mills


Weitering & McAffer?



Mills and Weitering? Worth finding a few pennies elsewhere to get these guys in. Cheers


I agree with Hawks Cam. Look at Dea, he's a 1 season topup that previously wasn't good enough a team that has a lot of duds. He isn't a priority for the team or club


I was happy to see Hall play well tonight. It will suck a lot of people in to get him. The old wise heads know to stay away. Same with Sam Gray a few nights ago, happy.


One thing the "old wise heads" have to realise is that nothing ever stays the same.

SC is about identifying break out players and good rookies which obviously have age on their side. Do you still have JPK in your team?



Like it Tophawk, Derek sounds like dad.


Nice try Derek!!!


Derek can I ask you why you don't like Hall as a selection?

Shake n bake

I have both, remember Derek Port have an easy run 1st half of year. I downgraded Martin to Gray. Both Gray & Hall will have there time in the middle & wont ever get tagged.


I really want to select nick graham but i already have v8ney and libba in my midfield. Do i just forget it or downgrade a mid keeper and use the cash on my backline???


Holla mate exactly what I'm thinking. In fact he now occupies my m7. There is some conspiracy about mid price mids. Don't listen. Lock.


Not sold on Graham I reckon he's at his absolute peak right now and will go downhill from here. He's very slow and disposes the ball to dangerous positions in defense a lot, I reckon almost every touch he has in the backline results in a turnover


Parker and Zorko OR Greene and Pendles?


Tough one.. id take option 1 as im not sold on greene personally. Hes not an inside player the giants need in tje middlte so i dont expect his role to change. Monitor their game on the weekend tho


Both good combos Jess – I like Greene and Pendles


Thanks boys. Decided to go pendles and hall (cant ignore his form) ☺


Keep KK or Doc? , going to up grade one of these for Shaw.


dont do that Steve. you dont plan to replace keepers for other keepers. if you decide to start either of these 2, you are selecting them for the season.


Okay this year I get my license and if I beat Dad in supercoach I get his car but if he beats me I get mums car. Mums car sucks and I could never pull a root driving it but dads car is a genuine secret monster that will make girls undies remove themself.
I checked the old mans browser history and found this site and would appreciate some advice on my current squad.
I know that the backline is weak but I think that every other line makes up for it and I'll use defenders to generate dollars until upgrades and every other line to generate points.

Bartel, McGovern, Sheridan, Mayes, Wietering, McDonald-Tipungwuti, -Hartley,Ruggles

Fyfe, Danger, Gaz, Rockliff, Cripps,Barlow,M.Crouch,Libba, -Petracca,Long,Dunkley
Gawn, Smith, -Grimely
Robinson, Greene, Hall, Wells, Kerridge, Brown(drugo's), -Menadue,Kommer

Mum wants me to lose because she'll get a new car.


Looks like your taking too many risks – play it safe.
Its a big chance having Mcgovern, Sherridan and Mayes in defense, as they have yet to have a respectable scoring season. Bartel adds slightly to this risk, as he may be rested. A few more proven players are needed in defense.

I like the midfield. Maybe swing barlow into the fwd line and, although cripps is a gun, you could likely upgrade him to a suoerpremo who will give you the guaranteed 110+ average.

Rucks are gutsy but good.

Fwd line will look better once you permanently swing barlow fwd and replace his mid spot. To do this you might need to lose Robinson or one of greene or hall.

Rookies look great. But hell – if you're new to this and a car is on the line, then maybe its in your best interests to copy and paste someone elses team lol

Good luck


Thanks Jess.
I'm not new to this I finished in the top fifty 3 years ago and the top 200 last 2 years. I achieved those results by complex analytical methods and reasoning.
Barlow is in the middle because I think that Wells and Kerridge will outscore mills (so I don't need mills) and I will use one of them to 'paint the fence' and upgrade Petracca to pendle around the byes and then shift Barlow back forward. Cripps will finish as a top 8 midfielder barring injury.
McGovern is an absolute gun and he's proven it plenty of times if he's fit he's the best DEF player available including Shaw, Bartel is a guaranteed 80+ every week. Sheridan and Mayes are speculative but have more chance of a breakout than any other sub 360k defenders.
Robinson was the #1 fwd over the last 6 weeks last year and absolutely smashed Hall in NAB 1 I can't understand why he isn't in everybody's forward line, he won the lions B+F and was captain of NAB 1 team


Mate, i not gonna say your teams good or bad but their are a few players i dont have a particular empathy for.

Your Backline has solid foundation with Bartel, Sheridan and Mcgovern however i dont see Mayes or O.McDonald breaking out this season. Instead pick up Weitering and Johannisen for these two and Tipungwuti probably going but not score as well as Hartley so I'd put Hartley on the field . Now Ruggles isn't going to play this season by the looks of it so pick Broad/Collins over him who have decent JS and will generate tons of Cash.

Your Midfield is frankly OP, but you have too much money there so instead i'd recommend switching Barlow with Kerridge and trading off M.Crouch for mills as they will score 75-95 per game and generate a lot of cash for you rather than rely on crouch as 4/5 of midpricers fail each season. Cripps is a personal favorite of mine but if you have the money you should upgrade to Pendles as I think in my opinion that you may have injuries going to Fyfe, Libba, Rockcliff and Gaz. Now when i look at your bench, it seems amazing but Long is one of many Essendon players on your team who share the same bye round and you could get Mathieson who has a different Bye round and is much more likely to generate more cash for you then Long and has been quoted by the Footy bible (Prospectus) as a "poor man's fyfe".

Your Rucks are very impressive and Smith will have a breakout season. Nothing more to say.

Your Forwards are also very nice and i can only see a tiny problem there in that you don't have a 500K forward which will kill you in the latter rounds (unless you are a gun at trading) so if you switched in Barlow for kerridge and traded out Robinson for Cox (who should give you cash generation at some point in the season).

Backs: Bartel, McGovern, Johannisen, Sheridan, Weitering,Hartley (Tipungwuti, Broad/Collins)

MIds: Fyfe,Danger,Gaz,Pendles, Rockcliff , Libba, Mills, Kerridge (Mathieson, Dunkley, Petracca)

Fwds: Barlow,Greene, Hall, Wells, Menadue, Brown (Kommer, Cox)

Rucks; Gawn, Smith (Grimley)

The best part is you have 351.6K left over to change any players you dont like. Enjoy!

P.S Sorry if I come off as arrogant. I just wanted you to have the best team possible so you could beat your Dad and get his car


Thanks Mr C.
However, I dont have O.McDonald, McD-Tip gives me fwd-def switchability=trade flexibility. After today I may consider Johannison instead of JimmyB. Your call on Ruggles is strange seeing as Cats see him as the obvious replacement for Thurlow.
Barlow is in the middle because Kerridge and wells will both outscore Mills and when I upgrade wells and Kommer to Pendle Barlow will move back fwd
I think the team I posted is about 180 points a week better than your suggestion,


Your team is average


This is a terrible team. The car is mine, son


Hi DS. Reckon you are on the right track to take out the old man. Team is similar to mine.

Laird McGovern B Smith Malceski Brown Hartley M Adams K Collins
Fyfe Dangerfield Ablett Rockliff Parker Liberatore B Crouch Kerridge Menadue Gore Keays
Martin Naitanui M Cox
Barlow Greene C Sinclair D Menzel Wells B Kennedy Kommer McDonald-Tipungwuti

Hope this helps. Cheers.


Whats everyones top ten midfielders looks like
I dont itll cjange much to last year except jpk out and shiel in


Rockliff & Ablett in


Forgot about those 2
They are normally apart of the 10 just thought they were already in it hahah


1. Danger 130-135
2. Fyfe 125-130
3. Ablett 125-130
4. Rockcliff 125-130
5.Hannebery 120-125
6. Selwood (as long he doesn't get injured) 120 -125
7. Beams 115-120
8. Shiel 110 -115
9. Pendlebury 110- 115
10. Ward 110- 115


Robbie gray?


Thx for the summary Lekdog

Thoughts on my team community:

Def: Laird, docherty, Sheridan, weitering, brown (Ess), Hartley (tucker, ruggles)
Mid: Fyfe, danger, Ablett, r.gray, rocky, Libba, b.crouch, mills (Davis, Mathieson, keays)
Ruck: godly, Gawn (grimley)
Fed: Barlow, s.gray, hall, wells, kerridge, petracca (Kommer, McDONALD-tipungwuti)

Crouch (if not selected) and rooks subject to change.
72.9k in bank.


not sure on the B Crouch. more keen on the M crouch who im going with. maybe we need to ask the crouching one


What your thoughts guys Wines and Z Smith or M Crouch and Nic Nat??


nic nat & m crouch will be in my team. not feeling thegoon bag, big headache


Patrick cripps will average 110+ this year even in a poor team.


No he won't


Averaged 96 in his first full season of footy. Is bigger and stronger and will naturally improve. He is a contested beast and will improve his average for sure and im tipping 110+.


I reckon he can maggi!


I am picking him over wines and parker. What do you think mate.


He will be good, i think around 105-110 but not solid enough to compete with Shiel, Rockcliff, Parker and Viney as M4-6. Teams could also tag him towards end of season


Grey Ham is da man. he go in my team


Thoughts on this team?

B: Laird, Birchall, Yeo, Smith, Brown(Ess), Hartley (Broad, K Collins)
C: Dangerfield, Ablett, Pendlebury, Shiel, Rockliff, Liberatore, Parish, Keays (Freeman, Mathieson, Cuningham)
R: Goldstein, Martin
F: Martin, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kerridge, Petracca (Kommer, McDonald-Tipungwuti)
$7,300 remaining

Thinking of Downgrading Goldy to Tippett to free up some space to upgrade:
Smith + Yeo
Parish to Mills
and upgrade whatever else i can fit in.

Tell me what you think and i'll take in any suggestions. Thanks (in Advance)


Downgrade Yeo upgrade Smith.


Who to? Downgrade Yeo to a rookie?

Big G

Is D Cunningham scratched from the rookie watch list? Does Hannebery have as much potential as Pendelbury?


Hi Michael, Looking at your team you have pointed out most weaknesses.

One of major things i'd be concerned over is considering Gawn in for Martin or Goldy because Both rucks have the same bye round and could problems for you. This'd Generate a lot of cash for your team to make changes down back.

I perosnally think you don't need to upgrade Yeo but rather downgrade him to McGovern and upgrade Smith to Rampe as he should be as solid as Birchall this season.

Also I don't particularly like Martin because of his draw so maybe switch him out for Robinson or Gray who are ,in my opinion, going to average 100-110.

Lastly, bring in Mills because he will be amazing this season and fix up you bench.

Option 1
Laird, Birchall, Rampe, McGovern, Hartley,Broad (Collins, Byrne Jones)

Danger,Gaz, Pendles, Shiel , Rockcliff, Liberatore, Mills, Kerridge (Mathieson, Keays, Gresham)

Goldy, Gawn (Cox)

Barlow, Gray, Hall, Wells, Menadue, Brown (Kommer, Petracca)
Kitty; 36K

Option 2
Laird, Birchall, Rampe, McGovern, Hartley,Broad (Collins, Byrne Jones)

Danger,Gaz, Fyfe, Shiel , Rockcliff, Liberatore, Mills, Kerridge (Mathieson, Keays, Gresham)

Martin, Gawn (Cox)

Barlow, Gray, Hall, Wells, Menadue, Brown (Kommer, Petracca)
Kitty; 70K



Thanks. Taking some of that advice.
Really nice that you could put in such a good effort to help me out. Cheers

RDT Champ 2016





Please give me some feedback on my Real Dreamteam team…..went ok in this format last year….was actually sitting in 12th place after about Rd 16….finished in about 250th as i ran out of trades and injuries cut my team down….Want to pick keepers as much as possible and save my trades….hence getting the midfield i want at the end from the beginning regardless of NAB participation (ablett, rocky etc).


20k left would love people thoughts

BACKS – KK Docherty Sheridan Weitering Brown (ess) Hartley
Bench- Collins Tipungwuti

MID – Dangerfield Ablett Shiel Rockliff Parker Liberatore Mills Parish
Bench – Jansen Kerridge Cunningham

RUCKS – Mumford Gawn
Bench – Grimley

FWDS – Martin Barlow Tippet Greene Wells Kennedy
Bench – Kommer Petracca