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TEAM REVEAL: Barron Von Crow

Published by Barron Von Crow on

Barron Von CrowCue the grandiose music; it’s time for the big reveal of my 2016 Supercoach squad!

Countless hours, a carton of Carlton Drought, and several arguments with the cat went into the creation of this team, but it has finally been completed and ready to bare witness to the world.

So without further ado, I present to you, the 2016 version of The Red Barrons!


Barron Von Crow Supercoach 2016 team!

Power in the middle

Like many, I’ve invested pretty heavily in my midfield this season, mostly because I’m not as gung-ho about the rookies here as I usually am. I’ve gone with 3 “super-premo” players right out of the gate, with Fyfe, Dangerfield and Ablett and I’m going to believe Rockliff will turn back into one like he was in 2014. I think Callan Ward has a chance to turn into a guy who averages 115 and I’m considering him as the “Matt Priddis” of my team, but for 40K less initially. He averaged 113 in 2014, and with Treloar gone off to Collingwood I can see him having to take up more inside work (his 9 tackle, 10 clearance game in the NAB Cup against Sydney is an example of this), which will lead to a bump in his Supercoach output.

I wanted Brad Crouch in my side, but I can’t select him without having seen him in any NAB action, nor knowing if he’ll be available in Round 1 (though a Parker downgrade may be on the cards if he performs well against the Gold Coast). Libba should immediately bounce back into being a 100+ point scorer and Mills looks to have the best potential of all the rookie midfielders, though you have to pay a slightly inflated price to get him. I’ll just have to bite the bullet on that one.

Putting the D in Defensive!

And that’s just because outside of Laird, Kolo and Bartel, I’m relying on a bunch of D graders and rookie priced players to get the job done down back. Normally I’d go with a few midpricers in defence, but this is probably another case of letting the players dictate my strategy, rather than strategy dictating the players.

I was tossing up between Rory Laird and Brodie Smith, and while I think Laird and Smith will potentially be around the same level by the end of the year, I’m banking on Laird being the more consistent of the two, which is what I’m looking for with so many inexperienced players down back. I’m expecting Kolo to continue the form he put up in the latter half of 2015 and Bartel just needs to bring me a consistent scoring effort and I’ll be happy. The rest of the rookies are just whatever is cheap and who will likely play, though Brown, Hartley and Collins seem pretty locked in at this stage.

Ruck + Risks = Rewards?

The Triple R! Taking risks in the ruck will lead to rewards later in the year. That’s the theory anyways, and it’s about the best one a man of average intellect like myself could come up with that didn’t involve me spending $1.3 million on a set and forget setup.

The first and most obvious reward is the immediate cash savings I get from doing this. Maxy Gawn is the cheapest guy available who’ll likely finish the year as a top 5 ruck, so he gets my R1 spot. But I almost feel that if you aren’t going with a Goldy/$550,000+ player combo here, then you’re better off skipping Goldstein completely and making him a potential upgrade target and hope he’s cheaper down the line.

There are two players who are critical to my theory working and they are Kurt Tippett and Daniel Wells. Obviously the first part is they both need to perform, but as Patch wisely pointed out (and he may have convinced me to try this just by showing the courage to pick him first), the 2nd half of Tippetts 2015 season was fantastic and Wells has been a gun in the past, so we know he can score at a good clip. But the honest truth is I cannot trust Wells to be a season long keeper, even if he does perform to start the year. He’s played like 10 games over the past 2 years, so all I need from him is 8-10 really good games in a row. I just need him to boost his value to the point where I can swing Tippett out of the rucks and into forward line and then upgrade Wells to whoever is the #1 ruck is (hopefully Goldstein at a cheaper price). Then, as long as Tippett plays to his maximum potential, he’ll also be a keeper for me in my forward line. This will hopefully ensure I get the two best ruckman possible, without having to make a large number of trades or invest heavily in the ruck to begin with and then Tippett will also serve as a forward line keeper addition later in the year.

I thought about trying this with Sinclair and saving an extra 80K, but I just don’t think he has as near a high ceiling as Tippett does. It all makes sense in my head, but whether I actually manage to pull it off is another thing entirely.

Upwards, not forwards

Dusty and Barlow pretty much pick themselves; they’re probably the top two picked guys in Supercoach forward lines I imagine. I’ve taken a risk on Tex Walker as my F3. This may be a case of the heart overruling the head, but I believe he can get back to or better his best form of 2012 where he averaged between 101-108 for the 2nd half of the year. Much like with Nick Riewoldt, I’m hoping the decreased interchange cap is a bonus for him. Aaron Hall does look tempting in this spot though. Daniel Wells selection has been explained above and then the rest is filled out with the best forward rookies. Kerridge is an obvious standout, hopefully Petracca gets a run, Grimley may just be there for FWD/RUC swing purposes and McCarthy will just hopefully get a game.

“And here’s why your team sucks…”

And there are plenty of risks I can see, but if we’re honest with ourselves, it’s impossible to construct a side without some sort of risk involved somewhere. First, my rookies could all crap the bed, and with running 3 each in my DEF and FWD lines, that will severely restrict my point output and cash generation if they fail to fire. Then my RRR plan could completely backfire with one or both players involved not living up to expectations. And all it takes is for Walker to have a few quiet games to completely blow my chances early too. About the only part of the ground I’m not worried about is the midfield, which you’d bloody hope so considering I invested so much money in there.

So Community, I now turn my team over to you. Are there any areas where you can see massive failings in my squad? Or does it look pretty darn decent to you?

Let me know in the comments below and we’ll see if we can’t make some lemonade out of my 2016 Supercoach team.


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sexy looking team!!


You can think of Oliver and Matt P. Gazza has got injuries which reoccur. And he will be point of attraction this year. At this stage every team will look good. Ignore Buddy at your own peril. BVC himself will replace at least 6 before round 1.


Could go Walker to Greene & maybe Tippo to Smithie


I was thinking about Smith, but since he doesn't have the swing I went with Tippo to get that to work.


I wouldn't worry to much about the swing in the Rucks.. IMO Smith will avg abit more then Tippo. Personal choice though mate goodluck Barron


did you not read how he plans to get goldstein in the swing is vital to that plan


Love the look of the team BVC.

Would love to get your thoughts on my team.
DEF: Shaw, Laird, Bartel, Dea, Brown, Hartley (Collins, Byrne-Jones)
MID: Fyfe, Danger, GAJ, Rocky, Shiel, Libba, Mills, Gresham (Mathieson, Clarke, MacPherson)
RUC: Goldy, Gawn (Cox)
FWD: Dusty, Barlow, Greene, Wells, Menadue, Kerridge (Petracca, Grimley)

Not sure about Goldy and Shaw, would prefer not to pay overs but are probably going to be #1 in their position.
Would love the community's thoughts on my team.
Cheers Liam.


Liam … If cox is not elevated, you might replace him with some one else. How much balance left! I have almost 80% of players like you.Difference is Ziebell De Goey Franklin and couple of cash cows.


Sweet team Liam. Pay the price. Per Derek.


Love it Barron. Love it. Korcheck in the ruck has me interested mate!


He's just there for the loophole, Jock!.


Great stuff


Do Carlton play many Sunday games?


They won't play Friday games that's for sure


10-11 off the top of my head.


Wouldn't max King be a better loophole R3 as they play a lot of Sunday games apparently Barron????


Carlton play the first game of the season so not a great choice for rd1


I've done some analysis on this and without giving everything away the blues and dees have good fixtures for loopholling – but look at the numbers yourself and make up your own mind 😉


Give me your thoughts on my Supercoach team please.

Def: Shaw, Bartel, Birchall, Lonergan, Brown, Hartley (Broad, Collins)
Mid: Ablett, Fyfe, Dangerfield, Rockliff, Liberatore, Crouch, Mills, C Ellis (MacPherson, Mathieson, Petracca)
Ruc: Gawn, Z Smith (Cox)
Fwd: Martin, Barlow, Greene, Wells, Simpkin, Kerridge, McCarthy, Kommer)

Give me your thoughts and opinions


Looks solid!


Sorry Barron,

I'm thinking your in a world of pain. To use the word "hoping", is not the way a new season should be approached. Patch, clearly in my honest opinion, has the better short and long term, team reveals from the celebrities.
I know you will take the above opinion on the chin. You look like a scary dude, please do not hunt me down.


Korza, I'd never dream of it mate. We're all allowed to have our opinions here!

The benchmark

I'm thinking crouching would have "silenced" you after reading your backline out
Very risky team but there are no right and wrong teamS 🙂 have a good season


Crouching does try to silence me, but I can run faster than he can.


Probably the best team out of the website writers so far BVC. Although, I can't see Tex going back to his premo form back in the day, might be good for the Bruyn Manoeuvre though. Very solid team


Thanks Danners. It might be my Bruyn Manoeuvre, but I'll still be giving the team an entire re-evaluation before the start of the year. Tex included.

The Mountain

Thoughts on the team lads. Rookies are set, as it would be with everyone else, only 3.3K left in the kitty

Def:Shaw, Laird, KK, Brown (Ess), Hartley, Collins (N.Broad, Tipungwuti)
Mids: Fyfe, Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Rocky, Libba, Mills, Mathieson (Freeman, Hibberd, Dunkley)
Rucks, Goldy, Martin (Cox)
Fwd: Martin, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Kerridge, Kommer (Petracca, Grimley)

Cheers Community


I like it!


Over salary


This is the best team I have seen.


Agree beaut squad mountain man. If ya put mac tip fwd to create swing with brown then moved grimely to r3 you could swing in a ruggles 2dads or somesuch in def and voila. ( excuse mon francoises)


It's under budget and very similar to my team. Nice


Ballsy and putting it out there.

I agree that your big risk is the 3 on field rookies in Defence.

Can I make a suggestion? Take out Mills. Move Kerridge into M8. Put McCarthy on the field. Move McDonald Tipungwiti forward.

This gives 211k towards a d4. Either find an extra 70k for McDonald (via Laird to Smith or Tippett to Sinclair). Or go with Weitering. The McDonald Tipungwiti move gives you a swing with Brown

Just my 2c. But overall I like it

Whilst I understand Korchek as the loophole option given Carlton Sunday games, the fact that you are playing Grimley now and are looking at a future ruck swing option means you probably need a ruck/fwd in R3


Thanks for the feedback, Keen! That's certainly a good idea with Mills.

Grimley should be fine as a FWD I reckon. As long as I'm trading out a forward for a ruck I can swing Tippo forward by himself. I only want to use that 1 trade to bring in Goldstein.


Yeah you can swing Tippo forward with the trade of wells. But if you start with Grimley in R3 or have a non playing Ruck/Fwd instead of Korchek would mean you have ruck cover with Tippo all season.


Thoughts lads?

Shaw Smith Sheridan Weitering Brown Hartley (K Collins Ruggles)
Fyfe Danger Ablett Rockcliff Griffin Libba Crouch Mills (Trengrove Keays Gore)
Nic Nat Gawn (loophole)
Martin Barlow Greene De Goey Wells Kerridge (Petracca AMT)


Probably the worst team I've ever seen.. no offence, stainy.

Benjamima Puddleduck

Mills $211K
I really feel there is a couple of better picks that will generate more cash for that spot.

I can see him being the Nakia Cockatoo of 2016.
Just not wuite doing enough for a SC team.

Not even a major issue, but love your team! and that you have Callan Ward


You certainly could be right, BP. I was really disappointed with the Brisbane/St Kilda game being cancelled because I wanted to see if Keays, Mathieson and Gresham. Gresham especially was a chance for that M8 spot. Still 1 more games left to see though.


Reiwold said today Gresham on line for round 1 selection now all he needs to do is get a kick.

Benjamima Puddleduck

wuite = quite


Interesting team I like it
Thoughts on my team
Laird, KK, johannisen, wietering, m.brown, k.collins: bonner, hibbered
Danger, Pendles, abblet, gaff, rocky, Parker, Libba, Gresham: petracca, long, macpherson
Martin, Gawn: cox
Wingard, Barlow, Greene, Menzel, kerridge, kommer: grimly hammelmann


Looks Ok, Jimmy. Looks like you've got a few PODs going for ya. Haven't seen Wingard in many teams at all


Yea I want to have a unique team your not gonna win anything with the same team as everyone else


Laird, Bartel, Harwood, Brown, Hartley, Collins (adams, tippa)

Fyfe, Danger, GAJ, Gray, Rockliff, Parker, Libba, Petracca (123k x3)

Goldy, Gawn (wyatt)

Dusty, Wingard, Barlow, Wells, Kerridge, Kommer (grimley, 117k)

Bit light in defence but think it will work. Much better value for money in the other lines and think the rookies back there can do the job

About 5k left

would appreciate the thoughts!


Looks solid, REN. Same thinking as me RE DEF rookies.


Your really going to need Harwood to step up for you, very solid the rest of team. Lov the Gray pic!!!


love the team Barron!

my backline is looking similar at the moment. I think brown, hartley, collins, etc can do the job. Will save 100k aswell.

What do you think of Harwood, Barron? Averaged 83 in 2014 but had an injury affected year last year and only played 3 games


He did, but it's a tough one. Only had 1 real solid season out of 5-6 would probably mean I stay away.


I too am going 3 Rookies on the field in the defense, I figure if I'm taking a risk, there are less points to lose down back. Also am interested in your ruck bench option, if you are using the strategic donut, i would've thought at least pick Chol with forward swing eligibility?

My real question though is how much cash is left over? With three $102K rookies and 3 $117K rookies, what has to give if they are not picked round 1?

Also, while I'm a died in the wool Crows member, I really think there are better options than Tex. Between all of Adelaide's awesome forward line, those points will be shared around and Tex is almost as sharing as Edddddieeeee!


I'm banking on the prediction of Tex roaming coming true. They tried it last year early with Jenkins and he can't do it. Not so much about the goals, but the marks and kicks he'll be getting around the ground that'll improve his scores.

It's a tough one with the rookies for sure. 31K left in my current team, but I guess the worst comes to the worst then I'll have to bite the bullet and swap a midfielder down a little bit.


Hey rob dogs and Barron,

I have not been able to do it myself in the forward line as I've picked Greene, however I have a huge feeling about another Adelaide forward option. Tom Lynch, you may all be cringing however he got his average back up to 88 last year after a couple of injury years. He is looking extremely fit and gets up the ground as that high half forward link between the lines, which I feel is a very lucrative position in SuperCoach. With this I also believe you can bank on him getting his two goals a game on average which again helps his SuperCoach performance. I believe he will be the surprise packet of the season however finding hard to fit him in with Greene in my side. Wait and see, you heard it hear forst

Benjamima Puddleduck

The PuddleDucks current formation

FWD: R.Laird K.Kolo T.Cutler J.Weitering M.Brown M.Hartley

MID: N.Fyfe G.Ablett D.Shiel T.Rockliff L.Parker P.Cripps M.Duncan T.Libertore

RUCK: M.Gawn Z.Smith

FWD: J.Gunston S.Gray S.Johnson D.Menzel S.Kerridge C.Petracca

Not sold on Weitering or Z.Smith yet.


Few risks there, gone for a team of Pods up forward!

Benjamima Puddleduck

Big on the PODs up front, and in the mids to a certain extent.
Cripps/Duncan then Shiel/Parker there all in for a big year!

Not sure why there hasnt been alot of talk on Gunston. Has the potential to ave over 100 while roughy is out.
Johnson is the type of player that will want have a massive year, just to prove a point that he still can do it.
S.Gray, well i just have that feeling he will be alot more than what people expect.


Libba at M8 first time iv seen that, GL


Relying on Tippo is like letting your dog play inside. It's fun to begin with but eventually he shits all over the joint! Worth noting his 2015 finish was without The Bud. And Bud's back.

Nice mid, but I think there's better value than Gazza n Danger. They will be cheaper come round 4 IMO.

Anyways, good luck. Also worth noting I have never finished in the top 1000.


Haha, it could end up that way, but he's gonna spend plenty of time in the ruck away from Buddy. Then if he can swap forward and stil jag a goal or two, all the better.

Will likely get Fyfe and Danger cheaper, but they're gonna be there all year, and they'll score well, so they'll keep my head above water at worst.


I'll admit that it's possible danger is overpriced but are we talking about the same gazza here?!! I know we got burned last year but if Gary abblett jr lines up round 1 even without a practice match then this man is a LOCK!!


U really think Ablett and danger are poor value?? Very safe set and forgets imo. Even if they are cheaper in rd4, is anyone going to have enough cash to bring them in then? Yard wasting trades early if you are planning that.

Gold Rush

Not bad, how much left in the Kitty?, Crowie


31K left.


love love love it


Cheers, Dasha.


Few very unique picks there but I like it .
Would love thoughts on my team .

DEF – Shaw , laird , Sheridan , weitering , m.brown , m.hartley ( tipungwanti , k.collins )

MID – Fyfe , Ablett , Priddis , Sidebottom , Rockliff , Liberatore , Francis , Menadue ( petracca , Mathieson , MacPherson )

RUCK – Martin , Gawn ( Cox)

FWD – Montagna , Barlow , S.Gray , D. Menzel , Wells , Kerridge ( Grimley , Gallucci )

$68.7k in bank

Thanks .


Not a lot of PODS true, but they'll potentially come through trade time and I can't pick a guy just for the sake of being unique either.


Not sure about Sam Gray but if you think he'll average around 95, go for it.
Love Montagna as a POD, should have another good year.
Wouldn't go near Menzel, to unreliable health wise.
Solid mid's and rucks. Good looking team.

Big balls

Thanks Sarah , what do you think the better option is here Martin down to tippet in ruck and Menzel up to Greene (more money in bank) or Gawn down to Smith in ruck and Menzel up to Greene (less money in bank ) ?


Barron mate, can I ask why you've gone tippet over Sinclair?


Reckon he'll finish averaging more. Sinclair doesn't massively impress me as a forward, and he seems to be spending all his time up there! Tippo can at least bat above average in both areas.


How are you going to switch Daniel wells into the rucks?


He addressed that Motsy.
"I just don’t think he has as near a high ceiling as Tippett does"


Tippett also has more runs on the board and we really don't know what Sinclair's true footy potential is yet.

Tippo's durability could be seen as a concern but he did manage 22 games last season including 2 finals where he averaged a whopping 125 in his last 5 games (from 3 h&a and 2 finals).


Love it to bits Barron!

I've been favouring the identical structure for most of the preseason with Bartel at D3, Libba and Mills at M7/M8 and Wells at F4.

I'm sure we would agree to disagree on a few premos here or there but I'd more or less be happy to start with this side myself.

Btw don't let the community talk you out of Mills. The kid is all class and has a SC friendly game with great DE that the Swans sorely need, so assuming he plays Rd1 (as I expect he will) he is securely padlocked in Addicts.


Going deep in the mids seems to be they way to go.
Are you not going for the likes of Goldy and Shaw in order to go deeper in the mids ?


I patently refuse to pay $600K plus for Heater Shaw so no way he will start in Addicts unless he cracks a double ton in NAB3 and even then I'd still have to think about it! 🙂

Goldy will be a likely starter although I intend to fully review all ruck options and combos in the lead up to Rd1. If I can't squeeze him into my final side with other spend priorities elsewhere then so be it – but he's in for now.

How about you? What are your thoughts on Shaw and Goldy?


Goldy yes, but not sure. I might need to downgrade to add another premo in the mids.
It's a no to Shaw, currently have Laird, KK, Bartel then rooks. As you said it's to big a price tag and I can't see him averaging the 110's from last year. Will pick him up later


Goldy yes I just cant go past his games frome rnd 5 to 10 cant see him falling below 630k unless he gets hurt early in a game and expect him to be high 600s come game 10. So you either start him or run without him all year IMO.
No for Shaw he is way overs and should be able to pick him up rnds 8 to 10 60k cheaper at least.


He is locked in my team as well. Hope he gets a bit of midfield time, but he may get a role off the half back.


I think that role will be more beneficial for his score.
Will be looked at to deliver the ball from the half back line.


Will score big at the SCG


I still expect him to score well even running off half back and be a nice little earner come upgrade time.


Thanks, SCaddict.

Mills will likely stick in my side atm, unless I get desperate for cash early


BVC love the team mate. Just what i was thinking going heavy in mid and few risks here and there. Talked me into getting Ward and Rocky, initially i had Priddis and i was thinking of getting Rocky also wanted Ward in my team.

I too leaving out Goldy hoping he'll drop in price.


@Baron. Some solid picks in there. Are you not worried about Bartel playing only 16-18 games this year? (CScott mentioned this as likely)
Also I see Tex and Tippet as you biggest risks overall. Big nads to pick one let alone two. Good luck. I'd ditch one pricey midfielder of yours to up the content of your fwd and backlines myself. Thoughts?


It is a concern Marty, but I want his consistency to begin with. If I have to trade him out later in the year I will, but with 3 starting rookies back there I don't want to take a chance on Docherty. Now if I had Shaw instead of Bartel, then I'd probably go for someone like him instead.

And I could downgrade a midfielder a bit, but I am a bit in love with the big names across there!


Wingard OR Hall? Which out of these 2 will average higher. I can save 100 k if I choose hall instead of Wingard. thoughts?






Anyone interested, I have a league to fill, 'Down the Gutz' code 527655. I ranked 157 last season so hoping for some serious coaches.


hi RobDogs, Ive just joined mate. Been a long time super coacher so hopefully i give you a run for your money. So you know who I am my team name is the 5045.
Cheers mate, good luck this year!


Hi Tom / RobDogs
Silly question but I've tried to find where to actually "join a league" but couldn't find it under the leagues section. Can you direct me exactly where it is ?


Heavy midfield when parker is squeezed in at M6. Hopefully Tippett can reach his ceiling, rare he gets the best defender and swinging into the ruck he could be underpriced.


That's the thinking, Tyler. It'll either be Patch and Barron's Excellent Adventure with Kurt Tippett, or Patch and Barron's Bogus Journey with Kurt Tippett.


Anyone want to join superdraft league
must draft on the draft day


Love your team, Barron. If you are picking McCarthy with the hope, he might play. I would look elsewhere.
Your midfield looks fierce. I might be wrong but Parish looks a much stronger prospect than Mills. Both may be playing all season but Parish will likely be 'in the guts.' We shall see what happens. I love the look of your defence especially.


Definitely no rookies locked in at this stage, Jambo. I don't like his chances massively, so he could very well be moved up to Menadue should he be named and should I not need to spend my spare cash anywhere else.

John smith

Def: Laird, Birchall, Sheridan, Lonergan, Weitering, Brown (Hartley, Collins)
Mid: Fyfe, Dangerfield, Priddis, Shiel, Rockliff, Liberatore, Mills, Gore (Keays, Mathieson, Davis)
Ruck: Martin, Gawn (Cox)
Fwd: Montagna, Martin, Barlow, Wells, Kerridge, Petracca (Kommer, Grimley)

Thoughts everyone????


I like some of your PODS Birchall and Montagna especially and not many picking Priddis. Can Sheridan hold down D3? Not sure about Gore, haven't really seen enough of him but there may be better talent elsewhere.


Nice. Few risks down back with the mid pricers, but if they play to potential you'll be laughing

John smith

Yeah the backline is where to take the risk I reckon

Rookies are subject to change via Rd 1

Maybe maybe not we will see


Sound logic. Rookie fwds and Def that can equal midpricers and no passengers in the middle.


Thanks, Wombats. That's the idea with the midfield this year I reckon, should be minimal upgrades across there.

I N Pieman

Your absolutely right Baron. You can't construct a team without risk somewhere. 3 million short of that option. The Tex call is a heart call. If the Crows had a friendly opening draw I could understand it. But the opening 8 games are a nightmare. My guess is he won't be there round 1. Other than that I like almost all of your team. Risk, pods & well thought out selections. Good luck this year mate


Cheers, Pieman.

It definitely is a heart call, and I'll seriously need to reconsider it prior to Round 1, but I reckon Tex is a guy who makes love to pressure, I'm not worried about him not performing against tough teams (now the rest of the Crows, that could be something else!). Aaron Hall certainly does make a case for F3.


Would love to hear thoughts on my team??

DEF: Shaw, Kolodjashnij, Smith, Weitering, Brown, K.Collins (S.Collins, Bonner)

MID: Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Shiel, Rockliff, Liberatore, B.Crouch, Parish (Gore, Mathieson, Macpherson)

RUCKS: Martin, Naitanui (Grimley)

FWD: Martin, Barlow, A.Hall, D.Menzel, Kerridge, Petracca (T.Phillips, A. M-T)

$22 500 leftover


Looks very good to me, Hugh


G'day Barron, nice team.

If your having second thoughts on the big Texan, Aaron Hall is around that price.

Also thoughts on Weitering Barron?


Exactly who I was thinking of as Plan B, SC_Beast.


No worreis Barron, he is my F3 currently


Hall does look quite appealing and has attended heaps of centre bounces in the NAB. Of course the Suns regular midfield brigade has barely been sighted in the past 18 months so what means for Hall's numbers when they inevitably return remains to be seen.

I'd still personally take him easily over a KPP like Tex though.


SCaddict, Hall sounds good option but NAB form is unreliable.

Eade who I am starting to put in the same bracket as Lyon, Said that Jesse Lonergan will be spending a lot more time in the middle.
Hard to make decision on that for me at the moment but Hall should get enough time there to improve.


Ocker mate do a team reveal!


my mate thinks he has a better team than me so who's is better and why

my team
Def- boyd laird rich lonegan hartley collins (lee brown)
Mid- danger priddis sidebum shiel rockliff duncan libba clarke (matheson macpherson adamson)
Ruck- gawn smith
Fwd- zorko barlow lynch (adl) wells milera kerridge (grimley walla)

mates team
Def- laird macmillan mcgovern cutler hartley brown (broad collins)
Mid- danger mundy priddis ward steven rockliff libba greasham (clarke matheson marcon)
Ruck- martin gawn
Fwd- wingard barlow hall kennedy kerridge mccarthy (walla adams)


You'll know who's better at the end of the year!

Tough split, each have their pros and cons, but overall I'd probably rate yours higher, though I like your mates F3 of Hall a bit better than Lynch.


Love the team here Barron, not messing around with to much mid-price rubbish, trade wisely and this could be worth it, considering last years winner won with Malcheski for 18 rounds a mistake if it happens to be Tex is an easy fix.
Keep up the great work


Thanks, Nick.

I reckon worst comes to the worst with Tex I can trade him for a Hall / De Goey type early if they perform, or total downgrade to a rookie. Let's hope it doesn't come to that though!

Sheriffs Big Rig

serious supercoaches join my league 726568


just joined big rig, Hope to give you a run for your money this year. Cheers mate Tom (The 5045)


i would personally start grimley as ruck 3 you will still be able to move tippet into the fwd line via the wells trade it will just give you that cover later on in the year and more cash generation as you will be able to pick up another fwd rookie. I to have thought of starting tippet in the ruck but currently have him in the forward line and taking a risk on big mummy to pump out a few massive scores early and then turn him into Goldstein if/when he gets injured

BACKS – KK Docherty Sheridan Weitering Brown (ess) Hartley Bench- Collins Tipungwuti
MID – Dangerfield Ablett Shiel Rockliff Parker Liberatore Mills Parish
Bench – Jansen Kerridge Cunningham
RUCKS – Mumford Gawn
Bench – Grimley
FWDS – Martin Barlow Tippet Greene Wells Kennedy
Bench – Kommer Petracca


Taking the 0 for the R3 for the captains loophole. The idea being that it'll generate me more points in the long run through bonus captain points, rather than a minimal 30-40 points on the bench and a little bit of cash generation.


fully understand that i personally just like the fact of having cover later on in the year


Both tactics definitely have merit.


Love it Barron, I've taken Sinclair for the same swinging purposes you've mentioned with Tippett, for me they should have similar outputs (maybe Tippett slightly over Sinclair) but I've taken Sinclair over Tippett purely to free up the cash, although another good nab from smith might have me leaning that way although ruins the swing. Was originally taking blicavs to swing into the guts to allow goldy in but not convinced from his nab performances so Sinclair it is!


I did consider Sinclair for the same reason, but Smith could be a great pick too.


I seem to be rotating between a hard out gnr approach and a semi midprice mad approach each week
Check this out for version 444
Laird bartel Sheridan Hartley brown amt (a damson, Byrne jones)
Danger Pendle Ablett rockliff Parker viney Libba mills
(Mthieson keays d-mac)
Nicnat, Sinclair (lowersch)
Martin Barlow s gray a hall wells kerridge (petracca grimley)
For some reason I like it although I know I should really be doing something about the defensive line but I just don't have the confidence in any of the options available. I'd much rather a Sam gray than a similar priced kk, likewise a hall as opposed to say d rich. I just think the value (and points) are up forward!
Happy for any opinions, I'm sure I'm nowhere near settled on this side.


Amt? Is that atm short for rookie cash making machine? If so love it. Seems people are happy to invest $ in mid ruc but not def… I def don't agree…not seeing enough people trying to make the most of this line. Maybe I'm missing something….


I dunno cliche, I just don't see many options down back with the point generating capacity of the other lines. Seems like more risk than reward. Also seems less differential between rookie to premo/successful midpricers scores in defense than other lines, hence my rookie stockpile down back. Just my take though, haven't crunched the numbers to back it up….

Oh and Amt= Anthony McDonald tipungawuti


Does anyone have a solid plan for their loophole options?

I find a loophole rookie to be one of the most vital players in a team, as they have the potential to earn you 20, 30 or 40+ points additional points a week.

At the moment I'm thinking a cheap rookie ruck with DPP and Grimley up forward – spend the extra 20,000k elsewhere. Thoughts?


Exactly what I've gone with, Jess.


That will likely be the 'go to' plan for most coaches including me.


Do you think there is more benefit to having a loophole option, over every rookie playing and creating cash generation?


That just comes down to personal preference really.

Both have pros and cons.


Probably need a mathematical mind far greater than mine like Higgo to work that out, and the answer would probably change anyway depending on the particular players and scenarios involved.

All I know is fully exploiting the captain's loophole advantage can be a significant factor in deciding close league matches.

But yes you need to weigh this up against the opportunity cost of perhaps making an extra $150K or so with another playing rookie.

Although we must also remember that we can't cash out every rookie we'd like to with the limited trades we have available anyway so is that $150K really lost cash generation after all??


cheers, both good points.


Hey SCaddict, I always find your comments very insightful and thought provoking, great stuff!

Barron, I think your team is well thought out and takes the right amount of risks (still to be proven if they are in fact risks at all), personally I would love to see a KPP like Tex go on a rampage this year and ave 100+…would be awesome to watch!


Hi thanks for the reply – it provides a little bit of assurance.

Think a strict guns and rookies is the way to go this year (so many cheap premiums and good rookies). Theres always a few players who dont make the $ and worthy of trading, so with this logic, im happy to throw in a cheap dud loophole.


In terms of essendon, I think their performance will be similar to GWS's first season. Note that the giant rookies all performed quite well. Very tempted to pack in the likes of Z Merret etc.


Personally I try to find a rookie who looks likely to play around the mid seasonish (or even round 5-6). If they play then normally By then non players should be popping up in your team and if not, you get a free hit downgrading a fat lamb to any old non player rather than waiting for the latest bubble boy to appear. Worked well for me last year with Hugh goddard….but from memory didn't work so well the year before.


Going Loersch / King as r3 possibly as a swap with Grimely d8. Suns have a lot of late games like melb and Loersch is cheap.
I also am not sure about having a floating jam filled bastard that could be earning coin?


Hi barron this id my team i agree with u on rocky and callen ward. This is my team oh yeah guys dont take mitch brown he wont make u money he is a waste of talent.

H shaw. B houli M rosa. P seedsman M dea. M heartly bench collins ruggles

Fyfe. Danger. Rocky. Libby. J stevens. C ward M crouch. C oliver. Bench gore mathieson davis

Gwan z smith bench cox

Hawkins. D menzil D martin. J stringer. S kerradge W milera. Bench yarren a.m.t

I have picked hawk as i feel he will kick bags and bags of goals and he will take lots of marks too. Also d menzil should be in everyones team sit back and watch the menzil show. So what do u guys think


Few guys lime Rosa and Seedsman might be a bit risky, but that's the nature of midpricers. I reckon Hawkins will have a better year with Danger winning contested ball in the middle for the Cats



You've chucked into action a plan I've long considered but not had the balls to actually implement: Tippett at R2. Ballsy as anything on the site this year mate and I love it. Callan Ward is a superb pick and Luke Parker is also now in my side.

The elephant in the room is Tex Walker, but you go hard or you go home and you have bull rushed it right in the face, my friend. This team will do some serious kicking and I hope for one I'm not on the end of a booting!


Thanks, Patcho.

He certainly is the elephant in the room. Still 50/50 on him, PhantonSC on Twitter was gunning me up to pick Tex, but he might just be stirring me to see if I'd actually do it!


Well might serve you right for gunning me to pick Currie at R2! Although feel Tex might have slightly better output than Currie…

I wish you best of luck with him (on weeks we're not playing each other, of course!). I love this team the more and more I look at it.


What is wrong with Currie at R2?


Ocker do you wanna join my league?


Can't see him scoring more than 60 with Nicholls in the side, never mind holding his spot.


I think that is a very solid team, enough risk to stay ahead of the pack anyway! I think it is essential to have a ruck swing option to cover the big blokes who go down with injury (WHICH THEY ALWAYS DO), but I just can't decide which way I go. Agree with the ruck choice theory too in regards to having an upgrade option if you haven't got Goldy. Atm Smith is my R2, but could change after the final NAB games.


Surprised we haven't seen Menzel in any team reveals yet.. is the only thing scaring people away his injury concerns? Suppose there is a lot of risk there if he goes down at that price it's hard to upgrade.


I think he's fantasy relevant and maybe even a good selection but it's just that we don't have much to work with in terms of historic data.

Back in 2011 when he played those 17 games he only averaged 63 although I'm guessing that was vest affected as that was the first year of the sub rule.

Since then he's played just 2 games in 4 years, although one was a corker in Rd 22 last season, which is a tiny sample size. Actually I'm surprised his price wasn't discounted further given all the missed footy like Morabito.

But his biggest selection problem is when you compare him to a proven premo like Wells who is even cheaper. Hard to fit both in as well as get on all the other attractive rookie forwards available this season.


Thanks, Marco.

The big guys are always trouble, just gotta ride it out as best as I can.

Smith should be a very good R2 this year as long as he stays healthy.


Been doing a bit more tinkering after last weekends challenges games.

Current side looks like this;

Def- Shaw, Laird, Johanissen, Weitering, Brown (Ess), Hartley (K.Collins, Ruggles)
Mid- Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Rockliff, Parker, S.Gray, Liberatore, Mills (Mathieson, Keays, Mac Pherson)
Ruc- Gawn, Smith (Wyatt)
For- D.Martin, Barlow, Hall, Wells, Milera, Kerridge (Petracca, Mc Donald-Tipungwuti)

Hit me with feedback community. Cheers


I like it Tophawk. Gray in the middle is interesting, but you can swing him forward as well, which is a bonus.


Thanks Barron. I really like your side mate.

Just so you know I am also a Taylor Walker tragic. I had him last year, and after round one I was in heaven! But after that he struggled.

His best is bloody amazing. If he can only grow that Mulett hairstyle back!! I just can't pick him right now.



Have a look at the first team you picked compared to this one. Are you taking long term, solid judgement calls or letting each game, comment or media report sway your selections like a tree in the wind?


I call it as I see it DT.

In the preseason many players (Like myself) make adjustments on a weekly basis. My side has a core structure, but everything else is fair game. Now is the time to do it, because as of round 1, you no longer have this luxury. You then have 30 trades. Period.

DT, if you have my first team, can you send it to me? Love to see how my side has evolved.



im with you on s gray and a hall top hawk, yours is the only other team I've seen with both….


G'day Barron (back again) another question:

How do you plan on getting Heater?


Hoping someone tags him and he drops 100K!

(He said as all the people with Shaw in their teams called him rude names)


Yes I hope someone sits on him but I don't know if many teams play a defensive forward?


what do you think of Macmillan from North as a D2 over KK? First uninterrupted pre season and North love him as their number 1 rebounding defender. Moved into leadership group and without injuries could be a great POD but would love to hear thoughts


I had a look at him, but decided to play a bit safer and follow Kolo into 2016. He's only in 1.1% of teams atm, so he'll be a massive POD if you do pick him.


I like him. Currently sitting at D2 in my team behind Laird. Join the 1.1% mate.


"There are two players who are critical to my theory working and they are Kurt Tippett and Daniel Wells."


I know, I know!


Cheers Baron for a sneak peak of your team.
Who do you and the community think i should pick from Greene and Hall?


Thanks, Holty

I'd probably go for Hall. GWS will have a lot of talent up forward (especially with Devon Smith to return too), so might have an odd quieter game.


cheers bud. i was opting going the other way as i felt Greene could become more of a keeper when Gold Coasts midfield returns. But as i and the rest of the community respects your great wisdom, i might have to rethink this final choice.


Neither are bad picks, and you are right about Hall and the other GC mids, but if they don't come back for a couple of months and Hall plays like he did in 2015, he should make a good amount of cash.


Holty out of the two I would definitely go Hall,
Greene butchers the ball too much and needs to improve skill errors.


agree ocker. he is similar to swanny. can get 40 touches for 95 points some games. He does get his hands on the ball though. i think i may need to think of this final choice a bit harder.


Here's one vote for the Greene Machine. Hall looks a good option too but right now I have Greene at F3 in my side.


Is cockatoo a worthy pick or is Gresham good enough


Stay clear of the rookies from the good teams