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NAB ANALYSIS: Melbourne v Western Bulldogs

Published by Jock on

Jock Reynolds Coach Kings

Tom Liberatore and Max Gawn.

Couldn’t wait get out to Craigieburn this afternoon and see these lads play. Both are as fantasy relevant as it gets at this time of year, with Libba stuffed into most of our midfields and Maxy Gawn appearing in plenty of ruck divisions.

Libba had his first hitout in over a year today and I was dead keen to see if Max could back up his big arse NAB 1 performance (where he tore Matty Lobbe apart limb by bloody limb).

The Dogs only played 8 of their best 22 which was a pain in my fantasy relevance extracting arse.. and not a great sign for Melbourne who needed to be more convincing here today.

Absent from Best 22:

Melbourne (7): Jesse Hogan, Angus Brayshaw, Lynden Dunn, Heriter “The Gift” Lumumba, Chris Dawes, Christian Petracca

Western Bulldogs (14): Mitch Wallis, Luke Dahlhaus, Jack Macrae, Marcus Bontempelli, Matthew Suckling, Jake Stringer, Matthew Boyd, Jason Johannisen, Easton Wood, Dale Morris, Lachie Hunter, Robert Murphy, Liam Picken, Tory Dickson.


Tom Liberatore (MID, $357,300 SC) did more than he needed to do to remain locked into my midfield. Got through the game unscathed and has not lost any of his inside ball collecting ability. Wasn’t prolific but this is all he needed to do at this stage of his re-introduction to footy. Remains locked. 16 disposals and a huge 10 tackles to Tom. Still managed a lazy 102 Supercoach points.

Lin Jong (MID/FWD $347,100) was brilliant all day and had the most contested possessions of anyone on the park. I’ll tell you one thing – he can read the ball off the ruck contest extremely well. Of course job security is the big problem with Lin, he is just on the fringes of the best 22 which makes him difficult to consider at this price.

Skinflute Minson (RUC $407,700 SC) shared ruck duties with Tommy Campbell and was beaten soundly by Gawn whenever he lined up against him. Sad to see the end of fantasy relevance for the Skinflute. He has provided us with such entertainment for a long time now. We still have his music.

Jed Adcock (FWD/DWF $340,500) had a chance to put his hand up for a slot in the best 22. While almost the entire Dogs backline was not on the park he did his claims no harm today. I reckon he has a real chance to be named Round 1, and with a lease of life at a fresh young team who knows? Not in my team at the moment but if you’re looking for that defensive POD.. maybe. Just maybe…. yeah but nah.

Kieran Collins (DEF $117,300 SC) remains a real chance at a Round 1 position. The kid was picked at #26 in last years draft after proving himself to be the best one-on-one defender in last year’s under 18’s championship. And he has impressed Bevo with “his ability to absorb the way we want him to play in our systems”. Granted the Dogs were missing a stack of their big boys down back, and he only had it 8 times, but he looks a player. Will never score big, and last bench slot fodder at best here.

Josh Dunkley (MID $117,300 SC) really impressed with 15 possessions, 6 tackles and 94 Supercoach points. Hard to get excited about him as a prospect given the lack of best 22 mids playing for the Dogs today, but put his hand up.

There were other Dogs such as Marcus Adams (DEF/FWD, $117,300 SC) who impressed today. I can’t stress enough though that the Dogs were playing a reserves team today so we can’t get carried away by these kids community.


Max Gawn (RUC, $550,800 SC) was huge again. Wasn’t quite in snarling Lobbe consuming mode, but was again clearly the best big bloke on the field. At this stage Max holds my R1 ruck position and while I would have loved  to have seen him do a bit more around the ground today I feel very comfortable with him as a selection. 46 hitouts, 11 to advantage (vs 20 hitouts to Minson & Campbell), 2 kicks, 8 handballs and 3 marks today. Shit he’ll go big at stages this year. 100% DE and 111 Supercoach points. Aroused.

Jack Viney (MID, $497,100) firmed again as a real breakout candidate with Dees. Was as important as anyone out there in a pretty strong Melbourne lineup and worked like a hungry Bull. 25 touches, 14 contested, 6 tackles and 111 Supercoach points.

Ben Kennedy (FWD/MID, $187,800) was OK but I don’t buy into talk that he’ll make up a key component of the Melbourne midfield this year. Had it 16 times and looks a player, feel as if he needs to work on the defensive side of his game to command immediate selection. 71 Supercoach points.

Jack Grimes (DEF, $414,100 SC) got through the game unscathed. Could this bloke become fantasy relevant again? 15 disposals at 80% and moves across the park nicely. In the cold light of day you can’t select him with his injury history – might have been one to consider at around $350K but not at his current pricetag.

Jack Watts (FWD/MID, $381,100 SC) has to be mentioned. He does. Don’t fall off your chair or have a bloody stroke on me. Was one of Melbourne’s most influential players today.. but did butcher the ball a touch. Played up forward today and kicked 3 but remember – he was up against a reserve grade defence. Wish Melbourne would just play this poor kid in one position and let him learn his craft with some consistency. Poor prick. Don’t pick him pls. 16 disposals at just 56% efficiency and 10 marks.

 Over to you lot.. what did you take out of today’s game?

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Salem played Jock mate!


Gawn & Libba looking locked after today, what do you think Vineys ceiling is this year?


Averaged 97 last year if you take out the injury/sub affected score ( can't remember what caused it), I'd say 105-110 and definately in breakout territory….


Jock if your running big Gawny at R1, who is your R2? I currently have Collins in my defence and Adams in my forward line to swing with Brown. Gawn is sitting at R2 in my team behind Goldy.

To get away from this game, was really disappointed that the weather ruined the game up in MacKay, was looking forward to seeing Daniel Rich run around, hoping he will be my D3.



You and me both, mate. Am hoping Rich presents himself.


Looking at rich as well, shame we didn't see him play.
What's the rest of your defence looking like ?
Have you got Shaw ?


Although your question is probably directed at Beast I'll answer too. My current def is Shaw, Laird, Bartel/Rich, Weitering, Brown, Hartley. Am considering Rich because I will then be able to either upgrade Nic Nat to Goldy, or Parker to Fyfe or Priddis.


Love the look of that defence.
The exact same as mine.
Would love your thoughts on my team Eric.

DEF: Shaw, Laird, Bartel, Weitering, Hartley, Brown (Collins, Bryne-Jones)
MID: Fyfe, Danger, GAJ, Shiel, Rocky, Libba, Gresham, Petracca (Clarke, Mathieson, Davis/Macpherson)
RUC: Goldy, Gawn (Wyatt)
FWD: Dusty, Barlow, Greene, De Goey, Menadue, Kerridge (Hunt, AMT)

Could go De goey to wells to give me cash to upgrade Shiel to Pendles but i'm not sure.
All thoughts are appreciated.

Cheers Liam


G'day Liam. It's a nice looking side. Its up to you with the Shiel to Pendles. With Pendles you know what you will get – consistency. Not sure how the inclusion of Treloar and Aish will affect him with less midfield time along with Adams, Swan, Sidey and De Goey going through there. There is probably more players who will run through there as well.


Cheers Beast.
Could go Gray instead, just not sure on Wells V De Goey.


It’ll be hard for Aish to affect Pendles from the VFL imo.


I'm a big fan of your team, mate. Looks great. Your defence is very similar to mine so I've got nothing bad to say about it. I like Shiel and would stick with him. Doesn't have the track record of Pendles just yet but he could be anything. You need to take a risk somewhere, so maybe that could be yours? Your rucks are perfect. That forward line was what I had (pretty much the same) a few weeks back but I've changed it slightly. I really like De Goey, but downgraded him to Menzel to save coin. Good luck this year.


Cheers guys.
I just made a few changes of the back of your feedback,
McGovern, Mills and Wells in for Bartel, MacPherson and De Goey.
Hopefully that will improve my team.


Great team if you have more than $10 mil in your cap Liam


My defence is Shaw, Laird, McGovern, Weitering, Brown, Collins, Broad, Tucker


Looking the goods Beast, I am considering McGovern as well.


Would love to hear your thoughts on my team as well. 😉


Same as mine except I have hartley for tucker



jack Viney 113
Max Gawn 112
Nathan Jones 103
Matt Jones 96
Dom Tyson 92
Tom McDonald 92
James Harmes 90
Jack Watts 89
Bernie Vince 81
Jeff Garlett 79
Christian Salem 78
Ben Kennedy 76
Jack Grimes 74
Tomas Bugg 74
Clayton Oliver 70
Aaron Vandenberg 66
Neville Jetta 63
Cameron Pedersen 61
Jayden Hunt 40
Sam Frost 36
Dean Kent 32
Lynden Dunn 30
Josh Wagner 27
Viv Michie 27
Colin Garland 23
Billy Stretch 0

Lin Jong 115
Tom Liberatore 107
Josh Dunkley 94
Mitch Honeychurch 89
Jordan Roughead 82
Caleb Daniel 79
Nathan Hrovat 76
Marcus Adams 76
Will Minson 69
Josh Prudden 68
Jed Adcock 63
Kieran Collins 62
Jack Redpath 61
Lukas Webb 61
Tom Boyd 59
Zaine Cordy 58
Tom Campbell 56
Bailey Dale 56
Toby McLean 52
Brad Lynch 51
Joel Hamling 46
Bailey Williams 42
Fletcher Roberts 35
Declan Hamilton 13
Luke Goetz 5


Love you Beast!


No worries Lek mate.


Nice Jock! Jack Viney interesting, both him and Mitch Duncan i think will have breakout years!

Thoughts on the team and what do i need to change?

Def: Shaw, Laird, Doc, Weitering, Brown, Hartley, (Byrne-jones, collins)

Mid: Fyfe, Dangerfield, GAJ, Gray, Rockliff, Libba, Mills, Gresham, (Menadue, Petracca, Mathieson)

Ruck: Goldy, Gawn (Wyatt)

Fwd: Martin, Barlow, D Menzel, Wells, Milera, Kerridge (McCarthy, Grimley)


You say Viney and Duncan will have breakout years, this year or 2017. Neither are selected in your team.


Was really considering Kennedy before this game but is now out of my team. Was contemplating a ruck strategy of Goldy and Sinclair but now that gawn has backed up his first game form he and nicnat are now my two ruckmen. I reckon jong did fantastically today, probably enough to guarantee a rd1 selection. There is one spot in my forward line that he could potentially take, but I am not 100% sure whether or not to choose him or a Heeney/Dixon/Bird/DeGoey/Menzel type. I have 380k to spend on that position.Any thoughts?

This is my first draft, and I set out with a plan to load the mids with lots of set and forget premos. I wanted a similar pricing structure for my defence and forward line, and I wanted two strong ruckmen who still were decent value, hence no Goldstein. For the record, I spent around 2m for my def, 4.8m for my mid, 1.2m for my rucks and 2m for my fwd line. Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.

D:Laird, McGovern, Sheridan, Weitering, Brown bombers, Hartley (Collins dockers, Collins bulldogs)
M: Fyfe, Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Priddis, R Gray, Libba, Mills (Gresham, Gore, Mathieson)
R: Naitanui, Gawn (Chol tigers)
F: Barlow, Stringer, ?? (see above), Wells, McCarthy cats, Kerridge (Grimely, Petracca)

Cheers and thanks in advance 🙂

Canny the Manny

Mate, can't argue with a man who's got a plan! Can do nothing else but back yourself and stick to your guns.
If I was to give my to cents, I would say that the absence of Shaw and Goldstein, and Barlow at M1 are vulnerable weak spots in your side. Shaw proved on Friday that he's going to be the main man defence again this year and that you should go without him at your own peril, and avoiding Goldy could put you behind the rest, as shown last season.
You face a bit of a problem in your forward line. Barlow is a sound pick, but Stringer at F2 spells danger. If you want to stick with your plan, I would suggest bringing in Menzel at F3 and upgrading Stringer.


Any reasons for leaving Rocky out? is a steal at that price. Also don't know if id go with Mcgovern at d2, probably more consistent players at that price.


You can gain 45k by changing Gray to Rocky, Big balls not selecting Rocky at 550k he should score as good or better then Gray in my book.


How's Oliver look at about 200k?


Probably a bit too expensive for what his output will be and there are better options. But he will definitely be a player! Loved his game today.


Pipe down Stainy.


sidebottom, sheil or murphy

Canny the Manny

I'd go Shiel. Sidebum is going to be robbed of points and time in the Collingwood midfield (which is an awful shame, because he's close to my favourite player in supercoach) and I guess Murphy may struggle in an even shitter Carlton squad, although he should still provide for you if you elect him.
However I'd be more inclined to go with Parker or Wines at a cheaper price, and I would keep my eye on Jack Redden at 515k, should not be underestimated. You heard it here first.


not sure about sidey being robbed of points. he will most likely be on that wing and with his engine wont be rotated that often.


Agree Holty, he's a winger and only occasionally attends the centre bounces. He's consistently scored well in conjunction with Swan and Pendlebury over the past few years.




Matt Jones backed up last weeks 95 with today's 96 from 20 pos @80% DE, as a 250k fwd might be of some relevance instead of a Wells/Simpkin, will definitely be a pod but whether he can sustain these scores, thoughts community?


i like it slats. i hadnt even considered until today. what i like about him is melbourne have played 2 games in the nab with 2 fairly strong teams and he has got the job done both times. cant see his role changing much now either when the real thing starts. ill be watching with intent next week and if he does well, he may have to slip into my side


Cheers Holtz, the first game he went @87% DE & is getting fwd 50 entry's as well as rebounding 50's so he's working at both ends being used as a link. Also both games he's had 5 scoring involvements so I'll be keeping an eye on him as well in the 3rd game


Not two strong teams, the Bulldogs were at less than half strength.


He's having a good NAB Cup but still unlikely to be in the Dees round oneand if he does play he will be playing as a defensive forward.


And with very poor job security!


Thoughts on my team guys?

DEF: Laird, Murphy, Bartel, Sheridan, Weitering, Brown (ESS), (Hartley), (K.Collins)

MID: Fyfe, Ablett, Gray, Rockliff, Parker, Libba, Gore, Mathieson, (Keays), (Gresham), (Davis)

RUCKS: Mumford, Nic Nat, (King)

FWDS: Martin, Barlow, Greene, Wells, Milera, Kerridge, (Menadue), (Petracca)

56k left in the bank btw


Think you've got to have a look at Shaw in your backline, Also there's better options than Mummy (Gawn, Stef Martin). Also to free up some cash look at cheaper rookie options.


Not enough job security for some of your on field rookies in my opinion.


Honestly i can only see milera and gore not getting regular starts, who were you thinking of?

Canny the Manny

I actually don't mind this team, I haven't really trialed a side with as strong a back line as this but it looks good. My only concern is Mumford. He's almost a certainty to go down at some point and I think there a safer picks at similar prices. But he could turn out to be a great POD.


Gotta have the scorers in the backline from the start I reckon. It's traditionally a really hard place to get decent rookie downgrades. Midfield rookies always go up the most, and quickly too, so weaker mids and strong other lines has to be best for fast upgrades.


Hi community I would really appreciate thoughts on my team
Laird, KK, johannisen, wietering, m.brown, k.collins: bonner, hibbered
Danger, dependlebury, abblet, gaff, Rockliff, Parker, Libba, Gresham: petracca, keays, macpherson
Martin, Gawn: cox
Wingard, Barlow, Greene, Menzel, kerridge, kommer: grimley, hammelman
I will worry about my rookies at a later stage but am fairly happy with what I have got


sigh. was hoping to see stef martin today to convince myself im happy going with him over gawn. Oh well, got next weekend i guess.


I think they might be playing tmrrw in brissy


It's no going to be rescheduled


hows my team looking any tips
defence: kkol, bartel, yeo, weitering
mid: fyfe, pendles, ablett, rockliff , wines , libba
Ruck: martin and gawn
fwd: martin, wingard , barlow , billings
i do have rookies but need opinions on the mid pricers and premos


Not too sure about Billings and Yeo, apart from that nice team bud 🙂


Best 400- 500 k defenders


Bartel, McGovern, KK and Rich are probably the best IMO.


Fully agree with liam on this one.


Backline could either kill you are perform extremely well. Risky! Also without Goldy could hurt.


also is anyone considering zac smith two tons in a row very tempting


Na goldy and gawn james but as a cats man I hope his body holds up will be a big pickup

Benjamima Puddleduck

Yip, was hoping it would have been Stanely hitting those tons.
Only considering as i am short on cash for another premo


noooooooooo. i was just going to my mates to watch it.


Shit sry was no arvo game to watch and knew a few lads were talking bout it other day.


all good bud. just wasnt expecting to see the results on this site.


I might delete that post holty so your the only poor bastard who's day I spoil!!

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Which team?

D:Laird, McGovern, Sheridan, Weitering, Brown bombers, Hartley (Collins dockers, Collins bulldogs)
M: Fyfe, Danger, Pendles, Ablett, Priddis, R Gray, Libba, Mills (Gresham, Gore, Mathieson)
R: Naitanui, Gawn (Chol tigers)
F: Barlow, Stringer, ?? (see above), Wells, McCarthy cats, Kerridge (Grimely, Petracca)


D:Shaw, Laird, Johanissen, Sheridan, Weitering, Brown (Hartley, Collins bulldogs)
M: RGray, JPK, Sloane, Rockliff, Parker, Libba, Mills, Gresham (Keays, Gore, Mathieson)
R: Naitanui, Gawn (Chol tigers)
F: Martin, Barlow, Stringer, Menzel, Wells, Kerrigde (Grimely, Petracca)


Cox much better option at R3/F8 than Chol, as he is very raw and can't see him getting a run unless Maric, Hampson and a couple other blokes all get injured, or if you're going Chol purely for loophole purposes, might as well save 15k and go with Wyatt


McGovern or KK?


It's amazing to see Thumper as a POD now. Was in half the teams here a month ago along with Yeo.

I'd avoid the Governator as a KPP myself so I guess it's KK of those 2.


Guys wondering the thoughts on Ceglar as a mid pod ruck option…. no roughy


I cant decide between Danger or Fyfe??? What does the community think is the better option?



Danger is more durable.


Yep true – both will be in my side but only starting with Danger at this point




I don't think there's a right and a wrong answer there. They're going to both score big most weeks.


i have neither but if i had to pick one, Fyfe.

scott ballza semnens

watched crowies and freo game and seen teenwolf grab lower back just after half time still prob just warming up after the half time break, but this early not great signs for the gun finding it hard to leave him out myself but dangermouse for mine at this stage ! bloody hard decision will make or break a season


Nic nat and Gawn looking like a great ruck duo but I'm sticking with Gawn and Sinclair – great work Jockly – love your passion.


Thoughts and suggestions on my team please!
Shaw Laird Bartel Weitering Brown Hartley-Adams Broad

Fyfe Ablett Sloane Rockliff Parker Libba Gresham Petracca- mathiewson,keays,macpherson

Natinui Gawn- cox

Martin Barlow Greene Billings Wells kerridge- amt kommer


Looks rock solid Sarah.

Nothing to fault really as it's just a matter of personal choices.

For instance I'd rather pay overs for Goldy rather than Shaw but that's just my own preference.

Sloanedog should be a huge POD for you for better or worse.


Hi Sarah. Feels like you have slightly weakened your Defence and mids to have a really strong forward line. Suggest downgrading either Greene or Billings, and turning either Sloane or Parker into Danger/Pendles. Then maybe can upgrade Weitering to stronger D4. Personally I think you can score more and grow cash quicker with rookies on fwd line rather than backline. I think Wells is good enough for F4. On the positive side, it's unusual for the sides posted on here to run so deep on the forward line, so is a good POD


Best forward under 187k?? I currently have Cox/Grimley and AMT on my bench and Menadue on the pine in the mids, need one more to sit at F6/F7… And also what's the latest with Petracca?? I'm not hearing a lot




Tossing up Wells or Menzel Thoughts?


Wells is pretty close to a must have now for many coaches after delivering the goods yesterday.

Menzel looks a nice pick but is not quite on that lock level as I see it.


If Wells is fit Then pick him as he looked in first game however if he does bad in the next NAB cup game don't pick 'im and go Menzel


I like both Gaff and Viney a lot, too much POD for one midfield??


You'll either be crowned a genius or recommended to an insane asylum if you start with BOTH Viney and Gaff in the middle.

Most coaches wouldn't have the plums to put their whole season on the line early with such a massive midfield premo difference to the rest of the pack.

But it's your team so if you really to want to get on both guys then go for it dude or dudette!


I've got 435k in the bank looking for a POD in deffence. What you got for me community?


Michael Johnson looks to offer value. Has obviously had some recent injury issues but if he can stay on the park he should provide a nice POD down back.


Thanks mate didn't think of him. What are your thoughts on Pittard?


A nice up and coming player but has struggled with consistency so far in his career. Had 10 games last season, i.e. half of his 20 games played, where he scored 75 or less which just isn't reliable production for mine so he could frustrate the bejesus out of you.

Still he can also go on hot patches too so perhaps pick him up midseason from the bargain bin when he bottoms out in pricing rather than starting with him.


Zac Dawson


For a bit of a smokey Easton Wood. Takes a lot of intercept marks & hits a lot of targets by foot.

ball swing

Ive got my paypal details if you wanna pass a few hundred gee my way.


are people picking Gawn because they actually think he will average more than Martin or is it because he is 50k cheaper and more value for money?

Martin is an absolute jet and doesnt look like slowing down. Cant see him averaging less than Gawn


They'll average similar, but I reckon Gawn will at least equal Martin if not better him. For Martin to score big he usually needs to rack up a lot of touches. Gawn only had 10 today and scored over 110 which is a positive sign. In saying this, Gawn is in my side.


im going martin over gawn. simply because he is to agile for other ruckman. he will still score well against the likes of goldy, jacobs, sandi etc. Gawn will have the huge games against the lesser rucks but when he is up against these 3, i believe he will struggle as he depends so heavily on his rucking.


It is Martin and Naitanui for me. If either go down with a LTI I will look to pick up Goldstein. Have Sinclair forward as short term insurance. Using the extra dollars in the Mid. Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Priddis, Kennedy, Rockliff, Liberatore and Kerridge.


Thoughts on Harwood?


Hi community, haven't really kept up with NAB cup so a little unsure on the rookies, here's my team atm, would welcome any feedback please:

DEF: Heater, Laird, JimmyB, MBrown, Hartley, SCollins, Bonner, KCollins
MID: Fyfe, GAJ, Priddis, JPK, Rocky, Libba, Parish, Kerridge, Gore, Freeman, TPhillips
RUC: Sauce, ZSmith, Naismith
FWD: Dusty, Zorks, Barlow, MJones, Wells, Petracca, Kommer, Grimley

Have $100K left in the kitty.


Hey folks. Reckon running both Menzel and Wells at F4 and 5 is a waste of coin? Fwd line would be Martin, Zorko, Barlow, Menzel, Wells, Kerridge.


Not necessarily. If Menzel impresses again in NAB3 he'll be hard to leave out as the kid has talent to burn. Wells is already lockish for many if not most coaches after soaring through NAB2.

I probably won't be able to sneak Menzel in myself but he is certainly looking a viable selection right now. If Conca and De Goey also play well in their final hit out it's going to cause coaches plenty of headaches with tough choices to make in the forward line.

Although I guess that's a good problem to have so that we don't all have the same vanilla flavoured cookie cutter teams.


I'm thinking about doing that as well. The main things I've been looking at is we want to have the top 10 forwards in our forward lines at the end of the year – I really doubt Wells or Menzel will fit that bill. Wells is a slim chance of it, but I'd be surprised. I'm a cats supporter, but can't see Menzel being consistent enough to be a keeper (although hope I'm wrong!). If they are not keepers, the next question is whether they will generate you enough cash to get to full premo as soon as possible. If they can get up to $450k that would be enough for me. I think they are both a chance of doing that, in which case I don;t think its such a bad move.


Very high risk having these mid priced players, its very rare for people to pick up a few mid priced players that go on and increase in value, most times they preform allot worse then expected and hemorage cash meaning you need to burn a trade allot sooner then expected. Also you really need to take into consideration that both Wells & Menzel are extremely injury prone.

The more mid priced players you own generally means you'll go through trades faster and lose both points & cash. Libba is the only exception, I think Wells is worth the risk but no others, especially if you have those high priced rookies like Mills, Parish, Francis, Dea, Hopper and so forth. I'm thinking of putting wells in but if I do then Mill's will go as I don't want more then 2 mid priced players.


I do agree will what you are saying in relation to mid price players. But I do think this only pertains to 300k + players, not these 250k ones. With the change in the rookie price structure over the last few years being the good ones cost more the rules have slightly change. Just my opinion


Good side. ballsy on the Zac Smith selection. Love the M Jones selection. Only advice would be to run only one of M Jones and Wells and use the 200k to upgrade to a mid priced D4.

Bottoms blues

Need some comments/opinions/criticism on my teams please

Version 1

Backs – Houli, laird, Bartel, Sheridan, tucker, bonner (Hartley, Collins)
Mids – Fyfe, danger, Ablett, rocky, libba, wells, parish, freeman (gore, Keyes, Mathieson)
Rucks – Martin, Gawn (cox)
Forwards – Martin, Zorko, Barlow, Merritt, kerridge, brown (McCarthy, petracca

30k left over

Version 2

Backs – Shaw, laird, Bartel, Sheridan, tucker, bonner (Collins, Hartley)
Mids – as above
Rucks – Nic Nat, Gawn (cox)
Forwards – Martin, Barlow, Merrett, Greene, Kerridge brown (petracca, McCarthy)

35k left over

Or any other suggestions someone can give me, rookies pending selection obviously


A unique selection but has potential to breakout this year. Has his days where he racks up the pill at will. Could be a great POD or burn you. Has averaged over 80 in a season before.


Hey Jock, fantastic write up as always, i was wondering if you could tell me when your next cheat sheet will be coming out? interested to see whats changed for you after the nab cup.


Still one more week of nab mate. All teams will be lining up.


Which 2 ruckman:
Martin or gawn or nicnat


gawn and nic

'Don't Blush Babbie'



Any reasoning or just coz of prices?

'Don't Blush Babbie'

As per a previous post, 695k for Goldy is huge,plus you look at his first 4 rounds, you can save 100k plus and use to upgrade elsewhere, but theres plenty of people who think otherwise , my opinion only


Check the byes and make a decision from there.


Poor ole Martin aint getting much love this weekend hey with the washed out game!

But human beings are usually prisoners of the moment so that could all change if he pumps out a monster next weekend or Big Maxy picks up another injury niggle.

'Don't Blush Babbie'

ha ha , your right the, highs & lows the ins & outs of fantasy football, be prepared for the unexpected


what are you expecting gawn and nicnat to average this season? Martin has backed up with back to back 110 seasons. For only the extra 40k, you are guaranteed of a 110 average over a hopeful 110 average. if though you think both gawn and nicnat will average that, select them for the savings.
Martin and Gawn is who id pick.


Martin & Naitanui


Hi guys love your opinion on this one.

Gawn + Sheriden (or someone 370k)
Sinclair/Smith + Bartel (or 500k def)



Personally I'd say Gawn and Sheridan mate. Both are a lot more reliable.


Option 1: Fyfe, Goldstein, rookie (180k or less)
Option 2: C Ward, Gawn, Rioli
Option 3: Priddis, Jacobs, T Greene

Which is best option?


I'd go with 1 for a mega GnR strategy although I also like 3 as well for pure value.


Just think it's hard for goldy to ave 130 again….


You're probably right Brent but I don't think I have the stones to start without him.

Just don't want to miss out on another 221 type performance and North's first 9 games look pretty scrumptious.


1 – need Goldy, not 100% sold on Fyfe, tossing up between him &Dangerfield


Yeah if danger goes 120 plus again I will def lock him in…dunno bout goldy yet…huge price




Dangerfield & Jacobs
Fyfe & Gawn?

'Don't Blush Babbie'

Fyfe & Gawn i have atm


Option two.



Shake n bake

Danger Gawn!


Option 1: Dangerfield, HShaw with Menzel and Wells at F3 and F4; – means rookies (incl MBrown) from D3 onwards and and rookies after Wells in FWDs but only one rookie on field in mids; or
Option 2: BCrouch, C Mills, Dahlhaus, Rosa (d3), Sheridan (d4)


Crouch isn't looking so appetising atm and I'm not huge on either Rosa or Sheridan so opton 1 for me Cozza.

Rosa I have no interest in given his age and fragility averaging less than 15 games over the past 5 seasons. Sheridan I guess I could be seduced by if he tons up in NAB3 but I just have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that he could turn out to be one of those 'seemed like a good idea at the time' type of selections.


Thanks SC – I'm leaning that way too. Also gives me 14 premos at the start instead of 13, so hopefully a cpl less trades to make during the year. Banking on my fwd and mid rookies making money fairly quickly though!


Have rejigged my team to fit shaw in after his effort on Friday night. So now have room for one super rookie. Mills or Weithering. Would b at m7 or d4.

Thinking weithering as there seems to b less options in defence?


Yes the final rookie lay of the land and resulting team structure would play a big part in your decision making process.

But all things being equal I'd expect Mills to generate the most cash of these two plump little calves which should also factor in to the decision.


Parish is in a weaker team and will probably play more games and outscore both.


Yes he needs to be considered too but what he will score as a younster in a team that likely gets belted most weeks remains to be seen. He will make a chunk of cash without doubt but will he be the best pick as an onfield scoring rookie in the midfield is the question. Too expensive as a bench option I would think.

Only seen him against a p1ss weak Blues reserve team so far so will be keen to see if he can maintain that poise against a loaded Eagles side in NAB3 next week as that should be closer to reality for Dons players this season. If he can produce ok against that level of opposition then yes we'll all need to seriously look at him for M7/M8.

For not a single Don tonned up against the Cats which is bit of a red flag already although the Bombers were significantly depleted themselves admittedly.


one of my rules is to Not start with rookies from the good teams.


Yes it's usually a very good rule to follow as rookies rarely get opportunities in their first season at the better teams.

However there are always exceptions to any rule and with all the departures at the Swans last season there's a spot for Mills if he's good enough to take it. Just like there was a spot for Heeney when he was healthy who was on track to be one of the better rookie choices until he got hurt in Rd4.

Of course if there are cheaper better options elsewhere then we should pursue those instead so it should be a fascinating lead up to Rd 1.


i was thinking Wells or Simpkin etc: but i'm going with Weitering at F5, may not score as well as Wells, but i think the defence rookies are a worry this year.


Please rate my team. Any suggestions appreciated

Def: Houli, Laird, Sheridan, Weitering, M. Brown, Hartley ( Collins, Tucker)

Mids: Fyfe, Ablett, Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Duncan, Libertore, Parich, Gresham, (Gore, Petracca, Mathieson)

Rucks: Goldstein, Gawn,(Wyatt)

Fwds: Martin, Barlow, Greene, Stringer, Kerridge, McCarthy, (Grimley, Tippa)


This is my side as of now. I keep saying every season, once I pick my premiums in my first team thats it I won't change them but every bloody year I continue to restructure my side over 50 times before the season proper starts.

Thoughts community will be appreciated.

DEF: Shaw, Laird, Simpson, C Byrne, Hartley, Brown (Collins, Bonner)
MID: Fyfe, Danger, GAJ, Priddis, Rocky, Libba, Menadue, Petracca (Gresham, Kerridge, Mathieson)
RUC: Goldy, Gawn (Wyatt)
FWD: Wingard, Gunston, Barlow, Wells, McCarthy, Hunt (Grimley, Adams)


Nailed it. GnR to the hilt! Only thing to think about is whether you want Wells at F4 (hard to resist, I know) and three rookies in Defence, or to run a McDonald, Aish, Fantasia,Wilson at D4 instead so that you have 3 rooks forward and 2 rooks back. Agree that you might be slightly behind on points early, but the cash generation might be quicker, so you will make them up quickly and get to full premo quicker


Cheers mate, yeah I thought about putting a mid priced player in defence but every year the defence is always the hardest to find players that score you consistent 90+ The only player to date is Shaw that is a absolute GEM in defence but your paying for him, the other top priced defenders will struggle to score 90+ mark my word.

I personally think Rich will make top 10 Rookies this year as he is a midfielder but to get that extra $200k just screws up the rest of your team. The only other midfield defender I would consider at this stage is McKenzie in defence but still he is a extra $60k


C Sinclair VS Lobbe VS Z Smith, who is the best choice for r2?


I like Sinclair, could be valuable with his dpp as an f6-7 later in the season…..I'm expecting 90ish average (hoping)


If you had to pick Goldy and mid price R2. Who would be best suited in that price range as an R2.

By doing this option i can free up a lot of cash so mids will have 6 premo the likes of Fyfe, Danger, Abblett, Gray, Priddis, Rocky/Parker, Libba, Mills.

Thanks in Advance


Tippet or Sinclair IMO


I'm on Sinclair in the hope he can become a f6-7 backup/loopholer. He's ahead of Tippett for me basically only because of price. Becomes a keeper then and saves a trade….

Rob paz

Gawn or nic nat?


im goin gawn. but nic nat is just as good of a bet


im going nic nat.

Gawn had a great year last year, not sure if he can do it again, especially in a bottom 8 team. Gawn is fully priced. NicNat is still yet to have his best year, waiting for him to be the best player. NicNats price is more likely to increase, better to get him now.

I'm starting with NicNat and Lobbe. Hoping to get some increase from lobbe and Goldy to decrease. But i'm not against a sideways move from nicNat to Goldy if he kills the first few weeks and Nicnat is off his game.

Rob paz

Im starting with goldy at R1 had lobbe but gone cold on him thinking gawn/nic nat currently got nic nat but seriously considering gawn


They will avg about the same. Look at who u think will play the most games (I think Nic Nat).


I'm going with both in the rucks


Thoughts on either Sam Mitchell or Andrew Gaff and why?
and also, thoughts on Shannon Hurn, now that he'll be used in his normal rebounding defensive position again?


Is anyone considering Suckling?


not for me. he has only had one big year and that was 4 years ago.


toyed with it but sticking with GnR


Who will finish Top 6 in DEF & FWD?


Im now considering z.smith instead of Lobbe is this smart?




Stefan Martin, Jesse Lonergan & Tommy Sheridan


Todd Goldstein, Kade Kolodasjni & Rookie