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NAB ANALYSIS: West Coast v Gold Coast Suns

Published by Patch on

Supercoach 2016 midpriced defenders

What started as a thoroughly dull game of football ended as a reasonably exciting finish between the Eagles and the Suns in Joondalup (which is up there with Woolloomooloo in the echelons of Great Australian Names for Places).

The Suns were in front all night despite leaving a full half of their best 22 on the beach and the Eagles missing a small handful of stars. It was only when Jeremy McGovern made the most of his second opportunity to kick a last minute match-winner with 4 seconds on the clock did the Eagles get ahead.

But enough about the football, you’ll get that in the papers and on the news interwebs. We don’t care about the game. We care about the points. Let’s get into the analysis.

Absent Best 22

West Coast – Shuey, Wellingham, Masten (who is out for a few months), Sheed.

Gold Coast – oh boy, here we go… Ablett, Swallow (LTI), Prestia, O’Maera, Malceski, Kolodjashnij, Rosa, Nicholls, Rischitelli, May, Lynch and Thompson all not playing.


Jesse Lonergan hurt his ankle midway through the third after racking up 11 touches through the midfield.

Preseason wisdom from Jock Reynolds

Jock here. Got some important advice for ALL fantasy coaches as the 2016 season draws near.

Posted by Jock Reynolds CoachKings Community on Thursday, March 3, 2016

After a solid quarter and a half of receiving and giving handballs, Lewis Jetta also got a knock to the ankle and went and had a shower.

Mitch Brown (not the Essendon one) had one touch to half time in his first game back before hurting his hand and coming off both the field and our Supercoach watch lists.

A few other players got knocks, but ended up back on the field, including Jeremy McGovern, who kept sticking his arm underneath packs, which I still maintain is a bad idea for someone with really terrible shoulders. Or a bad idea in general, to be honest.

Gold Coast

I was really impressed with the Suns. For a side with 900-odd games experience, and 100 of those games from Harbrow, they stood up and applied a lot of pressure to an experienced West Coast line up. The pressure acts stood out, from tackling to smothering to chasing, and generally looked much more composed than expected.

Individually, Lekdog’s man Aaron Hall had a staggering FIFTEEN tackles, attended the most centre bounces of the match and had got the ball nineteen times. Only 9 of those possessions went where he wanted them to go, mind you, but with O’Maera and Swallow out and Prestia in doubt, Aaron Hall could be quite the pick for early on in the season.

Young gun Trent McKenzie stood up in a backline missing, well, everyone, grabbing 25 possessions, 21 by foot. I reckon those kicks would have travelled an average of 40 metres, too, including one that flew nearly 80 metres with the wind from full back. At 306K in Supercoach you get tempted when a bloke scores 171 (yep, one hundred and seventy-one points), but wait until he plays with Kolodjashnij and Malceski before you even think about him in Supercoach. In Coach Kings, however…

Jesse Lonergan, as I mentioned, was iced for a fair portion of the second half, and had it 11 times off the back flank before he went off. I wasn’t thrilled with what I saw, but he could be a good Coach Kings pick early in the season.

Sam Day looks like a bloody good Coach Kings pick, as he flies, takes intercept marks, spoils, tackles – the lot. I wouldn’t touch him in long form though. Took an absolute screamer.

On the rookie front, I was really impressed with Peter Wright, who looks to have taken Charlie Dixon’s spot as his own. “2 Metre Peter” kicked 2.2, had 5 strong marks and 7 disposals. Probably not consistent enough for 187K forward, but my he looked good. Dan MacPherson might as well have not played, as I saw his surfer boy hair once, and that was when he had a mark taken over him by Brad Sheppard late in the last. Finally, Callum Ah Chee had flashes of brilliance, but very little else. Avoid.

Jack Martin attacked the ball well and looked very good, but didn’t get enough of it to score for us. He also played very deep forward.

Last year’s rookie saviours, Touk Miller and Adam Saad, both played well in parts – Saad in particular had one gorgeous stretch of play where he took on about 6 Eagles running through the square – but had 20 and 10 disposals respectively. Neither are fantasy relevant now they are mid-priced players.

Annoying we still haven’t had a look at Tom Nicholls in the ruck, as Daniel Currie still sort of flails about against much more experienced ruckmen. He had 21 hit outs, and his 7 tackles were encouraging, and the 95 supercoach points surprising, but I doubt he’ll have that much of an impact as a second ruckman. If Nicholls goes down or plays forward, consider, but until then no.

Hallahan, Shaw and Lemmens all ran around in the middle and got some 18-odd disposals, but they won’t be there when the real stuff starts and are all really annoying prices. Let’s move on.

West Coast

The Eagles spent a lot of time doing not much. They didn’t really attack it with intensity, preferring to wait to collect the ball on the half back line, which is where all my attention was this game.

Shannon Hurn revelled in playing a rebounding defender role, and not a key position as he did for most of last year. He looked composed and in control off the half back flank. While he only had 16 disposals, 12 of them were kicks, and that’s how he scores his points. I’m eagerly awaiting NAB4 against Essendon.

After being maligned for a lot of last week, Elliot Yeo had more of an impact in this game, with 15 touches.


However, I spotted Yeo deep forward on several occasions, and didn’t see too much work done out of the middle by him. He ended with 54 points, and lost his spot on my watchlist.

Like his captain, swingman Jeremy McGovern also enjoyed running through the middle, racking up intercept marks, 16 touches and 2 goals, including the match winner. I don’t know how much this winning goal added to his 111 points, though, Also, with Scott Lycett in the side, we saw none of the rucking he was touted for in February. Both he and Hurn are being very heavily considered. McGovern also picked up 160 CoachKings points.

The forgotten member of the West Coast half back line, Brad Sheppard, impressed me a lot tonight. 20 disposals at 76% spoke volumes. He’s another one of these 400K tempting bastards in the defence line, and has replaced Yeo on my scouting list.

Nic Naitanui is an absolute jet. 10 disposals, 28 hitouts and 3,462 moments where you just have to reassess how a human can be this athletic and freaky and still somehow be human. He took strong contested marks, pouched hitouts to advantage, and had 7 monstrous tackles. 103 points. Need another look but without Scott Lycett (who spent a long while in the ruck for 16 hitouts) he is hard to resist.

Lock Marc LeCras in for pretty much every West Coast clash that pops up in CoachKings. The little master was pulling the ball from everywhere, picking up 25 possies and 2.3 that would have been 5 straight had the gale not been a-thundering like it was. 142 Supercoach.

Matt Priddis had the ball 26 times and used it reasonably well. 18 of his 24 were handballs, but 18 possessions were contested, and he had 8 tackles, which resulted with just a cool 155 Supercoach points. You know what you get with Priddis.  Similarly, Andrew Gaff had it 30 times for 10 contested, and looked reasonably good despite never going 100%.

Jack Darling and Josh Kennedy were kept busy by the wind. Look at them in Coach Kings, probably not in Supercoach.

Liam Duggan at 220K in the forward line had moments where he looked composed, and then moments where he didn’t. I think I’d steer clear and go with a Wells or a Menzel, but he is still an option. 9 disposals, 4 tackles.

Righteo, I’m already yonks behind the time Lekdog takes to publish his reports, but he’s a freak round 1 draft pick. Hopefully I’ve done it justice. Who caught your eye, community?

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So, scores were finalised just as I flicked the report off to Jock HQ. Final Supercoach scores are as follows. Higgo has been putting Coach Kings scores up on Twitter as well, so keep your eyes peeled there if you can!

Trent McKenzie 169
Aaron Hall 123
Touk Miller 92
Daniel Currie 91
Mitch Hallahan 90
Alex Sexton 84
Matt Shaw 75
Sean Lemmens 69
Ryan Davis 65
Tom Keough 65
Jesse Lonergan 64
Jarrod Harbrow 61
Adam Saad 58
Sam Day 57
Peter Wright 54
Keegan Brooksby 51
Jack Leslie 50
Jack Martin 49
Luke Russell 44
Henry Schade 41
Brandon Matera 33
Clay Cameron 30
Callum Ah Chee 28
Jarrod Garlett 28
Brayden Fiorini 14
Darcy MacPherson 14

Matt Priddis 158
Mark LeCras 135
Jeremy McGovern 120
Brad Sheppard 113
Andrew Gaff 110
Shannon Hurn 101
Nic Naitanui 101
Sam Butler 99
Jackson Nelson 82
Xavier Ellis 71
Will Schofield 69
Jack Darling 63
Jamie Bennell 62
Elliot Yeo 58
Scott Lycett 58
Jamie Cripps 53
Eric MacKenzie 51
Liam Duggan 42
Fraser McInnes 32
Malcolm Karpany 29
Josh Hill 29
Patrick McGinnity 26
Josh J. Kennedy 22
Lewis Jetta 21
Mitchell Brown -2

Peter Higginbotham

CoachKings scores;

DEF | Jeremy McGovernWCE160
DEF | Trent McKenzieGCS157
FWD | Mark LeCrasWCE113
MID | Matt PriddisWCE110
DEF | Brad SheppardWCE97
MID | Andrew GaffWCE90
DEF | Sam ButlerWCE87
DEF | Jackson NelsonWCE82
RUC | Nic NaitanuiWCE74
MID | Aaron HallGCS72
DEF | Shannon HurnWCE72
RUC | Daniel CurrieGCS71
FWD | Peter WrightGCS66
MID | Mitch HallahanGCS65
MID | Ryan DavisGCS65
DEF | Eric MacKenzieWCE64
MID | Touk MillerGCS64
DEF | Xavier EllisWCE64
DEF | Jack LeslieGCS57
DEF | Sam DayGCS56
MID | Tom KeoughGCS56
MID | Jesse LonerganGCS54
DEF | Will SchofieldWCE54
RUC | Keegan BrooksbyGCS52
DEF | Adam SaadGCS51
FWD | Jack DarlingWCE50
DEF | Sean LemmensGCS50
DEF | Jamie BennellWCE46
MID | Matt ShawGCS44
MID | Alex SextonGCS42
DEF | Henry SchadeGCS41
MID | Elliot YeoWCE40
FWD | Jack MartinGCS34
MID | Jarrod HarbrowGCS33
DEF | Clay CameronGCS32
RUC | Scott LycettWCE32
FWD | Fraser McInnesWCE31
FWD | Jamie CrippsWCE31
FWD | Brandon MateraGCS24
MID | Luke RussellGCS24
FWD | Josh HillWCE23
FWD | Callum Ah CheeGCS22
FWD | Jarrod GarlettGCS21
MID | Liam DugganWCE21
MID | Lewis JettaWCE20
FWD | Patrick McGinnityWCE15
FWD | Josh J. KennedyWCE13
MID | Malcolm KarpanyWCE13
MID | Darcy MacPhersonGCS10
MID | Brayden FioriniGCS3
RUC | Jonathan GilesWCE0
MID | Joshua SchoenfeldGCS0
MID | Luke PartingtonWCE0
MID | Mackenzie WillisGCS0
DEF | Seb TapeGCS0
DEF | Tom BarrassWCE0
MID | Tom ColeWCE0
DEF | Mitchell BrownWCE-3

Kind regards,
Peter J Higginbotham


Higgo you jet. Love it mate.


now Currie is looking like a good option…

Really trying to convince myself not to roll with grimley, cox and Currie with one of them at R2


I'm considering the same thing with Tippet in the forward line as back up.


To quote everyone's favourite space octopus, IT'S A TRAP!


The ruck insurance policy failed dismally last year and the options this year are just as shaky.


Love how you write your articles patch, they flow really well


Bloody oath!


Would have loved a look at KK, Malceski and Rosa today. Rodney isn't being much of a sport… Although he has allowed a butt load of rookies to now throw Trent Burn Man McKenzie into their teams…


Same, Tickles. I understand why they don't want to fly their squad across the country for a preseason game, but our Supercoach squads take precedence and Rodney Bloody Eade doesn't seem to understand that. Should get Jock to give him a call.


I love you Patch you sexy bastard, you flatter me too damn much.


I couldn't flatter you too much if I tried xo


Patch and Lekdog need a hotel room,maybe the one next to Higgo and his sexy spread sheets. I wonder which room would make the most noise…………definitely higgos


you two blokes are an alright sort you know. After a hard day concreting and looking up at the sky soul searching for my fantasy structures, I always get a laugh out of some of the quality shit you blokes say


Well that didn't bode well. Had yeo pegged as a top def this year but may have to reassess as hasn't exactly set the world on fire so far. Damn might have some thinking to do.


West Coast's back line looks to have plenty of potential there around his price range.


Yeo is gone from my side at this current time.

Priddis is a confirmed lock for my side, as is Nic Nat.

McGinnity is only good if you want to go scuba diving.

I had been thinking back and forth about Wright as a F5-F6 option, but this game probably highlights how he'll go in the real stuff. Couple of goals a game, but scores in the 50-60's, with the occasional 90 odd thrown in, as well as some 30's.

Daniel Curie becomes interesting if Nicholls goes out with an injury (provided Curries is still his current price). Going up a good NicNat/Lycett combo and still pulled out a score of 91.

Bit disappointing with Fiorini and MacPherson's scores, as I had both in my bench calculations.

Great review, Patch!


everytime i put Yeo in my team it didn't look right, but i kept going back to him. I can happily put a line through him now.


Crow, Currie is a gun mate. He will play as the back up ruckman at the suns all year mate, even with nicholls in the side he will still generate some good cash and has a good bye round to work with as well. Ive been saying this since before NAB


Yoyo – not doing anything to keep himself in my team – even a big NAB4 will be lucky to save him.

NicNat or Gawn – has Gawn locked in until tonight. Hmmmmmmm…..


Im gonna run with both instead of having goldy


They share a bye in round 14 which is problematic. I'm going for Gawn because he'll give what he can whereas Naitanui is more mercurial and therefore frustrating.


Fyfe and B Crouch plus $100k
Parker and Wines


M Crouch maybe. B Crouch is still injured. Think i read the other day that he isn't in full training yet


Right you are, Paul. I read that "little breakdowns" are forcing the crows to hold him back. Putting a line through Crouch this year, he needs a full season under his belt.


i wouldnt go either. id rather fyfe and parkes if you have the money. As paul and kev said, Crouch is injured so is risky. Wines after round 1 NAB either has a niggle (which i personally doubt) or was absolutely destroyed by Viney.


Fyfe and Parker.

Fyfe you will not trade all year unless he is injured. Crouch may be able to sit at M7/M8 for you for the year, but I'm expecting if I pick him that I will trade him to a premo at some stage. Fyfe will score more and the possibility of 1 less trade – its Fyfe for me.

Have lost some faith in Wines after last week. He was locked in my side in all forms until last weekend, then made the switch to Parker in all forms. Not expecting Wines to produce that form during the season proper, I just think Parker is a safer option long term.


how wind can ruin a match and most importantly fantasy scores!


They are some of the highest SC scores yet in the NAB


Am seriously looking at Sheridan …. In favour of either smith or yeo ! Yeo disappointing again


I'm starting to think along the same lines! Have big reservations for Smith and Yeo, although will probably go Rosa over Sheridan


I'm not a fan of Rosa, never scored overly highly and injury-prone. Still think Smith can do the job for us, but Yeo is a no for me at the moment.

Average Joe

Every time I'm about to trade Smith out of my team I always remember those tons he scored in years past… Plus after sticking with him all last year I feel like it would be a waste to not have him this year haha


Is this hipwood bloke a good replacement for Mitch brown ?


didnt look ready in the lions hit out in NAB 1. Mathieson and Keays are the only rookie lions on my radar


Priddis or Gray?




defeinitely priddis




Priddis is a historically slow starter. Gray for me.


1. LeCras or Stringer?
2. Rich or McGovern?



Jabba, stay away from LeCras. He is amazing but I know from personal experience that he has a tendency to get injured. He will definitely display some amazing performances but I don't think he'll pull big performances like this with JJ Kennedy as the main target

With that said, go with Option 2


Hi Adam thanks for that. So I assume you'd go for Stringer over leCras? Also Billings is someone I'm looking at… With Option 2, who would you go for Rich or McGovern?


Yes, Sorry, I meant Stringer not option 2, as Stringer a gun. As for Billings, I think he is going perform well this year and get a nice average but Stringer is a Wildcard who could become a jet or cause a stink and screw over your team. Tough decision, but Billings is safe option.

As for option 2, Rich is has been the same old for the last few seasons, looking good, showing signs getting the odd hundred but also getting scores of 50-70 every third game . I suspect that and he'll stabilize at 85-90 for the season but next season he may go 95-100.

McGovern is a personal favorite of mine and a strong starter. After a solid 118 in this NAB cup game he is showing signs of a breakout year and is the perfect age (24) for one. Not sure whether he'll get 100 or 85 yet. The rest of the Eagles returning could take point away but he just looked superb against the Suns and I can't see him slowing down.

So I recommend McGovern as he has the highest ceiling of the two and looks incredible so far.


I'd go for Billings over those two, and McGovern over Rich, but they all seem like quite risky picks


Thanks guys… Lout of inter


Thanks guys. Out of interest who are you guns in the forward and back lines? Having difficulties as are most people. I'm pretty sold on Dusty, Barlow, laird, Sheridan, McGovern so far.


I've got Shaw, Bartel and Houli in defense, plus Johanissen as a mid-pricer. Dusty, Barlow and A. Hall in forward line along with Jack Martin


McGovern, Barlow , S.Gray , Laird , Z.Merrett , Sheridan and tossing up between Pittard and KK


Stringer and McGovern.

I'd be cautious on Stringer, however. Be ready to jump off at a moment's notice if he starts playing close to goal


Thoughts on Andrew Gaff as a potential POD? Didn't seem like he was going at full tilt today as Patch stated and still finished with 30 possessions and 110 SC points. Very tempting especially after today's performance. Priced at exactly $560k


I'd say it's either Gaff or Sidebottom – similar type players, same price. Both seem consistent…coin toss?


Its been a tossup between him and Priddis for me all pre-season. However I found the spare cash and went for Priddis, as he has a higher ceiling. Gaff on the other hand will get you a guaranteed 100-110 points each week, but not many 120+.


Question is will he break into top 10 mids this year? Could very much be a similar breakout year to Hannebery last year!


Go with Gaff as one of your consistency scorers , He has another chance to expand his ceiling and only had one game under 80 for the whole season


I currently have gaff in my team and I think he will stay


What does everyone think of McGovern?

24 years old which is popular a breakout year
back that up with a solid two seasons of 82 and 76 averages
Priced at 429.5K

With all this said, does the community think McGovern can get on average of 90?


Nothing better for SC than an intercepting defender. He is capable of taking 5-6 intercept marks a game plus the other stats on top of that. 90 average expected.


I know it's very early on in his career, but I can actually see Weitering being a similar type intercept player. In the NAB the other day he had 6 intercept marks and 3 other interceptions.

Think that's how he will be scoring in SC this year.


Really like McG, Adam. I had him in his rookie year and he got me over line in several of my league games. WC use him as a Mr Fixit type, so you can never be sure if his role will be a high score scoring one. Continue to watch his nab games, if he stays fit I reckon he can go 95+ average for the year


Nic nat's got a Brownlow in him I swear. R1 and Gawn at r2 is on the cards.


I'm thinking the same Gaveday, 100 plus ave I'm thinking from those 2 !
Anyone thinking Blicavs this year ?


I have Goldy and Blicavs as my R1 and 2. Expensive but set and forget.


honestly believe goldy is not worth it,( I mean he is, but he's not) stef martin would be the most I'd spend giving you an extra 100k elsewhere.
I'm suspicious with Goldy. No ruckman has backed up being the best in the league since dean cox and how many number 1 $value players increase ?


Big call I know.


Agreed Gaveday. I had Goldy/Martin as my set and forget, but have now saved $150k by going Martin/Gawn (Gawn or NicNat) which allows me to get Fyfe in the mids.


i'm waiting for Nic Nat to become the best football in the competition. He has the potential. He is in my team.




thoughts on my squad $85k left

DEF- laird, macmillan, hurn, harwood, hartley, k.collins (adamson, tipungwuti)
Mid- dangerfield, pendles, mundy, priddis, rockliff, parker, libba, matheson (clarke, gore, macpherson)
RUC- Martin, Nic nat (king)
FWD- Barlow, Lynch (ade), hall, milera, kerridge, m.brown (petracca, mccarthy)


hurn at D3, do you think he will be a Kepper?


McGovern, R.Gray and Tipunwunti


KK, Parker, 123k rookie


Thoughts on my team?
Def: Laird, simpson, bartel, weitering, brown,
Mid: Dangerfield, ablett, gray, armitage, rockliff, libba, mills, menadue
Fwd: dusty, zorko, barlow, wells, kerridge, petracca
Ruck: goldy, gawn


And byrne-jones in my backline


-Gotta have Shaw (downgrade bartel to Smith or Johannisen and simpson to Shaw
-Watch Wells otherwise menzel, simpkin or anderson

Very well constructed team


So here's my team after a million times it's been changed had enough of it gonna stick to it.

Laird – Simpson – Johannisen
Sheridan – Byrne-Jones – Brown
Collins – Hartley

Fyfe – Danger – Abblett – Priddis
Gray – Libba – Mills – Gresham
Gore – Matheison – McPherson

Goldy – Nic Nat or Gawn

Martin – Barlow – Tippett
Kerridge – Petrecca – Hunt
Grimley – Cox

10k in the kitty if i pick Gawn
400 if i pick Nic Nat

Taking a punt on Sheridan using him as my stepping stone to a premo. I wanna set and forget rucks it's why i have tippett up forward and hopefully he'll be a keeper possibly become an F5 or F6.

Some rookies may change pending whose playing comes round 1.
Would appreciate it of what you guys think of my team and if there's anyway i can improve it.

Also if anyone is interested of joining my league 163650


No Rocky? Apart from that, looks like a very solid side.


Yep no Rocky this year. It was him or Priddis every other year i would've picked Rocky last year just killed me when he got injured burnt two trades to get him and getting him back in. I will get him later on if i can fit him in.


you need to go Rocky. he will be in top 8 this year and you probably won't get him any cheaper. Priddis will also be top 8 but you are a chance to get him cheaper. You are putting yourself behind managers who get rocky now and and priddis later.

Supercoach Legend

poor advice, no one'a a lock to be a top 8 mid. Gaz, Rockliff, Selwood were all meant to be locks for top 8 last season and none of them were even close to that. Go with your gut, if you don't want Rockliff, don't put him in. Personally, think he'll average 110-115. He's cheap, but you can live without him.


I think uDonkey said he wants Rocky in his team, but will get him later on

i'm saying that if he does that he will probably have to pay more than his starting price. I'm choosing to get priddis at a later date, hopefully cheaper than he is now. so at the end of the day we will both have Rocky and priddis, i would have just paid alot less for them.


Thanks for advice Derek.. it was either Rocky or Priddis, every year i have always pick Rocky and pick up Priddis later on. Last year just hurt me big time, thought I'd reverse it this time starting with Priddis and pick up Rocky later. I know his price will go up, but hoping it won't go up as much. It's a gamble i am willing to take, Libba on the other hand might be my stepping stone to Rocky, depending on how he goes and where he fits in the Dogs line up after a year off with injury.


Cox will play this year, but not enough to make him a worthy selection at F8. Not sold on Hunt either yet, nothing about him is making me stand and take notice.

Premiums look solid. Looks like a well balanced team mate


Thanks Kev.. will be looking closely on all rookies before round 1. I can always put Brown up forward and get tipunwunti in defs if his name for round 1


Nice work Patch.
It's Rocket's Walking Dead v2.0.
Can see a few GC rooks putting their hand up for a spot on our benches with JOM, Swallow, Riski, Lonergan all injured and Prestia still not 100%. Swallow and JOM wont be sighted til round six i'm guessing.
Liked the look of mature ager Ryan Davis. Watchlist.

Garlett sure to get games this year. The three kids in Fiorini, surfer dude and AhChee might get a run here and there but not expecting favourable scoring.


Wow, I have no idea what has happened but haven't made any changes to my side for 2 days and somehow my remaining salary has moved from 141k to 251k. Done the maths and is now correct. Happy days.
Also, great work Patch on another great write up. I wonder how many people are jumping ship on Yeo now?


Holty, you have finally reached the point of insanity. You are starting to see things!. the sooner the season starts the better for you and all of us.


At this rate your guaranteed to win the cash, because you will have a couple of million more than the rest of us to spend


Thoughts on this side community

Backs…. Laird… Bartel… Sheridan… Weitering… Brown(Ess)… Broad …( K.Collins… Hibberd )

Mids… Fyfe… Danger… GAJ… Neale… Rocky… Libba… Parish… Cunningham… ( Gore… Phillips… Adamson )

Rucks… Nic Nat… Gawn……..( Wyatt )

Fwds… Martin… Wingard… Barlow… Stringer… Menzel… Kerridge… ( Petracca… Grimley )

Please feel free to pick the bones on this side
Positives and Negatives
Cheers guys and gals..


Sheridan (D3), Fyfe M1), Neale (M4) & Barlow (F3) all fremantle players. that is alot of spend on one team. they do have a fairly good draw, but i wouldn't be putting so many eggs in one basket.


Thanks Derek about the Freo boys,, will have another look..


Thoughts on my team?

Laird, KK, Bartel, Weitering, Brown, Hartley

Fyfe, Danger, Pendles, GAJ, Rockliff, Libba, Crouch, Gresham

Goldy, Currie (Grimley)

Dusty, Wingard, Barlow, Riewolt, Menadue, kerridge

I know its a massive risk going in with currie at R2 but with back up from Grimley and Cox I reckon it could work.

Riewolt could change to a franklin/hall or someone else around that price also.

About 5k left in the bank


KK not really justifying his 482k pricetag yet, and Crouch is still struggling to get his body right.

You're taking a massive hit in the rucks as you said. Currie is behind Nicholls, Cox is behind Grundy and Witts, haven't seen Grimley yet, he's competing with Leuy and McKernon.

It's a ballsy strategy, to make it work I'd chop Weitering, Crouch, Menadue, Roo and use the cash for a full midfield premium (with Libba at M8)


Gday Lads I agree with everything Kev said although I've got a sneaking suspicion Grimley might be in the best 22 with McKernan and Daniher in the forward line. That would leave Leuy, Michael and Jamar fighting out a ruck spot. Very tall indeed, but I recall last time Woosha was coach they played with Cox, NicNat, Q.Lynch and Kennedy all in the same team with Darling 4th tall forward. So I reckon he likes it this way…time will tell.


Best midpriced under 450k defenders? Mid proceed


Rich ,, McGovern.. JJ,, Sheridan…….. IMO


Smith (is still very good value), Rich (if he gets into the guts).

A few even cheaper smokies are Salem $399k, Savage $398k, Van Berlo $350k and Cutler $292k.


Why is nobody talking about jasper pittard? He's got the potential to be easily a top 8 defender. Runs off half back and kicks the ball nice and long.


Huge breakout potential this year. Only decided to have a look at him just now after I saw your comment.

Will be 25yo this year
Improved his season average each year over the last 3
7 scores over 90 last year with 5 tons.

I like him


Thought that last year, too inconsistent, too many 60s and 70s scores


I find for guys like Pittard it takes until 28 for them to get rid of inconsistencies, but I could easily be wrong.


I had a think about him, but only because i was looking for any Port players to stuff in my team based on PORT's easy draw. I thought about him for about 5 minutes and didn't even put him on my watchlist. Big NO


Jetta has a calf injury not ankle. Also the article says (Naitanui was an absolute jet and took strong contestest marks) sorry but it was against a very weak team with a weak ruck duo.. Nic took only (two marks) and I hope his efforts were just a warm up because I wouldn't be picking based on last nights game.


Righto Debbie Downer.

The article is as Patch saw the game. You are more than welcome to write your own article with your thoughts on the game.


I think she's entitled to her opinion on a player in this game. Her comments did not deride Patch's they were simply her observations for the community's consideration.


Thoughts on my team
Def- Laird, KK, Bartel, Sheridan, M.Brown, Byrne-Jones (Hibberd, Tucker)
Mid- Fyfe, Ablett, Rockliff, Parker, Zaharakis, Liberatore, B. Crouch, Trengove (Keays, Long, MacPherson)
Ruc- Goldstein, Gawn (Michael)
Fwd- Martin, Barlow, Bell (or Hall), De Goey, Kerridge, Petrecca (Grimley, Silvagi)


N. Naitanui or M. Gawn for R2 ?


Use Them as R1 and R2


I had yeo locked at d3 in defence. But may have to find the key. Nothing impressive at all in the first two matches though clangers impacted his sc score. What do we think of sheridan? Real deal or fools gold? He finished last season very well and continuing this year. Looks like his role had changed. Thinking of going yeo down to sheridan using the extra cash elsewhere and upgrade sheridan later if required. As at the moment I can see him scoring similar or even better than yeo and the extra $ will be used to strengthen.

Thoughts esp on Sheridan and his potential.

tttt at D3 and gray/priddis at M5
450k+ def and parker at M5 ?

Supercoach Legend

Rich and Parker?


I see priddis is the only real Keeper out of that lot. Even then i think you can get him cheaper later. Have you already got JPK?


what do we think of Riewolt this year? moving up the field like richo did in 2008

Rodney C



Looking to fill a competitive league.

Thanks !


Cheers mate from "Big Areola's"


Thoughts on my team guys?

DEF: Laird, Murphy, Bartel, Sheridan, Weitering, Brown (ESS), (Byrne-Jones), (K.Collins)

MID: Fyfe, Ablett, Gray, Rockliff, Parker, Libba, Petracca, Mathieson, (Keays), (Gresham), (Davis)

RUCKS: Mumford, Nic Nat, (King)

FWDS: Martin, Barlow, Greene, Wells, Milera, Kerridge, (Menadue), (McCarthey)

34k left in the bank btw


If yeo is suddenly a pod im willing to roll the dice


Good call Vchap, I might be just you, me & Crouching One. Very wise man that Crouching One, 'When everybody jump off, I stay on'


Thoughts on my team:

DEF: Laird, KK, Rampe, T.Mckenzie, Weitering, Brown, (Broad), (K.Collins)

MID: Fyfe, Danger, Pendles, Gray, Shiel, B.Ellis, Libba, C.Mills (N.Freeman), (J.Polkinghorne), (R.Mathieson)

RUCK: Gawn, Z.Smith, (Grimley)

FWD: Dusty, Barlow, Wells, Hipwood, Kerridge, Petracca, (O'Brien), (M.Cox)

20K left.


Definitely get rid of cannon!


Light on up Forward, I'd look towards greene or stringer for F3. Hipwood probs not going to see early game time
Need a set and forget ruck (goldy, martin, nic nat) your relying on Gawn as you top ruck which is risky
In the Midfield I'd suggest downgrade either Gray, Shiel or Ellis to Parish to free up some cash. Freeman injury concern
Defence is solid however structure is an issue with two mid-pricers who both could be guns but again risky- (Mckenzie has burnt me before)- Rampe definite breakout contender

Overall strong squad with a midfield packed lineup, some structural issues but I suppose the midfield is where the points are


Thoughts on Jack redden ?

Quality player will he score well in a decent midfield


I don't even think he'd be in the top 20 Mids come season


yuk! Injury-affected pre-season, will be lucky to play 10 games.


K. Simpson and M. Priddis or
A. Rance and L. Parker


I'd go 2 and look at Priddis as an upgrade? Cheers


Opposite for me. #1 as Simpson and Priddis should be both keepers where I dont think Parker will quite be there in that Top 12 mids by seasons end

Rick Grimes

Seriously considering Riewoldt instead of Martin. Is that loco?


Which one?

Rick Grimes

Tiges variety. I'm not that cray cray.


hi rick. no to the tiges variety but the saints one could be interesting this year. im not touching him due to age but he will be a POD and with a new role could be good value.


JRoo -> loco!

Yep if any would go NRoo.


Parker and Wingard or
R.Gray and Greene?


gray and greene imo. we will get to see greene tonight finally.


Yeah I'm leanin that way dannyyboyy trust gray for the points more than Chad and hopin Greene learns how to kick.


I've always enjoyed the name 'Indooroopilly'


Liked the games of Hall and Mcgovern think they will have good seasons. Join my leagues 369071and 146068


thoughts on my side guys much appreciated
Shaw, Bartel, Smith, Hurn, weitering, brown (bryne, bryne-jones)
Fyfe, Dangerfield, pendles, ablett, JPK, rockliff, Liberatore, Mathieson, (jansen, gore, kerridge)
Goldstein, gawn
Martin, Dahlhaus, barlow, riewoldt, de goey, menzel, (grimly, McCarthy)

Rick Grimes

Can you actually afford that team?


I doubt it


i was thinking the same.


Did someone give you $10,000,000 more?


How much many do we think we should be entering the season with? Does it matter?


A. Hall and Boyd


KK and N.Riewolt


A.Hall & Laird+$


Early in the season every dollar on the field counts


Am I the only one a little concerned about Hall.

No doubt about it, he has been playing very well, but come half way through the season, when the likes of JOM, Swallow, Prestia, Rischitelli come back, will his scoring he affected?


I get the feeling that he has played himself into a mid spot.
If he maintains form early then i can't see him getting shafted.
It will really be JOM and Swallow he needs to compete with, Prestia will be there come R1.
Its a risk to start him at that price cos ur banking on him being a keeper.
Top 10 fwd? Maybe.


is laird worth $90k more than Smith?

Shake n bake

Laird was my 1st pick in def Derek think he's a no brainer!


does anyone think Patty Cripps coukd be a keeper or is it wishful thinking? he has the perfect game for supercoach but obviously not with the best team (my team unfortunately).


I would say its unlikely, considering he is the best mid in that team (I see him as better than Murphy and Gibbs) and may cop the tag. It's a lot of pressure for a young bloke.


it is. as a carlton supporter he has all the pressure on him with not much support. Gibbs, Murph and co really do need to step up and support him. help him when he is tagged. get a bit of mongrel in them which they havent had for a few years now.


we need to bring back fraser brown


Any thoughts of my side is much appreciated
DEF: Shaw, Laird, Johannisen, Weitering, Brown (ess), broad, (adamson, K.collins)
MID: Fyfe, Danger, Ablett or Pendlebury, Rocky, Parker, Libba, Mills, Parish (Kerridge, Gore, Keays)
RUCK: Martin, Gawn (Wyatt)
FWD: Martin, Barlow, Greene, Menzel, Milera or Menadue, Mccarthy (Grimely, Hunt)


Struggling to pick a D3 and 4, any suggestions? Currently got McGovern and Weitering


Rosa, Johannisen, Suckling, D3 McDonald (NM) D.Howe (Haw) D4


getting all over Sheridan and Macmillan


Not many people select Macmillan.


I have same d3 and d4. Whos your 1 & 2 beast?
I have Rance and Laird.


Shaw and Laird


Nice. Heater upgrade target numero uno


yes, i cannot decide wether to start him or not. Big points vs big spending


I have goldilocked R1 a generous midfield and Choppies F1. I'm starting to shy away from mid pricers bar Libba Gov and possibly Spitta Greene. I think Shaw must drop price and be target 1 with def being so fickle.


I have Shaw and Laird at D1 and D2. Then for me it is a toss up between Bartel or Mc Govern (D3) and Weitering (D4). Johanissen could also be a good POD pick at D3. Cheers


Have the exact same defense mate. Looks delicious.


Who's defence do you have the same as ahaha?


Tophawks; Shaw, Laird, McGovern, Weitering.


Same as mine as well at this stage ahaha


Looks the goods imo


PATCH……Are you really seriously considering Currie as R 2?


Its a ballsy move!


Yeah he has 5 rucks 4 rookies???? I see his plan but damn!!!!


Oh sorry 3 rookie rucks

Average Joe

Stef Martin, wells and Weitering + 85k left over
NicNat, Z Merrett and cheap rookie (123k etc) + 37k left over


Option 1. Taking the risk on Wells as well. Weitering looks the goods and you cannot go wrong with Stef.


I am going to call it early. Heath Shaw is a lock. 17 disposals at half time. With all the uncertainty in the backline for the upcoming season, he will at least bring some certainty at D1. Top $ very well spent.


Totally agree tophawk. Was gonna go without, but bloody hell, Heater looks irresistible. 16 by foot as well. LOCK.


Totally agree Tophawk


agree with you all. Have had him since the start but of late been tempted to downgrade him and strengthen other lines. wont be doing that anymore.


Have to pay the price


Are you willing to pay the price to get Heath Shaw into your side? Or are you suggesting that there is "a price to pay" for getting him in?


He wasnt in my side but now he is!


Shaw and Greene are looking the goods so far!


Both have found their way into my team even before the match has ended hahah


Shaw is a lock for me and "Greene" is flashing on my radar "screen". hehehe


I'm not sold on Greene yet, could be a trap/burnman


I agree. I am just watching him closely at the moment. He has had a very good game tonite and is pushing his claims. But not in my team by any means.


I am as well both parked in my side as of now??? See what develops next week!


Any thoughts of my side is much appreciated
DEF: Shaw, Laird, Johannisen, Weitering, Brown (ess), broad, (adamson, K.collins)
MID: Fyfe, Danger, Ablett or Pendlebury, Rocky, Parker, Libba, Mills, Parish (Kerridge, Gore, Keays)
RUCK: Martin, Gawn (Wyatt)
FWD: Martin, Barlow, Greene, Menzel, Milera or Menadue, Mccarthy (Grimely, Hunt)


I'm seeing more and more teams not running with Goldy now. Don't say I agree with it, but don't say I don't. Pretty stock standard team. Looks good.


peoples thoughts on shannon hurn? a few years back was a very good scorer in our backlines but last year was playing tall? Last night he looked to be playing that original position where he scored 85-95 consistantly


Hi community,

After tonight's and last night's NAB challenge matches, my hand has been forced to make some adjustments to my side.

Def- Shaw, Laird, McGovern, Weitering, Brown (Ess), Hartley (Byrne-Jones, K.Collins)

Mid- Fyfe, Dangerfield, Ablett, Rockliff, Parker, Liberatore, Mills, Parish (Gresham, Mathieson, MacPherson)

Ruc: Naitanui, Gawn (Grimley)

Fwd- D.Martin, Barlow, Stringer, D.Menzel, Milera, Kerridge (L.Mc Carthy, Petracca)

22K in the piggy bank.

Any thoughts appreciated.


Shaw and a rookie or de goey and sherridan?